Grimm the Bounty Hunter: Adolph’s Route

Next up is, Adolph Rot (CV: Taniyama Kishou). He’s the no. 1 bounty hunter and is usually seen working together with his wolf. He has always admired Bremen and wanted to be his disciple, and often takes bounty hunter assignments away from Lisa. Do read the Prologue first.

Adolph Event 1

Lisa decides to continue going after the Ripper Demon, but first she decides to apologise and thank Adolph, and to request to work on this assignment together. After getting the directions from Bremen, Lisa goes to see Adolph in his…rather barren house. But before she can say a word, he covers her mouth and tells her not to thank him, worry over him, or apologise to him. Lisa insists on going after the Ripper Demon too though, but Adolph doesn’t give way and when he goes in to rest, his wolf comes in and blocks Lisa’s way. So she decides to wait outside for the time when Adolph comes out. When he does so later, he guesses that she’s going to tail him. Since she probably heard about his place from Bremen, Adolph sees that Bremen continued to allow her to be involved in this case and so gives in this time.

They follow Adolph’s wolf and end up in the next town of Ottersdorf, more specifically in the area where prostitutes are. One of them even approaches Adolph at first, but seeing Lisa together with him, she tells them to get a room and not to waste her time lol. They advise her to stay in ‘cos the Ripper Demon will probably attack soon, but she and neither of the following women listen since they need to earn their money. Eventually though, Adolph’s wolf loses track of the scent thanks to the heavy perfume of all the women from before so they decide to split up and search around the area. Ripper Demon soon comes to find Lisa though, as his target is actually her – his curiousity drawn out by her amazing strength. Lisa shouts for Adolph, certain that at least his wolf would notice. He soon shows up and starts to shoot at Ripper Demon, while Lisa occupies the criminal too.

Annoyed, Ripper Demon decides to get rid off Adolph first and Adolph takes a stab in his shoulder. While holding Ripper Demon back, Adolph calls for Lisa to strike now, and she quickly knocks him unconscious. They take him to the town’s bar. While Adolph insists that he’s alright, Lisa forces him to take the carriage back with her while his wolf goes home by itself. As Lisa sees Adolph resting, she recalls the first time she saw him – just some time after she became Bremen’s disciple, he asked to Bremen too. Lisa was surprised to see Bremen rejecting Adolph so harshly, when he welcomed her with a smile. Eventually, Bremen even said that what Adolph said was disrespectful to Lisa, and so Adolph ends up apologising to her. Ever since then, Adolph started to go after Lisa’s target assignments. When they return to Rolandberg, Adolph refuses to go see a doctor so Lisa goes to find Bremen for help. But when they go outside Adolph is already gone and Bremen tells her that it’s no use, as he won’t rely on anyone. Moreover, even if they call for a doctor to visit him, he may threaten the doctor’s life instead. But he gives her to reward money as an excuse for her to see Adolph.

Adolph Event 2

Before visiting him, Lisa goes to buy the necessities. But upon arriving there, Adolph’s wolf stands in the way. She decides to try pleading with the wolf, which causes a nearby Widder to burst out in laughter. He asks if she wants to know how to enter the house – but for a hefty price of course. When she agrees, he tells her to follow him, only to be led to where Hansel and Gretel are. Apparently, Widder was asked by them to bring Lisa, as they wanted to check if she was really in this town. Since they’re done, they leave and Widder clarifies that he was merely interested in the woman Adolph allowed in and out of his house. But he hates Adolph, saying that he doesn’t want Adolph to be happy. He then gives her a bottle of spice, saying that that’s the method to get past the wolf. Using it, Lisa manages to get inside but Adolph still remains stubborn. So Lisa decides to go home, leaving behind the apples, antiseptic etc. she bought.

