Sono Ai wa Yamai ni Itaru

Sono Ai wa Yamai ni Itaru is the second volume in Operetta’s『耳で感じる乙女ゲーム』シリーズ (literally, the otome game series which you feel with your ears). It has multiple endings with either guy and taking note that the cast uses their pseudo-names, you can expect it to have R-18 content. Also if you guess from the drama CD title, you should expect some degree of…extreme behaviour lol. I don’t mean to turn people away though ‘cos I actually did enjoy this drama CD.

The first CD gives us the basic premises: the heroine was kidnapped 6 years ago (if my memory serves my right) and still suffers from the trauma of it till today. As a result, her childhood friend, Kanoe, is very protective of her and would pretty much always be with her 24/7. Kanoe blames himself for the incident as he was with her when it occurred so he wants to be able to protect her now. Haruto is their long-time neighbour and acts as a kind, older brother figure to both of them (I believe he’s 6 or 7 years older).

Of course all this would sound too normal. There are some irregularities (?). For one thing, Kanoe acts a bit too protective of the heroine these few days and loses his temper at one point. The heroine’s close female friend serves as an important observer of their relationship and I think she made an important point: when the male classmates flip through the magazines and make certain comments about the female models, though Kanoe appears to be laughing along, he is not truly pleased with how they view women like a sexual object. All this links to his relationship with the heroine. As for Haruto, he flirts pretty aggressively with the heroine when they’re alone, only to pass it off as a joke.

At the end of the first disk, the heroine is with Kanoe and he gives her something to drink as he feels sorry for losing his temper earlier. The second CD branches off to either the best or bad ends with Kanoe. The third CD would branch off to either the best or bad ends with Haruto. I’m holding myself back from spilling all the spoilers ‘cos I think it’s best to surprise yourself by listening to them first. I recommend listening to Kanoe’s first, and then Haruto’s. I really loved how they handled the endings. Both bad ends branch off from the middle of the best end tracks. I think it was done purposely such that you should listen to the best ends first, then the bad ends. Why? I found that there was more impact that way ‘cos the thing is, all the truth is revealed in the bad ends. So in a sense, ignorance is bliss. But are the best ends really happy? I guess it depends on you. Everyone will end up happy, but the truth is never revealed and the characters are actually playing into the hand of the real mastermind. The track titles are actually pretty big hints as to what to expect for the endings.

In addition, I found that both Kanoe and Haruto were still the same characters no matter which ending. They didn’t change drastically in their bad ends. It’s just a matter of whether the heroine decides to trust them or not, which leads to the truth being revealed or not, and hence their respective actions. I have to warn people beforehand about Haruto’s bad end though. If you don’t enjoy……non-consensual sex, then you may not want to listen. But that would also mean that you would not learn about the full truth. There’s an omake track right at the very end which is a pretty hilarious parody extension of Kanoe’s bad end, recommended to listen at the end of everything.

Despite the extreme behaviour presented in the drama CD, the story does give reasons behind them. It depends on you whether you can swallow them or not. While some parts of it seemed too much for me, it did make me come to better terms with the characters besides just the passing statement that “yeah they went nuts”. Quite a few scenes were recorded with the dummy head microphone and yes, they really made full use of it especially for the sexy moments. The cast did a really good job with their lines, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re kinda my bias.

SPOILERS + SPOILER THOUGHTS. Please only highlight if you have finished listening or want to know all the spoilers (it will ruin the surprise element).

From Kanoe’s CD, you will find out that someone sent a weird mail saying “I will be able to meet her soon”, followed by what is like a countdown to the day she was kidnapped. He tries to solve this all on his own, which involves locking her in on the day itself and um, later helping to bathe her. Honestly, it’s surprising at first but Kanoe is really a precious kid. In the happy end, they come to term with each others’ feelings and decide to move away. When Kanoe informs Haruto of their new address, Haruto’s last line is very suggestive and you should take note of this – !!

In Kanoe’s bad end, Kanoe eventually figures out the culprit behind everything. He and Haruto disappear the next day, with only traces of blood found in Haruto’s house. After that, Kanoe continues to watch over the heroine from the shadows, as the heroine kinda rejected his feelings but he still wants to protect her.

From Haruto’s CD, the heroine escapes to his side from Kanoe. Kanoe spills what happened and Haruto reassures him and takes care of the heroine for the next few days. This eventually leads to them hooking up ‘cos seriously, how do you resist his aggressive flirting? At the end, he mutters that waiting all this time was worth it – another !! moment.

