Grimm the Bounty Hunter: Hansel and Gretel’s Route

It’s time for the brothers, Hansel (CV: Morikubo Shoutarou) and Gretel Naschkatze (CV: Toriumi Kousuke). They’re trap specialists and also often deceive the nobles – though they have committed robbery and murder too. When they first met Lisa, they claim that she gives off a sweet smell. Do read the Prologue first.

Hansel & Gretel Event 1

Lisa decides to go ask around on the streets for any news of the brothers. Unfortunately all the rich people act snobbish and ignore her, which isn’t surprising to her as bounty hunters aren’t very well-liked by them. But she’s called out to by a man, who was actually the owner of the house from the case before (where she met Rapunzel). He truly does appear grateful to her for having gained a new piece of art (Adolph’s imprint lol) and apparently he had just seen Hansel and Gretel in the flea market. He had bought off a wine cup from them for 3,000,000G as he fell in love with its (weird) design and they claimed that it was used by a mysterious fortune-teller. Lisa decides to hold herself back from telling him the cruel reality and thanks him for the information. Indeed, she spots the brothers at the flea market as they persuade a woman to buy off a ring from them – or rather their dead mother’s last inheritance to them. Of course it’s a fake sob story but the woman (and Lisa) get so taken in that she buys off everything else off them but the ring for 20 times the price.

When Lisa hears how it was actually all a lie when the woman is gone, she tells them off but gets taunted by them instead as they question if she was really that foolish for a bounty hunter to have believed their lies. They don’t seem to remember her at first though, and it’s only after smelling that sweet smell off her that they do pfft. Lisa proceeds to get caught up in their pace as Hansel remarks that she’s delicious enough to eat, while Gretel advises him against it lest she gives him a stomachache. Of course they run away when she attempts to catch them, and they split up too so Lisa has to choose who to go after.

If she goes after Hansel, he stuffs a purse full of money to her and starts shouting that she’s a pick-pocket. The original owner gets furious at her and Hansel takes this chance to escape. If she goes after Gretel, he sets off mini explosions and causes panic among the crowd. Eventually though, she catches up to where the brothers met up again but this time they start attacking her with their traps – from honey to cream pies. Lisa manages to dodge them all somehow but the floor gets slippery with cream that she falls down. Moreover there’s candy on the floor too so she’s stuck to the ground in an awkward position – thankfully though, it’s unlike the previous time and its effects are supposed to wear off in a short time. So meanwhile, both Hansel and Gretel decide to “taste” Lisa as they proceed to scoop the cream off her and eat it. But thanks to Lisa’s strength, she starts to crack the ground out of frustration and they take this as a cue to leave asap. The glue soon wears off and Lisa has to clean up the place, with some help from the cats that were attracted to the cream. She wonders what their motive for tricking people is and though she failed today, at least she managed to learn some of their common tricks this time.

Hansel & Gretel Event 2

It’s been some days since then but Lisa has had no luck with finding the brothers. She decides to take up a side-request of picking mushrooms in the forest – the red and green mushrooms grow in separate areas in the forest though so Lisa chooses to pick one first.

If she goes for the green ones first, she bumps into Hansel who is picking mushrooms too to make sweets. They come to have a normal conversation about mushrooms (in sweets) and since he’s alone too, Lisa decides to try and catch him off-guard. Hansel then offers her a fruits pound cake to try for herself (mushrooms in sweets) and Lisa takes this chance to try and catch her. But he has long seen through her and she falls into his arms instead. Instinctively, Lisa jumps back and ends up falling and knocking her head against a tree. It’s certainly not what she expected, especially with Hansel ‘pushing’ her down too. He seems to get flustered when he hears this, and calls her shameless for suggesting that in the first place. Annoyed, Lisa calls them brothers shameless instead and Hansel tells her that women shouldn’t use such words as it’s improper pfft. She notices that there appears to be some gap in his character, and wonders if he only tries to act like an adult before his younger brother. Lisa teases him some more and embarrassed, Hansel stuffs the cake into her mouth to shut her up. It makes her feel sleepy and Hansel realises that his plan didn’t go as accordingly (‘cos she said weird stuff lol). He tells her to remember this and runs off. When Lisa wakes up later, she’s alone but spots a handkerchief on her. She didn’t expect Hansel to be that gentlemanly and indeed, on it he writes “remember this, shameless woman” pfft. He may be even more childish than Gretel, but so is she as she says the same line back to him in her heart.

If she goes for the pink ones first, she hears someone shouting while running away from wolves. Lisa steps in to chase the wolves away and the victim turns out to be Gretel, who upon seeing her, claims that he ran out of traps and had no choice. But she decides to make sure that he’s alright and checks for any wounds. While she’s feeling him, Gretel tenses up and asks if she’s a shotacon pffft. It takes Lisa some conviction to insist that she isn’t and for Gretel to hesitantly ask if she’s really doing it out of kindness. After the situation calms down, he asks what she plans to do and Lisa decides to let him escape for today. Even he is surprised, but eventually shouts that he definitely won’t be captured by such an idiot. Lisa shouts in return that she’s better than someone who was fleeing for his life from wolves.

