Grimm the Bounty Hunter: Jule’s Route

First up is Jule Rosemonde (CV: Sakurai Takahiro), a wanted assassin who is known to use poison and knives on his victims. He has evident scars on his throat and is pretty much “Sleeping Beauty” in the game – even though he usually sleeps 10 hours it’s still not enough for him and he often loses all killing intent when he gets tired and sleepy. Lisa decides to go after him, wondering if he’s come here for revenge since she interfered with his previous assassination attempt. Do read the Prologue first.

Jule Event 1

Lisa decides to go to Ottersdorf to gather more information about Jule. At the bar, she tries to approach a man who looks like a fellow bounty hunter and hopefully willing to give more information after having drunk some alcohol. He’s quite willing, but after paying him that is lol. He tells her that Jule in fact has his own house right in this town! This comes as quite a surprise to her since that’s effectively telling all the bounty hunters to come and attack you in a sense, if you settle down somewhere permanently. But he tells her that previous bounty hunters have come and gone without being able to do anything, and even draws a simple map for her, saying that there’s no way she’ll be able to miss the house of thorns. Lisa thanks him and offers to treat him to any alcohol, but he refuses as he’s amused to have met such a strong-willed soul today. Afterwards, Lisa goes to the said house and true enough, the house and gates are covered by thorny roses.

A man soon comes to the house though, and shouts for Jule. Jule himself soon comes out, albeit looking rather sleepy. It turns out that this man was the one who asked him to assassinate some noble with the poisonous roses but the noble is still well and alive. Jule agrees to close up this case and Lisa realises that it was thanks to her that he failed his assignment. After the man has disappeared, Lisa introduce herself to Jule, pretending that it’s their first meeting – not that he really cares though as he has to go off to finish off his assignment. Lisa chases after him and soon sees him attacking a man (presumable the said target). She is quick is interfere and in the end his target escapes. Seemingly annoyed, Jule directs his attention to Lisa but when he’s about to deliver the finishing blow he stops and goes back to sleep ‘cos he’s tired lol. He also recognises her from before and hence realises that she interfered with his assignment. Jule says that he’s sure to remember her name this time and leaves.

Lisa goes back to the bar to hopefully gather more information and from other bounty hunters she hears that even the most veteran of them can’t capture him. This is ‘cos in the shadows he carries out assassinations for high-ranking officials so if you don’t do things properly you may be caught up in some messy situations. They advise her not to continue pursuing him if she hasn’t been referred to by a mediator, not knowing that she’s in fact Bremen’s disciple. Jule usually kills with knifes, and poison. Also, usually one does not know who committed the assassination since no one leaves any traces. But for some reason his knife would always be found at the scene, and it’s recognisable as it has a rose motif on the silver blade and this has earned him the nickname of Ibara-hime (lit. thorn princess, refers to Sleeping Beauty). Lisa can only wonder if he was asked to do this on purpose by his clients.

Jule Event 2

Lisa goes to report to Bremen about her ‘progress’ and he commends her anyway, since she still saved the man’s life. She then asks for a smaller assignment to help build up her experience and he refers her to a man who makes things difficult for others, picks fights and doesn’t hesitate to kill, especially the elderly. Lisa goes out to look around for him and ends up eating some bread and jam from an old man’s stall first. But by coincidence or not, the very man she’s after comes harassing the owner and she’s quick to take care of him. She’s delighted to have succeeded but Jule comes to interfere as he kills the man in one shot. But actually he was after her non-critical point, but missed and ended up killing the man instantly. Annoyed, Lisa’s more than ready to duel with him though Jule only wonders why she’s so energetic.

They’re interrupted by Widder Charme, whom lightly berates Jule since he’d been searching for him all this time. Both of them prepare to leave and Lisa quickly holds Jule back, only for him to slap it away. She’s startled by how cold his arm is and also thinks that he’s overreacting. Widder tries to calm the atmosphere as he explains that Jule doesn’t like to be touched and likens him to a cat though he has poison on his fingernails. But Lisa doesn’t think that neither human nor a cat would spread poison on their own fingernails. Jule is pretty much zonked out this whole time as he even drops his knife on the floor without any care, and Lisa starts to see the reason why his knives would always appear at the crime scene. Both of them make their exit and Lisa is left disappointed, as she carries the dead man’s body back to the bar.

Bremen laughs when she reports to him what happened and takes the dead body off her. Lisa then asks about Widder and Bremen explains that he’s a famous fortune teller though he doesn’t appear before people very often. Lisa wonders how Bremen knew about him but he avoids answering and she realises that he’s full of mysteries. As she recalls the previous encounters with Jule, she realises that having experienced it in real life is quite difficult from just listening to all the information. The gap between his zonked-out self and when he’s in killer mode (to put things bluntly) is quite drastic. But this also renews her resolution to capture him.

