Koezaru wa Akai Hana: Sefu’s Route & Concluding Thoughts

This follows the Common Route of Noor, Sefu and Esta. Sefu is Orte’s son and is told to chase Naala away. He usually bums around, but he gradually can’t leave Naala as she is. There are some overlaps with Noor’s route so it’s best to read that first. This post will also contain my concluding thoughts for the game. Needless to say, spoilers for the whole game. R-18 game! But I will not post any R-18 CGs in my reviews.

Naala goes to the backdoor and chances upon someone talking to the guards in a casual manner. Turns out that he’s Orte’s son, Sefu, and he’s clearly uneasy when he hears that Naala is here to see an audience with Orte. Sefu quickly slips away and apologises before going past the gates and Naala is stopped by the guards. She refuses to give up though. The same events happen with her seeing Toya persuading the women the next day, and then getting a kiss mark from Noor, and then Slen approaching her on her way back from Orte’s. Same events up till after “A night of a certain minister”.

The moonlight saviour

Naala goes early to Orte’s residence and is told that he left for the castle already as there was urgent business. She then goes to the back and asks about Sefu. The guard is a bit mystified at her question, but honestly answers that he doesn’t know Sefu’s schedule since he would often disappear suddenly for a few days and so on. The next day, Naala camps out such that she can observe both the front and back doors, lest she misses out on anyone. One of the guards evidently voices his concern as she looks unwell, and she assures him that she’s fine. Even though she’s in an enemy country, she notes that everyone is the same and merely living to protect what’s important to them. Naala starts to feels sleepy though and eventually does so, till she’s woken up by Sefu. Apparently the guard got worried since he’s on strict orders not to bother with Naala, and decided to call Sefu. Naala thanks the guard, and also decides to take this chance to pursue Sefu to help her talk to Orte. Sefu though, doesn’t think he’ll be of any help since he’s a useless son who may be disinherited anytime. It doesn’t sit well with him to reject her though so he tells her to return for today and promises to see her tomorrow. The next day, Sefu approaches Naala as he informs her that he has a message from Orte: he doesn’t want to see Naala and won’t step out either. Naala is evidently disappointed since all along Orte never rejected her outright but now he clearly has. Naala still refuses to give up though and asks Sefu to pass Orte a letter. Sefu says that he may very well throw it away and even if he doesn’t, there’s only 10-20% of success. But Naala doesn’t believe that he’s such a person since he’s kind enough to worry over her like this, plus she’ll take any chance of success. Sefu is taken aback as he wonders why she’s going to such extents. He agrees to take the letter to Orte and tells her to return for today.

I’m not sure if it’s the same day or not but in the next scene, it gets dark and starts to rain. Naala remains standing outside Orte’s residence though and a worried Sefu comes to her side. When Naala asks if it’s okay to be this kind to an enemy, Sefu answers that he can’t be bothered with that as it’ll only tire him. But he can’t leave her alone like this and takes her to rest in a bar he regularly visits. The landlady dries Naala in the room and Naala notices that she’s from Rusu from her hair colour. Apparently she married a man from a Western island but it lost in a battle to Nasula, hence she was kidnapped here. Any feeling of hate towards Nasula though has been lost in her daily struggles to live on. If there was a chance to return to Rusu, she doesn’t think she would either. She advises Naala to learn to give up too but of course Naala has a hard time accepting this. After she leaves and Sefu enters, he tells her that he’d passed the letter to Orte. Orte didn’t say anything but he’s probably still stubbornly refusing to see her. Naala still refuses to give up anyone, and Sefu can only continue to wonder why she’s so persistent. After that, the atmosphere loosens as he brings up some food and they have an enjoyable conversation. Naala also learns that Sefu lost his real mother and Orte’s wife now is his step-mother.

