Grimm the Bounty Hunter Prologue

After a hectic period, I finally managed to get started on Grimm the Bounty Hunter. I’ll review up till the point where the game then splits into each individual character’s events. So well, I guess you can call this the “prologue” post. The game starts off with our heroine, Lisa Bernet, going on one of her bounty assignments. It’s supposed to just be a petty thief, but an explosion goes off at the target house instead.

Outside the house, she sees Adolph Rot there too. He’s one of the top bounty hunters among the younger batch of them, so she wonders why he’s here for a small assignment. To be honest, they don’t get along at all and see each other as rivals (or so she’d like to think so). Lisa hasn’t been very successful with her assignments either, and she sees Adolph as one of the reasons. Whoever finishes the task and goes to claim the reward first gets the credit. Well but this time, she sees him waiting outside as he observes the situation, and Adolph explains that there’s no knowing if there’ll be more explosions or not so he’d rather judge after getting more information. While that’s true, Lisa sees a man who appears to be the owner of the house, crying out that there’s still people inside. The police man insists that they can go in yet though, as the higher-ups are still in a ‘meeting” about this. Lisa knows that the police won’t do anything and can’t stand by knowing that innocent people are in danger. Even though Adolph reminds her that Bremen told her that bounty hunters are exactly working to save people, it doesn’t sit well with Lisa.

She goes in but strangely, there doesn’t seem to be anyone present – till she spots someone hanging a picture down the corridor. The guy already sensed her presence though so Lisa steps out and he’s quick to kiss her hair as a form of greeting. The alarm is already sounding in Lisa’s mind, especially when he remarks how her strong gaze is making his heart race lol. All she can think of him is how he’s so showy and perverted. He decides to let her in on some information though: he’s not the one setting off the explosions, and there’s no one else in this house. He then plans to escape and Lisa accidentally breaks a wall while chasing him. Still, he escapes through the window as he hangs off a rope from his airship – and Lisa finally figures out that he’s Rapunzel de Turm, a famous thief who owns the one and only existing airship. He points out that he hasn’t stolen anything from the house, and is in fact happy to have met with her again, since his primary motive for coming to this town was to see her. Lisa doesn’t recall ever having met him before but Rapunzel is confident and even knows her name, saying that he once tried to steal her in the past. Though it’s goodbye for now, he plans to come to kidnap her one day.

As Lisa is left alone and exits the house, barely staying intact after the continuous explosions, she mulls over his words and also feels annoyed that she could only watch him escape. Adolph approaches her but she accidentally throws him off in the direction of the house and it collapses on him. Lisa actually has monstrous strength and as she helps Adolph out of the ruins, the other people are in shock of her strength. They both head towards the bar where all the bounty hunters and targets go to, though Adolph remains in a bad mood no matter how many times Lisa apologises. At the bar, Bremen March treats them both to a drink. He’s a mediator for the Grimm organisation and Lisa’s mentor. Adolph respects him a lot and wants to be his disciple, and since Lisa got to be his disciple he treats her antagonistically. To be honest, not even Lisa herself knows why she got to be Bremen’s disciple. She thought that it was due to her strength at first, but it has more often than not led to her failure in assignments as she has trouble controlling her emotions.

Lisa worries over whether she’ll have to pay for the repairs of the house but Bremen reassures her otherwise. After Adolph reports what happened, Bremen tells them that false information was given by the owner of the house himself. It turns out that Rapunzel sent advanced notice that he was after his art pieces and the owner lied that a thief was after his money instead. ‘Cos if word were to leak out that someone as famous as Rapunzel was after his stuff, it would attract more unwanted attention. Moreover, apparently the owner has taken a liking to the imprint left by Adolph in the wall he was thrown into, and thinks that he has earned a new piece of art work over having not lost any pfft. Adolph’s fuming mad and embarrassed, especially when Bremen starts laughing as he imagines the scene and Lisa tells this to one of the bar waitresses in order to spite Adolph further. After Adolph storms off, Lisa’s left alone with Bremen and he starts feeling her up checking if she’s injured. Seeing her get embarrassed, he tells her not to act rash from now on so that there won’t come the day when he will take care of her when he’s injured – all Lisa can hear from his words is “sexual harassment” lol.

Now there’s a lot of chunks of information about Grimm etc. scattered throughout the prologue so I’ll try piecing everything together here now to make things easier for both you and me. Don’t trust me to have romanised everything correctly. Lisa’s birth village is Elmerton, a small village in the country of Wayburne, and is vastly different from its capital, Nordenalford. Elmerton is pretty much a poor village but it has many traces of the ancient civilasation so many treasure hunters or even robbers intrude. Though the village has a bar too, it’s not regulated by the Grimm organisation. In other words, disorder! When Lisa was young, she could barely resist a robber, as she tried to protect the other kids. Even though she was born with her monstrous strength since young, she was too afraid. In the end, her mother knocked out the robber but her right eye was injured. After this, Lisa’s resolution to protect instead of be protected strengthened. Her village is extremely remote and hence the only thing they can do is to form their own security. Even with her strength, she doesn’t possess any knowledge or experience so Lisa decided to learn under a mentor as a bounty hunter, and wants to become a mediator like Bremen to bring Grimm in to regulate her village, and assure its safety.

