Jyuuzaengi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~: Sou Sou’s Route

Last route up is Sou Sou (CV: Toriumi Kousuke), who is pretty much the one responsible for dragging Kan U and the rest into their human affairs. I recommend reading at least Chou Hi’s review first ‘cos all the common stuff is explained there; I’m not going into overlapping details for the following routes.

Chapter 1

This is similar to Chou Ryou’s route, except Kan U draws her sword before Sou Sou when Ryuu Bi shows up. This amuses him instead though, as he asks for her name. He’s taken an interest in her and claims that he’ll definitely make her his. Later, instead of asking Chou Hi what to do about Ryuu Bi, she asks Sou Sou for a bit more time. Sou Sou suggests bringing Ryuu Bi along then, and the rest agree since it looks like there’s no choice. Later, Kakou Ton asks Sou Sou why he allowed a helpless child along. But Sou Sou points out that he appears like their leader and using him as a hostage would be ideal to make use of the Maozoku. The rest of the chapter is the same.

Chapter 2

This starts off similarly to Ryuu Bi’s, with the only difference being that Kan U doesn’t respond to Chou Hi’s initial cue to attack the Yellow Turban rebels together. Later it proceeds similarly to Chou Hi’s except that Sou Sou cuts off Chou Kaku’s ears right before Kan U and Chou Hi.

Chapter 3

This starts off similarly to Ryuu Bi’s.

Rakuyou, Sou Sou 1: Kan U is searching for the charm left to her by her mother, which she probably dropped on the way back from Sou Sou’s. She bumps into him, and is reluctant to explain what she’s doing at first. When she eventually does so, he asks if it’s the object he picked up. Apparently he found it at his residence. Kan U is surprised when he returns it so willingly, and Sou Sou remarks that Ryuu Bi is more than enough as a hostage and he doesn’t need to use such a thing. Kan U frowns as she says that it’s an important object to her. Sou Sou tells her to not lose it the next time then, since it’s of such importance.

Rakuyou, Sou Sou 2: Kan U gets lost at Sou Sou’s residence when trying to find Ryuu Bi’s room. When she tries to ask for directions, the servants flee out of fear. It turns out that she’s right before Sou Sou’s room though, and he tells her to come in when he hears her voice. Hearing about her situation, he tells her to wait till he’s done with the report on the Yellow Turban rebels. But he gets distracted still when she’s looking at him, and brings her to Ryuu Bi’s room first. Sou Sou leaves before she can thank him though, and decides to thank him the next time.

Rakuyou, Sou Sou 3: Kan U goes to find Sou Sou, as she’s here to report on the Yellow Turban rebels’ situation, and to properly thank him for the previous two times. Sou Sou appears amused at her thanking someone whom she should hate, but Kan U thinks that it’s only natural to properly thank others. Sou Sou thinks otherwise though, feeling that he hasn’t owed anyone anything – not even his own family. Even if they have the same blood, if their interests are not the same they’re pretty much useless to him. He doesn’t think of them of family: they merely make use of him and vice versa, all for using the name of Sou to gain the whole country. Kan U can’t understand how he places importance of gaining the country over his own family, and says that it’s heartening to be able to live together with family peacefully. Sou Sou feels that such bonds are as weak as sand castles – people rely on each other ‘cos they’re weak, ‘cos they can’t do things by themselves. He questions if Kan U really does things for the sake of the other Jyuuza and not for her own interest. She pauses at this, and wonders if she’s seeking approval from everyone else ‘cos she’s of mixed blood. Seeing her hesitation, Sou Sou remarks that Jyuuza aren’t that different from humans. Everyone is living for the sake of themselves in this world – he’s just not hiding that fact, while others hide it under a facade. Kan U angrily denies that Ryuu Bi and the rest are like that, so Sou Sou wonders if she’s merely denying reality then. He refuses to waste anymore time with her on the topic and leaves.

The same events happens as in Kakou Ton’s, just that when he holds Kan U back after Sou Sou decides to attack Tou Taku and asks her what she’ll do if it’s leaked, Kan U answers that she’ll apologise to Sou Sou. Angered by her answer, he threatens to kill her on-the-spot. Sou Sou comes over and when he hears from Kakou Ton that Kan U doesn’t understand the severity of the situation, Sou Sou says that if things really leak out he’ll have to burn down the camp, including all the Jyuuza. As he explains how serious things are, Kan U promises that she’ll not tell anyone else but the other Maozoku. Same stuff up till when they’re preparing to attack Tou Taku, Kan U says that she’ll end things quickly since she wants to return with everyone to their village asap. Taking fancy to her attitude, Sou Sou asks her to join them at the front when attacking Tou Taku. Again same stuff as in Kakou Ton’s, just that Kan U willingly goes up to fight Ryo Fu. Sou Sou joins her as it appears that they’ll have to defeat Ryo Fu first before they can chase after Tou Taku. Sou Sou comments on how she’s like a wild beast, but she throws it back at him, saying that he’s trapped by his own blood in which he can only live on a path full of chaos and war. Kan U fails to understand what she truly means by this, but Sou Sou seems to have gotten the hint.

Ryo Fu overpowers Sou Sou but Kan U saves him before she can deal the critical blow – to everyone’s surprise. As Ryo Fu pointed out, if Sou Sou is gone that means they’re free. Kan U doesn’t know why she saved him either to be honest. Chou Ryou soon comes in as he says that Tou Taku has escaped successfully already. Same events happen, just that Sou Sou gives his thanks to Kan U since she saved his life. In the travel system, Kan U approaches Sou Sou who seems to have his heads in the clouds. She wonders if he’s feeling down after what happened, and says that he can choose to live a peaceful life too since he has many fellow human beings which he can support on. Sou Sou denies this immediately, and says that he’s thinking of a way to counterattack. There’s no way he can stop fighting now, at least not at this point, no matter how many strong enemies may stand in the way. Kan U doesn’t understand what’s driving him on so much and just doesn’t want to get involved with him further as she leaves. Her words about relying on your fellow race seems to have gotten to Sou Sou though, as he mulls over it. The rest of the chapter is the same.

Chapter 4

The chapter starts of similarly to Kakou Ton’s, except that when she goes to their camp to ask more about tomorrow’s battle plan, she appears taken aback that Kakou Ton and Kakou En will be representing Sou Sou’s army. She thought that someone older (more experience) would be the representative. Amused, Sou Sou asks if she is willing to be a representative then. Kan U quickly denies that she implied any of this and runs off while telling both Kakou Ton and Kakou En to work hard lol. Same events happen up till the banquet night, and Kan U is willing to go but doesn’t want to meet Sou Sou. After she leaves, Chou Seihei and Chou Sousou both remark that Sou Sou probably wants to show Kan U off as “his thing”, the one who defeated Ka Yuu, to the rest of the people. Unfortunately for Kan U, she meets Sou Sou almost immediately and he forces her to sit next to him, since everyone is curious about her and he wants them all to know that she’s his. En Shou comes to see her, and he gets the message that her and the other Jyuuza’s power are in Sou Sou’s grasp now. After En Shou leaves, Sou Sou remarks that he may become his enemy in the future. He notices that Kan U remains quiet and when he asks after her, she says that she’ll fight as he wishes to tomorrow as well, hence she’d like him to leave her alone with respect to all other matters.

Same events happen as in Kakou Ton’s route, just that Kan U goes to the front and volunteers to fight against Ryo Fu. The soldiers start to eventually support Kan U, much to Kakou Ton’s surprise. Sou Sou then orders him and Kakou En to take this chance to take down the stronghold while Kan U is fighting Ryo Fu. Chou Un offers to join them too. Chou Ryou stands in their way and Kakou Ton and Kakou En hold him up while Sou Sou and Chou Un go ahead. Meanwhile, Ryo Fu provokes Kan U when she refuses her offer to come with her again. It is unknown as to how Ryo Fu is aware that Kan U is a mixed blood, and she suggests that Kan U merely wants to be approved by them. At the other side, Sou Sou persuades the soldiers to open the gate to let them in, offering to take them in if they surrender unlike Ryo Fu who merely kills for the sake of it, even if it’s her own men. His word are effective and the gates open, so the stronghold is overcome soon after. Chou Ryou and Chou Sen come to Ryo Fu to let her know of this, so they retreat to Rakuyou. Sou Sou returns to Kan U’s side and gives her credit for both taking on Ryo Fu and leading the Jyuuza well. Seeing that she appears tired, he carries her and tells her to take a brief rest since the war is still ongoing come tomorrow.