Adolph Event 3

A few days after that, Lisa visits Adolph again as she  brings the stuff she bought for him – though he does pay her so it’s as if she’s working for him. But when she leaves, his wolf stands in the way and doesn’t even listen to Adolph. It seems to have gotten friendly with Lisa, as she doesn’t need to use the spice on it now to let her in. Since she can’t leave for now, Adolph tells her to peel some apples for him. Lisa suggests peeling them as rabbits, but Adolph points out that they’re cute to be eaten pffft. Apparently, the next day after she first visited him, Lisa went in again but heard Adolph talking in his sleep – begging someone to stop killing. Lisa rushed in and sees that Adolph’s in pretty bad shape. So when he wakes up to see her, she forcefully holds him down and treats him. Though he resists at first, he eventually gives up due to her monstrous strength. Ever since then, he never chased her away.

Later, she goes to crack down on an illegal gambling case, and then to the bar. Bremen worries that she’s over-working herself recently, observing that she’s has been taking assignments which she usually doesn’t take, such as ones that involve animals (they’re usually taken by Adolph). And it’s true that she’s been taking on more cases than usual, probably for Adolph too. Plus she’s been regularly visiting his house whenever she can. Even Adolph picks up on this, though Lisa continues to deny it. She switches the topic back to asking his advice on an assignment which involves chasing away a monkey from the crop fields. His way is to use his gun to scare it away with the noise. So Lisa asks to borrow one of his guns and goes to carry it out later that night. She succeeds in it, though the exhaustion from the past few days takes its toll on her and she collapses. Adolph happened to check on her and carries her back.

Lisa wakes up later, being piggy-backed, and remarks that it’s nice to rely on someone once in a while. Adolph points out that Bremen spoils her aplenty, but she answers that ‘cos of that it’s even harder to rely on him too. She realises that both Adolph and herself have the same issue of not relying on others. Lisa thanks him for worrying, though he denies it, and says that his wound is okay already. Afterwards, he lets her down as she plans to head to the bar. Before she leaves, he thanks her honestly for the first time, before cheekily remarking that all her assignments will be gone tomorrow.

Adolph Event 4

True enough, Lisa has never had more assignments taken away from her than she has now. Her frustration ends up being taken on a table, as she breaks it in half, and she has to go fix it up with glue. As Bremen goes over to comfort her, she ends up finding out from the other bounty hunters that they’ve been placing bets on her progress with Adolph. Bremen then tells her to rest for the day, as he’s planning something in the near future. Besides her, he ends up making the other bounty hunters step out from the bar for the day too as he wants them all to rest. Lisa decides to patrol around the town and ends up bumping in Adolph and his wolf. He’s under the pretext that she’s going somewhere to work, and jokes that he’ll go to the bar and may end up taking the same one as her. Seeing that he doesn’t know that the bar is closed, Lisa leads him on by inviting him to come along with her then. Though suspicious at first, Adolph does so but she brings him to a cafe to eat.

Adolph is obviously uneasy in such surroundings, though his wolf seems perfectly fine even when dressed up – as the store’s policy for pets is for it to dress up if it were to enter. His wolf was passed off as a dog, by the way. From her time in the cafe, Lisa confirms that Adolph is really stubborn as he denies that he has a sweet tooth. When she casually remarks that there’s a recent nice cake shop near the bar, Adolph jerks in response. She asks if she wants to go next time and he sulkily says that he has no choice but to accompany her then. Outside, Widder calls out to them and apologises for interrupting their date as he has a request lol. Adolph rejects him flat-out as he only takes assignments through the bar. So Widder turns to Lisa, who accepts it easily. Apparently Widder’s assignment is to wake up Jule, and Adolph tags along. But it turns out that Jule’s already awake, and in a bad mood. Lisa soon sees that Widder deliberately led them here – or more specifically Adolph, as Jule starts attacking Adolph. Lisa steps in though, and throws a cabinet at Jule when she has the chance. Adolph shoots at Jule, with the bullet grazing his arm, and declares this match over. Widder shrugs it off, though he didn’t expect Adolph to work together with Lisa, moreover he heard that Adolph was injured. He’s not strong enough to kill Adolph so he resorts to using others like this. Jule on the other hand though, is sleepy to the point where he can’t walk properly and knocks his head against the wall. On the way out, Lisa’s frustration can’t dissolve so she asks Adolph if he’d like to train with her as they’re walking in the forest, and he accepts it.

