Koezaru wa Akai Hana: Noor, Esta’s Route

This follows the Common Route of Noor, Sefu and Esta. Noor is the parliamentary assistant and the only one that supports Toya among the ministers. Despite his pretty face he doesn’t hesitate to speak poison-like words. Esta is Noor’s right-hand servant. R-18 game! But I will not post any R-18 CGs in my reviews and there will be spoilers.

Naala decides to continue waiting at the front, and tells the guard to pass Orte the message that she’ll continue to wait here everyday till he has time to see her. The day bears no fruit again and she spends the night trying to think of how to get an audience with him. The next day, she also goes to see the residence where the Rusu women are and chances upon Toya trying to convince them to cooperate with him for his research. He speaks of Naala as a comrade chasing the same dream as him, but doesn’t want to trouble her anymore as she has her own duties cut out for her. Eventually he manages to persuade the women and though Naala herself can’t exactly forgive him, she has to admit that he’s striving to do his best here. So she feels encouraged after seeing Toya’s hard efforts and goes back for a short while. Hearing that her positive mood is ‘cos of Toya, he suggests her going over to his side but Naala doesn’t want to jump ships here. Noor coolly answers that it may be better for her to stay with someone who could be your enemy rather than someone on the same side, which makes Naala wonders if he’s jealous or something. Suddenly, Noor closes in upon Naala and bites on her neck. Naala is clueless as to what he’s up to but he merely tells her to leave and closes the door on her.

So unknowingly, Naala goes to Orte’s yet again today and passes a letter to the guards for him. The sun goes down and Naala goes through a short-cut route she recently discovered. On her way back though, she bumps into Slen. Even he wouldn’t go after the parliamentary assistant’s wife, but he is annoyed that he stole Naala  – especially when he has placed such an obvious mark on her neck. Still clueless, she is startled when Slen bites on her neck before disappearing. Back at home, she prepares to bathe while Noor gazes at her. Out of the blue he calls for Esta and after confirming something, Esta leaves and he asks Naala to sit on the bed. Hesitantly, she does so, only to be asked to strip below and spread her legs. Naala has no choice but to abide his orders since that’s how their agreement was, and is also told to use her hands to spread it. After a short while, Noor lets her go and reminds her that while he has no interest in her, he hates what is his being stolen away.

Thoroughly embarrassed, Naala quickly exits and sees Esta outside. She confirms with him what their earlier conversation was about – who was the one who left a mark on her neck. Only then does Naala realise that she’d been walking around with Noor’s kiss mark the whole day, and later with Slen’s too – meaning that Noor probably wanted to confirm is she were still a virgin, albeit with his perverted ways. She then wonders why Esta knew all about it, and he answers that it was by coincidence (of course not). Naala feels that Noor is surprisingly childish, yet he’s brilliantly smart and like the devil. Soon it has been half a month since she started visiting Orte’s residence daily. This time, she even gives the guards some snacks and goes to wait as usual. Naala goes down on her knees though and shouts towards the room where she once saw Orte, that she’s going to continue waiting – dreams are hopes which she refuses to give up on. Even though she knows she’s being troublesome, she won’t give up.

A night of a certain minister

This is in Orte’s POV. Orte sighs at how troublesome Naala is, and his steward passes him the package and letter from Naala. He hasn’t been able to freely exit his house since then, and ‘cos of that Sefu has been running errands on his behalf instead. Orte only takes the letter to read as per usual, while ordering the steward to give the guards the snacks to eat the next time.

The moonlight saviour

Back in Naala’s POV. Naala leaves Orte’s residence on another unfulfilled trip and by now the guards have become familiar faces, and even advice her to leave soon as it’s dangerous at night. On the way back, she’s approached by two drunk army men though. She tries to avoid violence and escape, but that fails and before she’s about to pull her punches, a masked man comes to her rescue. He promptly overpowers the two men and they run away in fear. Naala remains somewhat fearful since she isn’t sure if he’ll attack her too, but instead he offers his hand for her to stand. Before she can even thank him, he disappears. Ever since she came here, Naala was always on her guard since it’s enemies everywhere but she never thought that she’ll meet someone like that – to help out someone without expecting anything in return. Naala’s mood is brightened and even Noor can notice it back at home. She recounts the incident to him and remarks that she’d like to thank him next time. Noor replies that there’s no need to though. Naala then realises that he listened to her and wonders why since there’s no benefits to gain. For some reason he appears different from usual. After a brief silence, Noor answers that it’s just to kill his free time. Naala feels like an idiot for expecting something more and dives into bed to sleep to at least continue dreaming about the masked figure. While drifting off to sleep, she seemed to hear someone’s whispers.

The next morning is greeted with the heavy rain, and Naala sees that Noor has already disappeared. Thinking about it they’re hardly together as he would be up doing work in the room late into the night, and disappear early in the morning. She wonders when he sleeps and if he stays up ‘cos he knows she waits for Orte till late into the day, and quickly dismisses that thought. Just then, Esta comes in with a message from Noor: he advises her not to go out, though knowing her she probably won’t listen. And indeed, Naala plans to still go out since it’s a rainy day, all the more she should to show her sincerity. Seeing Esta’s expressionless face, she wonders how he feels working under Noor and is slightly taken aback when he remarks that he doesn’t particular want any free time of his own. Naala ventures to ask how he met Noor and he’s reserved in answering. But Naala says that she merely wants to know more about him, which makes him comment on how weird she is – she pretty much thinks the same of him though. Esta promptly tells her that it’s about time to leave and tells her to be careful. While waiting as per usual outside Orte’s residence, Naala starts to feel dizzy and collapses on the floor much to her despair. She soon hears Noor’s voice, remarking on how she’s an idiot to work so hard for a wish that can’t come true. If would’ve been better to kill her off, if so then his feelings wouldn’t be this stirred up. Despite his harsh words, his voice sounds strangely sweet to her and she laughs gently at this – perhaps ‘cos this is the first time she’s seen beyond and inside him. Naala jokingly says that she’ll be dying very soon anyway.

To her surprise, she feels herself being carried by Noor and can only think of this as a dream. When she wakes up later, her vision is blurry and as if wanting some security, she reaches out for Noor’s hand nearby. Having sought some comfort, Naala thanks him and falls asleep again. Naala wakes up later that night and Noor promptly offers her some water to drink, as if he’d been by her side all along. She can only wonder if this is a continuation of the dream, especially when he smiles gently back at her remark. But for some reason, this feels like the real Noor. As Naala stares at his eyes, she remarks that it’s fitting for him – a blue lake, beautiful and clear. (I can’t believe I got it right. :3 /proud) Noor didn’t mean to be seen like that though, as he says that it’s something he has long thrown away. If really so, it was drawn out for a moment thanks to being influenced by her recklessness. Noor tells her to sleep and even calls her a kid when she refuses to. Naala’s reminded that her father would always tell her a fairy tale story when she has a fever and starts tearing up as she recalls the happy times with her parents. To her surprise, Noor decides to tell her one.

Once upon a time, there was an extremely clever and outstanding prince living on an island kingdom. But he was the 7th son, and hence all the other important roles got passed on to them. No matter how talented he was, the 7th son never got anything important. The prince felt unjustified, since he was as “child genius” and felt as sense of superiority. He longed to be praised by others and while possessing such a desire, he was indeed still immature. The other princes took advantage of that and would always seek his advice when there’s a complicated matter. The prince was delighted to be of help at first, but no matter how much capabilities he showed he never got anything in return and started to question. He wanted to display his own abilities as accordingly. But the one who would decide on who is entrusted with what role are his brothers, not him. The prince started to despair and one day when the 2nd brother came to him for help as per usual, he let out his frustration on him. The 2nd brother laughed, and told him that when he’s an adult and is the best in both academia and martial arts, he can switch roles with him. The prince was delighted at this promise, and didn’t worry about it bring broken since it was signed in words too.