Same stuff as in Kakou Ton’s route, just that Sou Sou and Kan U are part of the last batch to cross the river, heavy with mist in the morning. His is the only army pursuing Tou Taku and though Kouson San’s stayed behind to help Rakuyou, he suggests that the others also decided to stay behind for their own safety. Though Kan U sees that he’s pursuing Tou Taku for his own ambitions, she can see that he’s also thinking for the country since he doesn’t agree with Tou Taku’s ways. Unfortunately, they’re caught by surprise as the enemy attacks them, firing arrows at them in the mist. Sou Sou and other soldiers are hurt, and Kan U tells them all to jump into the river on the spur of the moment. At the other side, Kakou Ton and co. only realise later that they’re being attacked with Jo Ei charging at them. Kan U brings Sou Sou to shore, but despite his protests she goes back in to save the other soldiers. She eventually returns after saving all the soldiers. However, a few of Tou Taku’s men appear and Sou Sou tells Kan U to escape with the others first.

After he’s done and catches up, Kan U takes all of them to hide in a cave while she treats their wounds. Sou Sou orders one of the able men to call for help, and tells Kan U to focus on the more heavily injured soldier over himself. Perhaps he read her mind, and didn’t stop her even if the hopes of saving the soldier was very low. Kakou Ton, Kakou En, Chou Hi arrive. The soldier eventually passes away but they still thank her since he passed away peacefully, as Sou Sou asks for his body to be carried away carefully. There’s no choice but to retreat, though Sou Sou suddenly grabs Kan U as he asks for her to come with him, and he’ll make her his general. Of course Chou Hi isn’t pleased, and Kakou Ton and Kakou En are shocked by Sou Sou’s words, as is Kan U herself.

You don’t just have the strength, you also have the ability to attract others to you! As long as I have you, my ambition can come true. Kan U, I want you! I’m throwing away my pride and shame to ask you! Come to my side!

Sou Sou passes out then and Kakou Ton quickly orders for the soldiers to take him back. He himself isn’t willing to fight alongside Kan U so he asks her and the rest to go off while Sou Sou is unconscious. The rest of the chapter is the same as Kakou Ton’s.

Chapter 5

The chapter starts off similarly to Kakou Ton’s, just that in En Shuu Kan U decides to check up on Sou Sou himself since he wields the power in this country. Plus, he may also make use of Maozoku again so it’s best to prevent this.

En Shuu, Sou Sou 1: Kan U sees a bunch of people preparing to go to the mountains to pick cordyceps, and they explain that they’re picking for Sou Sou who is still far from full recovery. Their previous governor abandoned them when the Yellow Turban rebels came to attack, and Sou Sou’s army chased them out so they’re grateful to him.

Same events as Kan U gets caught and taken to Sou Sou. Same things happen, just that Sou Sou appears a bit more miffed that Kan U offered to become a spy for Kouson San and refused his offer. This time, he wants to introduce her to his father and is amused plentifully by the reaction Sou Suu’s. After Sou Suu disappears, Sou Sou refuses to explain what it was all about, and instead questions if she’s interested in him. As much as Kan U is curious, she wonders if she’s really interested in him. Sou Sou tells her to stay for the same reasons, and adds that he still hasn’t given up on making her his general. Outside, Sou Suu mutters that there’s still use for Sou Sou. The same scenarios happens with her meeting Kakou Ton and Kakou En and Sou Sou explaining on her behalf.


One day, Kan U spots the people asking the guards to pass some medicine to Sou Sou, having heard that he’s currently recuperating. Kan U offers to bring it to him on their behalf, and is slightly taken aback when she sees Sou Sou in nothing but a robe. It turns out to be cordyceps so Kan U offers to to cook some medicinal food for him with it. This time he’s surprised since he never thought of her to be the type who can cook. Kan U appears offended, as she explains that Chou Seihei was hopeless 駄目な大人w so she had to do all the household chores – except sewing, which she admits that she isn’t good at. Kan U stills feels bad over his injury since he kept quiet and let her treat the rest etc. so she offers to take care of him for this period. This is also in return for staying at his residence. When he says that he’d rather her be his general, she awkward says that they can practise together if his reflexes are duller. In the end, he tells her to do what she wants so Kan U starts to look after him in this half-year.

En Shuu, Sou Sou 2: Kan U is bothered as it’s soon time to submit a report to Yu Shuu but feels uneasy about doing so while being under Sou Sou’s care. He reads her mind though and tells her to go ahead, even taking a look at what she wrote – only to see that it’s all about his health progress lol. Flustered, Kan U explains that it’s ‘cos she’s always with him, taking care of him. Though Sou Sou tells her to do as she likes, perhaps he’s secretly happy (?).

Since there’s hardly any fighting in the time Kan U spends in En Shuu, she almost feels at peace. Sou Sou remarks that it’s only a brief rest though and war isn’t that far away. Kan U doesn’t really bother about that though and starts fussing over him forgetting to eat breakfast etc. which eventually gets to Sou Sou as he tells her to do as she pleases lol. Indeed, when the half-year is almost over news of Ryo Fu killing Tou Taku reaches Sou Sou. Kan U plans to return to Yu Shuu the next day after properly thanking Sou Sou. However, he makes the offer again, saying that he needs her. To Kan U, it’s more like he needs her skills rather than her herself and her chest hurts for some reason. Sou Sou gets annoyed when she keeps rejecting him, as he grabs her demanding to know why. Just then, he is informed that Sou Suu is here to see him and though Kan U notices that Sou Sou’s expression changed immediately, she takes the chance to escape his grasps. Sou Suu has heard about Tou Taku being killed, and remarks that now is the time to attack other countries since there’s no one at the top now. Sou Sou gives his agreement, and invites him to drink while viewing the moon as he has something to say too. Right now, it’s the moon’s first quarter. It’s been 7 years since Sou Sou’s coming-of-age ceremony and Sou Suu remarks that it was worth bringing him up, and not abandoning him at that young age. He adds that Sou Sou will probably need to look out for En Shou and En Jutsu now.

But Sou Sou answers that before that, he needs to get rid of an obstacle – Sou Suu. Sou Suu’s blood flowing in his veins is merely a shackle now, and he only acts for himself and not for others. He’d initially wanted to get his revenge, but now he can’t be bothered and he can let Sou Suu leave as long as he doesn’t appear again. Sou Sou wonders if Kan U has made him like this. Sou Suu is angered, as he insults Sou Sou and how he’s the only one of his kind in this world anyway – never to be loved or wanted by anyone, just like his mother. Maddened by his words, Sou Sou kills Sou Suu, who remarks how he has finally revealed his true colours. No matter how many men he has under him or how large his country is, he’ll be all alone at the top – just like tonight’s moon. Sou Sou remarks that things came to this end after all – a bloodied path. It was naive of him to think otherwise and he wonders what was wrong with him recently. He should just do what he does all along: rid of those who stand in the way, crush those who oppose him, no matter what method it takes. He also doesn’t need those who reject him either.

The next morning, Kan U comes back to bid Sou Sou farewell. To her surprise, he tells her to do as she likes since it has nothing to do with him now. As a parting gift, he tells her that he’s planning to attack Jo Shuu next. Kan U can only wonder why his attitude appears cold, and returns to Yu Shuu. Meanwhile, Sou Sou addresses to a no longer present Sou Suu that even though he killed him, he will become the ruler who won’t shame the family name.

References: It is ironic that in history, Cao Cao held Tou Ken/Tao Qian responsible for his father’s death and hence attacked Xuzhou – well you know what happens in the game.

