Jyuuzaengi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~: Ryuu Bi’s Route

Next up is Ryuu Bi (CV: Ishida Akira), the leader of the Maozoku. Even though he’s 15 years old he acts like a little kitten and relies a lot on Kan U. But all the Maozoku do treat him with great importance and respect his every decision. (You have no idea how I’m excited to be doing kitty boy.) I recommend reading Chou Hi’s review first ‘cos all the common stuff is explained there; I’m not going into overlapping details for the following routes.

Chapter 1

The game starts off similarly. Instead of going outside to check the situation, Kan U brings Ryuu Bi to hide from the humans. However, a few soldiers come barging in looking for Yellow Turban rebels. Words don’t work on them so Kan U defeats them, before taking Ryuu Bi out to check on the situation since they’re worried. Kakou Ton and Chou Hi ended up fighting (with Chou Hi calling him “chibi” again lol). Kan U steps in the fight, and Kakou Ton is annoyed to see a female Jyuuza fighting. Before things worsen, Sou Sou stops them. The rest of the chapter follows similarly, with his proposal about Yellow Turban rebels etc. After the Jyuuza accept this and when they’re alone, Kakou Ton asks Sou Sou is he really plans on using them. Sou Sou explains that they generally have greater physical abilities compared to humans so on the whole they will be useful. People will start to want that power when they see their strength, and Sou Sou plans to take the first advantage of taking them under him.

Later, when Ryuu Bi sticks like glue~ to Kan U, Chou Hi suggests bringing him along since there’s no choice. Kan U tells Chou Hi off for such a suggestion, and somehow everyone else blames him too (for no particular reason, just ‘cos) making Chou Hi feel bad pffft. But in the end, they really do have no choice but to bring the stubborn Ryuu Bi along. The rest of the chapter is the same.

Chapter 2

Same stuff happens, till they’re asked to meet Tou Taku. Kan U remains silent, out of prideful resistance. Ryuu Bi does the greetings instead, and Sou Sou remarks that even a kid is better than her. (Hey Sou Sou, but your affection increased when she kept quiet lol.) Ryuu Bi grumpily says that he’s not a kid since he knows his manners. ❤ Seeing this, Kan U apologises to Ryuu Bi and praises him, which makes Ryuu Bi happy. ❤ After they’re sent by Ri Shuku to Kuwaki village, Sou Sou comes to ask where they’re headed for. He appears surprised to hear that they’re sent there, causing Chou Sosou to make some spiteful remarks. But Sou Sou says that there’s no helping it if it’s orders – in case of emergency though, he expects them to be the first ones to hurry to the frontline though.

Same stuff as they proceed to Kuwaki village, only to be made to guard outside of the village itself. As Kan U feels a bit uneasy, Ryuu Bi promises to be good and later hugs her lots so that his energy is passed on to her. ❤ This strengthens Kan U’s resolve that she has to protect him no matter what. Later when the Yellow Turban rebels attack, Kan U is the first one to strike the blow when Ryuu Bi is in danger. Seeing Kan U being counterattacked, Chou Hi quickly jumps in to take care of the rest without much thought. They’ve killed people without realising, and Ryuu Bi apologises to both of them as he starts to tear up. Kan U comforts him since she did promise that she would protect him no matter what. They are then called by a soldier to go back to Tou Taku’s camp. Kan U follows willingly since if Yellow Turban rebels continue to run free, more sacrifices like this village will occur. She then recalls Sou Sou’s words from before and wonders if this was what he meant by an emergency. The rest of the chapter is the same.

Chapter 3

As they travel to the capital, Kan U decides to act rational and talk to Sou Sou in order to at least learn what he wants. While the rest agree with this, Chou Hi ended up falling asleep in the middle of their discussion pffft. In the city, Kan Tei decides to try asking a pretty human girl for directions to Sou Sou but ends up scaring her and attracting too much attention. They end up having to run away. A soldier of Sou Sou’s spots them and upon orders, was told to take them back to see Sou Sou. Chou Sosou remarks that Sou Sou must have predicted all of this beforehand. When they meet Sou Sou and Ryuu Bi, Kan U swiftly starts to talk to Sou Sou. She learns that he wants to use everything he can use – in order to reach his high goals. Kan U answers that all they want is to return home, and he promises that the can do so once they clear out all the remaining Yellow Turban rebels. However, he will have Ryuu Bi remain at his side. Kan U agrees, but with three conditions: to guarantee Ryuu Bi’s safety, to provide them with all the horses, weapons and resources they need, and to let them meet Ryuu Bi whenever they want. Sou Sou immediately agrees to them all. After they leave, Sou Sou muses over the fact that Ryuu Bi still having a kid’s body and mind despite being 15 years old must be the reason why they’re so overprotective of him and wonders what inherent secret he has. He also thinks that Kan U is capable enough to be a general, having struck a negotiation with him like that in a matter of minutes. Despite what Kakou Ton and Kakou En thinks, Sou Sou will use all he can use – meaning that he will include Jyuuza in his army one day.

Rakuyou, Ryuu Bi 1: Kan U goes to visit Ryuu Bi, and finds that he has loads of sweets and toys in his room. But Ryuu Bi remarks that it’s no fun alone, and asks her about this new toy he has: Go (囲碁; Weiqi). He asks Kan U to explain how you play it – though he ends up falling asleep lol.

Rakuyou, Ryuu Bi 2: Ryuu Bi excitedly welcomes Kan U, as he recognises her footsteps. Kan U is surprised to hear that it was Kakou Ton that has been giving him all the sweets, and that Sou Sou taught him how to play Go. They then play Go together, though Kan U ends up giving way to Ryuu Bi when he sulks at one point pfft.

Rakuyou, Ryuu Bi 3: It’s getting late but Ryuu Bi doesn’t want Kan U to return yet. So she promises to stay till he falls asleep. However, she ends up falling asleep not long after. She then faintly recalls seeing Ryuu Bi looking at her, as he keeps apologising. Kan U thinks that she’s dreaming though and wakes up only the next morning. She quickly leaves before Sou Sou and Kakou Ton find her and make noise.

The meetings with Chou Un, Chou Ryou, Ryo Fu, Chou Sen all happen in the game, like with Chou Hi’s route.

Rakuyou, Others 1: Kan U is on her way to see Ryuu Bi and getting the usual treatment from humans. But suddenly one old man keeps shouting and waving his cane at Kan U, trying to chase her away. To him, she’s the descendant of Kinme, the youkai whom the Emperor’s ancestors defeated, and even accuses her of going to assassinate the Emperor. Kan U ends up running away and taking a long roundabout to see Ryuu Bi.

Rakuyou, Others 2: Chou Seihei is trying to find Chou Hi, whom has apparently run off with Kan Tei. He wanted to try and correct Chou Hi’s attitude towards Ryuu Bi this time. He tells Kan U that though he knows he treats Ryuu Bi importantly, it’s more like a brotherly attitude rather than how you would treat your leader. Kan U remarks that she’s worse than Chou Hi in that case. But Chou Seihei says that she’s an exception as Ryuu Bi chose her and she’s an far more closer existence to him. Kan U says that she has to thank him then, ‘cos that would explain why everyone else accepted a mixed blood like her. But Chou Seihei denies this, and says that everyone accepted her seeing how hard she worked for everyone else’s sake since young. But she shouldn’t push herself too much.

The same events happen, with Tou Taku announcing that he’s Emperor now and Sou Sou planning to attack him that same night. Kan U goes to see Ryuu Bi and apologises for placing him in this situation. Even though Ryuu Bi sulks that they can’t be together, he promises to be good and she promises that she’ll be back soon. Same stuff happens, even the one with Chou Sen appearing before them lol. Let’s time skip to when they have to travel to Sou Sou’s castle in Haikoku Shouken. In the Travel system, Kan U goes to talk to Kakou Ton to ask how long more till their destination. To her surprise, he answers her straightforwardly that it should take about 2 more days. He then asks her how the Jyuuza train themselves. Apparently he’s feeling regretful over the fact that he couldn’t protect Sou Sou properly, and they had lost a lot of men back then. He’s still not strong enough to support Sou Sou. Kan U explains that they pass on their skills from generation to generation, but not through books but hands-on teaching. They teach both females and males so that there’s a lesser chance that the skills are lost. Kan U then says that Kakou Ton shouldn’t carry all the burden on himself. The rest of the chapter is the same.

