Custom Drive: Mayuzumi Ruka

チョリッス!Okay sorry I didn’t take any screencaps of his default personality lines.

So I did the first year transfer student next, Mayuzumi Ruka (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa). And miraculously I got all his CGs (except the congratulatory one which you get when you finish all the guys at least once). Once again, I’ll be giving the basic story of Ruka’s route, his different personalities, endings, specific pointers for his route, and my overall thoughts.

Basic story: The Prince Collection is an annual contest held to select the ikemen of that year. Reward for winning is confessing to the person you like, and there have been legends of how it has always been effective in giving positive results. The heroine, Saya, happens to be put in-charge of it, as she’s part of the cultural festival committee. She has to scout for one entry and sets her eyes on Mayuzumi Ruka, a 1st year who transferred to the school recently. Saya has an “ikemen allergy”. Simply put, she’ll start having those panic attacks if she stays too close/too long with someone she finds an ikemen or had one of those dokidoki moments.

Ruka isn’t into the idea at first, but he is interested in Saya. So eventually they kind of give-and-take and he also finds out about her allergy. Ruka promises to keep it a secret and ‘cos it’s interesting, he also wants to help her overcome it (well, specifically be no longer allergic to him only so that he can have his way with her). Saya has from May-September to train his charms – or rather his five personalities: puchiero (his original personality), kizokucharaiyanderesoushoku.

Puchiero: Basically he’s a bit of a pervert lol and tends to enjoy flirting with Saya in order to see her reactions. Due to helping out with his dad’s job, he has a lot of connections with all sorts of people. Ruka transferred over ‘cos a teacher there almost laid hands on his friend’s girlfriend and he stepped in and basically killed off the teacher’s career. Things got messy and he came over. In the September event, he takes Saya to a villa he borrowed from connections (and cleans it in return). Ruka wants to try spending the day together as a married couple, to also help Saya overcome her allergy. So they try out all sorts off things, and he jokes about bathing and sleeping together. This happens in all the routes, but Saya remarks that she can’t see his true feelings ‘cos of his personality. So Ruka says that he’s serious about her and will seriously win the contest to confess his feelings. He wins Prince Collection indeed and confesses, and Saya gives him a positive answer later on, after he “kisses” it out of her. In the epilogue he treats her for her birthday, and she promises to do the same when his comes. Ruka already knows what he wants and asks her to prepare herself for then~

Kizoku: This is the “noble” personality and well, Ruka’s basically polite and always says the “appropriate” stuff. No wonder his only other CG (besides the September events and endings) is a butler one! Often when Saya isn’t satisfied with an answer from him, she asks for the thing she wants to hear and he changes to this personality lol. In the September event, he asks Saya to accompany for the day as he’s doing some “research” for some work. Ruka brings her rose garden and tells her the different meanings of the different rose colours. In the evening, he brings her to a bar (connections, again) and Saya’s alone a foreigner hits on her. Saya’s allergy triggers and Ruka quickly comes back, telling him that she’s his wife. At the end, he whips out a bouquet of white roses – which means “to be compatible” so Ruka says that he’ll work hard to be compatible to her. He wins the Prince collection but instead of confessing, he runs off with Saya and they both confess their love alone instead. In the epilogue, Saya’s looking through his photos and somehow she keeps reminiscing about her memories with Riito instead. Jealous, Ruka pushes her down and tells her to not talk about another guy in his presence.

Charai: Idk how you would describe this personality, it’s just チャラい lol. And umm Ruka’s always on the high-tension end and sprouts all sorts of Engrish and lingo (eg. レッツゴーゴーゴー、やばい、かーらーのー). I ended up laughing a lot over his lines, but when he’s more serious (in flirting with Saya) he will tone down and speak more normally. In the September event, Ruka kinda tricks Hasegawa into hosting a party one of his family hotels. Ruka slips off with her midway to hide behind a curtain so that they end up being alone and he gets to cuddle with her lol. He wins the Prince Collection and confesses his love for her. Saya accepts his feelings later when they’re alone together. In the epilogue, Ruka invites Saya to visit him at a bar, where he’s working part-time as a bartender. He makes her a special non-alcoholic cocktail based off his image off her.