Chapter 6

The chapter starts off the same as Kakou Ton’s. Meanwhile at Sou Sou’s side, it’s said that Sou Suu was killed by bandits and Kakou Ton worries over Sou Sou’s body as he hasn’t been sleeping at all recently. The same events happen and as Kan U and co. head towards Jo Shuu, they see corpse after corpse after corpse, as if leading them the way to the main castle. Kan U can’t help but think that Sou Sou is acting similarly to Tou Taku, as he kills not only soldiers but civilians as well. She wonders if this was how he was like from the start, and this strengthens her resolution to stop Sou Sou. When Kan U goes to negotiate peace with Sou Sou later, Kakou Ton asks Kakou En what he thinks of Sou Sou’s way of attacking. While Kakou En agrees that it’s unlike him, they’ve already decided to follow Sou Sou till their deaths. At Sou Sou’s end, Sou Sou refuses to negotiate peace, and even draws his sword. He’ll gain whatever he wants, and rid of whatever rejects him – including Kan U. Though it’s a pity, if she won’t become his then he has no use for her. Kan U can only think how his way of thinking is sad, but even without a weapon she refuses to give up without a fight. Seeing this, Sou Sou keeps it and tells her that he’ll attack tomorrow. He doubts that she can win but if she really does, that will just go to show how excellent she is.

Same stuff happens, with Kan U suggesting to only aim for Sou Sou, just like how they were ordered to aim for Chou Kaku back then. Same events as in Chou Hi/Ryuu Bi’s route, as Kan U finds Sou Sou and starts fighting him. When asked when he will be satisfied, Sou Sou answers that he doesn’t know so he can only try before finding out. This annoys Kan U, as she remarks that just ‘cos of this thousands of people are dragged into war and killed. In fact, he truly doesn’t know what he wants, or what will satisfy him. He doesn’t know and merely cries for it, like a child. Sou Sou overpowers her though, and points his sword at her. She didn’t manage to stop him in the end and he says that he’ll continue doing as he wants from now on. At her final point, Kan U questions if there will be anyone around him when he has gained everything. If he continues the way he is, people will leave him. No matter how many men he has under him or how large his country, he will be alone in the end – the king by himself. Sou Sou is shaken as he recalls his father’s exact words, and tells her to shut it as he pushes her down.

Sou Sou offers to retreat from Jo Shuu, in return she’ll have to come with him – alone in his country away from her clan, obeying him all the way till her death, fighting to fulfill his ambitions. Kan U can’t help but think that he has a lonely face, and after some hesitation she agrees to his offer. For some reason she can’t leave him alone. So Sou Sou orders for his army to retreat. At Jo Shuu’s side, Tou Ken and the rest rejoice at their victory for now, and the Maozoku wait for Kan U’s return. At Sou Sou’s camp, he tells the men that they’ve no need for Jo Shuu now and will be returning to En Shuu. He also introduces Kan U as part of them now. Kan U is saddened that she couldn’t even bid farewell to the rest. Though Jo Shuu is safe now, it may only be his whim now. He may very well attack other countries later, using her as his pawn.

References: According to history, when Sou Sou/Cao Cao invaded Jo Shuu/Xuzhou, thousands of civilians were killed such that the Si River was stoppered up with their corpses.

Chapter 7

As Kan U worries over the Maozoku, Sou Sou tells her that she’ll be part of his army tomorrow and to focus. Before all his men, he calls out the 3rd unit and announces that Kan U will be their general. While she may not be able to handle a large unit, just like how she led 300 Jyuuza she may do well with this force of 500 elite horsemen. He expects her to start taking care of the enemy troops along En Shuu’s borders soon. Later, both Kakou Ton and Kakou En express their concern over this, so Sou Sou says that they’ll follow her, and if things aren’t going well they can take over the lead. That night, Kan U returns to the residence as she observes that all the men are resistant to her lead and misses the Maozoku. Seeing her, Sou Sou remarks that she looks like the world is about to end ‘cos she isn’t with the rest of her kind. He asks if she really doesn’t like it here, even though she spent half-a-year here before. Kan U replies that before she had a place to return to, but from now on she’ll be here all alone. But it was her own decision so she tells herself to buck up. Sou Sou then advises her to worry over her own unit, since the lives of 500 men will be in her hands. At Jo Shuu, the Maozoku have been searching for Kan U and Chou Un considers the possibility of her being kidnapped.

When Kan U leads the unit towards the borders, they camp for the night and she goes to check on En Shou’s troops. The next morning, Sou Sou, Kakou Ton and Kakou En join them. Kan U explains that she plans to fight them head-on. Though there appeared to be 1000 men last night, there are only 500 now. She believes that the rest are hiding in the right and left flanks in ambush. When they come out, her unit will divide into two and confuse them as by going in rotation (this is hard to explain in words 8’D). Once that’s done, the remaining men can attack En Shou’s men in one swoop. She also adds that Bun Shuu is present. Amused by her plan, Sou Sou offers to lead the left wing. He lifts the men’s spirits up and both he and Kan U leave soon after. Kakou Ton and Kakou En will both lead the remaining men to attack. Kakou Ton mutters to himself that the strategy is interesting, and wonders if he should ask Kan U next time if it’s written on any existing books. They pull off the strategy successfully, and Bun Shuu decides to retreat. However, two of Kan U’s men ignore orders to also retreat and chase after Bun Shuu to gain credit. Sou Sou tells her to leave them since it’s unforgivable to ignore orders, but Kan U answers that she’ll save her own men despite the protests. To everyone’s surprise, Sou Sou chases after her.

Kan U saves the men from Bun Shuu and they manage to injure him heavily. As such his own men advice him to retreat. Sou Sou arrives then and tells her off for ignoring his words. Kan U apologises and catching up with them behind, Kakou En is surprised to see Sou Sou this riled up. The other men come to take the two injured soldiers, as they thank Kan U for not letting them throw their lives away. Kan U feels that it’s only right of her to help her own men. Meanwhile, she wonders which side of Sou Sou is truly him: the one who saved her and treats his men importantly, the one who blazed Jo Shuu to the ground. That night, Sou Sou sees her at the courtyard and recalls how the men called Kan U her name at the end of today’s fight, so she has gained their approval. Kan U is happy to hear this, and feels that it’s also thanks to him that today was a success. Sou Sou then tells her to treat her men importantly, since they’ll be an important fighting force for his ambition.

Kan U is slightly disappointed, and asks if he can only be satisfied by conquering countries. If it were other things she’d be more than happy to help. For example, Ryuu Bi is satisfied if he has his sweets, Chou Hi if he gets stronger, Kan Tei if he gets a girlfriend lol. Sou Sou asks her in return then. After mulling over this, Kan U decides that it would be to be together with everyone else. But Sou Sou points out that she can no longer do so, and tells her to find something else. Kan U can’t find another answer immediately, so she tells them to each find an answer. Sou Sou instantly answers that he only wants countries. Not that Kan U cares as she decides that she’s going to search for his answer too and eventually Sou Sou tells her to do whatever she wants lol. Kan U herself wanted another reason to be here, though she isn’t sure why she thought like that and didn’t realise her own feelings yet.

One day, Kan U practices with the men and is reminded of when she practiced with Chou Hi and Chou Seihei. As she spends time with them, she realises that humans and Maozoku aren’t that different and can come to understand each other. She has also come to hate her mixed blood less. After the practice session, one of the soldiers (known as Soldier A from now on) comes to give her some tea, and well as the tea leaves as it’s grown by his family. Kan U is touched by how delicious it tastes and decides to share it with Sou Sou. Meanwhile, Sou Sou is having a meeting as it’s being reported that En Shou’s men continue to threaten their borders, while Gan Ryou and Bun Shuu are in Ki Shuu with En Shou. Ryo Fu has been gathering bandits into her army to make it 30,000. Kouson San has fallen ill and Kouson Etsu is governing the country now. Jo Shuu is in the middle of recovering, and the Maozoku are currently staying there. After the meeting, Kan U goes to find Sou Sou and smells a fragrance in his room. Kan remarks that it makes her sleepy, and Sou Sou mutters how envious that is. When he learns that she’s here to give him tea, he’s pretty much in disbelief and wonders if she’s kidding around. But seeing her insistence, he tells her to give him a cup since he’s having a break now and wanted to talk to her too. Kan U wonders if he changed his mind ‘cos she appeared disappointed and hopes to be able to come to understand him like she did with the soldiers.