Naala ends up oversleeping the next day and she quickly changes to head off to Orte’s, while Noor merely gazes at her. On her way there it has gotten dark already and she gets approached by two drunks in the short-cut passage she takes (same as in Noor’s route). Sefu comes to help her out though, pretending that they know each other. After the two drunks leave, he apologises for having to act familiar with her and she thanks him instead. Sefu tells her that he won’t chase her away anymore, but she should at least use the main road instead of this back alley since it’s dangerous. Feeling his kindness and concern, unlike Noor’s cold attitude, Naala can’t help but feel heartened. Sefu hesitantly asks if Noor just let her out like this and Naala answers that she insisted on coming out, not wanting to give a bad impression of Noor for the sake of negotiation. In the end Sefu sees her back to the main road so that she can return home.

A certain minister’s son’s melancholy

This is told from Sefu’s POV. Orte asks Sefu about Naala, since he didn’t see her come today. Sefu recalls to him what happened earlier on, and slowly feels irritated at how Orte keeps looking down on Naala. It’s been a long time since he talked back to Orte, but Sefu asks him to at least listen to Naala as she speaks for the king and his medicine research. But Orte remains stubborn as he doesn’t want to betray his current stand and hence sees Naala as an enemy. He questions if Sefu is ready to betray his family for some sympathy and Sefu admits that he doesn’t have such a strong resolution. Orte tells him to do his job of chasing her away but secretly, Sefu is starting to wait for the next time he can see Naala’s face again.

The time of choice

This is the same as “The moonlight saviour” in Noor’s route whereby the morning is greeted with heavy rain and despite Noor’s message (transmitted via Esta) to not go out, Naala still decides to go to Orte’s residence.

A night of a certain minister’s son

This is told from Sefu’s POV. Sefu gazes outside at Naala’s figure in the rain, and Orte tells him to leave her be even if she collapses. Orte advises him not to get deeply involved if he’s not prepared to commit. While Sefu understands his words, he can’t leave Naala alone when she sees her collapse. He tells his father that he’ll commit then, and choose the same path as Naala’s. He can’t be bothered with taking sides as it’s inhumane to leave a girl out there to die, and dashes out of the room.

A certain wife’s crossroad

This returns to Naala’s POV. Sefu goes to Naala’s side and seeing him, she weakly remarks that’s he kind after all, to not be able to throw away a letter, or a human. She apologises and Sefu answers that he feels regretful that he couldn’t kill off his weakness before she came to such a stage. Sefu carries her on his back to bring her to the castle, and meets Noor on the way. He’s taken aback when Noor doesn’t offer to carry her, and only tells Naala to wake up so that they can return home. On the other hand, Noor is also mildly amused to see Sefu going all the way out when he’s rumoured to only enjoy life and doesn’t work at all. Noor knows that Sefu’s mother passed away from the disease, and that’s why he doesn’t want to marry or work and escapes reality. But the disease is an illness and can be cured, so he wants to gain Orte’s favour. In response, Sefu says that he’ll just have to persuade his dad then and in return he asks for Naala. If the disease can really be cured then he’ll give it his all. But he expects that Noor won’t give up his wife and tells him to treat her more importantly.

To his utmost shock though, Noor agrees to it. Naala can faintly hear the conversation but she doesn’t think that Noor can easily say the word “divorce” and it must be a dream. Noor tells Sefu to take responsibility, and asks if he was joking after all. Sefu panics slightly, but Noor tells Naala to wake up so as to witness what’s going on. As Sefu lets her down, she smiles at him to reassure him that she’s alright – but seems to see Noor narrow his eyes before looking away. She can’t tell what he’s thinking at all, and Noor swiftly says that he’s divorcing her. If she wishes to, she can continue to persuade Orte but rely on Sefu this time since he asked for Naala to be his wife. Right now, the country’s law is such that the wife has no say in divorce so Noor doesn’t listen to anything Naala says, and only looks forward to how she’ll act from now on. Naala can only watch Noor leave and Sefu decides to bring her back to his house for now, prepared to take responsibility.