Some days later at the bar, there continues to be no progress for Lisa and Bremen gives her a coffee float to cheer her up. But just as she’s feeling down, Bremen informs her that he has the latest information on the brothers – and points out their figures in the bar, eating parfaits. It’s their first time in the bar (since they can’t drink alcohol) and later Trude shows up to meet them. They seem to be deep in discussion later and though Lisa can’t make out any word, Bremen lip-reads and tells her that it’s to do with slave trade. It seems to be the same case he wanted to ask her to try doing and Lisa decides to accept it, since the brothers are involved too. As Bremen goes to retrieve the related documents, the brothers and Trude leave the bar. Lisa waits for Bremen and from the documents, it’s to do with a slave trade organisation. The final goal is to search for the central figure and to gather substantial evidence. For starters, Lisa first decides to dress like a poor person and go into the area where the organisation usually strikes at. But instead, Hansel and Gretel call out to her while she’s there – since they smelled her.

They see through her true motive for being in this area almost immediately and tell her that she’s not going to infiltrate successfully like this. Her eyes are too “bright” and alive. Only those with “dead” eyes will be called out too, since that means that they are in a difficult situation and would usually have no choice but to choose the option of being sold – it wouldn’t be a problem if they disappeared too since there’s a low possibility of people searching for them. Lisa mentions that orphans would be one example then, and the brothers go quiet at the mention of the word, before agreeing that they are a most ideal prey. Lisa gets angry at how they’re joking about a serious matter and so the brothers decide to help her out to save those children. Either choice you make, Lisa eventually accepts their offer. So they tell her to wait for them there and when they return later, a large man is with them.

Lisa follows the man as the brothers see her off, and she arrives at a church which acts like an orphanage. She wonders if she has been tricked as the man asks her to play with the kids while he goes to bake cookies. She also learns from the kids that the man is a priest and like the director of the orphanage, and that Hansel and Gretel would play with the kids in exchange for cookies. Lisa later celebrates with the kids as some of them are being adopted out. Afterwards, the director gives her a note from the brothers. An address is written on it and she decides to go check it out, thinking that it may be the real hideout.

Hansel & Gretel Event 3

Following the address, Lisa ends up before an empty house in a high-end district. Wondering if she was deceived again, she then spots a trail of sweets on the floor. Deciding to give a shot, she follows the trail as she picks up the sweets and ends up before a large building guard by bulky men. Just then, Trude calls out to her as she was apparently asked by Hansel and Gretel to wait for Lisa. When Lisa questions their relationship, Trude recalls that they first met 15 years ago and after that would occasionally meet up – but calls their relationship a short one. In any case, they manage to slip in quite easily and go onto the second floor to observe the scene. Inside there, the brothers are waiting for Lisa and ask for her to pass over the sweets lol. When she asks what their purpose was for leading her here in such a roundabout manner, they merely answer that it was to make fun of her pfft. As they observe the situation below, the brothers point out that there are only some customers so as to avoid information being leaked out. Plus everyone is dressed up as if they were here for a costume party, and security isn’t that tight so as to avoid drawing suspicion.

As the human auction starts, Lisa is aghast at how humans are being treated as goods. But Hansel and Gretel remark that a lot of the people willingly sell themselves ‘cos they are at their wit’s ends, and say that they deserve it. Trude cools the situation before an argument between them gives their presence away, and points out that not everyone willingly sold themselves anyway and that’s why the brothers are here. Indeed, the children from the orphanage are later revealed onstage. But the director is in the unknown. It’s the country’s task to arrange the adoptions for them but the current bureaucrat in-charge has linked hands with this slave trade organisation. Also, the one who gave the task of crushing this slave trade organisation is actually doing this to get rid of a rival bureaucrat. Lisa decides to put a stop to the auction and after throwing a chair down, she declares that she’s a bounty hunter and jumps down. No doubt that this causes some chaos but Lisa can’t stand up immediately as the jump gave her legs a bit of numbness. The brothers follow up as the sound of an explosion occurs, and they fan the crowd by saying that the building’s going to collapse and that more bounty hunters are coming etc.

Lisa goes to lead the kids out safely though the police have arrived outside and she had to spend a lot of time explaining to them. She eventually took the kids back to the church but most of the organisers and customers run off and she hardly grasped any evidence. On her way back to the bar though, the brothers are waiting and Gretel happily presents her with a bag of marshmallows to thank her. When she opens it up though, it changes to foam and they appear to be trying to comfort her – before getting ideas that she’s more tasty that is. Lisa doesn’t understand what they mean about her smelling sweet though, and feels that that’s more applicable to them. But that only makes Gretel remark that she’s indecent and sweet, and very much to their liking lol. They then question if she can return to the bar without anything substantial to report on since she failed. Hansel offers her a list of all the customers in the auction, but she must pay for it since they only promised to cooperate with her to save the kids. Lisa decides to give in and while it appears to be a small sum to them, she barely manages to make up for it and has to pay them back the balance on another day. She wonders how they grew up to be so twisted and as they both look at each other, Hansel answers that it’s probably ‘cos they were abandoned by their parents. They then leave and Lisa’s naturally startled by his words.

Hansel & Gretel Event 4

It’s almost morning by the time Lisa goes to report to Bremen and wild rumours have already spread concerning what happened last night. As she submits the list to Bremen, he praises her but she isn’t too happy since it wasn’t her own effort. Bremen tells her that it’s not unusual for that sort of cooperation to happen, but advises her to not develop feelings since it could cost her her life. He also reassures her that with this information, they’ll try to save the kids who have been sold off in the past. Lisa then goes home to rest but is ambushed by Hansel and Gretel, asking her to pass time with them as they queue up to see a famous fortune-teller, who is the latest buzz happening in town. In return, she can have her fortune told with them. She’s pretty much forced into this, but Lisa also takes this chance to return them the rest of the money. She’s surprised that they don’t bother counting the amount and apparently they are happy as long as there’s enough to buy candy. When she asks why do they deceive people then, they reply that it’s merely fun. Seeing their expressions, their answer appears truthful.

