Bunmei Kaika Aoiza Ibunroku Saien: Hachi’s Route

This continues from the (short) PrologueHachisuka Youta (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa), nicknamed as “Hachi” by others, is cheerful and optimistic. This personality of his in turn, rubs off Aoi from the very start. He also does his best to cheer Aoi up. Though you could say that Hachi is slow on the uptake and often teased by others, he loves his place in Aoiza. He usually does backstage stuff or very minor performing roles, but still takes pride in them.


Aoi has changed into the clothes given by the Hime sisters. Aoi later sees that they’re concerned over her and decides to stop moping about. She goes out to ask if she could clean the floor, and Hisoka and the Hime sisters gladly oblige as they’re happy to see her in brighter spirits. Unfortunately, Aoi knocks into Hachi when she starts her cleaning – and this sends him flying back with pain as normal people would when they touch jingi. His yelp has Hisoka and the Hime sisters running over, though Hachi soon gets up by himself and insists that he’s okay, so they leave soon afterwards. It’s here that Aoi also learns about Rin’s dog, Moni, as it was barking away.

The topic of dogs reminds Aoi of the one her family used to own before it passed away. In fact, it passed away the day after Sousuke’s birthday which is around the corner. Here, she then explains the concept of a birthday to Hachi, ‘cos in this period they still followed the lunar age of reckoning system. Aoi’s birthday is only in December, but Hachi doesn’t seem to know when he was born. Aoi comments that he can decide when he wants it to be then, so he keeps it as the New Year since he enjoys it when everyone gets together to eat and have fun.

Hachi then brings Aoi out to have some dango, as he was actually on his way to check on her. Outside, Aoi starts confiding in Hachi about her insecurities about the issue of her being Futaba Aoi. Eventually Hachi kinda explodes since he can’t process all that talk, in fact Nanami often tells him not to think too much lmao. Hachi tells Aoi that she’s still Hime-san to him anyway and if anything happens – they’ll thinks about it then. Aoi was insecure since she thought everyone was treating her nicely ‘cos she was Futaba Aoi – but it looks like Hachi doesn’t bother. Aoi remarks that he was kinda cool saying those words.

As promised, Hachi ends up buying lots of dango. Aoi also confirms that something probably happened when they came into contact earlier. From Hachi’s description she concludes that it’s like static electricity. Housen then shows up, as he asks for a stick. Hachi refuses, though he does introduce Aoi…in very simple terms: She’s Aoiza’s Hime-san. He introduces Housen as an informant with his side job being a hanashika. Housen tries to correct this, as he notes that Hachi seems to be treating him quite coldly. In the end, Hachi gives Housen a stick of dango to chase him away lol.

On the way back, Aoi senses something strange off a priest. Hachi immediately offers to help the priest off, who kindly rejects his offer. But later, Hachi senses that they’re being watched and quickly takes Aoi back to Miyoshino while informing the rest. The whole business about jingi and uramon is explained to Aoi later and Kensuke decides to involve Aoi with their other job. They split up first for investigations and here, Aoi sees that Hachi has his ways with the people, as he manages to extract useful information just by casually talking to them. This leads them to the temple, where the other members also appear later. Meanwhile, Fujikasa is attacking the temple and Seiji notes this from the shadows.

Aoiza quickly gets down to business but none of them can touch Kensuke after he has turned into a sword. In the end only Aoi can do so and so she and Kensuke successfully purify Fujikasa. Everyone is impressed, including Hachi. But Nanami quickly warns him not to touch her since he’s a normal person while she’s a jingi. This shocks him, but Kikaku adds that Hisoka and the Hime sisters are in the same position as him too. Unfortunately, Kensuke has to tease him by saying that he can touch her all he likes unlike Hachi pfft. Aoi assures Hachi that he’s an important friend to her no matter what though, since he encouraged her on no matter what too. Hachi lights up immediately and he promises to bring her to eat something delicious again.


