Jyuuzaengi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~: Kakou Ton’s Route

Now we’ve Kakou Ton (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa), who is a loyal general under Sou Sou and appears to have a great dislike for the Maozoku. I recommend reading at least Chou Hi’s review first ‘cos all the common stuff is explained there; I’m not going into overlapping details for the following routes.

Chapter 1

This is the same as Chou Hi’s, except that Kan U tries to talk to Kakou Ton instead as she stands before his horse.

Chapter 2-3

It’s a mix of all the routes, but generally the same events happen.

Rakuyou, Kakou Ton 1: Kan U is ordered to go after some Yellow Turban rebels but finds Kakou Ton and Kakou En at the location already. She saves Kakou Ton from their sneak arrow attacks and the Yellow Turban rebels soon retreat. Kakou Ton stops Kakou En from giving chase since it may very well be a trap and they just interrogate the ones who are left behind and still alive as to where their stronghold is. Even though he hates to admit it, he thanks Kan U for saving him. Still, Kakou Ton insists that they don’t need her help to go after the Yellow Turban rebels.

Rakuyou, Kakou Ton 2: Kan U is on her way to report to Sou Sou after dealing with some of the rebels, and chances upon Kakou Ton practicing even though it’s already evening. She finds this unexpected since he’s strong and this draws a very brief dere moment from Kakou Ton lol. He feels otherwise since he’s still far off from Sou Sou’s skills, who is excellent in both fighting and tactics. An excellent leader needs excellent subordinates to support him. Kan U sees his great respect for Sou Sou and offers to help to practice with him. Kakou Ton rejects her and says that he doesn’t have time to play with him.

Rakuyou, Kakou Ton 3: After seeing Ryuu Bi, Kan U happens to see Kakou Ton passing Kakou En some materials on well-known military formations. Kakou En looks up a lot to Kakou Ton, making him his goal. Kakou Ton sees that he’s been working hard and has grown, since he’s even taken an interest in military tactics now. Kan U sees that they’re on really close terms and it would be nice if they weren’t so antagonistic towards her.

The same events happen, up till when Kan U decides to go back to tell everyone about Sou Sou’s plan to attack Tou Taku. Kakou Ton immediately warns her to not reveal this to anyone else, since it’s a grave matter. Kan U promises not to do so, and will accept punishment if so. Kakou Ton seems pleased with her answer, since it will be the death penalty for them if so – Tou Taku is the Emperor now so opposing him will label them all as rebels. It then proceeds similarly to Chou Ryou’s route with Kan U going after Tou Taku with Kakou Ton and Kakou En. When Chou Ryou stands in their way, Kan U jumps in to help them since three people are better than two – plus their priority is Tou Taku, not necessarily to defeat Chou Ryou. Agreeing with her, Kakou Ton tells her to slip past at the right moment when both of them hold up Chou Ryou. But Chou Ryou proves to be strong as he hurts both of them heavily. The rest of the chapter is the same, just that Kan U approaches Kakou Ton in the Travel system (as in Ryuu Bi’s post).

Chapter 4

It starts off the same. That night, Kan U goes to Sou Sou’s side instead to find out more information about the battle tomorrow at Shisuikan. At that moment, both Kakou Ton and Kakou En ask Sou Sou to let them represent him to fight at the frontlines, and Sou Sou agrees to them. He spots Kan U in a distance, and so she expresses that she only wants to find out more. Both Kakou Ton and Kakou En say that there’s no need for Maozoku since only the generals will be sent to the front – meaning they’ll stay at the back and Kan U is secretly relieved. Kakou Ton further explains that they’ll be after Ka Yuu and he’ll kill him for her to see. Kan U says that she doesn’t want to see that and he only answers that she’s boring pfft. The same events happen up till Kan U rejects to go to the banquet. While she’s wondering what to do, Chou Hi worries over her condition only to be surprised to hear that it’s a lie. He wonders since when she managed to be able to say lies normally and cries out that she has become an evil woman. Ryuu Bi joins in on the crying and Kan U hits Chou Hi for teaching him weird words.

Kakou Ton came over ‘cos he heard she was sick but finds her looking well instead lol. Having been found out, Kan U can only apologise as he drags her out since Sou Sou was invited her over. Kakou remarks how he really dislikes Jyuuza and women, but he’s also regretful that it was her that defeated Ka Yuu in the end. Kan U asks him to let her hand go since it’s hurting and when he realises it, he quickly lets go, before emphasising that he hates Jyuuza and women again, moreover fighting together. Kan U argues back they’re only here ‘cos Sou Sou dragged them in, and Kakou Ton assures her that one day Sou Sou will wake up and see that just him and Kakou En are enough. As much as he hates to admit that Jyuuza are strong, he doesn’t want to have to rely on their strength and says that he won’t lose tomorrow.

The next events proceed similarly to Chou Ryou’s route. Just that Kan U goes on the situation with Ryo Fu. Kakou Ton stops Sou Sou from sparring with her, telling him to go ahead with Kakou En to take down the stronghold. Kan U offers to fight alongside Kakou Ton and Sou Sou agrees to this. However, Ryo Fu loses it when Kakou Ton injures her (or more specifically, her skin) and even steps on him when she knocks him down. Kan U asks her to release him, and Ryo Fu agrees if she comes over to her side. Kan U hesitantly agrees despite Kakou Ton’s protests and Ryo Fu tells her to kiss her leg as proof. Meanwhile, Sou Sou, Kakou En and Chou Un head to take down the stronghold but Chou Ryou stands in their way. They notice that there’s hardly any defense and Chou Ryou says it’s ‘cos Ryo Fu generally hates men. Sou Sou tells Kakou En and Chou Un to go ahead while he handles Chou Ryou. As they do so, Ryo Fu is distracted by the ruckus over there so Kakou Ton takes the chance to flip her over. Since Kan U hasn’t shown the proof, Kakou Ton insists that she isn’t on Ryo Fu’s side and he won’t hand her over. Just then, Chou Ryou and Chou Sen come to find Ryo Fu as Koroukan has been taken over so they decide to retreat to Rakuyou.

As Kan U asks if he’s alright, Kakou Ton questions why she agreed to Ryo Fu’s offer for his sake, especially since that means having to throw away all the ties she has now. Kan U answers that she was desperate then and didn’t think much into it. Annoyed, Kakou Ton tells her not to do such unnecessary things anymore but Kan U refuses to do so, since she can’t stand by without saving the person. Hearing this, Kakou Ton just tells her to do what she wants lol. Same events happen, just that all the Maozoku leave with Sou Sou to chase after Tou Taku. Ri Shuku suggests to Tou Taku to set a trap for Sou Sou, and they can have Jo Ei involved in this battle too. As according to their plan, they purposely allow Sou Sou’s army to take down their first fortress within that day. Even though Kan U voices her concern having heard the men say that “their role is over now”, Sou Sou says that they’ve no choice but to move forward. Later, Kan U goes to the front where Kakou Ton is as she’s worried. Kakou Ton agrees that Tou Taku may have plotted something but it’s Sou Sou’s orders, moreover Kakou En was so earnest in going ahead so he had to agree. Kan U remarks on how close they are and Kakou Ton says that they’ve been together since birth – they were exposed to the same things and are like mirror images of each other. He gets embarrassed over how he’s telling her all this and tells Kan U to forget what he said.

At the back, Chou Hi starts to complain about how they’ve been on the road the whole day and he would like to at least sleep at night. Hearing this, Chou Sosou immediately realises what Tou Taku is plotting: taking down the fortress by late afternoon means that they’ll be on this narrow mountain road at night. He probably has men hidden in the shadows waiting to attack them now. Just then, the army is split into two by a sudden fall of huge rocks. Kakou Ton quickly orders the men in front to move forward but they’re attacked by arrows and closed off at the front with more enemies. He has no choice but to fight alongside Kan U as they’re surrounded and they successfully break through. As they return to check on the situation behind, Kakou En informs him that Jo Ei suddenly attacked them behind and Sou Sou is heavily injured. Though his words were harsh, Kan U sees that Kakou Ton is telling Kakou En not to blame himself for what happened.