So everyday, the 7th prince would train himself. The promise gave him support and one day, he won a swords martial arts contest and proven himself as excellent in both academia and martial arts. He went to the 2nd brother and announced this to him, but the brother merely laughed and told him that he’d long forgotten the promise. The 7th prince realised then, how much of a fool he’d been. In a world where he can easily gain money, women, treasures, he just could not gain what he wanted the most: a position where his capabilities could shine. So he felt useless, and started to give up on resistance and just interact with everyone with a smile plastered on his face. But within he scorned his brothers, not only were they useless but they could even break promises so shamelessly. Having realised that there is nothing more cruel than dreams, the prince started to fall into despair. Perhaps the spirits were angry at his way of living, or his bad luck was terrible, but the prince was attacked by pirates while touring one day and drifted out at sea. He drifted to a land in the north and the king there asked him to lend his strength in a country which has lost its order. Ironically, the prince had drifted to what he’d wanted all along. And so the prince decided to live anew. The end.

Despite being feverish, Naala knows that this is Noor’s past, and Noor himself probably knows that she’ll realise it. She wonders why he’s telling her this, and if that is the reason why he doesn’t believe in hope. Naala can only think how sad that is, and isn’t he is where he is now ‘cos of his hard work? She hesitantly asks if the 7th prince doesn’t long for his hometown, and Noor firmly answers “no”. All the prince remembered of it is shame and even a feeling close to hate. She then asks if the prince is happy now, as anyone would be sad if they weren’t recognised for their efforts. In response, Noor says that she’s an even more foolish person than the prince – and that foolish straightforwardness of hers is real trouble. But perhaps the trouble above all, is him not wanting to get rid of her foolishness. Before Naala can ask for the reason, Esta informs Noor that Toya wishes to see him about tomorrow’s meeting. Naala wonders if he’d been by her side all this time despite his busy work. She asks to confirm if he hates her, as she doesn’t want to misunderstand his intentions only to be disappointed. Noor remarks that she’s an idiot and despite predicting this answer, Naala feels both assured and hurt. As he touches her face, as if telling her to sleep, Noor suddenly kisses her while covering her eyes. He tells her that it’s ‘cos she believes, that she is being deceived. Before Naala can say anything, Noor promptly leaves the room leaving her wondering what his words truly meant. But she decides not to think further and tells herself that he’s merely giving her “candy” after throwing out his “whip” on her all the time.

The next morning, Naala feels better and decides to leave for Orte’s residence despite Noor’s initial protest as she’s not fully recovered. In the end he tells her to do what she wants and Naala feels a bit disappointed for some reason. When she arrives, the guards seem a bit more panicky, as they tell her that Orte isn’t in. She soon finds out that it’s ‘cos Orte really isn’t in and it was as if they were trying to tell her that. Orte’s wife, Mine, approaches Naala while she’s out on a walk with Orte. Since this was out of her expectations, Naala awkwardly responds to her friendly, almost childlike, conversation and mannerism – till Mine starts praising on her beautiful and rare hair colour, and says that she wants it. Here, Orte decides to offer Naala a deal – he’ll listen to Naala if she gives his wife her hair. Here, a woman’s hair is one proof of her beauty and short-haired women are often told that they’re ugly. In order words, it’s almost equivalent to their life and Orte probably expected Naala to back down. But Naala doesn’t back down and takes out her dagger and cuts off her hair, asking Orte to fulfill his promise. If this can help her fulfill her wish than she’ll willingly give her hair up and has no regrets. Still somewhat in shock, Orte tells his wife to accept the hair but just then Naala starts feeling dizzy and collapses.

Naala is filled with regret that she’s losing conscious at such a critical moment and passes out. She wakes up later back in Noor’s place, and sees Noor by her side. He’d guessed that this would happen and Naala can’t retort since it’s all true. Noor goes out to get a drink for her and Naala can’t help but tear up. No matter how much time was lacking, she doesn’t have any excuse for causing such trouble to Orte and for the first time, she’s afraid of going to his residence tomorrow.

A night of a certain parliamentary assistant

This is told in Noor’s POV. As he thinks of how troublesome Naala is, he contemplates tying her to the bed if she insists on getting up and out again tomorrow morning lol. But the something he once separated from himself stands right before his eyes, a heart that believes, and while that makes him mad he also can’t help but not leave her alone. Just then, Orte comes and passes a letter to Noor, which officially pledges his support for Toya’s research. Even Noor himself is surprised and Orte admits that he thought that Naala was merely acting on feelings and would give up soon. But it appears as though he underestimated her, even though he still thinks that her straightforwardness was foolish – to which Noor agrees. To be honest, it’s troublesome how she came everyday, shouted, collapsed, hurt his reputation and even his own guards glare at him now lol – and now today his wife came crying to him even though she usually doesn’t interfere in his work. Both he and his wife apologises on the issue of Naala’s hair, but to only punish him if necessary as his wife was raised in royalty and ignorant. He believes that just like himself for his wife, Noor was also probably attracted to Naala’s purity as it was something he personally lost. Noor questions if it’s okay to just give the letter to him, and Orte trusts in him and leaves it to both him and Naala. This time, Orte admits defeat.

Hearing this, Noor realises that this also signifies his defeat to Naala. Orte tells Noor to convey to Naala to no longer come to his residence, and praises Noor on having married a wonderful wife. Seeing Orte leave, Noor never expected to see him make such an expression. The document in his hands now carries two people’s hearts and it certainly feels heavy. He remarks cynically on how Naala really doesn’t respond to his expectations – he’d wanted her to experience the same taste of despair as he did. It appears as though he married a wife way more stubborn and stronger than he’d expected. Though he hates to be defeated, this defeat feels rather comfortable and he’ll have her take full responsibility for it.

The beginning of dinner

Three days later, Naala has fully recovered but Noor continues to advice her not to strain herself. Also, her incident has become the talk of the castle and to her surprise, everyone is praising her. He informs her that Orte has expressed support for Toya and though there’s still movement from the opposition party, Orte’s support has helped a lot. Noor formally admits that it’s his defeat and sighs at how that means more work for him. This news takes a while for Naala to accept and Noor reconfirms it as he says that having him admit defeat is the biggest compliment, and he promises to fulfill his end of the promise. Though Naala worked hard for her wish to be fulfilled, it was still unsure whether Noor would really help her. But seeing this makes her happy and she feels that she has gained some recognition from him. Naala remarks that it must be difficult to fulfill her wish though, and Noor tells her to trust her husband a bit more which kinda stumps her, and she asks if he sees her as his wife then. He asks her to guess but Naala honestly admits that she can’t read his mind. Naala thanks him for everything and he teases her, wondering if it’s her thanks for him helping her wrap the cloth lol. Flustered, Naala denies then but then wonders if he was the one changing her clothes when she was unconscious then. Noor confirms this, saying that he has no interest in letting others touch what’s his and recalls how seductive she was lol.

Noor reaches out for her hair and unlike what Naala expected, he remarks that he finds her brave. It suits her, as it displays her nature and is beautiful. He kisses her hair and Naala is speechless at how to respond since he’s complimenting her honestly. She never thought that a day would come when Noor praises her straight-out. Noor tells her not to strain herself again unless she wants a paperweight. Naala wonders if he’s worrying about her and he contemplates giving her two paperweights, or preparing her own item lol. He adds for her to not open the door to any barbarian. Before Noor leaves, he leaves a kiss mark on Naala, while reminding her that he hates for what’s his to be stolen away from him. Naala is left fuming, but at the same time her heart can’t stop racing and she can’t calm down – it’s the first time she has felt such “anger”. It’s only after 3 days that the kiss mark has finally faded. ‘Cos of it she has been pacing back and forth in the room the past few days, as even covering it would just be telling everyone else that there’s a mark there. Plus, she heard last night that Noor is returning from a diplomatic meeting around now and she can finally gain his permission. Surprisingly he’s quite the worrywart and restricted her movements. Naala peeks outside and sees Noor and Esta, and promptly asks Noor to let her help out. But Noor tells her that it’s all up to the government now and when Naala persists, he lets out a loud sigh.

