Kami naru Kimi to: Yakumo’s Route

Kami naru Kimi is similar to Clock Zero in terms of its story structure, so please don’t mind the inclusion of all the common route stuff in this first post. Takekiyo Yakumo (CV: Hatano Wataru) is childhood friends with both the heroine, Kamiki Sakuya, and Sakaki Narumi. He acts as an older brother figure to them and excels in both studies and sports – though sometimes his physical abilities cross human boundaries. Yakumo’s only “flaw” may be the fact that he’s an “idiot”. He takes everything that comes as they are, no matter how extraordinary they are.

“What is god? God grants wishes, and creates miracles. In other words, god keeps away pain and suffering. God resides in all things, is a subject of prayers, and subject of fear. But— — even god can’t be forgiven for going against fate. That’s why this world is overflowing with sadness. Many wishes could not be granted, and were lost in the flow of time. If there is no meaning in praying, and if god is powerless— — if people know that the stronger the hope is for a wish, the sadness that eventually follows will be deeper too— — why do people pray to god? Why does god exist? Why do I……”

It’s yet another normal day for Kamiki Sakuya, as she heads back home from school with her childhood friends, Sakaki Narumi, and begs him for a 43rd once-in-a-lifetime-favour to help her out with her homework in a roundabout way – rather than rely on god she’d rather rely on her childhood friend. They stop by “Susanoo”, a sweets shop Fukiharu Hinojou runs (nickname: Fuu-san), where Sakuya offers to buy sweets for Narumi in return for his help. She decides to try out the lucky dip and tells Narumi that she’s buying a dream here. Surprisingly, she keeps getting the big prizes. Fuu-san panics and quickly takes out another box for her to draw – if she draws a good one that will really determine that it’s her lucky day today.

Fuu-san: This is a special one in which I’ve breathed my spiritual power into. I told you before about how I was a famous psychic and worked as a exorcist right?
Sakuya: Aah……self-claimed Ghost Buster……
Narumi: Self-claimed, Japan’s top-class psychic master……
Fuu-san: ……Y, you both don’t believe me at all!?

Sakuya draws a lot anyway and it’s written that she’ll become a god from today. Both of them don’t take it seriously and Sakuya carries home a large bag of candy. The town they live in, Mikaguyayama) is a town surrounded by mountains and nature. Ever since the end of that summer holiday when they were elementary students, Sakuya would always get Narumi to help out with her homework in exchange for helping out at the shrine, insisting till today that she’s just a late bloomer. Since Narumi was young, he could see and hear spirits others couldn’t. He was abandoned by his parents and taken in by his grandfather who works at the shrine. So when he transferred here in elementary school, others eventually avoided and bullied him. But now Narumi avoids mentioning anything about it, except when he’s alone or alone with Sakuya.

As she’s helping to clean the shrine grounds, Sakuya seems to hear a voice and goes to the back where the shrine’s sacred tree is. There, she sees an unfamiliar man, who tells her that it’s time to fulfill the promise from a thousand years ago. As she feels his warm hand on her cheek, dozens of images, probably memories, fill her head and the word “fate” stands out among them all. Overwhelmed, Sakuya tears up and the man hopes for her fate to take her to her happiness. A bright light shines and Sakuya passes out. She wakes up later to see Narumi, and she only remembers meeting a strange man – but she also sees Narumi talking to a strange creature and freaks out. As Narumi senses something different about her, he observes her closely and while she’s worrying over the smell of her breath (Sakuya…:’D) Narumi concludes that she has an aura.

Narumi drags her outside and calls out for Amatsukunihoshien no Mikoto, the god of this Kunihoshi shrine, otherwise known as Mikoto. The strange man from before appears and tells them that he has given his position of god to Sakuya, saying that he never deserved it in the first place…before admitting that he wants to rest for a bit such as going to an onsen. And Narumi points out that he basically wants to slack lol. As much as Sakuya is taken aback by the news, so is Narumi by the sudden farewell notice from Mikoto. Mikoto sadly remarks that not even god can resist fate and he slowly fades away as he returns to heaven, wishing Sakuya happiness too. After he disappears, Narumi says that Mikoto must have his own reasons and tells Sakuya that she doesn’t have to take up the responsibility of a god and he’ll handle to somehow. But Sakuya decides to accept the role after all and goes to inform Narumi the next morning, knowing that he must feel more hurt having known Mikoto for so long.