Sub-event 1

Lisa goes to the marketplace where she hears people gossiping about Adolph. Apparently one of their daughters is a fan of his after he saved her, though Adolph insisted that he just happened to do so ‘cos he was after a wanted criminal.

Adolph Event 5

Common Event 1

After eating at Trude’s, Lisa decides to try her hand at baking bread in order to save money. But one of the bar workers there misunderstands that Lisa is baking for Adolph and goes off to tell him. When Lisa’s done and goes out, Adolph is waiting for her as he heard that she had something for him. Startled, Lisa ends up running away from him but he and his wolf corners her. Adolph is under the impression that the thing she has for him is from Bremen and related to work, so he forcefully gets it from her – only to see her handmade bread. He doesn’t seem to be listening to anything Lisa is saying though, and really thinks that it’s for him. Adolph insists that he isn’t happy but his policy is to not refuse anything he’s given. Lisa sees that he’s hiding his true thoughts again with his sharp words and is secretly happy – though her food is now gone.

Adolph Event 6

Lisa heads to the bar where she wants to try doing some less tiring assignments. Bremen informs her that one of the top men in Grimm wants to see her actually, and tells her that it’s a good chance to go see the capital (and she’ll be paid). Having not much choice, she takes the carriage over to Bergenbach and later spots Adolph at the castle entrance. Apparently he’s been called over too and they’re led in to the same room. But Krone comes dashing in to welcome Lisa, as he had asked his father to arrange for this. Though he’s curious as to why Adolph is here, his eyes widen when he hears Adolph’s name since he recognises the number 1 bounty hunter. He guesses that his father called him over on his own since he supports Krone’s dream to become a bounty hunter.  Lisa guesses that he’s planning to ask to be her disciple, and she quickly refuses him. He suggests both of them to become bounty hunters for the country then and stay in the capital. Both Lisa and Adolph’s faces turn dark, and Adolph advises Krone to change his way of thinking if he really wants to become a bounty hunter, since usually they don’t like getting involved with the country’s affairs. Having constantly been rejected, Krone requests for them to at least stay with him for the day so that he can hear their stories. Both of them give in but suddenly there’s a ruckus outside.

Turns out that Jule had just assassinated the king as they spot him escaping from the balcony. But the capital bounty hunters turn to Lisa and Adolph instead, and Adolph sighs as he remarks this is why he hates the capital bounty hunters – they just accuse and catch anyone as the culprit. Krone helps to create a distraction for them by breaking a window, and then leading them out onto the streets and prepares a carriage for them. In the carriage, Adolph tells Lisa to rest as he knows that she’s probably starting to think too much into things. After some time, Lisa wakes up feeling better and decides to also force Adolph to sleep on her lap. She can’t help but think that they’re like a pair of wolves. When they reach Rolandberg, they quickly head to the bar to find Bremen, who has heard the news already. He believes that someone is trying to endanger either of them, and ‘cos of the suspicious letter he had sent Adolph to the capital to accompany Lisa. He’ll do something about the people who try to pursue them but asks them not to draw too much attention to themselves either.

Adolph doesn’t like the idea of running or hiding though, and storms out of the bar. As Lisa goes out to find him, Adolph does agree that they should be careful. As she wonders what will happen now that the king is dead, Adolph tells her that Grimm is the one governing the country, not the king, so it won’t be a big shift in the government. Lisa observes that Adolph seems to be very well-informed on the country’s affairs, but dismisses it as she thinks that she should learn more from him.

Adolph Event 7

Common Event 2a

Adolph follows Lisa to Trude’s and she wonders if he’s worried over her. But he insists that he’ll just feel sorry towards Bremen if anything happens to her, which puts Lisa in a bad mood.

