Grimm the Bounty Hunter: Bremen’s Route & Concluding Thoughts

Finally we’ve Bremen March (CV: Yasumoto Hiroki), Lisa’s mentor. He’s a mediator at the bar and a well-known former bounty hunter. Despite his friendly appearance, everyone fears and respects him for a reason. Bremen has a clear goal he wants to achieve and doesn’t hesitate to use any method necessary. Do read the Prologue first.

Bremen Event 1

Lisa decides to not go after any of the big names as she thinks that she still isn’t up for it yet. Bremen decides to take this chance to ask her to be his assistant then, since she’s aiming to be a mediator. He re-confirms with her about it as this means that she’ll have to prioritise his work over the bounty hunter assignments. After agreeing, Bremen gives her the first task which is to escort him to a place where he’ll be doing a transaction – selling weapons illegally. He advises Lisa that she’ll be learning more of his other side from now on. During the transaction though, they’re interrupted by criminals and as Bremen’s men fend them off, he also tells her to fight as she likes and to not mind him. The criminals are defeated and the business buyer is safe so the transaction is still done successfully. At the end of it, he remarks that it was good that he got to see how capable his men and Lisa were.

Back in the bar, Lisa questions his true motive then as he appeared to have expected this. Bremen answers that the transaction was the true motive. While under Grimm this country’s safety is enforced but as for the others, if they don’t get any weapons the weak will be bullied. In other words, people in other countries don’t have the means to protect themselves. While Lisa understands this, she points out that this may backfire on this country instead but Bremen prefers to focus on what’s before him over that. He then goes to cook…an exotic dish for her and though Lisa is extremely hesitant at first, it turns out to be tasty.

Bremen Event 2

In the bar, everyone is in high moods as someone came to challenge Bremen. Usually if Adolph is around he would settle things quickly before word spreads around, but he isn’t present at the moment. Seeing how she’s Bremen disciple, Lisa asks to take on the challenger instead but Bremen refuses her, saying that one of his men will do it. He insists that he does trust her, but doesn’t want her to get involved in this karma between the two of them this time. The challenge is settled out at the back and the challenger is easily defeated, but begs for one more chance from Bremen. Bremen merely remarks that it’s troublesome to have him leave alive and he tells Lisa to return inside as they settle this. Clung by both curiousity and fear, Lisa goes back inside and Adolph happens to just enter the bar. She asks if he knows about it all and he admits that he doesn’t, but more so than her anyway. Adolph refuses to say anything more when she pursues the issue, and Bremen suddenly creeps up behind her as he says that he’ll be more than willing to tell her himself but it’s forbidden of her to ask anyone else. He makes her promise him that and if she breaks it that means she’s betraying him. Lisa wonders if there will come a day when he’ll tell her, but she has a feeling that once she knows there may be no turning back.

Bremen then suddenly suggests going out to the streets and Lisa notices how everyone is both respectful and fearful of him – while they acknowledge that he keeps the streets safe, they don’t want to get deeply involved with him either. Just then, Hansel and Gretel come by as they’re interested in the sweet smell she gives off. While Lisa tries to catch Hansel, he teases her and suggests that she’s sweet enough to “eat”. At that moment, Bremen restrains Gretel as he isn’t pleased with what they said to Lisa. He then lets them escape before dragging Lisa off to an accessory shop. Bremen wants to give her a green ribbon, same colour as his own scarf, as he doesn’t want her to return with a bad taste left in her mouth. The store owner doesn’t seem to be a local and mistakes them as a couple. Bremen doesn’t make any effort to clear it up and in the end he buys her the ribbon anyway.

Bremen Event 3

Some days after the first task, there hasn’t been any new one and so Lisa has been doing bounty hunter assignments in the meantime. It appears as though Adolph has caught the Ripper Demon so Bremen is currently busier with the follow-up procedures. Just then, news of a group of armed men in the plaza planning to attack the bar reaches. The bounty hunters present go to see the situation while Bremen is called for. As Lisa spots Adolph, she plans to thank him for saving her but before she can say anything, he tells her that he doesn’t want to hear any of it and to just up her game if she feels bad about it. At the plaza, chaos pretty much breaks out till Bremen arrives and he easily defeats the leader. The situation is cleared up but Bremen genuinely praises the leader’s ability to gather together such a large number of men. As such, Bremen offers him to be his subordinate, if not he’ll just go to prison. When Lisa protests, Bremen points out that the weapons they have are the ones they sold the other time – in other words they were deceived and instead of them going to other countries, it went to a rebel group against Grimm. Bremen wants to keep things under the wraps and the leader has no choice but to accept the offer and they do a blood pact.