???: Narumi……even if sad things happens, you should look forward and continue living……Narumi……why do you think our eyes are in front? It’s so that you look forward.
Sakuya: Mi, Mikoto……san?
Mikoto: Yes! I am! (in English)

Mikoto pops up before them and explains that it was farewell for that night only, ‘cos he needed to go drop by Izumo (probably referring to Izumi-taisha), give greetings to the other gods etc. but he got carried away by the atmosphere last night. Narumi can only sigh heavily at this and Mikoto says that he is retiring, but is only leaving around the night of the Hoshi Matsuri – so Sakuya is a temporary god till then too. Since Sakuya has become the new god now, Mikoto introduces her to Sakagami Shouzaemon Yorihito, or otherwise known as Yorihito, the komainu serving the shrine. Sakuya is shocked at the sight of a talking dog and even wonders if speakers are attached to the dog lol. It’s not long before she realises that Narumi has left for school already, and Sakuya hurries off to and when asked for the reason she’s late, she honestly answered that “I became a god last night and this morning I was talking to the ex-god, that’s why” lol. In the end the teacher told her to stand outside and everyone else teases her now.

After school, Narumi and Sakuya return to the shrine where Mikoto explains that there are gods which reside in all sorts of things, so they’re called the 8 million gods. Their job is to watch over the lands, pray for the peaceful balance between gods and humans, and to fulfill their wishes. (By the way, Narumi tells Sakuya earlier on that she can’t use the powers of a god for her own selfish reasons.) For today, Mikoto decides to introduce her to the gods living around here. On the way, they bump into Yakumo (who can’t see Mikoto or Yorihito) and he proclaims that he’s going to continue his jogging for 8 more hours. As usual, the other two can only gap at his energy.

Yakumo: Hahaha! One’s health is number one after all. Sleep healthily, wake up healthily, live healthily. This is the key to becoming happy!
Narumi: Yakumo looks happy around-the-clock.
Sakuya: On the other hand, we’ve never seen an unhappy Yakumo before.

Sakuya is first introduced to the Three Gods, who regularly helps them out. When Sakuya sees the first one, a bear, she’s so frightened that she drops down and pretends to be dead, while signalling to Narumi to escape and call for the hunting club lmao. The bear eventually introduces himself as Genpei and Narumi adds that he isn’t bad but like other gods, he can get carried away. The other two is a cat called Tama, which doesn’t scare Sakuya at all as she claims that a talking cat has been a girl’s dream after watching the old anime shows with talking cats, and the other one is a penguing born in Russia called Yuri. When Yuri starts to flirt with Sakuya, Tama kicks the penguin down lol. Along the way, Sakuya is also told three things by Yorihito: 1) To help maintain a good relationship between gods and humans, and to use her powers for the sake of humans. 2) It’s her job to fulfill prayers, and also to help those in trouble whether humans or gods. 3) To keep this a secret from others (though they won’t believe her anyway). Sakuya also spots a bespectacled student and Narumi only sighs as he wonders why she doesn’t recognise their school’s student council president.

On the way back to the shrine, Narumi confirms again if Sakuya is really accepting her role as a god, and she answers that she’ll do her best as the new god and to make others happy. However, Narumi gazes back sadly as he softly answers that he didn’t want for her to become a god. He dismisses it later though, and Mikoto informs Sakuya that she’ll have two tasks to do: one was from her school’s teacher who visited the shrine concerning rumours of the old school building being haunted. The other is from the Three Gods as they would sometimes feel an evil aura from the (new) school building. That’s to be done tomorrow though so Sakuya returns home for the day.