Naala: You don’t need to look that troubled……
Noor: Yes, it’s troublesome. If you move about, it’ll be necessary to take measures to protect you.
Naala: Protect?
Noor: It’s common for others to be jealous of talented people. In other words you, who’s my wife, will also be have more chances to be looked upon similarly.
Naala: What’s that, isn’t that like I’m being protected by you?
Noor: ……Please bring the paper weight.
Naala: Bu, but aren’t I like a toy to you?
Noor: Well, I won’t deny that.
Naala: I’d like you to deny that part though.
Noor: I won’t place worthless things at my side, even as a toy.

Hearing this, Naala wonders if he’s complimenting her. His words of critic and praise are often separated by a thin line. Naala insists on helping out and Noor sighs at how troubling it is to be so loved, since she so wants to be helpful to him. Naala corrects him that she’s doing it for the women and Noor decides to let her help out with the sorting of documents and warns her that it won’t be easy. Just then, Toya calls out to Naala from afar and both her and Noor decide to continue their conversation later. Toya knows that Naala hasn’t forgotten what happened but is thankful to have a comrade like her. Naala says that it’s for her own sake too, but is happy that he thinks that way. Seeing her short hair now, Toya confirms the rumours and decides not to apologise, but thank her again. As he takes her hand, Toya asks her to continue to walk down this path with him and Naala points out that it’s not just her who’s supporting him. In fact if it weren’t for Noor, she wouldn’t have gone to convince Orte and gained such a result. Even though she admits to herself that it was a cruel agreement, it was Noor who started it after all. Toya agrees with this and formally thanks Noor for all this time and Noor says that he’s only doing his role. Toya remarks how they’re both such a humble couple and Naala can’t see this word fitting Noor lol. Toya then asks for Naala’s help as he’d like to hear her opinion to gain information for his research. Naala agrees to this and Toya will send over the information the next morning. Noor gently reminds Toya that the meeting is about to start soon and he asks Esta to see Naala back to the room. As Naala sees them off, she can’t help but feel something different about Noor’s smiling face.

Back in the room, Naala thanks Esta and clearly sees him looking lost. He’s surprisingly easy to read once you interact with him more. That’s the first time Esta’s heard that though, since he doesn’t really interact with others outside work. Though it may be rude, Naala asks if he has any friends and Esta answers that he has none, seeing that there’s no need. Somehow that feels lonely and Naala tries to explain herself, thinking that if he ignored about the necessities and made bonds with other people, life would be more relaxing – just like how them talking now is a bond. Naala herself enjoys talking with Esta, which puzzles him and he remarks that she’s a weird one. But perhaps it’s ‘cos of that, that Noor has opened up his heart to her – something Naala begs to differ though. Looking at a loss again, Esta finally reminds her that Noor hates others touching his things. Naala is well-aware of this now and as Esta gazes at her hand, she’s reminded that Toya touched it earlier on. Esta remarks that Toya is living now ‘cos he belongs to Noor, something which Naala can’t believe at first. Esta explains that Noor was Toya’s teacher, despite their close age, as the previous king thought that that close age gap could help things out. In other words, it’s almost as if Noor’s knowledge was passed onto Toya and hence Toya is part of Noor’s success, so Noor probably sees Toya as one part of himself. That’s why he protects Toya, not wanting him to be dirtied.

‘Cos Noor has such as strong sense of possession, Esta asks Naala to be careful, in order not to let Noor think that someone has touched her. Even though his master is Noor, Naala wonders then why Esta is telling her this. He replies that he isn’t sure either. She was the first one who wanted to know more about him, and perhaps he doesn’t want such a person to be unhappy. Naala observes that it’s almost as if it’s the first time he’s speaking about how he feels, and won’t tell Noor about this as she sees Esta as a friend – a word which causes Esta to blink and repeat a few times. He feels that this bond between them appears to be special to him too. While Naala is happy to have stepped forward with Esta, him advising her must mean that things can get quite serious and she decides to take note. But it’s quite difficult to judge the perimeters of that for an odd person like Noor. A few days later, Naala is informed by Noor that Nasula has made contact with several other countries with the proposal of inviting over women, and they are now waiting for the replies. Naala is happy to see him keeping up his end of the promise, and Noor remarks that he’s not low enough to break a promise – which reminds Naala of his past. Naala apologises as even though she observes him everyday she still can’t help but feel suspicious but it’s probably impolite of her.

Noor quickly picks up on the former phrase and asks how she observes him, starting from the mornings. Naala embarrassingly recalls how she’d always see Noor up at the window side with a fragrance burning at the side, and she finds that sight beautiful. Noor concludes that her interest must be drawn from his unique features, and it appears as though due to several factors she is seeing an illusion. He doesn’t mind if she continues to be pulled along by it though, and asks Naala to hurry up and fall into it so that he can love her lots then. Confused by his words, Naala is further confused when he leans in to kiss her. When she questions why he’s doing this, Noor merely says that there’s isn’t any reason for him to love what is his. Naala keeps telling herself that she’s nothing but a toy in his eyes, yet she feels happy – so she dismisses it as a brief illusion of hers. As much as he’d like to hear what she sees of him in the afternoons and night times, he’ll leave it for another time and looks forward to tonight. It is only later in the day that Noor tells Naala that there’s a dinner with an emissary. Naala is reluctant to join him though since others would see him as having an ugly wife and she fears that it would interfere with work affairs. After some thought, Noor decides to just pretty her up then so that such concepts are broken.

Later that night, Noor prepares fancy dresses, jewels and even does her make-up. Seeing how adept he is with make-up, Naala realises that he’s probably been with countless women before and for some reason she isn’t amused at all, even though she shouldn’t be bothered with this in the first place. After she puts on the top clothing, Noor offers to rub some balm on her skin so that her skin will look better. Naala has to obey him as according to their promise and…let’s just say that Noor has his fun teasing her only to stop at the last moment – before teasing her again as he waits for her to say that she wants it. But Naala refuses to as she recalls his previous words and if she crosses this line, it’s as if both her body and mind will really fall into the depths. Well it’s awkward to explain everything explicitly so I’ll just say that Noor doesn’t enter at all but they both climax and he spreads it inside of her – thinking that it’ll be one form of enjoyment to see her get pregnant with his child while she’s still a virgin. Even though Naala kinda prepared herself that she might have to have his child, obviously she never expected it this way.

Not giving her any time to clean up, Noor promptly orders her to dress herself up properly as they head for dinner with the emissary. Though the emissary sincerely greets her, not minding her short hair, Noor starts to touch her under the table and puts her through what is like an eternity of torture. He even whispers to her that tonight’s dinner smells good – oh no wait, it’s the smell of her desire. マジドS! When dinner is finally over, Naala has to be supported back to the room by Noor and she calls him a huge pervert. Noor merely replies that if all acts of loving one’s wife is perverted, all the guys on this planet would be perverts. He remarks that she looked attractive trying to contain herself back then, to the point where he wanted to “eat” her there and then on the table. Well now that they’re back in the room he promptly “eats” her up again, saying that it’s punishment. As he kisses her, he tells Naala that she belongs to him and is his wife.

The night of a certain bride

Naala waits for Noor to return as apparently the diplomatic talks have been progressing and tonight, they’ve dinner with another emissary. She goes to find the dress for tonight and instead, sees a long cloth in a drawer, one which you would wrap around your head. Naala recalls that this appears similar to the one the masked man wore – or rather it’s the same. But if the masked man was Noor, Naala doesn’t understand why he saved her since she wasn’t of any worth to him then. But what’s most mysterious is that she feels happy about this. Perhaps she wanted Noor to see her as valuable more than she’d expected, and to see that his daily expressions of “love” mean something. She wonders if she’s experiencing an illusion here and why she feels so flustered thinking that Noor may like her. Hearing footsteps in a distance, she quickly places the cloth back and when Noor appears, she gives the excuse that Toya’s work took longer than expected – which is kinda true as recently she’s been helping Noor out and also Toya.