Common Event 2b

Rapunzel questions what Bremen is going to make the prince of the ruined country do, but Bremen replies that it’s still a secret and he’ll treat him well since the prince is his trump card. Lisa doesn’t understand who they’re referring to but she sees that Adolph appears quite shaken. As the conversation the other side ends, she decides to go back with Adolph. Surprisingly, he doesn’t chase her away and midway, Lisa asks him to sit down out of the blue. She hugs him from behind, and his wolf soon follows suit by cuddling up to him too. Despite Adolph’s initial protests, he gives in and calms down. He soon appears to return to his usual self and parts ways from Lisa.

Sub-event 2

Lisa goes to the marketplace where she overhears people gossiping again. This time, the fan of Adolph’s tried to give him some money out of gratitude but Adolph ignored her.

Adolph Event 8

While Lisa is worried about Adolph, she herself also doesn’t know how to face Bremen at the moment and she goes to find Adolph. As she hesitates on how to approach Adolph, he comes out first and accidentally knocks her in the face with the door. Feeling apologetic, he gives her a handkerchief and she can’t help but find his kind attitude a bit scary lol. Lisa sees that he appears to be back to normal already though, and remarks on how he doesn’t like being involved with him. Adolph admits this, but says that he’s thankful to her which surprises Lisa. But rather than that, she wants to be relied on, and questions if he never felt the same way before. He’s quick to deny this, and points out that it’s weird anyway since they’re supposed to be rivals. Hearing this word, Lisa snaps out of it and agrees with him. Having confirmed her own position, Lisa’s slightly happy though to have had an honest conversation with him.

But when they head to the bar together, everyone is in an uproar as they’ve been placing bets on their progress. Lisa gives up on doing any explanation and to her surprise, Adolph also sits next to her. As Bremen appears, he informs them that the next king has been decided on already. Unless Grimm’s top person changes, the country will continue to be the same. Lisa decides to be truthful and tells him that she overheard the conversation. Adolph jumps in, and admits this too. Bremen isn’t surprised though, and admits on his part that he’d purposely sent Adolph over with Lisa and there was no suspicious letter at all. Just then, Bremen starts to talk to Adolph and though Lisa has no clue what they’re referring to, she returns Adolph’s grip over her hand as a source of support. Bremen then says that he has prepared everything to lure out “him” but won’t be bringing Adolph along for he’s needed after Grimm is destroyed. Though Adolph protests at first, he gives in eventually and is taken to the back.

Bremen then tells Lisa that Adolph is actually the prince of the country, before it was destroyed by Grimm. Though Adolph lived together with his mother in poor conditions, it doesn’t change the fact that his father was the past king. Feeling conflicted over how Bremen plans to make use of Adolph like a pawn, she decides to go out and sort out her thoughts. He tells her that everyone is heading to Amejima before she leaves the bar, and to not be late. In the end though, Lisa goes to free Adolph, and even persuades him as she points out that respecting someone (Bremen) doesn’t mean that you should do everything as he says. As they escape, they see that the ship has left and the only boat available is a small rowboat. They’ve no choice but to row it as they tail behind the ship ahead in a distance. But when the island is in sight, the bad weather batters the boat up. Adolph ties a rope around them and grabbing her, dives into the sea and swims towards shore. On shore, they decide to split up to avoid catching attention and Lisa goes to rest in a room.

Adolph Event 9

Adolph seems to have been caught later though as he’s called in for the musical performance by Bremen. Apparently Bremen had expected all of this beforehand.

Common Event 3

Before the performance, Lisa admits that she’s nervous ‘cos it’s embarrassing to perform in front of so many people. Adolph admits that he didn’t expect her to have such a cute side to her. Later, Adolph saves Lisa when she’s being attacked and they both reckon that she’s being targeted ‘cos she’s Bremen’s disciple. The next morning Lisa goes out to the sea for a breather. There, Lisa meets Widder, who apparently had been at the seaside for a while already. He continues to stay there despite the cold, wet weather and Lisa goes back to her room first.