So Lisa decides to treat them in another way and while asking the person in front to help them reserve their spot (waiting will apparently take more than an hour!), she brings them to a favourite cafe of hers. To her utter surprise, they order all the cakes available, and plan on ordering all the parfaits available later. They also ask for more sugar as Hansel apparently keeps them in a container of his. That aside, Lisa’s happy to see them enjoying the food later and they sincerely thank her and don’t mind going out again like this. While she agrees to introduce them to another store, she wonders why she’s making a promise with wanted criminals. They return to the queue later and when it’s their turn, the brothers turn around to question the fortune-teller’s abilities instead. The fortune-teller is Widder of course, who knows that they plan to embarrass him in front of the customers already. In the end, Lisa has her fortune told by him but he can only give a vague one (“The house of sweets is a trap, be warned. The witch will be an obstacle but since it’s made out of chocolate, it’s sweet and can be melted.”) and as the brothers point this out, Widder agrees to not receive any payment from her.

Widder then asks if any of the brothers really don’t want their fortunes told. Here, Lisa can pick to either persuade Hansel  or Gretel. In both cases, the other brother goes to wait outside and the one inside asks for a fortune of his love with Lisa. Widders gives the same fortune for both: it’s not bad but it’ll be a huge cause for headache. Should I choose my other half or her? If you choose her, you may end up fighting with your other half. In a different case, the three of you may also end up happily living together. Lisa doesn’t think too much of this since she sees the brothers are only treating her like a toy to play with. But either brother would tease her about this fortune and Lisa storms out angrily. Outside, the brothers are approached by a man holding a knife. The crowd outside panics and disperses, leaving them alone. The man turns out to be a noble the brothers once deceived into buying a lot of stocks that soon came crashing down. They provoke him, pointing out that he deserved it, and he gets caught by the sweets on the floor. Gretel then throws a chocolate bar towards him and before Lisa can stop anything, an explosion occurs and the man dies. They remain calm and cool and recalling Bremen’s advice, Lisa sees that she really can’t let her feelings get the better of her. Perhaps if she had been more aware of this and stepped in earlier then the man wouldn’t have died. But to Hansel and Gretel, it’s a eat-or-be-eaten rule to them. They quickly make their escape from her as Hansel crushes a cookie and throws it towards Lisa.

Sub-event 1

Lisa goes to the plaza and overhears some women gossiping over a popular fortune-teller (Widder) in town, though he doesn’t appear to be doing business today.

Hansel & Gretel Event 5

Common Event 1

Hansel & Gretel Event 6

Widder comes to personally find Lisa for a request – to see him to Trude’s house. Usually when a direct request comes to a bounty hunter, the reward is lesser since there’s no need to pay the middle party, and Widder is short of money at the moment. His fortune-teller job is only a side job he does when he has money trouble – his real job is an informant (not related to Grimm). Moreover, ‘cos of the ruckus the last time his customers were chased away so he tells Lisa to take responsibility (since he can’t ask the brothers anyway). The real reason why he’s asking Lisa to see him through the forest though is ‘cos he appears to detest wolves. But while they’re in the forest, Lisa gets attacked by two men. She manages to counterattack them though and they end up running away. When they reach Trude’s house, Widder tells her to go in first and a packet of flour falls on top of her. Apparently without Trude’s knowing, the last customers (Hansel and Gretel) left that trap above the door. They were here to buy new chemicals to use for their tricks, and Trude shows them an example of what they bought – chemicals to cause a fire.

Recalling the last incident, Lisa feels uneasy and wants to go stop them. Widder offers her information on where the brothers are now, in exchange for the low fee he can only pay to her this time. Lisa is directed to a house in the district where nobles reside. She climbs up the roof of the house next door to keep watch. But she’s called out to by Hansel who offers her some cocoa. Of course Lisa is suspicious and when she smacks it away, the contents cause the roof to melt through. Hansel offers her Russian tea instead and this time, Lisa ignores him and jumps over to the target house. Since Hansel was alone there, it’s likely that Gretel has already infiltrated the house and true enough, Gretel is inside already, carrying a load of macaroons. As Hansel follows behind her, Lisa demands for Gretel to put the macaroons down. However, Gretel throws them on the floor and a fire sets off in the room. To everyone’s surprise though, they then hear the cries of a baby.

Lisa is quick to act as she punches a hole in the wall and escapes to the next room with the baby. Meanwhile, the brothers put out the fire with what looks like cream puffs and bubbles fill the room now. As Lisa settles the baby back down, she slaps both brothers and tells them off. To her surprise, they appear truly remorseful as they say that they heard that everyone would be out of the house, and weren’t told by the informant that there were kids. It’s their policy to never attack houses with children. Recalling her mother’s words to her, Lisa repeats them to the brothers, telling them to apologise if they’ve repented. Both of them apologise, and say that they’ll be more careful the next time they set off a fire (lol). Lisa doesn’t think she can change that side of them that easily but at least they’ve apologised sincerely. Gretel then hands her an eclair as an apology, but it sets off smoke in the room and the brothers take the chance to escape. Lisa tries to chase after them but loses sight of them – though their faces did seem to be rather red.