They decide to retreat so that they can recover and Kakou Ton tells Kan U that they’re free to go. Maybe if Sou Sou was the one he wouldn’t have let them go, but he himself hates them so he doesn’t care where they go now. When Kan U goes to tell the rest this, they realise that they’re still in danger since Tou Taku hasn’t been defeated. But he did suffer heavily and now that Sou Sou is gone, perhaps they’re safe for now. The rest of the chapter is the same.

References: Jo Ei/Xu Rong was a general serving Tou Taku/Dong Zhuo and was part of the successful ambush of Sou Sou’s pursuit.

Chapter 5

The same stuff happens up till when Chou Un takes Kan U and Chou Seihei to meet Kouson San. Kouson Etsu comes to object, saying that if they came as part of their army it would be a different story. Of course Kouson San doesn’t want this but Kan U feels that she needs to repay him in someway or another. So instead of fighting, she offers to seek out information for them – in other words a spy. Kouson Etsu accepts this idea and since they already have some planted at En Shou’s territory, he sends her to En Shuu, the territory Sou Sou recently gained. She’ll stay there for half a year and send over regular reports. Kan U leaves that night by herself, and tells Chou Un to take care of the rest. Obviously worried, he tells her to return at anytime if anything happens. In En Shuu, Kan U hides her ears while seeking out information about Sou Sou’s army.

En Shuu, Kakou Ton 1: Kan U asks the people questions about En Shuu, and thinking that she’s a traveller they reassure of the safety of En Shuu – thanks to Kakou Ton, who defeated the Yellow Turban rebels around the area. The ones who surrendered ended up joining Sou Sou’s army, which also explains why Sou Sou’s army recovered so fast. They praise Kakou Ton highly, and how humble he is when they thank him.

One day, Kan U gets caught by one of Sou Sou’s men as they heard that someone was sneaking around to gain information on them. They’re shocked to see that she’s a Jyuuza and forcefully take her back. Seeing her back at his residence, Sou Sou pretty much guesses everything as he’s well-informed that they’ve settled down in Yu Shuu etc. Just then, Sou Suu appears and Sou Sou tells Kan U to stay put for a while. But after a long time, she contemplates running away and bumps into Sou Suu himself – who is shocked to see Jyuuza and almost accuses Sou Sou of something. But Sou Sou swiftly introduces her as part of the army, as someone who defeated Ka Yuu and sparred with Ryo Fu. Sou Suu seems pleased to hear that and Sou Sou wonders if he thought his son was going to take Kan U as his wife. Obviously stirred, Sou Suu dismisses the matter and leaves. Kan U sees that he doesn’t seem to really hate Maozoku but his attitude is still questionable.

Just then, Sou Sou starts laughing as he remarks at the embarrassed way he left. As thanks for getting to see such an amusing scene, he tells Kan U that he’ll overlook her as a spy here. In fact, she can continue her work since he won’t be bothered as he already knows of her existence here. Sou Sou tells her to stay at his residence freely, as he’d rather her be where he can see her. So Kan U ends up staying at his residence for the rest of her half-year here. Outside, she bumps into Kakou En and Kakou Ton. Before they can drag her off for an answer, Sou Sou just tells them that she’ll be staying here. On another day, Kakou Ton spots Kan U asking around the city and questions what she’s really doing. Kan U answers that she was just hearing about the people about all their praise about him – and lists them all one by one. He gets embarrassed and before leaving, he hurriedly warns her that if she does anything funny he’ll kill her.

En Shuu, Kakou Ton 2: Kan U happens to be doing so cleaning, though Kakou Ton remains suspicious of her and accuses her of checking up on Sou Sou. As the conversation proceeds, Kan U questions why he hates them so much and he answers that they’re just not compatible with humans and shouldn’t associate with each other. At this, Kan U points out that even among humans there are differences so it’s the same. Kakou Ton insists that isn’t the only reason, as he complains of how they make use of their skillful physical abilities to approach Sou Sou like this – especially her. For himself, he had to practice hard everyday to finally attain approval from Sou Sou. Kan U remarks that it sounds like his reason for hating her rather than Maozoku, and Kakou Ton tells her to not be so full of herself before running off.

One night, Kakou Ton sees Kan U sneaking off and follows her to the forest. It turns out that she’s practising alone so he decides to spar with her, to also see what’s her current level of capabilities. Kan U accidentally gets hurt by the thicket though and Kakou Ton immediately grabs her injured hand. He appears relieved to see it’s nothing much but quickly lets go. He remarks that it’s ‘cos she wasn’t aware of where they were fighting that caused this. Though his words were harsh, Kan U realises that he has a point. Still, Kakou Ton doesn’t want to fight against her injured even if it’s a light injury and heads back first, telling her to treat her wound asap.

As half a year passes, Kakou Ton’s attitude never changed but they continued to spar together. While she wonders how Sou Sou is weird to treat a spy like this, she also didn’t expect Kakou Ton to put up with her. It also helped that Sou Sou was recuperating from his wound that her days there were peaceful without war. But that changed when news arrived that Ryo Fu has killed Tou Taku and left Chou An. With her out there now, Sou Sou remarks that they should prepare for days of unrest now. As Kan U worries about the Maozoku in Yu Shuu, Sou Sou’s men are already preparing themselves for war. Sou Sou calls for Kan U, and wants her to join his attack on Jo Shuu 5 days later. There’s no room for discussion, not even from Kakou Ton. That night, Kan U decides to hurry off to inform Kouson San of this but Kakou Ton appears before her. Not only him, but even Sou Sou probably guessed that she would do this. But he’s not here to drag here back since he himself doesn’t want to borrow Jyuuza’s strength. In fact, he wants to fight against her and win over her as proof to Sou Sou that their strength alone is enough. He tells Kan U that he shall be the one to defeat her and won’t let anyone else do so. Unsure of what else to say, Kan U thanks him for letting her go and Kakou Ton remarks that there’s no need to do after what he said.

References: Sou Suu/Cao Song was Sou Sou/Cao Cao’s father.

Chapter 6

Kan U reports Sou Sou’s intent to attack Jo Shuu to both Kouson San and Kouson Etsu. Kouson Etsu warns Kouson San not to think of Jo Shuu when they have their own hands full. Later, Kan U tells this news to the Maozoku and Chou Un, and also explained how she passed that half-year in Sou Sou’s residence. The same events happen with the Maozoku and Chou UN (with 2,000 men) going over to help Tou Ken. When Kan U decides to try out negotiation with Sou Sou, Kakou Ton comes to see her instead. He refuses her an audience with Sou Sou and has his eyes on defeating Kan U. Annoyed when she questions if he’s only fighting for that, and living only to fight for Sou Sou, Kakou Ton declares that they will attack the next morning no matter what. Same stuff up till they’re thinking over how to strategise against Sou Sou. Ryuu Bi mentions how he was taken by Sou Sou and had his way with them all – in a similar way they can catch someone like that. (Damn the way he talked was so adorable…<3) Kan U realises that this refers to Sou Sou. Again same events follow up till Kakou En goes after Kan U despite Kakou Ton’s protests – Kakou En feels that Kakou Ton is gaining too much attachment towards Kan U. Pressed for time to go after Sou Sou, she says that she’ll take them both on. While Kakou En is annoyed, Kakou Ton refuses to accept such humiliation and tells Kakou En to back off and let him handle her alone.

As the two of them fight, Kakou Ton remarks that he has been training for this moment. Kan U manages to catch him off guard but refuses to deal the delivering blow as she’s reluctant to kill. While Kakou Ton feels even more humiliated, Kan U says that this is her way of fighting. Robbing things away isn’t everything. She questions if he only wields his sword for his own self-satisfaction and to recall what he wanted to protect when he first picked it up. Just then, the signal to retreat is given for Sou Sou’s army as Ryo Fu has attacked En Shuu. They’ve no choice but to retreat and Kakou Ton says that they’ll definitely set their records next time. The rest of the chapter is the same.

