Grimm the Bounty Hunter Common Events

There are a few common events throughout all the routes in Grimm the Bounty Hunter, so I’ll cover them in this separate post. It’ll probably make more sense if you refer to this once I get the first character route up. It doesn’t hurt to read it on its own either but be warned of spoilers. You should probably read the Prologue first too.

Common Event 1

Lisa then heads to the bar and sees a young boy being surrounded, and the rich-looking boy insists that he has put up a request and wants to check on it. Lisa can see that the people are planning to lure him away so that they can kidnap and take ransom on him. He isn’t doing himself a favour either as his sharp words spite them. In the end, Lisa chases the rest away and accompanies him into the bar, while advising him to be more careful of his words – not that it seems to have much effect. He introduces himself as Krone and goes to check on his request. Lisa happens to recall the request she took the other day and realises that it’s actually Krone’s request. She quickly replaces it back and points it out to him. Krone is obviously disappointed, and even more so when she explains that usually no one would take up such a request. Just as she’s about to take her leave, Krone grabs onto her and requests for her to take it up then and to double the reward money in return. Lisa caves in and Krone ends up following her to the nearby forest, excited to be able to see up and close how a bounty hunter works.

Her task involves collecting the feather of a red crow, the eye of a human-eating fish, and the tail of a blood-sucking lizard. Apparently Krone plans to use these to make a medicine. Lisa exhausts the whole day to collect the ingredients but when Krone sees her knocking out the gigantic lizard, he recognises her as the one who was involved with the Ripper Demon. Hearing his words, Lisa immediately gets suspicious as to how he heard of all this. Krone tries to explain that he has always admired bounty hunters and would often ask around and buy information. In fact, he could’ve easily bought all the ingredients for this task but wanted to see the bounty hunter in action in person. Still, Lisa warns him since bounty hunters don’t enjoy being investigated upon. When they’re done, Lisa can’t leave him alone as he claims that he still has somewhere to go in the forest. Krone often goes to visit the witch living here, Trude, and he ends up introducing Lisa as his important person to Lisa’s surprise. As Trude treats them to her freshly-baked bread, Krone also picks up his usual order from Trude.

Common Event 2a

Breman shows up soon after and tells her that he’s making preparations for a certain plan and wants her to help him bring Rapunzel over to him by tomorrow – the other people he has sent have all disappeared so far. He has gained information that Rapunzel is in town at the moment and if required, she can go find Widder for more information – even though he’s a fortune-teller by name, he operates as an informant too. Adolph appears there and then, and it turns out that his task was by Bremen, asking him to lead her to Widder’s place. Over there, Widder informs them that Rapunzel is currently at Trude’s, as he had just met him there today.

Common Event 2b

Rapunzel admits that he thought that if he continued to ignore the other people who came looking for him, Bremen would eventually send her over. She takes him back to Bremen, where the two of them leave to have a talk. Lisa ends up going to the next room to overhear the conversation between Bremen and Rapunzel and gain knowledge of some shocking revelations. They remark how both the wanted and bounty hunters are victims of the Grimm organisation, though Bremen doesn’t really bother about that and merely wants to destroy the current Grimm even though it may repeat the cycle of breeding bounty hunters and the wanted again. It turns out that Grimm killed the nobles back then, so that they could weaken the country’s system – the children were left alone since they would be the ones to support Grimm in the future (bounty hunters and criminals). So according to their words, many of the bounty hunters today lost their parents back then and chose to become bounty hunters without knowing the true culprit. Bremen wants to create the world he desires no matter what, and to do that he needs to change Grimm from its roots. He seeks cooperation from his former subordinate, Rapunzel, who remarks that he’d probably succeed this time since he’s personally taking action.

Common Event 3

Lisa goes to rest in an empty room. Apparently Bremen has called over many other bounty hunters (and wanted criminals, but not invited in a formal manner) too, in this recreation building which holds a casino. Later at the casino, Bremen announces that this is borrowed out from the Grimm’s top person, and for everyone to enjoy their time. Lisa is called over to the backstage, where Adolph, Hansel, Gretel, Jule, Rapunzel and Widder are also present. Bremen wants the well-known bounty hunters and wanted criminals to perform together so as to attract attention. But Lisa thinks that there’s a bigger meaning and at one side, Bremen confirms this – in fact everyone else here were from families he’d attacked (aka killed their parents of noble/royal lineage).

Bremen later conducts their performance – though in fact they only need to pretend that they’re playing to the music that’s pre-recorded but it’s a mess as the likes of Rapunzel and the Naschkatze brothers are playing as they like, while Jule is obviously sleeping at the piano. When they’re done, Bremen remarks that he thinks “he” would personally come and he would be able to kill “him” off and end things. If not, the least he could do is to cripple his forces. Just then, a large explosion occurs and Lisa takes cover. She spots Widder huddled in a corner, shivering. He confesses that he’d recall a bad memory in such situations – having come from a different country, Lisa probably doesn’t know but the former nobles who had their relatives killed all experienced this situation of being attacked once before. All those who had a say in the government were attacked, rumoured to be by a group of wanted criminals. He also doesn’t know the Grimm’s top person’s identity, but he’s seen as a hero. But he knows the truth – that everything was the doing of Grimm. Of course Widder detests him, as well as Bremen and Rapunzel who didn’t stop the events. But the rest were all sacrifices. Lisa leaves his side and she is soon surrounded by a group of men who want to take her away. Of course she resists and wonders what Grimm’s top wants to do with her.

After everything has settled down, Bremen remarks that “he” didn’t appear but at least they dealt a heavy blow to his forces. Lisa realises that he has made use of both bounty hunters and the wanted criminals, and Bremen freely admits this. She wonders about the reason why she was targeted, but focuses on tending to the injured first. Bremen disappeared that night after giving out the instructions, and only appears again the next morning. Apparently he had went off to gather information but had no luck.

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