Hansel & Gretel Event 7

It’s been several days since their last encounter and Lisa has failed to grasp any news of the brothers’ whereabouts. Even though the rest of her work has been going quite smoothly, she hasn’t been progressing with that one task.

Common Event 2a

Adolph leaves Lisa after he’s brought her to Widder, and when she leaves for Trude’s house she bumps into Hansel and Gretel on the way. They follow her all the way back to the bar, as they admit that they’re curious about the relationship between Bremen and Rapunzel, and all three of them end up eavesdropping on the conversation.

Common Event 2b

At the end of the conversation, Rapunzel asks Bremen who’s the one he’ll be making as the “front”. As much as Rapunzel likes it when things are flashy, he refuses to play that role. Moreover it’s a role that’s likely to endanger the person’s life and doesn’t believe that Bremen will provide an escape route. Bremen merely remarks that he’ll try to get someone who won’t die easily, since he’d rather have the person live. On their side, Hansel’s face has turned pale and is barely supported by Gretel. But they insist that they’re alright and leave the room first.

Sub-event 2

If you choose the forest, Lisa goes to discuss with Trude about her (love) problems, and Trude has a lot of fun with this topic – saying that she can date both guys.

Hansel & Gretel Event 8

It’s been several days already and no news of Hansel and Gretel has been heard of. Bremen informs Lisa that he’s holding a party of sorts for 3 days and 2 nights. The party is only held on the 2nd day and he’ll only go there then, but she can head over first to enjoy herself. Lisa decides to accept the offer, especially since everything is paid for beforehand already. When she travels to the island though, she bumps into Hansel and Gretel – apparently they’re here on invitation too. They decide to drag her along to play with them, though maintaining that they’re doing her a favour since she’s probably all alone and mildly threatening her that they’ll stir up trouble if she doesn’t agree. At the casino though, the brothers can’t agree on what they want to play so they decide to split up and Lisa has to choose who to go with.

If she goes with Hansel, they stop by the Black Jack table. Though Hansel acts like he’s a boyfriend candidate for Lisa, he’s actually doing all this to please the old lady at the same table. On their first game, Lisa makes a novice blunder and Hansel explains to her where she went wrong. The other guy at the table mocks her, saying that women should just listen to men, and this ruins the mood at the table. But Hansel calms Lisa down and says that he won’t last long anyway – true enough, the guy goes on a losing streak and annoyed, he leaves the table. While at it, Hansel also made quite a lot. They leave the table soon after and he explains that he merely curried favour to the right person – the dealer. He’s not sure how, but he observed that the dealer seems to be able to deal out the cards she likes at the right moment. And in order to curry favour, first he had to please the old lady, who is probably the wife of someone important and hence it’s important to leave a good impression of the casino for her if they were to consider future patronages. Moreover, the guy mocked women and the dealer is a woman herself.

If she goes with Gretel, they stop by the roulette table. Eventually Gretel points out that this table’s results are very biased – the winning numbers all fall into 1/4 of the roulette. Though he wins at first through his sharp observation skills, he goes through a losing streak next before finally winning everything back and more. When they leave the table, Gretel explains that the dealer himself has something to do with the results – whether it’s how he turns the roulette or if there’s been stuff done to the table.

They meet back up with the other brother and the brothers go and exchange their winnings for candy. After that, Lisa decides to part ways and goes to the sea side to sort out her thoughts. Depending on which brother she went with earlier, that person chances upon her there. Seeing her stand there, Hansel invites her to sit down beside him, and asks for a token of gratitude in return for earlier. Lisa though, thought that he was going to cheer her up which makes Hansel question her back if she wants that. Annoyed, Lisa remarks that she doesn’t expect him to be able to do it anyway and after a short silence, Hansel suddenly comforts her. He tells her to cheer up and sticks a flower in her hair before leaving. While Lisa is pleasantly surprised by this, she soon realises that it’s a candy flower and it’s literally stuck to her hair now. She wonders if he’s just as self-conscious as she is, seeing how he was swayed by her words. But she knows that she’s being too affected by him and tells herself to put a distance between them from now on.

For Gretel’s case, Lisa invites him to sit down beside her and she tries to find a conversation topic: how is it like to swim in the sea? Gretel merely answers that it’s probably like when you go bathe in a bathtub. Being the type who prefers to use the shower, Lisa answers that she’s never really gone in a bathtub and Gretel misunderstands, thinking that she hardly bathes and tells her to get away from him lol. The struggle between them ends up with him falling into the sea, and Lisa finally manages to clear up the misunderstanding. Gretel then drags her in with him, causing her to point out that he’s acting as if they’re lovers. Naturally he goes into tsundere mode, questioning if she really wants to be lovers with him that much. When she denies this, he instead questions why she’s rejecting him. They end up bickering away and when Lisa’s in the hotel room later recalling this, she tells herself to put a distance between them from now on.

Hansel & Gretel Event 9

On the second day, Lisa heads to the venue with the brothers. She wonders why they’re acting as accordingly to Bremen’s words, and Hansel answers that they don’t understand Bremen well yet and would like to see through his true goals with this chance.