Jule Event 3

Lisa goes to patrol around the town and chances upon 4 men surrounding 1 guy. They seem to have gotten into an argument and when she sees that things are worsening, she steps and chases the 4 men away. The other party turns out to be Widder, who is extremely amused by the sight of her throwing the guy over. Though Lisa refuses to be offered anything in return, Widder wants to bring her to his house for some tea at least. But she’s rather…taken aback when all she sees is a grandfather clock and a few other containers and jars sitting in the middle of a forest. He opens the clock to step inside but Lisa politely refuses after all, thinking that it would be a tough task to squeeze two people inside. So Widder decides to give her something instead and asks a friend to take them to Ottersdorf. Since she has nothing to do, Lisa follows him and ends up before Jule’s house. The thorns part ways when Widder approaches the gate, ‘cos apparently they follow Jule’s will.

So Lisa follows him inside and Widder goes to find a half-asleep Jule, asking him if he can give a rose to Lisa as thanks. Two conversations seem to be ongoing though as Jule keeps asking Widder for a way to sleep while Widder continues on about the roses. Widder assures Lisa that Jule’s always like this and in fact, he sleeps 10 hours a day despite how he appears. He’s often called here to help him find ways to sleep but it’s really tiring as he’s tried a million ways already. To get Jule off his back, Widder suggests the method of kissing and pushes Lisa towards him, despite her reluctance. Widder pleads for her to help since knowing her nature, she probably can’t leave a person in trouble alone. Jule gets really serious though and even draws his blade at her, since he’s at his wit’s end. Lisa still feels some resistance to helping out a criminal she’s after but decides to give in. She unintentionally kisses his lips though, to both of their surprise, but next thing you know Jule collapses and is sleeping away. Widder casually remarks that she can easily capture Jule now, which confuses Lisa since she thought they were friends. He recognises this but is also curious to see what would happen otherwise. Lisa can’t bring herself to resort to such a sneaky method though and Widder reckons that she’s a good person after all.

Jule Event 4

Lisa ends up waiting for Jule to wake up since she can’t leave the mansion by herself. But even after he wakes up, he doesn’t seem to be listening to her and abruptly leaves to room. Lisa ends up following him and sees him going to water the flowers – apparently he has to always do it whenever he’s awake if not they may end up withering. All of them are flowers he created, but excluding some of the roses, they are all actually poisonous. Lisa can’t help but feel tempted to burn them with the lamp in hand, but she hesitates, especially since she has always admired flowers since her hometown has none. Jule remains unaffected by her actions, since he can merely create new ones. He confirms that he has no emotions, and can’t feel any pain. To even prove his point, he stabs his hand with the rose thorns. Alarmed, Lisa wraps her handkerchief around his wound, even though he is resistant to her touching him at first. Even though he’s her enemy, she can’t leave a hurt person alone. Afterwards, he has the rose vines retreat from the gate so that she can finally leave the mansion. He also calls her properly by her name the first time.

Sub-event 1

Lisa goes to the marketplace first and overhears people gossiping over Jule. Apparently he was assigned to assassinate a mayor-like figure in a street near the capital.

Jule Event 5

Common Event 1

Afterwards, Lisa drops by the old man’s stall and he gives her a piece of bread for free as thanks for the other time. Soon after, Jule appears before her as he smells the rose jam from her. She offers him half and he takes it as reference for his work. In return, he gives her a small, purple bottle and after a few moments of silence, he realises that he has failed since she isn’t drinking it – turns out that he’d wanted to poison and kill her. Jule walks away as he mutters that he has to kill her with his knives after all and Lisa realises that she had just brushed past death.

Jule Event 6

At the bar, Adolph approaches Lisa as he heard that she’s going after Jule. He jokes that he should be the one to go after him instead and this riles Lisa up. But he is genuinely worried for her and tells her to not cause trouble for Bremen. Lisa then decides to go to the library to search up on the house Jule is living in, hoping for some leads. But after a few hours, all she found out was that it was the house of nobles and wonders if he killed the nobles who formally lived there. She then decides to drop by Trude to ask about Jule but finds not only him, but also Rapunzel there too. Lisa’s alarmed at first, but Trude would appreciate it if she treat this as neutral grounds like the bar. While wondering what their relationship to Trude is, Rapunzel is quick enough to start chatting to her and makes his own conclusion that she’s here to consult about love problems with Trude lol. Lisa eventually gives up talking to him and as she glances over to Jule, she decides to ask about his wound. In response, he quietly removes his glove to show his hand.

Later, Rapunzel asks Jule if he can create blue roses (so that he can please the ladies). Jule isn’t sure if he can succeed but will try, and also tells Rapunzel to not steal anymore roses from his place. Rapunzel leaves the house soon after but Jule still remains behind. So Lisa decides to give up and leave Trude’s house for today.