Later in the bar, Lisa sees the ribbon still in her pocket and wonders why Bremen bought it for her – maybe he wanted to cheer her up ‘cos he’s afraid that she’ll distance herself from him after learning more about his other side. Bremen then asks for her help with some documentation – a lot of documentation as they’re enough to be locked in a whole room. As they’re doing so, Bremen remarks that he’s happy the distance between them is shortening, and he can’t help but be interested as to how her attitude will change as she learns more about him. Everyone has one or two secrets and it’s that feeling between wanting the other party to know, and to not know, that excites him. He’s never been so interested in someone before and asks Lisa to stay with him even though it might be troublesome. Lisa sees that he’s trying to erase the mentor-disciple barrier, and knows that they can’t return to how they were before even if she escapes now.

On the way home, the seller from before recognises Lisa and wonders why she still isn’t wearing the ribbon. He remarks that men are simple creatures and want to have women wear the things they buy as a sign that she’s his. But some strange reason, Lisa feels happy hearing this but is also mystified as to why she feels that way.

Bremen Event 4

Bremen has another escort task for Lisa, but this time it’s to the capital as he’s been called to meet the executives of Grimm. In the carriage, he notices that Lisa’s rather sleepy and tells her to do so. Though Lisa refuses to at first, it gets the better of her and she ends up being carried out by Bremen when they arrive at their stay for the night. She’s embarrassed when she wakes up and realises this, but it’s worse when Bremen continues to harass tease her. Seeing how self-conscious she is, he remarks that perhaps the day when he’ll tie the ribbon on for her isn’t too far away. They continue their journey the next day and arrive at the castle in the forenoon. Only Lisa is taken along inside with Bremen where they’re brought face-to-face with two capital bounty hunters and the two executives. The capital bounty hunters look down on Lisa, as Bremen’s disciple, but the two executives want to see how they fare against each other. Lisa easily defeats the female bounty hunter and the executives seem rather pleased. Bremen then asks about the whereabouts of “him” but they have no idea either. However “he” did seem rather interested in Bremen’s disciple after hearing about the Ripper Demon incident and probably plans to meet Lisa soon. After the executives take their leave, the other bounty hunter tries to attack Lisa due to his injured pride. But Bremen restrains him and threatens him instead. Later, Bremen asks if it was really okay to not kill off the bounty hunter but Lisa doesn’t want to shed blood if possible. However she knows that such a day may come soon.

A few days later when they’ve returned to Rolandberg, Bremen takes her out to a hilly area near the bar where his animals are. Lisa wonders if he’s trying to cheer her up, especially since he tells her that it’s okay to stay the way she is – there’s nothing wrong with a bounty hunter who doesn’t kill people. He doesn’t want to force her to do anything and if Grimm does that to her, then he’ll destroy the organisation. Though he claims that it’s a joke, it sure doesn’t sound like one to Lisa. Bremen admits that while he wants her to mature, he wants her to remain innocent too. All the contradictions in him make him anxious and he decides that it’s best to take things easy after all.

Sub-event 1

In the marketplace, Lisa overhears people gossiping over Bremen. He appears to be appearing more outside the bar and in the streets, and they’d rather not have that to be honest as it chases away the customers.

Bremen Event 5

Common Event 1

Bremen Event 6

When Lisa returns home from Trude’s, she knocks out but later senses that people have intruded her house. As expected, three men attack her but she easily defeats them and ties them up. She goes to find Bremen about this and he gets that she may be targeted ‘cos she’s his disciple. He asks her to stay the night here in the room she used to use when she first came to town. Lisa finds a pink negligee though, apparently bought by Bremen for her to wear. It’s a whole new level of sekuhara as he offers to help her to wear it and Lisa quickly turns him down and chases him out. The next day, Bremen takes her to see Trude to find out the secret behind her inhuman strength. Trude knows that Bremen already has an answer in mind, but does so anyway. It turns out that an ancient treasure of this country, a stone, is inside of Lisa. Usually if one holds the stone in his/her hand, the person will gain incredible strength. But for Lisa, it’s part of her for some reason. Bremen seems to know why as he mutters that he didn’t expect a child to have been there.

