Jyuuzaengi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~: Chou Hi’s Route

Okay so I’m finally starting my Jyuuzaengi journey. First, I’m attempting to be a nerd and link up the correlations between the game and the historical novel it’s based on. I read it a supeeeer long time ago though and forget everything so I’m mainly relying on wiki now pffft. Anyway yes, it’s nice to see the staff take the time to do their homework so free feel to point out any references I missed out on! Since this is the first post, this will have the most plot/background/character information.

Now, I’m starting with Chou Hi (張飛; Zhang Fei) (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko). He’s part of the Maozoku (aka kitty people) and thanks to his brash personality he tends to act before thinking through things. He respects Kan U (関羽; Guan Yu) a lot though and does all he can to gain recognition from her. Like the rest of the Mazoku, he also treats the leader Ryuu Bi (劉備; Liu Bei) with great importance.

Chapter 1

The game starts off with a brief introduction. Basically all you need to grasp is that the beginning takes place near the end of the Han Dynasty. Thanks to corruption, there’s a lot of unrest which includes the rebellion movements by the Yellow Turban rebels. Then it jumps to Kan U and Chou Hi going to find Ryuu Bi – who apparently has befriended a tiger~ When he gets tired and sleep, they take him back only to discover that humans have forced their way into their hidden village. It’s the first time this has happened so naturally everyone is alarmed. Here, we are introduced to two Maozoku members – Chou Seihei (張世平; Zhang Shiping) and Kan Tei (関定; Guan Ding). While Ryuu Bi is too innocent to know any better about humans, Kan Tei is told to hurry him to a safe place. Meanwhile, Chou Hi goes to chase out the humans already in the village and Kan U goes to check on those in front of the village entrance.

Kan U is soon called out by Kakou Ton (夏侯惇; Xiahou Dun), who is immediately repulsed by the fact that she’s a “Jyuuza” (十三支). Upon hearing that this is their village, he thinks that there’s a huge possibility that the Yellow Turban rebels are hiding here. He wants to quickly inform Sou Sou of this and attack the village at once. Of course Kan U refuses to stand by and even fights off the soldiers. This only annoys Kakou Ton more since she’s made up of all the traits he despises the most: a strong-headed female Jyuuza. Chou Hi soon comes by as he manages to chase the soldiers which infiltrated back outside. He and Kakou Ton start being at loggerheads, especially when Chou Hi calls Kakou Ton “chibi” since he is shorter lol.

Sou Sou (曹操; Cao Cao) arrives before anything further erupts though, and he briefly explains their aim: they’re a dispatch army by the Han court to quell the Yellow Turban rebellion. He suspect that they are hiding in the village despite Kan U’s denial, since they can’t prove that they have no relation. He will only trust them if they lend him power and gives them the night to decide their answer – if it’s not positive they should prepare for their attacks. As the Mazoku clan gather to discuss this, they eventually decide that there’s no choice but to agree to Sou Sou’s deal. But the women, children, and some men should stay behind in case anything happens. The rest will join Sou Sou – since this is a battlefield situation we’re talking about. Chou Sosou (張蘇双; Zhang Sushuang), Chou Seihei’s nephew, is introduced here. Kan U wants to come along though, as she wants to do something for Ryuu Bi and this village which took her in despite her mixed blood (she’s half Maozoku, half human). Everyone else doesn’t mind this though, as her feelings are the most important – and they are grateful since she’s their most skilled fighter.

The next day, Kan U tells Sou Sou of their decision – but emphasises that they’re only lending him power and will not submit to him. That’s decided, but Ryuu Bi starts clinging to Kan U as he doesn’t want her to leave plus there’s no knowing when they will be back. Being known for his stubbornness, they decide to bring him along since they should be able to protect him too. So 300 of them leave with Sou Sou to report this to Tou Taku (董卓; Dong Zhuo), the general in-charge of all of this. While Kan U and co. came along to protect the peace of the village, they had no idea that they were in for a long battle. We then switch to the Yellow Turban side as they’ve gained knowledge of what has happened. The leader, Chou Kaku (張角; Zhang Jue), seems to especially take keen notice of this.

References: Yellow Turban rebellion is an actual historic event, led by Chou Kaku/Zhang Jue. Tou Taku/Dong Zhuo was also indeed sent to quell this rebellion. Sou Sou/Cao Cao also led men against the rebellion. Kakou Ton/Xiahou Dun is a trusted general under Cao Cao. Xiahou Dun was known to be violent and apparently shares blood relations with Cao Cao.

Ryuu Bi/Liu Bei formed a volunteer army to help suppress the rebellion, receiving financial aid from Chou Seihei/Zhang Shiping and Chou Sosou/Su Shuang. His volunteer army included the likes of the loyal followers Kan U/Guan Yu and Chou Hi/Zhang Fei. The three of them have been described as close as real brothers in the novel, similar to this game too. Liu Bei is thought of as compassionate and loyal, while Guan Yu is regarded as the symbol of loyalty and righteousness. Though loyal and strong, Zhang Fei was known to be short-tempered and reckless. Kan Tei/Guan Ding is most likely related to Guan Yu.

Chapter 2

They arrive at the camp of Tou Taku in Guangzong a week later. They are joined by Kakou En (夏侯淵; Xiahou Yuan), who is a cousin of Kakou Ton, and similarly is disgusted by the arrival of Jyuuza. He claims, as according to the widespread rumours, that they’re the descendants of the youkai, Kinme (literally: golden eyes) and will go on rampage if they turn into beast form. Ryuu Bi though, has no idea what Jyuuza refers to and so they mockingly explain that it refers to the sly cat who wasn’t permitted to join the 12 zodiac signs – not that he gets it anyway. Before things get heated between them and Chou Hi, Sou Sou takes 6 of the Maozoku (Ryuu Bi, Kan U, Chou Hi, Chou Seihei, Chou Susuang, Kan Tei) to see Tou Taku. He’s not impressed either and his attitude does rile up Chou Hi, who is quickly quietened down by Sou Sou by force. Unlike what they might think, an army needs to be divided into sections with a leader to govern them all. Sou Sou explains that since both Maozoku and the Yellow Turban rebels are “lowly” they can fight it out between themselves. This somewhat convinces Tou Taku, who gets his subordinate Ri Shuku (李粛; Li Su) to take-charge of the Maozoku. He does question if Sou Sou has other motives, but of course Sou Sou denies this.

Outside, Ri Shuku orders the Mazoku to guard Kuwaki village. It’s the along the way to the “back entry” to their current battlefield so there is a possibility that Yellow Turban rebels may pass by. They’re not sent out to the actual battlefield as they expected, and Chou Seihei rightly observes that Ri Shuku is pretty much sending off what he sees as a troublesome existence. There’s no choice but to go there anyway so they prepare for their move. Meanwhile, Chou Seihei gets Kan U to do some practice which also prompts the battle tutorial – you simply decide whether to attack or not (this will affect your route play) and if you attack whether you succeed or not (via a timing mechanism). As they leave for Kuwaki village, Kan U is secretly relieved that they’re sent there since even though she said she would cooperate – she’s still not fully prepared to kill people so readily as she has never done so before.

Five of them are walking with Ryuu Bi, to match his pace, while the rest have probably already reached the village and are waiting for them there. As they take a quick break, they wonder about the claims made about them. Kinme was an actual youkai that went on rampage some hundreds of years ago – but they are certainly not its descendant. According to Chou Seihei and Chou Sosou, the one about them turning into a beast form is actually real though it rarely happens. If that ever happens, humans may really start to exterminate them. Before they can continue their talk though, Yellow Turban rebels ambush them, asking them to leave behind their valuables to support their cause while also entertaining the thought of selling them. Kan U and Chou Hi swiftly take care of them, but Kan U decides to let them off upon the promise that they’ll no longer attack people. After that, they head to Kuwaki village but find that they’re not welcomed. Even though the village head has heard about them from the army, he’d rather them leave since all they want is to live peacefully.

Chou Seihei strikes a compromise instead for the Maozoku guard them outside of the village, and the village head directs them to the plains nearby for them to camp the night. While shifting over, Ryuu Bi gets distracted by a dog so Kan U and Chou Hi hurry over to retrieve him. They find him being comforted by one of the village kid, as Ryuu Bi tripped over. They’re relieved to see that they’re not completely hated, and the kids even make a promise to play together the next day. But before they know it, the village has been set ablaze by Yellow Turban rebels, and even killed off the kid from before. Kan U and Chou Hi even recognise a few as the one from this afternoon, which makes them feel worse. Ryuu Bi gets angry and throws a stone at one of them, which makes him direct his killing intent to Ryuu Bi. Kan U hesitates but thankfully Chou Hi stops him in time, but pretty much knocking the rebel out this time. With this, Kan U finally sets her resolution as she takes care of the others. Chou Seihei tells them to not blame themselves too much, as even though they’ve killed people they would’ve saved others too.

