Travel Videos Batch #3

Sorry for the long wait! Had some priorities to settle.

Anyhow, here are the next 3 videos! 2 videos in hokkaido, sitting at the hostel porch before breakfast and a random walk in naka-furano town. The third is in tokyo disneyland. I apologise for the bad filming and shaky hands that may cause slight dizziness.

The last 3 videos will be up very soon. Enjoy!

Hostel Porch talk.

Naka-furano town walk

Tokyo Disneyland


5 thoughts on “Travel Videos Batch #3

  1. Hinano says:

    I was just thinking of going to Hokkaido in february for the Snow festival in sapporo! It’s so hard to get to from where I am though, 2 stop flights lmao xD;; I’m gonna prolly stay at some fancy shmancy hotel though lol |D


    • Yume says:

      Ohh that sounds awesome! O: But yeah, the flight transfers are a pain. We also stayed at a hotel when we were in Sapporo; to be more specific we stayed at Nakajima-koen area. The town area is pretty convenient to travel around ‘cos of its square design. /o\


    • regina.y says:

      Cool! There’re a lot to see in winter! And yeah like what yume said, transferring is a pain. Try not to spend all your money on the hotel cos i’m sure there are a lot of things for you to buy! lol


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