But Noor smiles as he comments that she seems to really like Toya’s work – not exactly what she wanted. Naala has observed that whenever Toya’s name is brought up, the atmosphere around Noor changes despite his usual smile and he would then carry out his half-hearted caresses. To be honest Naala feels somewhat irritated that she feels sad when he doesn’t do it completely and only spreads it inside of her later. She quickly switches the topic back to dinner and Noor tells her that it’s alright not to dress up, in fact it’s better to keep it simple. As he helps her with the make-up, Naala recalls the previous night and her body gets hot. Seeing this, Noor says that even though he didn’t plan to do anything, it looks like he should respond to her expectations. But of course knowing him, he only touches her a bit before telling her to change since there’s no time. At dinner, it appears as though they’re deep in discussion with regards to how to invite women over so Naala relaxes a bit. But Noor starts to touch her and soon after, the emissary is drawn to Naala and remarks on her beauty, hoping to gain her cooperation too. Noor quickly draws back his hand, and both he and Naala can guess what this “cooperation” entails. Noor quickly answers that he has already made the preparations and it’s to his liking so the emissary goes with that instead.

Though it doesn’t sit well with Naala for a woman to be used here, whether it’s a slave or a prostitute, the fact is that Noor protected her. Just then, she recalls the cloth as the word “protect” resounds in her mind. Perhaps Noor predicted this situation and hence told her to dress simple. Still, if he was going to protect her he could stay away from toying with her and as Naala complains to herself, she observes that Noor has a different atmosphere around him again – similar to when she and Toya met each other the other day. In the end dinner ends comfortably and in fact Noor’s smile was way too refreshing at the end of it. (Bad End 2 & 3 Common Scenario: Broken bond, branches off from here) Naala decides to head to bed first but catches Noor gazing at her, and despite his expressionless face, his eyes seem rather fiery. Naala can predict what’s going to happen next and indeed, Noor approaches her as he says that it’s her body’s fault for attracting men like that. As he kisses her neck, Noor remarks that if only she was ugly then he’d be the only one who’d love and desire her. As Naala feels herself tearing up, she observes that Noor’s expression is similar to the first night when he told her to handle herself with a paper weight. Seeing her expression, he tells her that he’d only want to make her cry more and to do her till she says that she only wants him.

Naala is taken aback as she thought that he had no interest in sex, and Noor confirms that he has no interest in just any women. But perhaps she was special from the start, and he’d wanted to trample on her prideful heart and body. Noor reminds her that her everything is his and for some reason, his previous words make Naala happy. He wonders if he’ll be able to tie her down to her if she gets pregnant and Naala sees that despite his words, he’s extremely attached to her. Naala herself also realises that she wants to be recognised by him, and just as she likes him and wants to receive the same from him. But when he asks if she desires his heart, Naala can’t bring herself to answer. So Noor decides to give it to her lots tonight so that her suspicions will disappear. Anyway they finally go all the way tonight and Naala frankly says that she wants him and she falls unconscious when they’re done.

When she wakes up later that night, she sees Noor still up and looking through letters. She worries that he’ll really collapse as this rate, and feels guilty since he’s helping her out with the promise. She voices her concerns again, as she doesn’t understand why he’s going all out for a mere girl like her. Noor merely answers that it’s not interesting if one doesn’t see a bet all the way through, and since he lost he’s going all out to fulfill his side. Naala mutters that she thought he’d approved of her and Noor answers that he isn’t that free to embrace someone he doesn’t recognise. He closes the topic before she can pursue though and so she decides to ask about the letter he’s been stuck on. It’s from his home country, and Naala is surprised yet touched that he even went to contact his home country for the sake of the promise. Noor thinks that it’s a positive response and for once his expression looks rather ambiguous. He tells her to sleep for tonight, and calls her his princess as he kisses her goodnight. Deciding to reply with a serious joke too, Naala tells her husband good night too and he smiles kindly back at her.

Best End

Epilogue: The result of the bet

Naala doesn’t rest easy up till the day the emissary from Noor’s home country arrives. As Noor appears calm as usual, that makes her more nervous and she can’t help but glance over at him. Seeing her behaviour, Noor wonders if his caresses last night weren’t enough lol. He also tells her to prepare herself well as the emissary is actually his 2nd brother. This piece of news surely surprises Naala, and she wonders why a prince has come in place, but above that she worries about him informing about his situation when everyone else thought he was dead. Noor continues to insist that that was the fairy tale prince’s story, but adds that he’s going with the explanation that he lost his memory after falling into the sea and only recently remembered and hence made contact. It should be alright since there’s no proof to say otherwise, and only the late king knew his true nature – oh, and Naala too. Naala can’t help but break into a smile knowing how much Noor trusts her. He knows fully well how she looks like now and calls her simple-minded. When she sulks at this, he corrects himself and calls her honest and cute. As Noor stands up and hugs her, he repeats that she’s his cute princess. Feeling embarrassed, Naala retorts that she’s nothing but his toy anyway and he agrees that she’s his only cute toy and would like to play with her forever. Despite the cruel words, his whispers sound sweet – almost like a bad-natured proposal. Ever since that night Noor often says the words “cute” and “only mine”. Sometimes it can get really persistent like a curse, but they’ve also started to sink into Naala’s heart. Just then, she sees dark circles under his eyes and realises how much all this work must’ve taken a toll on him. As she overlaps her hand on his, Noor merely narrows his gaze and it feels as though he’s thanking her for her concern.

Esta interrupts as he reports that Marg, one of the ministers in the initial opposition party, is asking to see Naala, knowing that Noor will be busy with an emissary. Even in the opposition party, he’s easily swayed and ‘cos of Orte’s support it’s easier to persuade them now. Marg insists on tonight, saying that he wishes to express his support. Noor is evidently bothered by this, even though he’d usually come up with an answer immediately. (Bad End: The sky dyed red, branches off from here) To Noor’s surprise, Naala stays that she’ll stay by his side. Though she secretly can’t leave him alone, Naala says that it’s suspicious that Marg can only offer his support tonight and she doesn’t want to form an agreement over such uncertain circumstances. So they’ll tell him that both husband and wife will visit him on another day. Noor’s expression changes slightly at the words “husband and wife” and Naala is amused by how easy it is to read him now. Perhaps he was in fact lonely and had hoped for her company.

Later that night, Naala paces about the castle as she can’t keep calm. She chances upon two suspicious-looking men and goes back to the room, and tells Esta about it. He promptly goes out and when Noor returns she tells him the same thing. Esta returns soon after and when he’s whispering to Noor, Naala thought that she heard the word “kill”. Noor asks Esta to take care of it and when Naala asks what it was about after Esta leaves, he merely tells her that it’s some weeding. Noor hugs Naala, as he’s happy that she was worried for him and support him, and tells her to enjoy the moment too as it’s not often that he’s this happy.

At dinner, Cardes, the 2nd brother, shows obvious sarcasm as he doesn’t seem to be acting as an emissary at all, or here to talk about work. Naala can barely contain her anger, but Noor takes it all in his stride. Noor talks about the cure in developments, and even displays knowledge about the red flower, saying that it’s not the cause of the disease and the imaginary days aren’t that far off. Cardes remarks that he’d indeed looking forward to that day, and if so he’ll gather the women interested in immigrating over. Both Noor and Naala take this chance to express their happiness at his words, in other words they make sure that he won’t back down on what he said. Cardes then proceeds to talk as his brother, and even jokes about whether his negotiations are going well, and if this promise may be broken too. But Noor draws Naala close to him and confidently says that he believes in Cardes, ‘cos his beloved wife and given him that strength. Naala feels happy to be the reason for him to be finally healed from the past. Noor further says that thanks to Cardes, he now has this blissful present with his wife, and apologises that he didn’t get that this was what Cardes truly wanted to know. After that, whether it’s ‘cos of guilty conscious or regretted to have lost, Cardes sent an agreement of alliance a few weeks later, with the condition that the cure is finished.

