Grimm the Bounty Hunter: Rapunzel’s Route

Rapunzel de Turm (CV: Kishio Daisuke) is a famous and showy thief with no reward pinned on his head, and owns the one and only existing airship. He appears to know Lisa from before, and takes a great interest in her as she amuses him a lot. Lisa decides to go after him despite the fact that there’s no reward money, as she can’t let him off and feels that there’s some affinity after their previous few encounters. Do read the Prologue first.

Rapunzel Event 1

Bremen reassures Lisa’s worries (since Rapunzel has no reward money on him), and to see it as a challenge. Though to be honest he didn’t expect his disciple to choose him either, since besides the fact that he has no reward money his situation is rather sticky too – with people often going after him since he has all the critical information on them. But Lisa believes that Bremen must’ve his reasons for suggesting Rapunzel as an option, and he hints to her that Rapunzel will show up when it concerns a country – since he would steal prized country treasures or a country’s top secret information. But he gives Lisa an assignment to do in the meantime, to capture a middle-ranked thief who tends to strike in residential area in the afternoons and is said to be in this area now.

Lisa sets off to patrol the streets and happens to catch sight of a shady figure, who turns out to be Rapunzel and he’s more than delighted to see her – though he’d rather have her restrain him with her hands rather than a rope if she were to capture him lol. As they’re talking, Lisa realises that she keeps getting the death glares from other women as Rapunzel sighs at how quickly he has made fans already. As Lisa starts to get annoyed with Rapunzel’s flippant attitude and casually taking her hand, there’s a call for help a distance away. Lisa can’t ignore it and has no choice but to give up chasing after Rapunzel for now. The call for help turns out to be against a group of kids who are stealing something. She chases them to their underground hideout and demands for them to return their loot. To everyone’s surprise, Rapunzel shows up with it. He remarks that even though they’re kids, they’re still a band of thieves. Lisa still sympathises with them though, especially when she hears that poor kids like them were being collected together by some adults. She firmly, but gently reprimands them and takes them back to the bar.

Rapunzel follows them, thinking that it’s an interesting scenario. Even though it’s an awkward scene attracting unwanted attention at first, he brightens up the atmosphere and the kids start to cheer up as they walk along. After Lisa hands the kids over, she’s left with Rapunzel but she can’t capture him while in the bar. He’s fully enjoying his time with her though, as he remarks that he detests boredom above all. So he looks forward to her pursuing him. He’s quick to make his escape though as he throws a handkerchief in her face, and disappears the next minute. Unfortunately for Lisa, she has to pay for his drink as a result.

Rapunzel Event 2

The next morning, Lisa wakes up to find a bouquet of blue roses at her window from Rapunzel. She soon finds out where he really got them from as she sees Jule at the bar, demanding to know where Rapunzel is ‘cos he stole his roses last night for the nth time. Jule claims that he’ll kill Rapunzel this time but Bremen doesn’t know where he is either. Rapunzel makes his timely appearance as he strides in and tells Lisa that he wants to kidnap her. Of course, Lisa resists but besides that, Jule also starts to attack Rapunzel. Bremen soon stops them though, since fighting isn’t allowed on the neutral grounds of the bar. Jule warns Rapunzel not to steal his roses again, though Rapunzel doesn’t seem to show much signs of reflection. After Jule leaves, Rapunzel does so too, remarking that it was a thrilling encounter but doesn’t seem to register the fact that the reason was solely his fault.

Lisa then questions Bremen about the kids from yesterday, hoping that they’ll receive a lighter punishment. Bremen answers that if the real mastermind is captured plus the loot returned, then it’s possible. After receiving information from him that the mastermind is in the next town, Lisa goes to take a carriage there – only to find Rapunzel riding the same one as her. He claims that he’s free so he wants to help her, though he practically forces her to ride with him since it’s too dangerous jump off already. Lisa recalls that she was made to pay for his drink yesterday and demands the fee back, though he refuses too since her response should be more fun that way, and he’s happy to be able to have a lovers-like talk with her pfft.

In the next town though, Lisa can’t gather any information from the bar there. She thinks of going back to ask the kids, but apparently Rapunzel has already done so. Apparently this town is used as a location to both dispatch the kids, as well as to collect all the stolen goods. In other words, there are no cases of stealing in this town so there are no reports here. He admits that he purposely didn’t share this with her at first, so as to see her happy expression later. Rapunzel leads her to the hideout and there are a group of men in the area whom are easily taken out by Lisa. Inside though, the mastermind has a gun with him so it’s at her disadvantage. Rapunzel sneaks in from the top window though and knocks the guy out, though he wonders if he did something unnecessary by interfering. Lisa manages to restrain all of them, found the stolen goods, and contacted the bar already. Just when she was thinking that it’s all thanks to Rapunzel, she notices that he’s gone – in fact he has taken the goods with him and hopped onto his airship outside.