In the end though, Sou Sou remarks that it’s just normal, and says that he’ll give her tastier tea to drink next time. He also doesn’t want to drink too much as he wouldn’t be able to sleep. This reminds Kan U that she would often meet him in the courtyard at night, and learns from him that he hasn’t been able to sleep at all – even if he drinks alcohol, medicine, or uses fragrance. Kan U apologises for insisting on him drinking the tea. He tells her not to mind it since he would be able sleep on a night like tonight anyway. Meanwhile, Ryo Fu plans to attack Jo Shuu since she wants to see Kan U. By now, she has practically destroyed En Jutsu’s country.

That night itself, Kan U is worried about Sou Sou and meets him again at the courtyard. He remarks that he can’t sleep on a night when the moon is in it’s first quarter, as he would recall something bad. He had a drink too, but he probably still can’t sleep anyway. Kan U holds him back, as she wants to help him. In the end, they go out to walk. Hearing that she hardly drinks, Sou Sou says that she is a kid after all, and he sometimes forgets it when he sees her figure on the battlefield. Asking if she still misses her kind, Kan U answers that she does, since she was abandoned by her mother and never knew her father so they’re like her family. Even if they’re not connected by blood, surely Sou Sou has people like that too? Sou Sou replies that he doesn’t, and even his father never did so. He recalls that he died on a night like this with the moon in its first quarter, as if it had planned everything and hangs in the sky with its perfect balance. As Sou Suu’s words flash past Sou Sou’s minds, he gets worked up.

……How annoying! Even when you’re dead you’re still torturing me! Sou Suu, even if you don’t say so I know it. I’m alone! Just like you! (grabs) Kan U, you too! No matter how much you desire you can no longer return to where your people are. You’ll always be living alone here now! (Sou Suu’s voice: You plan to lock that girl up? Will creating something lonelier than you will make you feel at ease? The things you’re doing now is exactly the same as me!)

Kan U calms Sou Sou down, as they sit down and he regains his senses. Sou Sou then recalls how he and his mother were forced to live in an isolated place by his father, away from the eyes of all other people. It was pretty much like a prison. He lost his mother when he was barely at the age to be able to make sense of things. He has neither family nor comrades now, like Kan U said he’s alone but he doesn’t plan to change how he does things. Sou Sou doesn’t care if everyone leaves his side, he hates both humans and Jyuuza. Kan U remarks that he’s like a kid sulking now. This amuses him, as he recalls that she said something similar before. Perhaps he really is like a child. Sou Sou then lies on Kan U’s shoulder, as he feels a bit tired. As she said, perhaps he himself doesn’t know what will satisfy his hunger, and can only wonder what it is. Sou Sou then falls asleep and Kan U decides to leave him be till the next morning when he wakes up. He’s surprised to learn that he slept all the way through, and Kan U says that it must be ‘cos of the alcohol. Sou Sou thinks otherwise though and apologises since she couldn’t sleep. Kan U is happy though, since she was worried about him.

In Jou Shuu, Tou Ken agrees to send out spies to find out Kan U’s whereabouts in other countries. Unfortunately, Ryo Fu attacks Jo Shuu with 50,000 men. They barely have 30,000 men and Chou Un decides to go to ask Kouson San for help – if it fails then he’ll have to go to ask Sou Sou. This news reaches Sou Sou too and when Kakou Ton suggests going to defeat Ryo Fu and gain Jo Shuu, Sou Sou rejects the idea. En Shou still remains a threate to En Shuu’s borders so he plans to watch for now. Meanwhile, Kan U and her men have managed to chase off En Shou’s men at the borders. Soldier A remarks that it would’ve been nice to be born as a Maozoku, that way he’d be stronger too. Kan U answers that she’s actually mixed, and this surprises him as it’s supposedly a rare thing. Truth be told, Kan U thinks she’s the only one like that. As Soldier A comments that somehow he feels closer to her, Kan U slowly doesn’t mind her mixed blood as much as before. She has come to think of the men under her as comrades too, and thinks it would be nice to have that similar relationship with Sou Sou.

Kan U returns to the residence that night and sees Sou Sou at the courtyard. He appears happy and for some reason Kan U feels happy for him too. Sou Sou invites her to drink the tea he has, and it’s also his thanks for letting him sleep that night. Kan U is delighted by the tea and notices that he looks happy at her reaction. Kan U still has yet to find another answer for him, but Sou Sou still feels that he only wants countries and will attack in the near future. He then asks if Kan U has yet to find her answer, but it’s not that simple for her. Curious about how the rest are doing, she asks Sou Sou if there’s any news of them. But he denies knowing anything, and says that she shouldn’t pay any mind since they’ve no longer any relations now. At Chou Un’s side, he’s being denied access into Yu Shuu. He’s shocked to learn that Kouson San has passed away and Kouson Etsu having taken over, ordered the soldiers to kill him, labelling him as a traitor who helped Jyuuza. But the men don’t want to and decide to pretend to not have seen him. As much as the news pains Chou Un, he quickly leaves to go see Sou Sou.

That night, Kan U is thinking yet again about which side of Sou Sou is truly him. She notices that the moon’s first quarter is out tonight and just then Sou Sou comes to find her, wondering why she wasn’t in the courtyard tonight. He didn’t drink this time so the insomnia is getting to him. They go out to take a walk to the same field again. Apparently he hasn’t slept since that night a month ago much to Kan U’s surprise, and so Sou Sou asks if she’ll let him sleep this time too. He lies down on her lap and starts touching her ears, as they calm him for some reason, saying that they feel nostalgic. Kan U can’t help but think that he’s an adult yet acts like a child sometimes and can’t leave him alone. As she touches his hair, she seems to see scars. Sou Sou stops her from touching further, saying that they are old wounds. He tells her to hurry up and find something else she wants besides the Jyuuza. Kan U wonders if he has found his answer already and he merely says that it’s definitely not tea. Though annoyed, she admits that the tea he gave her to drink was delicious so he invites her to come and drink it again tomorrow. Out of the blue, Sou Sou kisses her cheek before asking her to forgive his playfulness. He falls asleep before she can pursue further and Kan U is left in confusion.

The next day, Jo Shuu falls into Ryo Fu’s hands and the news has reached Sou Sou’s side. Just then, Chou Un arrives to see Sou Sou and learns of this too. Chou Un implores Sou Sou to send help but he flatly rejects. Outside, Kan U goes to find Sou Sou and instead hears from Kakou En the truth. Alarmed, she goes in and requests the same of Sou Sou. He merely remarks that her people are the most important to her after all and rejects her again before leaving. As Kan U and Chou Un have a brief reunion, she tells him to wait for her to persuade Sou Sou. In Sou Sou’s room, she questions why he lied to her and he replies that he thought she didn’t need to know.

Because! Because no matter how much time passes by you can never forget your people. Even after you came to my country, stayed by my side, your heart is always with your people. Stay here. You’re already a general of this country. Forget about your people and stay at my side. I want you by my side…… You’re here as I tied you here in exchange for Jo Shuu’s peace. If I save Jo Shuu and gain it, there won’t be anything left to tie you down……if that happens you’ll return to where your people are right……?

Sou Sou’s words surprise Kan U, and at the same time she’s surprised at herself for hesitating over whether she’ll really return to the other Maozoku or remain by his side. But she soon shakes those thoughts away since now isn’t the time, as she realises that Ryuu Bi is stuck in Jo Shuu. Before she can leave, Sou Sou grabs her since he refuses to let her go. But after a long pause, he agrees to send help to Jo Shuu. But in exchange for that, she’ll have to remain here from now on and never return. Kan U once said that even if he gained everything he’ll be all alone as king. In that case he wants her to witness it till the end, as he expands his military rule. Thinking that he still sees her as a pawn after all, Kan U agrees in the end. Sou Sou leaves the room as he prepares to set off, but mutters to himself that he still needs to tie her down after all in order to make her stay with him.

