Custom Drive: Kannagi Shion & Concluding Thoughts

Again, no screenshots of the default personality lines so…o3o;

Last guy is the student council president, Kannagi Shion (CV: Kimura Ryouhei). Like Riito’s, I have two missing CGs but I consider myself done with this game! Once again, I’ll be giving the basic story of Shion’s route, his different personalities, endings, specific pointers for his route, and my overall thoughts for his route and the game.

Basic story: The Prince Collection is an annual contest held to select the ikemen of that year. Reward for winning is confessing to the person you like, and there have been legends of how it has always been effective in giving positive results. The heroine, Saya, happens to be put in-charge of it, as she’s part of the cultural festival committee. Unlike previous years, Shion has been picked by the other members to be the final ikemen in order to spice things up. Also, Saya has an “ikemen allergy”. Simply put, she’ll start having those panic attacks if she stays too close/too long with someone she finds an ikemen or had one of those dokidoki moments.

Saya spots Shion talking to a cat in the park, as he reveals his actual less-confident personality (only other person who knows this is Kusakabe). He’s not scary like everyone makes out to be and it’s just his act since he thinks that everyone “expects” that of him. Having learnt this, she decides to help Shion out while keeping it a secret. He also soon finds out her secret and in return, decides to help her overcome it. Saya has from May-September to train his charms – or rather his five personalities: charisma (his original personality), happy, nikushokumujaki, tsundere.

Charisma: I don’t know what it supposed to be charismatic. Basically Shion does his usual act while also showing a bit of his awkward side before Saya. He’s a lot more capable than he sees himself as though, from studies to picking up a new game to…goldfish scooping lol. In the September event, Shion and Saya see Kanna buying piles of fashion magazine as last-minute preparations for Prince Collection. Shion decides to follow suit but borrows a book on the history of fashion from the library instead lol. Seeing this, Kusakabe tells Saya to properly help me out so she goes to his house one day, bringing along Matsuri too. Matsuri shows them trendy videos and all so that he can learn the latest trends – but she disappears halfway to give them time alone. As they continue Saya ends up falling asleep so he carries her to his bed and when she wakes up that evening, he sees her home. Shion wins against Tsukishima, the final candidate, and confesses to Saya and she responds to his feelings too. In the epilogue, Saya’s allergy has been cured and it’s their first Christmas as a couple. Shion invites Saya to a fancy Christmas party and Saya keeps stepping on him, but in actuality Shion is also distracted by her dress-figure.

Happy: This is actually very similar to Ruka’s charai personality (lots of Engrish, high-tension) but I didn’t find Shion’s happy personality very funny. I think it’s the difference in his tone of voice, it was too jarring. There was one moment when he snapped and reverted to a lower register, but other than that he’s like high all the way. Anyway in the September event, Hasegawa comes up with an excuse to invite Saya out. Shion and Kusakabe turn up on that day too but Hasegawa is sick and couldn’t go along with his true motive – to be volunteers for a magic show. He can only watch with Kusakabe looking after him as the couple get into some box together. At the end of the show, Shion gives Saya the flower they got from the magician. When he wins Prince Collection, he happily confesses to Saya (no pun intended) and asks for a kiss as his reward when they’re alone later. In the epilogue, Saya’s allergy is gone and Shion adopts the cat and dog he always talked to in the park. He teasingly wanted to name the cat after Saya, ‘cos he’s lonely when she isn’t around.

Nikushoku: This seemed off like with Ruka’s soushoku personality. He’s basically a little rough, brash, meat-loving and…wild? A bit similar to Riito’s oresama personality. At one point he even jokingly said to Saya that he’ll eat her, but then gets embarrassed at the double-meaning of it and tries to clear it up lol okay. In the September event, Ooki-sensei is researching on some cafe which uses freshly-grown herbs instead of doing work lol. Hearing about this, Kusakabe decides that the couple can go on a date there. Thing is Satoru spots them there and worries over whether Saya was forced along to Shion’s wishes or something. He ends up seeing Ooki-sensei and drags him along ‘cos Satoru’s too scared to approach Shion pfft. When the couple finally spot them, Saya clears up the misunderstanding. When Shion wins Prince Collection, he confesses without saying Saya’s name – but slips her name in the end lol. In the epilogue, they visit the shrine together on New Year’s day and draw their fortunes for the year. He got the worst while Saya got the best. Saya’s also wrote about meeting someone and Shion gets annoyed since he plans to stick with her for life. But Saya explains that it doesn’t have to refer to a lover and so he gets awkward instead.