Rapunzel Event 3

Naturally Lisa can’t just let him leave like that so she pursues him all the way into the airship. Rapunzel admits that though he usually doesn’t have guests on, he’s more than happy to welcome her. Lisa requests for him to at least return part of the loot linked to the kids, so that they can receive lighter punishment, but Rapunzel thinks that she’s way too naive and a kid herself. Though her naivety is cute, she can’t live long in the world like that. He questions if her becoming a bounty hunter and her dream of becoming a mediator in her village is truly for her own sake or not, or for her village and mother’s sake. But Lisa dismisses that she’s being bound to her village or mother, and chose her own path. Rapunzel thinks otherwise though, and prefers to remain free and thinks that she should widen her horizons. Lisa gets more riled up though, since she doesn’t want to live like him anyway. They end up fighting – though it’s one-sided with Rapunzel avoiding all of Lisa’s attacks. When he does make contact with her though, she gets more annoyed and throws a sofa at him – only to damage a critical part of the airship. Rapunzel does his best to regain control and it ends up crashing into a roof of a lone house in a forest. He doesn’t seem too cheery though, as the house belongs to Trude, a witch he often does business dealings with.

When Trude demands to know what happened, Rapunzel does his best to apologise to her and she asks for all the treasures on his airship as payment. Lisa interrupts the stiff atmosphere as she questions their relationship, and Rapunzel explains that he sells all that he steals to her, for her to conduct her experiments of magic on. So it’s too late for her to ask for the loot back now. Lisa turns to beg Trude, whom in return offers her a deal: if she were to bring a stolen treasure to her liking in the next few days, then she’ll exchange for it. Rapunzel takes an interest in this, and offers to help Lisa. But she’ll have to assist him if not Trude won’t accept it either.

Rapunzel Event 4

Lisa has no choice but to accept this. She decides to report about this to Bremen after it’s all over, though it wouldn’t be surprising if he has already gained knowledge of what happened. Last night, Rapunzel left a stalk of rose and a message, telling her the place and time to meet – a famous, members-only, high-class restaurant near a park. Rapunzel easily goes inside with his fake name and they have a meal there. While Lisa is oblivious to the true purpose, Rapunzel tells her that they’re here for their task, and that they have to act like real lovers since this restaurant prioritises lovers’ reservations. Lisa has to tolerate it all, though at the end he tells her that it was actually a lie lol as he knew that she would seriously try her best to act like lovers. Lisa gets annoyed and exclaims aloud that she isn’t his toy, only for Rapunzel to blush slightly as he says that other people would misunderstand her meaning pffft. But later he questions why she’s doing this, since it would actually lower the reward money she gets. But Lisa attempts to explain that she wouldn’t feel good anyway, and would rather earn her money with a clear conscious. Rapunzel sees the reason why Bremen has taken a liking to her, and calls her a good kid.

Just then, the atmosphere in the restaurant changes as the room dims and a person comes out to announce that the auction will start soon. The well-known treasures from ruined countries are all brought out on display and Rapunzel explains that this restaurant regularly holds auctions, though what items are auctioned out depends on the host. The thing is, all these are stolen goods so in other words this is how the band of robbers make money off what they stole. But their job here now is to steal them, not to capture the criminals. Rapunzel executes his showy plan as music starts playing and paper snow falls down, and then the lights go out. Both of them quickly grab whatever they can though when the lights come back on, they’re totally caught in the act. They make an equally showy exit as roses come pouring down (most likely stolen from Jule’s) and escape via Rapunzel’s airship. As Rapunzel expresses how fun their date was, Lisa insists that it was work – not that he minds her harsh words anyway, they even excite him. As they look through what they got away with, Rapunzel admits that the moments of success are nice to sink into, and the goods he has stolen are all beautiful but he never felt like keeping any of them. But he also looks forward to finally finding one which charms him to that extent.

Lisa manages to successfully exchange with Trude, and later get the kids a lighter punishment. Bremen has already heard about what happened and though the restaurant’s auction deeds were exposed, the owner firmly insisted that he didn’t know they were stolen goods. They managed to crush one of the criminal organisation’s source of cash, and gained a list of regulars – in a way they’ve gained useful information thanks to Rapunzel. Lisa feels conflicted at having to thank a criminal though. Also, it’s been reported that a lot of roses were stolen in the next town, with Jule being the main victim lol.

Sub-event 1

Lisa goes straight to the bar here so…nothing really happens.

Rapunzel Event 5

Common Event 1

The main difference is that Lisa already knows Trude beforehand when she goes to visit her house with Krone.

Rapunzel Event 6

As Lisa is patrolling the streets, she comes across a crowd and learns that an old man has received a pre-notice from Rapunzel. The old man explains that the targeted item is a handmade necklace his grandkid made for his birthday. It’s an item which only holds meaningful memories for himself so no one can comprehend why Rapunzel would be after such an item. Lisa asks to hold onto the item for the day and goes to wait out for Rapunzel’s appearance. He only shows up that night to steal the necklace off Lisa, stating that he merely steals what he wants to steal no matter the value. But while he’s dodging her attacks, a group of men surround them. Rapunzel appears used to this, since countries would often hire people to take him down once he gives out a pre-notice. He’s quick to take them all down and Lisa sees his true capabilities. Though she understands that it’s a matter of self-defence, she doesn’t understand how he can remain so cool after that massacre. But Rapunzel explains that if he doesn’t settle them now, they’ll continue to chase him anyway so he’d rather not give in to half-hearted sympathy. When Lisa questions if he wants to steal to the extent of risking his own life, Rapunzel merely smiles wryly. But Lisa admits that she was shocked to see how strong he was, and claps when he requests for it, much to his own surprise since she tends to treat him coldly. But Lisa points out that he’s the one who treats her like a kid. He takes this chance to ask if she wants to be treated like a proper woman then and hugs her – and also steals the necklace off her.