Aoiza is in Ginza now, since they would often travel to spread the effects of kamon. If you choose to have Aoi make a lame pun, Nanami follows her up very nicely but Hachi gets jealous at this – and Aoi finds him cute lol. When they settle down at the inn later, Kensuke announces that Aoi will be playing the lead role this time. Of course Aoi gets worried as she’s convinced that she has zero talent for acting, but the rest assure her otherwise. Nanami even suggests for Hachi to show her around the town while helping her with her lines. So later in her room, Hachi comes to invite her out. But first, Aoi learns from Hachi that both he and Nanami only recently joined Aoiza last year, though Nanami did belong to it from way back.

Hachi feels indebted to Nanami as he’s an orphan. His older sister, Kanoko, took care of him after his parents died. But she passed away from a disease later on, when he was not yet at an independent age which was why it was rough times for him then. But Nanami saved Hachi when he was getting beaten up, and took him back home. That’s why he enjoys himself with Aoiza a lot, as compared to those times. As he asks Aoi about her own family, Hachi comforts her by saying that Aoiza will be her family till the time she returns home. Their talk dragged on for some time so Hachi promises to bring her out next time.

Aoi manages to get her act together for the performance, even impressing Rin. So their first performance goes well. But meanwhile, Shou was seen given an item by a stranger earlier and he ends up interrupting Aoi’s stage debut. Both Hachi and Shou recognise each other, as they were acquainted back then. But since Shou has set his eyes on Aoi, Aoiza members chase him away. He shows up later that night though and as much as Hachi would like to fight, he asks Nanami to help Aoi. Aoi and Nanami purify Shou successfully. Hachi is obviously down since he sees that he still has to rely on Nanami and couldn’t do anything by himself. But Aoi tells him that he’s a kind person which makes Hachi blush.


Aoiza brings Aoi to Ginza, hoping that she’ll feel better as they believe that its modern look is the closest feel to her own world. Kikaku gets very depressed when Aoi remarks that it’s very different though, and has to cheer him up instead lol. She also learns from Hachi that he and Nanami used to live in Ginza, though it’s very different from all these modern buildings now. Meanwhile, Chouko is seen muttering to herself about why she had to leave her hometown.

Later, Hachi asks Aoi out as he borrowed a rickshaw and plans to show her around town. It’s ‘cos he can’t touch her so he thinks that there’s a limit as to where he can bring her – but Aoi thinks to herself that actually it’s still okay lol. Unfortunately, her butt aches a lot after he pulls her around for quite some time. Feeling bad, Hachi goes to buy some Western treats for her. They also spot Sora, and offer to share with him. Chouko comes to get Sora later and Aoi seems to sense something off her, and that Sora almost seemed to flinch when she called his name.

Seiji calls out to both of them soon after, wondering if Hachi switched jobs since he’s pulling a rickshaw lol. They introduce themselves, and Seiji figures that Aoi is the lead character in Housen’s latest story. Yukichi appears later and Aoi sees Hachi gets nervous for the first time. They both excuse themselves later. Aoi reminds Hachi of the rickshaw since he borrowed it and so he quickly dashes off to return it, while asking Aoi to wait for him. It starts to rain and where Aoi takes shelter, an elderly man also comes in to stand next to her. After the rain lets off, he suddenly remarks to Aoi that she lets her guard down too much before leaving. Hachi soon comes back for Aoi and they return to the inn together.

Back there, Kensuke announces the next item as swordplay – though he’ll be the sword which Aoi handles. The actual performance goes smoothly, but midway both she and Kikaku sense uramon coming off Chouko, who’s standing among the crowd. They both try to continue on, while signalling to the other members about this. When Chouko suddenly dashes off, Rin has Moni chase after her. After the performance, they quickly follow up while bumping into Housen and Sora on the way. They learn more details about Chouko’s odd behaviour from Sora, and ask him to guide them to his house. Aoi and Kikaku soon purify Chouko but she’s weak in health. Sora wants to go back to Hirata as he fears for his father’s life. Aoiza decides to escort him back, and of course Housen plans to follow them.


