Tiny x Machine Gun Drama CD Vol. 1

Hey guys!

I got the Tiny x Machine Gun drama cd that i’ve been dying to have and it’s Awwesoommee~~!
Label me as a huge TXMG fan if you will as I fell in love right away after visiting the game’s official website and also after listening to the cd. lol

Anyhow, here’s what went on in the first volume “The Knockdown”.

Track 1:
The track starts with Midou Zen, the ex-super police officer, who attempts to shoot the city’s mayor. Because of this, he becomes a wanted criminal. Skip forward to the present, the city’s news channel “Seven’s TV” reporter, Patricia, and her crew intended to film the debut of Tiny McDaniel (the main character) in Vaneast, the police force. The McDaniels are like the super stars of the police force so reporters are excited to have another MacD on board. Their broadcast was interrupted when the building they are at was broken in by robbers and half of their crew are held hostage. Tiny was also missing in action.

Police officers, Reigand MacDaniel and Wolf are on the chase of the robbers who turn out to be Tom & Jerry lol (yeah the cat and mouse lol). Both of them are inexperienced robbers that even Tom doesn’t know that he was holding a real rifle Jerry brought in lol. Jerry actually idolizes Vaneast but was reminded by Tom that they are now enemies. During preparation, Wolf complains to Reigand about how Vaneast becomes an entertainment thing because of the media and Ryan Jenkins’s inventions. Ryan is the mayor’s son. During the attack, the robbers broadcasted their capture and demanded money. Tom failed to look fearsome and Jerry steps in. He’s usually the scaredy cat but his personality changed 180 when he held the rifle, becoming like some mafia psycho that even Tom was scared of him lol. Tom was shouting for help when… Tiny comes in to arrest them.

Patricia finally finds Tiny and tries to interview her in the middle of the arrest, but their camera suddenly breaks. Because of this, Tiny successfully arrested the robbers. It turns out that Reigand was the one who shot the camera from afar so that Patricia wouldn’t interrupt with their work.

Wolf worries that Ryan will not be happy about Reigand shooting the camera but Reigand cares more of his duties. Meanwhile Patricia moans for the loss of her expensive camera.

Track 2:
Wolf gives chase to a guy who escapes with his rocket boots (which was very noisy), an invention by Ryan.
Wolf freaks out, “Oh crap!”
Guy: “Haha see you later!”
Wolf: “I wasn’t talking about you! Reigand, you better not shoot that Jacklost product or else we’ll get in trouble!”
Reigand shoots anyway lol. The guy was arrested in the end.
Jacklost is a company founded by Ryan who makes all sorts of gadgets to be commercially sold.

Wolf scolds Reigand who was like “If I sold this to the masses, I would do something about the noise. So I didn’t hear what you said just now.” lol
They suddenly got a call for another case.
Wolf: “Argh WTF. So busy. I wished Zen was around…”
Reigand gives him a look that made Wolf change the subject to Tiny, who was made to do other jobs.

Tiny is the so-called mascot/idol of Vaneast who does escorting, taking care of lost children etc. She wants to fight crime instead of doing puny jobs. Amana, the commissary officer overhears and lectures her. Suddenly, Ryan smashes through the door to confront the police on why they always break his inventions in public. To spite him or jealousy? Amana tries to pacfiy him but Ryan warns him that if they ruin his lastest invention ceremony, he’ll disgrace them (or something along that line…).

Ryan wants to take the elevator down but it’s spoilt because of his explosion and he gets super pissed off. LOL
Tiny offers to help him down the stairs as he’s wheelchair bound. Ryan bitterly greets her saying that her position should be his if not for Zen, who ruined his life. He hates Vaneast because of Zen. So he tells her that his inventions will still keep the city safe even without Vaneast and leaves.

At night, Tiny’s at home reflecting on her meeting with Ryan when she hears Reigand has came back home. She goes to his room and Reigand asks her to sit on his lap, like a child. They don’t spend enough time as family since he’s always busy and he only came back home to change and will be off to the headquarters soon. Tiny tells him that Ryan is like Vaneast who cares about people more than himself. He invents products so that citizens can lead a better life. Reigand was surprised as he thought only his senior would think that way. Who’s this senior? I’ll reveal later but i think you know who that is. Reigand changes the topic and tells her to continue her puny jobs to her disappointment lol.