Later, Trude and Bremen talk about “him”, none of which Lisa has any idea of but she guesses that she’ll be caught up in it all. She tells Bremen that she’ll wait for him to tell her everything but in exchange, rather than making use of her behind her back, she’d rather have him tell her upfront first. Bremen admits that it’s times like this when he wonders if it was really okay for him to become her mentor as he feels apologetic to her. While Lisa doesn’t deny anything, she says that she still wants to be of help to him. Trude gets annoyed by their flirting, especially by Bremen’s deredere attitude, and kicks them out of her house lol. Bremen then takes Lisa to a hilly area away from town, and apparently he has bought it as he plans to have a ranch here in the future. As they lie down on the grass, a prairie dog appears and Bremen starts to talk about it – it’s seen as a pest as it digs holes and the horses and humans can trip and get injured ‘cos of it. But at the same time it’s necessary for the ecosystem. He likens the creature to themselves – a necessary “evil” required for the common people to live peacefully. He then turns to kiss Lisa on the forehead, and asks her to stay in his room tonight. Of course Lisa refuses as she tells him to stop making fun of her though Bremen replies that he isn’t.

An uneasy silence passes through, till Bremen abruptly asks her to wear the negligee. When she refuses again, Bremen shrugs it off as he guesses that he should be satisfied since she’s still by his side even without him having her wear the ribbon or the negligee. He knows that it may appear like the acts of a jealous lover, but he insists that he only got them ‘cos he thought that they would look nice on her.

Bremen Event 7

Lisa wakes up to have Bremen enter her room again. These past few days she has been staying at the bar ‘cos Bremen would always force a reason. Lisa is also wearing the negligee but she insists that it’s ‘cos she has nothing to wear for the night as she has to wash her clothes. Later, she goes out to the bar and Bremen has another task for her.

Common Event 2a

Adolph leaves Lisa once he has shown her the way to Widder, so she ends up going to Trude’s by herself.

Common Event 2b

To be honest, Lisa isn’t as shocked as one might’ve expected over what she overheard. Bremen was originally such a person, just that he never showed it to her before. But the main question now for her is what is she going to do now after having overheard them.

Sub-event 2

Lisa goes to find Trude to confide in her and of course the witch guesses that it’s about Bremen. She points out that he’s the type where you have to look at him, and only him. Though Lisa can try to seize the chance to change the relationship, she may end up risking her own life. Putting things that way, Trude advises Lisa against this relationship lol.

Bremen Event 8

Lisa wakes up again to find Bremen barging into her room. When she asks him to at least knock, he seriously contemplates removing the door to remove that need in the first place, forcing Lisa to dismiss what she said. Bremen finally gets to the main topic and asks her to bring Jule to him, as he gets Widder to lead her to Jule’s mansion. The two of them take the carriage to the next town, where Widder questions if Lisa really believes in what Bremen is doing. Seeing how unwavering she is, Widder advises her to reconsider anyway. Over at Jule’s, they get him to wake up and drag him back to Bremen’s. Bremen doesn’t let Lisa into the conversation though, so she’s left outside where Adolph happens to come by. He doesn’t know what she’s bothered over but tells her not to think too much into things anyway. Later, Bremen comes out and Lisa guesses that he knew that she overhead his conversation with Rapunzel the last time.

They head out for Amejima that night and as Lisa is walking on the beach to clear her thoughts when they arrive. Bremen happens to be there too and he admits that he himself is uneasy too, as to how she’ll think of him.

Bremen Event 9

Common Event 3

Bremen saves Lisa from being attacked, as he mercilessly kills all of them. Lisa says that she’s alright though she knows that he must’ve probably seen her shivering. Later, Lisa goes out to walk for some fresh air and Bremen asks to join her too.

Bremen Event 10

Lisa stays behind on Amejima while the other bounty hunters return. They weren’t explained the truth, and were told that the attack from last night was by the remains of the anti-Grimm rebel group. Back in the casino, Lisa is told by Rapunzel that Bremen has left to finish something off – to kill off the body double of Grimm’s top as a form of revenge for last night. Lisa can’t sit back so Rapunzel follows her to the castle, where it’s a bloody mess and Bremen has just killed off the target. But Krone suddenly pops up at the scene, as he explains that he came here with his father’s help, hearing that the bounty hunters were gathering together but hid when he saw what was happening. Seeing Bremen there, Krone eagerly requests for him to make him a bounty hunter. Bremen tries to dissuade him against it but Krone’s persistence stumps all of them. In the end, they return to Rolandberg via Rapunzel’s airship, while Krone remains behind for his father.