Just then, a soldier comes to find them to call them back to Tou Taku as the battlefront is getting closer and closer to their campsite. While annoyed at the soldier’s attitude, this time they’ll be facing off with the Yellow Turban rebels for real. Chou Hi gets carried away as he remarks that he might as well kill of everyone. This earns him a slap from Kan U, as she reminds him that they should only kill when necessary, and not kill ‘cos they can and like to. The soldier gets irritated with them stalling time and to everyone’s surprise Chou Sosou hits him. Kan U manages to calm things down though as they quickly hurry over to the campsite. On the way, Kan U keeps looking at her hand as she’s still has her insecurities. Seeing this, Ryuu Bi offers to hold her hand so that it can “heal” and she’ll feel better~ At the campsite, Tou Taku is not exactly satisfied that the reinforcements are Maozoku but sends them off to fight anyway. They leave behind Ryuu Bi with some others, while the rest go onto the battlefield. Kan U reminds them that they shouldn’t kill as they like and aim straight for Chou Kaku since he’s the head. At the same time, Sou Sou is reported of these developments as he seems to look forward to seeing their capabilities.

Things go smoothly with the Maozoku, and Kan U even thanks Chou Hi which makes him want to work harder. Finally, Chou Kaku appears before them and Kan U notices that he doesn’t call them Jyuuza as other humans do. He eventually reveals that he’s a Maozoku himself as he removes the yellow cloth off his head. He questions what they’re doing supporting humans, but guesses that they must be the ones Sou Sou took away. He explains that he tricked the humans to form the Yellow Turban rebellion so that he could build an ideal world for Maozoku, claiming that Maozoku are the more superior race and have no reason to be humiliated like this by humans. When he hears the name “Ryuu Bi” from them, he immediately recognises him as a descendant of the Ryuu family, the originators of Maozoku. But hearing that he had a human friend, Chou Kaku remarks that he must’ve no self-awareness of his role as the leader. As much as he looks down on Kan U for being a half, he invites the Maozoku to join his cause – with them he has no need for the human rebels. As much as they understand him, Kan U feels that he’s doing things wrongly since he’s bullying the weak too and treating everyone as sacrificial pawns. Chou Kaku merely laughs at how she values the lives of humans and Maozoku as the same.

Before he can continue, Sou Sou kills Chou Kaku. Seeing that Chou Kaku was a Maozoku, Sou Sou warns them that humans will go after all of the Jyuuza since they will be seen as a threat no matter how they reason. But for Sou Sou, he doesn’t want that as he still has use for them. He wants to cut down Chou Kaku’s head to bring back to Tou Taku, and tells Kan U to cut off the ears he was so proud of if they want to avoid extermination. Of course Kan U can’t bring herself to do so and asks Sou Sou to do so instead. Kan U runs off and Chou Hi chases after her. In the end, he stays by her side till the next morning. As Kan U apologises and thanks him, she can’t help but feel angry at herself – even though she wanted to protect the people around her, she had to do this to a fellow Maozoku. Chou Hi hugs her at this point, as he answers that he’d probably do the same. As Kan U remarks that they probably can’t return to who they were before they left the village, Chou Hi replies that at least and his feelings for everyone else and her remains unchanged.

Soon after, Sou Sou comes to find them as he plans to take back Chou Kaku’s head. He’s not letting them go and says that they’ll meet again very soon. Tou Taku is delighted with the results, since no one expected this battle to end so soon. But he still thinks that Sou Sou seems to having other plans. He lets Sou Sou take the head to the Emperor, but wonders why he took the white-haired Jyuuza along too. Kan U and Chou Hi go back to join the rest to discover that Ryuu Bi has been taken away by Sou Sou by force to the capital of Rakuyou (洛陽; Luoyang). They have no choice but to chase after him.

References: Kakou En/Xiahou Yuan is indeed cousins with Xiahou Dun, and also served Cao Cao. Ri Shuku/Li Su was a military general serving Dong Zhuo. Zhang Jue gave himself the title of “Great Teacher”, something which his men call him in the game too.

Chapter 3

As they travel to the capital, they make most of the Maozoku stay just outside while 6 of them enter to retrieve Ryuu Bi, in order to avoid attracting too much attention from the humans. Seeing Kan U barely containing her anger, Chou Hi, Kan Tei and Chou Sosou agree to hold her back if she loses it. In the streets though, they attract attention as they got too absorbed by the completely different new look of the capital vs. their village. They run away and as Kan U wonders if her father thought of them that way too, they meet Kakou Ton and Kakou En – surprised to see them in front of Sou Sou’s mansion. Kakou En doesn’t understand when they demand for Ryuu Bi though, and Kan U swiftly draws her spear (and for some reason Kakou Tou’s affection rose here lmao). They quickly hold her back, and Kakou Ton realises that they’re referring to the kid Jyuuza Sou Sou brought back with him so he must’ve expected their arrival. He brings them to see Ryuu Bi, where they also meet Sou Sou.

Sou Sou wants them to continue working for him since even though Chou Kaku is dead, rebels still remain and still threaten people so they need to rid of every single one of them. In fact, there are some around Rakuyou. He plans to keep Ryuu Bi here and will return him when the times comes, allowing them to see him at any time. Kan U gets furious since she feels that he’s treating them like toys. Sou Sou orders Kakou Tou to kill Ryuu Bi before taking back the order, so as to scare them. They know that he means his words though, and they can’t escape from his army of hundreds of thousands. So they’ve no choice but to give in. For now, Sou Sou has prepared everything for them from weapons to horses at a station post just outside town. Ryuu Bi promises to be good on his own since he’s already 15 years old – and this surprises both Kakou Ton and Kakou En. Kan U swiftly slaps Kakou En when he mocks Ryuu Bi, and Sou Sou quickly steps in before anything erupts. The Maozoku go back to tell the rest of this news. While Sou Sou seems to have taken an interest in her (in fact, he wants to include them in his army later), the two cousins don’t seem all that impressed.

As they tell the rest the news, Kan U wonders what Sou Sou is plotting. He easily broke the promise he made, and kept using what they think of as precious to them as shields to make them submit. They’re getting more involved in human affairs. Chou Seihei points out that he can’t predict everything 100% accurately since it’s times of chaos so they’ll just have to wait and see. Every time they go to see Ryuu Bi, they also have no choice but to put up with unwanted attention from the humans. From here, you are able to access the Momozono (桃園) system at certain points, so as to up the affection with the guy you’re after. Unlocking all the scenarios gets you a CG.

Rakuyou, Chou Hi 1: In the first Momozono scenario with Chou Hi, Kan U sees Chou Hi, Kan Tei and Chou Sosou talking. As Kan Tei whines about wanting women, Chou Hi says that he’s not interested which makes Kan U ask if he has someone he likes. Everyone else is speechless, till eventually Kan Tei starts laughing at Chou Hi while Chou Sosou pities him. Chou Hi ends off running away while sobbing “姉貴の馬鹿ー” pffft.

In the capital, Kan U is approached by a dark-haired man who asks for directions to Tou Taku’s. Surprised, Kan U says that she barely arrived here herself. So he leaves her, while calling her Maozoku unlike other humans.

Rakuyou, Chou Hi 2: Kan U and Chou Hi go into the capital to get some medicine, as requested by Chou Seihei. There, a girl hesitantly calls out to them. She asks if they’ve seen her brother, same age as Chou Hi with a red star-shaped birthmark on his forehead. He was taken away by the Yellow Turban rebels and heard that they fought them. Unfortunately they know nothing, but agree with each other that they’ll save him if they see him.

While receiving the usual treatment in the capital, Kan U bumps into a blonde man. He catches her and later apologises for casually touching her, something he was often told not to do by his master. Kan U is once again surprised by his treatment, causing him to wonder if she’s a man instead lol. When she denies this, he apologises again before leaving as he calls her Neko no Ojou-san.

Rakuyou, Chou Hi 3: Chou Hi can’t get the story of the girl’s brother out of his head. So he decides to go find him, it should be helpful enough knowing his special birthmark feature. Kan U joins him and they soon spot a few dragging a kid away. They defeat them and quickly ask about the girl’s brother. They were told by some prophecy to collect all things involving red stars as it would guide them. They eventually save the girl’s brother and return him back to her, but disappear before she could express her gratitude. Kan U remarks how it’s like Chou Hi to do that, as he remarks that it’s awkward to act like their benefactors. She’s proud to have a brother like him, which makes Chou Hi slightly angry as he agrees with her but says that she doesn’t know anything about him.

In the capital, Kan U notices someone staring at her from afar – and it turns out to be a woman who introduces herself as Ryo Fu (呂布; Lü Bu) and is obvious in her attraction towards Kan U. With her is Chou Sen (貂蝉; Diao Chan), who takes a hostile attitude towards Kan U instead. The blond man from before soon arrives to remind them of an appointment, and Kan U learns that he’s Chou Ryou (張遼; Zhang Liao) and serves Ryo Fu. They have to leave soon, and Ryo Fu invites Kan U to come see her anytime at Tou Taku’s mansion. They meet again, with Tou Taku alongside, during another evening of a full moon. While Ryo Fu is ecstatic and manages to get Kan U’s name, Chou Sen appears jealous as she claims to be Ryo Fu’s lover. Tou Taku isn’t impressed either. Not that Ryo Fu cares, who then questions Kan U’s relationship with Sou Sou. She’s relieved to hear that they’re not lovers or anything – if she was she would slice Sou Sou up (woah talk about 腹黒). Kan U also observes Tou Taku muttering something about the day where Jyuuza would no longer stride into the capital as they like would come soon.