On the way, Housen bothers them for an explanation so Aoi ends up doing so. Rin, Hisoka and Moni also go back to visit their hometown along the way, promising to meet up with the rest later. So in the meantime, the rest take a short break first in a village. Aoi also sees Hachi acting strangely, but he runs off saying that he’ll explain things later. She asks Housen later if he saw him, and apparently Hachi plans to display some skill of his. Aoi finds him preparing for the performance, and is happy when Sora turns up to watch him, but gets nervous when he sees Aoi lol. It turns out that Hachi is performing nankin tamasudare, and this impresses the villagers to the point they give Hachi all sorts of vegetables.

After the performance, Housen decides to stop being the third-wheel on their date which makes Hachi all flustered. Sora insists on going with Aoi though so it becomes a play date for the three of them lol. Hachi quickly carries Sora on his shoulders upon seeing Aoi at a loss when Sora stretches out his hand to her. She realises that it’s Hachi’s way of looking out for her. A villager chances upon them playing together outside and remarks how nice they are as a family – aka Aoi and Hachi are husband and wife. Aoi tries to clear up the misunderstanding to no avail, but apparently Hachi feels happy at the thought and doesn’t mind it at all pfft.

On the topic, Sora admits that he never played like this with his own parents. He feels sad that he’s only a kid and if he was an adult perhaps he could’ve helped out his parents more. Aoi tells Sora that adults have their own limitations too though, and his parents are probably doing all they can for his sake. It’s alright to be a kid, even if he can’t do much his feelings are enough and he should keep on smiling for his parents. Sora cheers up and they all return to the inn, planning to eat all those vegetables~

The next day, Aoiza is not far from Hirata but get attacked by assassins. They finally make their way in to find a possessed Inomata, who had poisoned Sora’s father. Rin and Aoi manage to purify him successfully, and thankfully Sora’s father’s life was saved in time. Aoiza has to leave now while Sora stays behind to take care of his father. When parting with Aoi and Hachi, Sora promises to write to them though he starts crying (making Hachi tear up too lol). So Aoi tells him to smile so that they can remember each other smiling instead of crying. Seeing this, Nanami remarks that Hachi is surprisingly a crybaby when he’s all softened up, rather than in tough times. Aoi observes that he knows Hachi well, and of course it’s ‘cos they’ve been together for so long.


The troupe is back in Ueno, though they’ll be off to Nikko in a few days. Kikaku’s home village, Kamimori, is there and has a lot of old literature which may give clues as to how Aoi can return home. Everyone pitches in by saying that they’ll help her decipher the text, even Nanami. Aoiza decides to have a banquet tonight and midway, Hachi can tell that she’s distracted and wishes for her to confide in him. Aoi eventually says that while she’s enjoying herself here, everyone back home must be worried about her. This reminds Hachi that his sister used to say something similar, about a “brother” worrying over them. Housen then interrupts them, since they’re in their own little world. The couple in question go quiet, but the rest join in Housen to tease them more pfft.

A few days later, Aoiza heads off to Nikko. When they reach Kamimori, only those with a jingi go to give their greetings. Housen and Hachi insists on tagging along too though, as they’re curious about the dagger jingi Kamimori still worships and holds in their village. (If you let Aoi throw another lame pun, Nanami follows her up in style again which makes Hachi jealous once more lol.) But for some reason, Hachi feels drawn to the dagger and when he approaches it, it gets absorbed into his body. Of course everyone is shocked, though Hachi is more happy since he finally owns a jingi. But only someone from Kamimori can inherit it so it turns out that Hachi and Kikaku are brothers, and the mother and older sister Hachi speaks of is also Kikaku’s mother and younger sister.