Chapter 4

The chapter starts off the same. That night when Kan U goes to check on everyone else for a change of mood and both of Ryuu Bi and Chou Hi rush towards her: Kan U asks them to get off but Ryuu Bi ends up tickling her. At one side, Chou Hi wonders what will happen if he does the same, and without a doubt Kan Tei answers that he’ll get hit lol. Kan U then hugs Ryuu Bi to stop his tickles, causing Chou Hi to want to switch places with Ryuu Bi pffft. The rest of the events follows, till the night of the banquet. Kan U rejects the invitation saying that she isn’t feeling well. Just in case they come asking again, she decides to go to sleep. Ryuu Bi happily joins her side, though he mutters at one side: if only the day when she doesn’t need to fight anymore could come soon. As Kan U watches him sleep, she carries a lot of uneasiness as to whether tomorrow’s battle will go safely or not. Later, Ryuu Bi is up when Kan U has fallen asleep, and seems to look uneasy.

The next day, Maozoku end up badly injured at the battle site. As a result, Chou Hi ends up losing control and turning into his beast form. While Chou Seihei, Chou Sosou and Kan Tei hurry to suppress him, Kan U stays by Ryuu Bi’s side. Ryuu Bi is scared to see this, but Kan U reassures him that she’ll protect both him and Chou Hi. Chou Un comes over to help them stop Chou Hi too. Though it was also thanks to Chou Hi that Tou Taku’s men end up running away out of fear, and lock themselves in Koroukan. At the other side, Sou Sou observes this and wonders if this is the real power of Jyuuza. Inside Koroukan, Ryo Fu wonders if the yin presence she felt was from Chou Hi or someone else nearby. The rest of the chapter is the same.

Chapter 5 (branches into Ryuu Bi’s individual route)

This starts of the same as Chou Hi’s route – up till the point when they reach Yu Shuu and they decide that Kan U and Ryuu Bi should go meet Kouson San first, alongside Chou Un. Chou Hi is left behind against the will, as the rest are certain that he would lessen their chances lol. Kan U ends up feeling nervous and keeps squeezing Ryuu Bi’s hand lol. Ryuu Bi assures her that it’ll all be okay and tells her to smile. As they talk to Kouson San and he welcomes them, Ryuu Bi makes the comments that both he and Chou Un have a kind look in their eyes, unlike the other humans they’ve met. That night, Kan U goes to the river for some fresh air. Ryuu Bi covers her eyes from behind, and she guesses his identity correctly. Apparently, everyone’s snores were too loud so he woke up and chased after Kan U lol. Kan U wonders if they can live here peacefully as before, and seeing her cry without realising, Ryuu Bi pats her head. He knows that she always pushes herself, and it must hurt for her to hurt people. Even though she always smiles when she returns from war, her eyes always look sad. Ryuu Bi apologises for not being able to do anything, and Kan U hugs him back tightly, comforted by his smell of the sun. She apologises and thanks him as she feels better now. As they head back inside, Ryuu Bi mutters to himself: “……Why can’t I do anything……”

Same stuff happens as they settle down and start to rebuild their village. Ryuu Bi wants to help out too, but of course everyone doesn’t want him to handle any of the rough work. Ryuu Bi starts feeling down, asking if he isn’t needed, and they all say otherwise – they can’t even imagine a village without him. So Kan U suggests him helping out to water the fields. As he happily runs off to do so, the people remark how Ryuu Bi’s unchanging smile and innocence saves them each time. This causes Kan U to recall what happened with Ryo Fu and makes her wonder what exactly happened. So she goes to discuss this with Chou Seihei. Unfortunately, the mysteries surrounding the Ryuu family is just as unknown to him too. They just happen to all retain that innocence and childishness about them. Well it was probably ‘cos they were facing off Ryo Fu, and at least Ryuu Bi seems okay for now so he tells her not to worry too much. Outside, Ryuu Bi returns from helping out in the fields and asks if Kan U’s okay. She reassures him that she’s just thinking over something, though she ends up not listening to him talk at all. Ryuu Bi grabs her attention back, as he’s proud that he helped out today and goes to bring her to a flower field he had found, telling her to keep it a secret from everyone else. He even makes a flower crown for her. He doesn’t understand anything difficult, so can’t help her with that. But the least he could do is to make her smile. Seeing him act as per normal, Kan U convinces herself that it’s all alright and wants to continue to protect him and remain by his side.

One night, Ryuu Bi can’t sleep and asks Kan U to sing to him. So she sings a lullaby to him, and falls asleep soon after Ryuu Bi does. Later, she feels someone touching her hair and in a half-dream-like state she seems to hear Ryuu Bi talking to her – but he appears different. He tells her not to wake up, since she always works so hard for his sake, so he doesn’t want to push her even when she’s resting. As much as he’s happy to be with her, he also feels that he’s always giving her trouble and regrets that he can’t protect her like Chou Hi or Chou Un can. Ryuu Bi wonders if she’s happy to be with someone who can’t give her anything, even though he would like for her to be happy. Sleepily, Kan U answers that she’s happy by his side, and those times they spend together are precious to her. Surprised, Ryuu Bi thanks her. But he would like to be able to support and protect her, to become someone worthy of her. He quickly apologises for his odd words though, and tells her to forget her before wishing her good night. The next morning, Kan U wakes up wondering if that was all just a dream.

Yu Shuu, Ryuu Bi 1: On the way to see Kouson San, a kemari rolls towards Ryuu Bi. He picks it up and passes to it the boy, but he refuses to take it back since it has been touched by a Jyuuza. He quickly runs off, and Ryuu Bi wonders if he did anything wrong. Kan U reassures him otherwise, and it’s just that humans still fear them. A girl approaches them, and apologises on the boy’s behalf, asking them to not get angry. Ryuu Bi says that he isn’t, and passes her the kemari. She thanks him before leaving. Seeing this, Kan U thinks to herself that it would be nice if they are fully accepted by humans someday.

The rest of the chapter is the same (Sou Sou building up army; Ryo Fu killing Tou Taku etc).

Chapter 6

It starts off the same, with Tou Ken under threat by Sou Sou’s forces etc. Ryuu Bi follows Kan U midway when she’s bringing vegetables to Kouson San and Chou Un. He’s happy with their peaceful days and confirms that they’ll always be together. Ryuu Bi then mentions that a woman who will always be by his side is a bride – before running off when he sees Kan Tei and co. fishing at the river lol. Kan U wonders if he really understands the implications of the words. But she admits to herself that she’ll feel lonely come the day he finds a bride and they’ll no longer always be together. Same events happen, just that Ryuu Bi welcomes Kan U on the way back. He offers to help with her troubles, and she confirms with him that he doesn’t like war. But Ryuu Bi also says that he’d like to get along with humans one day – and that they can one day since they’re people of this country. Hearing this, Kan U feels ashamed of herself for using his desire for peace as an excuse to avoid getting involved. She isn’t any different from humans if that’s the case. She should repay Kouson San’s favour since they’re part of his country. She thanks Ryuu Bi, as he cleanses her dirtied heart each time she returns from a war. Ryuu Bi answers that her heart isn’t dirty at all, since she’s always thinking for them. In fact, her heart is the purest. As he hugs her, Kan U breaks down. He smells like the sun, a smell which calms her down. Ryuu Bi continues to remain her most important person.

The Maozoku eventually deciding to go to Jo Shuu to repay Kouson San’s favour, alongside Chou Un leading 2000 men. Kan U later goes to tell Ryuu Bi to remain in Yu Shuu while they’re away. He appears upset that he has to stay behind, and true enough he slipped into the luggage of Chou Un’s army lol. They have no choice but to bring him along. Kan U thanks Chou Un for joining them, and this prompts Chou Un to sprout embarrassing lines one after another as he compliments her fighting figure. Kan U quickly tells him to shut up lol, while Ryuu Bi looks upset. He later remarks that he himself knew long ago that Kan U was both pretty and kind. Ryuu Bi appears upset again when Chou Un makes the comment that he finds their ears cute.

