DRAMAtical Murder Visual Fanbook

So in the middle of this month I got my copy of the DRAMAtical Murder Visual Fanbook thanks to comicomi studio! It came with the store tokuten, which is an Aoba and Mink postcard. Lots of photos underneath (no R-18 ones though) and spoilers for the game, especially visual ones. Please remember that this features an R-18 BL game!

First up, as always, is about 30 gallery pages of lovely illustrations ranging from those featured in the magazines, to the game tokuten illustrations etc. Omg the only thing missing I guess would be those from the staff blog? Anyway what can I say, this section is gorgeous. I found it cute that they included the the pixel-drawing symbols for the characters and the chibi designs! (Now I’m just waiting for the chibi figurines to appear.)

The next two sections form the bulk of this VFB – the Character Albums and Drama’s Reliving aka the character profiles and story pages. The character profiles, as you can see below, include all the profiles, expressions and short descriptions. I found it very amusing that they included the one for Clear with his okame mask haha. They also included profiles for all the side characters, even for characters such as Alpha and Alpha2. For the story pages, they first went through the common route stuff before going into each individual character route. I thought that they did a pretty good job of recounting the story, and each end actually has a title which I believe wasn’t included in the game!

After that it’s a 2-page section of the line drawings of certain CGs (as you can see below), a quick frame-by-frame showcase of the OP movie, followed by short stories accompanied with illustrations. There are 5 in all. The first one, Yakusoku no Hi, was already printed in Cool-B magazine previously and recounts the time when Koujaku cuts Aoba’s hair. The other 4 are Clear, Noiz, Mink, Koujaku’s respective short stories which I think were featured in Cool-B magazines before. I wouldn’t have minded in-depth interviews as well as the Staff Linear Notes you get when you fully-completed the game had its space limits, but maybe there was a page limit for this?

Lastly, there’s the background gallery accompanied with some descriptions – this includes all the Rhyme attacks we see in the game! There’s also a small section for any other remaining keywords, such as Clear’s jellyfish song (lol) and Tae’s headache medicine for Aoba. The very last section is the capture guide and it’s the first time I’ve seen all the questions in the last part for Ren’s route haha. There are 20 in all by the way.

One last thing I’d like to note. Some of you may have read that if you purchase the first press of the VFB, you may get a special bromide and a Ren pouch. To clarify, you can see in the photo below that there’s a description on how you can get them. Basically you’ll find another feedback form inside the VFB, and you’re supposed to send it back to them with your details by the deadline (end April 2013). I believe all who do so would get a special bromide in return, and then a lucky person would be chosen to receive a Ren pouch. But I don’t know if this would work if you’re overseas, and without a Japan address. I’m just clarifying this anyway in case anyone was curious.

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with my buy! All the pages in this VFB were used ‘properly’ and the only thing I would’ve hoped for were interviews, as mentioned above. But still that’s fine, and it’s my personal taste to want to read more stuff since I believe that DMMd is a really well thought-out game and it would’ve been nice to read how it all came about. My guess is that the fandisk would have a VFB too but I’ll see at a later date if I would be interested in that too. It was my first time ordering from comicomi studio and it was an awesome experience. They were quick in answering my query about the special bromide + Ren pouch present, and efficient in processing my order and request on how I wanted my order to be sent over. Received my order within 5 days of the product release and in terms of packaging, they weren’t as crazily careful as CDJapan but still good. I ordered this with 3 other manga which made EMS shipping quite reasonable. Plus, it had a tokuten – might as well get one if you can right?

I’d definitely recommend them, just do your calculations and make your EMS shipping worth it. If you’re wondering about other places to get the DMMd VFB, I believe honto, yesasia and Amazon have it listed too. *Note: If you’re inquiring comicomi studio and honto, you need to know Japanese.

21 thoughts on “DRAMAtical Murder Visual Fanbook

  1. tokotori says:

    I bought one today from an online store and I was getting impatient about what it looks inside the book so I was just searching up and your reviews popped up! Im so glad I found this blog 😀
    I enjoyed your reviews and now Im actually more thrilled to get my hands on this visual fan book!
    I bought the official works book too because I thought it would be nice to see all the rough drafts and all as you also posted on your blog 🙂


  2. inomuiro says:

    Hi, thank you a lot for your reviews and clear playthroughs! I haven’t finished playing the game myself, but I’ve enjoyed reading your descriptions of the re:connect routes a lot.
    I’ve decided to purchase this book after reading your review, and I wanted to ask you, do you know if anybody has translated the short stories at the end? Thank you a lot again! 🙂


  3. Yukiru says:

    I’m glad to hear you’re satisfied with it because it means I’ve been setting my VFB standards too high.. I only have CZ, StS VFBS and RPG guide books (which are PACKED full of info and cost less than otoge VFBs) as comparison /kicked

    But I was still really expecting a more comprehensive secrets section and a creator’s interview section. I love the staff and n+c ;w; I wanted to hear more about them.. and I guess I expected some new short story and art (n+c has a new book for DMMd in Wintercomi and it has new art for the cover.. jealous ;w;) /kicked second time

    But anyway I’m really looking forward to the FD!! *w* WKTK
    I love your book reviews<33 / I see Clear bias ^_^


    • Yume says:

      For me CZ and StS are really the best otoge VFBs ever imo so it can’t be helped. XD I have S*S and Amnesia ones too so I mostly compared with those.

      I don’t really think there would be a secrets section though, as everything was told through the story pages. As for the ones such as who sent Aoba that last message in Ren’s best end etc. I don’t think they would explicitly tell us haha. New book for wintercomi – you mean comi83? Isn’t it new art for its calendar and clear file? ^^; But they always do new art for those so I’m not too surprised I guess.

      Yes, FD looks really promising so far!! Ahaha I actually tried not to make my Clear bias too obvious but I guess I couldn’t help it in the end. XD


  4. kipchu says:

    I was going to buy it when the pre-orders opened originally but I was put off by the insane shipping prices! But I’m so tempted to get it again now. Thank you for this, the book looks wonderful!


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