Hachi is happy to have found a family, but has trouble coming to terms with this, and he’s even a bit afraid as to what Kikaku thinks of this. Aoi feels that Kikaku must be feeling the same. Hachi quickly cheers up though when he’s reminded by Aoi that he can finally touch her, and he decides to go and talk to Kikaku again. But both brothers have difficulty calling each other and Hachi ends up running away lol. The rest look on as they wonder if anything can be done about this, especially since it’s soon time for them to perform something. This awkwardness carries on even when it’s decided that they’ll perform Yaoya Oshichi, and letting the brothers take it easier with backstage work. Aoi wants to help them, but Nanami advises her to leave them to figure things out by themselves. He even jokes that they’re both alike in how they both are faithful followers of Aoi lol.

Aoiza’s performance is a success and an old lady even goes up to praise Aoi. Later, Aoi asks Hachi about his progress with Kikaku. Hachi says that unwittingly he keeps avoiding Kikaku, though he’s doing his best in trying to call Kikaku “brother”. Aoi cheers him on though, just like how he did when she first came here. Hachi thanks her and assures her that he’ll figure things out soon – before suddenly going quiet and running off while blushing.

Later that night, they hear that the old lady didn’t return home that night and decide to search for her, suspecting that it’s related to uramon. They eventually find her, possessed, and so Hachi purifies her together with Aoi for the first time. Kikaku tells him to take it easy since it’s his first fight, so the rest take the old lady back to the inn first while leaving the two of them to walk back together. Aoi remarks that it’s been a while since they’ve talked properly like this, and when Aoi admits that she felt lonely, Hachi is extremely happy. He asks if he can holds hands with her, and Aoi agrees. The next morning, they receive a letter from Seiji saying that he’s sorry for not being able to see their show, and that he’ll be busy with work and won’t come to watch them for a while. Nanami comments that Seiji probably wants to protect the princess like Hachi lol.


‘Cos of the flurry of events, Aoiza didn’t have any time to search the literature. Aoi understands this, though Kensuke thinks that it’s about time for them to come to terms with each other so as to not affect their work, especially when uramon cases are on the rise. So they get Hachi and Kikaku to open up together and Aoi even suggests talking about their mother and sister, since they both have memories of them and it’s a common starting point. Seeing them talk, Aoi thinks that their way of thinking is actually quite similar and starts laughing to herself. Her points is proven when they react similarly to her and the other members’ words.

That night, Hachi comes to Aoi’s room and before she knows it, he’s on top of her saying that he wants to touch it. Though of course he won’t do anything if she hates it. He actually came to thank her for helping him with Kikaku and wants to return the favour. And Aoi’s answer is for Hachi to remain happy. He then invites Aoi out tomorrow morning, but then falls asleep on top of her after she agrees lol. Aoi obviously panics and this attracts Kikaku’s attention, who is shocked to see Hachi sleeping on top of Aoi. He immediately hits Hachi awake before dragging him off for a good lecture.

The next morning, Hachi remembers their promise but blushes when Aoi asks if he remember what happened after that lol. He ends up bringing her to an area with many noble residencies and they spot Seiji. They end up following him and see him at the Sakazuki residence. After Seiji leaves, they sense jyaki off Sakazuki and quickly go back to tell everyone. Aoiza end up going back together to find a possessed Sakazuki. But before Kensuke can stop Hachi, Hachi ends up using his special skill to purify Sakazuki – but he ends up disappearing into thin air. This shakes Aoi, as they explain to her that the stronger one’s desire, the quicker they’ll get consumed and eventually end up like that.

It’s nobody’s fault but then Hachi still questions this, and Seiji’s involvement. But Housen steps in to say that it’s impossible for him to do so much alone, and suggests that there’s more to it than what meets the eye. But Sakazuki did keep mentioning the name “Sanjou” and Aoiza worries that he may get involved in the next case. Rumour has it that he’ll be in Nikko next month so they decide to stay on just in case.