Same events up till Kan U returns from a failed negotiation for peace with Sou Sou. She also adds that he wanted them to return to his side, and Chou Hi immediately remarks that he’s only after Kan U. Kan U doesn’t think so, since he was willing to welcome all of them. But Ryuu Bi is uneasy at these words, and seeks assurance from Kan U. Again same flow of events, up till the flashback explaining how they turned back to help Tou Ken. Seeing Kan U torn between whether to return or not, Ryuu Bi offers to hug her to make her happier. Chou Hi gets worked up seeing how long they’re hugging, but Chou Seihei tells him to leave them be pfft. As they’re hugging, Kan U then hears a voice telling her that they don’t have to face off with 100,000 men. They just need to defeat their respected leader, Sou Sou, and the army should collapse very soon. Surprised, Kan U asks if anyone spoke but no one seemed to hear anything. She then repeats what she was told, and Chou Un expresses great favour towards this idea. Time skip forward to when Sou Sou retreats all of a sudden ‘cos Ryo Fu attacked his territory, En Shuu.

Ryuu Bi happily welcomes Kan U back, and she wonders why he had the idea that she might not be coming back to his side. The rest of the chapter is the same, with them suddenly taking over Jo Shuu in order to restore it after Tou Ken’s death.

Chapter 7

The chapter starts off the same as Jo Shuu recovers, while chaos remains outside ‘cos of Sou Sou and En Jutsu.

Jo Shuu, Ryuu Bi 1: They’re picking fruits in the forest, and Ryuu Bi spots a raccoon, which has hurt its leg. Kan U treats it, tying a cloth on its leg so that it can walk. Not long after they leave, Ryuu Bi hurries back to check on it. Unfortunately, a fellow raccoon is hissing at it. Kan U realises that perhaps it’s ‘cos it has a different smell now after she tied the cloth, that it’s being rejected by the others. Ryuu Bi doesn’t understand this though, and cries how it’s lonely to be alone. Kan U comforts him, and says that they can only watch it from the side and it will definitely return together with the rest. They weren’t wrong in helping it.

Jo Shuu, Ryuu Bi 2: Kan U falls sick and Ryuu Bi sits by her side for the night as he strokes her hair. He speaks in a mature voice, as he says how happy he is to be able to watch her like this. He does feel bad for saying that when she’s sick though. The next morning, Kan U wakes up to see Ryuu Bi. She’s worried that he’ll get sick, as he needs to be well so that she’ll feel energetic too. Ryuu Bi, back to his usual self, happily promises her to do so.

Meanwhile, Jo Shuu celebrates for the bountiful autumn harvest. Chou Hi and Ryuu Bi happily go sample food from various food stalls in the street. Chou Un comes by and remarks how nice it is to see humans and Maozoku interacting cheerfully, a sight you will probably only see here. Half a year has passed since, but the happy mood is broken when Kan Tei comes with news of Ryo Fu being sighted. Same stuff happens with Ryo Fu and co. settling down in Shouhai. After the meeting, Ryuu Bi comes to Kan U, flustered after having been searching for her all this while. Hearing that they were in a meeting, Ryuu Bi apologises for not being able to do anything despite his position as governor. Kan U reassures him but she takes note that he seems to be a bit off lately. Later, Chou Ryou comes to invite them (specifically Ryuu Bi) to a banquet the day after tomorrow – it’s Ryo Fu’s way of expressing her gratitude. Kan U is hesitant but Ryuu Bi happily agrees, wanting to be able to do something “governor-like” for once.

They end up going together and it’s a fanciful spread. Kan U is again, still suspicious that the food may be poisoned. Chou Sen is quick to prove otherwise by stuffing her face. Ryo Fu expresses her sincerity, and that she’s ready to offer to help them out if Jo Shuu is ever attacked. (Apparently Chou Ryou cooked up the spread, and he even does sewing for Ryo Fu…) Ryo Fu then orders Chou Sen to get Ryuu Bi a new drink, but he cuts his finger on the cup’s chipped edge. It’s not deep and Ryo Fu quickly offers to treat it since she’s the host here. Though she seems to go a bit creepy when wiping his blood off, and Ryuu Bi asks darkly what her motive is. This shocks her, but he’s soon back to per normal and thanks her. The banquet ends soon after and Kan U is relieved that nothing happened – except that small incident. Ryuu Bi remarks that Ryo Fu seemed kind today, unlike their first meeting. As Kan U recalls that, she also seems to sense that he had that similar mood when Ryo Fu first came to Jo Shuu – perhaps Ryo Fu is the reason for those off moments? Meanwhile, Ryo Fu happily confirms with Chou Ryou and Chou Sen that the yin energy is from Ryuu Bi. It’s much thicker than she’d expected, as it has matured over the generations and is on the verge of breaking loose. Wanting that power for herself, she plans to wait for her chance to attack – after all, that man should be making his move soon.

True enough, a few days later En Jutsu leads 70,000 men towards Jo Shuu, including his vice-general Ki Rei. After Jo Shuu, he even plans to go after Sou Sou’s En Shuu, and then En Shou’s Ki Shuu. Hearing this news, Kan U leaves Ryuu Bi in Chou Sosou’s care before going out. Even together with Ryo Fu’s army, they only have 50,000 men but they have no choice but to fight. As Kan U comes face-to-face with Ki Rei, she’s almost killed but Ryo Fu comes in and asks her to go after En Jutsu. Ryo Fu then swiftly kills off Ki Rei and Chou Ryou approaches her, saying that it’s about time to move. So she prepares to head inside for Ryuu Bi with 5000 men. Seeing this, Chou Seihei confronts her and they get involved in a fight. While Ryo Fu commends on the Maozoku‘s skills, and how they’ve managed to pass on the skills of the Ryuu army till now. Surprised, Chou Seihei asks what she knows but Ryo Fu deals the fatal blow to him before leaving.

Meanwhile, Chou Un approaches Kan U, and learns that Ki Rei was probably defeated by Ryo Fu. However, neither her or Chou Ryou seem to be present on the battlefield. He goes to check at the front while Kan U has a bad feeling and returns to the city – only to see Ryo Fu’s army attacking the people. Kan U quickly goes to check on Ryuu Bi, where she sees Ryo Fu attacking Chou Sosou. She saves Chou Sosou, but at the same time Chou Ryou captures Ryuu Bi. Kan U appearing was something Ryo Fu had not expected, and Chou Ryou suggests capturing her too in that case. Hearing this, Kan U offers to surrender herself in exchange for Chou Sosou’s life. Ryo Fu agrees and Kan U tells him to inform the others. Regretful that he couldn’t protect Ryuu Bi again, Chou Sosou promises to be back with everyone. As both Kan U and Ryuu Bi are locked up, Ryuu Bi is upset that he’s always being the one protected. Despite being 16 years old, he remains a kid and he cries out that he wants to become an adult. Kan U’s words fail to comfort him.

Outside, En Jutsu is surprised to be facing such resistance. He’s even more so when he hears that Ki Rei has been killed by Ryo Fu, meaning that she has teamed up with them. He orders for his men to retreat, much to the Jo Shuu’s people’s joy. Unfortunately, Kan U seems to be missing. Kan Tei then quickly informs Chou Hi and Chou Un that Chou Seihei has been heavily injured. They hurry over to his side and he tells them that Ryo Fu is after Ryuu Bi before losing consciousness. Kan Tei quickly tells them to go check the situation, after which he apologises to Chou Seihei that only he will be seeing him off – knowing that Chou Seihei probably can’t make it, but would’ve wanted them to confirm Ryuu Bi’s safety first. Chou Seihei remarks how Kan Tei has matured and apologises to everyone else, and passes away soon after. Chou Hi and Chou Un see that the gates have been shut tight, and Chou Sosou joins them at this point, informing them of what happened inside – and that Ryo Fu’s aim all along was Ryuu Bi. They will need time to recover their forces, especially just after a battle so they retreat for now.