On the way back on the streets, Lisa is suddenly attacked with knives – it turns out to be an amateur, as she comments how he’s like a baby compared to someone else she knows. The very man she’s referring to shows up on-the-spot to her surprise and Jule is quick to finish off the other guy. As she watches from the side, she observes how Jule seems to look almost happy when the other guy dies in front of them. She questions why he saved her, and he corrects her, saying that she’s his prey. For some reason, his answer annoys her. As Lisa walks off, Jule sees her back home, not wanting for her to be killed when he’s not looking.

Jule Event 7

The days continue, as Lisa is still unable to capture Jule. Lisa goes to the bar as per usual and asks for a sparring partner – thing is not many want to since it’s wasting energy, and another reason is ‘cos sometimes she loses self-control over her strength. She offers to treat to a drink and Adolph approaches her, willing to train with her. It’s just as well with her as he’s actually a good partner. When they’re done, Adolph leaves as he has work to do and reminds her to not forget about the treat.

Common Event 2a

With that, Adolph also takes his leave since his task is done. Lisa decides to ask Widder how Jule is doing too and Widder starts guessing that it must be love. But she can ask Jule for herself as he wakes Jule up, who had been sleeping in his grandfather clock all this time. Widder tells her to bring Jule as it may help, since Rapunzel has taken quite a liking to Jule – for he likes beautiful things, and especially Jule’s roses. Before the two of the leave Widder, Lisa tells him to ask Bremen for payment. Widder makes an uncomfortable face but he has no choice but to do so. Along the way, Jule picks up a purple flower, wanting to bring it back to experiment on so that he can create new flowers. Soon, Lisa spots Rapunzel’s airship near Trude’s house – and later sees Trude kicking Rapunzel out of her house. Jule tells Rapunzel off for making off with his roses again, though Rapunzel shows no signs of reflection.

Common Event 2b

(Jule eavesdropped together with Lisa, as he was the one who suggested to do so in the first place.) Their talk is soon over and as Lisa advises on Jule to head back first, he comments that the nobles who were killed included his own parents too – in fact they were killed before his very eyes. Lisa wonders if that’s the reason why Jule has become like this, and realises that the mansion he’s living in now must be his original house. Jule decides to head over to Trude’s place and tells Lisa not to follow him as he’d like to be alone. He leaves the purple flower behind, which ends up being picked up by Lisa. For some reason, she can’t throw it away, like how she’s still keeping that purple glass bottle from him.

Sub-event 2

At the marketplace, she overhears the same people gossiping over how the person assassinated was an elderly, talented man, who was always in the spotlight.

Jule Event 8

Ever since that day, Lisa can’t help but be concerned over Jule. But she knows that everyone has one or two sensitive issues and decides not to pursue further. Moreover she knows that this feeling she has will hinder her work. On the way to the bar, she captures a criminal and hands him over to Bremen. Bremen then asks Lisa to fulfill a request, to take a ship to Amejima and to investigate the situation. He’ll meet up with her on Amejima. When she heads to the habour, Lisa observes that most of the passengers are men and for some reason the atmosphere is similar to the bar’s. She soon finds out what’s going on after she boards the ship, a fight arena competition is taking place with people placing bets on who would win. It turns out that Jule is fighting too as he easily wipes out the competitors. Lisa can’t not do anything with this illegal betting going on. So she goes to knock down the pillars which causes the ceiling to fall and disrupt the competition.

Spotting her, Jule goes up to her as he’s upset that he couldn’t get to kill enough people yet. Lisa wonders if he’s not going to take revenge after hearing that conversation and Jule says that he doesn’t bother anymore – normally people would be shaken but he has no feelings. Lisa lets slip the remark that it’s almost like he’s not living then. Jule agrees that he’s like half-dead and the only time he feels alive is when he kills others. Seeing people in pain and in their last moments before they finally die and remain motionless, he feels that he’s different from them and is actually living. Hearing how twisted his opinion is, Lisa can’t help but pity him. Just then, the crowd gets rowdy and Lisa wonders how she’s going to handle so many men, alongside Jule. But Jule remarks that he’s gotten bored and tired and retires to rest in his room. When she tells him not to escape, he merely answers that it’s too troublesome to swim away lol. Lisa is left to suppress the crowd and tie them all up. It’s nighttime by then and the ship will soon reach the island.

Lisa then goes to find some food and in the basement, she discovers some bread. Jule happens to be sleeping there too though, and he wakes up in a bad mood. Lisa casually offers him some bread and his reaction reminds her very much of a cat. As she recalls his words from before, she asks if he’s happy to see others in pain and to kill them. In response, Jule suddenly whip out a knife at her face and answers that he isn’t seeking to be understood, and doesn’t think anyone can understand him anyway. Though to be honest he isn’t sure why he told her that, in fact she’s the first one he told. Perhaps if he kills her, up till now he can feel the most that he’s truly living. Lisa tells him to stop thinking in such twisted ways, but Jule doesn’t plan on changing since if he doesn’t continue, he’ll feel like a dead person.