On another day when Kan U is on her way to report to Sou Sou, she sees him and Kakou Tou heading towards Tou Taku’s mansion. She asks to tag along, hearing that Tou Taku has an important announcement as she still remembers what he said the other time. Over there, the warlords are wondering why they’ve been called over and Tou Taku announces that the Emperor has passed away, leaving him the sovereign’s seal – or so he claims. He asks for their opinion, but even though no one believes him, they have no choice but to approve since he has the proof of sovereignty. Back at Sou Sou’s mansion, he plans to attack Tou Taku’s mansion that night. It’s clear that Tou Taku must’ve assassinated the Emperor to snatch away the seal and claim himself the new leader, despite not being of royal birth. He reminds Kan U that the implications are huge for Jyuuza too – Tou Taku despises them so he’s not likely to give them peace. He orders Kakou Tou to gather his elite men and for Kan U to bring Chou Hi so that they’re the back-up troop (if she doesn’t, Ryuu Bi’s life is at stake).

Kan U goes to see Ryuu Bi, feeling regretful towards him and even contemplates taking him away. But he reminds her that Sou Sou knows their village location so he’s likely to attack them anyway. He reassures Kan U that he’s okay alone so Kan U goes back to inform the rest of the news. As Kan U and Chou Hi leave for Sou Sou’s, Chou Seihei tells them that protecting themselves is the top priority. At Sou Sou’s, he has gathered about 30 elite men. They soon set off though along the way Chou Hi senses someone watching them. He goes to check on it, with Kan U following him. It turns out to be Chou Sen who thinks that Kan U is here to see Ryo Fu. Chou Hi gets shocked when he hears Ryo Fu has set eyes on Kan U, and even more so when he hears that she’s female, and Chou Sen (female) is her lover. In the end he sprouts some of the funniest line like how Rakuyou is such a scary place pffft. When they hurry back later, the fight has broken out already – including one between Sou Sou and Ryo Fu.

Ryo Fu proves to be dominating, and is even delighted to see Sou Sou in pain. Kan U blocks a blow though so Ryo Fu’s attention is shifted to her. Unfortunately for her, Chou Ryou interrupts her “happy” time though as Tou Taku’s army is arriving soon. Ryo Fu advises them that now is the only time to escape, and Sou Sou has no choice but to tell his men to retreat. Ryo Fu does offer Kan U to stay by her side though, since she will be suspected of opposing against Tou Taku now – and so will the other Maozoku. Kan U refuses to leave behind Ryuu Bi and the rest though, so Ryo Fu gives her a kiss mark instead since she’ll have her another time – shocking the heck out of Chou Hi. They go back to tell the Maozoku to escape since they lost, and Kan U will get Ryuu Bi. But Sou Sou arrives as he tells them that he has already sent Ryuu Bi to his castle in Haikoku Shouken (沛国礁県; modern-day Bozhou, Anhui) and asks them to come along at once. So they have no choice but to do so.

Along the way, you can access the Travel system in which you can pick someone to talk too. Here, Kan U asks Kakou En how long more it would take to their destination. He refuses to tell her since leaking the number of days may give away their route to Tou Taku’s side – implying that she’s not with them. One of the soldier comes to report to Kakou En that they’ve just enough food supply to pass two days which gives Kan U her answer anyway lol. At the castle, Sou Sou promptly gives them back Ryuu Bi as he no longer needs him to tie the Jyuuza down. They are seen as traitors in the eyes of Tou Taku now, since they fought with him. Tou Taku won’t let them off as Jyuuza anyway, so they have no choice but to defeat Tou Taku with him. He promises to consider giving them a place to settle down too if he succeeds – well, anyone can consider so with no action, but they have no choice but to join Sou Sou. Sou Sou himself plans to write to various warlords and officers to appeal to them to join him in an alliance against Tou Taku.

Later, Kan U finds Ryuu Bi outside looking at the sky. He’s worried over them going to battle since they’re only get hurt. Touched by his kindness, Kan U hugs him and basically Ryuu Bi is an angel okay, yeah. Narration cues as Sou Sou gets some people to join his alliance, but Kan U is uneasy as to whether they can really return to their peaceful days even if they win this fight.

ReferencesRakuyou/Luoyang was the capital of the Eastern Han Dynasty and was the focal point of China though it declined in the late 2nd Century, precipitated by the Yellow Turban rebellion. Even after they were weakened with their leaders dead, scattered rebels still remained so operations were still held to clear them out. The prophecy mentioned in the game, appears similar to the slogan (蒼天已死,黃天當立。歲在甲子,天下大吉。) created by Zhang Jue, who used Taoism and claimed to be a sorcerer.

Ryo Fu/Lü Bu was both subordinate and foster son of Dong Zhuo, and was notorious for his relationship with the fictional maid Chou Sen/Diaochan, who was known for her beauty. While a formidable warrior, Lü Bu was depicted as ruthless with no sense of loyalty or sympathy in the novel. Chou Ryou/Zhang Liao did serve Lü Bu, who was under Dong Zhuo, for a period of time. Historically, Dong Zhuo did gain monopoly over the Imperial Court but no one dared to oppose ‘cos of his large army.

Chapter 4

The alliance against Tou Taku is made up En Shou (袁紹; Yuan Shao), En Jutsu (袁術; Yuan Shu), and Kouson San (公孫賛; Gongsun Zan). Unlike against the Yellow Turban rebels, they’re facing a huge trained army and would need to overcome strongholds like Shisuikan (汜水関; Sishui Pass) and Koroukan (虎牢関; Hulao Pass). As Sou Sou goes to discuss the strategy with the rest, Chou Un (趙雲; Zhao Yun) approaches the Maozoku and introduces himself. He explains that he previously went to Tou Taku’s in Kouson San’s name and is not a spy for Tou Taku. Since they’re wondering what’s going to happen next, Chou Un explains that they’re going to attack Shisuikan as it’s a strategic point in Tou Taku’s defense.

Meanwhile, since they’re allied forces, Kouson San suggests to the rest to elect a leader to represent them. Sou Sou recommends En Shou and the rest, including Tou Ken (陶謙; Tao Qian), agree since his lineage =四世三公; meaning that in the family’s four generations they’ve served in the top 3 official positions. This causes En Jutsu to complain which causes Sou Sou to remark that though he knows about their family situation, he’s letting personal feelings interfere in bigger affairs. This triggers En Jutsu further, mocking how Sou Sou has engaged a descendant of 羌 (Qiang; ethic group of China) and even Jyuuza with a woman to boot. Kakou Ton immediately draws his sword, but Sou Sou stops him since there is no time for petty fighting. As they continue discussing, Sou Sou explains that since Shisuikan is in the mountains a protracted war is not ideal, especially with limited food supply. There’s no way to cut Tou Taku’s supply either as of now – but neither can he engage huge armies there due to the terrain. So he suggests a short battle engaging each of their armies’ elite men to in the frontline to break through the stronghold – and to defeat Ka Yuu (華雄; Hua Xiong). The rest approve of this plan and in turn elect Sou Sou to be their strategist. En Shou then asks each army to prepare their finest men by the next morning.

Outside, Kan U is approached by Ba Chou (馬超; Ma Chao) who appears extremely curious about her. He doesn’t seem to knowing anything about them, accidentally mistaking their their race is called Jyuuza. When Kan U explains otherwise, he remarks that humans don’t seem to accept them either, suggesting the same for himself. Ba Chou even starts flirting with her, which makes her question his personality since there is a war tomorrow. He’s interrupted by his men before he can advance further to “make her into a great woman” so he’ll flirt with her again next time lol. Back in the camp, Chou Hi gets rejected by Kan U to sleep in the same tent – yet she doesn’t mind Ryuu Bi. Jealous, he drags Ryuu Bi off since there are times when men should spend quality time together too pfft.

That night, Kan U goes to check on everyone else for a change of mood. As Kan Tei is whining about the lack of women, this has Ryuu Bi questioning what is a “girlfriend”. He finally gets it when they use the term “bride” and says that Kan U is his bride since she will “always be by his side”. Chou Hi is surprised at the unexpected love rival but the rest actually think Kan U is most suitable for Ryuu Bi lol. When Kan U enters, both of them rush towards her with Ryuu Bi calling her his bride~ When Kan U asks about the situation, Chou Hi gets all embarrassed at trying to explain (that she should be his bride) and ends up running off while calling her a liar pfffft. Chou Sosou aptly remarks that he’s too much of a へタレ.