On the other side, Kan U and Ryuu Bi have been kept indoors for days. Kan U worries over Ryuu Bi, who has refused to eat anything since then. When Chou Ryou enters with today’s meal, Kan U asks him to get a doctor. At this point, Ryo Fu comes in and saws that she’ll treat him. Not having much choice, Kan U watches as they take Ryuu Bi away. Meanwhile, Ryo Fu’s army terrorises the city. Outside, Chou Un and co. are discussing their strategy. They can’t recall the men from the borders in case Sou Sou attacks. Even if they do so, they’ll barely be 30,000 men. At the moment, Ryo Fu’s army has expanded to 50,000 men ‘cos she has been gathering those remaining Yellow Turban rebels. Chou Un decides to go ask Kouson San for help. Chou Sosou suggests asking Sou Sou, desperate to increase their chances. Chou Hi decides to go with him, while Kan Tei remains here to check on the situation everyday. Back inside, Chou Sen is whipping Ryuu Bi as she demands for his “true” self to surface.

This all fails, till Ryo Fu comes in and ‘provokes’ Ryuu Bi with her words: There’s no need to sacrifice yourself, you can’t protect the one you love like this. She’ll get taken away by someone else eg. Sou Sou or Chou Un. There’s no need to endure anymore, you can gain the one you love by just using your powers. After this scene, Ryuu Bi finally returns to Kan U’s side, saying that he’s okay now and has his appetite back. Still worried, Kan U offers to hug him but he rejects her for the first time – but it’s not that he hates her. Relieved, Kan U recalls how he ‘saved’ her ‘cos he was the one that ‘chose’ her when they were young. When her mother had left the village and she was being raised by Chou Seihei, everyone else avoided her ‘cos she was of mixed blood. But one day he came up to ask her to play with him, and ever since then she was accepted as part of the community – so to Kan U he ‘saved’ her and was her everything since then. Ryuu Bi is happy to hear this, and asks her to hug him now. But he mutters that his heart isn’t as pure as it was before, as she remarks that he doesn’t seem to smile like the sun anymore. Later, Chou Ryou reports to Ryo Fu that Sou Sou is leading 100,000 men here – so he has probably joined hands with the Jo Shuu people. Outside, Kan Tei happily welcomes Chou Sosou and Chou Hi, though they admit that they only got Sou Sou’s help with some conditions. Chou Un is sad to report that Kouson San passed away half a year ago from illness, and Kouson Etsu refused to help.

One night, Kan U wakes up only to see Ryuu Bi unlike himself. He speaks to her in a more mature voice, commenting on the crescent moon tonight. He confirms with her that he’s Ryuu Bi, his “true” self though his body still remains the same. Probably ‘cos it’s a crescent moon tonight, the curse on him has weakened for now. Ryuu Bi apologises to Kan U for always troubling her, even though she’s his most important person. Though scared and surprised, Kan U can’t help but feel that she knows him. The curse locks his true consciousness, even though Ryuu Bi would always like to talk to her normally like this. But he reminds her that both his current self, and his childish self are both Ryuu Bi. Soon after, Ryuu Bi is back to his usual self and he asks why Kan U’s face is all red. Meanwhile, Ryo Fu orders Chou Ryou to the whole army against Sou Sou’s. Though she wants to join them, she first goes to find Kan U and Ryuu Bi. She plans to awaken the “true” Ryuu Bi with Kan U’s help, just like in their first meeting.

Ryo Fu then goes on to explain the following to Kan U: 300 years ago, Kinme really did appear and struck fear in everyone’s hearts with its rampage. Only one man was brave enough to gather all the elite fighters (both men and women) to form an army against it. However, they failed and at a loss, the man decided to pursue the rumours of a fairy living in secluded mountains. He approached her and asked for her help. After much persistence, the fairy gave in and cast magic on his weapon – the ability to wield yin energy. If he pierces Kinme‘s heart with it, he can defeat it. Together with the remaining army, they went to battle again and battled for three days and nights before he finally pierced its heart. That man happened to be Ryuu Kou, Ryuu Bi’s ancestor. The army he formed was termed as the Ryuu army, and Maozoku are descendants of them. They were all cursed by Kinme when its blood spilled and poured like rain on the army, causing them to grow ears and become half-youkai-like. In the end, not only did the Han Emperor then not praise their efforts, he chased after them, labelling them as traitors which sold their souls to Kinme. This is totally different from the common legend told – that a Han Emperor defeated Kinme. The term “Jyuuza” was also spread at that time. In the end, the Ryuu army hid in the mountains and probably didn’t tell their descendants the truth in fear that they’ll start a conflict with humans. Plus they turn beast-like and go wild at times too, so they thought they should stay away from humans.

The Ryuu line of family were affected most by the curse, since Ryuu Kou had pierced its hearts he was soaked in its blood. The curse thickens with each generation, such that the person will have a black and evil heart, and also wield strong powers. The reason why Ryuu Bi isn’t like that is ‘cos he suppressing it as much as he can. This is also why both his body and mind remains that of a kid’s – in exchange for suppressing the curse, his growth is hindered. At that moment, Sou Sou’s army can be heard attacking the castle already. Ryo Fu needs to speed up her plan – to gain that power of Kinme‘s, so she needs to awaken that black heart of Ryuu Bi by making him want to desire power. She’ll need to kill Kan U for that, and gives Kan U back her weapon so that she can put up a good resistance. As expected, the “true” Ryuu Bi awakens and Ryo Fu makes her move to kill him now, so that his blood will pour on her and she’ll gain Kinme‘s power. Unfortunately for her, Ryuu Bi is too strong and he kills her instead. He coldly remarks how apt it is for her to die on a day full of bloodshed. It’s Ryo Fu’s miscalculation, but she’s ecstatic to witness all of this, and predicts that he’ll change the lands into a sea of blood. Kan U can’t bring herself to deny this as she sees Ryuu Bi smile cruelly with blood-stained hands. After he finishes of Ryo Fu, he even contemplates going after Sou Sou. Seeing Kan U stricken with fear, he reassures her that Ryo Fu is no longer a threat and that he’s Ryuu Bi. He even hugs her, since that’s what she would always do to him. He doesn’t want to hand her to anyone but he was powerless all along. He had been suppressing this power and made sacrifices but not anymore – with this power he might as well kill off everyone.

Shaken, Kan U shouts that he isn’t Ryuu Bi and pushes him away. Ryuu Bi answers that both the childish him and the current him are the one and same. But then he’s suddenly seen struggling, and he’s back to his usual self. Kan U is quick to hug him and reassure him, before he faints. Sou Sou soon comes running in and seeing the situation, demands to know if Kan U killed Ryo Fu. Without much choice, she lies that she did. Sou Sou remains doubtful but he later announces that the battle is over and the remaining of Ryo Fu’s army surrenders. Kan U still wonders how Ryo Fu knew all of this though, and she explained as if she had witnessed it all personally. But she can’t ask her anymore, nor can she ask Chou Ryou or Chou Sen as they disappeared. Now, they have to move to En Shuu since the conditions for Sou Sou helping them was that Jo Shuu would be his and Maozoku would fight under him.

Chou Un understands that they’re down about Chou Seihei’s death, but they’ve to move forward and Kan U needs to unite them all as Chou Seihei used to do. Plus, she got revenge for him by killing Ryo Fu. The rest are naturally surprised and happy that she did so, but Kan U knows otherwise. As Ryuu Bi seeks assurance from her that they’ll always be together, Kan U thinks to herself that she has to protect him. She can’t let him have blood-stained hands again, or let the other Ryuu Bi awaken. Meanwhile, Sou Sou confides in Kakou Ton and Kakou En that he suspects that Ryuu Bi was the one who killed Ryo Fu – Kan U’s hands were clean while Ryuu Bi’s were stained. Of course they can’t really bring themselves to believe this. The next few months, En Shou attacks Kouson Etsu and takes Yu Shuu for himself, and gradually the Hebei (河北) region. Sou Sou went after Yo Shuu (予州; Yuzhou) and Shi Rei (司隷; Sili). The battles between the two sides get more aggressive with each day and it’s only sooner or later before a result is set. Maozoku were given a village by Sou Sou and are made to fight against En Shou’s forces.

References: Historically, there was a lot of conflict between En Shou/Yuan Shao and Kouson San/Gongsun Zan. In the end, Yuan Shao defeated him and managed to consolidate power in the region before turning his attention to Sou Sou/Cao Cao.