Hearing this, Lisa finds it unexpected how he’s so attached to that idea of wanting to feel that he’s alive, even though he usually appears as though he doesn’t care about himself or anyone else. But Jule confirms that he’ll feel uneasy otherwise and can’t think of any other method – perhaps there are bounty hunters out there who think in a similar fashion too. Maddened, Lisa slaps him and Jule is unsure as to how to react. Lisa sees that he’s confused and remarks that if he feels the need too, then she can do this to make him feel that he’s alive anytime, rather than kill people. Jule remains quiet as he keeps his knife and leaves the room.

Jule Event 9

As it’s aptly named, it keeps raining on Amejima. Lisa has handed over the captured men and is told to meet Bremen at an appointed place. Jule is with her and they hold a normal conversation despite his few words. Lisa feels happy at the thought of him slowly changing. As she remarks at how they may catch a cold in this pouring rain, Jule remarks that he has medicine for that – though it’s poison, there are those mild ones which can act as medicine too. Lisa says that it’d be nice if there was one for sleeping, but Jule has long researched into that to no avail. Upon reaching the designated building, Jule parts ways from her.

Inside, Lisa meets up with Bremen as she learns that he’d intentionally sent her on the ship to take care of the issue. He also mutters that she seems to have achieved the real objective of taming Jule too. Right now he plans to draw Grimm’s top person out, or to at least shake his ground. He also knows that she has overheard his conversation with Rapunzel and while he won’t tell her everything, he wants her to prepare herself too.

Common Event 3

Before the performance, Jule approaches Lisa as he thought that she was spacing out like him, due to lack of sleep. Lisa admits that perhaps she’s nervous to perform before a large crowd and Jule thinks that it would’ve been good if he had brought that medicine to calm one’s nerves. Later, when Lisa is attacked by the group of men, Jule comes to help her and Lisa thanks him in return. The next morning when Bremen shows up again, he tells Lisa that she can take a rest now and she decides to go out to the sea for a breather. At the seaside, Lisa meets Widder, who apparently had been at the seaside for a while already. He continues to stay there despite the cold, wet weather and Lisa goes back to her room first.

Jule Event 10

They’re taking the ship back from Amejima and Lisa catches Jule dozing off at the deck in the sun. Worried, she goes to his side and he tells her to watch over him then so that he doesn’t fall into the sea. Lisa decides to do so anyway as thanks for him saving her back in Amejima, and he ends up leaning on her as he falls asleep. Jule usually dislikes making contact with other people, so Lisa is surprised to see him relaxed like this. Seeing them this close, Rapunzel remarks how they’re surprisingly close even though Lisa treats him so coldly.

After Lisa leaves the ship, she walks back home wondering whether Jule has returned home already. Just then, she’s suddenly attacked by Jule. But as they’re fighting, she spots a crying kid caught in the cross-fire and she has no choice but to take his attack in order to save the kid. Jule doesn’t understand why she did so, but Lisa doesn’t think he would understand and soon blacks out.

Jule Event 11

When Lisa gains conscious, she faintly feels someone making her drink something. When she wakes up, she sees Jule and realises that he’d saved her. But she hasn’t fully recovered yet from the poison and Jule tells her that even though the antidote is working, it’ll still take a burden on her body. But when she questions why he saved, even though she’s thankful, Jule isn’t sure either. Out of the blue, he asks if she’s interested in blue roses. Lisa admits that she is but when he abruptly says that he’ll give it to her, Lisa refuses since there’s no necessity.

Lisa spends her days recuperating in Jule’s mansion, though she decides to hold herself back from snooping around her or doing anything in order to capture him. It doesn’t sit well with her to repay him saving her like that, at least not while she’s here. On another day, Jule asks her again why she saved the kid and she answers that it’s probably due to her sense of justice, or personality. It’s not something based on logic, but from feelings. Jule remarks that he wouldn’t understand then since he doesn’t have any, but Lisa points out that he saved her. Jule thinks that it’s a different reason though, and Lisa can see that he’s changed. Lisa thanks him for saving her, despite the fact that he was the one who put her in danger too. She tries to explain that she’s happy when she helps other and vice versa. If she doesn’t experience both sides, somehow it feels sad and lonely. By sharing all sorts of feelings with people, you can feel that you’re alive. Though he finds it different to understand, Jule is willing to try and understand what she said.

While she’s there, Lisa realises that Jule touches her on his own initiative just fine, not that he knows the reason why he’s okay with her. It also occurs to her that Jule is really born from a noble status, as he would treat her carefully and often see her back to he room. Lisa regularly walks around to gain back her strength, and also ‘cos she feels bored just lying on the bed. Well for but Jule he finds it the best to just sleep on the bed the whole day. But he also seems to take her words into account and one night he shows up with a book and a chess set for her to pass time with. Lisa decides to pick to play chess with him but Jule easily beats her and he remarks how he’d never met a weaker opponent lol. He gets tired and goes to sleep on her lap, and Lisa barely gets any sleep that night. Though Lisa knows that it’s about time to leave, she finds it painful to leave too as she has grown attached here and also once she steps out, they’re back to being at opposite ends.