Sub-event 3

Lisa goes to the marketplace and the gossip this time is that Adolph’s fan seems to have given up after seeing him together with another girl. As she hears them talk, Lisa realises that the one with Adolph is actually referring to herself.

Adolph Event 10

At the bar, Lisa sees that a notice has been put up for a rest period for all the wanted criminals – probably ‘cos of what happened on the island. She decides to go shopping instead and bumps into Adolph outside. Lisa’s rather surprised to see him with groceries, and she remarks that he seemed the type to hunt. Adolph doesn’t deny it, but adds that he does shop too. Widder then approaches them with a request – to escort him to Trude’s. Lisa accepts his request in the end but on the way, she keeps running into simple traps (which she easily crushes). Over at Trude’s, she overhears something about Widder asking Trude to make a medicine in order to return Adolph to his original self – who doesn’t trust or believe anyone. Recently though, Lisa has been an exception to Adolph. On their way back out, Widder remains silent and pays her the fee. When she’s back in town though, the atmosphere appears different and everyone avoids her and she’s attacked by two bounty hunters – whom she easily knocks out. Lisa’s then suddenly pulled into an alley by Adolph as he explains the situation. Apparently she’s been named as the culprit for the king’s assassination hence she’s now wanted. Their only chance is to go find Bremen and Adolph accompanies Lisa to the bar. He offers to hold back the attacks while Lisa dashes to the bar first. She gets caught in one of Hansel and Gretel’s traps though, and they drag her back to the bar for their reward which is just as well for Lisa.

Adolph Event 11

Lisa and Bremen wait for Adolph to catch up, and Bremen explains that Grimm’s top wants to utilise Grimm to gain other countries besides this one. It’s a childish answer but Bremen guesses that Grimm’s top wants to control the world. He probably finds Bremen an obstruction hence he decided to attack Lisa since she’s the weak point. All of a sudden, Adolph’s 5 wolves come dashing in and start to attack him. Lisa manages to help by throwing tables but trips onto Adolph at the same time. Widder shows up and it appears that he was asked by Bremen to do this, though the medicine should wear off over the night. Bremen purposely lets them know it was his work, as he remarks that Adolph’s respect for him would get in the way of the later plans so he wanted to get rid of that. The other side is after Lisa but they also seemed to have noticed Adolph’s existence as the prince so he hopes to save Lisa by handing over Adolph instead. Lisa refuses to go along with this, moreover even doing this doesn’t guarantee that she will no longer be chased after. Seeing Lisa’s strong desire to protect Adolph, Bremen agrees to imprison her for now and to later send her to the capital.

Adolph comes to save her later, pointing out that if she doesn’t agree with Bremen’s way then she shouldn’t go along with it. So they escape and Rapunzel comes to find them midway, saying that Bremen sent him to help them escape. Rapunzel brings them to Lisa’s hometown via his airship (I’m reminded here that Rapunzel met Lisa when she was young before but it hasn’t been explained what their encounter was like so far lol. Now I’m curious.)

Adolph Event 12

On the airship as they near Lisa’s hometown, she explains how it is to Adolph, including the fact that many robbers come here in hopes of finding treasure as ancient relics are said to be found there. Once they reach, Adolph initially wanted to head back but Lisa holds him back and Rapunzel says that he has no desire to ride his airship with another man and leaves them. When Lisa returns home, her mother misunderstands them as lovers though both of them quickly deny this. She doesn’t pursue about their situation and they rest for the night. But Adolph gets up in the middle of the night and seems to be in his own thoughts as he stands outside in the rain. Lisa drags him back in and they both dry each other off. He apologises for getting her involved and says that he’ll leave tomorrow. Hearing this, Lisa says that it isn’t his fault and if he insists on leaving she’ll break his legs. Of course it’s a joke but Adolph gets frightened since she’s more than capable of doing it.