Chapter 8

Maozoku are in another battle with En Shou’s men, and Kan U manages to kill the general, Kaku To (郭図; Guo Tu). Seeing this, the rest of the army is quick to retreat. As they head back, Kakou En and Chou Hi are arguing with each other yet again. But Kakou Ton tells him to stop since Sou Sou picked them to be the assault team and only they can do it – meaning that they’re sacrificial pawns. So far, they’ve been engaged in daily battle as the assault team, and are provided with plenty of food, medicine etc. at a village near Sou Sou’s Kyo Shou (許昌; Xuchang). He doesn’t trust them though, as he has guards keeping watch over them daily. If he sensed anything suspicious he would surely attack them. He also allows Ryuu Bi to stay with them for now, but it’s never sure when he may take Ryuu Bi as hostage.

Ryuu Bi welcomes them all back at their village. Even though it’s rather late, Kan U tells Chou Un that he doesn’t need to stick with them. In fact, Sou Sou even offered him to become one of his generals. But Chou Un says that he wants to stay with them till the end as he likes them, and even wants to be reborn as one of them. Chou Hi feels embarrassed on his behalf pffft. Ryuu Bi remarks that he can just wear cat ears then, and Chou Un muses over how he can’t find any – so he will make one pair for himself one day lmao. The other Maozoku joke how he and Kan U would be like husband and wife if that’s the case, and Chou Un remarks that it would be his honour to be Ryuu Bi’s father in that case. Suddenly, his hand gets scratched and the rest go to help him treat him. Kan U looks over to Ryuu Bi, as she thinks to herself that she needs to keep Ryuu Bi a secret from Sou Sou. If his desire for power is the trigger, then she’ll have to give him a stable life, and keep him away from conflict so that she can protect him.

Meanwhile, Kakou Ton reports today’s victory to Sou Sou. They’ve had consecutive victories lately, and En Shou has lost a few generals. But Sou Sou remarks that he has so many men that these probably don’t affect him, moreover he hasn’t even sent out Gan Ryou or Bun Shuu. He orders them to maintain the situation, while focusing on improving their war potential and to prepare themselves for a full-on battle. Sou Sou then receives a report from the guards watching Jyuuza, and there hasn’t been any special movement. Kakou Ton and Kakou En don’t understand why he’s so guarded against Ryuu Bi. Sou Sou answers that it’s precaution, and it would be good if it’s just his needless anxiety. Outside, Kan U sees that Ryuu Bi’s hand has blood on it, confirming that he did hurt Chou Un. Ryuu Bi blames Chou Un, as he doesn’t want any guy getting close to her. It’s better to kill him off, a human who keeps sticking to Maozoku. But the one he wants to kill the most is Sou Sou and when Kan U worries over this, he remarks that he’s merely joking – it’s too early for that. Ryuu Bi then goes to hug Kan U, and teases her for getting overly-conscious. Kan U is surprised to see how strong he is, but soon pushes him away, wondering why she is so shaken by him. Ryuu Bi is hurt at her rejection, as he claims that he’s the same Ryuu Bi. Suddenly, he’s back to his usual self, and is shaken to see blood on his hands.

At Ki Shuu, Kousou (広宗; Guangzong), Gan Ryou reports their recent losses to En Shou despite their larger army, due to the recent addition of Jyuuza to Sou Sou’s army – especially Kan U who has killed all the generals so far. En Shou remarks that they need to slowly weaken Sou Sou’s army, and target Kan U in that case. Gan Ryou suggests that since Jyuuza are sometimes used for reconnaissance and usually Kan U is sent for the job, they can have a few men act suspiciously at the borders of En Shuu as decoy, while more of them lay in ambush further away. En Shou takes fancy to this idea and Bun Shuu volunteers to oversee this.

That night, Kan U notices that it’s a crescent moon and wonders if she’ll see that Ryuu Bi again. Just then, he comes to ask her to hold his hand as he can’t fall asleep – only for him to suddenly speak in a more mature voice. He remarks that even though he doesn’t want to stain her hands, he’ll be asking her to do something cruel when he has completely been overtaken by evil. As he kisses her hand, he repeats again that all of the different sides she sees is the same Ryuu Bi. And even if the way of expression differs, the feeling of love for her is the same – including the childish Ryuu Bi, who keeps trying his best for Kan U. He then asks if she now hates him after seeing all this, and of course Kan U denies so. Relieved, he says that he has a request for her – but falls asleep midway and is back to the usual Ryuu Bi. Kan U is still confused by the many secrets of Ryuu Bi, but she can’t leave him like this after seeing that pained expression he had. The next morning, Kan U is hanging out the laundry and Ryuu Bi wakes up after sleeping under the sun. He asks to hug her and when she does, he asks if he smells of the sun. Upon hearing her positive answer, he appears relieved. Kan U is then ordered by one of Sou Sou’s soldier to check on the suspicious activity by En Shou’s men. She goes with Kan Tei and three others, and promises Ryuu Bi that she’ll be back soon. Unfortunately, it’s a trap and Bun Shuu attacks with a large number of men. Kan Tei is told to escape to inform the rest while they hold things off.

Ryuu Bi hears that Kan Tei is back, and thinks that Kan U is too. It turns out that the rest of the Maozoku were ordered to clamp down on the remaining Yellow Turban rebels nearby. As much as Kan Tei begs the guarding soldiers to inform Sou Sou for help, they feel that it isn’t worth it for a few Maozoku. They can’t beat Bun Shuu with a half-hearted effort either. Hearing this, Ryuu Bi starts talking himself down on why only the useless him is available here, and someone like him who can’t save Kan U is unnecessary. Kan Tei decides to go plead Sou Sou himself, but they all spot Ryuu Bi taking off on the horse Kan Tei came with. Kan Tei quickly chases him, and so do the soldiers as they were told to keep watch on Ryuu Bi’s movements. Meanwhile, Kan U is left standing against Bun Shuu but after a long fight she loses her weapon. Just when Bun Shuu is about to deal the final blow, Ryuu Bi comes and kills him. Seeing this, the rest of En Shou’s men quickly flee.

Of course, this is the “evil” Ryuu Bi, and as he asks if Kan U is alright, she naturally flinches. He reassures her that he won’t hurt her, after all she’s his most important person. His feelings for her can’t be expressed so simply, but they’re real and he asks her to believe him. He had always thought of repaying her kindness, and muses over Sou Sou’s head or a country. But he can give her both once he destroys the world. Kan U answers that she just wants the usual Ryuu Bi back. In response, Ryuu Bi says that her words are surely cold, considering that he just saved her. But they’ll always be together from now on so he can take the time to show her his greatness. Realising the implications, Kan U asks about the usual Ryuu Bi, and he snaps back at her, insisting that they’re the one and same. He finally has the power to protect her, yet she’s asking him to return to that powerless child form? And to just watch helplessly when she gets killed or taken away by someone else? He can’t stand that anymore but now he finally has her, and tells her to shut it when she begs him to return to normal. He roughly kisses her, telling her not to run away. He had always loved her since young. Yet his growth was robbed off in order to restrain the curse, and so he desire power and to become a proper adult.

Ryuu Bi: It’s just as Ryo Fu said. Why do I need to be the only one who endures! I want to be able to protect the one I love! Even so, you wish for me to return to my powerless, childish self again? You can say such a cruel thing? ……But it’s useless already. Touching you like this, I can no longer stop myself. I will definitely not let you go. (gently kisses)

Suddenly, he struggles as the curse is being suppressed. But he remarks that it’s too late and the next time he sees Kan U, she’ll be his. He turns back to the usual Ryuu Bi, who asks why she’s crying. Kan U feels guilty for pushing all her selfish thoughts onto Ryuu Bi (as being pure, innocent), without knowing what he truly wanted. It’s understandable that he would want power. And though he roughly kissed her, only that last kiss was so gentle. And with those last words, she can’t help but feel a loving, gentle but sad feeling spread in her heart – and so she can’t help but cry and keeps apologising to Ryuu Bi. In a distance, Sou Sou’s men witnessed Ryuu Bi killing Bun Shuu and goes to report this to Sou Sou. Later, Kan Tei came with the Maozoku, as he met them when they were returning from dealing with the Yellow Turban rebels. They took back the bodies of their dead friends, and Kan U can’t bring herself to tell anyone the truth. But she is at a loss as to what to do, especially when that Ryuu Bi said that it’s too late already. She can only blame herself.