Before Lisa realises it, he hops onto his airship and waves the necklace at her. Regretful that she lost it in the end, she apologises to the old man later. Though he seemed to have resigned to his fate already since it’s Rapunzel they’re talking about, plus they can always make another necklace. Lisa is embarrassed to be comforted by the victim instead, but this encounter also fuels her resolution to capture Rapunzel. The next few days though, she has no luck in gathering any useful information on him and decides to head for the bar. On the way there though, she gets attacked by men whom she reckons are after Rapunzel, and mistake her as his comrade. They don’t listen to her explanations anyway so she knocks them all out. But after defeating them, she notices that they look weaker than the ones from the other night and perhaps it’s a different. In any case, she takes them back to the bar, hoping to see if they’ve any rewards on them. But Bremen isn’t present so she couldn’t find out anything in the end.

Left hungry, Lisa trudges back to her house – only to see Rapunzel standing inside to welcome her. At first she thought that it was an illusion and closes the door, before opening it again lol. He invites her to eat with him, also as an apology for the other night. Lisa eventually gives into her hunger, though he questions if it’s okay to trust an enemy. But she reasons that if he was after her life, he’d already have knocked her unconscious the moment she stepped in. As she’s eating, he notices that she hurt her arm and insists on treating her wound. Lisa realises that it was from the fight earlier and struggles to resist – ‘cos in actual fact she doesn’t handle well with disinfectants, and it’s shown when she starts yelping out in pain. Rapunzel tends to her wound carefully and Lisa notes that despite the fact that he’s a thief, he does have class to him. She wonders why he’s treating her so kindly though. He admits that he doesn’t want to be captured, since he hates to be restrained. But he does desire her, the her who gives him a lot of enjoyment. Lisa recalls their time at the auction, and sees that he seems to only enjoy up till the point of gaining the treasure – once he has claimed them the interest seems to have dissipated already – it’s like being thrown away by him once he has you.

Lisa pretty much has an inner argument within herself and tells herself to stop getting too involved with him, and reflects on giving into her hunger. She then questions why he went to steal the necklace since it should have no meaning to him. Rapunzel answers that he decides on its value by himself, and someone else’s memorable item is valuable to him. He guesses that she sees him as cruel, but he thinks that the people who hold such memories are more detestable to him. Lisa observes a change in his attitude once more, and wonders what caused him to think like that. For some reason she can’t leave him alone. But just then, her vision gets blurry and she’s too late to realise that he put in sleeping medicine in her drink. Rapunzel takes this chance to escape, as he’d rather enjoy the thrill of being chased by her a little bit longer. He kisses her cheek and when she next wakes up, she sees that he shifted her to her bed, and left a card saying that her sleeping face is cute too.

Rapunzel Event 7

Common Event 2a

While on the way to Widder’s, Adolph warns Lisa to not get taken in by Rapunzel, since he’s known to be a lady-charmer. Lisa reassures him otherwise. Adolph also leads Lisa to Trude’s after talking to Widder. Lisa observes that even though Rapunzel doesn’t seem to have any attachments, he treats his airship with a lot of care, since it’s what allows him to fly freely. He still helped her despite her damaging his airship and she wonders if this warrants a word of gratitude from her to him.

Common Event 2b

Lisa goes to eavesdrop first, though she’s later joined by Adolph. In the conversation, Rapunzel also adds that Bremen is only making use of the child, and questions what he’s going to make the prince of a ruined country do. Bremen merely says that it’s still a secret and plans to treat “him” with care. Lisa then hears them signing some papers before leaving the room. It’s the first time she has heard Rapunzel speak in such a serious tone, and she wonders if she’s feeling a bit jealous – since all along she feels that he has never treated her seriously. Plus, she even entertained the thought of chasing him forever since it might be fun. Lisa shakes those thoughts away, and tells herself that she’s never going to become a proper bounty hunter if this keeps up.

Sub-event 2

Lisa goes to visit Trude to consult in her. Trude advises her that instead of being swayed by the other party’s actions every time, Lisa should try doing the same back to him – and Lisa realises that Trude has already seen through who she’s talking about.

Rapunzel Event 8

As Lisa’s walking in the streets, she spots Rapunzel being surrounded by a group of girls in a cafe. She was just thinking of going to eat there and seeing him there, it’s a chance to capture him. But upon imagining the death glares and chaos among the girls it’ll cause, she gives up for now and turns around. She also admits to herself that she’s still shaken by the conversation she eavesdropped on. But Rapunzel happens to catch sight of her and quickly goes after her, since it’s more fun to be with her. He invites her to have lunch with him and Lisa rejects him flat-out. But Rapunzel wants to have a talk with her, as he is aware that she eavesdropped on his conversation with Bremen. Though he can’t tell her anything else in detail since Bremen forbids him to. Instead, Rapunzel starts to tell her another story.