Bremen was once a famous bounty hunter and was then recommended to become a mediator – and his job basically involves collating and updating all the bounty information including the criminals, their crimes, rewards etc. Despite his pleasant demeanor on the outside, everyone treats him with fear and respect and hardly dares to oppose him. This can be seen when the cat he raises comes into the bar and no one says a word even though animals aren’t allowed inside. In fact, Bremen does not just raise a cat at the back of the bar, but a dog, chicken and a donkey. One might say that he “picked” Lisa up like the animals. When Lisa first came to Wayburne’s neighbouring country, Gaillarde, and to this town of Rolandberg, she naively walked into a bank robbing scene and Bremen quickly pulled her away to safety. Lisa was in awe as she watched him defeat the robbers and asked to be his disciple. Everyone else was surprised that he took her in, but the higher-ups appeared happy since all along he didn’t take in any. So eventually everyone else didn’t say anything, though that doesn’t mean that they don’t gossip about her in the shadows. Right now, Lisa continues to work towards becoming a mediator by taking on bounty hunter assignments in Rolandberg. Thanks to Bremen’s arrangement, he would have bounty hunters from Avalon, the nearest city to Elmerton, patrol Elmerton.

In the bar, two criminals talk freely about their gain today and ask for the most expensive alcohol. Though annoyed, Lisa can’t do anything as the bar is neutral grounds for both bounty hunters and the wanted. The other people don’t like them either though and the waitress gives them some bad-tasting but expensive alcohol while Bremen approaches them, assuring them of this and that they should drink it all up to not waste their money. Lisa heads back for the night and the next day, she leaves early in the morning as usual to see what assignments are up for grabs at the noticeboard in the bar. She picks out a simple one asking for help to collect some materials. Usually no one bothers with these since it’s nothing big and such requests can sit on the noticeboard for months. Bremen calls out to her and asks for her help with an assignment from himself too – going to the neighbouring town to exchange bounty information with the mediator there. It should take half a day by carriage to Ottersdorf. It’s customary for mediators to regularly exchange information so that they can update each other and make sure the reward quotations are fair etc. Knowing that Lisa doesn’t do well with paperwork, Bremen purposely sends her out and she can’t refuse him.

As Lisa heads over to Ottersdorf, she receives cold treatment here too when people hear that she’s a bounty hunter. There’s still a bad impression, even though Grimm is working hard to correct this. To be honest, the police hardly does anything as they fear that capturing any criminals would have revenge bounce back on their families. So the bounty hunting business is mainly there for people to hire people for revenge in a sense. There are bounty hunters in Bergenbach, the capital of Gaillarde, who only work for those in power. So there’s a hostile relationship between those in the capital and those working in the smaller towns. Adolph was once approached to work in the capital but he refused, as he disliked those only doing it for the money and protecting those in power, rather than the country as a whole. Lisa wonders if she can refuse straight-out like he did if she were in the same situation, as to be honest her main motive is for Grimm to have a station in her village so as to regulate and maintain order. It’s only in Gaillarde where bounty hunters directly work for the king. This is ‘cos the country was pretty much in ruins 15 years ago, but was revived thanks to Grimm’s top man. So that’s why the Grimm organisation gets special treatment here.

Lisa goes to the bar and after talking with the mediator there, he passes her a thick stack of papers to sort through. He almost mistakes her for a mere girl, and he seems to understand how she appears “proper” unlike the other bounty hunters when he hears that she hasn’t killed anyone yet. To be honest, Lisa herself doesn’t want to reach such a stage, as she hears from Bremen that once you cross that line there is no turning back. It takes Lisa the whole night to finish the work, especially ‘cos she got distracted when she recalled Rapunzel but could not find any bounty information on him. She ends up asking the mediator the next morning when she’s done, after paying him for the information that is lol. The reason on the surface is that his crimes are too heavy to even pin down a number on him. But actually everyone is too scared to chase him as he has all the top secret information of all the countries. While he steals things, he steals information too. So in a sense, Rapunzel himself is extremely valuable too. But if you don’t handle him properly, you may get killed off yourself by the country you were hired by too.

After that, Lisa asks for a simple assignment from the mediator and is told to deliver a pot of rose saplings to a given address. But for some reason she feels as though she’s being followed ever since she left the bar. She ends up getting tricked by Hansel and Gretal Naschkatze, who “trap” her with their sweets and take the roses away. Lisa is stuck on the floor as one of her shoes is stuck to a “sweet” (it’s in fact glue). But the brothers soon discover that the nice smell is not from the roses, but from Lisa herself – not that she understands what they mean. They decide to return for now since they can’t capture her back now and don’t want to attract any bounty hunter attention either. They guess that she’s a bounty hunter herself and Hansel makes her tell them her name, lest he destroys the roses. Meanwhile, Gretal acts all tsundere by asking Lisa not to drop the formalities when calling him (Toriumi sounds like Madoka from CZ, just saying). They leave the roses behind and Lisa struggles to free herself. When she finally does so, she notices that she’s still attracting attention and wonders if the roses are that sought after.