The next day after school, Sakuya learns more from the Three Gods before going back to school and waits for Narumi, Mikoto and Yorihito. Narumi shows up, having changed his attire and enduring everyone’s stares as they wonder if he’s cosplaying. Narumi says that he needs to be serious since they may be up against youkai, and also tells Sakuya to stop speaking to him formally lol. Sakuya decides to get a strong companion first though – Yakumo. When Sakuya tries to ask him, Yakumo gets caught up in his own world (as usual), asking if she wants to train. And when she tries to explain that she became a god, he laughs it off saying that she dreamed a lot as a kid. In the end, Yorihito (and Mikoto) makes himself visible to Yakumo to finally make him understand, and instead of being shocked Yakumo accepts it all easily and swiftly agrees to help them out.

As Sakuya investigates the old school building with Yakumo and Yorihito, they finally come across someone in an empty classroom – the student council president, Ninokami Yuzuru, conjuring some weird magic-like symbols and has…cat ears and tail. He mistakes Sakuya for the spirit haunting the building at first, till Yakumo clears up the misunderstanding and it turns out that he and Yuzuru are friends – though it’s mostly one-sided as Yuzuru wonders how pitiful Yakumo is to think so. Yuzuru smirks as he remarks that Sakuya wasn’t a spirit after all, ignoring his accusations from before. Sakuya finally points out his ears and tail and he chases them out, before inviting them back in and pretending that they didn’t see anything lmao. He also learns about Sakuya becoming a new god, and shares with them that he’s investigating in the same case as them. Rumour has it that the spirit was a student who was excited to be able to study here, but then he fell ill and died so his spirit now haunts the grounds.

Suddenly a boy shows up behind them as he introduces himself as Mizuniwa Rei, a 1st-year student, and eagerly offers to help them save the spirit. Sakuya is surprised when she saw that Rei’s body was semi-transparent for a moment, and eventually they meet up with everyone else. Yakumo is confused as to who they were talking to all this time – and it turns out that Rei is a ghost. Sakuya figures out that Rei is the said spirit haunting the old school building, and that the aura must be referring to Yuzuru. The two cases are now solved and they all head to Susanoo to discuss. Rei clarifies that the story of the student is not him, as has no idea why he still remains in this world for he can’t recall his past. Yuzuru suggests exorcising him since there’s a risk of him becoming a evil spirit, but Sakuya protests as Rei’s own will is important too for spirits have human rights too pffft. They leave Rei as he is in the end since they’ll watch over him from now on. Before everyone disperses, Yakumo asks Mikoto to let him see spirits normally too, as he tells Sakuya that he’ll be more useful to her that way.

Sakuya ends up walking home midway with Yuzuru and tells him of how she’d like to help people and make them happy. But Yuzuru answers that human fate can’t be changed that easily by what you’d call god’s miracle. He tells her not to casually say stuff like saving people before walking away. The next morning at the shrine, Mikoto gets Sakuya, Narumi and Yorihito to do exercises and Rei also shows up as he was invited by Mikoto since a well-regulated life and exercise is the key to being healthy! Rei remarks that he feels at ease by Sakuya’s side too and as Sakuya happily asks Narumi is she’s possibly the healing type – Narumi replies that she’s going to be possessed lol. In response, Rei cheerily remarks that from now on instead of the ghost haunting the old school building, he’ll be the ghost haunting the god’s back! At the same time, Yorihito insists that someone is watching them but no one believes him. Eventually he leaves an ema quite obviously at Narumi’s house for them to see, wanting them to find out who’s watching the god. They decide to follow up on the issue in the end and Sakuya offers to lure the person out.