Mujaki: This personality is supposed to literally mean “innocent” but Shion really gets turned into an innocent but playful kid. I can take an innocent voice from Ishida’s Ryuu Bi anytime (even if it’s strained) ‘cos Ryuu Bi is my an ADORABLE ANGEL and is a kid. But this gap between the innocence and Shion’s looks was just too much even if Kimura wasn’t straining his voice (?). Since this personality also had a playful streak, I was wondering why didn’t they just make this koakuma. Anyway in the September event the couple go watch an animal-documentary-ish movie and Shion ends up sobbing by the end of it. Saya hugs him to calm him down and Ooki-sensei sees this, and slowly disappears – till Shion calls out to him. Ooki-sensei is troubled by Shion’s attention since he was trying to “read the atmosphere” lol poor guy. When Shion wins the contest, he refuses to reveal who his confession is for and ends up running away with Saya – this prompts everyone else to follow them ‘cos they want to see things through. In the epilogue, it’s graduation day for Shion and Saya decides to try for the same university as him so that they can be together again. Shion says that a better way is for her to be his wife so he kisses and proposes to her.

Tsundere: I don’t know where the tsundere personality flew too, he was just a bit more difficult and dishonest than his usual personality. There was one CG that made me laugh ‘cos everything looked so wrong with them falling in the rose bushes – I made him wear a swimsuit for that so he looked naked pfft. In the September event, Kusakabe makes them go out to train last-minute for the Prince Collection. They meet Kanna and Tsukishima, who challenge them out of the blue to an obstacle course lol. Shion and Saya end up winning and after that they go to the lake for some cooling down. They end up boat-rowing and also bump into Kanna and Tsukishima there lol. When Shion wins, he refuses to reveal who his confession is for and only does so when he and Saya are alone. In the epilogue, Saya is made to be the next student council president so both of them are stuck doing lots of work. They get distracted by each other though and Shion ends up stealing a kiss from her.

Pointers: (General pointers are in Riito’s post. You may wanna see Ruka’s post too.) I had to replay Shion ‘cos when I’d reached August in my first playthrough, I realised that I couldn’t unlock all the personalities. Ruka’s wasn’t that tedious but for Shion I had to plan out everything so that I could get as many clothes/hairstyles while unlocking all personalities. Hence I counted that there are a total of 21 ‘chances’ where you can switch personalities (the last two in August don’t count ‘cos you can’t unlock anymore after August Phase 6/7 I think). In the end I only managed to unlock all in August – then spammed the nariki numbers to 99 in the middle of conversations when the custom character button lights up. I got the remaining necessary hairstyles, CGs and both 暴走 (or 妄想 imho) CG events in another play. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to get the hip-hop hairstyle and I can no longer be bothered.

Overall thoughts:  For some reason, Saya passes out a LOT in Shion’s route. And it can be from what I consider minor stuff – she just thinks that he looks cute looking awkward? Lol okay. That isn’t exactly ikemen right? And I didn’t even go through all the scenarios, imagine if I did. She also apologises a lot to Shion even though he constantly insists that she shouldn’t, which I think left a bad taste for me. In fact, Riito’s appearances and interactions with Saya stood out more for me than hers with Shion. Sadly, I actually think Shion has a nice personality. I guess he got the shorter end of the stick in Custom Drive.

Concluding Thoughts: I think I didn’t pick a very good playing order. My opinion (especially of Saya) just worsened from Riito to Ruka to Shion. As such, I recommend doing the opposite order: Shion, Ruka, Riito. As constantly mentioned, there isn’t much of a plot. Despite a colourful cast with more interesting interactions (sub-characters), they don’t get as much attention as they deserve. In other otome games, CGs come as a reward to you. But for Custom Drive, you really have to go down to the details if you want your CGs. If you don’t want to get bored like me and don’t mind not going for 100% CG completion, just play for the personalities you like and take a break from the game when you deserve it.

6 thoughts on “Custom Drive: Kannagi Shion & Concluding Thoughts

    • Yume says:

      LOL don’t mind, don’t mind. 8’D /pats
      It’s also probably just me to have suggested the order opposite of what I played lol. Thank you! We both made through it now! \o/


  1. Hinano says:

    i actually found ruka more likeable than riito because i think hosoya did a better job with the different voices than riito’s va… :S Ritto had way cuter CGs with Saya though. Shion had the best kiss CGs but the worst set of personalities and as you said and as I warned you – Saya became a fainting mary sue in his route :V


    • Yume says:

      Oh I didn’t really factor in the voice acting but more on the game scenarios, CGs…and probably ‘cos I like childhood friends. 8’D LOL couldn’t agree more with you on your Shion comment.


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