Custom Drive: Touma Riito

As mentioned elsewhere, I’m multi-tasking between Jyuuzaengi and Custom Drive. With no particular preference, I first went for the heroine’s childhood friend, Touma Riito (CV: Toyonaga Toshiyuki). Now due to the nature of this game (key term: customisable), it’s difficult to give a detailed review of it as I regularly do so. I’ll just be giving the basic story of Riito’s route, his different personalities, endings and pointers, and my overall thoughts.

Basic story: The Prince Collection is an annual contest held to select the…well, ikemen of that year. Reward for winning is confessing to the person you like, and there have been legends of how it has always been effective in giving positive results. The heroine, Saya, happens to be put in-charge of it, as she’s part of the cultural festival committee. Also, unlike previous years, the student council president (Kannagi Shion) will be placed as the “final ikemen” for the last person standing to go against – kind of like the last boss. Another guy to take note of it Mayuzumi Ruka, a 1st year who transferred to the school recently. And one important thing, Saya has an “ikemen allergy”. Simply put, she’ll start having those panic attacks if she stays too close/too long with someone she finds an ikemen or had one of those dokidoki moments.

Riito is the only one who knows of her allergy. So he drags her out one day and declares that he’s going to take part in the Prince Collection to help her cure her allergy by becoming the ultimate ikemen! Or something like that. He’s pretty popular himself too in fact, due to his bright personality and readily helps out anyone in need. He’s studying to gain a motorcycle license. Also, he’s pretty darn lucky with lucky draws and often wins the grand prize. Saya eventually gives in to his idea since he’s thinking for her sake after all and she has from May-September to train his charms – or rather his five personalities: genki (his original personality), doS, oresama, hakushikishinshi.

Genki: Riito’s original personality can be quite loud and cheeky sometimes, like in one event he pretty much ate Saya’s portion of ice-cream. But his cheery side can give way to some sawayaka moments too, like the typical refreshing boy playing with dog scene~ In the September event, he recalls that he and Saya buried a time capsule 10 years ago and insists on finding it. They spend the whole day trying to recall and dig up it (since they can’t remember its exact location) – and in the end Saya finally remembers that they buried it in his house’s backyard lol. When they dig it up, he gives her a ring he had placed inside. It was a grand prize he had won back then but it didn’t fit her finger then so he’s giving it to her now. /o\ He wins the Prince Collection and confesses his love for Saya, naturally embarrassing her in front of everyone. In the epilogue, he takes Saya out for a ride on his awesome new motorcycle to the seaside. \o/

DoS: When in his sadistic mode, Riito talks in a very low voice which is good in my books. Anyway, he generally teases Saya a lot but will stop himself if she gets too angry which is a good thing. The funniest event is when he brings her to the amusement park ‘cos he looks so happy in the CG and that looks mismatched with the doS requirement for that CG pfft. His September event is cute as he makes Saya sit through a horror feature which freaks her out. Her parents call back later saying that they won’t be back – so she’s home alone. Naturally she asks Riito to stay with her and when she eventually falls asleep, he has to carry her back to her bed. The next morning she finds herself sleeping next to him. More misunderstandings cue when Ruka and Satoru (who is childhood friends with Riito and Saya) drop by that morning – Satoru was asked by Saya’s mother to check on her. Riito had to suggest that he spent the night together with Saya. \o/ He wins the contest and instead gives Saya the chance to confess, of course he’s basically forcing her to confess her love for him lol. Riito does pacify her later by confessing too. In the epilogue, Riito interferes with her making Valentine’s chocolate by eating it off her finger instead.

Oresama: I thought I would find this personality annoying but it’s not bad actually ‘cos he’s surprisingly cute and romantic. In the September event, he spots a shooting star in a distance when walking back with Saya (who missed it). He forgot to make a wish though so he brings Saya up to the rooftop to wait as they lie down and gaze at the night sky. Riito spots another one and manages to make his wish (Saya missed it again lol). When getting up to leave though, she trips onto him and their lips touch. They tell each other to forget about this since it wasn’t intentional, but Riito mutters that he didn’t expect his wish to be fulfilled so quickly, and not in the way he’d intended for. /o\ When he wins Prince Collection, he rejects the prize of confessing since he doesn’t want to confess in such a public manner. Instead, he takes Saya out later and confesses his love for her then – just like how she belongs to him, he belongs to her too. And he finally takes this “perfect” moment to kiss her. Even though all personalities would get the same kiss CG, this one seemed the sweetest. The epilogue CG has Saya imagining the “what-if-they’re a family” situation. ;;

Hakushiki: This was the one I unlocked last ‘cos I thought that I would get bored from his conversation lol. /o\ Well he’s actually okay, and speaks in a tone similar to the gentleman personality. To be honest, if it weren’t for the moments where he suddenly throws in a few random facts of science/history/whatever, there isn’t too much difference. In the September event, both of them go to the zoo and though they have fun, Riito can see that Saya still treats him as a mere childhood friend. When he wins Prince Collection, he confesses his love for Saya~ They walk back together that evening, and he jokes about going to see her parents since he intends to marry her. In the epilogue, Riito has kinda moved into her place and insists on cooking dinner for her. It worries Saya only though since he doesn’t seem to have what it takes – he’s like chopping the pumpkin like he would be doing karate chops or something lol.