Once upon a time, a young boy was said to be a cursed child by a priest and hence was locked up in a tower. ‘Cos he was said to be cursed, no one treated him kindly nor did anyone protect him, and he was only provided the basic food and water. No one engaged in a proper conversation with him, and the boy led a lonely life. He could only gaze outside of the small window at the top, and that was his sole source of joy. The endless sky comforted him, and he longed to fly free like a bird in the sky. Such days continued until the young boy become an adult. One day, a man came into the tower for work – he was after the priest who was supposedly involved in some crime in the shadows. So the boy was saved and when he finally became free, he killed off the priest. As thanks to the man for saving him, the boy started to work under him. Those days were extremely meaningful, and he learnt a lot from the man. But he started to grow tired of the organisation, and threw away everything to set off on a journey to find his own style. So he quit being a bounty hunter and became a thief a few years later. The story is still ongoing to this day.

All along she kept seeing his confident smile, but now his smile looks extremely lonely. Only Bremen knows of this, and Rapunzel himself wonders why he told her this. Even though his case may be a bit special, he tells Lisa that there are too many other pitiful kids in this world – the prince of a ruined country isn’t the only one. Though he does take a liking to her naivety, he does get irritated by it too. The mood for lunch is gone so Rapunzel decides to take his leave here. Lisa is left with his words stuck in her head and decides to go to sort out her thoughts at the hills. It doesn’t take long for her to meet Rapunzel again. He apologises for being too harsh earlier on and pats her head. Lisa is aware that she’s being naive, but it’s in her personality to help people in trouble. Hearing this, Rapunzel remarks that she’s really a good kid and somehow a dazzling existence to him. Lisa realises that he’s treated her rather seriously now and for some reason feels happy.

Rapunzel then asks if she would join him for a bit, and so Lisa boards his airship with him. After a period of silence, Rapunzel asks Lisa to stand at a certain position – only to drop her into the sea. Lisa is at a loss as to what happened at first, and is soon carried above water by Rapunzel. He starts laughing and tells an annoyed Lisa that it’s good to experience new things at least once, it’s more fun that way. Lisa soon realises that he’s actually trying to cheer her up – albeit in an unusual way. Though he appears to be used to women, he’s also clumsy and awkward like this and she finds this gap rather cute. Rapunzel tells Lisa that it’s important to consider how important her work is to herself, if she doesn’t hold any doubts she would get complacent and won’t mature. He adds that despite Bremen’s rotten personality, he won’t hurt Lisa. Reading her thoughts, Rapunzel clarifies that he only steals what he wants to steal, and it has nothing to do with Bremen. But he admits that he only desires something up till the point he steals it. Lisa states that she’ll surely capture him and Rapunzel smiles, saying that he wouldn’t mind if it’s her. He kisses her and Lisa doesn’t resist, knowing that she has started to form some feelings for him – but wonders about Rapunzel.

Rapunzel Event 9

Like other bounty hunters, Lisa has been called to Amejima by Bremen. On her way to the destination, Rapunzel offers to share his umbrella with her. As she recalls how they were all wet in the sea before, Lisa laughs aloud and remarks that they seem to have an affinity with water. Seeing her smile, Rapunzel reddens and mutters that a smile really fits her the best. Though she was told Bremen that they can’t go after wanted criminals here, Lisa still feels guilty for wanting to enjoy her time with Rapunzel. For some reason she feels at ease with him and wonders if it’s ‘cos he protected her the last time.

Common Event 3

While everyone is preparing to perform and the atmosphere is tense, Rapunzel remains friendly in his attitude and even asking around what’s there to sight-see here lol. Lisa also notes how he and Bremen seem to talk on rather casual terms. Rapunzel also helps Lisa to calm her nerves, since it’s best to enjoy oneself here. When she’s attacked by a group of men later, he also comes to save her and receives her thanks for the first time. Rapunzel warns her that she’s being targeted and should be more wary from now on. Later, when Bremen tells her that she can take a rest, Lisa decides to go to the seaside and is left wondering what Rapunzel is up to now.

Rapunzel Event 10

As Lisa patrols the streets, she seems to always be expecting to meet Rapunzel somewhere. She stops at the cafe and while wondering whether to go in or not, Rapunzel shows up and drags her in to sit with him. As they eat, Lisa learns from Rapunzel that he would always give women the flowers he steals. He asks her how did she like the flowers he gave and Lisa attempts to lie her way through, something which he sees through immediately. She admits that it hurt to throw it away but knowing that it’s from Jule’s garden she had to. When Rapunzel asks if she likes eating (how else do I phrase this), Lisa recalls that her home village is very poor so they hardly got by. That’s why she’s thankful to be able to eat like this now. She then suggests him stealing for the sake of the poor, but Rapunzel doesn’t really seek for anyone’s gratitude – except hers. Though he’s enjoying seeing her many expressions, Rapunzel says that he has to leave now to meet someone who would get mad if he’s late. He excuses himself and just he disappears just as suddenly as he appears.