A crescent moon is out that night, and Kan U meets that Ryuu Bi again, as he apologises for the afternoon’s events – but even so those were his true feelings. One can say that this is the “true” Ryuu Bi – but so are the rest, just that the balances are different due to the curse’s effects. Ever generation had to lock this curse, resulting in the hindrance to their growth. Usually he’s in a dream-like state, but now his head is very clear as the curse has weakened with the crescent moon – half-bright and half-dark. He doesn’t know when he’ll be consumed by evil again, if that happens he will surely destroy all humans, and maybe even Maozoku if they get in the way. So he asks Kan U to kill him now. The curse doesn’t let him kill himself, and with the curse weakened his spilled blood shouldn’t affect her. Of course Kan U can’t bring herself to do so, but there isn’t any other way to protect everyone. Ryuu Bi struggles as the curse’s effects return and he’s back to his usual self. Just then, Chou Un comes over with news that Sou Sou has men surrounding the village. Kan U tells Ryuu Bi to go inside, and leaves with Chou Un to check the situation. With the rest of the Maozoku, she confronts Sou Sou and he expresses that he has no intention to harm them – only Ryuu Bi. Ryuu Bi appears at that moment, worried about Kan U. Sou Sou confronts him and Kan U directly, saying that Ryuu Bi killed both Ryo Fu and Bun Shuu. Of course Ryuu Bi and the other Maozoku are clueless – but they refuse to stand by. Sou Sou orders his men to capture them all, and Chou Un tells Kan U to escape with Ryuu Bi first.

Ryuu Bi falls down midway, so Kan U decides to take a rest first. As she’s mulling over the situation, Ryuu Bi disappears from her side and she sees him near the edge of the cliff. It’s the Ryuu Bi which appears when the curse weakens, and he apologises for asking her to do such a cruel request before. If it’s now, he can probably take a few steps and jump down to his death. Kan U desperately tries to persuade him not to, and that she’ll protect him. He thanks her, but states that those words are also painful to him ‘cos it speaks of his powerlessness. Kan U apologises for pushing her selfish thoughts onto him, but he says that it’s his fault instead, for losing to his own weakness. His role as a leader didn’t require him to desire power, but he did ‘cos he just wanted her. She once said that he was her everything, but it’s the opposite. Kan U says that she’s his even if he was powerless, but Ryuu Bi sees this as her sense of duty, and their “like” for each other differs. Kan U insists otherwise, recalling how she was always saved by Ryuu Bi’s kindness, and that she wants to be with him too – she likes Ryuu Bi no matter which form he is. Surprised, Ryuu Bi laughs at himself for being so foolish, since that would mean he already had what he wanted – her heart. Even though he finally got to hear this from her, it’s too late as the seal has been broken and he’ll be consumed by evil. He can’t stand the thought of his dirty hands touching her then, and it’s silly how he’s getting jealous of himself. Even though she treated him like a younger brother then, he was still happy to be by her side and if only those days could last. But now he has to say goodbye.

Kan U dashes to catch him when Ryuu Bi jumps off the cliff, but ends up falling together with him. Ryuu Bi says that even though he had to leave her before it’s too late, he still wanted to cling to her. The words “even so, it’s already over” flash on the black screen. A flashback of their first meeting is shown. Kan U was hesitant ‘cos she’s of mixed blood – neither human nor Maozoku. The innocent Ryuu Bi concludes then that she’s both human and Maozoku. He doesn’t really bother about it though, and just wants to play with her, and so Kan U agrees. She wakes up from that dream to find herself at Sou Sou’s. He had found her at a tributary of the Yellow River. Ryuu Bi remains missing, and it’s unknown whether he’s alive or not. He demands an explanation from Kan U, if not he will kill off the other Maozoku. Kan U has no choice but to explain everything (what Ryo Fu told her, the truth about Ryuu Bi), and in return he releases the rest. Though he agrees that Ryuu Bi is a threat, Sou Sou promises that he won’t kill Ryuu Bi unless he’s the evil one. After all, killing off the innocent Ryuu Bi will make the Maozoku rebel against him. He tells her to stay and work for her as with the rest, and he will send his men out to search for Ryuu Bi.

So Kan U accepts Sou Sou’s offer, and also tells the rest of the Maozoku the truth later. They were all shocked at first, but feel the same way as her. They continue to fight under Sou Sou, while waiting for any news of Ryuu Bi. After that, En Shou sent tens of thousands of men three times to En Shuu, as a form of revenge after hearing about Bun Shuu’s death. But Sou Sou manage to drive off the attacks each time, no doubt thanks to the Maozoku. After several months though, there’s still no news of Ryuu Bi. There was also an unprecedented rainfall which fell on the lands, and that hindered the search efforts and dimmed their hopes.

References: Kaku To/Guo Tu was an advisor to Yuan Shao. Kyo Shou/Xuchang served as Cao Cao’s de facto capital.

Chapter 9

It continues to pour, but Chou Hi still wants to go out to search for Ryuu Bi. He even hits Kan Tei brashly when he remarks that’s it’s useless since Ryuu Bi must be gone already. Kan U interferes and quickly tells Kan Tei to leave. Chou Hi believes that Ryuu Bi is still alive, though Kan U explains that they must have a hard time accepting things too. Chou Hi cools down and decides to go and let Kan Tei to hit him back in return, asking Kan U to go out and search for Ryuu Bi together after that. But truth to told, Kan U herself is also losing hope. But there’s no time for that as Sou Sou’s soldier orders them to go and fight En Shou, who has personally led 300,000 men out. Kan U goes to call the Maozoku and out to the battlefield. As Sou Sou gives out the orders, the unexpected thing is that En Shou is personally leading the army – considering that he’s putting his life at stake. Plus it’s still raining which makes for the worst possible fighting conditions. But this also means that they can reach a conclusion between them now. He orders Kakou Ton and Kakou En to lead 100,000 men to attack from both sides, while he’ll attack from the centre. The Maozoku shall attack from behind the enemy army and take down the central figure, En Shou. If they win, Sou Sou will gain Ki Shuu, Hei Shuu, and Sei Shuu. There will be less enemies so less war, and more areas where he can search for Ryuu Bi – this fills Maozoku with determination.

At En Shou’s side, he refuses the soldier’s plea to retreat. Kan U appears then and the men desert them for their own lives, and En Shou bitterly remarks how he’s no longer their master. Kan U asks him to admit defeat and this war will be over. But En Shou cries out that it’s no longer his army – he’s but a mere general ever since everything was stolen from him 2 months ago by Ryuu Bi. He has to take down Sou Sou or else he’ll be killed by Ryuu Bi for pleasure – just like how he did with all the other generals who opposed him. In that case it’ll be better to die at her hands and he waits for Kan U to do so. She can’t bring herself to do so, and in the end Sou Sou captures En Shou. But it’s not true defeat here since Ryuu Bi is now in-charge, of course referring to the evil one. The worst she feared has happened. She’s happy to hear that he’s alive, but not happy to hear what he has done. There are still soldiers in Ki Shuu where Ryuu Bi is, so this essentially makes him at odd ends with Sou Sou. Kan U tells the Maozoku what she heard from En Shou later, and they know that En Shou will probably tell Sou Sou the same – meaning he’ll be after Ryuu Bi next.

Sou Sou comes over to talk to Kan U, as he tells her that he plans to attack Ki Shuu before Ryuu Bi gains more power. He asks her to decide what the Jyuuza will do – support him or Ryuu Bi. Kan U asks for some time to go to talk to Ryuu Bi, hoping that he will return to before. Sou Sou is doubtful, but he agrees to let her do so since they need time to prepare. But when that time is up, she’ll need to let him know the decision. Kan U tells the rest about this, and insists on going alone ‘cos it’s as Sou Sou suggests – there is no telling what this Ryuu Bi will do now. She arrives in Ki Shuu to find it in ruins. A soldier spots her and upon hearing that she’s Kan U, he brings her to see Ryuu Bi since they were ordered to do so. Ryuu Bi happily welcomes Kan U, but she’s surprised to see a grown-up before her. He explains that with each passing day Kinme‘s powers grew, he grew too and has gained back his original self. Kan U pleads for him to return to his old self, and Ryuu Bi comments on how it’s such a sad thing for her to say, since he grew up for her sake. But she must have lots of questions for him so he lets her carry on.