In his room later, Naala learns from him that divorced women have to decide on another partner in a year. That’s why if she wants to, she can actually choose Noor again. But Sefu also feels responsible and after much nervous hesitation, he asks her to choose him. Despite Noor’s harsh words, he’s sure that Noor divorced her so that she can come here directly to persuade Orte. Of course Naala’s at a loss for words at first, but Sefu repeats his proposal to her. But Naala decides to explain her situation, and how her marriage with Noor was an agreement. So she feels bad as she’d really be making use of Sefu. But Sefu doesn’t mind that, and admits that he can’t leave her alone. If she finds someone she really likes later on, he doesn’t mind breaking up even though he wouldn’t exactly be happy. But if she says that she’s hesitant ‘cos she’ll be making use of him, one can say that he has motives too ‘cos he wants a cure for the disease too. In the end Naala accepts his proposal when he asks her again and so starts her second marriage life.


After she has recovered, Naala goes to move her things from Noor’s room. Just then, Luji visits her and he passes her a package of fruits, and says that he came here on behalf of Toya who’s worried about her – though he admits that he’s equally worried about her himself too. As he broaches the subject of her situation, Naala admits that she isn’t quite sure herself. In response, Luji says that Noor must’ve his own reasons for doing this. Naala feels calmer as she talks to him, and decides to do her best to remove Orte’s grudge. Luji reveals that he’s here ‘cos he’s the newly-appointed head of the research room, but the women have been rather resistant so he hasn’t been able to gather much information. He asks Naala for any useful information she can provide and after gaining his promise to not tell anyone else, she decides to share the fact that she had the disease before, but recovered. Naala recalls that she often played at the fields where the Nameless Flower bloomed, next to Zyeg river. Luji seems to have caught onto something, and thanks her for her help.

Naala then heads to Orte’s residence where the guards welcome her as Sefu’s new wife. She can see that the guard really looks up to Sefu, and he even expresses that he wishes to follow Sefu. Different from Orte, Sefu has his own way of attracting people to him and is probably more suited to be a politician than Sefu himself realises. Inside, Naala is still surprised that Sefu managed to convince Orte. Sefu tells her that Orte is busy with work now so she’ll be seeing him tomorrow. Seeing her nervousness, Sefu tells her not to push herself and that he is here to support her. Though Naala feels bad that she isn’t doing anything for him in return, he tells her that her smile is more than enough. That night, Sefu is evidently uneasy when it’s time to sleep and he eventually asks if Naala had “slept” with Noor before. He’s surprised when he hear that they haven’t, especially when Naala recalls that Noor said that he had no interest in sex. Naala says that she probably has no womanly charms but Sefu thinks otherwise and accidentally lets slip that he wants to embrace her. The atmosphere grows awkward and truth be told, Naala thinks that it’s Sefu’s good point that he doesn’t push people and in a way he’s pure-hearted. He may be taken advantage of one day, not that she’s in a position to say this. They go to sleep and when he tells his wife good night, in a loving way, Naala wonders if it’s her own imagination.

The next day, they go to see Orte and convince him that Noor has no part in their marriage. After Orte is convinced, he refuses to listen to Naala though and says that he has already read her letter. Though Naala is discouraged by the rejection, for some reason she feels that Orte’s treating her more kindly. Orte says that the only thing that has changed is that Naala is now Sefu’s wife. He advises  Sefu to think carefully as even though he has some power in the opposition against the king, everyone else isn’t exactly swearing loyalty to him and if he switches opinions who knows what will happen. He welcomes Naala and is willing to support her, but not if what she suggests will destroy the foundations they stand upon. Back in their room, Sefu says that Orte is probably pushing him to take a firm stand in the politics. In this world there are different “right”s, and you decide which is “better” in the government. But unlike his father, he doesn’t like confrontations. But if you have something you want to protect and can’t give up on, you’ll have to fight. If possible he doesn’t want to possess such a thing, and just live life in a relaxed manner. But his father won’t abandon his own people, no matter how much they do things against his liking. That’s why Sefu also feels responsible, that he should only talk to him after having properly decided on what he wants – only that way will Orte support him too.