Sou Sou orders Kakou Ton and Kakou En to stay behind just in case, to guard against En Shou. He takes off with Kan U and 10,000 men. Chou Un follows them, though he had a bit of friction against Sou Sou over Kan U. In the meeting later, they decide that Kan U and Sou Sou will take on Ryo Fu by themselves. That night, Sou Sou happens to see Kan U, and recalls their previous meeting in Jo Shuu. He took her back then, and this time he’s sending out his men in exchange for her freedom. Sou Sou wonders why he wants her this much. Though he confirms with Kan U that he initially only wanted her as his general, he isn’t so sure anymore. For some reason he’s at ease at her side, like how he could only sleep when with her. Yet when with her he isn’t sure what he wants anymore. He admits that he was satisfied when he slept at her side though all she’s concerned about is her clan.

You make me to feel uneasy. Whether you’ll leave me, or whether my important one is taken away from me……Kan U, perhaps it’s not as a general but I just want you to be by my side. Even though you may not believe that I think this way.

Kan U is pleasantly surprised, as she actually wanted that herself too but didn’t think that he felt the same. She didn’t want to be by his side just to fight, and would rather be there to support him. She finally realises her own feelings and says that she wants to by with him ‘cos she wants to, and not ‘cos she’s tied down by anything. As Sou Sou confirms this with her, he hugs her out of relief.

Kan U……! Even though I have done some cruel things to you……even so you’ll still stay by my side? You once said that I was like a child. A child who doesn’t know what he wants and only cried. It’s exactly like that. I don’t know what I truly want and will just take whatever I can reach out for……But, perhaps what I truly want is your warmth. (……) You didn’t just find (what will satisfy me). You gave it to me……Kan U, stay by my side from now on. Just touching you like this calms me down.

He then asks Kan U to let him sleep like this. The next day, Kan U asks Chou Un to hold back Chou Ryou, and says that after the battle ends she’d like to talk to everyone. When Ryo Fu comes down, Kan U and Sou Sou eventually defeat her. But Ryo Fu provoked Kan U about Ryuu Bi getting harmed by Chou Sen, so she immediately dashes in to find him. Seeing Sou Sou’s expression, Ryo Fu remarks that he’s like a kid left behind by his mother. She decides to give him a curse in her last words: the him who can’t be satisfied no matter what he has, only a black-eyed girl can truly satisfy him. She explains that the Maozoku all have golden eyes ‘cos of Kinme‘s curse – except Kan U, ‘cos she’s of mixed blood just like him. The fellowman he desire for so much was right in front of him all along, but he will never have her even if she’s the only other one of his kind. He shall die a lonely and miserable death just like her. Sou Sou is obviously shaken by this news, and feels that Kan U should be by his side all the more, and not with Jyuuza. But he’s disappointed that she left him alone like this so go find them.

Inside, Kan U finds Ryuu Bi and Chou Sosou, and is later joined by Chou Un. Ryo Fu’s men have surrendered to Sou Sou, who comes to find Kan U. She wants to stay to find the rest, but he wants her to return immediately and says that he’ll take care of things. Sou Sou then exclaims that she said she would be with him, and she notes that he looks sad. Still, she insists on finding the rest first and he suddenly knocks her out cold, muttering that her place should be at his side. As his men take her away, Chou Sosou wryly remarks that he doesn’t think Sou Sou will help them find the rest – and very rightly so indeed.

Chapter 8

Kan U wakes up back in En Shuu, but she can’t remember clearly what happened. When Sou Sou enters her room, she immediately asks about the Maozoku. He appears disappointed that she didn’t welcome him back first and so she obediently does so, while observing that he appears different from usual. Sou Sou tells her that she probably lost conscious while fighting Ryo Fu, and that he’s currently searching for the rest of the Jyuuza. As for Jo Shuu, it’s in his possession now but is running it together with Tou Ken. Kan U is relieved to hear this and Sou Sou then confirms with her about her mixed blood heritage. After that he tells her to rest before leaving. Even though she decided to be with Sou Sou, Kan U can’t help but cry as she’s reminded of Ryuu Bi and the rest.

The next morning, a maid brings Kan U all sorts of luxurious items from dresses to accessories. It’s all from Sou Sou but at the same time he has also taken away her weapon. Confused by this treatment, Kan U goes to find him. He tells her that he’s merely giving gifts to his beloved one. Though Kan U is happy, she can’t bring herself to accept all this while the Maozoku‘s whereabouts remain unknown. Sou Sou immediately stops her from going out to find them, and tells her to stay here – she doesn’t need to do anything else, not even go out onto the battlefield now. That’s why he took her weapon. As he touches her, Sou Sou tells her to just stay by his side. Kan U can only wonder what happened to him. Meanwhile, Chou Un and Chou Sosou managed to escape with Ryuu Bi, after being nearly killed by Sou Sou back in Jo Shuu. But they didn’t meet any of the others and decide that they can only rely on En Shou, as he’s the only one capable of opposing Sou Sou. Back at Kan U’s side, she goes to see her men who were worried since she disappeared since that day in Jo Shuu, and await the day when she can return. However, Sou Sou panics when she returns later, and says that she doesn’t need to go see her men. In fact, he doesn’t want her to go anywhere as he’s afraid something will happen to her. All this only puzzles Kan U further.

In a meeting, the men report that En Shou’s attacks at their borders have increased, as have damages on their side. They advise Sou Sou to attack En Shou to gain the first upper-hand, and suggest Kan U leading her unit. But Sou Sou declares that she’s no longer a general to everyone’s surprise, and mutters that she’s neither a Jyuuza nor human. At the same time, Chou Sosou and Chou Un have arrived at En Shou’s country’s borders. Some Yellow Turban rebels show up demanding money, and En Shou’s men turn up to chase them away. The rebels’ numbers are greater in number though, and Chou Un takes this chance to defeat them all and gain some credit, asking En Shou’s men if they’ll take him as a warrior. As Kan U worries about the Maozoku, Sou Sou suddenly comes in that night wanting to sleep together. Surprised, she refuses to sleep on the same bed but he notices that she’s crying. He tells her that there’s no need to cry over them, since he’s the only one who truly understands her – he’s the one who should be by her side, not Jyuuza. As he hugs her tightly while stroking her hair gently, the polarisation between the arms that strongly bound her and his gentle touch scares Kan U. It’s really as if she’s Sou Sou’s “thing” now. After several months, En Shou defeats Kouson Etsu to take over Yu Shuu and expands further. He also continues to threaten En Shuu, but Sou Sou adopts a defensive stance all this time. But then news of En Shou and En Jutsu joining forces arrives. Everyone advises Sou Sou to counterattack, the him all along would’ve done so. At this rate he may lose En Shuu. Prompted by this, Sou Sou orders his men to prepare for battle.

Rather than abandon his people, En Jutsu would rather bow down to En Shou, who’s more than delighted. En Shou reveals that Chou Un joined his side as a general, and En Jutsu also reveals that the Maozoku came under him. Chou Seihei explains that they left Jo Shuu to find help too when Ryo Fu attacked. As they take the time to catch up, the Maozoku feel sorry to Chou Un for sticking to them even now. But Chou Un says that it’s okay and he wants to be with them. He then explains what happened at Jo Shuu, and as far as he can tell, Kan U seems to be with Sou Sou ‘cos she wants to. Half a month has passed, and En Shou’s advances have broken the peaceful days and Sou Sou also responded in return – this would come to be known as the battle of Hakuba (白馬; Boma/Baima). Kan U goes to eavesdrop on the battle meeting, and meets Soldier A on the way. She learns from him that En Shou and En Jutsu have joined hands and have other stellar generals besides Bun Shuu and Gan Ryou, that’s why they’re having a hard battle this time. Kan U goes to find Sou Sou but he reassures her, saying that Kakou Ton and Kakou En will take care of things. Moreover it has nothing to do with her, she can just wait here with him for good news.