Since they’re staying on, Kensuke decides that they need to do another performance to earn some money. They decide to let Aoi decide the next item and she asks for some time to ponder over it. She ends up going out for some fresh air, and Hachi catches up with her. They end up bumping into Yukichi, who wonders why they’re here – of course they can’t say the truth so Aoi covers it up by saying that Kensuke decided that she needed to train more and so they’re preparing another item. Yukichi then mentions Seiji to them, but doesn’t give away much. After he left, Hachi can’t help but feel that something is off about him. He eventually concludes that he acts too friendly with Aoi, since he kept looking at her lol. Hachi is worried over the fact that he has too many love rivals, ‘cos Aoi is cute. Aoi doesn’t think she’s popular at all, unlike Kaguya-hime and her suitors. This causes Hachi to blush as he’s imagining this, before dragging Aoi back to tell the rest about this great idea. The other members think it’s great too, and Housen will prepare the script. Hachi asks him to cast a cool role for him, but Housen starts listing all the tragic endings of the suitors lol. On the other hand, Nanami asks Housen for a role which doesn’t move at all lmao.

That night, Hachi comes to Aoi’s room again as he wants to see her again. He’s uneasy that she’s popular, not just on-stage. He ends up falling asleep again, muttering about how nice it would be if she’s only his and always by his side. Aoi thinks to herself how she feels at ease like this, perhaps ‘cos it’s like Hachi is protecting her in his own way. Kikaku comes in to drag Hachi off again though, and he’ll have to give his stupid brother punishment from the heavens this time pffft.

The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter performance ends up a success as a love comedy, though Housen was seen sighing backstage ‘cos of Hachi’s forced lines lol. After it’s over, Hachi wonders why Kaguya-hime returned to the moon since not doing so means that she can remain with those who love her. Aoi realises that this is similar to her situation, and if she returns home Hachi won’t be by her side. Just then, Aoi feels faint and they both realise that Futaba Aoi has cracks in it. They quickly inform the rest about this. Futaba Aoi is slowly losing its powers, as they’ve read up in the old literature in what free time they had. They advise Aoi to not stay alone, and Nanami tells Hachi to guard her at all times. But they’ve to fight again, as this time, Sanjou is possessed.


It’s about time for Aoiza to return to Ueno, but they receive a letter from Yukichi, asking to meet them with regards to Seiji. When he’s here, they can tell that he isn’t here to worry over Seiji. Yukichi freely admits this, and that Seiji works for him and is a very useful tool for the uramon cases – the way he speaks of Seiji infuriates Hachi and the rest have to hold him back. Eventually, Yukichi offers them to work under him but of course he’s refused by Aoiza. Before Yukichi leaves, he throws the topic to Housen and Nanami, and so they’ve to explain their connections with him to the rest.

It turns out that Housen worked as an informant for Yukichi, while Nanami used to work for him in gratitude for Yukichi saving him when he was young. The Aoiza members understand that Nanami had his own difficulties too. Housen then warns them that who they need to be wary of is actually Toki, who is willing to do anything for Yukichi. Aoi decides that everyone needs to calm down first before they can talk further about the issue. She asks Hachi to come to her room, where she talks things out with him as it was the first time she has seen him so mad. There must be a reason why Seiji still works for Yukichi even though he gets hurt like this. This reminds Hachi of how he used to respect someone a lot, and followed him faithfully even if he was mistreated. It was when he was getting mistreated again, that Nanami saved him. Perhaps Nanami saw him as similar to Seiji. Though they don’t understand what Seiji is thinking, they both agree that they want to help him.

When the Aoiza members sit down to talk again, Kensuke says that they need to be prepared for Toki coming to attack them at any time. So Aoi shouldn’t step outside if she can, since it’ll be risky if Futaba Aoi loses its powers when she’s attacked. Hachi comes to visit Aoi at night again, wanting to listen to her troubles this time since she did the same for him before. He promises not to do anything, but ends up kissing her anyway. He wants to stay by her side till she sleeps, but ends up falling asleep first (lol). Aoi falls asleep soon after. Meanwhile, Toki is seen ordering Seiji to finish off Aoiza since they rejected Yukichi’s offer. The next morning, Kikaku comes to drag Hachi away. He knows that she’s charming but he should still retrain himself and Kikaku feels embarrassed as his older brother lol.