The next morning after En Chou makes a short speech, he gets each of them to introduce their finest general they’re sending to the front. From his side, he’s sending Gan Ryou (顔良; Yan Liang) and Bun Shuu (文醜; Wen Chou). Kouson San sends Chou Un, while Sou Sou sends Kakou Ton and Kakou En – and elects Kan U from the “Ryuu Bi army”. Everyone is shocked, including Kan U herself. But since they don’t claim to be under him and their own army, Sou Sou aptly names them Ryuu Bi army since they often say they’re here for his sake. He expects Kan U to take down Ka Yuu – if not he threatens to finish all of them off. Throughout this, En Jutsu is missing so they’ve no choice but to go ahead without his forces. Chou Hi hurries to find Kan U but she has already charged ahead, her mind filled with killing Ka Yuu for the sake of her people. She manages to break through the first frontline of enemies, surprising everyone else though Sou Sou appears pleased and doesn’t plan to let her go.

Kakou Ton and Kakou En catch up with Kan U, with Kakou Ton warning her to not push herself if not she can’t face Ka Yuu properly. Kakou En is surprised to see his cousin treating her like this. Ka Yuu finally appears, and injures both Kakou Ton and Kakou En, with the latter being heavily injured and forced to retreat against his will by both Sou Sou and Kakou Ton. Seeing a female Jyuuza, Ka Yuu is mad at Sou Sou for humiliating him like this. But Kan U defeats Ka Yuu beautifully which shocks everyone. Sou Sou orders the rest to clear the other men, while Kan U demands for him to take back his words from before. After he does so, she returns to the rest of the Maozoku. From afar, En Jutsu watches all of this before mobilising his men to the West as he wants to claim Koroukan. He believes that Sou Sou will be sure to regret when he knows of En Shou’s true nature.

That night, a soldier, on Sou Sou’s orders, calls for Kan U to join their celebration banquet since she’s the heroine. The rest of the Maozoku are surprised to hear this. Kan U asks for a fellow companion to join her, and Chou Hi excitedly volunteers himself which makes the rest tell him to shut up lol. There, Kan U is sincerely praised by Chou Un and this makes Chou Hi jealous of the attention she’s getting. Funny thing is Chou Un doesn’t get this and even Chou Hi feels embarrassed from his straight words lol. When Sou Sou wants to introduce Kan U to the others later, Chou Hi sticks to her like glue, refuses to move and even growls at everyone lol. So they’ve no choice but to go with this – making Kan U embarrassed for the rest of the night.

Sou Sou’s strategy for the next stronghold: he wants everyone on the attack against Ryo Fu and his 150,000 men. Koroukan has narrow roads leading to it so it’s different for large armies to advance through, again he wants to keep this battle as short as possible. At least Tou Taku’s army should be shaken from the previous defeat. The rest approve of this, and later Sou Sou orders all of the Jyuuza to join in the attack too. They can either leave Ryuu Bi all alone or take him along – but he doesn’t want Kan U to be the one since she would be hindered. In the end, Chou Seihei decides to take Ryuu Bi and to stay near the back. Unexpectedly, Sou Sou tells them that he’s relying on them, as he places them in the center field. They did not understand this until the next morning. Then, Kouson San asks Chou Un for introductions, and Kan U notices that he calls them “Maozoku“. They’ll be in the left wing and after Kouson San leaves, the Kakou cousins come over. Sou Sou’s army will apparently be in the right wing and they’re surprised to hear that he has placed Jyuuza in the center. The plan is for the right and left wings to surround the enemy – which means that the center army has to withstand the enemy in order to attract their attention long enough from the right and left wings’ movements. So it’s going to be tough on them. Kakou En laughs at them being sacrificed, but Chou Un and Kakou Ton adopt a more positive attitude and promise to back them up when they can.

Unfortunately, Kan U gives the start signal to her people too late so it’s a bad start for them and the enemy’s numbers start to overwhelm them. Seeing this from afar, Chou Un swiftly brings a small group of men with him to help them with Kouson San’s approval (何この紳士ぃぃぃぃ). Kan U and Chou Hi eventually get surrounded by the enemies as they observe that they’re the biggest threat. Overwhelmed and agitated upon seeing Kan U getting injured, Chou Hi turns into his “beast form” and goes on rampage. Worried that humans will start to exterminate them out of fear, Kan U has to beat Chou Hi back into his senses and normal self. Chou Un arrives just then but it’s also thanks to Chou Hi going wild that the enemies have backed down and now the right and left wings can surround the enemy army. Meanwhile, Chou Seihei notices that Ryuu Bi seems off. Eventually, it’s a win for now as the army retreats though Ryo Fu never appeared at all as she only watched from afar.

Afterwards, Kan U goes to find Chou Hi who is obviously shaken as he can’t remember a thing and is worried if he’ll attack his own people next time. She reassures him that she will protect them then. After that, it’s a stalemate situation though Kan U is also thankful since they’ve gained a lot of injured from this battle. But they found it strange after many days so Sou Sou sent his men to investigate and found that Tou Taku’s army have completely retreated from Koroukan. The reason is unknown and Sou Sou and Kouson San’s men have both confirmed that it’s empty later. As Kan U and Ryuu Bi step into the empty shell, they find themselves approached by Ryo Fu. Tou Taku’s army have indeed left Rakuyou for Chou An (長安; Chang’an). But she wants to confirm something as she felt yin presence on the battlefield, and it was close by Kan U. She starts to attack Kan U, before switching her target to Ryuu Bi. Alarmed, Kan U quickly takes a blow and is injured. This triggers a dark presence around Ryuu Bi as he’s shaken upon the sight of Kan U’s blood. Ryo Fu seems to have gotten it when she links up Ryuu Bi to the Ryuu family, and leaves them. Chou Un and the Maozoku eventually finds both of them out on the ground and brings them back. When Kan U next wakes up, she’s relieved to hear that Ryuu Bi is safe before falling unconscious again.

References: The flow of events leading up to the campaign against Dong Zhuo differ in history vs. the novel. In this game, it follows the novel events including Cao Cao’s failed attempt to assassinate Dong Zhuo and them calling for a coalition against him. Historically, Liu Bei, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu had no part in the campaign as they were battling the remnants of the Yellow Turban rebels. But in the novel, they offered their support to Kouson San/Gongsun Zan, Liu’s friend and former classmate. The game describes him similarly to the novel, in that he’s known for his elite cavalry riding on white horses. En Shou/Yuan Shao was elected as the leader in both cases, and Gan Ryou/Yan Liang and Bun Shuu/Wen Chou did serve him as generals. Both cases also had Yuan Shao, En Jutsu/Yuan Shu (Yuan Shao’s cousin) and they were not on good terms. Only in the novel, were Gongsun Zan (Chou Un/Zhao Yan served him), Tou Ken/Tao Qian, and Ma Teng (Ba Chou/Ma Chao is his son) involved. The referral to  in the game refers to Ma Chao’s lineage.

Ka Yuu/Hua Xiong was indeed the general guarding Shisuikan/Sishui Pass, as he volunteered himself over Lü Bu. The battle of Sishui Pass was fictional, in which Guan Yu did kill Hua Xiong swiftly. Lü Bu was sent to guard Koroukan/Hulao Pass along with 150,000 men. But the battle of Hulao Pass was again fictional. The game diverges from the novel events: in the novel it described one of the most famous fights between Lü Bu and Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu. Eventually Lü Bu retreated.

Chapter 5 (branches into Chou Hi’s individual route)

Narration tells us that the alliance left behind the Maozoku to chase after Tou Taku. They discover that he has set Rakuyou on fire and forced people to evacute to Chou An. Though enraged by this, the alliance themselves have suffered too. Only Sou Sou’s men gave chase to Tou Taku, but were caught in a trap themselves.  Both Sou Sou and his men were badly injured and Sou Sou, who was on the verge of death, managed to be brought back safely. With the end of this, Maozoku also finally gained freedom and they returned to their village with both happiness and uneasiness (since Tou Taku is still alive). They discover that their village has been burned down though, and quickly go to confirm everyone’s safety. Thankfully, the people which remained behind are safe as they escaped in time – but they couldn’t see who attacked, only that they were an army.

At this moment, Chou Un appears as he was asked by Kouson San to check on their safety. Everyone is alarmed by how he knows of the village location, and apparently Kouson San was told of it by “someone close”. Seeing that they have no place to go, Chou Un offers to let them stay at Kouson San’s territory. Kouson San did order him to help them out if they’re in need, and right now they’re certainly in dire need of a place to live in. It’s not too far off too so it is possible for everyone to evacuate over together. Ryuu Bi is in favour of this idea immediately since everyone can remain together and not move in separate vagrant groups. Eventually, all of them agree to follow Chou Un to Yu Shuu (幽州; Youzhou, modern-day Beijing). Since it would alarm the people if all 400 of them go in just like that, Chou U offers to bring one representative (Kan U) and someone else (Chou Hi) to meet Kouson San first.