Lisa starts to wonder who he’s meeting and to avoid depressing herself, she heads to the bar. She sees Adolph there, who starts questioning why she hasn’t caught Rapunzel yet when he’s been sighted quite often in this area. Unfortunately, Lisa can’t say anything in response when he warns her not to get too friendly with her target. Just then Jule appears, as he heard from Bremen that Lisa’s chasing after Rapunzel, and tells her to hurry up and catch him pfft. Lisa knows this herself, seeing how she didn’t take the chance when she saw him earlier. She wonders how she can up her advantage and thinks of getting an airship herself. Well, the only option she has is to try asking Trude, who thinks that it’s impossible for her. It’s not just buying it, but it also requires money to maintain it. Though Trude admits that she gave Rapunzel his airship, relating it to giving wings to a boy who’d always wanted to fly.

Rapunzel shows up soon after at Trude’s house, and Trude shares with him how Lisa wants an airship. Hearing this, he offers for her to ride his. Hansel and Gretel, who had been eating at Trude’s house since earlier on, express keen interest though Rapunzel only wants to entertain Lisa. She accepts his offer and Rapunzel brings her to a place he likes – a desert. He remarks that the vastness of it gives him a sense of freedom and Lisa sees his thirst as similar to this dry desert. As they gaze at the night sky, Rapunzel reminds Lisa that the airship is a symbol of his freedom, and he doesn’t just bring anyone to the place he likes. Even though you can gaze at the sky from the same spot, it’s always changing with time and weather. He finds that fascinating and would often gaze at the sky from here. Moreover the sky connects all places together. As he says those words, Lisa observes that his expression is like a young boy’s now.

Just then, about 20 people surround them as they accuse Rapunzel of destroying their country. Rapunzel says that they should thank him for saving them from their corrupted government. But though this may be true, Lisa notes that not everyone would be happy with that. She quickly steps in between, and persuades the people against attacking Rapunzel since they wouldn’t stand a chance. Rather than throwing away their lives, it’s better to think of another way to rebuild their country. They eventually leave and Rapunzel whispers that they should enjoy their freedom now that they’re no longer bound to their country. Hearing this, Lisa thinks that perhaps he does what he does to give people freedom, especially since he once said that she was bound to her home village. But since he was always alone, perhaps he doesn’t understand the feelings people have for their home country. Seeing his lonely figure, Lisa reaches out for his hand and she realises that she has truly fallen for him.

Sub-event 3

Lisa goes to the marketplace and hears people gossiping that Rapunzel has sent out a pre-notice in the next town. He plans to steal a painting from a royalty, who’s been known to be indulgent and hence hated by his people. The people gossip that they don’t mind at all if Rapunzel succeeds.

Rapunzel Event 11

At the bar counter, Lisa realises that she’s been thinking of Rapunzel most of the time. Even when a group of people are having fun listening to a bounty hunter recounting her story, Lisa isn’t in the mood at all. Bremen gives her a drink as he notes that unlike her usual self which acts before thinking, she’s been doing the opposite a lot lately. Though he feels lonely seeing the change in her, he won’t interfere. As he leaves to go talk with other people, Krone shows up before Lisa. He has an urgent request (in urgent cases, it is okay to directly ask a bounty hunter) and wants her to help him out with it. Last night, he overheard his father saying that the minister’s life is in danger. His father holds an important position in the government but aside from that, his father introduced the guards in the castle so if anything happened to the minister his father would be implicated too. So he wants Lisa to help to guard in tonight’s party for the king’s son. Lisa sees that Bremen is still talking with others so she decides to leave with Krone without consulting him first.

At the party, she overhears the guests gossiping over how the minister holds the true power, and not the king. In fact, the king has managed to stay on throne for so long ‘cos he’s harmless in a way. She also meets Adolph there, who’s also here for work. Rapunzel also shows up before her to ask for a dance with her, though he adds that it’s better to naturally watch over and get closer to the minister while dancing. He’s honoured to have gotten her first experience of dancing, though Lisa steps on his foot and tells him to not say it so suggestively lol. He then tells her that he heard that something big will happen here, and would provide for good gossip. In the end, nothing happened and the minister is talking at one side. But as Lisa gazes outside the window, she spots two figures – Jule and the prince. She hurries outside and bumps into Adolph on the way out. The guards quickly come out too and escort the prince away. Jule sees that he has failed his assassination, but in that case he’ll just kill the minister – who apparently was drawn outside by the chaos. Jule slashes the minister’s throat without hesitation and quickly makes his escape. Medical help is quickly called for but it’s probably too late. Lisa realises that Adolph’s job was to protect the prince, and feels regretful that she couldn’t fulfill hers.