Amana holds a meeting to warn his subordinates that during Ryan’s ceremony, no one is to ruin it so all of them are to be weaponless. He points his finger at Reigand who Ryan keeps complaining about. Protecting Jacklost product is more important than fighting crime, in other words the higher-ups over the people. Wolf protests that Reigand is always ready to sacrifice for the people and will not do what he says. However, Reigand accepts Amana’s orders.

Tiny sneaks into the meeting room to steal case files that she can solve on her own so that her brother would recognise her ability and put her in the crime fighting team. She stumbles upon Zen’s case and goes off to find him.
Track ends with Blake, NYC’s most wanted criminal, saying “McDaniel…blood…”, most likely looking at Tiny from afar.

Track 3:
Ryan’s ceremony begins. Reigand is worried that something might happen and wants it to end fast. Meanwhile, Tiny is lost trying to find Zen. A mysterious but beautiful woman named Maria tells her the address to Zen’s apartment and disappears. Tiny breaks into the apartment to see Zen watching porn. ROFL! Seeing this, Tiny gives up the arrest.
Tiny: “I’m not gonna arrest you, bye.”
Zen: “Waitwaitwait! there’s no need to leave~ i’ve got cake and drinks~”
Tiny: “don’t want any.”
Zen: “Then let me see your panties~” (xDDDD)
Tiny: “Wth?”
Zen: “Then arrest me~ Getting arrested by a mini skirt police woman is a man’s romance~”
Tiny: “No!”

So funny lol. She doesn’t believe that someone like him would be suspected for attempted murder, but Zen light-heartedly said he did. He tells her to quickly arrest him before he tries to kill the mayor for real. He actually expected Reigand to come get him and tells Tiny to contact him.

Back to Ryan’s ceremony. Blake sabotages Ryan’s new invention in the background which goes haywire and chaos breaks out. Ryan insists that Vaneast doesn’t touch his machine or help him and that he’ll shoulder the responsibility and find the remote control to shut it down. The remote is in the hands of Ryan’s staff who are Tom & Jerry, but tom, the one with the remote, is caught in the machine or something. (i don’t even know why they are there haha.) Reigand equips himself with Ryan’s other inventions to reach Tom and stop the machine. He gets stabbed by the machine’s blades during the rescue but as he tried to shut it down, another blade comes in. Luckily someone shot the blade, he’s saved and the machine shuts down.

Tiny rushes into the scene and hugs her brother. Turns out that the one who shot the machine was not Tiny but Zen, who’s also Reigand senior.
Zen: “Yahho! I’m here to get arrested by Reigand!” LOL!
But Reigand refuses until he can get some answers from Zen. Zen also refuses and kidnaps Tiny and runs away, comically. This is because he insists that only Reigand arrests him.

Ryan is mad that his machine has been broken once again and suspects that Zen is behind it. Blake then approaches him… possibly to use him for revenge…

And that’s the end of vol.1! Omg soo long. xDDD
I really enjoyed the CD and now I need the other 2 volumes now! Whut did the McDaniels do to Blake???  What really went on between Zen and the mayor?? The story, music, sound effects and the voice acting are really well done. I would die to have the OST man. I especially enjoyed Tom & Jerry comical antics and Ryan’s character. Ryan is good at heart but things happened in his life that made him really sour. Miki Shinichirou did a great job in portraying him. And of course my bias, Zen, voiced by my favourite ojisan Fujiwara Keiji. I love pervy happy-go-lucky older men but is only a facade to cover up the seriousness. Don’t judge me. xDD But the happy-go-lucky thing might also be Zen’s real personality.
This series would actually make a good anime too.

Hmm, I can’t really think of anything negative about this. Just that the release dates of the other volumes are…. not out yet because of unresolved issues within Rejet. So it’ll take a heck of a long time to get my hands on them. Ughhh.

I would highly recommend this cd if you are looking for some action, comedy and mystery.

And now Rejet, the other 2 volumes and the game pleeease!~

7 thoughts on “Tiny x Machine Gun Drama CD Vol. 1

  1. Yume says:

    It sounds really fun from your review! 8D It appears that from the 2nd CD jacket cover, Blake should come in more. (Morikubo played Tom and Yonaga played Jerry is it…?)

    And your photo…! I still recall all the awesome badass sample photos of it lol.


    • regina.y says:

      Yup! Can’t wait to listen to his story.
      And yeah, morikubo and yonaga. Both of them are really funny.

      Hahaha, if only the package contained some of the badass stuff.


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