Chapter 7

The chapter starts off similarly to Ryuu Bi’s, and later similar to Chou Ryou’s as En Jutsu attacks Jo Shuu. As Ryo Fu takes this chance to steal Jo Shuu away from them, she sends them to live in Shouhai instead. Kan U and Chou Un decide to slip off to ask Kouson San for help but are cornered by Ryo Fu and co. who say that they already attacked Shouhai ‘cos of their actions. Thankfully, Chou Hi managed to evacuate everyone in time. She then threatens to kill off Kouson San if they insist on going on. As such, Chou Un tells Kan U to go to their only bet left: Sou Sou, while he holds off Ryo Fu. Agreeing to this, Kan U rushes off but is caught up by Chou Ryou. As he almost knocks out cold, Kakou Ton saves her. He was sent to check on Jo Shuu’s situation by Sou Sou, moreover knowing how your long-time enemy is doing is advantageous. Chou Ryou remarks that Kakou Ton simply wanted to know how Kan U was doing so he came here and calls him dishonest when Kakou Ton denies this lol. Kakou Ton insists that he’s the one who will defeat Kan U and threatens to kill Chou Ryou here now. Seeing that it’s two against himself, Chou Ryou goes to call help and it’s up to them if they stay or run off during that time.

After Chou Ryou flees, Kan U hesitantly thanks him and Kakou Ton answers that there’s no need too, since it wasn’t really his intention to save her. He merely made what he thought was the best choice then. Since his job here is done, Kakou Ton plans to return to En Shuu to report to Sou Sou. Immediately, Kan U asks him to take her along and firmly says that she has no ill intentions. Kakou Ton approaches her close-up as he observes from her eyes that she doesn’t seem to be lying. As such, he decides to bring her along this time, but will kill her if she does anything. Kan U thanks him, and asks if he’s done looking at her eyes already. Kakou Ton gets embarrassed and steps away and starts muttering to himself.

So, sorry for that! What was I doing. Unconsciously, I started to admire her eyes……wait, it’s not as if I was admiring them or anything……!

Kakou Ton leads Kan U to where his horse is and tells her to get on it. Kan U finds this unexpected since he hates them and you can choose if she gets on the front or back. To get the good end it’s the front but I’ll write what happens for the other option too ‘cos his reaction was adorable~ Back: Kakou Ton stops abruptly and tells Kan U to sit in front instead. But he reconsiders this since that would mean he’ll be hugging her and tells her to stay where she is after all. As he continues riding, he mutters to himself repeatedly that she’s only holding onto him so that she won’t fall off pfft. Front: Though embarrassed, Kakou Ton insists that it’s okay as long as she doesn’t block his vision – and that they’re only close to each other ‘cos he has to handle the reins. ‘Cos he says this, even Kan U starts to feel self-conscious.

When they arrive at En Shuu, Kan U’s negotiation with Sou Sou is similar to Chou Hi’s route – except he wants all of the Maozoku to fight under him in exchange for her request to let the rest live peacefully in Jo Shuu. Kan U has no choice but to agree to this. Sou Sou decides to first find all the Jyuuza so that they can fight together against Ryo Fu. Both Kakou Ton and Kakou En object to this, feeling that they can defeat Ryo Fu on their own and leave to show him proof. Sou Sou knows that it’s true, but doing this will cost more of his own men. They didn’t seem to consider up till that point and so Sou Sou thinks that it will be a lesson for them to learn when they lose many of their own men. He then tells Kan U to search for the Jyuuza in time for the next battle. Kan U feels bad though since she drew them into this battle, plus Kakou Ton saved her life earlier on. She asks Sou Sou to lend her a horse and she’ll stop both of them while there’s still time. Amused, Sou Sou lets her do what she wants and says that he’ll be heading towards Jo Shuu later anyway.

As Kan U rides to catch up with them, she spots the rest of the Maozoku and Chou Un in the forest. As she and Ryuu Bi have a reunion hug, Chou Hi wonders why he doesn’t get one pffft. Kan U explains the situation to them and they all decide to fight together for the people stuck in Jo Shuu. When they arrive, the war has already started but Sou Sou’s men aren’t doing too well as they’re spread out everywhere. They decide to first join up with them and Kan U goes to find Kakou Ton. Apparently he and Kakou En headed for the front, but got separated. Kan U finally spots Kakou Ton surrounded by a bunch of soldiers, and sees others in a distance aiming their arrows at him. But before she can warn him in time, Kakou Ton gets shot in the left eye. As Kan U rushes to support him, he soon pulls the arrow out as it has poison on it. Kan U quickly takes him back to treat his wound asap.

When watching over him, Kakou Ton suddenly grabs her hand as he struggles to withstand the pain. As Kan U lets him do so despite the pain, he apologises as he mistakes her for a stranger. He probably doesn’t realise that it’s her, probably ‘cos the poison has dulled his senses. Kan reassures him and tells him to focus on recovering, while thinking to herself that she probably shouldn’t let him know that she saved her. Afterwards, she secretly sends him over to Sou Sou’s camp. The next scene has Kakou Ton wake up to see Sou Sou. He can’t recall what happened after he was attacked, and they’re unsure either. They found him in their camp already treated and it is unknown as to who took care of him – but it’s certain that if it weren’t for that person he would’ve been dead. Kakou Ton also hears that the Jyuuza have joined them at this point, and wonders if the woman was Kan U. But he quickly dismisses the idea ‘cos in that case they should’ve known it was her. Sou Sou tells Kakou Ton to go back to En Shuu to recuperate but Kakou Ton insists otherwise. So Sou Sou tells him to rest for today.

The next day, Kakou En is shocked to see Kakou Ton up and about. But he says that he can’t return without defeating Ryo Fu yet. It’s thanks to that woman that he’s back on the battlefield, and would like to meet her one more time to thank her. On the battlefield, Ryo Fu comes looking for Kan U and they’re engaged in battle. As Kan U finds herself overpowered, Kakou Ton starts joining in. Unfortunately he’s still not used to his loss of one eye and can’t judge accurately yet. Kan U advises him to make up for his weakness by slanting his left side behind and his right side forward. Kakou Ton realises what she’s pointing out and both of them finally manage to defeat Ryo Fu. Kan U is pleasantly surprised when he announces that both of them did so to the army. Though he insists that this fight couldn’t have be won without both of them, that’s all. While the army rejoices, Kakou En seems displeased. Ryo Fu’s army surrenders and Sou Sou as promised takes over Jo Shuu.

That night, Kakou Ton calls Kan U out to invite all Jyuuza to the banquet. His excuse is that if he’d sent a soldier to inform she’ll probably not turn up. He still won’t recognise them, but he feels that they should take part in the banquet. Kan U says that she’s thankful that Kakou Ton is here with her though – not only did he save her from Chou Ryou, take her back to see Sou Sou and also defeated Ryo Fu to save Jo Shuu. That’s why she’s happy he’s here and he gets embarrassed and says that he’ll defeat her one day anyway. Kakou Ton then asks how she learnt of his wound and Kan U lies that it was when they were fighting Ryo Fu. Hearing this, Kakou Ton mutters to himself that it’s not her but a stranger then. Out of the blue, he tells Kan U not to lose her eyes.

Most of the people living in this world seem to accumulate what is like dirt in their eyes as they get older. But your eyes are very clear. I don’t know whether that has to do with being a general or what. But perhaps ‘cos of that I want to defeat you. So it’ll be good if you take good care of your eyes.

Kan U is a bit embarrassed at a rare, honest moment from Kakou Ton, but agrees with him. She wonders if the distance between them has decreased and hopes that there can come a time when he was as honest as when she was looking after him when he was injured. Everyone in banquet that night is in high spirits, though their attitude towards the Maozoku probably won’t change that easily. Personally though, Kan U feels a bit down when she sees Kakou Ton’s wound.

References: Kakou Ton/Xiahou Dun lost his left eye in the Battle of Xiapi (same battle that happens in the game).