Kouson San is happy to welcome them, and is makes the arrangements for them to be able to live most comfortably. He prepares a place full of bountiful resources, a distance away from the city area,  for them to live in. They can stay there as long as they like, but Kouson San/Gongsun Yue comes in and objects to this – not that it was to any effect. Kan U then asks why Kouson San is doing so much for them, and he answers that he can’t treat the people who did so much against the Yellow Turban rebels and Tou Taku disrespectfully. He also mutters that it’s to make up for his sins. They tells the rest of the Maozoku this happy news and months pass, and they’ve started to rebuild their village. One day, Chou Hi asks Kan U to be the judge for a fight between him and some boys. She refuses and this makes Chou Hi recalls that their bond got deeper ‘cos of a fight too. In fact, he had challenged her to one and if he won she was to be under him. Chou Seihei interrupts with the eventual result: he ended up falling down out of impulse and Kan U had to comfort him as he was tearing up. In the end he offered to serve her, and compromised when Kan U said that he’ll be her brother.

That night, Kan U goes to walk to the mountains for some fresh air. Chou Hi ends up falling down from a tree when he tried to call out to her lol. He can tell that she’s bothered and asks her to confide in him, since it’s better to do so with someone else. He also holds her hand awkwardly, since she would always be touchy-feely with Ryuu Bi when he’s uneasy pffft. Hearing that she’s worried about how long they can stay here, Chou Hi reassures her that they’ll just find another place to live if that day comes, and that he’ll always protect her.

Another night, Kan U spots Chou Hi while strolling. She asks if something’s bothering him, worried since he’s someone important to her. Chou Hi remarks that he’s usually happy to hear that, and to spend peaceful times with everyone. But if he continues to be her younger brother, he’ll eventually have to let her go if someone else comes by for her. A brother is a close yet far existence, he can’t have her all to himself if this goes on. He assures her that he’s okay and in fact his resolution has only been strengthened.

Yu Shuu, Chou Hi 1: Kan U stumbles upon Chou Hi, Kan Tei and Sosou talking about how to attract women – or rather it’s one-sided on Kan Tei’s part lol. The rest don’t believe Kan Tei’s method, so he asks Kan U to be the judge since she’s a woman after all – earning him a slap lol. Kan U asks them to bring it on and they try asking her what’s the part about a guy that attracts her. Seeing her think over this too long, they change it to her first impression of Sou Sou, and Chou Un. Her answers are all to do with how she can defeat them or how capable they are in fighting lmao. While Kan Tei and Sosou are speechless, Chou Hi admires how cool she is pfft.

Yu Shuu, Chou Hi 2: On the way back from sharing some fruits to Kouson San, Chou Hi realises that they’re alone – a first since they’ve come to Yu Shuu. He starts acting awkward and tries Kan Tei’s method of attracting Kan U – asking her out for some tea during dawn. But Kan U doesn’t get it at all (especially with him suddenly using keigo) and wonders if he’s thirsty. Chou Hi answers that the keyword is “dawn” but decides to give up on and plans to handle Kan Tei later for his failed advice.

A year passes by and we learn that Sou Sou has been building up his forces. Meanwhile, Ryo Fu kills Tou Taku. Yet she doesn’t claim Chou An and merely brings along Chou Ryou and Chou Sen with her. She pretty much goes on a killing spree wherever there is fighting.

References: In both history and the novel, Dong Zhuo did get his men to forcefully evacuate the people of Luoyang to Chou An/Chang’an and burned down Luoyang. In the novel, Cao Cao’s was the only army that continued to pursue Dong Zhuo. But he was caught in a surprise attack and both Cao Cao and his army suffered greatly. Cao Cao was able to return safely. In the end, due to some events, the alliance was eventually dissolved one by one.

Kouson Etsu/Gongsun Yue was Gongsun Zan’s cousin historically. And in both history and the novel, Dong Zhuo was killed by Lü Bu, and Cao Cao continuously expanded his forces.

Chapter 6

Tou Ken awaits the battle results from his men, in Jo Shuu (徐州; Xuzhou, modern-day Jiangsu). It isn’t positive but Tou Ken orders more men to go fight against Sou Sou’s army of 100,000. His subordinate, Bijiku (塵竺) sends out letters to neighbouring provinces for help, though Tou Ken wonders if anyone will respond. Meanwhile, Kan U goes over to share some of the vegetables she has picked with Kouson San and Chou Un, even though she knows that the people still don’t welcome Jyuuza and even threw stones at them the last time. But she overhears a conversation between Kouson San and Kouson Etsu, who are discussing over how to respond to Tou Ken’s appeal. Kouson San can’t bear to ignore it, but Kouson Etsu warns that Sou Sou may very well attack them next so it’s not wise to give away a portion of their own men for someone else – unless they send Jyuuza. Kouson San refuses to this idea, as he doesn’t want to pull them into human affairs again.

Kan U hears all of this from outside, and accidentally drops the bag of vegetable. She quickly runs away and when they check outside, Kouson San guesses from the vegetable left behind that she was here. Kan U weighs between their favour towads Kouson San and their peaceful lives. Chou Hi goes to welcome her back and she ends up confiding in him first. He knows her very well and tells her to help Kouson San if not she’ll be bothered for the rest of her life with regret. Kan U remarks that he knows her so well, and in a flashback we see him repeat word-for-word her thoughts before; he knows her so well ‘cos he has always watched her from young. This caused Kan Tei and Sosou to tell him to stop it or not she’ll start hating him for being such a stalker lmao. She goes to discuss this with the other Maozoku, who eventually agree with her that they should do something for Kouson San and volunteer themselves. They’ll have to leave behind Ryuu Bi this time and report their decision to Kouson San the next morning. Kouson San had actually decided to send 20,000 men over. But upon Kan U’s insistence, he send the 300 of them and has Chou Un lead 2000 men over. He asks for Kan U to return here with everyone safe and well.

As they are on the way to Jo Shuu, Chou Un brings over Ryuu Bi, who had apparently sneaked himself into the luggage lol. They have no choice but to bring him along. Kan U thanks Chou Un for joining them, and this prompts Chou Un to sprout embarrassing lines one after another as he compliments her fighting figure. Chou Hi tells him to stop flirting but he doesn’t get it and apologises honestly haha. This makes Chou Seihei remark that if Sou Sou is someone who keeps deceiving and playing with people, Chou Un is a natural in playing with women pffft. Later, Chou Un also wonders why everyone fears them when they see their ears – he finds them cute instead. This only provokes Chou Hi more lol. After two days, they arrive at Jo Shuu, but aren’t allowed in when the guards see Jyuuza. Tou Ken and Bijiku immediately head down when they hear that help has arrived. Though Bijiku is alarmed at the sight of Jyuuza, Tou ken bows to them as he apologises for the treatment.

They may be the first and last help they get. Jo Shuu’s army has been reduced by more than 70%, and even now men keep running away in fear of Sou Sou. They’ve about 10,000 men now, even with their help it seems impossible against Sou Sou’s 100,000 men. Just then, they catch sight of Sou Sou’s army arriving in a distance. Kan U offers to go negotiate peace, if possible, since she once fought for him. The rest hold back Chou Hi who wanted to join her. At the other side, Kakou Ton and Kakou En spot her without any weapons. Kakou En almost wanted to attack her there and then, but Sou Sou stops him and goes to talk to her instead. While it’s expected that he doesn’t want peace, he wants to obtain everything that he can. He offers Kan U to join his side – once he has gained everything he’ll even give Jyuuza their own land or create a human class lower than them. Of course Kan U refuses, as he had expected. So Sou Sou gives them one night to escape and he’ll attack tomorrow morning. If they still remain then he’ll show no mercy.

Kan U goes back to report this and Tou Ken tells them all to return, while asking Bijiku to evacuate the people and gives freedom to the officials and army men as to whether they want to stay or not. With this, Kan U and co. return but with a bad taste left behind. The next morning, Sou Sou spares no mercy as he has his whole army attack while Tou Ken refuses to surrender even if it’s a losing battle. But suddenly, Chou Un leads his men from behind and shoots down a rain of arrows. Kan U and the other Maozoku take the chance to filter in for the attack – seeing this, Kakou Ton realises that they’re after Sou Sou. Apparently, they couldn’t leave like this so they agreed that as long as Sou Sou is down, his men will surely panic. A surprise attack from behind is also to their advantage since they would’ve focused their men on the frontline. In any case, they leave it to Kan U to ultimately go after Sou Sou. However, when she does fight him she finds herself overpowered. She hears from Sou Sou that he even contemplates attacking countries outside China if his hunger isn’t satisfied even after conquering all of it. But just before he could kill her, a report comes in that Ryo Fu has attacked his territory in En Shuu (兌州) with a few ten thousand bandits she has gathered. He has no choice but to retreat in order to defend En Shuu so Jo Shuu is saved. Unfortunately, his men decided to shoot down Tou Ken before leaving.