Naala wonders if she spoiled their relationship and Sefu denies this. From the beginning Orte didn’t really pay mind to him but more of Mine, his current wife. Sefu is thankful to Mine though as she support Orte when he was really down after his mother passed away. Truth is Orte probably wants to support Toya’s research. But his mother was a very faithful believer in the spirits and often said that if she died, she wants to be buried at the temple. But people afflicted with the disease are to be burned. That’s why his father had to convince his mother that the fires will cleanse the curse she has. Orte probably knows that it isn’t a curse, but the circumstances have made things complicated for him. Sefu thinks that Naala may have been the key that saved his father though. Even if Orte would admit that his past words were wrong, it may be easier for him to continue on what he thinks is the “right” path. But Sefu thinks that Orte has actually taken a liking to Naala, since he actually likes people with strong wills – and Sefu feels the same way too. Sefu admits that he found her troublesome at first, but grew attracted to her each time they met. Unlike himself who chooses the easy path, Naala continued to walk straight down her path and he found that dazzling. He felt as though if he’s with Naala, perhaps he could see a different world. Well it’s true that he does want to get rid of the disease, he has also chosen to be on her side ‘cos he likes her and hence doesn’t mind changing the way he has lived till now. Sefu plans to convey this to Orte tomorrow. He won’t force Naala though and in fact, he thinks that she should think more for her own happiness since she always thinks for others first. Seeing how she has made Sefu take responsibility like this, Naala herself also sets her own resolution.

The next day, Sefu goes to tell Orte that he has decided to take Naala’s side. Naala also tells him that she’ll be on Sefu’s side no matter what. As Orte sighs at how his son has chosen a troublesome wife, he confirms if Naala is also prepared to face the condemnation he’ll face if he is in her favour. Orte agrees to no longer oppose to the research, and to even help the Rusu women if required – but on the condition that Sefu succeeds him. He wants Sefu to be ready to succeed him in case anything happens to himself. Sefu worries if it’s okay to say this before Naala and Orte reasons that they’re all family now.

Side by side

The couple go show Noor Orte’s agreement to support Toya, and so Noor promises to carry out his end of the agreement. But now they need gain more favour and he plans for them to help him. Even if they’re no longer married, Naala still has to obey his every word. Thinking about it, she really did form an agreement with the devil but Naala has no choice but to agree. So Noor tells her to also make her husband work, and he didn’t merely let go of his wife – he plans to make both of them work to the bone. In a few months’ time there will be a meeting to discuss all the current big issues, and so that’s the time to form new laws and directions. Naala and Sefu totally act like a couple before Noor and he appears disinterested as he continues to say that they should persuade the nobles and parliament members. A few members would serve a respective minister. Sefu is reluctant for Naala to follow him since harsh words may be thrown their way and even if Naala can take it, he himself might get angry. Naala says that she’ll hit him if that happens and Noor can only avert his gaze at the sight of them lol.

The couple soon get down to work and the first parliamentary member is a success as he’s actually close to Orte. But following that they face two rejections and one even calls Sefu a betrayer. But they won’t give up anyway since there’s still a long way to go and Naala feels stronger – unlike when she went to Orte’s house alone, she now has Sefu by her side.