On the battlefield, Chou Hi and Kan Tei grab random soldiers in Sou Sou’s army, telling them to get Kan U to come out lest they want to be exterminated. One of the soldiers quickly report this to Kakou Ton and Kakou En. Though Kakou En refuses to follow their orders, Kakou Ton thinks that it’s important to let Sou Sou know that the Jyuuza are with En Shou. At Sou Sou’s side, he still refuses to let Kan U go but decides that he’ll go down personally instead. He goes to tell Kan U that he’s leaving, and to wait for his return. Though worried, Kan U agrees in the end after his implores. But to her surprise, he then orders some men in to watch over her as he tells her that it’s ‘cos he’s worried over her. Though it’s not that she necessarily wants to fight, Kan U feels distressed that she can’t do anything for him. Hearing that Sou Sou is coming out next, En Shou and En Jutsu decide to send out Gan Ryou, Bun Shuu and Ki Rei. Meanwhile, some officials are in a meeting at Sou Sou’s residence as they all feel that they should send out more men. Just then Tou Ken comes in to report about Jo Shuu’s situation to Sou Sou, but learns that he just left. Kan U happens to see this and quickly asks how Chou Un and the Maozoku are.

Kan U learns from him and the other officials that the Maozoku aren’t in Jo Shuu, in fact they’re fighting under En Shou now. Though Sou Sou didn’t want to send her out, they implore her to do so. So Kan U tells them to pretend that she didn’t hear anything from them, but she wanted to go onto the battlefield on her own accord. She then asks for them to return her weapon to her and asks the soldiers watching over her to let her go. Kan U rushes out to the battlesite, wanting to meet the Maozoku and to ask Sou Sou his reasons for lying to her. At the site itself, Kakou Ton is facing off Ki Rei, while Kakou En finds his way to where Chou Hi and Chou Un are. Chou Hi and Kakou En are immediately at odd ends, while Chou Un calms them down (and goes “まぁまぁ” lol). Gan Ryou sees Kan U arrive, and she swiftly kills him much to his surprise. This news reaches Bun Shuu, who happens to be fighting Sou Sou. Alarmed, Sou Sou soon finished Bun Shuu off and goes to find Kan U before she meets the Jyuuza. But it’s too late as Kan U sees Chou Un and Chou Hi, who starts crying when he sees her lol. Since there’s not much time, Chou Un quickly tells Kan U that Sou Sou tried to kill them in Jo Shuu. There’s no knowing what Sou Sou is thinking so they can’t let her return to his side. Just then, the signal to retreat is sounded and Kakou En worries if something happened to Sou Sou. So is Kan U and she apologises to them, saying that she has to talk to Sou Sou first.

As both sides retreat, Sou Sou finally finds Kan U and hugs her…right before everyone’s eyes. As he worries over her, Kan U asks him to explain himself. He goes quiet and says that he’ll do so when they return to En Shuu. At the other side, En Shou is shocked to hear that both his generals died. He and En Jutsu also hear from the men about Sou Sou going to see Kan U and hugging her on-the-spot. This only delights En Shou as he realises that this is Sou Sou’s weakness. Things have reached a stalemate as En Shou remains cooped up in his stronghold, so Sou Sou decides to return to En Shuu for now and Kan U can finally talk to him.

Sou Sou tries to persuade Kan U that she’s got everything wrong, that she shouldn’t be with the Jyuuza. As he cups her face with both hands, he wonders why he didn’t notice her black eyes earlier – the proof that she’s of mixed blood, just like him. His words certainly surprises Kan U, and so Sou Sou explains that his mother was a Jyuuza. But Sou Suu who held twisted desires for her, locked up in a remote place. But none of them expected that he would be born – as originally humans and Jyuuza wouldn’t be able to have children. They’re the only other race they have. As for his ears, he’d cut them off the day he vowed to take revenge on his father for his abuse on both him and his mother, so that he could live as a human. He explains that even without the auricle, he can still hear. In the end, he managed to gain this much power while everyone remains in the dark of his true identity. He claims to hate both humans and Jyuuza. Since his mother passed away very early on, the only memory he has of her is her going mad. After all, she gave birth to a child of the man she detested, so he’s sure she hated him too. Sou Sou begs Kan U not to leave his side to go to the Jyuuza, not when she’s his only other true companion. But Kan U is still in disbelief that that would cause him to kill them, and to lie to her when he didn’t bother searching for them.

Please understand, that’s just how scared I am to lose you. Even though you said that you would be with me, the Jyuuza don’t think so. Even now they’re trying to take you back. You’re kind. Would you be able to reject them when they come crying to you? I was alright when I was by myself but after knowing you……I can’t be by myself anymore!

Seeing his saddened state, Kan U does her best to convey her feelings. She assures him that she’ll be with him, but she can’t easily forget the Maozoku when they’ve been together all along. However that doesn’t mean she’ll leave him so she hopes that he won’t lie to her, and try to understand her and the Maozoku too. Sou Sou agrees to this, as along as she’s with him. He then asks to sleep together, as he hasn’t been able to sleep for a long while.

Meanwhile, Chou Un tells the rest of the Maozoku that Kan U is with Sou Sou. And darling Ryuu Bi is sobbing awwww. /shot. En Shou comes in with En Jutsu, as he implies that Sou Sou is locking Kan U up for himself for her power, and even as his own lover now. They’ll need something to attract Kan U out, and he suggests spreading the rumour that Ryuu Bi is going to be sentenced to death. Though they oppose to this at first, Ryuu Bi immediately agrees to do this if it can bring Kan U over. Outside, En Shou shares with En Jutsu on just how easy it is to make use of them. He’ll make use of Kan U when she comes over, and if it’s really true, he’ll make her kill Sou Sou so that he can see Sou Sou’s pathetic figure. This has become a topic of gossip among Sou Sou’s army too, though Kakou Ton and Kakou En tell them to shut up. But they both agree that Sou Sou has changed recently. Just then, a soldier reports that it appears as though En Shou accuses Jyuuza of rebelling, thinking that they’ve connections to Kan U who killed Gan Ryou. The penalty is Ryuu Bi’s death.

Kan U herself also senses that Sou Sou has changed. Before they attacked Jo Shuu to rid of Ryo Fu he was looking at her as herself, but now he seems to only see her for her mixed blood. She wonders if he knew of her mixed blood from the start, and if so then what he wanted all along wasn’t actually her but just anyone of mixed blood. Just then, Kakou Ton enters her room as he asks her to leave Sou Sou’s side. Though it’s also thanks to her that Sou Sou now appears more peaceful, but that isn’t good if he’s going to lead a country and it almost looks like he’s going to throw away his cause to conquer. There are subordinates unhappy with this too and he fears that they’ll rebel and endanger Sou Sou’s life. He also informs her that Ryuu Bi’s going to be sentenced to death two weeks later. They can protect Sou Sou so he asks her to leave to go see the Jyuuza. She immediately goes to find Sou Sou, and begs him to let her go and promises to return. She plans to leave tonight, and Sou Sou agrees to her request after much hesitation – but first he wants her to fulfill his wish too. Sou Sou wants to perform their wedding ceremony, as a proof and assurance to him that she’ll return and that she’s his. It doesn’t have to be the actual thing, but just a representation of it before she leaves. He never thought that he was such a weak person at heart. Kan U hesitates as she recalls Kakou Ton’s words, but Sou Sou continues to plead her.

Eventually Kan U agrees and she’s immediately dressed up. When she goes to see Sou Sou, he hugs her as he remarks that she’s his one and only treasure. Before her, it’s almost as if all the land he has gained is meaningless. By right humans and Jyuuza can’t give birth to any children – but there are two of them here now, it’s almost like a miracle. Moreover they’re of opposite genders, which means that they can spread their kind. It’s destiny that they have to be together, to let their bloodline continue. As Sou Sou raises his cup for them to exchange drinks to become husband-and-wife, Kan U hesitates – first he saw her as a general, and now as a mixed blood. Has he ever truly seen her for herself? Is it alright to marry him just like this? When Kan U starts to hesitate, Sou Sou’s cup drops. His tone drops and he cries out that since the moment she was born she was destined to be his bride. He then forcefully feeds her the drink mouth-to-mouth. Kan U struggles away, as she exclaims that he has changed – even though he once saw her as her, now he only needs her mixed blood. But she starts to feel woozy and apparently he made her drink a strong sleeping medicine – not that it seems to have any effect on him.