On the airship, Lisa asks Bremen’s reason for wanting to destroy Grimm. To him, he feels that the current organisation is taking too much initiative, and making the country overly-reliant on bounty hunters so that they can control the government. But to prevent things being too orderly, they also have a hand in the shadows. So Bremen wants to get rid of the top guy. At first he sent one of his men as a spy over to settle things peacefully, but his spy jumped to the other side instead – he was the guy that came to ask for a challenge. Grimm’s top person is after Lisa ‘cos he wants the stone in her, believing that the stone is all-mighty, and he might’ve already made contact with Lisa. Bremen asks if she wants to head to a safe place now but she’d rather stay by his side and they do a blood pact – but instead of doing it with their thumbs they bite each other’s lips omfg.

Bremen Event 11

Ever since that night, Lisa has practically shifted over to living in the bar, though she’s still renting her place. Bremen then comes in with a new assignment for her – the mediator in the next town is the most trusted subordinate of Grimm’s top person so he should know his location. He wants Lisa to head over and to find it out, and doesn’t allow her to return till then. Without any choice, she does so and after asking around the town’s people for any related rumours to no avail, she gets called in to meet the mediator himself. He pursues about the assignment he gave her (to deliver the roses), and says that he thought that if she did it she could become a real bounty hunter. But Lisa insists that she can’t kill someone knowingly. The mediator sees that she’s too naive and tells her to go back, knowing the reason Bremen sent her. Lisa gets kicked out of the bar but she remains outside in hopes for a clue. Just then she sees Trude and Lisa confides in her, saying that she supports Bremen from what she heard and it goes hand-in-hand with her dream of bringing peace to her home village. Hearing this, Trude gives an obvious hint to Lisa, saying that Grimm’s top person is an important customer of hers before disappearing inside. So Lisa sneaks in later and makes off with the small bottle of medicine Trude came to deliver.

Back at Bremen’s, Lisa shows him the medicine and he seems to make the connection. He then heads over to the next town to kill off the mediator to keep the fact that they know about the medicine in the wraps for as long as possible. On the way there, Lisa recounts what happened to Bremen and apparently he’d guessed that things would go like this. The mediator appears to be waiting for them, and doesn’t put up any resistance. He says that if Bremen was someone with more feelings he might’ve support him, but Bremen didn’t even flinch when he saw his friend killed. Before Bremen kills him, he advises Lisa to prepare herself fully if she plans to follow Bremen. When Lisa questions about his words, Bremen explains that the mediator probably always felt guilty as Bremen’s friend died saving his life. But Bremen sees it as the survival of the fittest and has no interest in dead people. Hearing this, Lisa wonders if he’ll feel sad if she dies – it’s like him being attached to her while she’s living and then not giving a care for her once she’s dead. This is pretty much confirmed when he asks Lisa not to die.

Sub-event 3

Lisa goes to the marketplace where she overhears people gossiping about Bremen coming out more regularly and asking around, as he apparently has plans to redo the bar.

Bremen Event 12

The mediator’s death was passed off as death by illness, and Bremen has to temporarily take over running the next town. Bremen has gained information that the minister is going to be assassinated by Jule at a party in the next town, and sends Lisa over to protect the minister. Lisa creates a ruckus by telling the capital bounty hunters when Jule as appeared, and Jule decides to escape as he can’t assassinate in this situation. But as a result, Lisa gets misunderstood as his accomplice and thrown into prison. Rapunzel comes to save her and also decides to tell her about a past Bremen hasn’t talked about: the treasure inside of her was stolen by him and Bremen, and they planned to throw it in a distant place so that it won’t be used for bad purposes. But when they were going to bury it, Bremen’s hand slipped and it fell down the cliff. By the time they rushed over, it had been consumed by a child – Lisa. So in a way Bremen is the cause.

Rapunzel then offers to tell her about what Bremen plans to do with her, and Lisa knows that if she accepts this it’s considered betrayal against Bremen’s promise. Bremen then shows up not looking pleased, as he never sent Rapunzel over and threatens to kill Rapunzel if he says anything unnecessary. Rapunzel takes his leave and Bremen isn’t pleased that Lisa knows the truth now, and admits that he initially though of killing her then to retrieve the treasure but decided to wait and see. Bremen thought of going to see her later (to kill her perhaps) but in the end Lisa appeared before him first which surprised him. Still, Lisa is annoyed and challenges Bremen – if she wins she wants him to answer all of her questions. But of course she can’t win over him.