But later, both she and Adolph are called by the king as he thanks them for saving his son. Unfortunately for Lisa, the king wants her to marry his son. While Lisa tries to refuse, Adolph tries to suppress his laughter. Just then, Rapunzel shows up saying that she’s his already. The king recognises Rapunzel immediately, as apparently he stole his painting the last time. Lisa has no intentions of marrying the prince so she takes Rapunzel’s hand and escapes with him. Rapunzel is enjoying himself though, as not only did he steal information while everyone’s attention was diverted, but he also stole the prince’s bridal candidate. But before Lisa can capture him, he takes his leave. Just then, Krone shows up and reassures her. Apparently he had misheard things and so the real target she was supposed to protect was the prince so all is well. But Lisa can’t accept his reward since she feels that she still failed anyway. Krone is impressed by her sense of duty and says that he’d like to become a bounty hunter like her in the future. Lisa is unable to break the truth to him that Grimm isn’t the organisation of justice that he thinks it is though.

Rapunzel Event 12

Lisa is patrolling the streets again but unlike previous time, everyone recognises her (and Adolph) as the one(s) who saved the prince and turned down the marriage proposal too. The proposal case wasn’t pursued though, and Bremen probably helped to put a stop to that. But for some reason, nothing about Rapunzel kidnapping her was mentioned and she wonders if it was purposely hidden. But Widder knows all of this, as he greets her. He mentions that Rapunzel drove a desert country into ruins recently, using information to create divides in the government. Seeing Lisa’s interest, he offers to reveal more in exchange for money. But Lisa decides to refuse and heads to the hills where she spots Rapunzel. She decides to ask him straight-out about his relationship with Bremen. Rapunzel briskly answers that they were merely subordinate and superior in the past, and in fact he dislikes Bremen. As much as he’s grateful to Bremen for saving him, he feels that he has long paid back his gratitude and Bremen often laments at how his biggest mistake was rescuing Rapunzel and seems to regret it.

But he guesses that Lisa actually wants to ask something else and so Lisa questions him about the desert country he ruined. He explains that the country was caught up in many years of conflict that it was even difficult for people to freely retrieve water. Many deaths and illness was brought up as a result and he was requested to “reset” the government in order for the people to gain back their freedom. He merely sold the information he had to make that happen, though he admits that the situation got rather drastic. Rapunzel doesn’t really bother whether people can live peacefully or not, he merely wants to lend a hand to people who desire freedom. As much as Lisa can see his intentions, she wonders if he can really be happy by undertaking a method which has hatred bounced back onto him. Since she can’t understand, Rapunzel offers for her to see the world with him by taking a trip with him. He can’t take her away for too long though since Bremen would get mad. Though Lisa doesn’t long for freedom as much as he does, she does want to understand him – not as a wanted criminal but as himself.

Rapunzel Event 13

It’s been some days since Lisa has toured the world with Rapunzel…and stealing. It was only at the start that it prickled her consciousness, since she only become a bounty hunter in the first place to protect her village, and not out of justice. Moreover Rapunzel mainly steals from big organisations or state power. But the thing that has shocked her the most is Rapunzel’s culinary skills, as he serves very exotic food every morning. Very unlike the normal food they had in her room the other time, which apparently was done by Trude. But knowing that he gets up early to prepare it for her, Lisa forces the food down her throat, and the sounds she makes seems to turn on Rapunzel lmao. Later when they’re in the operating room, Rapunzel suggests for Lisa to try steering the airship. Of course she struggles at first so Rapunzel takes this chance to sit behind her and teach her. Lisa points out how it’s dangerous since if she learns well, she could steal his airship away. While he agrees and admits that it didn’t occur to him at all, it also shows just how much he trusts her.

Rapunzel also decides that today they’ll take a break. They hide the airship in the forest and go into town where he brings her to eat at a cafe. The waitress recognises him almost instantly and he starts flirting (?) in front of Lisa. She starts to sulk and Rapunzel picks up on this and he apologises but Lisa can’t help but think that he’s still treating her like a kid. She wonders if she should become more mature, especially if she’s aiming to become a mediator. Rapunzel thinks that she’s just fine the way she is. But if she’s still hung up on it, he can help her become an adult, since he doesn’t want anyone else to do so first. Lisa is a bit slow to pick up on the meaning of his words and Rapunzel gets troubled by her staring at him instead. He starts to blush and comment that it’s hot inside here lol. Seeing how Lisa is still oblivious, Rapunzel considers placing his mark on her asap as he’s worried. The waitress then serves their order and Lisa learns that he purposely picked this cafe thinking that she would enjoy the food. Both of them think that it’s about time for her to return though.

Lisa wakes up the morning after Rapunzel saw her home the night before. She spots a red rose at her window and guesses it’s from Rapunzel. Along with it is a note that writes that the meaning of red roses is that he’s madly in love with her. When she goes to the bar and sees Bremen, he doesn’t pursue what she was up to. But he does inform her that Rapunzel has been trapped in the very same tower he was shut into before by Hansel and Gretel, who were probably hired by someone who has a grudge against Bremen. Apparently it happened just when he parted ways from Lisa. Even though she knows that it’ll be troublesome afterwards, Lisa wants to save Rapunzel. Seeing someone who desires for freedom locked up is like seeing him die, moreover Rapunzel saved and helped her out before. So Bremen tells her that Rapunzel is in her hometown, though it would be difficult to enter the tower. He suggests going to Trude’s since the previous time he sought her help too. Trude gives Lisa a magical rope, and tells her that it would depend on how strong Lisa’s resolution is. If it’s half-hearted, it would break midway. Bremen has already prepare the horse for her and Lisa immediately takes off.