Ryuu Bi, don’t you know how to dress properly? Might as well strip away that outer garment. /shot

Kan U asks why did he take over En Shou’s territory, and Ryuu Bi answers that it’s handy for him to fulfill his dream – to rid this land of all humans, and to build a new country for Maozoku, with her as his queen. So he’s continuing with the war so that humans can kill each other out. Kan U says that she wants a country like Jo Shuu, with them coexisting with humans, Ryuu Bi wanted that too. He’s not the Ryuu Bi she knew and loved. Hurt, he asks if she wants him to return to that helpless child, who only could rely on her, when he finally gained back his true form.

Ryuu Bi: This power, this form, this is all the true me, Ryuu Bi! Why don’t you understand that!? Even though you’re supposed to understand me and love me better than anyone else! Why! It looks like it won’t do unless I properly tell you……just how much I love you……I won’t return you anymore. I’ll make you mine only now. If I do so, you’ll learn to understand the greatness of my true self. (pushes Kan U down) Aah, you’re beautiful, Kan U. Show me your everything. Being able to embrace you like this is like a dream. If I let you go you’ll go off somewhere again right……? Kan U, I don’t want to be left behind anymore.

Though Kan U had been struggling all along, she stops upon hearing those last words. Ryuu Bi recalls how Kan U had grown up while he still remained a child, and left behind. But he’s finally an adult now, just like her. So he begs her to not say things like “You’re not Ryuu Bi” anymore. He’s the same Ryuu Bi, and he keeps crying out, asking why doesn’t she accept him. With this, Kan U finally recognises the familiar desperate look on his face, the words tugging at her heart, him crying out just like a kid when he couldn’t get what he wanted and didn’t know what to do.

Bad End

Kan U realises that she was wrong, ‘cos she didn’t understand what Ryuu Bi truly wanted. In order to let her know, he used Kinme‘s power and became like this. All Kan U can do now is to be his and to no longer leave him alone. She keeps apologising to him, and he comforts her, asking her not to cry anymore. Ryuu Bi’s happy to finally have her, and be accepted by her. Kan U now only answers in agreement to him, even when he says that they’ll destroy humans now to build their own world. Ryuu Bi says that he loves her, and she answers the same.

The men under Ryuu Bi keep attacking Sou Sou’s side, ‘cos they’ll be killed either way. As Kakou Ton reports this, Kakou En remarks that they’ll have to fight to the death in that case. Sou Sou compares the 700,000 men on En Shou’s side, with his 500,000 men, and wonders how many more have to die for this to end. Ryuu Bi appears, answering that it’s till everyone dies, since he can only build his Maozoku country after that. Everyone is shocked to see the new Ryuu Bi, and Kakou Ton exclaims that it’s impossible. Ryuu Bi agrees, and says that that’s why he and Kan U have come out – to kill them as well. As he kills off Kakou Ton and Kakou En, he asks Kan U to finish off Sou Sou. Ryuu Bi was contemplating to leave Sou Sou alive, but then again it’s unforgivable that he set his eyes on Kan U. Kan U obeys him and kills off Sou Sou and Ryuu Bi praises her. The land is bathed in a brilliant and beautiful red and Ryuu Bi remarks that their remake of history is just beginning – and they’ll always be together.

Good End

It’s the Ryuu Bi she knows but Kan U tells herself that she can’t be pulled along like this. Pushing him away, she tells him that she’ll stop him. When Ryuu Bi demands to know why, she asks him in return: what did you lose in exchange for gaining power and your growth back? The ability to love others, the world, be grateful for the small things, and the kindness to forgive sins. It’s not exactly wrong to desire power, but not when you lose so many important things in exchange. Ryuu Bi refuses to listen so Kan U leaves him shouting after her. His voice continues to ring in her ears, but it only solidifies her determination to stop him. She goes back to tell the rest of the Maozoku about this, and they agree with her. As Chou Sosou says, if they were still living away from humans perhaps they’ll follow Ryuu Bi – but not now, not to the point of killing off all of them. But Ryuu Bi was also a sacrifice for them all along, so they can’t blame him either, only guide him back to the right path. Kan U thinks to herself that if she can’t stop Ryuu Bi, she’ll have to kill him. And when his blood pours onto her, she’ll kill herself and join him on the other side before the curse affects her. She goes to tell Sou Sou their decision, which surprises him as he thought that they would ask to stay out of this battle. But Kan U says that they want to stop Ryuu Bi so Sou Sou chooses to believe in those words.

Meanwhile, Ryuu Bi’s men report that Sou Sou is personally leading 500,000 men over to Ki Shuu to prepare to attack them. He advises Ryuu Bi to be on the defensive, since Sou Sou is on enemy ground it would be to their advantage. While that’s true, Ryuu Bi laments that things won’t be interesting that way as he wants to see a bloodbath, and orders for all the 700,000 men to mobilise to counterattack. Seeing that Ryuu Bi doesn’t have any concern for the people or country, the men start to rebel against Ryuu Bi. Ryuu Bi easily wipes them out though, and the rest quiver in fear and quickly go to act out his initial orders. Outside, Sou Sou plans to attack the next morning, and asks Kan U if they’re sure they want to do this – since their usual role is to take down the general, in this case Ryuu Bi. Kan U confirms this, but says that they’ll attack immediately. Ryuu Bi’s motive is to kill out people, so it’s best to end before unnecessary sacrifices happens. Sou Sou agrees to her suggestion, but if she doesn’t return by dawn he’ll attack all the same. Sou Sou never thought that his greatest enemy would be Ryuu Bi, and remarks how ironic fate is if it’s ‘cos he took them out from their village.

At Ryuu Bi’s side, he’s contemplating how he’s going to slowly kill Sou Sou. As much as he’d like to attack now, he’ll take Sou Sou’s cue and wait for dawn since only then he can watch the bloodbath more clearly. But just then, the Maozoku attack from behind and Kan U appears before Ryuu Bi. Ryuu Bi is both shocked and sad to see that they’re at opposing sides, as he bitterly asks for what reason then did he gain power. Kan U states that they’ve come to stop him as they don’t approve of his dream. Seeing this, Ryuu Bi declares that there’s no need for Maozoku then if they don’t obey him, he’ll kill them all off – except Kan U. He goes behind her and bites her, and Kan U feels the energy drain from her. Ryuu Bi assures her that he’s won’t hurt her, and is only temporarily taking away her ability to move. He’ll be able to still create his world with just the two of them, and she’ll definitely accept him when that happens. Ryuu Bi proceeds to fight the rest, and is about to finish Chou Hi, Kan Tei and Chou Sosou off. Seeing this, Kan U struggles to move and stabs Ryuu Bi. This tears at his heart, as he realises that she’s cursed ‘cos of his blood now, and that she hates him enough to want to kill him even though he merely wanted her love. Saddened that he is no longer the Ryuu Bi she loved, he laughs at how ironic it is that that old him wanted to become someone suitable for her and hence became the current him. But now he has lost her love, there’s no way that she would love this filthy him now.

Kan U tries to convey that she was wrong before. She knows that they are all the one and same Ryuu Bi. And even though she said before that she would accept any him, she didn’t and made him an outcast like this. She will no longer ask him to return to before, since he’s Ryuu Bi no matter what – the childish one, the one who only appears on a crescent moon’s night, the one who desires power, and the current him consumed by the curse. Kan U says that she loves all of him, and so will accept all of him – even the cursed blood of his. If she couldn’t stop him, she’d planned to die together. But if she does, then she’ll die alone. Hearing this, Ryuu Bi cries out that he can’t lose her, he doesn’t need a world without her and can’t forgive such a world. A series of flashbacks of the various sides of Ryuu Bi goes past Kan U’s mind, as she cries that she loves him and will go together with him to the other side. Just then, Ryuu Bi stops her, and she realises that it’s the one that appears on a crescent moon’s night – just that the sky is cloudy now so they can’t see it. The curse has weakened so Kan U shouldn’t have been affected by his blood. He thanks her for not hating him and accepting all of him, even with the curse. Kan U remarks that the curse has been with him since he was born, so it can be considered as a part of him. But still she must stop his actions now, and says that he can still turn back.