That night, Noor and Naala gaze at the night sky filled with stars. It wasn’t expected for this success to have come this easy, but then again many blood has been shed too thanks to war and the disease. And it’s ‘cos of everyone’s lives, efforts and tears that they’ve come this far. Naala remarks that the (dead) souls in the moon must be feeling happy now. Noor doesn’t believe in such superstition, but says that if his important person died he may gaze at the moon like this too. He then asks what Naala will do now, since the cure will soon be completed and with the alliances officially formed the Rusu women can return home. Naala ventures to ask if he’ll divorce her if she wants to return. Up till now he hasn’t actually said that he loved her, and that still makes her uneasy. She’s evidently disappointed when he answers that he will. Even though she despised him initially, she doesn’t think that she can forget him now. Noor then suggests another bet: if she can steal his heart which loves her, then he’ll divorce her and she can return to Rusu. As he kisses her, Naala jokingly says that she’ll have to work for a lifetime to change his stubborn heart – but that makes it interesting too. This bet probably won’t reach a conclusion even if they leave for the moon.

A few years later, everything has come to bear fruit and even Naala yawns at how everything is so peaceful that it’s boring. Now Nasula is welcoming all women from abroad but now she’s in-charge of consulting with those women’s troubles. Thing is, she can’t speak foreign language and when without an interpreter, she has to study on her own with a teacher that Noor hired. As Naala tries to practice the language, Noor appears behind her and fluently speaks to her in it – not that she understands anything. He tells her to sit with him on the bed and if she ignores him anymore he’ll prank on her. As Naala joins him on the bed, he taps his finger on her book to show what he said to her just now: My beloved princess, isn’t it about time for you to love me? Naala wonders just how long will he keep wooing her and he answers that he’ll do so until she can only see him. He’s lonely seeing her study so hard that even the textbook has become his love rival. Naala is no longer afraid of his strong possessiveness, as he no longer hides his jealousy so in a sense he’s changed himself. But there’s no telling what may happen to him when he’s out of her sight so she wants to lighten his burden.

According to the rumours, a few army men, apparently dissatisfied with the king’s rule, disappeared that night. Naturally the rumours point to Noor as the culprit and Naala herself knows this, but Noor insists to her that it was merely “weeding” that night. In order for that not to happen anymore, Naala wants to support the king’s power more. Naala has also observed that if it’s not Noor’s, he doesn’t really care about the person. But if it’s someone whom he sees as “his”, then he’ll pour incredible amounts of love to the person. She has indeed fallen in love with a troublesome person. Noor gets jealous but she saws that there’s no one else who thinks about him as much as her. Noor asks if it’s ‘cos his caresses are good and just to make him uneasy she doesn’t deny it. Up till now Noor still worries over whether he has fully gained her heart so she sometimes does this, even though she has long been his to be honest. Noor remarks that he’ll just have to make her fall deeper into pleasure so that she looks at nothing else, and tells his cute princess that he loves her.

Bad End 1: The sky dyed red

Naala decides to go see Marg and Noor doesn’t stop her, and tells Esta to protect her. As Naala leaves, she can’t help but feel as though his smile looks lonely. She and Esta walk to Marg’s residence since it’s rather close, and Esta wanted to avoid any schemes just in case if they go by carriage. Noor worries about Noor but Esta reassures her that he isn’t one to be easily defeated. But just then, an explosion is heard and the palace is on fire. A black-clad man quickly arrives and informs Esta that a few of the army men, whom apparently aren’t pleased with the current system, have revolted. Slen did not lead this revolution but he was seen entering the castle, probably ‘cos he can’t abandon his men and will probably carry the burden willingly or not. Plus he probably can’t stand by seeing Toya in danger. Esta explains to a confused Naala that Slen has been gaining popularity and in recent years several of the young army men have been working to see Slen as king. Up till now Noor has been ridding of those attempts. Naala realises that ‘cos Noor has been busy with fulfilling her promise, he probably didn’t notice it this time and even Esta can’t deny that.

The news gets worse as Naala is told that Noor is dead, since the guard with him has come here. The black-clad guard informs Naala that in order to let the emissary escape, he held back the attacks: “To be honest, I don’t like this guy. But if he dies like this, the path for any future negotiations will be shut. If that happens, my wife will probably be sad. That’s why……I won’t retreat.” Naala can’t believe her ears, since there’s no way then Noor would give up his life for a mere toy. And the guard was ordered to escape first to give Naala strands of Noor’s golden hair to her. As Naala shakily takes it, she recalls that the previous night she brushed her fingers through his hair often, as it felt nice – but it no longer feels the same now.

Esta advises her to escape, as he’s certain that Slen will now set his eyes on her. In fact after knowing about her marriage to Noor he’d been trying to nullify it. Now that Noor’s dead, Naala’s his master now and he’ll follow her. Naala asks him to take her to a secret place in Nasula to hide. She can’t leave behind the Rusu women, and she still has to fulfill her and Noor’s duty. Moreover, her husband’s body is still here – she can’t return to Rusu without retrieving it. So Esta suggests hiding till they can make contact with Toya’s exiled army. He’d expected her to make this decision, as he observed them as a couple recently and knows how she looks at Noor. Heartened, Naala tells him to escape together and after that, they’ll cry together. Looking at the sky dyed in red, Naala says that she’ll retrieve her husband’s body and fulfill their wish one day so until then, her bet with Noor isn’t over.

Bad End 2 & 3 Common Scenario: Broken bond

During the meeting with the 2nd emissary, he says that he’s merely going to drink with her and at a loss, Naala decides that she has no choice but to accept. Before she can say so though, Noor says that he has made the preparations for him already. Back in the room, Naala wonders if he’s angry and he says that he isn’t, only bewildered that she can open up her legs for the sake of work. Naala denies this but he goes on to say that if it’s for work, the bet, the women, she’ll go through any shameful acts and even give up her body – she can’t deny this when she married him in order to save her friend. She probably couldn’t reject Slen’s advances ‘cos of the women, and as for Toya she took his hand for the sake of everyone. Every single time she always worries about others and places herself at the end. Both that self-sacrificial strength and kindness of hers annoys him. Feeling both vexed and sad with nothing else to rebutt in return, Naala tears up and Noor smiles, telling her not to cry. She dives into bed, thinking that they should talk again when everything has cooled down. But he orders her to strip instead, and Naala feels saddened that their relationship has returned to this – even though she thought that besides the bet they had a bond of trust too.

As Naala obeys him, unlike the previous times he enters her despite her crying out in pain. For some reason, she finds herself crying and more than her own body, her heart feels battered up. Noor remarks that with this, everything of her is his now. To her own surprise, Naala defiantly asks if he’s satisfied now, and to separate from her if so. But Noor has other plans as he comments that it’s a pity for all of that to flow out and inserts something in her, like a plug. To make things worse, he asks her to pass some urgent documents to Toya like that – once she does so he’ll remove it. Filled with sadness and despair, she can only think that her husband is scarier than the devil. Naala carries the small hope that once she’s finished with this, they can return to their previous relationship. After what appears like eternity, Toya appears before her much to her delight. She struggles to hand him the documents but in fact they weren’t urgent. Seeing her struggling, Toya blushes and asks if she’s alright, offering for her to rest in his room. As Naala is about to apologise and reject, Noor shows up and says that he’ll take care of his wife.