Common Event 3

When Lisa appears to be still worried before the performance, Hansel tells her not to think too much into things, with Gretel adding that her head is bad anyway so it’s no use no matter how much she thinks lol. When she’s attacked later, they save her and don’t seem to think that she’s being attacked ‘cos of the fact that she’s Bremen’s disciple. Later, Lisa goes to walk around the casino and the smell of something baking reminds her of Trude.

Hansel & Gretel Event 10

On the ship back, Bremen asks her to help out with either the cleaning of the deck or of the kitchen. If she chooses the kitchen, she sees Hansel making sweets for Gretel. He offers for her to help him out and Lisa agrees, but a sweet explodes when she touches it after washing her hands. Hansel merely laughs at her, while she’s annoyed that she has more cleaning to do now ‘cos that explosion caused flour to fly all the way to the ceiling. Hansel tries to pacify her and offers to properly teach her this time. Even though she’s supposed to put more distance between them, Lisa can’t bring herself to turn down the offer. However, she ends up feeling self-conscious while he’s guiding her and when she wonders if it’s the same for him, she sees that his face is slightly flushed too.

If she chooses the deck, she sees Gretel and decides to ignore him. But he has long spotted her and decides to do a sneak attack on her – colourful gumball-ish balloons fill the grounds and if she touches them, they explode. Lisa tries to avoid them, especially when a strong gust of wind blows. She ends up almost falling over but luckily, Gretel catches her in time, knowing that she can’t swim. He tells her that the favour from last time has been returned and seeing her still shaking, he hugs her. This makes Lisa self-conscious of him as she starts to see him as a man. Gretel gets amused by her blushing face though and annoyed, she quickly pushes him away.

A few days after returning, Lisa goes to the bar to seek for information on the brothers but there’s none. Thinking that Trude may know something, she heads over and spots Hansel and Gretel before her house. Drawn out by the noise outside, Trude shows up and demands to know what they’re here for – especially the brothers, who’ve been lurking around her house the past few days. Lisa ends up listening in as the brothers want to ask Trude about their parents. While they are thankful to her for taking them back in, feeding them, and teaching them the skills to survive, they know that she’s hiding stuff from them and even suspect her of being involved in the past incident with Bremen and co. Trude clears up the misunderstanding, saying that she has no involvement and that she was asked by their parents to take care of them. Their parents knew that they were going to be targeted, and wanted their children to at least be safe. Grimm only targeted those clever nobles by the way, since they would get in the way, and only those useless ones were left untouched. While Bremen personally did so, Rapunzel was the one who provided guidance.

When they ask why she didn’t tell them earlier, Trude merely questions what would they be able to do. They can’t say anything in return to this and soon leave the house. A few weeks after that, there’s constantly been news of the brothers. It’s said that they’ve been deceiving the nobles and creating riffs between them, so there’s a lot of requests for bounty hunters to be bodyguards for each noble to ensure his/her own safety. ‘Cos of that Hansel and Gretel’s reward money has jumped and Lisa has a lot more competition. Just then, Bremen comes to Lisa with a direct request for her, from Trude. But it’s more of Trude’s way of providing her information, as it’s written that she wants Lisa to capture two certain people who will infiltrate a certain noble’s residence tonight – moreover the reward is 1G.

Lisa heads to the address and finds the servants all knocked unconscious. She guesses that the brothers probably considered that they’ve kids of their own and don’t want the children to go through the same experience as them. She finds her way to them – where the owner of the house is pointing a gun at them, and using a servant’s kid as a human shield. When the kid asks for help, the noble only hits him and asks for Lisa, after hearing that she’s a bounty hunter, to save him. This of course, only makes Lisa disgusted by the noble’s actions. The brothers then set off a flash bomb and Lisa rushes in to save the kid first. Hansel shouts out to her to hit to the right, and she ends up knocking the noble out of the window pfft. When the brothers pointed out that she prioritised the kid over them, Lisa thinks that she wouldn’t be able to forgive herself if the kid was hurt. She questions if their doing this for revenge, but the brothers say that they’re searching (for their parents, since it isn’t 100% confirmed that they’re dead). They then make their escape before the police come, and leave Lisa to do all the explaining.

Sub-event 3

Lisa goes to the plaza and spots Widder there. She helps him set up his tent and in return, he offers to read her fortune for free, saying that it might’ve changed from the last time. He tells her that there’s already a future she has skipped past, and that her actions from now on will determine which path of fate she walks onto.

Hansel & Gretel Event 11

As Lisa is depressed over having no progress, Bremen and the other workers in the bar (all ex-bounty hunters) cheer her up, pointing out that she’s the only one to have lived after crossing paths with the brothers so many times. Just then, Krone approaches Lisa as he informs her that a noble, who was deceived by Hansel and Gretel, is preparing to lay a trap for them as a form of revenge – and that she should be more alarmed since her lovers are in danger lmao. Apparently, the rumour is that they’re in a love triangle and people have been betting on how their relationship will turn out as well as her progress in capturing them – turns out that Bremen and the same workers who were trying to cheer her up were the culprits behind all of this lol. Krone is under the impression that the noble is a victim here, as he’s Krone’s father’s acquaintance and he was dismissed from his position after being discovered to have been involved with embezzlement. Lisa sees that he’s still naive to the corrupted ways of the nobles, as she doubts that Hansel and Gretel falsely accused the noble. But in any case, she can’t help but worry over what’s going to happen and accepts Krone’s request. Krone himself isn’t too sure of what trap it’ll be, but he directs her to the location – an amusement park. About 10 random kids have been taken hostage by a group of 20 (with guns) in the mirror house.