Chapter 8

At the banquet, the Maozoku realise that both Kakou Ton and Kakou En are glaring at them. While Kan U dismisses them since they’re always like that, Kan Tei remarks that their glares seem to make the temperature 0 degrees lol. As Chou Hi complains that he’s better than Kakou Ton and should’ve defeated Ryo Fu with Kan U, Kakou Ton suddenly jumps into their conversation, much to everyone’s surprise – including Kakou En. The two of them start arguing about who is better, and when Kakou Ton calls Chou Hi a noisy, barking dog – Chou Hi snaps that he’s a cat, not a dog lmao. Even Kan U is stunned at his answer. Kakou Ton decides to ask for her opinion on who is stronger and she’s at a loss, since either way would worsen the mood. Ryuu Bi happily states that they’re both strong and useful and Kakou Ton decides to stop pursuing an answer as he leaves with Kakou En. Kan U wonders to herself about the answer and Chou Sosou remarks that they may both fight together again since they’re a good pair. This riles Chou Hi up as he says that he should be the most compatible fighting with Kan U. Kan U agrees with him, since they’ve been fighting side by side for so long. But she finds that she’s able to move easily alongside Kakou Ton even though they haven’t been fighting together for as long.

The next day, Kakou Ton brings Kan U to see Sou Sou. Kan U still feels bad as she sees his injury, since she may have been able to prevent it if she had hurried over earlier. Hesitant to ask about his wound, Kakou Ton gets impatient with her staring at him and asks her what she wants. Kan U decides to thank him for saving her from Ryo Fu, and he insists that he doesn’t need any thanks ‘cos he merely wanted to defeat the enemy. He then commends on how she’s rather smart after all, but gets embarrassed when she asks if he’s praising her. Later, Sou Sou tells Kan U that he wants Jyuuza to build a garrison at Jo Shuu, and that’s where they’ll be permanently stationed. As promised, the Jo Shuu people and the Jyuuza who can’t fight will remain in Jo Shuu. He orders Kakou Ton to assist them. Kakou En asks Sou Sou if it’s really necessary to fulfill his side of the promise. Sou Sou answers that even though he can’t do what he wants with the people he can with the country – and he plans to use it as a point to further attack other territories. Plus he gained back the Jyuuza after losing them.

Later, Kan U and Kakou Ton are heading towards the original garrison the Jo Shuu army used. They can also recall the troops stationed at the Northern borders since they were placed there to guard against Sou Sou in the first place. Right now, the biggest threat is En Shou and Kakou Ton says that Sou Sou probably stationed them here to guard against him. Kan U sees the other Maozoku and they welcome her. As Kan U reassures them, she says that she has to go back to work if not the scary older brother there will get mad at her pfft. That evening, the Maozoku have settled down in the garrison. They may have to separate from the rest if Sou Sou decides to send them elsewhere but at least they’re staying in Jo Shuu again for now. Kan U tells Chou Un that he doesn’t need to stay with them since he’s a Yu Shuu general after all. Chou Un answers that he does plan to report back to Kouson San in the near future, but would like to stay with them at least till they settle down.

Sou Sou plans to attack En Jutsu’s Nan You next. Once again, he plans to use Jyuuza but says that he hasn’t forgotten about Kakou Ton and Kakou En since they’re his two most trusted men. After Sou Sou is gone, Kakou En complains of how Sou Sou is using Jyuuza too much. Kakou Ton agrees, but since Sou Sou commended on them like that just now he doesn’t feel a need to worry. Shocked, Kakou En seeks agreement from him that he still hates the Jyuuza, to which Kakou Ton agrees after some hesitation. For Kan U and co., it’s almost surprising how they’ve gained back their peaceful days. Though they still have to fight, so far it’s been minor battles. Also, it’s odd how she feels at ease with Kakou Ton around. One day, Kakou Ton is with Sou Sou for a meeting. Strangely, Kakou En is missing as he apparently brought his men out this morning for an emergency. Minutes later, Kakou En comes running in with news that Jyuuza are plotting against Sou Sou. Sou Sou finds it hard to believe, but Kakou En claims that he found a letter off a suspicious guy – the letter is supposedly written by Kouson San to Ryuu Bi, agreeing to help to fight against Sou Sou. Plus, there’s Kouson San’s seal. With no choice, Sou Sou orders Kakou Ton and Kakou En to attack Jyuuza. While Kakou En rejoices at finally having this chance, Kakou Ton is clearly in conflict.

They attack their camp at night and the Maozoku end up dispersing with Chou Seihei taking Ryuu Bi away, and Chou Hi going to stop Kakou En from giving chase. Kan U ends up fighting Kakou Ton, who refuses any of the other soldiers from helping him. He would like to defeat her with his own strength, and Kan U is surprised to see how much stronger he has become. Still, even if she may defeat him she’s already surrounded by soldiers and it’ll be hard to escape. Finally, Kakou Ton finally explains why they’re being attacked. To this, Kan U replies that they’ve been fighting En Jutsu’s men all along and have no time to scheme such things. Moreover, they haven’t been in recent contact with Kouson San. As she insists that they’re innocent, Kakou Ton backs down to her surprise. He orders his men to stop attacking and tells her that she’ll have to prove herself before Sou Sou. Kan U is surprised that he believed her, even though he claims that he’s only trusting his own instincts that they wouldn’t do this. Kan U merely says that his instincts trust them then, and is happy to hear this.

They head to Sou Sou’s where Kakou Ton explains why he stopped the attack. Sou Sou remarks how it must be a big matter for him to do so, seeing how he hates Jyuuza. Kan U soon clears things up when she sees that the ink Kouson San’s seal uses doesn’t have gold foil. Kakou Ton immediately goes to get past letters to check and Kakou En, clearly flustered, goes to bring in his subordinate that reported this to him. As they compare, Kan U’s words are indeed true which means the letter is fake. Kakou En kills off the subordinate, claiming that he must’ve plotted this ‘cos he hated Jyuuza. As he apologises to Sou Sou, Sou Sou says that he’ll deal with him later and apologises to Kan U. His subordinate’s mistake is his mistake, and he gave the orders without checking properly. As his apology, he’ll send his men to search for Ryuu Bi and co. and would like Kan U to work under him till then. Kakou Ton also advises Kan U to go with this, as it’ll be better than searching the vast lands on her own. So Kan U agrees with this. Strangely, she also feels at ease with Kakou Ton, someone who has an unwavering strength within him.

One night, Kakou Ton overhears his men talking bad about Kan U and Jyuuza. He tells them off and threatens them to say it before Sou Sou himself. As they run off, he wonders to himself why he got mad at them. Later, he sees Kan U by herself at the riverside, who happened to be thinking of Kakou Ton – wondering if he recognises her as a warrior since he listened to her. Neither of them expected the other to be here as they came for some alone time, and Kan U is surprised to see Kakou Ton briefly smile as he said that. Before he can leave, Kan U holds him back as they’ve never properly talked to each other before. Kakou Ton agrees to her invitation and surprises her by sitting right beside her. Kan U then asks why he saved her then. He may have been able to defeat her at that rate, but he answers that he doesn’t want to fight things out ‘cos of such a misunderstanding. Plus, he thinks that they are necessary in order to fulfill Sou Sou’s dream. Realising that he is finally recognising them, Kan U thanks him. Kakou Ton says that he should be thanking her instead – in order to defeat her he kept training. He may not have gotten stronger if it weren’t for her.

Kakou Ton also wants to take this chance to ask her something – what should he call them from now on? He claims that he’s gotten tired of calling them Jyuuza but Kan U is curious why the sudden change of attitude and pursues for the real reason. He eventually says that as a warrior, he can’t call an equal existence by a derogatory term. He suggests Oppozoku (literally Tail Clan) and Kan U hesitantly points out that they don’t have tails much to his embarrassment pfft. She then tells him they are called Maozoku so he’ll call them that from now on, and also try to call Kan U by her name from now on. As he continues to insist that he only got tired of calling them Jyuuza, Kan U thinks to himself that he’s stubborn in weird ways. Unexpectedly, En Jutsu falls ill and passes away. As a result, Sou Sou easily gains Nan You and the next enemy is En Shou.

Chapter 9

Sou Sou orders Kan U and Kakou Ton to lead the army at the frontlines. Kakou En’s protests is in vain since he’s currently under disciplinary order by Sou Sou and not allowed onto the battlefield temporarily. While trying to persuade Kakou Ton on how they didn’t want to rely on Jyuuza, he instead replies that that was during Ryo Fu’s battle. He doesn’t want to commit the same mistake of the past and his direct words surprises Kan U. On the battlefield, the two of them discuss how to go against En Shou’s army, which is almost equivalent in size to theirs. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be ideal to split up since Kakou Ton admits that none of the men would be willing to fight under Kan U’s lead. Kan U thinks of acting on her own but he doesn’t want to sacrifice her in such a manner. Realising what his words may imply, Kakou Ton insists that he only referred to her sacrifice as Sou Sou’s pawn though both of them end up blushing aha. He then suggests her coming under his lead, but will treat her as an equal. If the men see how well they fight together they may eventually approve of her. Kan U agrees to this though it turns out to be a hard and long battle since they’re up against Gan Ryou and Bun Shuu.