We all know why he’s blushing. ^///^

After Toya disappears, Noor decides to free Naala from her pain – right in the corridor. Despite Naala’s protests, he plays with her and Naala calls him a pervert – but he throws those words back at her. Even if she was obeying him, why didn’t she seek help from Toya? One word from the king and his head would be off. She and Toya are now friends, yet she didn’t seek help from Toya, who had that power. In order words, instead of help she wants pleasure. Hearing this, Naala realises that she has already lost. “I can’t oppose Noor”, “It’s impossible to oppose”, those words have been drilled into her heart. As Noor proceeds to do her there and then and recalls that Toya passes through this corridor after work. Driven to a corner, Naala tries to end things soon but once it’s over, Noor recalls again that Toya is working late tonight. But Naala is worn out by everything and can only question Noor “why” as after the pleasure, only sorrow is left inside her. As she slowly blacks out, she feels someone kissing away her tears: “You’re mine……The you whose body and heart has been stained by me, can’t return to before anymore……” Naala recalls that she wanted to be someone who can protect others, like her father, but now she can no longer do so.

Bad End 2: Pet slave

Naala doesn’t know how long she has been kept in this basement room. At first she felt pain, but now her husband is her everything. If her husband is there, her world will be painted in pleasure. That’s why she waits for him every minute of the day, like a dog waiting for its master. When Noor enters, she greets him as “Noor-sama” and pleads for him to give her mercy today too. Pleased, Noor orders her to spread her legs and watching her getting excited, he remarks that he’d like to show the Rusu people how their prideful and courageous princess has sunk to this lowly and perverted figure. As Noor blindfolds her and does her, he comments on how the her who drowning in pleasure and only desiring him is the best. She can continue to desire only him for the rest of her life. Naala knows that she’ll probably die in this darkness, drowned in a love like poison till death.

Bad End 3: Noor

Only a few days has passed since she last breathed the air above ground. Ever since then she had been fed some unknown medicine daily. After drinking it her mind would go dull, yet her body would start to respond and get hot. Feeling cold, Naala recalls that she went to someone’s house in the cold rain and caught a cold – but whose house, and who looked after her kindly? If she could rewind time she’d want to mend things, and go back to when the person was still kind – but who was it again? Naala starts to cry again today and seeing this, Noor doesn’t seem pleased. He doesn’t want her to still have a heart but Naala can’t form the words in response. He tells her that it’s time for the medicine again and she vehemently rejects knowing that she’ll forget, but she can’t escape as she has been chained. But Noor merely laughs, saying that it’ll make her happy. After forcing the liquid down her throat, Noor begins his training again, and tells her to remember that only he will talk to her, and she can only see him – everything will become “Noor”. Naala loses all resistance and doesn’t care about anything else as repeats after him- everything will only be “Noor”.

Esta’s Route

His route follows through Bad End 3: Noor. After Naala was constantly fed that sweet poison, her everything became Noor. But one day, her clarity of thought is suddenly returned to her. But she realises that she can’t see anything as she feels that her eyes are open but it’s all darkness. Just then a voice calls out to her – it’s Esta but thanks to the lingering effects she hears him as Noor. Esta explains that ‘cos some troublesome things have happened, Noor has been busy and hasn’t been able to come down here. Her questioning him means that the medicine is losing its effects. The past few days when he came down she was vacant and only repeatedly said “Noor”. During those days he took the liberty to take care of her and feed her. As he settles down today’s breakfast, Naala asks why he’s suddenly being kind to her. Esta answers that he has always wanted to treat her kindly, not that he’s confident if he’s capable of it. Still, Naala remains guarded even as Esta assures her that he won’t do anything to her. It’s as if she has given up and he remarks that it’s unlike her, but Naala points out that she can’t see anything nor move about so it’s only natural. Esta is obviously taken aback but Naala is only confused as to why “Noor” is suddenly so kind to her since he did this to her. She’d thought that if she obeyed him things would return to as before but she’s near her limits. At a loss, Naala starts choking up as she questions why did Noor change. Yet even if he’s the most despicable man for some reason she can’t hate him.

Esta can only apologise, as he couldn’t save her before things came to such a stage. Even though he tries to explain that he isn’t Noor, Naala doesn’t recognise that since only “Noor” would talk to her – but for some reason that feels weird and her head starts to hurt. Esta thinks that once the medicine completely wears out, her head pains and recognition will heal. As Esta gently hugs her, he apologises again. He had been sent away for a task and was told that she was living well, even though he sensed that Noor was acting odd. He starts to cry and asks if Naala stills loves Noor  despite his harsh treatment. The last time he saw her, she was smiling beside Noor and he could clearly see that she loved him. That’s why he thought that her happiness was to be with Noor. To be honest Naala isn’t fully certain but she isn’t able to say that she loves him under the current circumstances. Esta confirms again with her and with this, he expresses that he doesn’t understand Noor, why he would treat her this cruelly while loving her. Naala can taste the tears running down his face, and asks if he’s feeling regrettable. Esta honestly answers that he doesn’t know since he’s nothing but a doll whom obeys orders, and in fact he doesn’t realise that he’s crying tears. But his chest does hurt and he explains that Naala was the only one who didn’t regard him as a doll. Yet he allowed her to become like this. He wants her to be happy and can’t stand seeing her being abused like this. Even Naala is touched by his voice and reaches out for him, and feels herself tearing up.

He then says that he’d always been thinking: if what he was about to do now would allow her to be happy or if it was just for his own satisfaction. But now he has decided that he can’t leave her like this anymore, even if she still did love Noor. He feels that this is wrong, and she would completely break down at this rate. As he gently assures her that he won’t hurt her, Esta firmly says that he wants to bring her away to a place no one knows for her to recuperate. There’s no need to worry about his work, or the Rusu women. Though it may be difficult for her to believe him, Esta goes to the extent of saying that rather than her getting hurt, it’ll be better for his life to end. If she takes his hand, then his time would belong to her. He would live for her, and die for her. Even though she’s still uncertain, Naala is touched by his sincere words and decides to believe him once more. As Esta thanks her, Naala says that she can’t forgive him immediately but maybe time will heal things. However, Esta tells her that she can’t forgive him, for he destroyed something important to her and when she learns the truth she would hate him. But even so he wants her to smile and that’s why he chose this path. From the time she saw him as a “friend”, he became a person and every time he saw her he gradually started to know his feelings. For now he wants to return the favour, and feels that he doesn’t deserved to be loved. Even though Naala doesn’t understand “Noor’s” words, she can’t help but cry.

Unconditional love

As Esta carries Naala outside, they’re met with another person (presumably someone who also serves Noor). He wonders why Esta is betraying Noor despite swearing loyalty to him. Esta corrects that he hasn’t, and only feels gratitude to him. This puts them at opposite ends anyway and Esta asks Naala to believe in him and that he’ll protect her. He successfully defeats the attacker and brings Naala to a hidden house. He tells her that he’ll explain everything when she has fully recovered as even if he tells her now, all she can see is “Noor”. At that time, she can decide again. Esta takes care of Naala kindly and she feels as though “Noor” is a completely different person. But whenever she thinks further than that her head hurts. As Esta is feeding her one day, Naala suddenly recalls Esta, and that she’d always wanted to get along with him but that probably can’t come true now. In response, Esta merely says that it already has. Though Naala still remains uncertain, for now she feels reassured that the “Noor” now won’t hurt her. Though he may change anytime, she wants to believe in his unconditional love and kindness now.

Forever a person who waits

Though Naala is still unable to understand the sudden change in “Noor”, she prefers the him now and Esta blushes at this while thanking her. Still, his kindness now feels different and her head starts to hurt. As Esta worries over her, she reassures him that she fully understands what’s going on now – though of course he’s slightly hurt as she still sees him as Noor. Esta then kisses her hand and says that she can take what he’s going to say next as Noor’s words.

——I love you. I want to treat you importantly more than anyone else. That’s why it’s impossible for me to ever hurt you. The me now, wishes for your health and happiness. (……) In that case, please believe in these words. ——You body, is more precious than my own. From each strand of hair, down to your toes, everything is as dear as a miracle.