Hansel and Gretel have apparently already gone in and Lisa keeps bumping her head into the glass as she finds her way to them lol. But it’s not just her, the noble himself has difficulty as he shoots down 3 of his own men at first. (By the way, the noble is the one Lisa punched out of the window.) So he has the bright idea of telling them to kill each other, and he’ll release the kids in exchange. Lisa is worried at first, especially since Gretel doesn’t hesitate to throw a chocolate bar and set off an explosion. But when she goes after them, Hansel whispers to her their strategy and Lisa decides to believe in them. Gretel knocks all of them out with madeleines and quickly gives her and Hansel two others to eat to avoid being affected by the numbing effect. Though the kids are knocked out too, they’re safe and the brothers prepare to leave before the police arrive. Though Lisa can very well catch them now, they’re on the same side now and so she lets them escape now.

On her way back home, either brother will approach Lisa. When Lisa points out that the other brother isn’t present, Hansel admits that Gretel has always been his best partner but he has now found an exception – her. He then gives her an eclair to eat, proving that it’s safe to eat by taking a bite of it too. When Lisa gets some on her finger, he licks it all up – even when it’s already all gone, claiming that she tastes sweet herself. Lisa isn’t impressed though, as she doesn’t like being together with someone who deceives people. Surprisingly, Hansel sulks at this and tries to point out that he doesn’t deceive kids, or households with kids. In the end, he asks Lisa to see if his words are a lie or not as he tells her that he has fallen in love with her. Lisa is left staring blankly as he leaves her.

For Gretel, he’s waiting outside of Lisa’s place and insists on coming in to see how her room is. Lisa decides to let him in, even though she’s first conscious of letting a man in but rejecting him with this reason is like confessing her feelings. Gretel is appalled by the zero existence of sweets and decides to feed her his favourite cream puff. Seeing her get some on herself, he licks it all up – even when it’s already all gone, since her reactions are interesting to him. Moreover she let a guy into her room so she’s belittling him (in Japanese the kanji is the same as “lick”), and in return it’s only appropriate for him to lick her. Like a cat though, he abruptly stops and goes to lie on her bed, and claims that it smells sweet like her. He later thanks her for saving the kids, and says that he has taken an interest in her. Unlike his brother, he says everything on his mind but he thinks that he loves her. Gretel then takes his leave and even though he told her not to mind what he said, it’s not possible for Lisa.

Hansel & Gretel Event 12

Lisa’s at the marketplace trying to search for a suitable present for the brothers, since it was mostly thanks to them that they managed to save the kids. It’s probably weird to be doing this in the first place but she admits to herself that she was affected when she heard about their past. Just then, Krone pops up before Lisa. He admits that ‘cos of her, he has developed an interest in this town, while muttering that nothing will happen for now, at least. He heard about the amusement park incident and didn’t think that the noble would be such a failure. He soon take his leave and Lisa soon bumps into Adolph. She decides to get his help in picking out a present, and taking a page out of the Naschkatze’s brothers’ book, she lies that it’s Bremen’s request to her – knowing that Adolph can’t refuse when it concerns Bremen. In the end Adolph helps her pick out a matching set of fountain pens. But he soon learns that it’s actually for Hansel and Gretel and while he won’t interfere with her private life, he warns her not too get too close.

Later, Lisa goes to ask for information at the bar and Bremen informs her of the brothers’ hideout place. It may have been purposely leaked out and it’s highly likely to be a trap, but Lisa decides to go anyway since it’s also likely that she’ll meet them there. Many traces of other bounty hunters can be found on the way, and she meets two of them who are waiting for the brothers to come out rather than go in. Lisa somehow manages to make it through, probably ‘cos many traps have already been set off by others. It appears that even the gingerbread house seems to have traps inside, as she comes across dead bodies. But she calls out to the brothers, who respond that they’ve turned off all the traps for her and she makes her way to them – eating sweets at a table, inside a large cage. They state that the cage is for their important item. If Lisa questions if they’re referring to each other, but points out that it isn’t good to be overly reliant, the brothers only stare back at her. If she asks if it’s for their food reserves, Hansel chokes on his sweets and has to gulp some water down, while Gretel breaks out in laughter.

They finally answer that they’re referring to her, and ask if she wants to be with them too, admitting that they got anxious as to whether she’ll get stolen from them by someone else first. When Lisa recalls how many people they killed just got this, surprisingly she doesn’t feel angry, but feels sad instead. She surprises both herself and them when she tears up, but the fact is that she likes both of them too. Lisa soon feels herself fading out though, as apparently the brothers used a numbing chemical while already taking the neutraliser themselves.

Hansel & Gretel Event 13

After Lisa wakes up, they insists on her taking them to see Bremen. Bremen himself already guesses that they’re here ‘cos they want to stop being wanted criminals, so as to be with Lisa. He lists three possible ways for their reward money to go down: serve imprisonment time, pay a fine, or work for free under Grimm. He has a suitable task for the brothers though, which will completely erase the reward pinned on them plus pay them too – to assassinate Grimm’s top person. Later, the brothers go all out as they eat at a cafe. They’re sure that Bremen is only making use of them so as not to stain his own hands and risk being found out, but they have no other choice but to fulfill the given task since if they don’t, he’ll kill them off anyway. Right now, Rapunzel is finding out the target’s location and Bremen told them to go find Trude to ask about a medicine. Lisa wonders why they’re hesitating then, if they’re confident on fulfilling the task. After a short silence, they question her about the day she was out with Adolph. Lisa recalls that she still has the presents on her, and passes it to them. They’re delighted by it, and decide to do something in return – feeding her their desserts in public, and embarrassing the heck out of Lisa.