Shinshi: I really like his gentleman personality ‘cos besides being extremely polite, he says some of the most serious things…which is funny ‘cos it’s exaggerated. But sometimes he gets too insecure about himself like in the September event. /o\ He does confess to Saya when he wins the Prince Collection, but only musters up the courage to kiss her in the epilogue when he brings her to a rose garden. That and I notice this personality (and oresama) is only required for 5 CGs, while others get 7-8. By the way, in all the happy endings Saya’s allergy does get cured thanks to Riito.

Pointers: You definitely need to play more than once lol. On my first play, I got just over 50% of his CGs and unlocked 4 personalities. It’s easy to up his affection meter so no worries about that. From my knowledge, you can unlock a personality once you’ve changed him into that mode about 4-5 times. Once you unlock the personalities, there is a way to ‘cheat’ to up the nariki number to 99 (for a happy ending I presume). In the middle of a conversation, when the custom character button lights up – keep changing between personalities and the nariki number will continuously go up. This way, you can try for multiple happy endings at one go in a single save. Be careful of which save you load to do your second play though. Whatever you unlock from that save file will follow you to the next playthrough. For example, the genki happy ending unlocks the rider outfit – you can only get this rider outfit in your second play using this save, and not from loading the doS happy ending etc.

This game is customisable to the point that depending on which personality Riito is, the scenes that follow will differ (not referring to just the CG events). But some scenes will be the same, just that his speech differs. If a CG have multiple outfits/hairstyles in its requirements, you do not need to play it every time with all these different requirements. Just do it once, and you can view the different styles in your gallery (provided that you’ve already unlocked those items/hairstyles). Sometimes the event the CG takes place with can happen, but no CG is shown if you didn’t fulfill all of the requirements. Be careful of events happening at the same time with similar requirements. Sometimes you think that you’re going for CG A, but the game reads it as you going for CG B but you missing the requirements for CG B = you get nothing. I had this trouble for CG 12 and 13.

For the 暴走events, you basically need to do as few personality changes as possible. I got both CGs with about 4-5 changes – these includes changing personalities during a conversation, when you go out to practice his different personalities, and when you get to pick choices that will change his personalities. To be honest they are more like 妄想 events since I think Saya dreams them up. I…am not motivated at the moment to go after Riito’s last 3 CGs. So don’t ask me how to get them lol.

I did not use any guide when playing this, I only took note of the CG requirements provided by D3 Publisher. EDIT: The CG requirement for CG 19 should NOT be winter uniform, it should be summer uniform. They made a mistake.

Overall thoughts: I had to take a break after my first play of Riito – ‘cos it does get tiring skipping through all the same events (just with different speech ‘cos I’m trying out the different personalities I’ve unlocked). It is certainly a fun and light game to pass time with, with cute moments and a heroine which isn’t very annoying. The sub-characters are all interesting too. But I can’t imagine speeding through this game, even if I only aim for 100% CG completion and not to view all the possible scenarios. Since there isn’t really much of a plot, you’re basically playing for the character scenes. You just may get tired/bored of going through the same things so I recommend taking a break from it when you deserve it before continuing on lol.

14 thoughts on “Custom Drive: Touma Riito

  1. Euryx says:

    When I finished playing default personalities of Riito and Shion, I’ll give up. Won’t even be aiming for 100% completion. ^^;; While there are interesting and cute parts, I find the entire premise boring. I would go through with the system if the characters and plot are a little more interesting. Sadly, it’s not. DX


    • Yume says:

      LOL Eu-chan~ I don’t think I’ll be able to make 100% completion either. I’m really glad that I’m multi-tasking between this and another game though, or else I may end up disliking the game more. It’s true, there isn’t much plot (after one playthrough you can predict the other endings) so everything is really for the scenarios itself. ;;


  2. creamsicle says:

    somehow I managed to go through shion’s tsundere route without getting a single CG… ;w;
    well there was one of the saya’s face, but that’s it. could you please help? how do I get CGs?


  3. Hinano says:

    and here I am still plowing through orz;;
    At least though I’ve managed to spend less time by getting like 3 personalities the first run so I only have to do each one once. I go through each personality from the beginning in case I miss any funny scenes xD; Sometimes they’re great but at othes I’m like STFU ARGH MY EARS (see Shion’s Genki/Happy persona ugh)

    Hopefully I’ll fully comp the game by Saturday cause I really need to move on to better things XD


    • Yume says:

      I will certainly feel your pain when I get back to do the other characters lol.
      Ahh that’s true. I went through all the scenes for I think, the first two plays. Then I got impatient and skipped…a lot of stuff, lol. I feel bad for the voice actor but I can’t help it. /o\ To be honest I’m not looking forward to Shion’s happy, innocent personalities ‘cos they seem so jarring compared to his original one. ;;

      Haha, shall look forward to your review soon! \o/


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