Bremen Event 13

Lisa wakes up the next day feeling sore. But she doesn’t regret last night as she feels that Bremen would’ve never told her the truth. Bremen then comes in with the intention of stripping her and taking care of her wounds all over her body, as he had said he would (at the beginning of the game) the horror. Lisa protests with all her might at first but Bremen gets his way in the end and…licks her wounds. Bremen says that he has forgiven her for what happened, probably ‘cos he has taken a liking to her more than he’d expected. As they talk, Lisa has a feeling that Bremen plans to disappear from this street once everything is over. Before he leaves, he tells her that Trude is coming over and wants her to extract some more information. Just then, Lisa happens to recall where she’d seen the medicine before – it’s the same as the one Krone asked from Trude. Lisa goes to sleep first and Trude drops by later. Trude admits that she’d purposely given her the hint, and it’s up to Lisa on whether she wants to tell Bremen about Krone’s relation to the medicine.

But before Lisa can do so, Bremen comes in with news that Grimm plans to attack the streets. He wants to evacuate the people and to try and gather support from both the bounty hunters and criminals. He announces that he wants at the bar to everyone that he wants to destroy Grimm and to rebuild it from zero. Most of them support him, and the few that don’t leave the bar. While they help with the main tasks, Bremen and Lisa go to lead his animals out to the field where he plans to build his ranch. For some reason, Lisa feels uneasy about him disappearing on her soon so she forces herself on him and kisses him.

Bremen Event 14

On the way back to the bar, they meet Krone who says that he’s here to see Lisa. Lisa quickly takes this chance to tell Bremen about the connection between Krone and the medicine, guessing that Krone’s father has an important hand in this. But Bremen joins the dots and tells her that Krone is Grimm’s top person, and his real name is Ludwig Emil. The medicine makes him take on the appearance of a child, that’s why no one suspected him. It turns out that Krone had asked Bremen to give him the treasure, ‘cos Bremen (jokingly) said that it has the power to control the world and Krone took it for real. But Bremen never had the intention to give it to him anyway and was basically taking him for a ride. Annoyed, Krone runs off and Lisa and Bremen return to the bar. There, a Grimm representative is here to tell them to give up resistance and surrender. Of course Bremen has no intentions of backing down and lets him leave, saying that he’ll be destroyed tomorrow anyway.

Later, Lisa goes back to her apartment to pack her things and Widder shows up looking for her. He initially wanted to persuade her to stop Bremen, but gives up seeing her strong resolution. They’re suddenly attacked by Grimm’s men though and Lisa can’t fight well as she’s still injured and she gets knocked out cold.

Bremen Event 15

Lisa wakes up to find herself chained up, and she manages to catch a glimpse of Hansel, Gretel and Jule fighting against Grimm’s people outside. Krone shows up as he plans to take Lisa back with him to the capital. But so does Bremen, though Krone has prepared bombs already and Bremen takes a blow while protecting Lisa. Krone manages to escape and as Bremen releases Lisa, she realises that he’s badly injured. Adolph comes in as he reports that he has saved Widder and they take Bremen back to the bar. Both sides have taken damage and Lisa decides to end this once and for all.

Best End

Lisa decides to use herself as bait and goes out alone to draw Krone out. Soon enough, he shows up before her and Lisa offers to return with him if he leaves Bremen and Rolandberg alone. Krone agrees and Lisa manages to shot him dead before he can react. Bremen was apparently watching them since some time ago and now that everything is over for now he…takes Lisa to a hotel to do it. He appears rather pleased that Lisa killed Krone for his sake, though she adds that it’s for herself too. Bremen then invites her to join him as he plans to work in the shadows, to regulate the bounty hunters and criminals. Of course Lisa agrees and then somehow their conversation goes to one where Lisa says that she may kill him if she has to since she now no longer has any resistance to killing people. Bremen is quite amused by that idea, and says that he’ll do the same if she ever betrays him. Well so in a way they’re both in a love which risks their own lives.