Both of them go to meet one of the members who is actually Sefu’s friend, but the atmosphere is tense and the member doesn’t seem welcoming to be quite honest. While Sefu clearly states the benefits and how Noor is also acting on welcoming women from overseas. The other party thinks that they’re talking fantasies though and even insults Sefu by accusing him of being at the beck and call of the women now. It’s futile as they leave and Sefu admits that he’s a bit saddened. He reassures Naala that she doesn’t need to feel bad, since this is also for his own sake. Sefu remarks that it’s nice to have someone by your side during such times. But he’s been so tired these few days and jokes that he can’t do anything to her, and doesn’t even have time to fantasise about her lol. Sefu complains about how he wanted to see her sleeping face lol, before going to report to Noor about their progress. They’ve gained a few supporters, but there are still others who oppose. Seeing that Noor doesn’t have any intentions of resting, Sefu tells him to rest a bit so that his subordinates (like them) can rest too. Noor then answers that he’ll do so once he’s finished in a bit.

On their way back, Sefu remarks that people like Noor won’t rest unless someone tells them too – apparently Orte is the same too. Noor has been recently having diplomatic talks with overseas countries, and also discussing the details on returning the Rusu women home. They’ve to work hard on their side too. They continue to persuade and on a day when they return to Sefu’s friend, they’re given the harsh treatment again and chased away. As Naala is frustrated at how Sefu is treated, Sefu tells her not to think too badly of him since anyone would be angry if someone you’d thought agreed with you all along switched sides. Sefu likes the him now better though, and it’s nice to work hard for someone else’s sake. So he’s thankful to Naala for having given him this path. As he takes her hand, Sefu also recalls that his father once hit on his mother by saying that a couple supports each other as they hold hands. As they talk, Naala herself starts to feel that she doesn’t want to just protect the Rusu women, but Sefu too. Sefu wonders if he has worked hard enough for her to like him, and jokes that he’d work harder if she gave him a kiss. He quickly apologises though Naala doesn’t mind and kisses him on the cheek. Sefu is stunned into silence, before remarking that she was too cute that all of his desires flew away lol. Sefu starts freaking out and Naala walks off, leaving him running after her.

A husband and wife’s hands

On a rare occasion, Noor calls for the both of them in the afternoon. Perhaps it’s to reward their hard work but he had tea prepared for them – except that they both spit it out as it tastes awful. Apparently it’s tea that Noor always drinks to wake himself up pffft. Ignoring their reactions, Noor tells them that they’ve a week left to the meeting. Support has increased thanks to them. Though the majority are on the fence, they’ll surely sway to Orte’s side. But they can’t remain optimistic as Noor shows them a letter that has been circulating around the nobles and the streets – it asks for them not to show support, and that Toya is being used as Noor’s puppet. Orte and Sefu have also been weakened by the Rusu women, and at this rate Nasula will be done in by betrayers. ‘Cos of this letter, all the more chances of success is rested on how well Orte can convince the ministers. Just then, Esta comes in with news and after he leaves, Noor tells them that Orte has collapsed. Noor quickly prepares a carriage for them to return home.

Apparently Orte’s food was poisoned, though Mine is well. Thanks to Toya, they’ve figured out what poison it is and once the antidote arrives, it’ll take about 2 weeks for Orte ‘s condition to stabilise. But the meeting would’ve been over by then. So Orte tells Sefu to go in his place. Though Sefu is not confident of being up to the task, Naala steps in to assure him. She’d been by his side all this time he went to persuade the people in opposition, and he’s more capable than he thinks he is. So once that’s decide, Orte send a messenger to Noor to inform him of this. As they leave the room, Naala takes Sefu’s hand since a husband and wife’s hands are meant to support each other. A few days after this, Sefu and Naala have been busy preparing for the meeting. In fact, Noor had also told Naala to attend the meeting as a witness. Sefu thinks that everything rests on tomorrow, to see whether the efforts will bear fruit. To be honest he contemplates escaping, but Naala thinks that it is only natural to think so. She has also noticed that they’ve been more touchy-feely these days. She didn’t have such feelings towards Oli so Naala knows that this is different from how one feels for a family member. She then assures him that even if they fail, it doesn’t change the fact that they’ve worked hard. It’ll definitely give them the strength to take the next step again.