A lone tower in the middle of a barren land comes into sight. Using the magical rope, Lisa manages to climb her way up to the tiny window at the top where she’s greeted by Rapunzel, whom to be honest was shocked at her arrival at first. But that’s quickly overtaken by joy as he gives her a long and hard kiss. He’s surprised himself at how happy he is just to see her.

Rapunzel Event 14

Rapunzel tells Lisa that there’s actually an entrance at the bottom with stairs leading all the way up, but it requires a key. The brothers actually brought a rose to him and thinking that it would please Lisa, Rapunzel thought of buying it but sleeping gas came out instead and he fainted. Lisa then kicks a hole in the wall and Rapunzel opens his arms up to welcome her in pfft. Seeing her break the tower he had been trapped in all these years, it’s like a weight off his chest. Rapunzel finally confesses that he loves her as he kisses her and he asks if he can touch her. Though Lisa is embarrassed by his straight words, she wants it just as much and they do it.

After they’re done, they both get out of the tower with the help of the rope and Rapunzel thanks her for rescuing him. As he looks at the barren land, Rapunzel recalls that it wasn’t like this in the past and there were proper streets etc. He also tells Lisa that he killed his parents at the same time he killed the priest. He detested his parents who feared their cursed child, and claims that he has no regrets. But Lisa points out that his expression betrays him and Rapunzel shares with her that he would sometimes dream of his mother calling out to him when he was still a kid. It was both frightening and nostalgic to him, and perhaps to dismiss those feelings he started to be friendly to all women. In return, Lisa shares that she was probably influenced by her mother’s kindness, and also influenced to become a bounty hunter. Rapunzel can see that she was raised with love and perhaps that was the reason why he was attracted to her. But he also saw the past him in her, being bound to her home village. Lisa says that he’s merely trapped by his past and shouldn’t worry about her. Even though he appears like an adult he’s a kid inside. Though she has denied his way of living all along, Lisa thinks that she has come to accept it as one way of living.

Bremen, Adolph and Trude soon show up, though Bremen appears irritated at Rapunzel. Bremen wants all of them to go after Grimm’s top person’s body double, while he aims for the actual one. He wants them to attract as much attention as possible so that it would be a good lure. After Bremen leaves, Trude leads them to the sea side, where she calls out a huge whale (with a house at the top) and says that they’ll be riding this to Amejima. It’s a special case this time and she goes all out with her magic. While riding it, Adolph gets sickened by their lovers’ relationship, especially when Rapunzel refuses to have him eat the food Lisa made lol.

Rapunzel Event 15

When they discuss the plan later, Rapunzel suggests Trude to stop the rain in Amejima for that day and to scatter pre-notices everywhere, claiming that he’s going to steal the rain. She also disguises their appearance, and the whale as a normal ship when they dock at the harbour, so that they don’t stand out. Hansel and Gretel join them there, and they apologise to Rapunzel for what they did. They learnt from Bremen that there were deceived, as the guy initially offered to give them the information they wanted but didn’t in the end. Seeing how their weakness was made use of, Lisa asks Rapunzel to forgive them since they look like they’ve reflected on their actions. Rapunzel agrees, but takes away some sweets off them and purposely eats it in front of them.

Their target is in a castle at the end of this island, and Rapunzel suggests rolling a red carpet all the way there while they get animals to perform music as they parade. At the same time, confetti and balloons can come pouring down at the same time the rain stops. Trude does just that and they naturally cause a stir among the people. A few girls recognise Rapunzel, as apparently he already made their acquaintance the last time he came to Amejima – though he doesn’t remember any of their names. Lisa gets annoyed but Rapunzel says that he’s only interested in her now, and apologises for purposely acting like that to get her jealous. They easily invade the castle and Rapunzel and Lisa head in first to go after the body double. It’s convenient for them as the red carpet leads them to the room he’s in and the body double is easily captured. Soon after, Adolph comes in saying that Bremen’s side has apparently went well too.

Afterwards, they meet Bremen back at the bar where they celebrate. He says that Grimm will be able to change the way he wants it to now and though he doesn’t intend to be the head, he’ll probably have to temporarily play that role for now. But while he has that power now, he makes Lisa a mediator in her home village. Trude remarks that Bremen merely doesn’t want to see her up-close when she’s now someone else’s pfft.