That night, Kakou Ton suddenly enters Kan U when she’s about to sleep. Kan U is shocked since this is a woman’s room after all, and Kakou Ton merely answers: “Aah, speaking of which you are a woman. But more importantly, I thought of a plan against Gan Ryou and Bun Shuu. Listen to this.” and proceeds to sit on her bed lol. Kan U is surprised at how he’s acting since he used to hate her so much. But after approving of her, he has come to trust her this  much, and realises that he has a very upright personality. Kakou Ton’s plan is to first separate Gan Ryou and Bun Shuu from each other, so they’ll attack as according from the two flanks. This will result in the central section of their army to weaken and they’ll do a surprise attack there. He thinks that the men now trust Kan U more and suggests her leading the left flank while he the right flank. As Kan U expresses her surprise, Kakou Ton remarks that he wants to fight alongside her. Kan U accepts this and he thanks her, much to her surprise again. The only thing left is who will lead to attack the centre, and Kan U suggests Kakou En. Though he’s still under disciplinary order, they can try talking to Sou Sou.

Kakou Ton wonders why she doesn’t hate and blame him for the false accusation incident. Kan U admits this, but if she’s bothered by the past it’ll just hinder one’s judgement and they may end up losing a battle they could’ve won. Kakou Ton remarks that she’s indeed an excellent warrior and if she’d been a guy or human, he may have discovered that faster. He breaks out into a smile as he says that she has a good character. Seeing this, Kan U gets a bit self-conscious. Kakou Ton says that he’ll talk to Sou Sou later and as they continue talking about the strategy, Kan U finds herself falling asleep lol. When Kakou Ton realises this, he recalls that she seemed to have dark rings around her eyes and the continuous battles must’ve tired her out. He decides to let her rest and is amused by how her carefree sleeping face differs from her brave figure on the battlefield. Kakou Ton finds himself feeling sleepy too and apologises for making her accompany him. And he gets embarrassed when he suddenly hears her mutter his name in her sleep.

The next morning, Kan U is shocked to see Kakou Ton sleeping beside her. She recalls what happened last night and before she can get up, he suddenly hugs her, thinking that she’s a pillow. He even sleepily mutters to not take away his pillow pffft. Kan U finds him secretly cute since she couldn’t have imagined him the type to hug a pillow while sleeping. Kakou Ton soon wakes up though, and leaps away as he’s just as surprised by the situation. As he recalls last night, he quickly leaves the room as he mutters to himself that she felt softer than his usual pillow. To make things worse, Sou Sou comes in seeing him walk out of Kan U’s room. Despite Kakou Ton’s denials, Sou Sou says that he doesn’t intend to interfere anyway lol. Later, Kakou En comes to find Kakou Ton as the disciplinary order has been lifted. Kakou Ton tells him to thank Kan U though, since she thought of him as necessary for the next battle. Kakou En gets riled up though and Kakou Ton sees that his words falls on deaf ears, so he can only hope that Kakou En will come to understand in the near future.

As they head off to battle, Kan U decides to approach Kakou Ton to double-check about the strategy one more time. But she sees him smiling and goes to ask if something happy happened. Hearing this, he goes red and says that it’s her fault ‘cos she entered his field of vision. Kan U laughs at this, and apologises to him when he frowns at her. She says that she’d like to see more of his smile. Kakou Ton apologises for raising his voice in return, and answers that she can see as much as she wants of his smile – as long as she’s here. On the battlefield, the plan goes as accordingly and En Shou’s army retreats. It’s a first victory for now but Kakou En doesn’t seem pleased when Kakou Ton gives credit to Kan U too and goes to talk to her.

The men celebrate that night and Kan U goes to the hillside for some peace and quiet. Kakou Ton comes along too, admitting that he slipped away for some alone time. As he sits beside her, he confides in her that even though they won, they lost a lot of men too – including ones he has known for many years – so he isn’t really in the mood to celebrate. It’s just that he can’t show his sadness in front of the men since it’ll lower their morale. That’s why it sometimes translates into anger and he lets it out, since it’s also one way to spur the men on. But at least when he’s alone, he’d like to express his sadness. Kan U understands his feelings since she’s been through the same and says that he can let it out before her. She then asks why he fights under Sou Sou if it can get so painful at times, and he could choose a more peaceful life. Kakou Ton answers that he kept seeing the lands and people caught up in war. He dislikes war itself but he can’t do anything by himself. That is till he met Sou Sou, and felt that he’d be able to unify the continent and give peace. That’s why he pledged absolute loyalty to Sou Sou and is willing to go through all this. In a way, it’s a war to gain back peace for all. Though a little clumsy, Kan U realises that he’s kind at heart too. Kakou Ton recalls how Kan U told him that he had lost sight of what was important to him. He admits that it was true, and forgot his initial drive and only fought for the sake of it. But now he finally remembered.

He finds it odd how he can talk all this with Kan U – something his past self definitely wouldn’t do. Kan U comments that she prefers the him now, and Kakou Ton agrees with her. Perhaps at the same time he lost his left eye, he also lost all the prejudice that accumulated in the things he saw. It’s peculiar how he can now see things for the first time with just one eye, as compared to when he had two eyes. Out of the blue, he asks to see Kan U’s eyes. Kan U recalls that he let her go see Sou Sou when he saw them. Kakou Ton answers that her black eyes are like a mirror, something so clear which can reflect everything. To Kan U’s surprise and embarrassment, Kakou Ton has her lie down – so that the stars in the night sky reflects in her eyes. Kan U remarks that she can’t see what he’s seeing anyway, so he answers that he’ll see on her behalf too then and that her eyes are beautiful. Kan U thinks to herself that the same can be said for his, as you can see his strength reflected in them. Kakou Ton suddenly realises what he’s doing and backs away. He tells her to return since she’s a woman after all and may easily catch a cold. Kan U answers that she’s a proper woman but gender doesn’t have anything to do with this. Kakou Ton hesitantly repeats her words, that she is a woman. Kan U thanks him though for worrying over her and he gets embarrassed and insists otherwise. Kan U sees that he unexpectedly gets easily embarrassed.

As the war continues, Kan U knows that she doesn’t feel at ease since En Shou hasn’t been defeated yet and Ryuu Bi remains to be found. One day, she spots Kakou Ton and calls out to him. But the two women finding him starts to chase him and he blames Kan U for getting found out and drags her off with her. After they’ve escaped, Kan U wonders why he ran away and it turns out that he was made to go for a marriage meeting. Kan U wonders why he can’t just reject straight-out and Kakou Ton finally admits that he’s bad at dealing with women. Kan U jokingly asks if he’s interested in guys then and quickly withdraws her statement when he draws his sword lmao. Kakou Ton says that she’s different, as he sees her as a warrior like him. Kan U can’t help but feel a bit disappointed since that means he doesn’t see her as a woman. Kakou Ton seeks agreement from her that it’s weird to consider gender when it comes to warriors, though it appears that he’s more like reassuring himself. He then insists that a war is ongoing so it’s not the time to consider marriage – he will do so when Sou Sou’s dream has been achieved. Kan U questions if he’ll really take a wife if it’s bad with women, and Kakou Ton embarrassingly admits that he doesn’t hate all women – he does have someone he’s interested in.

Kan U immediately leaps on the chance to pursue further since this is Kakou Ton we’re talking about. After gaining her promise that she won’t tell anyone, Kakou Ton recalls the woman that saved him and treated his injury. Even though he couldn’t clearly see her face, he knows that she has a birthmark on her arm. As his saviour, he feels gratitude towards her and for some reason when he thinks of her his chest hurts. He wonders why he’s telling all of this to Kan U and suddenly sees that she has the same hair colour and length as the woman. Unwittingly, Kan U answers that it’s not a special feature. She knows that he’s referring to her – her birthmark is hidden by her sleeve but she rolled them back when treating him. As she feels herself turning red and Kakou Ton expresses concern over her, she runs off. Soon after, Kakou En comes to see Kakou Ton, after seeing Kan U leave. While persuading him again, Kakou Ton says that he already thinks of her as a comrade after having fought so much together. He remarks that Kakou En’s stubbornness now was like the past him and tries to get him to recognise Maozoku. But Kakou En gets upset that they’ve begun walking on different paths, even though they always held the same values.