Sefu takes this chance to ask if she’ll be with him then, and Naala knows that he’s asking something deeper. As they kiss, Naala herself finally confirms her own feelings for Sefu. When Sefu tells her that he’ll continue to wait for her, she holds him back and they eventually end up doing it. Though Sefu does remark that he may just be killed by Noor lol, but he has no plans of handing her over to anyone. Only Naala herself isn’t aware as she thinks that Noor has no interest in her.

The path to victory

The next morning both of them are on the way to the court and Sefu is evidently nervous. (Bad End: The messenger from the moon, branches off from here) But Naala thinks that that’s proof of his strength and instead of saying that “I believe in you”, which Naala feels is putting the burden solely on him, she chooses to believe in her own instincts that he’ll be alright. She asks if it’s alright not to hold hands and imitating his father’s cheesiness, Sefu says that couples are already connected by the heart. Just then, Sefu’s friend (the parliament member who called him a betrayer) sees them and confirms with Sefu that even without Naala, Sefu will continue on this path. He’s envious to see this change in Sefu, as he initially thought that without Naala around Sefu would “wake up” from his current actions. As his voice sounded rather lonely, Naala pretends not to see what he was holding in his hand as they both enter the room. Inside, Sefu confidently delivers his talk to the rest of the court, alongside Noor. The opposition ministers start to do personal attacks on Sefu’s own marriage to Naala, implying that he stole her from Noor. Soon after, Noor steps in to cut them off, as he also wants to announce that the medicine for the disease is near its completion stages. So in that case, their proposal to openly welcome women is all the more likely of success.

Noor also calls Naala to step out as he starts to question about her thoughts towards Nasula during the different stages of her life: when her mother was kidnapped, when she chose to marry to help her friend and then was divorced, and now. Naala admits that she hated Nasula at first, and later thought that it was unreasonable since even if such laws were to stabilise the country it was too twisted. Now she doesn’t hate everyone in Nasula since there were kind people who supported her. Finally, Noor asks if she would choose to return or stay if given the option and after a brief silence, Naala answers that she would remain in Nasula. Applause is heard from the party in favour and a few days later, their success was officially declared.

Best End

Epilogue: A kindly tone

Half a year after that meeting, Nasula has somewhat settled down after the implementations of the new laws and the completion of the cure. Sharu has returned to Rusu while Sarana has stayed behind with her lover found here. Speaking of which, Naala has no idea what the cure is made from even though Toya told her that her words were the key factor. She’s sure that Noor won’t let anything slip out and even till the end, it’s unsure whether he remains a friend or foe. Sefu returns from his daily morning cross-talks with Orte. Naala is currently pregnant with his child. Seeing how Sefu continues to shave his face, she’s a bit upset since he’s attracting more attention from the women and jokes that she may return to Rusu. Sefu hopes to work hard for her to continue to remain with him, up till the point where he’s near his end and she would tell him that she was glad to have loved him.

5 years later, their child Sansal has already been born and that night Orte’s playing with the grandchild outside. Sefu asks if Noor came over which amuses Naala. But he says that she doesn’t know that man’s true scariness – the other day they met he asked Sefu is the wife he lent to him is doing well lol. Of course the couple don’t have any intentions of separating but Sefu remarks that Noor has been pretty attached to her since before. But Noor was Toya’s teacher, and in order to fulfill Toya’s dream he had to persuade Orte somehow. So Sefu guesses that Noor balanced between his attachment to Toya vs. Naala and choose Toya in the end. While Naala reassures him, she also has her own insecurities as he’s been getting more popular. As she says that she won’t give him up to other women, Naala attempts to take the initiative for some sexy time. After they’re done, they both realise that Sefu may very well pass away before her. Naala says that she’ll tell him that she was glad to have loved him and to wait at the moon first – but still, if possible, live for as long as he can. Though she’s a bit afraid when the time for separation comes, she’s sure that the words spoken then would have a kindly tone.

