Kareshi Igai ~Kouhai to no Ayamachi~

Drama CD (plus free postcards)

Kareshi Igai ~Kouhai to no Ayamachi~ is the third doujin drama CD in the ‘Kareshi Igai’ series by Cineria. It features Okamoto Nobuhiko, who plays your kouhai (junior) – and your so-called ‘cheating’ partner. Like the first drama CD I reviewed, your character has a current boyfriend already but you’re ‘cheating’ with Okamoto’s character. Again, Cineria doesn’t actually encourage cheating, but they would like people to think about what exactly is considered as cheating – whether it be a physical relationship, or maybe just a change of feelings within your heart.

I decided to get this one since Cineria would sometimes tweet in-character, meaning they’re kinda ‘roleplaying’ the character through their twitter. They introduced Kanamori Tsubame there since late 2011 and I quite enjoyed his interactions. He turned a bit different than expected but perhaps it’s ‘cos in the drama CD he’s really wooing the girl.

So Kanamori Tsubame is from the design department but happens to be working with you on a certain project. The first thing that would strike you is his casual tone despite him being the junior. He’s the type who says what’s on his mind and is perhaps even a bit cheeky, I guess koakuma would be a good way to describe him. The cute moments come in when he starts talking passionately about the things he likes – such as cats or desserts. One of my favourite tracks is when you go to a dessert buffet with him, ‘cos he always found it awkward to go there alone.

As you grow closer, he doesn’t tone down on his advances at all. In fact, you even get to ‘that stage’ with the help of alcohol too. Tsubame does force his way through and eventually does not want to be the third party anymore…okay I shall not reveal the ending. But I will just say that it surprised me.

I think Okamoto was rather endearing as Tsubame. I just felt that the development was not as convincing as the first one. (Okay, and my bias will always remain with Ishida.) His free talk was really cute though, and so was the special track. Okamoto remarked how he was rather similar to Tsubame, and of course told the listeners to not commit the cheating act in real life lol.

Fans of Okamoto, or those who enjoy the koakuma personality may be interested in getting this. I can see that those which use the dummy head microphone are “in trend” at the moment. But I found the ‘build-up’ for both Kareshi Igai drama CDs to be worth it and has just enough fanservice. However, you won’t find this on sites with international shipping like cdjapan or yesasia. So you will need to get a proxy (or unless you happen to be in Japan yourself).

Please do not ask me for download links or request me to share my copy here.

10 thoughts on “Kareshi Igai ~Kouhai to no Ayamachi~

  1. Yumemi says:

    I think I will get this one too. I got the first one because a) Akira Ishida and b) your review and I really liked the concept of this CD (not that I would consider cheating, but Drama CDs are fantasy anyway ne?). I was able to find the first one second hand at Ikebukuro, maybe this one as well? As always, thank you for your reviews and recs ^__^


      • Yumemi says:

        Ah, a little late, but I was able to find the 3rd and also 2nd CD of this series back in February (also 2nd hand, 1000Yen each, bargain!)
        I hope they release more and that you review more when the time comes ^^


        • Yume says:

          Ohh that’s great to hear! 😀
          Yes, I’ve heard that Cineria is releasing another Kareshi Igai series but it looks like it’ll be R-18 (the seiyuu all use their pseudo-names) and the concept is: with your bf’s younger brother, older brother, father – so I’m not sure if I’ll pick them up. I’ll see how things go. ^^;


          • Yumemi says:

            Hmmm the new series doesn’t sound as appealing to me. The cheating part was already a stretch for me, but now with family members? Personally I don’t see the appeal. But I might still get one or two for seiyuu bias reasons ack. But thanks for the info!


  2. boizanberi says:

    Ah Kareshi Igai! I’ve only listened to the first one and I really liked how they did that. The one with Yusa Kouji kinda put me off of this drama so I stopped. I do think this CD’s way of putting the listener as the cheater is a nice change from the typical drama CDs out there. Just curious though since this is my first time reading the term, what does a koakuma personality mean?


    • Yume says:

      Yeah, the scenario was one of the main reasons I got interested in it. :3 The 4th one involving the ex-boyfriend looks intriguing too. Oh, it literally means “little devil” (小悪魔). Well in Tsubame’s case he doesn’t exactly prank you, but he kinda does enjoy teasing.


  3. Hinano says:

    lol sometimes I think the “we do not encourage cheating” is just a disclaimer cause どうみても浮気したいだろwww i wonder if they’d ever make this into an otome game but then unpleasant memories of Gin no Kanmuri come to mind


    • Yume says:

      LOL true. XD To be honest I think the first one still has the most “natural” development for the 浮気 scenario. But interestingly so far for all three CDs in the series they all have had different “endings”.

      Hmm I doubt this will become an otome game since the company seems to be coming up with more drama CDs instead. I don’t want it to happen either ‘cos that will tempt me to buy it for Ishida sobs. (And oh that game…)


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