In Haruto’s bad end, the truth is revealed. Haruto is the culprit for everything – her kidnapping case, the one who’s been sending Kanoe those weird messages so that he would panic and drive the heroine to his side. So what’s his deal? Ever since his dad went crazy and killed his mother, Haruto has been all alone. ‘Cos his parents eloped, it was a marriage never approved so no one took him in. Somehow he managed to get by and did his best in everything but he always felt empty – and at times angry that when others naturally had a family, he didn’t. Then he met the heroine and Kanoe, and he began to think that they can be family. So his so-called plan was for either the heroine to get together with him, or for her to get together with Kanoe and then he can look after their kid or something. Basically he wants to become a real family with them. 6 years ago, the heroine seemed to be falling for someone else so he panicked that his perfect plan will be ruined and kidnapped her. But common sense (?) then tells him that he can’t make her his yet, she’s still a kid. So he let her go and decided to wait till now.

So you see, both best ends – all according to Haruto’s plan. It’s eerie when you know this. Haruto’s best end track title translates to “blindfolded happiness” and it is so true. It makes a reference to how the heroine was blindfolded when kidnapped, and she still kinda is blindfolded to the truth till now – except in Haruto’s bad end. Both Kanoe and Haruto kinda remain consistent throughout. Haruto is all about wanting to fulfill his family dream, and Kanoe is all about protecting the heroine. While I call Kanoe a precious kid, it’s hard for me to describe my feelings towards Haruto. I find him creepy, crazy, sexy, sad and broken at the same time. A lot probably has to do with his crazily good voice acting. I can’t really just label him as a yandere. ‘Cos he’s broken from the moment he meets them, and if things went as according to his plan, everything is good and you don’t see past his kind, older brother image – ever.

The omake track was hilarious. I won’t spoil anything for this one, except that you learn that Haruto likes the heroine and Kanoe no matter what – whether they’re young or old lol.

If you think that you’d enjoy such a drama CD, I really recommend it. To my surprise, I was able to enjoy a lot from just this drama CD, be it in terms of plot, character, and of course audio enjoyment. You should be able to find this on sites with international shipping like amiami or comicomi studio (but it may be subjected to availability).

Please do not ask me for download links or request me to share my copy here.

10 thoughts on “Sono Ai wa Yamai ni Itaru

  1. boizanberi says:

    I’m definitely gonna try this. Been seein’ lots of fuzzz about this drama CD lately. Thanks for the review… I shall restrain myself from highlighting teh spoilerz… darn it, where are teh chainz & shacklez for this occasion (^v^)


  2. celestermoon says:

    LOL you’re absolutely right about Haruto,

    I was just listening to Disc C’s bad end and sheit, didn’t expect that he’ll turn horny and Yandere rapes the heroine ಠ_ಠ

    haha, great review btwXD


  3. starryusagi says:

    I listened to this and accidentally listened to Haruto’s bad end first so preettyyy much everything was revealed to me then LOL but yeah I sincerely enjoyed this drama CD, not gonna lie. Great review! I have to say that the plot was pretty interesting and pretty well handled. I liked Kanoe but I’m not going to lie, Haruto was my favorite out of the two. (Which surprised me, cause I was mostly interested in Kanoe at first! xD)
    But yea this CD pretty much raped my ears… in the best way possible. LOL


    • Yume says:

      Oops~ Glad to hear that you still enjoyed it though. XD

      Thanks! Yeah I was surprised by how nice this drama CD turned out to be. Yup, at first I preferred Kanoe’s character design + character but Haruto’s voice…so hard to resist lol.


  4. Eri says:

    Thanks for the review~

    Personally I’d recommend first listening to Haruto’s good ending –> Kanoe Good ending –> Kanoe Bad Ending –> Haruto Bad ending.

    >Because in Haruto his good ending everything is fluff and rainbows (and ero), the following two start dropping hints about the truth, and Haruto his bad ending reveals the entire truth.


    • Yume says:

      Thanks for the comment! I hope you don’t mind that I edited your comment to put the possible spoilers in white. To be honest it’s a hassle (for me) to keep switching CDs so I just played everything from DiscA -> DiscB -> DiscC. But as long as Haruto’s bad end is kept for last, I don’t think the order for the others matter too much.


      • Eri says:

        Of course I don’t mind! I was trying to keep it as spoiler-free as possible already but this is even better xD

        Switching the discs is a hassle indeed, and I listened to them in the same order that you did. But I think that listening to Haruto’s good ending first would be the best, as both Kanoe his endings already give away some hints, while Haruto his good end gives no hints about Kanoe his endings.

        But I agree that as long as you listen to Haruto his bad end last the order of the other ones don’t matter all that much.


        • Yume says:

          Yup yup, I can see what you’re pointing at~ I guess I would just advice to those listening to Haruto’s good ending first to prepare their hearts

          for the…really sexy scenes lol.


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