So after a few more days, Lisa goes down and tells Jule that she’s leaving, and sincerely thanks him for all this time. Jule tells her that she can leave anytime, but when she goes to the gates the vines remain there. Lisa wonders if it reflects Jule’s true wishes, but he himself comes up and the vines retreat from the gate. Lisa finally leaves his mansion and along the way she sees Adolph. No doubt he has probably been searching for her all this time based on Bremen’s orders. Adolph tells her to not get close to a wanted criminal unnecessarily and Lisa knows this fully well – but she thinks that she can quit being a bounty hunter anytime. She never though that she’ll think this way and realises that her days with Jule have changed her a lot. So when Adolph tells her to return to the bar, Lisa refuses as she wants to properly settle and decide on her feelings first – as at the moment she can’t bring herself to leave Jule’s side.

Sub-event 3

At the marketplace, Lisa overhears people gossiping that in fact, the mayor-like figure had actually asked Jule to kill him. His wife had passed away, and he had no kids, and eventually grew tired of his own situation. The people found a letter he had left behind and that’s how the truth was discovered.

Jule Event 12

After some time, Lisa decides to return to Jule’s mansion, where the vines naturally open up for her to enter. She can’t leave him alone and seeing her return, Jule abruptly goes to prepare for them to have some tea in the garden. Lisa is suspicious as to whether it’s poisonous at first, and Jule reassures her otherwise. Widder later shows up and is suspicious himself too, telling Lisa not to drink it if not she’ll die. Lisa then realises that he’s injured, and Widder explains that a lot of women are absorbed in his fortune-telling so sometimes he gets attacked by people who was annoyed. He goes to help himself to Jule’s medical box and Lisa insists on attending to him. Jule shows up behind later as he remarks that the tea has gone cold, and she could’ve just left Widder alone. Not only Lisa, but Widder is also surprised to hear such words of emotion from Jule. Next thing they know, Jule grabs Widder and throws him out from the window. Jule doesn’t seem the least worried about Widder, and asks after Lisa’s condition instead. He even appears upset when she resists when he carries her which makes Lisa even more flustered. But she’s happy that he’s worried over her and holding her like this, and Lisa realises that she must have fallen in love with Jule.

Having settled upon her resolution, Lisa decides later that she should go see Bremen. Jule appears worried and makes the excuse that he has business with Trude but ends up following her to the bar. Bremen seems well-aware of everything, and doesn’t seem fazed by their relationship, and even thanks Jule for saving Lisa’s life. He doesn’t find Lisa’s decision to stay with Jule surprising and in exchange for the truce, he asks Lisa to carry out a job for him instead. He wants her to follow Rapunzel and soon enough, Rapunzel shows up at the bar. Jule ends up tagging along though, as he refuses to leave Lisa’s side. Rapunzel seems amused by this and decides to let him on his airship as well.

On the airship, Jule can’t help but feel that Lisa’s being fickle with Widder, Rapunzel and Bremen lol. Even though Lisa tries to clear up the misunderstanding, Jule grabs her and kisses her, claiming that he wants to sleep (clearly a lie). Though he does appear regretful of acting too forceful, and Lisa realises that he must still be confused and trying to sort out his feelings. He’s like a lost kid and just like how he accompanied her rehabilitation, she’ll do the same for him – just that his is  rehabilitation for his heart. Later, Lisa learns from Rapunzel that she’s in danger and targeted, which is why Bremen asked him to take her away to a safe place. It’s by the same guy who attacked her on the street, and later in the casino. Lisa doesn’t understand why though, and goes to cool her head. Rapunzel advises Jule not to do anything unnecessary but Jule merely mutters to himself, questioning if Lisa is going to be killed by someone else other than him.

That night, Jule comes into Lisa’s room and suddenly starts strangling her, as he remarks that if she’s going to be killed by someone else he may as well kill her first. But hearing Lisa struggle as she calls his name, Jule realises what he’s doing and releases her. Even though he’d wanted to take her life all along, he feels painful now. Lisa sees how twisted his sense of possession over her is, but sees that he’s gaining back his feelings ‘cos of her and thinks that she shouldn’t run away from that process.

Jule Event 13

Lisa goes to find him the next day and Jule explains that he’d wanted to try killing her – but since she’s still living it’s proof that he couldn’t do so in the end. Jule tells her that seeing her pained expression, he wanted to save her instead and rather than seeing her in pain, he’d rather see her smile. Rapunzel had been overhearing the conversation all along and blurts out that Jule’s in love. Jule’s face immediately reddens and Rapunzel welcomes him to consult him anytime.