Bad End: The messenger from the moon

Naala takes Sefu’s hand but in that instance, Sefu suddenly shields her from an attack and gets stabbed himself. The attacker turns out to be Sefu’s parliament member friend, who’d thought that if Naala was gone then Sefu would come to his senses. He drops the knife and runs off, while Naala calls out to a collapsed Sefu. Sefu knows that he can’t last much longer so he wants Naala to stay to hear his last words. He knows that she’ll stubbornly refuse even if he tells her to forget him and be happy with someone else, and that she’ll feel responsible for his death. So Sefu tells her to mind all this, and to overcome all this and fulfill her dream. He believes that she can do it and after she cries it all out, he’ll comfort her later as he’ll wait for her at the moon. As Naala sobs over him in the bright daylight, it’s as if her husband has been kidnapped over to the moon.


If you’re thinking if this is the shortest route review, it is – ‘cos it’s quite straightforward to be honest. Actually this route made me like Noor more as a character (but not necessarily as a character you’d wanna go after). I guess I am a sadist myself. Anyway, Sefu is probably the most normal character if you think about it. The only other comments I can make is that he has a lot less CGs (the only 2 you see here are the only 2 non-R-18 CGs he has), he needs to do something about his hair, and that he has a nice voice lol.

Concluding Thoughts

This is the first and last time I’m reviewing a R-18 otome game lol. The only other R-18 game I’m going to review is probably DMMd’s fandisk next year. It’s not ‘cos I didn’t enjoy the game but it gets so awkward to review them sometimes. So there, I’ve stated my stand. Anyway, I felt that this game plot was quite straightforward to be honest. So rather than anything deep from the plot, it’s more of the characters (placed in this specific setting). I think that all the guys were likeable and surprisingly, I liked at least one bad ending of the main guys. It’s ironic when you think about – the 3 main guys are knowledgeable and can fight well too (pretty much eligible bachelors in a way) – but their personalities are twisted. The 3 side characters are less eligible in that sense but also more normal personality-wise lol. I’m probably going to be in the minority here but my favourite characters (not necessarily as characters you’d wanna go after) were Luji, Esta, Uru, Noor, Nalan. Yes, I have to include both Esta and Uru despite the little game-time they get ‘cos I really liked them. Naala is also a promising heroine though it’s evident in she “works” more in some routes over others. That’s down to the plot though. Personally, the one flaw is that like many other heroines, she’s typically slow in certain areas.

The music was okay (I enjoyed both opening, ending themes) and the art was not exactly to my taste but still okay – more consistency would’ve been good. The system had one bug that bothered me (even after patching) but it’s nothing major. The other thing I was looking out for the theme. To be honest I think that it was all rather subtle and there really wasn’t any discussion of the gender differences. By this I mean that each character already had very strong stances on the issue so there wasn’t much room for discussion. They changed more in their personality and prejudices. That’s why I felt that Esta’s was the one with the most potential actually, ‘cos he’s a male slave. In the other routes it focuses more on the women being subjugated but here we have a male. The class distinctions obviously come into play too but the game doesn’t really touch so much into it, probably ‘cos the focus is more on the gender issues. Actually I no longer know what I’m saying. I guess that this is one of the more decent R-18 otome games but I wouldn’t say that it is the complete package for me. Still, it would be good if other companies take a page off Operetta Due’s book in that – R-18 games can focus on the story and/or character development, rather than just pretty graphics and sex.

6 thoughts on “Koezaru wa Akai Hana: Sefu’s Route & Concluding Thoughts

  1. midoriha says:

    ‘Actually I no longer know what I’m saying. ‘ lol, what? It’s ok, i quite know what you’re saying!

    So, i think Sefu’s route was awfully cute! He was kind to her, and he was totally sincere, and he treats her so nicely! And, a happy ending with them having a child! Wooooo—–! So nice!