No matter what you can’t forget the Jyuuza. I don’t have anything to tie you down. If I can’t tie you down then there’s no choice but to lock you up. No matter how much I distance you, watch over you, you find some way to obtain information and go outside……Even though you say that you’ll definitely return, what if the other side locks you up……? I can’t trust them. I can’t help but worry over whether someone will take you away. That’s why before that happens I’ll lock you up……in a corner deep in this residence, where no one can see you. Just a place for you and me. Let’s go, my bride. To the place with just the two of us. I’ll carry you there.

Kan U struggles, and even stabs her leg with a hair pin in order to stay awake. She tells Sou Sou that locking up what you want will not make the thing yours. She refuses to be tied down or locked up by him. Tearing her dress so that she can move more easily, Kan U takes off. Sou Sou is shaken by the sight of her bleeding, as he cries out that the blood is precious. Outside, Kan U is disappointed to hear that all Sou Sou can see is her blood in the end. She bumps into Kakou Ton, who hands her a dagger when he hears that she’s escaping. Inside, Sou Sou orders Kakou En to mobilise for war, with 500,000 men. It’s reported that Kan U has already escaped the residence on a horse. He immediately sets off, while telling the men to corner off all barricades if they spot her.

References: The battle of Hakuba/Boma/Baima was the first in a series of battles that led to the decisive battle of Guandu between Sou Sou/Cao Cao and En Shou/Yuan Shao. Ironic to note that just like in the game, Cao Cao also rewarded Kan U/Guan Yu handsomely in the novel, and was hesitant to send Guan Yu out to battle at first – though when he did send him out Guan Yu swiftly killed Gan Ryou/Yan Liang.

Chapter 9

The news of Kan U’s escape and Sou Sou’s massive mobilisation reaches En Shou, and all they can do is prepare to against him and the Maozoku go to wait for Kan U at the borders.

Bad End

Kan U passes out before she can reach the rest. When she wakes up she finds herself with Sou Sou on his horse. He informs her that this was where she wanted to come – but she can’t see anyone here anymore ‘cos he killed them all, all while she was sleeping in his arms. En Shou’s army and the Jyuuza are gone, and he points out their dead bodies to her. Kan U is greatly shaken by the sight, especially when she sees Ryuu Bi’s corpse. Ignoring her screams, Sou Sou takes her back to the world with just the two of them. The next scene shows Sou Sou returning to see Kan U, and the child she’s pregnant with. As he embraces Kan U, he remarks that he now understand his father’s feelings – locking up the one you love to make her only yours. In the end he’s indeed his father’s child as he did exactly the same thing, but he feels that it’s right. Sou Sou wonders what they should name their child, and tells Kan U that she can name it. Kan U, who was silent all this while, murmurs Ryuu Bi’s name.

Good End

Kan U struggles to stay conscious, but Sou Sou catches up with her. As he drags her away, Kan U refuses to stay quiet, as she accuses him of doing the same thing as his father. Sou Sou denies this, since unlike his parents they’re in love with each other. But Kan U questions if he really loves her, and insists of going to the rest. Angered, Sou Sou grabs her by her hair. But Kan U continues to say that he isn’t in love with her, but her blood – anyone will do as long as they’ve her mixed blood. She refuses to be locked up by someone who doesn’t see her for herself. Kan U takes out the dagger and cuts off her own hair to escape Sou Sou’s clutches. She tells him that he has changed, even though she wanted to be with him too at first. She merely wanted him to love her for herself. As Kan U runs away, Sou Sou decides to return to his residence and mobilise his men at once then. He laughs bitterly, as he remarks that he knew she would never be his. In that case he’ll destroy all that she has, all those she loves – that way she’ll be alone and he’ll have her. Back at his residence, Sou Sou orders his men to destroy everything – but they must not harm Kan U.

At En Shou’s side, Kan U has been sighted but she has passed out on her horse. She wakes up later to see Chou Seihei, and she confesses everything to him – she loves Sou Sou and so does he but he suddenly changed when he knew she was of mixed blood. After promising that he won’t tell anyone, Kan U also tells Chou Seihei that Sou Sou is a mixed blood like her too. Unknown to them, En Shou deliberately eavesdrops on them, and En Jutsu happened to be with him. En Shou is pleased to know Sou Sou’s biggest secret and now have his biggest weakness. Chou Seihei later tells Chou Un and the Maozoku what Kan U told him, except about Sou Sou’s mixed blood. En Jutsu then comes in to tell them to go out and fight as Sou Sou’s army is not far off. Ryuu Bi goes to see Kan U, as he hugs her and apologises for lying to her. En Shou comes in to inform Kan U of the situation. She’s injured so she doesn’t need to fight but when the time comes, he would like to ask for her cooperation.

And that time comes very soon as they can barely cope with Sou Sou’s large forces. En Shou asks Kan U to go and negotiate peace with Sou Sou. But first, he makes her drink something which he claims is a medicine to protect her lest she gets shot by poisoned arrows. Kan U goes to meet Sou Sou with a single letter from En Shou. Naturally Sou Sou has no interest in negotiations, since he now has her. But he notices that she looks pale and quickly reads the letter. Realising that this is all En Shou’s scheme, he quickly takes Kan U to go to the designated meeting place. Kakou Ton and Kakou En quickly follow behind him. En Shou stands with En Jutsu, as he remarks that he purposely picked a place where there can be many “spectators”. True enough, everyone can easily see them. When Sou Sou arrives and tells En Shou to hurry up and state what he wants, En Shou exposes Sou Sou before everyone, that he’s a mixed blood like Kan U. In fact he poisoned Kan U, and even poisoned his own men to show them how Kan U may end up dying unless she takes the antidote he has.

En Shou wants to see just how far Sou Sou will go for Kan U to get the antidote, to prove to the people he had been lying too all along that he’s has the blood of both human and Jyuuza. For starter’s he gets Sou Sou to throw away his own weapon, and warns the rest not to do anything lest he breaks the bottle. He then throws punches at Sou Sou, but of course it isn’t much since he isn’t a warrior. En Shou gets Chou Un to replace him next. Chou Un is obviously hesitant but Sou Sou tells him to do it. When Kan U struggles, saying that she doesn’t need the antidote if she has to witness all this, Sou Sou tells Chou Hi to hold her back. Since Sou Sou doesn’t deny any of En Shou’s words, everyone starts to believe that it’s true after all. En Shou then tells Kan U to stab Sou Sou. Of course Kan U can’t bring herself to do this. Sou Sou remarks that he has become really indulgent towards her, and takes her hands to stab himself, much to Kan U’s horror.

I myself…think that…I’m doing a foolish thing but…I don’t…have the confidence…of being able to take your…death. Fufu……if I’m…unable to have you…in the end…there’s no point…in living anyway……I’m sorry, forgive me…for, tying you…down to me……En Shou! As you said I’ve been…stabbed! Just as you promised…hand it over!! (Frightened by his bloody hands reaching over, En Shou quickly hands it over and Sou Sou makes Kan U drink it.) It should be…alright…now……don’t cry…it’s my true wish……to be able to protect you…with my insignificant life……It’s the first time……the first time……I’ve been loved……by someone. I wanted……to be together. The girl…whom I first……fell in love with……happened to be the same as me……the mixed blood of……Jyuuza and human. I thought that……I needed to have you. (Kan U asks if that meant he loved her before knowing she was of mixed blood.) Fu……what a strange thing to say……didn’t I confess to you……the night before we fought Ryo Fu……I knew that……you were one after……Ryo Fu’s battle……Ryo Fu told me when she was dying. Fufu, just that…she said a curse. (Kan U asks if he loved and saw her for herself.) Aah, that’s right……I was always attracted to you. Maybe……ever since that day, that day I saw you……in Jyuuza’s village..