Lisa tells him to forget what he heard since it’s their own problem, and also asks Rapunzel to let her off the airship. She doesn’t like running away and if he doesn’t let her off, she’ll just punch a hole through like the last time. He doesn’t like that idea since it took him a lot of effort to fix it, and accedes to her request, with Jule adding for him to drop them off at Trude’s. As he lets them off, Rapunzel asks them to pray that Bremen won’t scold him too much. It turns out that Jule was supposed to visit Trude’s yesterday, and he asks her for the same sapling she gave to his parents. He then asks Lisa to come to his mansion with him, where he plants the sapling in the soil. Despite his impure intentions, Lisa reckons that he does love the flowers he grows, and asks him to imagine what if they all died. Jule answers that it’s like a hole in his chest, and Lisa tells him that that’s the love you have for something important to you.

Later, Jule explains that the sapling will protect Lisa. When his parents were attacked, he himself was near death and received the wounds on his throat. Just then, the sapling grew and its vines entangled the mansion and he fell asleep in its large petals. When he woke up, 5 years had passed and after searching the empty mansion, he realised that he was all alone. Jule couldn’t accept that reality, or rather didn’t want to accept it. Lisa wonders if perhaps having slept for 5 years like that numbed his emotions. Strangely, even though the mansion was left unattended flowers grew and part of it were poisonous, in order to ward off intruders – and that’s how he began to use poison. Jule recalls how he couldn’t kill her and instead felt pain in his chest. Lisa tells him that it’s proof that he has emotions, and even recently she is able to read his expressions. After hearing what Rapunzel said, Jule himself finally realises that he loves her and though he isn’t too sure of it yet, he knows that he’ll be in pain if she died. Jule then reveals two tablets, and wants her to take one and he’ll take the other – and they’ll both fall into a comatose state; a false-death state if that makes sense. And as they sleep, the sapling would grow and entangle the house in vines. No one would be able to come in between them and he can protect her forever. He doesn’t want others to kill her, nor can he kill her – so he’ll put her to sleep.

Lisa doesn’t want to be together like that though, and wants to stay alive together. She knows that he’s gaining back his emotions and will teach him all he wants, but she doesn’t want to run away nor give up easily. They both eventually decide to fight it out and to listen to the winner – Jule doesn’t quite understand how to fight without killing each other though and so Lisa wins. As Jule feels her warmth and hugs her, he confesses to her again and doesn’t want her to leave his side – but he suddenly pushes her down when she says other men’s names. She tells him to consider the other person’s feelings and treat her gently instead. They end up kissing and lying down there till nighttime, and Lisa starts to feel cold ‘cos Jule himself is rather cold. She awkwardly gets up to exercise and get warm. In response, Jule tells her to dance instead then, as he recalls being told that one’s feelings can be transmitted through dance. Seeing him this refined, one can’t tell he’s an assassin at all. When they go to rest for the night, Jule enters her bed as he heard from Widder that it’s only natural for lovers to be like this lol. Lisa explains that it’s still too early for her and he seems satisfied with that answer, since that means that she’ll soon accept it.

Jule Event 14

The next day, they both go to see Bremen. He had heard everything from Rapunzel and didn’t expect Jule to have changed this much, especially when Jule says that he’ll help Lisa to go after whoever’s attacking her. Jule asks if he knows who is the culprit, but Bremen appears to feign ignorance, and asks them to go find Widder instead for information. Lisa can’t help but feel as though he’s leading them on, but Bremen denies this. They go to find Widder and he demands for a sizeable payment in exchange. Not even all of Lisa’s money is enough so Jule offers his mansion, despite Lisa’s protests. Widder’s more than glad to accept that and he reveals that he’d been asked by Bremen already to collect the required information. The culprit they want to find is at Amejima. Lisa asks Jule to promise her not to kill the culprit, as she wants to be the one to capture him. Jule laughs at how odd she is to worry over an enemy after her life and both her and Widder are shocked to see this. Widder realises the reason why he was thrown out of the window, and doesn’t mind this change in Jule.

Jule drops by Trude’s house and asks for his usual. Trude observes that Jule appears excited, probably ‘cos he’s going together with Lisa. When she hands over the stuff, Jule slaps away Trude’s hand. Trude reassures Lisa that this always happens and Lisa feels special at the thought that Jule treats her differently. Jule borrows a ship to sail to Amejima and he explains that he got less powerful poison which would only knock the enemy out – so he won’t kill as promised. That night, he asks for Lisa to kiss him so that he can fall asleep. Though when she does so he deepens it and prevents her from escaping. Jule asks if tonight can be the night they sleep together, as he wants her to stay with him till he falls asleep. He wants to feel her warmth and when Lisa says that he can just touch, he replies that there are many ways to do so. Pretty definite that they end up doing it that night.

Jule Event 15

Upon arriving in Amejima, they decide to ask around to confirm the information they have. Jule manages to lie without batting an eyelid as he claims that he’s finding his lost brother and heard that he came to a certain building. The residents confirm that recently people have been seen going in and out of the building even though it’s been abandoned all along. Apparently they’ve been seen going in and out of the bar too, claiming to be wanted criminals. The residents hold them back though, asking them to look at their products. Lisa’s eyes catches a blue rose pendant but it’s way too expensive for her. Jule offers to buy it for her if it makes her happy, and Lisa says that she’ll accept his feelings as she feels embarrassed when everyone else praises her lover.

