Nitro+CHiRAL Official Works DRAMAtical Murder

It’s only recently that I got my hands on the Nitro+CHiRAL Official Works DRAMAtical Murder. Hopefully this would serve as a useful comparison to the VFB. Lots of photos underneath (no R-18 ones though) and spoilers for the game, especially visual ones. Please remember that this features an R-18 BL game!

The main section is full of artwork, but from what I see it’s sketches, lineart, colour drafts, that sort of thing. In other words, if I were to compare with the VFB: the VFB has the finished version while this contains the drafts up to the finished version. So about 50 pages are taken up by drafts of colour illustrations, world settings, character profiles and event CGs. Needless to say, I think this would be heaven for those who enjoy looking at such things! I enjoyed it too, and I was once again impressed by the details of the game backgrounds (even the digital ones) – it was very cute to see room models.


But of course, I think like many, my favourite pages are the character pages. It’s just amazing to see all the different little elements each character possesses. Honyarara’s notes also accompany them. Moreover you also get a glimpse of their initial designs and how much change some of them went through. For the record, Clear went through the least changes. A few of the characters also have initial image boards of illustrations and my heart……just went out to the one of Aoba and Clear (I won’t hide my bias).

At the end is a novel entitled “Dawning sky” which takes place after Ren’s good end. Naturally this is thinner than the VFB, but I really loved all the pages in this. This would be pretty hard to obtain if overseas though, as it isn’t sold on online stores and only at certain events…I think? I was lucky enough to get mine when the Nitro+CHiRAL museum was on. I know another one is currently ongoing but I’m not sure if it would have as much DMMd goods as the previous one had. I’m sorry, I can’t provide much information on this.


8 thoughts on “Nitro+CHiRAL Official Works DRAMAtical Murder

  1. Ette says:

    This might sound like the dumbest question ever, but, does the artbook (this one of the others) includes the +18 cg? I dont mind having them, but im kind of scared if someone opens the books and finds them hahah


    • Yume says:

      Yes it has sketches of almost all the R18 CGs from DMMd. But to be honest, it’s only a small section towards the end, majority are character and background drafts.


  2. naners says:

    ah, late comment! please excuse me, but i’ve been looking at buying either the visual fanbook or the official works… i only have enough cash for one or the other and was wondering if you could tell me which book you most prefered? i’ve really been at a loss trying to decide for myself. :’D


    • Yume says:

      No worries! (: Hmmm I think it really depends on what you prefer. The visual fanbook has all the finished illustrations, CGs, profiles, backgrounds etc. while the official works is more on the drafts. I’ve known people who prefer to have the official works as they prefer looking at the drafts and vice versa.

      I guess the primary attraction of the official works is the drafts. So if that’s what you want to look at the most, then go for it? If not then the visual fanbook since it has all the finished stuff, plus more short stories to read. I hope that helps. ^^;


  3. Yukiru says:

    Wow that’s nice content (especially Honyarara’s comments, sketches and the small details).. if they had included this or some of it with the VFB I would be absolutely content. I’m going to have to be more careful of Chiral in the future since they split their content into separate books like this. Thanks for reviewing and giving us a peek at the book!<33


    • Yume says:

      This was released before the VFB (at Comiket82?) so I’m wondering if that’s the reason why VFB didn’t have any of this content. It may also be ‘cos the two of them were by different publishers – this is by CHiRAL while the VFB was by Cool-B. Lol, I’m just guessing. You’re welcome!


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