Best End

But Rapunzel isn’t having Lisa become a mediator as he carries her off and runs to the hillside. When Lisa demands to know what he’s doing, he tells her that he’s a thief and merely stealing a treasure away – moreover it’s the one and only unique treasure which he wants more than anything in the world. He has finally found the treasure he’d been searching for all this time and he’s satisfied as long as he has her. But he isn’t committing this on his own and asks for Lisa’s opinion. He doesn’t want to steal her, but have her be given to him. Embarrassed to put it in words, Lisa hugs him back and that’s enough for him. Rapunzel promises that he’ll keep continuing to express his love for her so she needn’t feel uneasy. But he wonders why she would agree too and Lisa tells him that they’re going to tour the world and steal for the poor.

So they end up stealing from the corrupt and giving to the poor. Lisa has just finished a practice session in learning how to steer the airship, and Rapunzel informs her that Bremen has sent Hansel and Gretel to her home village to become mediators there as a punishment for what they did. Seeing her think about other men, Rapunzel pushes her down since it’s about time for him and we end off with some sexy time.

Rapunzel’s Other Endings

Marrying into Money? End: When Lisa is asked to marry the prince, she seeks help from Adolph but he remarks that she’s better suited for it and not cut out to be a bounty hunter. Rapunzel then congratulates her and comments on how romantic and fateful it is. As she watches him disappear, she can’t bring herself to ask him to steal her away. Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad and she can protect the peace in a different way.

Parting Gift End: In Event 12, Lisa remarks that she can’t understand Rapunzel after all though she does see him in a better light now. The same goes for Rapunzel so he says goodbye to her. Lisa vows to catch him one day and every day he would leave a rose at her window.

Mediator End: Rapunzel congratulates Lisa on fulfilling her lifetime dream, though he appears rather sad. Lisa becomes a mediator in her home village and would regularly receive stuff from everyone – from bread to sweets and roses. It’s Lisa’s new dream to become a fine woman and to later surprise Rapunzel, though it would probably be difficult to even locate him. A girl also asks Lisa to be her mentor, as she’s aiming to be a mediator as well.

The Heart’s Journey End: Like the Mediator End, Lisa becomes a mediator in her home village. But Rapunzel would often drop by and provide her useful information – though in exchange for that he would ask to eat her food and also give her long greeting kisses. He also constantly asks her to travel with him but Lisa keeps refusing to leave her home village. But truth be told, she secretly wants to leave someday with her but only after everything has settled down. She refuses to let him know for now though, and so Rapunzel refuses to give up and will be back to persuade her again. Lisa still feels as though she can’t satisfy his thirst yet though and wishes to mature soon as her heart has long set out on a journey with him.

Other Endings

A Mountain of Stolen Goods End: In Event 9, Lisa goes out and walks in the nearby area of the casino, where she smells something being baked and is reminded of Trude’s bread. After returning from Amejima, Lisa remains hesitant about going to the bar and decides to visit Trude to discuss about her uneasiness about Bremen vs. Grimm’s top person. After feeling reassured, she would occasionally drop by to help out with Trude’s experiments. One day, Rapunzel comes by and drops down a pile of his stolen goods before Trude’s house – which will all eventually be destroyed in the process of her experiments.

Witch’s Disciple End: Similar to the above ending, though one day it shows their experiment failing again. Lisa still continues her bounty hunter work, though she also regularly drops by to help Trude out and also contemplates that it wouldn’t be so bad to be her disciple.


I enjoyed Rapunzel’s route, a lot of his lines made me laugh. 8’D Even though he appears like the playboy of the game, I liked how they contrasted him as a kid inside an adult’s body. He also has very solid ideals and opinions which makes it easier to appreciate him as a character. Lisa’s also sharp and even though she does sulk over his flirting, she also sees through a lot of his actions and that he’s really kind to her. Her monologues between her duty as a bounty hunter vs. her feelings for Rapunzel just got a bit repetitive and I didn’t review them in detail. I really liked their interactions and how they both could talk to each other about their different ideals. For both Rapunzel and Jule’s routes, there is at least one other nice ending besides the best end (Heart’s Journey, Flower Shop) but we can see that unlike the best end, their relationship is not completely stable yet.

We also see a bit more of the plot and in case you were wondering how the body double looked like…let’s just say he looks like an ugly version of a side character we all know – and that’s a huge giveaway lol. The other two endings I got aren’t exactly Rapunzel’s endings, but more of Trude’s, that’s why I separated them. I will be doing Hansel and Gretel next though I am a bit confused as to how I’m going to review it since they have individual best endings (and almost all of their choices are different). Ack, let’s see how things go.

3 thoughts on “Grimm the Bounty Hunter: Rapunzel’s Route

  1. midoriha says:

    Firstly, thank you! I liked that scene where Lisa’s laughter made Rapunzel blush, it’s just so adorable! Lol, that scene where Lisa is asked to many the prince…I totally expected Rapunzel to show upThough, that scene where Rapunzel becomes uncomfortable due to Lisa not understanding what he means by making her an adult… How amusing!The best end is very nice- the boy who spent most of his early years in a tower… He falls in love, gains happiness, and is finally, truly free.


  2. Hinano says:

    hansel and gretel’s route is pretty similar. a lot of stuff overlaps though I liked Gretel’s events a lot more? Hansel’s ended rather…oddly lol so you can make your decisions that way XD


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