He then confides in Lisa as he recalls that he was in the castle the day the king was killed by Grimm. He’d heard from his mother about his father but was never interested, till his mother’s illness got severe so he thought that he’ll go find his father for help. Probably ‘cos Grimm had attacked the castle, there wasn’t many soldiers and he easily slipped in and chanced upon the room where the king was hiding. Adolph asked to meet the king and explained about his situation. After some hesitation, the king revealed that he’s the one and soon after Bremen came in and assassinated him. Adolph ran away later but by the time he returned his mother was already dead. Though the village people took care of him afterwards, the country went into chaos and eventually he was left alone and whilst living in the forest he grew close to the wolves. He became a bounty hunter as a means of living and strangely, he doesn’t hate Bremen. Adolph grew to admire how Bremen could live without relying on anyone, and how he’s not easily shaken. He doesn’t want to rely on anyone anymore, nor to lose anything anymore.

Lisa tells him that it’s already too late though, as from the moment she went into prison in exchange for him he already relied on her. He can’t go back anymore and what Adolph doesn’t actually want what Bremen has – he merely doesn’t want to lose what he has so he doesn’t have to become like Bremen. Hearing this, Adolph seems to have come to terms with himself and thanks Lisa. Since he can’t go back to how it was before, he decides to focus on what to do from now on. Lisa realises that she likes Adolph and wants to be with him, but decides to hold off confessing her feelings to him in such a situation.

Adolph Event 13

The next morning, Adolph carves a wooden rabbit figure for her as thanks for all that she has done for him. He confesses that even though he used to eat them, he can’t do so anymore as they remind him of Lisa (including rabbit-shaped apples lol). Just then, they spot robbers in a distance coming to attack the town. Adolph refuses to chase them away though, as it doesn’t concern him, and lends him his gun. Even so, he’s worried about Lisa and eventually comes to help her – ‘cos it’s not that he wanted to save the villagers but he wanted to save her. Bremen and Rapunzel later come to find them, along with one of Adolph’s wolves, Ur (aka the one always with Adolph and Lisa). They’d returned the rest to the forest but this one seemed reluctant and they ended up bringing Ur along. Though Bremen says that he’ll explain things to them on the airship, he and Rapunzel seem to be in the mood to party first instead. Lisa gets drunk though as she has her first taste of alcohol and keeps downing it. Adolph has to keep Bremen away from her as he was almost on the verge of taking off her clothes. As Rapunzel teases him, Adolph wards both of them away as he claims that Lisa is his important woman.

Adolph Event 14

Lisa wakes up the next morning with a hangover, and to find Adolph sleeping next to her. She can hardly remember anything and Adolph teases her at first as he implies that they both did it, but soon admits that it’s a lie as she starts hitting him. Actually he was worried that Bremen would do stuff to her while she’s asleep so he decided to stay with her. Bremen and Rapunzel show up, and later Widder too. He’d been on the airship since yesterday but hid himself to avoid joining the party. Adolph can’t forgive Widder for what he did, though Bremen tries to explain that Widder’s parents were killed by wolves when he was young – so in a sense he merely hates Adolph ‘cos of the wolves, resenting how Adolph can rely on creatures like that over humans. But Widder says that he feels better with regards to Adolph and won’t attack him anymore.

Bremen finally gets to the main topic and says that he has found Grimm’s top’s location. He wants them to go after the body double of Grimm’s top, so that the attention can be lured away from the true target. They’ll head out tomorrow so in the meantime, Adolph pulls Lisa outside. Since there’s no telling what might happen, Adolph becomes honest with his feelings and confesses that he loves her. Both their feelings are mutual and they do it in the open at the cliffs lol. Afterwards, Lisa goes to bid goodbye to her mother first and on the way back to the airship Bremen clearly doesn’t seem too pleased. He tells her that after they destroy Grimm, he plans to reveal about Adolph’s true identity and to make him king so as to calm the chaos that will follow. He doesn’t think that Adolph will be able to reject  for the sake of the people. Bremen himself plans to work in the shadows and build a new system where bounty hunters and the criminals will work in, and wants Lisa to join him. He gives Lisa time to think it over, and she’s left thinking over how they’ll have to separate soon.