Though Naala is taken aback at first, she feels that his words now are sincere and that she can believe in him. Since she still can’t see, Esta takes it upon himself to wipe her and Naala is almost disappointed that nothing happens – but quickly dismisses that thought. Esta kisses her forehead and leaves for a while, though his expression looks pained as she sees “Noor” off. As she falls asleep, Naala dreams of another self who tells her that it’s about time for her to wake up and face reality. She is merely afraid to face the truth and doesn’t want to be healed. In fact she can’t live without that person’s kindness anymore and she does know who his true identity is. As that darkness changes to brightness, Naala sees her own face but full of life. But when she wakes up she can’t recall what her dream.

When Esta returns later, Naala remarks how he’s become such a kind husband. He corrects her that he’s a friend and that word makes her recall Esta himself. He’s taken aback when she says his name, and Naala recalls how she wanted to be his friend. Esta says that he has no worth of being on good terms with her, ‘cos he’s a slave. Esta starts to talk as if he was Noor, and says that he’s grateful that Noor bought him. If it were other masters he’d surely die while being abused, but Noor educated him. He thinks that it’s ‘cos he’s from the same home country as Noor, and Noor’s pride wouldn’t allow a fellow countrymen to be degraded. He doesn’t feel loyalty to Noor though, more like he’s void of feelings or desires and merely does as he’d told. He didn’t feel any fulfillment from work, nor any desire to betray. When Naala questions if it’s different now, Esta hesitates and switches the topic. After that, Naala would occasionally see nightmares but Esta would always hug her till she falls asleep again.

One day, Naala gets worried as Esta is later than usual. She decides to go outside to wait for him and she gropes her way outside. Soon after Esta sees her and quickly catches her as she almost trips. Seeing how Naala wants to move about a bit more, Esta takes her to walk to the riverside. Naala is overwhelmed with feelings of liking this “Noor” and always wanting to be with him. She wants to voice them and thanks “Esta”. He’s taken aback and so is Naala. It’s weird how it’s as if she hasn’t been calling his name all this time, but now she wants to and Esta asks for her to do so too. But she doesn’t need to rush herself as he’ll always be by her side. Even if she doesn’t love her, he’ll always wait for her.

Esta’s Bad End: The answer which has disappeared

The difference in choice is that Naala can’t bring herself to believe him, but doesn’t want to remain here anymore. And when Esta is attacked, she gets nervous and uncertain and in the moment when she draws away from Esta, he loses his balance and in that moment he’s stabbed. As he falls to his knees, Esta struggles to carry her again and reassures her that he’d rather die than allow her to get hurt. But it’s too late as he’s stabbed several more times and Esta collapses. The attacker merely comments on how regrettable it is, and that Noor will surely lament. A confused Naala tries to understand the situation as she reaches out for the cold body and feels the warm blood around it. Naala can only question who this person is then, the one who took her out, and said that he wanted her to smile. As she holds his cold hand, she waits for the answer which will never return.


I kinda expected that I would enjoy Noor’s route ‘cos I enjoyed the sarcastic cross-talks and all. Maybe I’m a bit of a sadist too. One thing I feel that I should say is that yes, Noor was originally kind-hearted but then had his trust issues etc. But he also remains possessive and somewhat sadistic even in the good end. It’s just that as Naala pointed out, he expresses it all loud and clear and doesn’t keep it in and twist it all up. Well anyway I liked the first bad end damn. I don’t think I need to explain why. As for the other two, they were really similar so I didn’t see the need to separate them. If I were to choose one I’d prefer “Noor” since I didn’t welcome that extra sex scene in “Pet Slave”. I’d rather the 5th sex scene be in his good end or something idk. It’s just unsettling to see 3 out of the 5 scenes appear in a bad end if you know what I mean. But anyway, I think that Noor did have a point about how Naala always places herself last. Ironically, it’s ‘cos Naala is like that that in the first place she ends up marrying him. I’m sure Noor himself knows it and I guess feels irritated seeing her almost do the same with the emissary. This also falls in place with Esta’s warning of Noor having a strong sense of possession and I think “Noor” stuck with that better whereas in “Pet Slave” it’s just…yeah ugh. Also, I prefer “Noor” ‘cos it’s from there that we have Esta’s route.

After all those complicated feelings from Noor’s route, Esta’s came and just washed them all away and jumped ahead. It doesn’t help that I liked his voice. I guess similar to Uru, his devotion was just so impressionable. Unlike Uru though, he’s a slave and hence sees himself as pretty much holding zero value – and that just makes it all the more impressionable. Since there’s this juxtaposition of a slave possessing no real feelings or desires, to then come to possess what is probably the purest feeling of wanting someone to be happy among all the characters in the game. The disappointing thing is that I felt that Esta’s would’ve had the most potential to develop more on the gender issues more than any other character. But I will leave all this in my concluding thoughts, I’m rambling too much. One route left to go!

19 thoughts on “Koezaru wa Akai Hana: Noor, Esta’s Route

  1. midoriha says:

    Thanks—-! Yes, i like Noor’s route too, and Esta’s, though i think i would have liked to see Esta having a route branching off away from Noor’s, instead of only continuing from Noor’s bad end. Esta and Noor’s scenes were pretty cute. When i saw instances of Noor being considerate, kind, i just went ‘awww…’. And Esta’s line…-sobs- so touching! AH—–!


  2. Sena says:

    Hey, did you look at the Koezaru website recently? It looks like they updated it a little so the game is supposed to come out in March rather than the abstract time of Spring 2014 and they’re adding a completely new character. His sprite looks to be wearing the same clothes as Esta….hmmmmm.


    • Yume says:

      Yup I saw the new character! The company porting it is porting a BL game I love too so I’m watching them pretty closely haha. Speaking of clothes, yes you’re right! There’s not much information on him as of yet, but he seems to be the teasing type of character.


      • Sena says:

        Haha, I didn’t know that. Which game is it? I don’t follow the BL game community very closely at all because I haven’t gotten into any yet. If you have any recs, feel free to let me know!

        But yeah, I think the clothes was probably the only thing I really noticed about him so I wonder what’ll happen there. In that case, he’ll possibly be popping up in Esta’s route a lot, or maybe he’s another person’s servant. Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to wait as more info gets released!


        • Yume says:

          Taisho Mebiusline, I wrote a non-spoiler review for it. ^^ Tbh I don’t play as many BL games since I tend to be…rather apprehensive of the things that they can include. But my recent plays (DMMd, Taisho Mebiusline) have all been very positive! The language for Taisho Mebiusline can be mind-boggling, but the writing, plot, characterisation, OST are all awesome. I love the protagonists for both games too, so I think that’s a huge plus in my books. Ahaha, I’m rambling.

          That’s very likely! We’ll have to wait and see~


          • Sena says:

            I shall look into it ^^

            I can see what you mean, though. I’m a little apprehensive myself which is why I never tried the genre yet. Liking the protagonists are definitely pluses for games. And I didn’t really consider that rambling, but I can tell you like the games, so that’s always good 🙂

            I’m so excited for that game. I don’t even know which one I’m more excited for, the Koezaru port or Hana Awase Himeutsugi-hen.


            • Yume says:

              The writer for Taisho Mebiusline is the one working together with Koezaru’s on Sanzen Sekai – the R18 otome game which was released not too long ago. So if you enjoy the writing style for it, you’d know what you can expect for Taisho Mebiusline (well, excluding the difficult language).

              Haha, perhaps Hana Awase? It’s been more than a year since the last game if you think about it, wow.


            • Sena says:

              Oooh that sounds encouraging. It would be good language practice if I become unlazy. Otherwise I’ll just be sitting there lost, haha.

              Maybe. I guess my excitement is only slightly dimmed by the fact that I still didn’t get around to finishing it up because of the whole fiasco of my choices disappearing and not being able to get past certain parts, haha. Plus I guess because it’s a PC game and I’d need to stay at my computer to play. I still really, really like it from what I have played though. I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I didn’t play it when it first came out.


            • Yume says:

              …oh right you did mention how you didn’t see some choices. Still, I don’t think it’ll take you too long to finish it if you return to it. ^^


            • Sena says:

              Yeah. I’m going to try again using a different and more detailed walkthrough that I found recently so hopefully it’ll work out this time. The game itself didn’t seem to take too long from what I can remember, it just took longer because of all of my fun issues.