As Ryuu Bi thanks her, he starts to struggle as a black shadow appears. He tells all of them to escape before it’s too late, as the curse has amplified and Kinme will resurrect at this rate. Ryuu Bi fails to suppress it further and Kinme itself appears before them. It’s still a curse though, so they can stop it before it amplifies further to become a real youkai. Kinme says that it has been waiting for the chance to revive with each generation that gained power and now is the time. Of course, Kan U and the rest refuse to run away and stay with Ryuu Bi to fight it off while they still have time. Ryuu Bi initially wanted to act as a decoy while Kan U kills it, but she refused to as there’s no point in being able to gain back their peaceful days without him.

They manage to defeat Kinme together, but it has only weakened and is not completely gone. It will continue to consume yin energy (something always present as long as there is war) and will revive one day. So Ryuu Bi decides to seal it within his body once again, as that’s the only solution. He probably wouldn’t have chosen to do so if Kan U didn’t say that this is a part of him, something with him since he was born. Even though he’ll return to a helpless child again, Kan U says that she’ll still love him and be by his side. Ryuu Bi has one request though before he turns back into a child, to at least meet her on nights with a crescent moon. The rest of the Maozoku assure Ryuu Bi that he’ll always remain as Ryuu Bi to them, and so he accepts the curse once more.

Ryuu Bi tells Kan U that he’ll always love her, and to live together with her from now on. He kisses her and as dawn breaks, he changes back into his child self – who gets embarrassed that he kissed Kan U. ❤ Kan U welcomes him back, and so the war ends. The men under Ryuu Bi surrender to Sou Sou, and so Sou Sou’s territory expands and he continues his conquest. But that doesn’t have anything to do with the Maozoku anymore as he has released them, not that Kan U knows why. They would’ve liked to return to Jo Shuu but ‘cos of what happened with Ryuu Bi, they’ve become hated by humans. As such they return to their quiet lives in a hidden village. Kan U and Ryuu Bi are out gathering firewood, though he starts to ask to play tag with her lol. When he catches her, he suddenly speaks in a mature voice (捕まえた~). He’s not sure either why, but the curse has been weakening ever since he sealed it in again. Perhaps it’s ‘cos Kan U told him that it’s a part of him, and maybe one day its effects will be completely gone and he will regain his full self. But he may also be consumed by it one day, and Kan U says that she’ll stop him again then. Ryuu Bi thanks her, and says that they’ll always be together. He’s back to his usual self, and upon realising that he has caught Kan U already, he says the same thing.

References: There was a period of time when Ryuu Bi/Liu Bei sought refuge under Yuan Shao, and fought under him against Cao Cao.


I said that this would be shorter – it is shorter, but still long lol. Anyway, you may know that Ishida is my huge bias so naturally my afterthoughts will be all “HNNNG RYUU BI YOU ANGEL” “I NEED A FD FOR MORE RYUU BI” etc. Anyway his route is very similar to Chou Hi’s and I didn’t mind that. At least there is quite the revelation about the truth behind Maozoku and Ryuu Bi’s background. The child/adult thing totally gave me Peter Pan flashbacks, too bad he didn’t remain an adult in the good end – but at least it’s hinted? Hence my want for a fandisk lol. I also got Clock Zero flashbacks when Ryuu Bi said a paraphrased version of Takuto’s famous line. Okay aside from that, I also teared up at the actual flashbacks in the game, when Kan U recalled all the different sides of Ryuu Bi and you get to hear how Ishida voices all of them differently. I also loved it when he said the sad lines, which is a reason why the scene where he kisses Kan U (despite being shota form), where he’s about to jump from the cliff, and where he pushes Kan U down (adult form) are my favourites.

This line: 君のいない世界なんて僕いらない!

The only thing I can pick at in this route is how Chou Un disappears towards the end sobs poor guy may you be reborn with kitty ears. Oh, and Kan U being kinda slow in the feelings department. I really don’t think her “love” and Ryuu Bi’s “love” is quite the same level. And well sure, Ishida had to strain himself when voicing the childish Ryuu Bi most of the time – but how can I hate him? Ryuu Bi is adorable. You do not want to see how I reacted with each cute/romantic/sad/イケボ line he said. Makes me recall Ishida’s embarrassment in an interview for a drama CD when all the cast had to record together. I really want to hear a cast talk from him on Ryuu Bi! Otherwise, both Chou Hi’s and Ryuu Bi’s routes have successfully made me interested in the other guys too. They will have to wait though as I head back to Custom Drive. Till next review!

8 thoughts on “Jyuuzaengi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~: Ryuu Bi’s Route

  1. Eu says:

    Ryuu Bi, don’t you know how to dress properly? Might as well strip away that outer garment. /shot
    – He is showing off his manly chest and biceps. 8D (and yes I have to comment on the same thing. XDD)

    As always, same thoughts about Ryuu Bi – his voice (hats off to Ishida!), character, everything. OMG I didn’t notice that Ryuu Bi said the same thing as Takato! Okay I love him more now in a bittersweet way.

    I love how both Ryuu Bi and Kan U accept the entire existence of Ryuu Bi without denying any parts of him. It’s just as you said, I don’t think Kan U loves Ryuu Bi as in the ‘love’ he is feeling. It is more of a familiar or guardian kind of love. His route just means that she chooses to stay with him than other guys.

    This route is sad in a lot of ways. Sei hei’s death, Ryuu Bi’s DID tendencies (lol) and complicated bloodline, them not living in harmony with humans, Ryuu Bi hurting Chou Un… okay forget the last one www. Speaking of, where did Chou Un go???? And I don’t know if it is mentioned, what happened to En Jutsu? He is not in En Shou’s army right? He’s got a different army on his own?


    • Yume says:

      Hahaha Eu-chan XDD

      Ahhh you feel the same way as I do heheh as expected ❤ I wonder if the gap between their love will shorten in the sequel, since it would be too predictable for the same thing to happen. Plus in the sequel Kan U would already know the deal about Ryuu Bi so she can understand him better.

      I don't know where Chou Un went LOL. We never saw him again after they lost Ryuu Bi oops that's like one of the few loopholes this game has haha. As for En Jutsu, yes he has his own army. I can only assume that his army lost to Sou Sou which would be of no surprise since Sou Sou was like spreading out everywhere with his forces and elite Maozoku members lol.


      • Eu says:

        And hopefully adult Ryuu Bi will make make an appearance. This time permanently. :3 I just want Ryuu Bi to be completely happy. ❤

        Chou Un becomes like Chou Ryou lol. Sou Sou is surprisingly lenient to Maozoku just like when he let them off his army to live peacefully. I mean, sure he threatens them and all that but when push comes to shove he's on their side.
        …and Idk why I'm being all defensive of Sou Sou wwww.


        • Yume says:

          I’m sure adult Ryuu Bi will appear much more! He was on the cover of the LE version. ;3 I can’t wait to hear more desperate Ryuu Bi hohoho /smacked

          LOL Chou Ryou has a surprisingly good explanation though ahh can’t wait for you to learn about it for yourself~ As for Sou Sou……it’s complicated hahaha. But I think it’s also ‘cos after gaining En Shou’s territory he is really king of majority of the land lmao. I’m really curious as to how surprised you’ll be in his route, and his bad end. ^q^


          • Eu says:

            Woot! Desperate Ryuu Bi wwwwwww

            I’ll start his route tonight! xD
            Even more complicated than Ryuu Bi’s multiple personality? ww And omg that bad end again. I think Laura have mentioned that bad end too lol.


            • Yume says:

              Hmm maybe not as complicated as Ryuu Bi’s multiple personalities but close enough haha. His bad end is the shocker. :’3


  2. Euryx says:

    /insert creepy smile
    Why is he so cute? *glomps at ryuu bi*
    Welp and there goes my tsuntsun relationship with silver haired guys lol.

    “Ryuu Bi, don’t you know how to dress properly? Might as well strip away that outer garment. /shot”
    — he’s just always ready for the bed scenes x3 *stares at the 2nd to the last pic*


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