Tou Ken calls Kan U and co. to his side. On the verge of dying, he asks them to take care of Jo Shuu since they’re peaceful people yet will stand up to protect what is important to them. With Tou Taku killed by Ryo Fu, the Han Dynasty is probably drawing to an end and civil war will erupt. His people must have seen them protect Jo Shuu and would probably be able to accept them more now. Though they refuse him at first, Ryuu Bi is ready to accept since he’s pleading them so much. Upon hearing that, Tou Ken asks Bijiku to serve them and passes away peacefully. They first return to Kouson San to report what happened. While Kouson Etsu treated them surprisingly well, it’s ‘cos he has his eyes on Jo Shuu. But Kouson San asks them to leave for Jo Shuu since the people there seem to have readily accepted them. He also orders Chou Un to follow them to assist the bridging between humans and Maozoku; Jo Shuu will become a new place where they can coexist in harmony. The Maozoku discuss this that night too, and decide to listen to Ryuu Bi’s decision: he’s more than happy to try and live together with humans in peace. So even though running a country is a huge task, the Maozoku bid farewell to Kouson San and leave for Jo Shuu with Chou Un. Naturally, Ryuu Bi is placed as the governor though they’re doing most of the work with Bijiku. Kan U never thought a day like this would come, but she anticipates the future.

References: Cao Cao’s invasion of Xuzhou took place in both history and the novel – the reason is not explained in the game but his main goal was to punish Tao Qian, whom he saw it as responsible for the death of Cao Cao’s father. But he turned back his army towards the end to attack Lü Bu. Tao Qian got help from Tian Kai, who had sent an army commanded by Liu Bei. Eventually, this led Liu Bei to shift his alliance to Tao Qian and gained his first territory from him when Tao Qian passed away.

Chapter 7

As they’re working hard to revive Jo Shuu, Sou Sou is building up his army to the north of Jo Shuu while En Jutsu is doing the same to the West of Jo Shuu, in Nanyou (南陽; Nanyang). Apparently he’s angry that Jyuuza suddenly got territory larger than his. While Jo Shuu is at peace, outside it’s chaos.

Jo Shuu, Chou Hi 1: Kan U spots Chou Hi helping a kid to train, ‘cos he wants to be able to protect his younger sister. But they both insist on her keeping it as secret. When she wonders why, Chou Hi explains that as a guy they want to show off their cool side.

Jo Shuu, Chou Hi 2: En Jutsu’s men are attacking the borders of Jo Shuu. Kan U quickly goes to join Chou Hi, who actually wants to handle the 50 men alone. But she’s worried that he’ll turn into a beast like before so in the end the two of them fend off the enemies. Chou Hi appears down after this and she comforts him, saying that he did well on his own before she came. But he remarks that he still needs to rely on her and asks for some time alone.

Jo Shuu, Chou Hi 3: Chou Hi’s continues to be down since that day, and his appetite has even shrunk. Worried, Kan U goes to check on him and even brings him some chimaki (rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves) she made. She apologises for jumping in to fight the other day, but Chou Hi answers that he’s not upset at her. He just feels regretful that he’s still not strong enough against Sou Sou, and doesn’t want to rely on his beast form. He can’t keep relying on her, not especially when Sou Sou has his eyes on Kan U. Kan U doesn’t seem to get the last bit though, so Chou Hi gives up explaining and ends up eating her chimaki ‘cos he got hungry after all the talking lol.

Kan U dreams of a childhood memory with Chou Hi. He climbed up a tall tree ‘cos he got jealous that she only cared about Ryuu Bi, so he wanted her to worry about him too. But in the end he couldn’t come down and Kan U climbs up to help carry him down lol. Half a year has passed in Jo Shuu, and the people are holding a harvest festival. While Kan Tei is happy over his new girlfriend, he promises to introduce some girls to Chou Hi. Chou Hi refuses though since he has Kan U, but they say that she isn’t a girlfriend. He replies that they’re more like husband and wife, and they tease him as to whether he’s still clinging to that childhood promise. They suspect if Kan U really made such a promise, or if she did whether she recalls anything or not. Later that day, Kan U and Chou Hi bring Ryuu Bi down. He keeps trying to make her remember their childhood promise, and she instead recalls the dream from that morning. But they’re interrupted by kids asking Chou Hi to play with them, with him playing the bad guy “Sou Sou” lol. But before they can do so, Kan Tei hurries over with news that Ryo Fu has been spotted nearby.

Chou Un joins them at this point too. They’ve placed men near the north of their boundaries ‘cos of Sou Sou and they’ve no time to recall them back now. They’ve no choice but to face Ryo Fu’s army with the 20,000 men they have now. But to their surprise, Ryo Fu (with Chou Ryou, Chou Sen) comes on foot to meet them, saying that they’re not here to fight. They want to find a place to settle down. Though Chou Hi and Chou Seihei are uneasy since she did kill her own master (Tou Taku), she reminds that it was thanks to her that Sou Sou retreated before. It’s also favourable to have her army here since En Jutsu has been planning to attack them, and his general Ki Rei (紀霊; Ji Ling). She gives them the night to discuss and after discussing with Bijiku, they decide to accept Ryo Fu’s army. They place them in Shouhai (小沛; Xiaopei), which is a distance away from the main city. A few weeks later, they hear that Sou Sou is currently engaged in battle with En Jutsu. But they can’t let their guard down, not against Ryo Fu too. They can only wait and see. After that meeting, they take a short break and Chou Hi tells Kan U to sleep since she’s been busy with engaging Ryo Fu ever since. She ends up sleeping till the night though. When Chou Un came to call them back for the next meeting, he decided to leave them be since it isn’t anything important.

Months pass and there’s a sudden request from En Jutsu to see them, specifically Kan U. It’s a chance for peace, even though it smells of a trap. So Chou Un offers to go together with Kan U – though they’ll escape immediately if it’s a trap. The rest tell Kan U to leave now before her two younger brothers start making noise (they’re currently out buying stuff) lol. Kan U goes to tell Chou Hi first though, and to take care of Jo Shuu while they’re going since Ryo Fu may attack. Chou Hi is delighted at first, to be relied on. But then he wonders about Chou Un and gets upset when he hears that they’ll be together lol. Meanwhile, Ryo Fu hears that the pair have left Jo Shuu. Now all they have to deal with is Chou Hi, which she leaves Chou Ryou to handle. It appears as though she has her eyes on Ryuu Bi. As they travel to meet En Jutsu, Kan U hears from Chou Un that Chou Hi has actually been training in secret – probably ‘cos he wants to show his cool side in front of her. Meanwhile, Chou Hi can’t sleep that night as he worries about Kan U and goes out to walk. He meets Chou Ryou, who says that he went to see off Ryo Fu and Chou Sen as they’re off for 1-month trip. Elated, Chou Hi decides to go after Kan U since he thinks Ryo Fu is no threat.

Kan U and Chou Un are caught in En Jutsu’s trap, who tell them that he’s together with Ryo Fu. As they quickly escape, they meet Chou Hi on the way. But it’s too late as Ryo Fu has shut the gates and taken control of Jo Shuu. They can’t enter and can only leave to organise a plan before Chou Ryou comes down to catch Kan U, on Ryo Fu’s orders. As they settle down, Chou Hi starts to blame himself. But for now they should think of a way to counterattack. Chou Un tells Kan U to rest first as she’s clearly tired. While she’s in deep sleep, Chou Un reassures Chou Hi – if he can take back Jo Shuu, then he’ll surely be showing off his cool side, and that’s what a man does. The two men also decide on the plan: Chou Un will go ask Kouson San for help, while they go ask Sou Sou. It’s risky but surely he would prefer a Jo Shuu run by them rather than a reckless Ryo Fu. He also asks Chou Hi to protect Kan U, as they both know that Sou Sou has an attachment to Kan U – whether it is for her capabilities or not. By the time Kan U wakes up, Chou Un has already left for Yu Shuu.

Chou Hi informs her of their plan and they head to En Shuu to meet Sou Sou. At Sou Sou’s side, he has already heard of the news. Apparently Ryo Fu has also gathered the remaining Yellow Turban rebels, she currently has about 50,000 men. Hearing that Kan U and Chou Hi are here, he agrees to meet only Kan U. As Kan U requests his help, she knows that he won’t help for nothing in return. So she’s willing to give him Jo Shuu since he’ll run it properly unlike Ryo Fu. But she wants him to protect them and let them live peacefully. Hearing this, Sou Sou asks her to come to his side in addition. He’ll agree if so, so Kan U has no choice but to agree. Immediately, Sou Sou orders for 100,000 men to set off tomorrow morning. Kan U doesn’t tell this requirement to Chou Hi though. Knowing that she’s hiding something, he stays up that night watching her just in case.

Meanwhile, the Maozoku and Jo Shuu people are trying to hide from Ryo Fu’s army. Ryo Fu also learns of Sou Sou heading towards her direction. She asks Chou Ryou to lead all of her 50,000 men, while she goes to find Ryuu Bi. On the other side, Chou Un joins them with unfortunate news: Kouson San passed away half a year ago. Naturally, Kouson Etsu refused to help. Chou Hi comforts Chou Un, knowing that he must be sad over the news of his master’s death, but now they must focus on saving Jo Shuu. Though they wonder why Kouson Etsu kept quiet about Kouson San’s death. Anyway, Sou Sou orders his men to attack and break open the gate. Once they do so, they can go after Ryo Fu. Chou Un manages to hold off Chou Ryou while Chou Hi and Kan U head inside. Inside, Ryo Fu contemplates setting fire on the city in order to drive the Maozoku out of hiding. When she sees them, she overpowers both of them. Unfortunately, Ryo Fu spots kids in the area, and starts attacking them instead. Kan U gets hurt in the process of protecting them, and Ryo Fu starts to abuse her out of thrill now.