Bremen’s Other Endings

Separation End: After Lisa brings Jule over, she feels that she can’t understand Bremen after all especially after hearing what Widder said about Bremen being the worst person he knows of. Seeing her attitude, Bremen asks her to take a rest back in her home village as he thinks that he’d pushed her too much. They can talk once she returns, though Lisa herself isn’t sure if they will meet again. She goes to pack her things and throws the ribbon out of the window as she no longer finds it necessary.

Doll End: When Bremen sees Lisa talking to Rapunzel and questions her why, Lisa is speechless and so he decides to restrain her freedom – by making her his doll so that she doesn’t do anything unnecessary again. He holds a knife to her neck and does a blood pact on the lips with her again.

Betrayal End: When Widder comes to persuade Lisa to stop Bremen, he’s basically suggesting her to kill him. Lisa is almost moved by that idea, and goes to find Bremen. He can sense the change in her and knows that she has come here to be killed by him – though he’d rather have her betray him to be honest and regretfully, he strangles her.

Ranch End: Same as the above end where Widder comes to persuade Lisa to stop Bremen. Lisa is hesitant and can’t bring herself to follow Bremen anymore, nor to kill him. So she leaves a letter behind for Bremen and 5 years later she’s running Bremen’s ranch. It’s also noted that she’s know wearing the green ribbon from Bremen. She’s basically waiting for the day he comes and he does so one day, while holding a knife. Lisa is obviously uneasy about this, and she knows that Bremen has probably long found out about her location. He keeps the knife as he notices her gaze, and Lisa asks to talk to him first, knowing that he may or may not kill her afterwards.

The Start of a Fairy Tale End: Branches off from end of Event 15 and Lisa goes to find Bremen to check on him – only to see him playing cards with Rapunzel and Adolph. She then announces her idea of catching Krone as a criminal and handing him over to Grimm for punishment. Adolph mentions that the country would be in chaos with the top guy gone and Lisa mentions Bremen having a substitute candidate in mind – which causes Bremen and Rapunzel to laugh awkwardly. Adolph isn’t in favour anyway and walks out, but Bremen is willing to go along with the idea. His dere face gives Rapunzel the shivers though. So in the end Lisa, Bremen, Rapunzel and Adolph split up to find Krone in the area he supposedly hid in. Krone shows up before Bremen and Lisa with killing intentions. But he ends up wanting to escape again and Lisa accidentally throws him into a wall when she tries to hold him back. This spills over the contents of a bottle on him and it changes him back to an adult, knocked out unconscious. Before Bremen can disappear, Lisa holds him back as she says that they’ve lots to do and everyone will help him. Of course her role is to still catch the bad guys though she keeps it a secret that it’s also to remain by Bremen’s side.

Other Endings

Peaceful……? End: Bremen tells Lisa to return to Rolandberg first as he stays behind at Amejima to finish up a task, thinking that she has taken too much “damage” mentally. Feeling confused, Lisa goes to visit Trude (who’s pretty much neutral with all the conflict happening) and ever since then Lisa visits her regularly. One day, both Krone and Bremen appear and in the end they all bake bread together. An uneasy atmosphere runs between Krone and Bremen though, with Lisa stuck in the middle and Trude laughing at the sidelines. She says that two men are fighting over a treasure but Lisa doesn’t seem to get it. Bremen remarks that his feelings for Lisa are one of an innocent love, which creeps the rest out and Trude threatens to throw him out if he continues to say such things.

Ibara-hime’s Visit End: At the seaside of Amejima, Lisa runs into Widder who remarks that he’d like to get away to a place unrelated to Grimm. Lisa suggests going to her home village and he’s in favour of this idea. A few months later all is well, almost too well as Lisa ignored Bremen to return here. One day, Widder remarks that he has a bad feeling about tomorrow and it turns out to be Jule, here to ask Widder for help to sleep. In the end, Widder swings a coin before Jule and counts sheep – and Jule knocks out by the 8th sheep lol. For some reason, this only works when Widder does it and Widder is disgusted when Lisa suggests that it may be ‘cos Widder is the only one Jule has accepted. Lisa also considers asking Jule to help out with security if he’s to stay here for Widder’s help.

The Village with a Fortune-Teller End: Same start as above end. In the home village, Widder’s busy as hell as a fortune-teller and when he wants to take a rest, Lisa pulls him back to do his business.