Yandere: I don’t think this needs any explanation. Ruka goes 「フフ、フフフフフフ」 in almost every other line, and he does everything for Saya and likes being praised by her. He even dresses up as a maid to impress her and Saya’s allergy makes her faint – lol wow. There’s no doubt that he stalks her ‘cos he would often appear up when she’s on the way home, and says that he’s always watching her. In the September event, Shion wants to go hiking as training for the contest and pretty much everyone else ends up going. But both Shion and Kusakabe don’t turn up on the day itself ‘cos they’re busy lol. Ooki-sensei is coerced by Shion not to slack and run off, so he leads both of them, Kanna and Tsukishima to hike. It gets misty though and Ruka and Saya get stranded. Ruka manages to save Saya when she nearly trips and falls off. In the end they meet up with the others safely when the fog clears. Ruka wins Prince Collection but refuses to confess before a crowd and they end up confessing to each other on the rooftop alone. In the epilogue, he started working at a butler cafe and decides to show off his outfit to Saya, while being her personal butler for the day.

Soushoku: Hmm I don’t think it’s accurate but basically Ruka doesn’t have much confidence in this personality. In the September event, he wants to take a break from the contest preparations and invites Saya out to the amusement park ‘cos he received free tickets. They meet Kanna and Tsukima there too, who say that they’re there to polish Tsukishima up and accuse them of the same. Ruka insists that they’re on a date and an ikemen needs to be able to escort a lady too, so Kanna ends up going with their idea and they leave them alone pfft. At the end, they ride the ferris wheel together but actually Ruka is afraid of heights and hence asks to sit close to Saya. He wins Prince Collection and starts to not feel confident again ‘cos Saya didn’t immediately reply his confession. Saya says that she was just shy and she confesses her love for him too. In the epilogue, he brings her out to the countryside to see the stars at night, ‘cos you can’t really see them as well in the city area.

Pointers: (General pointers are in Riito’s post.) You need to play Ruka at least three times. On my first play, I managed to unlock all of his personalities and hence got 80% of his CGs (meaning I could get all of his happy endings at one go). I unlocked two in July, and another two in August – then spammed the nariki numbers to 99 in the middle of conversations when the custom character button lights up. It is possible to get both 暴走 (or 妄想 imho) CG events in another play, just don’t change personalities as much. You know you’re on the ‘right’ track when you get a 妄想 scene each month – this is cued with the mist at the start and end of the scene, and Ruka thinks of wanting to quit Prince Collection.

Two CGs need シャイニーストレート hairstyle, which you can only get on your 2nd playthrough. I followed momokan’s guide for this and got it in August Phrase 11. So I had to go through a 3rd playthrough to get the two CGs with that hairstyle sigh. Remember to be paranoid and save every time you get a CG (you can overwrite that save later). If not CGs may disappear from the gallery.

I got the two sub-character events (CG 36, 37) by luck to be honest. I really don’t know what triggers them so I’m putting them here for anyone who gives up. For Kusakabe’s, I pretty much got it every time. For Hasegawa’s, I got it twice – both when Ruka was Charai, the affection level varied (8 hearts once, 10 hearts another), and I had unlocked all personalities and narikiri levels were spread evenly. On another playthrough, Ruka was also Charai (affection level: 9 hearts), but I was aiming for the 暴走 events and Hasegawa’s event didn’t trigger. /shrug  Both events were really cute though. (Hasegawa = CG 36, Kusakabe = CG 37)

Overall thoughts: The heroine, unfortunately, was more annoying in Ruka’s ‘cos she provided more typical and thoughtless answers. In Riito’s, it probably proves better to have the childhood relationship as that provided more interesting interactions. So after Ruka’s route, this reminded me of Last Escort where you’re really playing for the guy’s character rather than that and the chemistry too. Again, there isn’t much of a plot. I didn’t take any break when playing Ruka’s so that ended up with him force-skipping many of the scenes after my 1st playthrough as my ultimate target was to get the CGs (and to move back to Jyuuzaengi). If you don’t want to get bored like me, again as I recommended in the previous post – take a break from it when you deserve it.


6 thoughts on “Custom Drive: Mayuzumi Ruka

  1. Euryx says:

    The sub-characters events are more enjoyable. Especially Kusakabe’s~ (๑¯◡¯๑) //shot
    I was torn between hating and liking the charai Ruka at first. But then it grew on me and I just enjoyed his personality lol.


    • Yume says:

      It is. orz Hmm I suggest not stressing yourself out over this game and just playing for the personalities you like then. That is if you don’t mind not getting CGs. ;;


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