They go to the said building, where they see some men leaving and two others guarding the place. Jule says that he’ll take those two and leaves Lisa to take on the boss – who is shocked to see her there. He hardly struggles as she captures him and plans to take him to the bar in Rolandberg. The man shudders at the name of Bremen, and insists that he won’t spit out any information. Outside, Jule freezes as he sees the man and raises his knife. Lisa reminds him of their promise and Jule keeps it. Lisa brings the culprit back to Bremen and a few days later, everything is back to as per normal. She hasn’t seen Jule since then and can’t help but worry over him. That day, Bremen tells her that she’s now a mediator in her hometown, and she can finally fulfill her dream at this. Lisa is surprised but happy to hear this, moreover this means that she doesn’t have to directly fight Jule. But she wonders how to break the news to him and outside, Widder spots her and congratulates her. He advises her to just take Jule along with her – and that way he can finally have the mansion to himself lol. He also provides her some extra information since the payment the other day was too much – Bremen plans to have a showdown with Grimm’s top person soon and he’s taking this chance to have Lisa return home to avoid being caught up in it all. He probably thinks Lisa is capable of it too so Widder doesn’t think he sees Lisa as troublesome.

Lisa thanks Widder and goes to find Jule, who was actually just planning to go see her. He admits that he didn’t see her these past few days to test himself but it looks like he can’t do without her after all. So Jule gets rather emotional when Lisa tells him that she’s leaving to become a mediator in her hometown and the vines tie her to the wall. Lisa has to literally shout aloud, asking if he wants to join her. Naturally he agrees, and starts going on about how he can’t be without her for a second till Lisa shuts him up. But his vines still don’t release Lisa and Jule laments that they must be affected by his feelings, and that he probably doesn’t want to let her go.

Best End

Jule asks if he can feel her body warmth, which in other words is asking if they can do it? Lol. It appears as though Lisa herself has been trapped by the rose vines he was trapped by, but having her emotions swayed by him also shows that she’s alive. Afterwards, they return to Elmerton where Lisa becomes a mediator. The people were wary of Jule at first, but gradually familiarise with him. He has long stopped taking on assassination requests, so in other words that line of business is officially over now. Instead, he’s thinking of researching into making new medicine – one that saves lives. He’s thankful to Lisa for bringing him out of the mansion entangled in vines. Just then, Lisa’s mother comes in and Jule starts acting shy – yes, as observed by Lisa, he’s actually shy before people he doesn’t know that well. Lisa’s mother didn’t ask too much when she first brought Jule home, and it appears as though Bremen explained things to her beforehand. She teases them about having kids soon and while Lisa gets embarrassed, Jule agrees that he doesn’t mind having a few.

That night, Jule helps out with Lisa at the bar, saying that he doesn’t want to lose out to Bremen who has been providing her with information. For some reason, he sees Bremen as a rival and when Lisa decides to thank him, Jule pushes her down to proceed to do it there and then – ‘cos in the workplace she would often have to interact with Bremen, and doing this here would make her remember him in the same workplace from now on.

Another day, the villagers have gathered to test Jule’s new medicine. Everyone pours the liquid onto a barren field and gradually, what appears like flowers start growing. Everyone is delighted and slowly filter out and away, leaving Jule and Lisa. He tells her that it’s actually vegetables, as he demonstrates by pulling out one of them from the soil. This way any food problem is solved, and he adds that solving that is part of the preparations for having their kid. Lisa herself doesn’t mind having a family with him and she believes that they’ll continue to live happily in this village.

Jule’s Other Endings

Bounty Hunter End: (Probably happens when Jule has 0 affection for Lisa.) On the ship, Jule doesn’t want Lisa to interfere and proceeds to massacre all the men in the arena. Even though Lisa knows that she should stop him, her body is frozen to the ground as she can only gaze from the sidelines. When Jule’s done, he wonders if he can feel the most sense of being alive if he kills her, but decides to leave her to be the very last and walks away. Later, the ship arrives at Amejima and Bremen appears on the ship. He thought that Jule might be able to change thanks to Lisa but it looks like he was wrong. He informs Jule that he’s now the highest-ranked wanted criminal and tells Lisa to capture Jule. When she goes up to capture him, Jule doesn’t resist and only remarks that her hands are warm. In contrast, his cold hands almost seem to freeze her own heart and Lisa can only wonder what his words mean – but she can’t bring herself to ask him, as it’s probably already to late to even try to understand him.