Later, they go to find Trude and instead of what Bremen told them to ask, the brothers ask for Rapunzel’s location. They don’t trust Bremen so while they will complete the task, they won’t do it his way. Trude remarks that the brothers only trust each other so there’s both pros and cons to that. But staying this way forever won’t let them mature. So she offers them the information but on a condition: to leave one of the brothers with her. They’re hesitant at first, but agree in the end and ask Lisa to make the decision as to who will stay with Trude. Depending on who’s best end you’re going for, Lisa will pick the other brother to stay behind. She wonders if she made a right decision and Trude reassures her that they trust her this much to allow her to make a decision for them. She tells them that Rapunzel will come to her house 3 days later to buy her bread and till then, they’re not allowed to come to her house. Lisa sees that she wants to make the brothers operate separately, and to be more independent.

Hansel & Gretel Event 14

If Lisa’s with Hansel, Hansel admits that it feels empty since Gretel was always with him, and Lisa offers to take his hand in exchange, as she realises that she likes Hansel. They decide to rest themselves until 3 days later and as they’re walking in the streets, Hansel suddenly confesses that he would occasionally have a dream: they were abandoned in the forest, defeated an evil witch, gained treasure, and returned to live with their family. But reality isn’t like that and seeing other happy families, he would often question “why?” and even contemplated killing those families. But something would always stop him, telling him to not be defeated by the witch and to save the kids. It’s something he hasn’t even told Gretel before, but Lisa knows that it’s precisely ‘cos he doesn’t want to show his weak side in front of his brother. Lisa thinks that he’ll be able to have his own family one day, and Hansel is flustered as he takes it that she’ll be giving him that family which in turn embarrasses her. But Lisa insists that she can’t trust his words so he decides to show it with his actions an gives her a long, deep kiss. Lisa can’t resist him at all, as she feels as though she’s been caught in his trap. Later that night, Lisa suggests going back to talk to Trude after all, even though Hansel clearly states that if he had to pick between the two of them he would pick her.

If Lisa’s with Gretel, he takes her to their old, abandoned house. While he doesn’t remember much, Hansel told him everything about the house and Gretel shows her around. His recent dream is to repair this house to how it was formerly, and when that time comes he’ll put all his favourite things inside – including her. Lisa thinks that he’s kidding again but Gretel kisses her on both cheeks, and later her lips. He tells her that this is for their promise that she’ll live together with him in the future. But Lisa doesn’t want to be a replacement for Hansel. Disappointed to hear this, Gretel remarks that both of them are important to him. If it weren’t for Hansel always leading him on the same path, he doesn’t think that he’ll be standing here today like this. Hearing this, Lisa takes Gretel’s hand to support him, as she realises that she likes Gretel for himself. Lisa suggests going back to talk to Trude after all, and Gretel thanks her for choosing to be with him and not leaving him alone – ‘cos he doesn’t think he can live without her now.

But Lisa still decides to go back and it appears as though this was all expected by Trude – her real goal was to make them give up on the assassination to avoid endangering their own lives. But the brothers insist on going ahead and just then, Rapunzel appears behind them. Seeing Lisa request him to tell them the location, he decides to answer to her. So the five of them board his airship and head towards Amejima. There, Lisa finds Hansel alone as he wonders how they are going to live their lives after all this is over. He then thanks her for her opinion and gives her a lollipop. If Lisa sees Gretel instead, Gretel tells her that his brother is probably thinking about what to do after all this. All this time they’ve been trying to find their parents but now they’ve to find a new goal in life. Personally, he has two choices – living for Hansel, or for Lisa. He kisses Lisa and the sweet he had been eating gets passed over to her, saying that he’ll give it to her.

Hansel & Gretel Event 15

The airship is nearing the castle where Grimm’s top person resides in, though the brothers purposely crash it into the castle, leaving Rapunzel in horrific shock for a while. As the guards soon start to come to where they are, Rapunzel and Trude offer to stay behind while they go find Grimm’s top guy. When they are before the target room, the brothers ask Lisa to not stop them when they go in to kill, knowing that she dislikes killing others. Lisa herself knows that this is something they have to see through with in order to move on from their past and agrees. Inside, the guy claims to not know anything and was merely following orders. But the brothers raise the guns they picked up outside from the unconscious guards and shoot at him.

Bremen joins them at the castle, to Lisa’s surprise. Rapunzel tries to pacify Bremen, saying that he probably expected all of this to happen anyway. Also, Trude apparently made quite a mess and left after she got tired of fighting. The brothers demand to get a worthy reward and Bremen willingly agrees, saying that he’ll give them governance of this island. Though surprised at first, they readily accept this and tell Lisa that she has a part in this too, before dragging her away to discuss this further. Rapunzel wonders why Bremen readily gave her up, but the latter merely remarks that no one can guess how fickle young people’s hearts can be, plus he can come to this island anytime. Hearing this, Rapunzel decides to pray that they’ll live a peaceful life.