Adolph Event 15

The next day, Hansel and Gretel are on the airship too as apparently Bremen forced them to work on this assignment. Adolph senses that something’s wrong with Lisa and wonders if she’s regretting that they did it. Even though she reassures him, he’s still worried and decides to sleep together for that night. As they approach the castle in Amejima, the Naschkatze brothers drop their croissant-shaped bombs down and they infiltrate the castle as Widder operates the airship. They tell Adolph and Lisa to go ahead first, while Rapunzel runs off midway to help himself to some of the castle’s treasures lol. In the end they successfully capture the body double and wait for Rapunzel to return with his airship as he brings Bremen over. On the airship, Lisa can guess what Bremen is about to suggest to Adolph.

Best End

Bremen tells Adolph to become the leader now and Adolph refuses to. In turn, Lisa suggests for Bremen to become the leader instead then and everyone jumps on the bandwagon as it seems interesting. Adolph and Lisa take this chance to escape on Rapunzel’s airship and ever since then, they’ve been treasure hunting with his wolf. Rapunzel took back his airship later though, and Lisa’s mother appears supportive of them. It’s been almost a year since then but Bremen still hasn’t give up on chasing them and offers to large reward for capturing them alive – if they’re capture dead Bremen will kill them instead. The couple escape from another group of people after them, and also go retrieve some treasure from the desert. Adolph asks if Lisa wants any and she picks out the ring. As he slips on the ring, he wonders if they should hold the ceremony here and now, before pushing her over. Ur takes the cue and trots away while Adolph starts kissing her. He promises to protect her no matter what happens but of course Lisa isn’t the type to sit back, so she answers that she’ll do the same too.

Adolph’s Other Endings

Obstinate Guy End: In Event 8 when Adolph gets quarantined and Lisa comes to save him to go to Amejima together, he refuses and remains inside. Giving up on him, Lisa goes to the harbour but the boat has left already. In the end, she returned to her home village as she leaves all the money she’d earned and her weapons with her mother. Her mother didn’t pursue what happened and tells her daughter to live the way she wants to. A few months after that, Lisa continues her aimless journey. She couldn’t stand seeing Adolph anymore like that, trapped in his own past, and wants to forget about everything that had happened.

Scaffold End: In Event 11, Adolph willingly agrees to go in place of Lisa as he’s tired of living like this. He knows full well that he’ll be sent as the culprit of the king’s assassination and what it means. Even when Lisa comes to rescue him, he doesn’t budge and tells her to run away instead and not to trust anyone, as him going in place of her won’t confirm her safety. In the end, Lisa trails after Adolph as she watches him get executed. Their eyes meet for the last time and his last words to her are not to trust anyone. Seeing how Bremen sacrificed Adolph so readily, Lisa doesn’t feel like returning as Adolph’s last words sink into her mind.

To Catch A Big Shot End: It starts similarly to the above ending, but she forces her way into the prison cell and knocks her head against Adolph. She questions if the bonds he has are so fragile, moreover his wolves were drugged with medicine in the first place. But Adolph remarks that he’s tired and seeing how he has given up hope, Lisa leaves him saying that she has opened the way out already and it’s up to him what he does. 10 years later, Lisa has returned home where she’s a sheriff and her mother assists her. From what she heard, Adolph wasn’t executed and from some time ago, rabbit-shaped apples would be occasionally left in her room. She wonders if Adolph’s afraid of approaching since the last time and decides to go catch him herself.