The Wolf and the Baby Goat End: Same start as above end, and it adds that Adolph was in great support of Lisa’s decision to return. Both Adolph and his wolf end up appearing one day, as Adolph explains that his wolf seemed to want to leave town and it led him here. Adolph plans to stay here for a while, much to Widder’s displeasure (of wolves).


Unfortunately, Bremen’s route didn’t really change my impression of him haha. His route explains most of the plot (from Lisa’s inhuman strength, to Krone) but unlike the other character routes, it doesn’t really explain why Bremen is who he is now. You do pick up on what he did as a bounty hunter in the past, such as being the indirect cause for Lisa’s power to assassinating the past king. But nothing explains why he’s such a cold-hearted person who felt nothing when his friend died etc. For example, in Hansel & Gretel’s route you kinda understand (doesn’t mean you have to approve of it) why they had that Candy House End, ‘cos they were afraid of being abandoned. You’ve a similar end here, the Doll End, but all you get is that Bremen is a creepy, possessive guy.

That just makes his romantic scenes equally creepy. In CZ or Jyuuzaengi where a certain character would say something about destroying the world for the heroine, my reaction would be like “damnnn that’s extreme but that’s how desperate he is for her<3”. Here Bremen said something along similar lines but my reaction was “lol, it’s probably for your own sake instead”. ‘Cos you see, as suggested by his other ends, he wants Lisa to act according to how he likes. When Lisa gets together with other guys, he’s probably thinking that he’ll get her back later or something. Also, another thing to note is that unlike other character routes, Lisa is the one who has to accommodate Bremen’s…ways. What I did like was the point about a necessary evil, I found it really applicable in many situations. I wonder if they’d separated a Truth route from this route, if I would’ve liked Bremen a bit more? ……Maybe not.

Concluding Thoughts

I feel that QuinRose’s recent games are getting shorter, including this one. But it was still of decent length and quality so that’s a relief. I enjoyed all the character routes, except for sections of Bremen’s as explained above. It was an interesting game with amusing side-characters too, and the usual dark tones and comedy~ I wouldn’t have minded more background on Krone since he really did seem quite pitiful in the end – was he really as evil as Bremen made him out to be? For some reason I doubt he’s as bad as Bremen, in-line with Widder’s remark haha.

Anyway, this was an enjoyable play! I still think that Peter Pan is my favourite release by QuinRose for many biased reasons but this is still a decent game worth checking out. And with this I’ve completed my detailed review for Grimm the Bounty Hunter! (: As for what I’m going to play next, I’m tempted by numerous games at the moment so I’ll see how things go. Till next time~


7 thoughts on “Grimm the Bounty Hunter: Bremen’s Route & Concluding Thoughts

  1. midoriha says:

    Hm…you’re right about them not really explaining about Bremen’s past,huh…ah well, he was already giving me bad vibes,but..this is a pretty dark themed game(?)…i would have liked a route for Widder,though! It sounds like it’d be interesting! And i like all the ends with Widder! Nice! Thanks for this!


    • Yume says:

      I played this game a while back so I can’t remember everything now. But I’m glad you enjoyed reading all the reviews. /o\ Yeah I guess it’s a darker game compared to most – usually Quinrose games are like that. But I haven’t been playing their recent games so I’m not sure if they’ve changed.


      • midoriha says:

        Yes, from what i’ve read, Quinrose gamed are generally darker…and somewhat deeper(?). Their recent games…they’ve been focusing on the Alice series a lot, haven’t they?not sure abpit any new ones! The Alice series…is pretty dark, i guess!


        • Yume says:

          Yup, though recently I’m not sure if their new games are as deep as their old games are. As in quality-wise. But yeah like you said, they’re focusing on Alice series a lot lol. So many Alice ports. At this rate, they’re going to take forever to release the last Alice game (which should be Spade no Kuni).


          • midoriha says:

            Yeah, really, lots of Alice ports ! Indeed, I’m not sure about the quality…Me=collects Alice manga…I am pretty obsessed, I must say!I’ve read that the game is pretty long, though.


  2. Hinano says:

    Glad you enjoyed the game despite the Bremen creepyness. I Wish there was more of a widder route ;A; Kakki….! lol. Can’t wait to see what you’ll play next! (/cough hack School Wars cough it’s short cough /bricked) XD


    • Yume says:

      Yeah there was potential for a Widder route, even if they make it a short one. ;; Ahaha it’s definitely on my to-play list. Just a matter of when. XDb I may multi-task it with another game since it’s short as you say.


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