En Shou is tired of their talk and orders for his men in hiding to shoot Sou Sou and Kan U. While Sou Sou tells her to escape, Kan U can’t bring herself to leave him behind. Chou Un and Chou Hi come in to help them fend off the first round of attacks. Though annoyed, En Shou points out that none of Sou Sou’s men is helping him, since he deceived everyone. But in the second round of attacks, Soldier A blocks an attack for Sou Sou. He cries out that it doesn’t have anything to do with whether one is human or a Jyuuza. After being in Kan U’s unit he has come to understand her – she is herself, and so is Sou Sou. Ashamed of having to be taught this by a subordinate, Kakou Ton agrees with him and attacks En Shou. He apologises to Sou Sou for acting so slowly despite the fact that he was in danger. The rest of Sou Sou’s men start to agree with this much to En Shou’s shock. Kakou En remarks that this is ‘cos of Sou Sou’s personal virtue, something he will never understand. Though he’s still confused, it’s true that both he and Kakou Ton still admire Sou Sou.

En Jutsu admits that En Shou provided an interesting show, but he can’t accept the way he handles things after all. The least he can do now is to help Sou Sou, and he orders Ki Rei to attack En Shou’s men. Kakou Ton tells En Shou that he’s the one who’s all alone in the end, not Sou Sou, and orders the men to capture him. Kan U points out to Sou Sou how everyone’s fighting to protect him, no matter what blood flows in their veins. She tells him not to be trapped by what his blood is like, and to free himself from its curse. Sou Sou agrees with her, and has something to confess to her: it doesn’t matter whether she’s a Jyuuza or of mixed blood, he loves her. Kan U says that she loves him too and as they kiss, Sou Sou remarks that it’s the first time he’s been loved – and he has finally gained what he truly wanted at the very end.

In the next scene, Kan U goes to see Sou Sou who is recuperating. He appears to be sulking though, and tells Kan U that he wants to hold a proper wedding next time. Ryuu Bi soon comes in though, as he tells Kan U that they all came to visit her again. Kakou Ton and Kakou En soon come in, chasing Chou Hi and Kan Tei. Chou Hi is annoyed that Chou Un was made a general while they remain as soldiers. Kan U says that they can sort that out later and for them to leave since there’s a patient here, and Sou Sou purposely clear his throat really loud and they all leave lol. Apparently Chou Un and the Maozoku now live in En Shuu, and they’ve also entered Sou Sou’s army. Kan U is happy that Sou Sou understands this and lets her remain together with them. Sou Sou draws her to him though, as he says that he’d like for them to also stop reducing their time together though. When Kan U admits that she wants to be with him too, he asks for her to hurry up and marry him then, so that she’s his.

You searched for many things to satisfy my hunger. But only you yourself can satisfy my hunger. So hurry up and become mine. I want all of you. Fufu, to think that I would desire for something to this extent. I had been trapped by many things up till now. My father, this blood, you released me of it all. I won’t think of separating you from your friends anymore…but I’m afraid of losing you after all. Fu, even though I’ve been released of many things, at the same time it looks like I’m being trapped by you. (……) I was attracted to you even without knowing you’re of mixed blood. As expected you’re to be my bride. (……) I finally have you now. I won’t ever let you go. Prepare yourself. (……) I’ll be forever trapped by you, my beautiful bride. I love you, Kan U.


Kan U looks cute with short hair! Okay wait, comments for Sou Sou…what did you do to my Ryuu Bi in that bad end!! I mean, it is interesting to note how similar yet juxtaposed he and Ryuu Bi are. For one thing, both of their bloods are “cursed”. If you’ve read Ryuu Bi’s route, you know what I’m talking about. It’s less literal in Sou Sou’s sense, though who knows whether Ryo Fu really cursed him or not since we know her real identity in Chou Ryou’s route. Next, Ryuu Bi wants to be an adult. Sou Sou though, surprisingly has his childish sides drawn out by Kan U. Both of them become terrified over the idea of Kan U leaving their side, and eventually don’t see the point of living without her. Aww but of course my bias will always remain with Ryuu Bi, I enjoyed Ishida’s variations more. I liked Toriumi’s performance of the usual Sou Sou – but then when he went nuts…I got easily amused and laughed? /kicked. I still think his Bishop in Clock Zero is his best Otomate role.

Nice of you to understand, Sou Sou.

Another reason why I kept laughing was ‘cos the way they spread the news of seeing Sou Sou hug Kan U on the battlefield was like Sangokuden’s latest gossip! Sou Sou is the top celebrity in Sangokuden and his romance with Kan U is the latest scoop! And notice Sou Sou’s hair? What’s his secret for always keeping it so styled? /kicked. Okay sorry, I’m having way too much fun here. I was kinda spoiled about his main spoiler and was told that his bad end could leave a bad taste. As a result, I kinda expected his bad end. Putting aside my sadness over Ryuu Bi, I felt that it was ironically appropriate how he ended up like his father. His good end was good in that Sou Sou could see for himself how everyone stood up for him – and I think you can get what his bigger theme is all about. I also liked the moon imagery for his route. To clarify, it is implied that humans and Maozoku are unable to have kids, like 99% impossible. It isn’t confirmed whether it’s due to biological reason, or it’s the society’s views. That’s why Sou Sou, who has it drilled into his head on how he’s all alone, gets so obsessed when he finds out that Kan U is like him.

Now all that’s left is the Extras post! I will post my Concluding Thoughts with it too. Till then~

11 thoughts on “Jyuuzaengi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~: Sou Sou’s Route

  1. Eu says:

    I feel hurt for Sou Sou after their fight against Ryo Fu. He is too happy (though he surprises me for being that happy www) but Kan U leaves immediately. Poor Sou Sou. Dx

    …while Chou Un calms them down (and goes “まぁまぁ” lol)
    -ahahaha this scene. XD My feelings for Chou Un immediately goes to <3333 again www. But their fight scene doesn't really seem to be a 'fight scene'. It's more like a petty fight, the one you have with your friends lol, and not in a battleground bec Chou Un is there being the referee and Kakou En and Chou Hi are throwing insults with each other. At least that's what it seems to me. www

    His voice! wwww I never knew I liked his usual voice until I hear it again after he went nuts. I'm like, please retain that voice. 8D /kicked

    I can't believe that soldiers love gossips! lol I'm laughing at how they are gossiping with each other just like any other gossip today. XD

    The bad end though… Dx You said the very thing that I'm denying all along, that this is almost similar to Ryuu Bi's. ww It has the Ryuu Bi bad end vibes all over but I'm denying it more when he killed all of them. I'm stunned… even until now lol. I had to take a break from Jyuuzaengi bec of this route. ww

    And yes, the good end is good in every way. I call it grand lol. Because everything has been resolved even Sou Sou's deception. I must applaud Soldier A. His scene is the only where I've really cried so hard. It's so touching. D:

    But then this happen, https://chocolatemix.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/jyuuza-227.jpg?w=480&h=272 and I had to laugh. XD The other characters are fighting while the two of them are… kissing… in the middle of the battle. For real guys?! wwwww

    There is a slight unification in Kakou Ton's end but here I like how there is a total unification. Kakou En and Kakou Ton with kitty boys (lol) are like brothers or playmates. It's so cute. 😀

    And Sou Sou's hair! I noticed the same thing ahahaha. I call him a diva because of it. www


    • Yume says:

      Petty fight LOL. Well maybe it doesn’t feel that way too ‘cos Kan U and Sou Sou clash a lot in many other scenes too.

      That bad end right! I knew that you’d feel the same way as I did. It is similar to Ryuu Bi’s but there Kan U kinda thinks that she should no longer ignore Ryuu Bi and obeys him. Whereas for Sou Sou’s, she keeps repeating Ryuu Bi’s name……

      Yeah exactly! It’s due to scenes like that which makes me laugh, including the gossip scene too ahaha. Oh well, everything ends well so it’s okay.

      Diva wwww This gives me one more thing to tease Sou Sou about! I love making fun of him too much XD

      And your long comments ❤


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