Rival End: Before Bremen can say anything, Adolph says that he wants to form a vigilance committee since with Grimm gone, the streets will be rather chaotic. And of course he wants Lisa to join him. Everyone seems to take a liking to this idea, and Rapunzel remarks that Bremen can’t push Adolph to become king anymore when Adolph reasoned like that – he has found another path. The vigilance committee is formed and former bounty hunters in other streets also start to form their own with Bremen being the advisor for everyone. In the streets Adolph and Lisa run though, she’s in-charge of the West and he’s in-charge of the East and for some reason, the subordinates under them keep clashing. Adolph also keeps cancelling their plans as he seems to prioritise the streets’ safety over his lover. Everyone else also keeps questioning if they’re really lovers and Lisa wonders if their relationship will become one between rivals – or were they rivals all this time?

Other Endings

Frog Prince End: On Amejima, Lisa goes to walk around the hills and bumps into Krone. He says that through his father’s connections, he heard about what was going to happen and managed to watch the situation at the sides. He offers to show Lisa around and afterwards she ends up taking a bathe in his cottage – together. As she wonders why Grimm’s top built a casino on Amejima, Krone remarks that with the bad weather it would be hard for the enemy to attack. Krone then asks Lisa again to be his mentor and offers money too – and she shouldn’t forget that he can do stuff with his father’s connections if she refuses. Lisa gives in in the end and sees that she’ll have to do lots to train a spoiled child like him.


Adolph is too precious, him + rabbit-shaped apples is such a cute combination. His route reminded me of Kakou Ton’s (Jyuuzaengi) ‘cos of how the relationship changes though I believe that Adolph doesn’t actually hate Lisa at the start (as compared to Kakou Ton vs. Kan U). He basically has trust and reliability issues. You can’t blame him for it after hearing his past, wow. His scaffold end was really sad. From what I know, QuinRose games have their dark tones but they don’t drag out the bad ends too much (aka they’re not really meant to be tear-jerkers). It was the same here but gosh, if I believe that if they’d put in a bit more writing and flashbacks that display the hopeless desperation, that bad end would’ve been a bigger heartbreak.

Adolph’s route dug deeper into the plot and made me dislike Bremen ‘cos his creepiness crossed the line here. I didn’t review in too much detail but after Lisa did it with Adolph and Bremen is waiting to talk to her, he says stuff like “Lisa I don’t think I can take the you now, please go take a shower” etc. and my face then – D8. Not only that, but the idea of everything going his way and using everyone like pawns doesn’t sit well with me. I know that he isn’t the only otome character to make use of others for the sake of his goal. Sou Sou (Jyuuzaengi) and Noor (Koezaru) do that and I like them but Bremen…不気味過ぎる that’s the only way I can express it. Haha I wonder how I’m going to fare in his route. It’s the last  though and supposedly the one that holds the most of the plot so we’ll see.

5 thoughts on “Grimm the Bounty Hunter: Adolph’s Route

  1. midoriha says:

    Thank you for this route! I think Adolph’s route was really quite adorable, especially in the earlier part of the route, with Lisa getting close to him and his wolf, and Lisa being determined and forceful for his sake!also, the bounty hunters placing bets on her relationship with Adolph’s progress, and that bar worker misunderstanding the reason why Lisa’s baking…it led to a cute scene, though! One of the cutest scenes was definitely when Lisa hugged Adolph, and Adolph’s wolf cuddled up to him, too…what is this cuteness?!the confession scene was cute, and the best end was pleasing. The ‘obstinate guy’ and ‘scaffold’ ends were painful though…i agree with you, if they had put more writing and flashbacks and significance to the ‘scaffold’ end…the pain and sadness would be a lot greater…


  2. Teagarden says:

    Thank you so much for doing route summaries! I love the idea of otome games but since game companies don’t feel like translating them into English all I can do is read about them through wonderful otome posts like yours. I’ve really enjoyed reading the Grimm and Bounty Hunter and Peter Pan posts.


  3. Hinano says:

    Didn’t Bremen like watch them screwing too (lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!! Lmao yea Bremen is like the ultimate QR creeper. I’ve played a lot of games from them but I think only Bremen has gone beyond my tolerance lol. Good luck with his review xDDD


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