Later that night, Seiji comes to attack Aoiza. Hachi turns into his jingi as he and Aoi try to purify him, since jyaki is coming off Seiji. Seiji can only apologise but is obviously in pain as the uramon gets worse. Kensuke says that Seiji’s wish isn’t this and takes him away before it’s too late. Kensuke’s actions leaves everyone confused as they return to the inn first. There, Aoi thinks of going to negotiate with Yukichi. They’re pressed for time and it’s has higher chances of success than waiting for Toki to attack them. Hachi and the rest tell Aoi to not take all the burden upon herself, since they’re friends. Touched, Aoi thanks them as she tears up. Nanami tells Hachi to hug her to comfort her already, while Kikaku blushes as he concludes that they’ll go negotiate with Yukichi. Yukichi’s probably in Tokyo so they will return to Ueno as planned and sent Yukichi a letter. Kensuke knows their schedule and so he’ll probably join them there.


Back in her room in Miyoshino, Aoi sees the cracked Futaba Aoi and guesses that it can only be used one last time. She suddenly recalls that it’s soon her birthday but it’s alright since there’s no custom here to celebrate or anything. Feeling sleepy, she falls asleep only to be woken up by Hachi later, who saw that she was crying in her sleep. He realised that she must be trying to rush things when she suggested the negotiation, and checks on the condition of Futaba Aoi. Hachi tries to make her feel better by promising to do anything she wants. Aoi wants to celebrate her birthday together so he lets her decide the present. Aoi is too embarrassed to say that she wants a kiss, though Hachi ends up kissing her in the end ‘cos he found her too cute. Hachi apologises since that’s all he can do now, but promises to prepare something proper for her next year. However, Aoi says that he already gave her what she wanted. This causes Hachi to panic since he planned to say that to make her stay, if not it feels as though she’ll disappear. Realising that he’s giving her trouble, he apologises and quickly runs off.

They receive Yukichi’s positive reply to meet next week, so they can only wait. Meanwhile, Kensuke is seen asking Seiji about his condition. While Seiji is better, he’s too weak to move and so they can only stay low in the meantime. Soon, the promised day arrives, with Kensuke and Seiji joining them. Toki interferes them with the intention of finishing them off, and even uses uramon on himself. Hachi and Aoi manage to purify him, and they quickly hurry to see Yukichi. Yukichi doesn’t seem too surprised though, and is even willing to listen to their wish since they manage to come here – but it’s too late as the temple is set on fire. He feels that the people who cling onto the old things are hindering the progress of the country. This temple is a symbol of that so he wants people to realise it. After he leaves, Kensuke quickly calls upon the rain to put off the fire.

They return to Miyoshino and Futaba Aoi shatters to pieces then. Kensuke and Seiji both explain the situation: Futaba Aoi has lost its powers so with Kensuke’s sword and Seiji’s mirror, Aoi can finally return home. Of course this surprises Hachi, as he begs for Aoi not to leave. Nanami stops him though, since it’s only right for Aoi to return where she belongs.


Still, Hachi says that he’ll do anything Aoi wants in order for her to stay. He promises that they’ll live happily together, and finally calls Aoi by her name instead of “Hime-san” which surprises Aoi. Hachi admits he had been calling her name in his heart all along, and didn’t realise otherwise. He then asks Aoi again to stay with him as he calls her name once more. Aoi knows that she should return, but somehow she can’t leave behind Hachi and agrees to his plea. Elated, Hachi carries Aoi as he cries out that he loves her etc. in front of everyone else. Everyone else starts congratulating them. But Kensuke says that he can’t do anything if she comes crying to him later since this is the only chance. Seiji tells him not to say such things and that they should give them their blessings instead lol.