Fragile Relationship End: After leaving Jule’s mansion and bumping into Adolph, Lisa strengthens her own resolution as a bounty hunter and tells him that they merely promised each other to have a truce. Of course that’s a lie but for some reason she doesn’t want to keep talking about it, lest something important changes to her. She changes to topic and goes back to the bar. 2 weeks after that, she never met Jule as he appears to have hid himself. But everyday, a bouquet of roses would be delivered to her place from him Lisa never lets it bloom though and always throws it away, as who knows if there is poison within them. She tells herself that she’ll definitely capture him, but not now as she feels as though they’ll return to that fragile relationship when she was staying in the mansion.

Ibara-hime’s Tears End: Jule goes to kill Lisa on the airship that night, saying that she was necessary for him to feel alive but if she’s going to be killed by someone else then he’ll kill her first. He can’t kill her with his knives, but wants to kill her more directly, by feeling her warmth. As Lisa struggles, she can only question if he still sees her as his prey and she feels sad at the thought that she couldn’t support him at all. Jule calls out her name affectionately, and at her last breath Lisa seems to see his tears.

Ibara-hime End: Lisa refuses to take the medicine, but Jule says that she’s his and as the vines tie her up, he forces the medicine down her throat. As Lisa slips into unconsciousness, she sees him smile for the first time as he remarks that she’ll be his forever now.

Flower Shop End: Lisa tells Jule to escape with her, and to start life anew somewhere else. In the end, they threw away all they had and went to start a flower shop in a town where no one knows them. Apparently from time to time bounty hunters come after Jule, but he takes care of them without her knowledge. Jule grows the flowers for them to sell though sometimes she sees him looking at his knives. She wonders if he wants to end this peaceful life they have but if so, she’ll just give him something else to live with. Lisa would send mail back to her and from her mother’s reply, it doesn’t look as though they’re being pursued. Though this current live is not her dream, she wants to continue to support Jule and this type of life isn’t too bad either.

Thorn Mansion End: Jule can’t remove the vines off Lisa and he reassures her that it’ll just be a matter of time before they do, and will stay by her side till then. Lisa wonders if she should be happy then, since this shows how strongly he feels for her. Jule pats her head and…it ends there.


And I’m done! Jule’s route actually didn’t take that long to finish, considering that this is a QR game. I think I managed to include most of the details, though I admit I skipped over a few ‘cos I didn’t think they were that important to add on. Anyway Jule is cute, I mean he is described aptly being like a cat, and is shy in front of strangers. Okay, so he’s…out-of-the-loop but I guess I wasn’t too shocked since QR games can be quite dark. And then knowing QR there are those sexy moments, which I think they really added on ‘cos I don’t recall it being that much in the likes on Peter Pan lol.

But the thing is, I was rather ‘neutral’ throughout the route if that makes sense. I think it has to do with the fact that in the end, I couldn’t figure out the chemistry between Lisa and Jule – which is strange, ‘cos at the beginning this reminded me of Wendy and Tink with her having to teach Tink etc. but it turned out rather different I suppose. Idk, I know that both Jule and Lisa changed in the process but I didn’t quite see the negotiation process being developed as well as it could’ve been (would that be the correct word?). But perhaps it’s also due to Jule’s quiet nature. However, I do think that having all those separate endings vs. the best end clearly shows the significant steps Jule is taking as he gains back his emotions – except the Thorn Mansion End which I didn’t get at all. The plot so far is interesting though Jule’s clearly only scrapped the edge of the ice block.

I’ve often heard of how QR recycles BGM. Well, I failed to listen for any overlaps with Peter Pan but I did see a few recycled background elements. Anyway I think it’s still early for me to judge any further. But I will say that I am happy to be playing another QR game. Looks like I’ll be crossing into the New Year with a QR game again. You can expect the review for Rapunzel’s route next, till then~

3 thoughts on “Grimm the Bounty Hunter: Jule’s Route

  1. midoriha says:

    Thanks for the review/summary! I quite like how Lisa and Jule were kind of enemies at first, but they started to develop feelings!their accidental first kiss though, cute!a kiss that causes sleep…as opposed to waking a person up, huh? Also, when he leaned on her on the deck of the ship…what is with this cuteness?! And them being able to spend some alone time together as Lisa is a necessity for them to bond even further! Also, love that scene where Jule gets jealous of Widder and Lisa!


  2. Hinano says:

    I guess QR just wanted to do some yandere endings for Jule? I mean he’s a knife weilder after all xDDD;; Though I thought it’s cute when he gets all jelly of Rapunzel and has no idea what to do with all his feels. Lol if you think this game is randy wait till you play School Wars (︶////ω////︶✽)

    Also yea a lot of their games recently are really really short compared to stuff in the past. It’s a bit annoying seeing how they continue to charge the same price for less content.


    • Yume says:

      Yeah Jule had his cute moments, mostly towards the end~ LOL ahh QR’s latest Cero D game. I will probably get to it, someday. (●´ω`●)

      I agree. I can see that they’re trying to expand but I wouldn’t mind if they took more time to release their games if that means polishing the game content more.


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