At Lisa’s side, she asks if they’re okay with leaving Bremen and Rapunzel alone since they did play a part in their parents’ death. They reassure her that it’s over, since it would seem never-ending if they pursued them – moreover they don’t want to see her sad face. But more importantly, they demand to know who she’ll live with. When Lisa tries to avoid the question by pointing out that she wants to become a mediator in her hometown, they tell her that she can appoint anyone instead. Plus it would be faster to earn money with them to build the bar in her hometown – or even better, have everyone stay on the island instead. They’d rather hear her honest feelings, rather than constantly think for other people.

Hansel’s Best End

Hansel sets up the largest casino on the island, Sweet Nasch, where he’s both the owner and also a dealer, and Lisa helps with the security. In the end, she managed to have the money to build a bar in her hometown too. Recently he’s been getting jealous easily and Lisa has a hard time dealing with this. Today though, he pushes her onto a poker card table in a corner when they’re alone and well, there’s no need to explain where this goes!

Gretel’s Best End

Gretel opened up an indoor amusement park on the island, Sweet Katze, where both he and Lisa would participate in the parade. Thing is, he never goes according to the plan and always does what he wants midway though the audience seems to enjoy it. Later in the changing room, Lisa is still upset about it and he kisses her, hoping to ask for her forgiveness. But he gets in the mood, claiming that since they’re tired they need to recharge with something sweet.

Hansel & Gretel’s Other Endings

Bread Oven End: Before Lisa can try to stop them, the brothers go to kill the noble but the noble’s gunfire accidentally kills the kid. She herself, also seems to have been shot and she falls down, unable to stand. Lisa wonders if it’s all her fault, as the brothers look coldly at her. Gretel throws down some macaroons, which sets the room on fire. And Hansel leaves behind a bread for her, as their last gift to her before they leave her to die. Lisa can only apologise as she blames herself.

Candy House End: When Lisa goes to their candy house and they ask if she wants to be with them, she’s hesitant in her answer since that means she has to choose between them and her dream. Seeing this, the brothers take it that she’s going to abandon them like their parents. Lisa soon starts to feel numb, ‘cos as they explain, being in this room for too long makes you so. They regularly take the neutraliser so they’re alright, and Lisa wonders if that’s part of the reason why they’re always eating sweets. As she loses all control over her body, they drag her into the cage and once the numbing effect wears off in an hour, they plan to have fun together. But she’s not allowed to leave the cage, if she does so, Gretel threatens to throw her into the fireplace. She’ll also keep smelling the numbing chemical every day, and that’ll gradually reduce her strength. But even if she does escape, there’s plenty of traps outside and they doubt she can make it out alive, nor will anyone succeed in trying to retrieve her back.

Isolation End: The brothers don’t ask Lisa to decide for them, but they can’t decide on who to stay behind with Trude either – even when they try rock-scissors-paper etc. they keep drawing. Trude sees that they haven’t really matured at all and still rely too much on each other, even with Lisa in the picture. She has them all fall unconscious and when Lisa wakes up next to Gretel later, Trude informs them that she made the brothers drink some magic medicine – so if they ever meet each other in person they would both die. Hansel is in her house. In the end, Lisa acts as a messenger between the two brothers while Trude has hidden away – probably to avoid them chasing after her for an antidote.  As much as she is worried about her own situation, Lisa is afraid that if she isn’t around, they’ll end up going to find each other and die.

Snack Time End: A new orphanage was built on the island. With the money they earned from their casino and amusement park, they shifted Hansel and Gretel’s old house to the island and renewed it. So the orphanage director and all the kids came over to stay there now. Lisa would visit it regularly, along with the brothers. But the brothers’ habit of tricking people seemed to have rubbed off some of the boys. The director later tells them to take a break in their room as he offers them some cookies he baked. The brothers insist on sitting next to Lisa though and start feeling her up, as she’s obviously as much of their sweet snack as the cookies are to them!

Other Endings

Baker End: This branches off after the Amejima events, similar to Trude’s other ends. For this one, Lisa would go over to hone her baking skills, though she hasn’t given up her bounty hunter job. The brothers are present on a certain day, and ask her to help them bake some bread since Trude isn’t around. She’s suspicious at first, especially when the recipe’s weird names but gives it a go – only for the room to be filled with huge, pink, bouncy bread.


This took me longer than expected but, that’s ‘cos it’s more troublesome to do 100% route completion for the brothers. But anyway, I have to say that I enjoyed Gretel more than Hansel. He was really cute and the misunderstandings he had with Lisa were amusing. I thought that it would’ve been nicer for him to really go back and fulfill his dream – but we see that they renewed the old house in the 3P end instead. I think that Lisa and Rapunzel still have the best chemistry but Gretel…is cute. I am not a shotacon okay sobs.

Not much of the plot was revealed, but I’m hoping to see that change now that I’m only left with two characters to go! I’ll be going after Adolph first, till then~


One thought on “Grimm the Bounty Hunter: Hansel and Gretel’s Route

  1. midoriha says:

    Well,well, that was amusing! Thanks! I found this route, to be quite cute! The things i found most interesting in this route were the mushroom event, lisa slapping the brothers(ooh, that must have hurt,lisa’s strpng,after all),brennan and the workers in the bar spreading rumours that lisa’s in a love triangle(lol,seriously!) and lisa giving them their presents! Cute!


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