In the epilogue, Hachi finally lets Aoi down, who tells Kensuke and Seiji that she isn’t returning. There are lots of happy times awaiting them ahead. And even if there may be tough times, they’ll overcome them together. Hachi agrees with her, as he replies that they’ll always be together and will walk forth together.


Hachi decides to stop troubling Aoi, since she’s returning to her rightful place. Moreover, he’s afraid that he may actually give her unhappiness. Aoi should return home, just like how Kaguya-hime returned to the moon. Even though he already knew this, somehow he kept thinking that they’ll always be together, tomorrow and the day after. Aoi decides to return home and so Kensuke and Seiji start the preparations outside. Aoi thanks Hachi, as she was able to enjoy this world largely thanks to him. There, Hachi asks Aoi to listen to one last selfish request of his: to celebrate his birthday just once when she returns, and after that to forget about everything. He’ll do the same too – once only. Aoi knows that there’s no way she’ll forget him nor will she only do so once, but she agrees to him anyway.

When Kensuke and Seiji are done, Aoi gets ready to return home via Seiji’s mirror. She thanks everyone and tells them to be happy, and adds a “see you” even though she knows that they’ll never meet again. When she enters the mirror and is engulfed in light, she hears Hachi telling her to take care.

Omake 1 (unlocked when you finish any one ending)

This is similar to Rin’s. It’s Tanabata so both Hachi and Rin are helping to hang out everyone’s wishes – including Sora’s, who has fallen asleep. We get to hear everyone’s wishes, such as Nanami wanting to have easy winnings at the gambling den and drinking all the alcohol he can, Kensuke wanting for Aoiza’s business to prosper. Hachi himself wished for everyone’s wishes to come true as much as they can haha. Rin gets annoyed as Hachi is hanging everything on one side, near the top, making it unbalanced. But Hachi says that this way God can find all their wishes easily at one go, and he prefers for everyone to be together. Aoi agrees with him so Rin decides to leave them be.

Omake 2 (unlocked when you finish both endings)

Aoi dreams of her, Hachi and Nanami in the modern-day world, where Nanami has gotten the hang of the claw machine so both Aoi and Hachi keep asking him to get all the stuffed toys they want lol. Nanami almost gets addicted to it, and he declares that his goal is to get 10,000 toys lmao. Both Aoi and Hachi are getting buried in the toys Nanami keeps catching. Aoi finally wakes up from her dream at this point, and she can only wonder why she had that strange dream.


I think it’s obvious that I skipped my way through this route and review quite quickly. Hachi is cute, as long as he doesn’t shout haha. As Suzuki said in his cast talk, Hachi’s personality is very straightforward. But maybe it’s ‘cos I played this directly after Seiji’s route in which homg that route’s romance scenes were just too much for me to handle – Hachi and Aoi were still really cute but the romance didn’t feel like it transitioned as smoothly as the rest. In fact, only Hachi said aloud that he loves Aoi. We never get to see Aoi say the same, even in her monologues, which is a bit sad. ;; I guess what I’m trying to see is that the romance felt a bit one-sided on Hachi’s part since he was so vocal. Am I making sense lol. In fact, my favourite scenes is when Kikaku would drag Hachi away lol. We never got to see any of their brotherly interactions in the previous routes, so it was really amusing to see them here. I also appreciated Nanami more in Hachi’s route ‘cos you could really see how much he cared for the younger boy.

I really like the second omake though! I guess it’s ‘cos I like the history/relationship between Hachi-Nanami-Seiji. Once again, it had to be a dream though sobs. I was thinking that they would show the reason why Aoi had that suffocating dream = Hachi fell asleep on top of her or something lol. But no, they ended it there sigh. Anyway, I’ll be moving onto Kikaku next! I’m looking forward to his ‘cos he seems to say all these embarrassing lines so seriously lol. Hachi even called Kikaku a 堅物 which immediately reminded me of Kent (Amnesia) pfft.

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