Art for sale!

Hai guys!

So I’ve been very busy with school and life, both of us actually, hence the really slow otome reviews . The good news is I haven’t stopped playing! I’m playing Koisentai Love & Peace currently and so far I’ve finished Futa’s (Red Ranger) route and i’m halfway on Blue Ranger. I really like the game and I think you guys should play it for the comedy and to just experience the totally outrageous concept (power rangers ftw? lol). And don’t worry, I have not forgotten about the Halloween draw request lol.

Also, I have a shameless advertisement of an Etsy shop me and my friends set up to sell our art prints. Our group is called Thought Shower and we just decided to come together and support each other in our artwork (and to support our poor art souls LOL). Since Christmas is coming, we have Christmas cards for sale! Do check them out!

Click here to go to Thought Shower’s etsy!

If you like our art and are interested in following us, you can go to our tumblr and deviantart!

If you have any questions or comments about Thought Shower, feel free to contact me!

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