  3. Sena says:

    I feel super conflicted about Noor’s route, haha. On one side, Naala and Noor’s dynamics were interesting, but they could’ve been expanded more. They did have their cute moments though. And sometimes he would do or say things and I would sit there wondering whether I found his words or actions distasteful/appalling or sexy .I was actually pretty fond of his speaking style. I don’t know if it’s because he had a rather soft spoken voice and he used polite/honorific language for like…every situation, but I liked it.

    One thing that bothered me, I suppose it’s just being nitpicky, but in the end when it’s a few years later, her hair is still short. My hair grows pretty slow, but I feel like it would’ve been at least twice the length by then. Unless she’s just cutting it all the time now…like she’s trying to make a new fashion statement or something that women with short hair can be beautiful too. That was a bit of a far stretch, but it just came to mind so I wrote it. They didn’t really address the hair at all at the end, did they?

    When I did the bad end for “The sky dyed red,” I already knew what was going to happen so when I had to make the choice, I was like, “No, Naala, don’t do it, don’t do it I tell you!” I have to agree that it was the best bad end. It actually makes you like Noor more, whereas in the other bad ends…well, they’re pretty self-explanatory. I definitely didn’t come out liking him more after them. In fact, I could go as far as saying that his character got ruined for me in a way. A lot of what I liked about him got erased, especially when he would repeat things like calling her his cute princess, echoing when it was more of an actual endearment.

    But for bad ends, these people sure like this locking her up in the basement and doing terrible things with her there, don’t they? Chaining her up with pleasure, supposedly. (Is that a fetish?) It really got pretty repetitive at the end. I can see why you combined them in your review. They weren’t all the different. I totally just skipped through those two rapes when I needed to get to the other bad ends. I don’t know why they saw it necessary to give him so many similar bad ends that branch off the same template.

    It’s unfortunate that you can only get to Esta’s short route thing through one of Noor’s bad ends but I suppose there really isn’t a way around that.

    I’m pretty excited about Esta getting a proper route in the PSP release now. You had mentioned it, but since I hadn’t played Esta’s route yet I didn’t know much about it. There’s a lot of potential for that route to be interesting because it’s so different from everyone else’s. I noticed they’re all in pretty prominent positions and he’s a servant/slave. I actually played his bad end first so I could end the night with a happier feeling. I was so sad when he died in the bad end. I didn’t feel like enough happened with him in the majority of Noor’s route to warrant him growing on me, but he did. He’d be super good husband material, haha. It was so painful every time she called him Noor so I almost feel like I was happier than him when she finally called his Esta and recognized it as his real name.

    Geeze, my responses are actually getting longer, aren’t they?


    • Yume says:

      I certainly think that it’s the way Nooru speaks. He can say some pretty blatant things but due to his soft tone the effect isn’t as…annoying I guess. Well, I suppose some may still find it annoying though.

      Ahh her hair length. XD Yeah I don’t think they ever talked about it. It is probably a slip-up on their part.

      Yeah “The sky dyed red” made me like Nooru more as you said. The other ends seemed a bit forced to me. Like they wanted to include those R-18 scenes in the bad ends and so here you have this. I didn’t understand why they had to give two variations of it too when they’re so similar. But ahaha…brace yourself for Slen’s bad end is all I have to say.

      Yes! I’m excited for Esta’s route in the PSP release too! I hope they can expand on the background differences too and such (plus he has a nice voice). I wonder how Nooru will react too since Naala will probably be ‘married’ to him in Esta’s route. Considering how brief Esta’s route is, he really makes an impact huh?

      No worries about the length~


      • Sena says:

        That’s true. His voice didn’t really stand out to me, so I can’t say I’m in love with his voice, but I think it worked for his character. That was probably why I liked it.

        Ah, alright. I was just wondering if I missed something. It didn’t bother me much, I just noticed it.

        Forced is a good way to put it. It was like they were just stuck in there for the sake of it and it was possible to do them because of Noor’s character (strong jealousy and possessiveness). “Pet Slave” was definitely not necessary to me and just was really degrading of Naala. “Noor” wasn’t much better, but yeah, at least it had Esta’s route on it to make up for it.

        Oh god. Slen’s bad end. Since his character already gives off certain vibes, I can just imagine. Maybe I’ll play his route next after all (to get the rape end which is sure to come out of the way), haha. I mean, that would be keeping to my trend of playing the 3 leads first.

        He does have a nice voice. It matches his calming demeanor. I really wonder how they’re going to approach Esta’s route. It does seem like it’ll have to branch off of Noor’s route again (because how else will you meet him?) but I hope it doesn’t have to be off a bad end. I could foresee Naala spending more time with Esta and less with Noor so Noor wouldn’t actually end up developing his attachment to Naala. Then we could get a Esta route without pissing off Noor? Haha.

        I’m glad you don’t mind the length. I have a tendency to write a lot as you noticed. My reply to your comment to my comment on Toya’s route was long too, haha. Maybe the same length as my original one for Noor’s route.


        • Yume says:

          I agree “Pet Slave” was really degrading – I mean “Pet” and “Slave” on their own is pretty degrading and putting the two words together…yeah. Even more so when you consider how Naala’s status is a princess after all.

          Slen’s bad ends: one of them gave me the same vibes as Nooru’s “The sky dyed red”, but another…yeah, just prepare yourself. It’s heartbreaking in a different sense.

          Yup, it looks like Esta’s route will have to branch off from Nooru’s route. I’m wondering if they’re going to follow how his went in the original game, or be a completely different one as you suggest. I really do hope that we can get Esta’s route without pissing off Nooru lol. It is scary to cross paths with Nooru! Plus they can’t show much of what went on in “Nooru” due to the R-18 nature.

          Haha, it’s alright. After all you have to put up with my length posts. orz Looking forward to your thoughts on the other routes too!


          • Sena says:

            That’s true too. I didn’t even think about her princess status either, haha.

            Well, at least they both sound heartbreaking. I’d prefer heartbreaking ends over rape ends anytime.

            Pissing off Noor would be a crappy relationship start. And it’s true that since they can’t show the R-18 aspects that maybe they’ll be able to find another way to make Esta’s route branch off of Noor’s one.

            Lengthy posts are fine. The details are helpful when I want to check back on my understanding of what was going on. Like sometimes I understand things up to a certain point but because I’m spending so much brain energy comprehending that I slip transitional things that hold everything together. A good example was in Ikki’s Suspense Route (GOD THAT STUPID COIN THING) in Crowd when Kent mentioned that his last test activated when they were trying to escape the fire. When I read the notes on the doors, they seemed like they matched the whole situation of life-or-death choices, so I thought the doors notes were from someone else (not associated with Kent at all). I remember raging to my friends about this stupid plot hole of who the eff would put these stinking notes on the doors. And then I read your review and realized it was part of Kent’s last test, it’s just the whole leaving one person behind thing was less life-threatening. I guess it just flew right over my head that it was connected because the notes matched a threatening situation a little too well? Like I feel like the impact of that game test thing wouldn’t have been the same without the whole “we need to get out of here now or we’ll die” urgency.

            But yeah, that was a huge digression. And like I just commented on your Hana Awase shared post, I don’t know when I’ll be getting to the other routes for this game now. My focus shifted unintentionally. Normally I should be able to play a game straight through, particularly since I focus on just the one thing at a time, but I just ran into it by chance and now all my interest isn’t here just now. Who knows what I’ll be into the next time we talk. I’m so fickle T.T


            • Yume says:

              Oops, that’s quite a misunderstanding! But I can see how that happens, like how my brain doesn’t register extremely simple stuff at times lol.

              No worries, we’re always talking in other posts. XD


            • Sena says:

              It was a pretty big misunderstanding. After I realized it, I was like…all my Japanese gone down the drain, right there, haha.


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