Amnesia Later & Clock Zero VFB

Another recent buy is the Amnesia Later Visual Fanbook, and Clock Zero Visual Fanbook. The Amnesia Later VFB came with the Snow White Ukyou print (lol). The Clock Zero portrait DOES NOT come with the VFB. It came when I bought the game and I’m using it as a marker in the photos. Lots of photos underneath and potential spoilers for Amnesia (Later) and Clock Zero.

The Amnesia Later VFB is very similar to the Amnesia VFB. But as a fandisk which was released pretty fast, it does also add to the fact that its corresponding VFB has less content in a way. As always, the art is gorgeous. There are about ~20 pages dedicated to the newer art. I think many died at the first two illustrations solely drawn for the VFB, especially Ikki’s. And I am always happy to see more Orion, I hope Hanamura draws more of him~

Following that, are the character profiles, and CGs from all of the different routes. You also have Hanamura’s comments on her designs for each character (eg. their homewear, or yukata look). And guess what? They’ve included the interview for Ukyou’s seiyuu, Miyata Kouki, here! In that case I wouldn’t have minded if they did one for Orion’s seiyuu (Igarashi Hiromi) too. After all, there was a decent Orion story in Amnesia Later and he plays a large role in the original game. Moving on, we also have Higashinaka and Hanamura’s individual interviews.

In addition, there’s a little section showing the drawing stages of the fandisk illustration. After that are the sketches for both the characters and CGs. It was amusing to see the different yukata looks each character got lol. They also showed all the background used in the game but with some character comments (I didn’t think this section was necessary).

There’s also a special gallery which basically shows stuff like tokuten, countdown images and lines, blog images etc. The one I quite appreciated was the different lines you would get (dependent on the time of the day) when you visited the Amnesia website before the game release. At the end, are CD release information and the guides for each character’s route (not photographed).

Also, I didn’t think much of it at first but, in both the interview and the sketches here, the new character originally designed for the fandisk were mentioned (bottom left in the photo above). It makes me wonder if they wanted to still use him and that would give us a hint into their new Amnesia game? Who knows. His character design doesn’t appeal to me much though so I hope not. XD

Again, we can be sure that this does not contain everything as Otomate continues with plan for another Amnesia game. Plus, Amnesia Art Works is due to be released late August! Interested fans may want to wait to see how that goes before deciding on what to get. I know that I won’t be getting that since it sounds as though the content overlaps with both VFBs. All in all, the biggest difference you will see when comparing this with the previous VFB is the lack of short stories – which is unfortunate for me as that was a main reason why I liked the previous one. Still, I do love the prettiness of the illustrations and the interviews…I have mixed feelings. So I’ll leave you to decide what are the elements you like to have inside which would affect your buying decision.

Now let’s move on to the Clock Zero VFB (keep in mind that this was released prior the PSP version). Once more we’ve about ~20 pages of illustrations, including the ones on the blog updates. The short story they released online for a Christmas special is also included – you’ve have one fan here which greatly appreciates this! Lol.

Next up are the character profiles and game CGs. The nice thing is that they included a short interview with each character, beside the staff comments, and it was just adorable to read them all! Take note that we’ve characters from both worlds here so we get double the dosage in a sense!

The game CGs are divided up into (common) chapters, just like in the game, before breaking up into individual character routes. Then at the end were the unique character events you got in the common chapters, even the after-school ones! It was great that they included the character lines for those too.

Then there is what they call the “Special Content” section. This includes the staff interviews, and I found it sweet that Natsume’s (in-charge of the chibi art) was included too. After that are some hilarious 4-koma drawn by her. Next is a short story – great for you to enjoy more CZ characterisation – followed by the CGs sketches.

We then get a breakdown of the CZ world, which is listed as “Top Secret” information aka lots of spoilers lol. A timeline of the important events in both worlds are included, plus explanations of some of the key words, characters and questions. I really love seeing the amount of investment they’ve given to the background of CZ. This is followed by character sketches, including some initial character designs (Nakaba looks adorable…).

At the end are the guides for the common route, and individual character routes. The completion CGs are right at the back, accompanied by the creators’ comments (not photographed)!

Compared to the two Amnesia (Later) VFBs, the paper used for Clock Zero’s is slightly thinner but to be honest, I felt that it was filled with much more content. Perhaps I’m bias or Clock Zero just offers up more plot to discuss about, but this was a lovely VFB all in all!

The main difference between the PS2 and PSP versions of Clock Zero is the inclusion of the after stories and Rain’s route. Even though this VFB does touch on Rain in the “Top Secret” pages, I really wouldn’t mind reading more on him or on what each creator has to say on his route! Still, this is a really great buy for me and I hope this post helps people gain a better understanding of what they can expect for both VFBs!

10 thoughts on “Amnesia Later & Clock Zero VFB

  1. Sariah says:

    I’m more of an art person, and prefer artbooks with mostly art and very little or no seiyuu stuff/interviews (lol im the opposite of you).

    So I was wondering which one has more art: Amnesia fanbook or Amnesia Later fanbook? As for Clock Zero, is there a lot of art?

    And I remember you talking about how the third released fanbook for the jyuzengi series was an artbook – so was that one ALL art? Cause I love the game and the art for this series as well ❤

    Sorry if this sounds strange, but I'm a huge visual person and shipping for these books are expensive. So I'd prefer to get the ones with mainly art if possible ^^;
    Hope that makes sense and thank you!!


    • Yume says:

      Actually if you prefer more art, you may want to get Amnesia Art Works instead! It was released after the Amnesia and Amnesia Later fanbooks, so I’m sure it will contain art from both sides. It’s out of print on CDJapan though so hopefully you can find it elsewhere.

      But to answer your question, Otomate fanbooks usually have 20 pages of art on average. The main bulk as shown in my posts, would be the character and CG pages. Clock Zero only has this fanbook available as far as I know though, so if you love the game you may want to get it. The staff really poured in a lot of their love to include random bonuses like those adorable 4-koma.

      As for Jyuuzaengi, yes there was an artbook released. This one is still available on CDJapan! Just keep in mind that this came out before Jyuuzaengi 2 so it won’t include any art for the game sequel.

      And no, not at all! I understand, shipping is expensive since they’re heavy. We all would rather get things we want after all. (:


      • Sariah says:

        Thank you for letting me know! I’ll definitely search around for it 😀 All right, I think I’ll get those two as well ( poor wallet haha). And I’ll keep everything else you said in mind too! You were very helpful, I really appreciate it ❤


  2. Yukiru says:

    Takato x Nadeshiko everywhere! \o/
    For CZ, it’s not just the VFB but in the staff blog Director Shima also has A LOT to talk about :3 and it’s part of why I love this series so much, because a lot of love was put into making the game. There’s also a staff blog entry with extra information that wasn’t put into the VFB, with stuff about Rain and the symbols of the CZ side and Yuushinkai side. You can find more short stories in the blog too.

    Random:Now I’m in love with CZ all over again.

    Interesting to know there was an unused character designed for Amnesia. I don’t really know if I’m looking forward to it’s new game though.. Otomate’s marketing strategy ruins feelings towards a game for me.


    • Yume says:

      I read some of the blog entries, they were really enjoyable! The birthday ones were especially cute. X3

      (Lol I will always associate you with CZ.)

      Me too. I don’t exactly see any further potential in Amnesia after the fandisk hmm…we can only wait and see I guess.


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