On the next battlefield, En Shou has gathered all his remaining men to fight against them. Kakou Ton and Kan U find themselves surrounded and work together to fight their way out. But one of En Shou’s soldiers recognises Kan U and in exchange for sparing his life, he reveals that Ryuu Bi and co. are currently at En Shou’s. Kakou Ton sees that Kan U is unlike her usual self and she tells him about the information she heard. Kakou Ton questions if she’s serious about leaving them just like that, and she admits that she feels regrettable to separate ways but there’s no choice. After the battle, they both report this to Sou Sou. Sou Sou remarks that there’s no proof and she may very well be heading towards her own death by going to En Shou’s. But Kan U stands firm and reminds him of their promise. Sou Sou has no choice but to uphold it even though he finds it hard to let her go. Kakou Ton asks if she plans to join En Shou’s army, and she firmly denies this. She has no intention to, and does not wish to fight against them. However, Kakou Ton doubts that En Shou will leave her be, even though it’s merely his intuition telling him that En Shou will definitely lie to them. Both Sou Sou and him agree that Maozoku in general are too trustful and good-willed, which led them to today’s situation. But Kan U refuses to change her mind no matter what, and only says that she does feel regrettable to part when they’ve finally come to understand each other.

After she leaves the room, Kakou Ton admits that he never expected Sou Sou to really let her go. Sou Sou replies that if fate allows it, they’ll meet again so Kakou Ton shouldn’t make such a regrettable face. Seeing his flustered reaction, Sou Sou observes how he knows that he’s attracted to her. When Kakou Ton admits that he’s attracted to her strength as a warrior, Sou Sou merely remarks how he’s slow lol. He then orders Kakou Ton to call for Kakou En since they’ll be needing a meeting to formulate a new strategy for the battle against En Shou tomorrow, now that Kan U is no longer here.

On her way to Ki Shuu, Kan U is ambushed by Kakou En and 20 men. She finally learns that he was the one that framed the Maozoku. Though she tries to fight her way out, his men fire arrows at her and she’s injured. Just then, Kakou Ton appears as he saw that Kakou En was missing and guessed that he came after Kan U. As he draws his sword, Kakou Ton says that he’ll have to take care of his relative’s mismanagement. Kakou En is disheartened to see this, and declares that Kakou Ton is no longer the person he respected and is a fake now. Kakou Ton doesn’t want Kan U to interfere so Kan U thinks that the least she can do is to take care of the other soldiers. She can only imagine what Kakou Ton is feeling right now to have reached this decision. Though Kakou Ton is injured at first, he manages to defeat Kakou En and says that he committed an unforgivable act and has to be killed.

Bad End

After fighting alongside the Maozoku, Kakou Ton has come to see that they definitely won’t do something as despicable as this. Their will as a warrior is the same as humans. The current Kakou En is an existence even more shameful than any human or Maozoku. However, after much hesitation Kakou Ton can’t bear to kill Kakou En and tells him to leave and to not appear before him or Sou Sou anymore. To Kakou En, it’s a penalty worse than death but he has no choice but to leave. Kakou Ton asks if Kan U thinks that he’s too lenient too, and she says that it must be painful to kill his own relative. Kakou Ton remarks how she’s a strange one to say that to someone who almost killed her. Kan U answers that that’s how she is, and he can’t help but feel that the woman would’ve said the same thing. He checks her arm as her sleeve is torn, but she isn’t injured. However, he recognises the birthmark on her arm and realises that it was her all along. When she tries to deny this, he tells her to be honest, recalling how that person saved him and supported him when he was having that nightmare. Kan U finally admits so, but explains that she thought that he would’t think well of her if he knew the truth. Kakou Ton admits this, but says that he always had something he wanted to say to his savior.

Unfortunately, he stops midway in his words as Kakou En stabs him from behind. He mockingly says that it’s shameful as a warrior to have turned his back so easily to an opponent. As he draws his sword out, Kakou Ton collapses to the ground. Kan U rushes to his side, and Kakou Ton can only weakly agree with Kakou En’s words. Not only that, he failed to see that she was the one all along. As Kan U says that she’ll get a doctor immediately, Kakou Ton tells her that she should know that he can no longer be saved. He calls for her to listen to his last words, and passes away after that. Kakou En guesses that his last words must’ve had to do with her, that she shouldn’t have appeared in his life since she caused his death. As much as Kan U could’ve fought him there and then for Kakou Ton’s revenge, she remained motionless as Kakou Ton’s last words repeat inside of her mind. If they had met differently in a different situation, this may not have happened. He could’ve said a million other more important things instead, but he didn’t. She’d rather hear him say those words with a smile on his face: “Thank you for saving me at that time” but everything is too late, as Kakou En kills her too.

Good End

Both Kakou Ton and Kakou En agree that they once thought of each other as each other’s halves. But Kakou Ton states that the reason they went on separate paths was ‘cos of Kan U and the other Maozoku – he accepted them while Kakou En didn’t. Kakou En doesn’t see how one could do so though and Kakou Ton agrees that he felt the same at first. The common knowledge they had known all along told them that they were filthy, inferior, and shouldn’t be accepted. But when he started to actually interact with Kan U, that common knowledge was destroyed – she was excellent on the battleground, always focused and genuine, with a good personality. He now thinks that they’re a clan to be respected. If Kakou En interacted with them more he may also start to feel the same way. Kakou En denies this though, as he claims that by right he should know him the best since they’ve always been together. Kakou Ton firmly rejects this – they may have thought of each other as mirror images and hence the same, comfortable existence but it’s wrong. They shouldn’t depend on that comfort and stay in that closed-up world of theirs – that only results in them looking at themselves through the other person. The one Kakou En is looking at isn’t really Kakou Ton but himself. But humans should accept differences and mature from there on.

Kakou En refuses to accept any of this though, and Kan U tells Kakou Ton to stop. But Kakou Ton feels that he should be the one to correct Kakou En’s wrong, he shouldn’t make any exceptions. Just like how the moon out tonight is painted half in darkness, he’s also empty as he’s going to send his other half to the other side. He tells Kakou En to wait for him there, where he’ll listen to his grudges. He stabs Kakou En, who is half in disbelief. But rather than be finished off by either of them, he decides to edge his way to the cliff to kill himself instead. Kakou Ton can only ask for forgiveness, since this is the only way he knows how to live. Hearing this, Kakou En says that understands this, and Kakou Ton is really the brother he knows after all. After Kakou En jumps off, Kakou Ton tells Kan U not to comfort him. Though they were like mirror images, they are separate beings after all and would walk separate paths sooner or later. It’s not her fault, and one can only blame the values they grew up with in that closed-up world of theirs. Kan U says that he’s too harsh on himself, but Kakou Ton answers that that’s how he is.

Knowing that she’s leaving, he tells her to hurry off. They’re no longer on the same side and she’s now an eyesore. As much as his words hurt Kan U, she knows that it’s the truth and thanks him for saving her. Kakou Ton tells her to leave it, since he merely couldn’t forgive what Kakou En did. Kan U calls him her saviour anyway, but he thinks that it’s merely lengthening her lifespan by a bit. His instincts tell him that they’ll meet on the battlefield as enemies next time, and they’ll settle their win-loss then. Seeing his resolution, Kan U wants to match up to them and agrees with him before leaving.

References: Kan U/Guan Yu was appointed as a Lieutenant General whilst under Sou Sou/Cao Cao. As according to the conditions, he only remained under Cao Cao up till he knew Ryuu Bi/Liu Bei’s location. As such he left to rejoin Liu Bei, who was in En Shou/Yuan Shao’s camp.