    Thanks for the post!


  2. Sena says:

    The little glimpse of this pink thing in his hair bothered me. I guess it’s a hair tie? Based on the CGs that came later, it looks to be that way but based on the way his hair was drawn in his sprite, I couldn’t tell it was a ponytail. It just looked like a big clump of hair to me…later, when he attracts more women because he shaves his face, I was thinking “rather than shave your face, your hair!” As you can see I’m not exceptionally fond of his hairstyle.

    It was interesting how they were having such a detailed conversation about the state of divorced women and the need to choose a new husband in a year when she was so sick from the rain.

    Is it bad that when I looked at Sefu’s room I was like…hey, he has a lot of books. I like him a little more just from that? And I liked all the fancy colorful curtains hanging from the bed canopy.

    I think one of the biggest issues I had with Sefu’s route (besides him not existing everywhere else) was that it took away from Naala’s character. In Nooru’s main route, she convinces Orte herself, but in this way, she had to rely on Sefu to do that.

    I guess I’m really bothered by his lack of presence in other routes because it just feels like he was added on to make an ossan route, like there was no other meaning to it other than that. You don’t see much of what goes on with everything else. I mean, I guess you see Nooru’s continued attachment to Naala and a bit more about the politics, but it wasn’t anything huge. And since I wasn’t so attached to him since I didn’t see him, his character development didn’t affect me quite as much. Despite this, I did feel pretty unhappy in his bad end.

    I did think that tea part with Nooru was pretty funny. They even spoke like they didn’t want to taste anymore of it by avoiding the use of their tongues, haha.

    And there’s my baby end. Or I guess it’s more of a child end since 5 years old is rather old for a baby. I think it’s nice that they touched on the idea of future separation since he’s much older than her. I don’t know why that stood out to me exactly, but somehow it did. It’s often overlooked in other games, but they didn’t forget about it here, so perhaps that’s why I liked that it was mentioned.And the way Sefu mimicked Nooru’s voice was kind of funny too.

    So I guess my main impression is that Sefu seems like a nice guy, but there wasn’t anything that stood out to me at all about him. I don’t feel like his route added much to anything.

    And with this, I finally finished the game! I’m super excited for the PSP release to see what changed and what stayed the same 🙂


    • Yume says:

      Yup, it’s a hair tie. LOL I agree his hairstyle is really like a nest. Oh well.

      As for Naala’s character, I believe that she was more occupied with the thought of changing Sefu’s personality – making him take the initiative and all that. Which is interesting if you look at it that way, ‘cos she doesn’t do that in other routes. But on the other hand, it does take away the fact that she was originally so driven to do something for the women.

      Yeah, Sefu’s lack of presence in other routes is pretty glaring. But then again, his only connection is to Orte and hence to Nooru so…hmm. :\ But yeah, with his route being very straightforward too, it doesn’t add as much to the discussion as others do. Still, it was nice to see how he shaped up.

      And congrats on finishing! \o/ Haha, of course we’ll be looking forward to Esta’s route the most. I’ll have to answer your other comments another day ‘cos it’s getting late and I’ve work tomorrow. orz


      • Sena says:

        IT IS. I was just…your face is alright, but your hair. I can’t.

        That’s true. I think I was fuming too much over the ‘who the hell are you’ part about never having seen Sefu throughout the whole game. I mean, yeah, I don’t really see how else he could have been introduced because of his only connection really being Orte/Nooru, but that kind of drove the point more of why he was necessary. Perhaps I’m being too hard on him.

        Thanks! It’s nice to finally finish something since I feel like I haven’t finished anything in s a really long time.

        Yes, definitely looking forward to that Esta route. I almost want to play that one first (if it’s even possible because it might need to be unlocked from Nooru) but then that might be a bad idea since it’s the route I’m anticipating the most.

        And no rush. It’s definitely better to get rest for work.


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