Seeing this, Chou Hi eventually turns into his beast form and attacks Ryo Fu. She’s thrilled to see him in what she calls “tiger form”, but he proves too powerful for her and she soon dies at his hands. Kan U tries to calm Chou Hi down, though he suddenly takes her outside to the fields, before settling down and sleeping on her lap. He eventually turns back to normal much to her relief. Kan Tei and Sosou come to find them later, and forces Chou Hi to wake up. He can’t remember anything this time either. They’ve to prepare for the worst as not only the people of Jo Shuu, but Sou Sou and co. saw his beast form too. Thankfully, Sou Sou doesn’t mention a word about it to Kan U. He gives her one month to recover her injuries, and to lay the groundworks for him as she tells the people that he’s taken over Jo Shuu. After a month, he’ll send men to fetch her. Meanwhile, Chou Un joins them and they learn that Chou Ryou disappeared midway in the battle – perhaps with Chou Sen. As they explain to the people of Jo Shuu, they accept Chou Hi ‘cos they know the real him – a clumsy idiot (lol). He also saved them from Ryo Fu, and the days under her were hell-ish. Touched, Ryo Fu apologises and thanks them.

But him leaving Jo Shuu without a word is another thing. So Chou Hi agrees to let each of them hit him once, causing everyone to come after him lol. Chou Seihei remarks that he’s well-liked by both Maozoku and humans, and every community needs an idiot like him pfft. That night, Kan U thanks Chou Hi for everything. Hearing what he did, Chou Hi remarks that it’s like his beast-self did all the hidden desires he wanted: defeat Ryo Fu, sleep ‘cos he hadn’t been able to the past nights, have Kan U to himself so he took her away and slept on her lap. Apparently she always let Ryuu Bi do so but not him, so he’s jealous lol. But he couldn’t remember it at all so he asks Kan U to let him do it again. Narration then tells us that the people managed to accept the fact that Sou Sou is going to take over Jo Shuu. Even though it was against Kan U’s expectations, they seem to understand that if it weren’t for that they would’ve died at Ryo Fu’s hands. But Kan U could only tell Bijiku and Chou Seihei the truth that she has to go over to Sou Sou’s side.

References: Yuan Shu was served by Ki Rei/Ji Ling. Lü Bu did flee to Xuzhou and was received by Liu Bei, though it was an uneasy alliance. Lü Bu did betray Liu Bei and took control of Xuzhou, as he formed an alliance with Yuan Shu. Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei went to Cao Cao for help, whom accepted them. Together, they attacked Xuzhou. Lü Bu’s men deserted him, and Yuan Shu’s men never showed up as reinforcements. In the end, Lü Bu was executed upon Cao Cao’s orders.

Chapter 8

Jo Shuu are holding another festival since the last one was interrupted by Ryo Fu, plus it would be good to celebrate to be them in a good mood before Sou Sou comes over. During the festival, Kan U asks Chou Hi out with the intention of telling him the truth. Chou Hi though, is excited and wants to confess to her ‘cos he fulfilled their childhood promise. Though he’s happy at first to see Kan U dress up, he feels hurt when he hears the truth from her – plus she doesn’t seem to recall the childhood promise they made. In the end, Chou Hi avoids Kan U up till the day when she has to leave. As everyone sees her off, only Chou Hi isn’t present. But they see Sou Sou’s army heading here which makes them worry. Kan U goes to ask about the situation, and learns from Kakou Ton and Kakou En that they’re here to capture Chou Hi. It’s an order from the Emperor to Sou Sou ‘cos he learnt of his beast-mode transformation. Kan U quickly tells everyone to search for him while she holds off Kakou Ton – but ends up getting knocked unconscious by Kakou En. When they finally find Chou Hi, the people tell him to run while they hold off the army which has infiltrated the city.

After Chou Hi has escaped, Kakou Ton decides that there’s no choice but to retreat first and takes Kan U back to Sou Sou. Kan U then dreams of a childhood memory. When she tried to carry Chou Hi down from the tree, he accidentally pushed he and she fell down. She ended up having a scar on her back, so Chou Hi promised to take responsibility by taking her as his bride pffft. He ends up crying more though when she says that he doesn’t need to. So in the end they make a promise that if he stops crying and becomes strong enough to protect her, then she’ll marry him. Kan U wakes up then, and she’s at Sou Sou’s. She learns from him that Chou Hi has escaped, but he has orders to follow and will continue to pursue him. Sou Sou tells her to rest for today and to start work tomorrow.

As expected, Sou Sou sends Kan U out to fight – and everyday at that as they’re at war with En Shou now. Unlike before though, Kan U’s alone this time. As she reports another win to Sou Sou, she asks the situation about Chou Hi from him – it’s a relief for her as they still haven’t found him. Sou Sou also learns from Kan U that Chou Hi is actually stronger than her – as long as he focuses. Sou Sou remarks that ever since she came here, she’s only concerned about Chou Hi yet she’s his – something which Kan U is quick to deny. Kakou Ton quickly interrupts to ask Sou Sou to avoid talking like that, as rumours have spread among the people that she’s his lover. This only amuses Sou Sou though. Half a year has passed since Kan U came here, and hearing the news that Chou Hi is okay is like her everything and what motivate her each day.

One day, Sou Sou sends Kan U after mountain bandits that have been attacking the border villages. They’ve sent men there before but they always failed so far. Meanwhile, the bandits have heard the news that Sou Sou is sending a female general (or rather lover) after them, though they’re not afraid. This news piques their leader’s interest though. Upon reaching there, Kan U spots a crying girl who claims that the bandits have captured her family. But they threaten to kill them if she asks for help, so Kan U promises to follow her there alone, asking the men to stay behind. Kan U falls unconscious after eating a sweet the girl offers her though. She wakes up to see none other than Chou Hi, but he acts differently from usual, especially after hearing rumours of her being Sou Sou’s lover. Kan U reassures him otherwise, and that she has remembered their childhood promise. Chou Hi ends up crying out of relief, and says that he has always felt regretful that he couldn’t do anything when she left back then. Kan U tells him to stop crying, just like in their promise. So Chou Hi promises to also protect her properly this time, so that she’ll be his bride. They finally confess their feelings for each other.

Unfortunately, Sou Sou has heard news that the bandit leader is a Jyuuza so he predicts that it’s Chou Hi. Moreover, when the bandits started getting stronger it was around the time he had escaped Jo Shuu. Sou Sou immediately sends Kakou Ton and Kakou En to capture him. Meanwhile, Kan U learns from Chou Hi that he ha actually chased away the real bandits long ago. The people were grateful to him and hence ended up staying together – though he does steal food from Sou Sou’s army for them. Outside, the men get impatient with Kan U’s disappearance. They hear that Chou Hi is the bandit leader and decide to go ahead and attack first. Chou Hi manages to defeat them though. Kan U wants him to escape asap but the people want to follow him. In the end, they manage to sneak out. Kakou En and Kakou Ton only discovered that it was empty two days later and quickly give chase. At Sou Sou’s side, he’s furious to hear that Kan U has betrayed him and is determined to kill Chou Hi and get Kan U back.

References: Guan Yu served under Cao Cao for a period of time after some incidents following in Xuzhou.

Chapter 9

They decide to head to Jo Shuu as Kan U is worried that Sou Sou will harm the people there due to her betrayal. As they rest for the night first, Chou Hi knows that Kan U is hesitating over her decision again and hugs her. Her first selfishness was to be with him and he doesn’t intend to let her change her decision. A half-moon hangs in the night sky and Chou Hi remarks that he used to be like that – always doing things midway and “half a man” in a sense. Kan U remarks that no one is perfect so they can make up for each other’s flaws. Chou Hi promises that he won’t turn into a beast again, as he doesn’t want to lose to himself. The next day, one of the people go into Jo Shuu to find Chou Seihei and informs them that Chou Hi and Kan U are outside with 300 people. Sosou and Kan Tei doubted at first as to whether it’s really Kan U, or someone Chou Hi put cat ears on lmao. They join each other outside, and discuss what to do next and decide to all leave. Since Sou Sou has control over the North area, they’ll head South.

Bad End

Chou Seihei and co. go back to get the rest. Unfortunately, Kakou Ton and Kakou En caught up then and shoot an arrow (with numbing effects) into Chou Hi. The rest of the people end up getting killed and Kan U is overpowered. Chou Hi is sentenced to public execution by the Emperor and the rest can only watch helplessly. Sou Sou remarks that Kan U can only watch the man she loved and betrayed him for die in front of her eyes. But she doesn’t plan to let him die alone. When they start shooting the arrows, Kan U runs to join Chou Hi and they both die together.