Chapter 10

Kan U can’t forget the look on Kakou Ton’s face when they parted – even though it was a stern expression, he also appeared sad. Just then, she meets Chou Hi and Chou Un and confirms with them that everyone’s safe – except Ryuu Bi. They only just heard the other day from En Shou’s men that Ryuu Bi is with En Shou and want them to go over. Kan U confirms that she heard the same news, so they head off to meet En Shou. At Sou Sou’s side, Kakou Ton reports to him what happened. It’ll be a tough battle having lost both Kan U and Kakou En, but Kakou Ton assures him that he’ll make up for that. Still, Sou Sou advises him not to strain himself too much, as he has lost a lot. When Kakou Ton’s outside, he recalls how he lost his left eye, his other half – if there was something to be lost next, he has already lost it. Suddenly, he cringes in pain, but can only wonder where this pain is coming from since he isn’t physically hurt.

Kan U learns from Chou Hi and Chou Un that the other Maozoku are near the borders of Ki Shuu. There’s no telling whether this is a trap or not so only the two of them came here. They meet Gan Ryou, Bun Shuu, and En Shou at the said meeting point. To their dismay, En Shou reveals that he had actually placed spies at Jo Shuu and they kidnapped Ryuu Bi when they had the chance to do so – so that he could gain Jyuuza on his side, not that he’d expected Kan U to show up too. Learning from what Sou Sou did, he threatens them to fight under him now if they want Ryuu Bi to be safe. With no other choice, Chou Un says that he’ll go back to gather the rest over. Seeing that Sou Sou and Kakou Ton were right after all, Kan U can only blame herself for being too naive. A few weeks later, En Shou declares war on Sou Sou and En Shou wants Kan U to bring Kakou Ton’s head to him at tomorrow’s battle. At the same time, Sou Sou hears that Kan U is fighting for En Shou. Kakou Ton mutters under his breath how stupid she was, but assures Sou Sou that an enemy is an enemy and he’ll defeat her if they meet tomorrow.

That night, Kan U goes to cool her head as she rides her horse out. But being too deep in her thoughts, she ends up riding too far out and running into Kakou Ton. He immediately draws his sword, but she informs him that she’s been ordered to fight him tomorrow so they’ll settle things then. As he tells her to leave, Kakou Ton starts cringing in pain. Alarmed, Kan U hurries to his side despite his words. Kan U says that there’s no way she can fight him if he’s in such a condition tomorrow. Kakou Ton eases up as he agrees with her. As she asks if he’s hurt, Kakou Ton explains that he merely feels a burning sensation, and starts to cramp up in his left side of the body. Hearing this, Kan U suddenly hugs him as she tells him that the pain he’s feeling is a phantom pain sensation, the pain from losing Kakou En, as if he really lost half of himself. Shocked, Kakou Ton questions if he’s really such a weak person, and if she’s pitying him now. He refuses any sympathy and just like when he lost his left eye back then, he’ll overcome this by himself too. He expects her to fight him with all she’s got tomorrow, ‘cos that’s what he’ll do. Seeing him leave like that, Kan U can’t help but feel her chest hurt.

The next morning, Kakou Ton continues to feel the pain and Sou Sou tells him not to burden himself too much. Meanwhile, Chou Hi is fighting alongside Kan U – Chou Un has yet to return with the rest. But the battle has started already and seeing Kakou Ton heading over by himself, Kan U goes to fight him. As they fight, they both read each other’s moves as they’ve come to understand each other well by now – they’re fighting as if they’re confirming each other’s minds. But Kan U can’t bring herself to kill Kakou Ton after all – before they’re warriors, they’re themselves, Kan U and Kakou Ton. Kakou Ton decides to deal the final blow then, but he can’t bring himself to do so either and starts to cringe in pain. Kan U remarks that with each strike he deals, it’s like he’s hurting himself and he shouldn’t continue a fight which hurts himself. Kakou Ton drops the sword, and wonders why he can’t kill her, even though he could attack Kakou En. Just then, Sou Sou appears before them as he announces that Jyuuza has surrendered to him – and hence they’re fighting for him now. Chou Un shows up too, and reveals that he actually led the other Maozoku to save Ryuu Bi – since En Shou’s forces were focused on this war, the defenses at the Ki Shuu capital were weakened and they successfully saved Ryuu Bi.

Sou Sou orders both Kakou Ton and Kan U to fight together to defeat En Shou. They’ve to defeat Gan Ryou and Bun Shuu first though. With Kakou Ton’s advice, Kan U manages to overcome Bun Shuu, and they both agree that it’s thanks to each other that they’ve matured. Not having expected them to be this strong, Gan Ryou and Bun Shuu join hands and attack them as a team. Kan U and Kakou Ton are quick to answer to this together and defeat both of them. As En Shou insults Kan U, Kakou Ton remarks that he’s the same as Kakou En and the past him – if he removed the cloud away from his eyes, he’ll be able to see the truth. But right now, he’s way filthier than how En Shou deems Kan U to be. En Shou provokes Kakou Ton, knowing that he’d killed Kakou En. Kakou Ton starts to feel the phantom pain again, and Kan U encourages him on, repeating those same words she’d said to him – to stand back up as he always does, and she’ll hold his hand if that will lessen his pain. Kakou Ton recognises the words immediately, and sees that she has the same birthmark on her arm. He’d secretly thought that it may be her since there were overlapping points, but now he can finally confirm it.

Kakou Ton demands to know why she hid it from him, and she answers that the past him may have felt hurt to know this. Kakou Ton knows that it’s true, and can only remark on how miserable he was then. He then kills off En Shou (\o/) and surprisingly his pain is gone. Realising that the truth has been revealed, Kan U feels embarrassed as she wonders if he’s disappointed by it. But he grabs her and has her face him – and apparently both of them are blushing pfft. Kakou Ton says that it’s ‘cos he’s touching the woman he fell in love with. It’s ‘cos he secretly guessed that it may be her, that he ended up recalling that time and told her how he felt. He thought that it would’ve been nice if it really was her.

Is it weird for someone like me, who used to hate Maozoku, to say this? You also thought that and hence kept quiet about it all along. But after meeting you all, my perspective of Maozoku changed. The trigger was you, Kan U. Your conduct as a warrior, and every time I saw your unwavering will, a conflict rose in me. Between the me who hated Maozoku, and the me who thought that I should approve of your existence…… But I’ve already come out from that conflict. Why should I have to hate the clan which my saviour is part of…… Kan U. (takes her hand) Fufu, even though my memory of it was faint, your hand was this small. It fits snugly in mine now. I have to thank you for that time. I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart. And I can now say this without any waver. I’m glad that the woman from back then is you. (……) How strange. I’ve always thought that your smile looks so happy but……after realising my feelings, I want to touch you. Can I touch you? (……) I can’t? What do you think of me? I like you. I want to hear your answer.

Kan U isn’t sure of her feelings yet since Kakou Ton’s sudden kind attitude has surprised her too much, and she never thought about approaching him in this manner. He’s willing to wait, and will continue to whisper words of love till she answers him. Embarrassed, she remarks that her heart won’t be able to take it. Hearing this, Kakou Ton sees a glimpse of hope since she’s embarrassed and self-conscious now, taking that she has positive feelings towards him. Even though he did say that he’ll wait, he can’t help but wait an answer too so he’ll continue to “attack” her. Kan U laughs at this, since he continues to say battle-related words. Kakou Ton admits that he never had anything else besides that, but other than that he’s now attached to her. Surprised at the embarrassing stuff he’s been saying, Kakou Ton replies that there’s nothing embarrassing about saying one’s own feelings straight-out.

While she isn’t completely sure yet, she admits that she may like him as well. Kakou Ton is happy with this answer as of now and caresses her face. He asks her to stay by his side and promises to not hurt her anymore. He’ll protect her and be her shield whenever necessary. Kan U says that she won’t just be protected, and will do the same for him – so they’ll support each other from now on. Though he says that he won’t hurt her, Kakou Ton will continue to “attack” her and tells her to prepare herself. Kan U though, takes this chance to give him a surprise attack by kissing the cover over his left eye. A few years pass, and the Maozoku have settled back in Jo Shuu. Though they were all reluctant, Kan U stayed by Kakou Ton’s side to continue fighting under Sou Sou.