A man with scars on his neck approaches her, saying that he has been looking for those roses. It turns out that someone took them from him while he was sleeping, and he made the roses such that it would disperse poison once it blooms. Lisa gets the chills as she recalls that she was just smelling them a while ago. She also recognises him as an assassin, recalling having seen him in the bar a few times before. He guesses that she must either be a bounty hunter or a wanted criminal, to have this on her. Lisa accidentally lets slip that she’s a bounty hunter, but he doesn’t seem to really pay mind. He was requested to put poison into the roses, and it was then probably passed to a bounty hunter so that the person would receive it without any suspicion. It isn’t in his “style” to not see his work through, but since it’s already in her hands he’ll leave it to her. Lisa learns that his name is Jule Rosemonde and tells him hers too, not that he really bothers as he heads off to sleep. Lisa goes to a flower shop and asks for a similar-looking pot of roses and delivers the ones she bought instead. It doesn’t sit well with her to knowingly kill someone after all, and she properly takes care of the poisoned ones.

Lisa finally returns home that late afternoon and brings up the mail she received: one advertising for a newly-opened sweets shop and another with the short message that “I’m coming to kidnap you tonight”, by Rapunzel. At that instance, Rapunzel comes crashing into her room and promptly carries her off. Lisa has to cling onto him as he hangs off the rope. He’s here to specially invite her to his house, and he soon knocks her unconscious. Lisa wakes up later to see that the airship is stationed relatively near to the ground where the forest is – meaning that he parked it here and shouldn’t have flown off too far from the town. It doesn’t look like his motive is for the fact that she’s Bremen’s disciple so perhaps it’ll be better to wait and ask him in person. Rapunzel soon comes in with food for her but as much as she’s hungry, Lisa refuses and keeps her guard on. Her stubborn response only draws further interest from him though, as he remarks how she’s different and also likes her frankness.

Rapunzel then offers to go on an around-the-world tour with him on this airship. Of course he knows that she won’t accept easily and asks what he should do, since he doesn’t want to force her either. He avoids her question of his motive for kidnapping her though and Lisa knows that she probably can’t capture him here right now. Lisa does learn that there’s no one else onboard except them, which means that it must be operated by some new mechanism or magic. She decides to try and at least get some information though, and asks for a tour of his airship. Rapunzel kinda dodges it though, by going into his many ‘heroic’ adventures first and Lisa ends up getting both bored and tired lol. She decides to leave and Rapunzel pull out his last trump card to make her reconsider: if she comes with him he’ll tell her about his past with her. While she’s tempted, Lisa also happens to recall Bremen’s advice to her to not bother with the past since it won’t really change anything now. Wanting to keep some connection between them, Rapunzel offers to be captured by her if she remembers the past; since that would mean that in order to remember she’ll have to be with him more often and he doesn’t mind that. Lisa’s name will become globally famous in return, but that also means she’ll have made a lot of enemies too ‘cos of all the top secret knowledge he has. Lisa busts herself out of his ship by punching a hole and jumping down – and surviving miraculously lol. While admitting to herself that she must possess inhuman strength and endurance, she heads back home to see a note from the landlady asking for the window repair fee and telling her not to push herself.

The next morning, Lisa goes to report to Bremen while trying to avoid the details on her encounter with Rapunzel. Bremen then asks her what type of criminal she hates the most and here you basically choose among all the characters. It’s obvious for the wanted criminals but if it’s Adolph it’s “someone who won’t admit his/her own crime” , and for Bremen it’s “all crimes are unforgivable”. Anyway, Bremen later gives her an assignment to go after the Ripper Demon (think Jack the Ripper). He shifts from town to town and recently came here, mainly going after female prostitutes. That night, Lisa goes to the said spot he usually appears and sees him having just killed off a woman. Adolph comes to the scene soon after with his wolf but the thing is, both of them individually go after the Ripper Demon within that narrow alley space so in the end Lisa gets attacked. As she slowly fades out, Adolph tells the criminal that he’ll let him off for today and tells his wolf to carry her back to Bremen’s.

When Lisa wakes up, she finds herself back in her room (the window is all fixed up though) and Bremen worrying over her. He guesses that she hasn’t been eating properly the past few days and to rest for today, but to thank Adolph later. He tells her that crimes have been on the rise here, ‘cos Rolandberg has been getting more prosperous = more criminals. Several famous ones have appeared here too and he wants her to go after one of them, or she can choose to go after the Ripper Demon (though Adolph is already on his tracks ‘cos his wolf has noted his scent). From here you can choose whose character route to branch out to.

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  1. midoriha says:

    Oh hey, this sounds pretty interesting! We’ll see how it goes! Lisa sounds cool-strong and uh…determined?driven?..something like that! i guess,an active heroine? thanks!


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