Good End

Ryuu Bi and Chou Un also come to see them, as well as the Jo Shuu people. Seeing their warm welcome, Chou Seihei remarks that it looks like it’s a definite yes for the Jo Shuu people too. In the end, though it’s difficult, they decide to all leave together (300 people, all the Maozoku and Jo Shuu people). Bijiku even joins them, and says that it’s true that Sou Sou helped them then – but he attacked Jo Shuu in the first place, and the reason why Tou Ken died. It’s no longer the place they once lived in plus without Kan U now, Sou Sou may not guarantee their well-beings anymore. But they have relied on Kan U long enough already and so they will go South to find a new place to settle in. Meanwhile, Sou Sou hears news that the people of Jo Shuu are rebelling. In fact, they keep leaving the gates – both Maozoku and humans. He realises that Chou Hi and Kan U must be responsible and quickly orders Kakou Ton and Kakou En to give chase. So from 300 people, they are now in 1000s. It’s about three more days to go before they’ll reach undiscovered lands in the South. Sou Sou personally leads his army to chase them, as they head in the direction of 長江; Yangtze River. They finally cross a narrow bridge and rest for the night. At Sou Sou’s side, it’s expected that they’ll catch up in half a day. He plans to kill off everyone, and Chou Hi before Kan U’s eyes.

That evening, Chou Hi suddenly asks to see the scar on Kan U’s back. She refused to at first, but he’ll do it himself if she doesn’t strip herself pffft. When she does so, Chou Hi remarks that he always had to see her back, as she always stood up to protect him. But not now, and in fact the scar has healed already. So he kisses her back and asks her to forget the promise, to null it just like how the scar is gone. This only confuses Kan U but he leaves her before she can pursue further. Later that night, Sou Sou has led his some 10,000 men to the bridge – it’s the only way across. They also spot numerous flame torches and wonder if it’s a trick to lead them to believe that they’ve a sizeable army. Just then, Chou Hi comes to meet them as he plans to stop them right here.

The next morning, they’re planning to move off but Chou Hi is nowhere in sight. Kan U hears from Chou Hi that he had went to check on Sou Sou’s movements last night and should be returning soon. But she’s worried as something seems amiss and tries to recall their last conversation: Chou Hi mentioned that he would protect her to the death. Kan U realises that he plans to do exactly that and quickly rides on a horse towards the bridge. Meanwhile, Chou Hi has just defeated Kakou Ton and Kakou En, sending them dropping down into the waters below. So he calls for Sou Sou to duel, if not he’ll just be dragging more time and giving the rest more time to escape. As they fight, Chou Hi remarks that Sou Sou is exactly like Ryo Fu – someone who doesn’t know when to be satisfied. He’ll continue to pursue what he desires until his death, and it bothers him since it happens to be Kan U. Chou Hi wants to free Kan U from Sou Sou, as he plans to die together with him. When the time is right, Chou Hi grabs Sou Sou. The flame torches will be going down any minute, and will set the bridge on fire which has oil all over. Sou Sou’s men tries to save their leader, but it’s too late to get any water and too dangerous to cross over.

Kan U happens to catch Chou Hi and Sou Sou about to falls to their deaths. She asks why Chou Hi decided things on his own, though he remarks that he felt the same way when she left Jo Shuu on her own. He understands her feelings then very well now, and wants to protect his most important person. But Kan U says that she won’t be happy without him and dives after him. When she wakes up, Chou Hi is next to her but they’ve been drifted away for quite a bit. Kan U has hurt her back, again, probably hit by rocks in the river. So this time, Chou Hi asks to let him take responsibility as he kisses her. He won’t ask her to null things again, and will definitely make her his bride. He won’t leave her again, won’t decide things on her own again, and protect her from now on ‘cos he loves her. They quickly leave to join the rest before Sou Sou’s army comes searching for their leader too – not that it’s sure whether Sou Sou is alive or not. And so, they successfully cross Yangtze River and settle themselves in new land.

Apparently, Sou Sou was found alive but with heavy injuries. After that they didn’t hear anything of him for a while. It’s unsure if his ambitions will ever reach them, so while they are still uneasy they’re at least happily living to their fullest. Soon, it’s the marriage day of Kan U and Chou Hi’s. Kan Tei is shocked to see that she’s prettily dressed up – earning him a slap. He remarks that the strongest bride has appeared pffft. Sosou comes in, remarking that the other idiot is earnestly waiting outside for her. When Kan U asks if he refers to Chou Hi, he answers that she sure is one cruel bride. Kan Tei agrees that she has all the makings of a devil bride – and they both earn a slap each lmao. Outside, Ryuu Bi and Chou Un both remark on how pretty she looks. But Chou Un adds that he envies Chou Hi from the bottom of his heart and wished he could switch places loool. He immediately apologises to Chou Hi that he didn’t mean to flirt with Kan U. Meanwhile, Chou Seihei is in tears and he constantly threatened Chou Hi to treat Kan U well or else. While Chou Hi is taken to change, Kan Tei starts acting like an older sister-in-law to Kan U pfffft. (Omg they are too precious.)

When they’re both out and dressed, the rest celebrate the first marriage since they’ve settled down here. Kan U never imagined getting married to Chou Hi like this when they were still in their old village, causing Chou Hi to remark that it’s good that they left. They both have matured since then and will spend their days together now as husband-and-wife. (And for some reason, after the credits the guy will say one last sweet line.)

References: This is similar to the battle of Changban, in which Cao Cao pursued Liu Bei (who was leading both soldiers and civilians). Cao Cao’s men caught up at Changban and Zhang Fei bought time for Liu Bei to escape, as he remained to fight them after destroying the bridges.


Hi 2nd longest post! But eh, I had fun playing the game and writing this. There’s a decent story going on, and as you can see with many cross-references to actual history/the novel. Chou Hi may come off as a noisy brat at first but he’s actually really funny (like when he imitates Sou Sou) and eventually matures from boy to man. (Or maybe I like へタレcharacters.) I can imagine that Okamoto had to put in a lot of effort into this energetic guy, though I appreciated the more intimate lines too. And when Okamoto had to voice the lines of him growling (in beast mode) I couldn’t stop laughing. /kicked It’s nice to see that they kept significant traits of the original characters – for example Sou Sou is a manipulative b—ahem. Kan U is badass too and to be honest I don’t see how that’s a problem since the original character was supposed to be strong. At least she has enough of a personality so that by the end of the game, you can point out her strengths and weaknesses like any of the other characters. The interactions between characters were amusing, especially among the catboys (Chou Hi, Chou Sosou, Kan Tei) and between Chou Hi and Chou Un.

The CGs, character sprites etc. are decent. Except there was one that left me wondering how Chou Hi could see that Kan U’s scar disappeared if her hair was covering it (in the CG). ;; Eh anyway, unfortunately there are no scene replays so remember to save at your favourite spots. It would’ve been nice if you unlocked extra stuff for Chou Hi when you finish a route – and the only thing I see unlocked is a special route for Ba Chou. I’ve finished it already but the review of it will come last with all the other extras. It’s a long common route to the individual routes but that also means that my next review should be shorter since I would’t need to go into as much details! …hopefully. But first I’m going back to Custom Drive. Till then~

7 thoughts on “Jyuuzaengi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~: Chou Hi’s Route

  1. Eu says:

    Sou Sou is a manipulative b—ahem. — baby? 8D /kicked

    The game made me curious about the romance of the 3 kingdoms (that’s how it is called right?). Before I thought, it is more of romance – love, love, love, love story ala Romeo & Juliet. I didn’t know that there’s war etc.;;;

    I loooooved how well developed the characters are. Sure I’ve only played 1 route but the growth in each one of them was evident. I ended up loving most of the characters (Ryuu Bi = that’s given, Chou Un though <3333). And who wouldn't love the catboys even though there were times when I hated Sosou's skepticism. I was silently praying that no one from the Maouzoku will die at least the main characters because it would totally break my heart. D;

    And OMG, I couldn't imagine how you managed to play this alongside Custom Drive. Must have been tough to change from a great game to, well, another game. |D

    Ryuu Bi's route next~ /o/


    • Yume says:

      Hahahaha yes yes.

      Ohh yeah despite the title it’s not a love story like R&J at all haha. The focus is definitely on war.

      Ehehe knew that you would like Chou Un. As for Sou Sou, you will come to understand his skepticism. It’s all down to his background which you will only find out in his own route. :3

      HAHAHA looking back I think that it was good that I played this alongside Custom Drive. XD



  2. مودة الخزاعي says:

    OMG `~ I love you idiot CHUO HI

    I played Chou hi route It was funny .. I loved kid chou hi when he cried to marry kan U
    the game is TOO LONG UGH~~
    I think you had hard time to write this LONG post
    so thank you .. I had fun when I read it
    can you please play next ( ka kuoten ) route .. its cool and cute .. and had a really good story !
    and once again thank you a lot ..” and sorry for my bad eng”


    • Yume says:

      You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed reading the post! ^^/ The first play is indeed long, but after that at least you can almost skip through the first four chapters haha.

      I’m playing according to an order suggested by my friend, so I’m doing Chou Ryou’s route now. I plan to finish all the routes so I’ll definitely get to Kakou Ton. Don’t worry about your English, I could understand you well!


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