One day, Kakou Ton complains about how everyone is hindering Sou Sou’s path, attacking them like louses lolol. Though she thinks that he’s being too mean, Kan U agrees that it’s taking a lot of effort. She worries over the morale of the soldiers and Kakou Ton confidently reassures her that the next battle will boost it. Sou Sou approaches them then to talk about tomorrow’s battle, but he also worries if he’s interrupting their alone-time pffft. Apparently he wants to revise the strategy, but Kakou Ton insists that they should go ahead – that he’ll act as a decoy for the enemy. Kan U opposes to this and of course, Sou Sou expected this – not that Kakou Ton seems to understand since it’s the best plan. Sou Sou secretly tells Kan U that he knows that Kakou Ton is her greatest weakness, so it’ll distract her performance on the battlefield. As such, he orders Kakou Ton that they’ll attack head-on. Even if it may be tougher, it’s better for Kan U to be fully focused. He teases Kakou Ton for making such a scary face at him and says that he should know Kan U’s greatest weakness too.

After Sou Sou leaves, Kan U asks if he’s unhappy with the decision. Kakou Ton denies this, since it’s Sou Sou’s decision. He’s confident that it’ll lead them to victory, bringing them one step closer to achieving his dream of a unified, land and that one day all humans and Maozoku can coexist peacefully – like in Jo Shuu. He recalls Kakou En from time to time though, since he also held the same dream. But he refuses to cry since he doesn’t deserve to. Kan U knows that it’s still tough for him though, and reminds him that she’s always by his side. Kakou Ton knows this, and reassures her that while she’s not his other half, she isn’t a replacement for Kakou En. He suddenly “attacks” the nape of her neck, knowing that she’s sensitive to this and he’s the only one who knows this weak spot of hers. But he’s still mindful of the weakness Sou Sou mentioned and demands to know it ‘cos he wants to know everything about her. Kan U makes up an answer and he sees through it right away, since she’s his other half after all. Annoyed, she tells him to search for the answer himself then, wondering if his love for her isn’t enough.

Kakou Ton gets flustered and responds that she’s the only woman he can leave his back open to, and loves her more than anyone. Embarrassed, he tells her to stop keeping quiet and so she tells him the same. He remarks that making him worry like this is a bad habit of hers and kisses her. One day, he’ll definitely see through what her greatest weakness is. Kan U thinks to herself that the answer is him. It’s ‘cos he’s alive that she’s here like this, and the same probably applies for him. They’ll continue to be together like this till the end of their lives.


Where to start? Okay, if I put my Ishida bias aside, I’ll have to say that this is the most enjoyable route in the game so far. Unlike other routes there isn’t much revelations in terms of plot or background, but Kakou Ton’s has the most character growth as well as the cutest chemistry with Kan U in my opinion. So much so that I had to add his banner to the sidebar lol. At first you may think he’s just the tsundere character of the game. But no. Personally, unlike the typical ones, Kakou Ton really does hate Kan U ‘cos of the common knowledge and prejudice he grew up with. But slowly he changed and matured over the course of his route, and came to first – respect Kan U – and then grow to love her. In other routes, I’ve always felt that the guy’s level of love surpasses Kan U’s by so much. But not in this case. Kan U experiences the same growth of feelings as Kakou Ton. And just as how he saved her many times, she was also his life saviour. I also found it damn cute how they use their own “battle” language with each other. Gosh can I just have the FD? I want to see them unwittingly flirt with each other before Sou Sou lmao.

It was sad to see him have to kill Kakou En. I know the phantom pain issue may have appeared cheesy but just imagine killing off someone you’ve always saw as your own brother. It’s also here that the moon motif is mentioned the one and only time. He does subtly mention it though when referring to Kan U as his other half. But personally, I really liked the imagery of mirrors and his statement of how prejudice builds up in one’s eyes over the years. Speaking of sad, Tatsun was so convincing when delivering his last words in the bad end. No other words for it, he was just awesome. Also, he uses his lower register when voicing Kakou Ton which is always good in my books – especially when saying the romantic lines. Please, cast him in more roles like Kakou Ton (or Hinase from Shinigami to Shoujo). Actually thinking about it, if he says that “there’s nothing embarrassing about saying one’s own feelings straight-out” he’s not really that tsundere right? Lol. I also liked the fact that we’ve a character here who really works for himself. And I think he may have overtaken Chou Un as the character who blushes around Kan U the most hahaha. His interactions with the Maozoku are so cute, and and…his smile is too dazzling! Lmao what am I even saying. Here have a screenshot to see for yourself:


Kakou En’s special route was unlocked, and again that’ll be covered in the Extras post at the end. There’s only Sou Sou left and if his route isn’t damn good Kan U + Kakou Ton is going to turn out to be my OTP for the game, which is a surprise for me! I’m currently also working on my Koezaru wa Akai Hana review so lotsa multi-tasking behind-the-scenes which you don’t see lol. Till next post~

8 thoughts on “Jyuuzaengi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~: Kakou Ton’s Route

  1. Eu says:

    You even translated those glorious lines! \o/
    Gaaaaaaahhhhhh this is too adorable to handle!!! I love this so much I’m afraid to move on to other routes (and to think the next route is Chou Un aaaahhhhh). I. NEED. JYUUZAENGI 2. ASAP. wwwww

    I keep on asking myself if he really is a tsundere. But the tsun vibes is not really strong. It may be borderline tsun but not really. Ahaha. And his straightforward manner doesn’t make him one, right?

    Yes yes, I feel that too. Their chemistry stems from them being on equal footing. Other than their race, they are almost the same. When Kakou Ton “accidentally” saves Kan U from Chou Ryou, I go 8D . Really Kakou Ton. 8D www

    And uh, Sou Sou is such a cool superior here. It’s funny how he gets to tease the two and for him to notice things far quicker than the lovebirds. www

    I feel sad for Kakou En too. But I also can’t imagine him liking Maozoku just like his cousin. Though somehow, I have Ryuu Bi flashbacks when he fell from the cliff. That when En Shou shows up, I thought he have him on his side now. lol

    As much as Kan U says that the phantom pain is due to the death of Kakou En, I also think it is also because of Kan U leaving Kakou Ton’s side. The timing of the appearance and disappearance of the pain is just too perfect. Not only that Kakou Ton lost his other half of the body which is Kakou En, he also lost the other half of his heart a.k.a Kan U – as cheesy as it sounds. :3

    P.S. Thank you for dragging me to this game. x3 www


    • Yume says:

      Isn’t this route super adorable!? It’s hard to believe since from the start Kakou Ton’s attitude towards Kan U is really hostile and prickly but ahhh the way their relationship progressed was so good. Yup he’s so straightforward even in love so it’s hard to classify him as tsundere ww

      Yup Sou Sou was really cool here! But for his own route…ahaha you’ll have to see for yourself!

      Ahh Kakou En. ;w; I swear, just like Kakou Ton at first it’s hard to imagine how Kakou En’s special route will go. But just like Kakou Ton they did a fantastic job so look forward to it!

      Omg that…is true. Immediately after that Kan U left his side so it’s like a double-blow to Kakou Ton, since before he had always wanted the three of them to assist Sou Sou together. Nice point, Eu-chan!!

      (Ehehe you’re most welcome <3)


      • Eu says:

        Yep! Super!!! www
        If Sou Sou’s route is not good, I’ll add him in my to-punch list. lol
        His hatred for Maozoku is as equal as that of Kakou Ton right? ; A ; But his cousin’s route is good so I’m keeping the faith! 😀
        Yeah, it’s like his best allies are stripped away from him all at once. Poor babu ; w ;


          • Eu says:

            1 more chapter before the bad end~ /o/
            It’s idk, I like how mellow Sou Sou’s personality now and i kinda understand why he restrains Kan U. B-but he’s bordeline yandere, afaik… ;;; And what’s the deal with him having the same eye color as Kan U? :O


            • Yume says:

              Oh wow please feel free to spam me on twitter when you reach his bad end! He will no longer be borderline yandere! /bricked As for the eye colour, it kinda hints something about his identity. I think you reached the spoiler already.


            • Eu says:

              I’ve just read this. ><;;; And I wouldn't be able to spam you either because I was too speechless by the bad end. www


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