Yakumo: I can’t leave my cute sister in danger.
Sakuya: Yakumo Nii-san……thank you……
Rei: That’s right! I’m the ghost haunting you so I can’t leave you in danger!
Sakuya: Rei-kun……saying thank you……is quite hard……
Rei: Yes! Right now, you’re the number one person in the world I want to haunt!
Narumi: I don’t want to leave my childhood friend in danger either so……

But there’s no other way so while Sakuya act as bait, someone must be by her side and she chooses Yakumo. As they’re walking around, Yakumo instinctively thinks that she wouldn’t be harmed in any case. Sakuya decides to try and win against him in janken since now that she’s god, everything should go her way then. But she loses all 10 times and Yakumo points out that she has a certain habit which gives everything away and he has no intention of telling her what it is. Even if she’s now a god, she’s still herself too. They don’t find anyone but Yorihito begs for another chance and this time he does catch the person, Kibi Aki. Aki is a 16-year-old onmyouji, who works at a national secret agency that mediates between humans and gods. In short, she’s a government agent and sent here ‘cos there was no news from this side even though there was a change of gods and certain procedures needed to be held – included a ceremony. It turns out that Mikoto forgot all about it so there’s nothing for Aki to worry over. She’s also been assigned as the mediator for this area and will be seeing them more often. After that, Sakuya is rather restless as there’s nothing to do as a god so Mikoto suggests her finding a wish to grant. Sakuya decides to try asking Aki and finds her gazing intently at a little boy from afar, laughing rather ominously.

Aki-chan, no, Aki-san is scary!! This is stalking! No matter how you think about it it’s stalking! There’s no mistake that it’s stalking! It’s s.t.a.l.k.i.n.g!!

And after Sakuya grabs Aki so that the little boy can escape, Sakuya lightly tells her off.

Stalking is no good! Absolutely not! No more stalking! Stalking is not cool!

But everyone else starts gathering so they go to a quieter place aka Susanoo. Yakumo barges in too as he heard that Sakuya was facing off with a stalker girl and got stabbed in three areas with a knife but is still fighting (he made up the last bit though lol)! Aki clears up the misunderstanding as she explains that it’s a work assignment: this area possessed a jingi since long ago but the seal was broken and it was stolen – so she has to find the culprit and retrieve the jingi. The culprit was actually the little boy from before, whose true identity is a youkai which can change shape. There’s not much records on the jingi and Fuu-san adds that perhaps long ago, someone purposely burnt all of it. But rumour has it that if one leaves the jingi as it is, disaster will follow. Aki agrees and moreover, it appears as though the jingi is largely related to the Kunihoshi shrine. So Sakuya decides to help her, and gathers everyone else too. Aki gives everyone a token which should vibrate when the youkai is nearby and they split up to search. Sakuya decides to search the mountains with Yakumo and Rei.

Sakuya: Even though we’ve walked quite a bit already……you’re both energetic aren’t you.
Yakumo: It’s ‘cos I work out!
Rei: It’s ‘cos I’m dead in the first place!

The token vibrates soon after and Yakumo seems to have caught on as he chases after an invisible figure. But he’s unable to capture the culprit, though he reports to everyone else that he did stick the token on the youkai. Sakuya is able to determine its location with this as she uses her powers and flies off to the park, with everyone else dashing after her. The youkai looks exactly like Yuri though Narumi points out how one of them isn’t talking with Engrish midway and he quickly makes his escape, but drops the jingi which is contained in a box. They return it to the shrine temporarily where they’ll watch over it and Aki thanks everyone for their help as the case is settled for now.

On another day, Narumi and Sakuya hold a ceremony to officially mark their master-and-servant relationship as he’s now serving her since she’s the new god at the shrine he’ll eventually succeed. After it’s over, Sakuya hesitantly asks if they’ll continue to be friends like they are now. But Narumi solemnly replies that they’re now the worshipped and the worshipper. When asked what’s wrong, he jokes instead that he’s worried that trouble will follow now that she’s god. Later, it’s time for Sakuya to fulfill some wishes (written on ema) and seeing that the amulet she had since young is important to her, Mikoto tells her to rely on it whenever she’s troubled. When Sakuya worries over whether the people will find her suspicious when she tries to help them, Mikoto reassures her.

Mikoto: Don’t worry! When you’re carrying out your duties as a god, you’ll brainwash the other party with your godly powers……draw out the trust from the other party— — it’s such that the one who made the wish won’t hold any suspicions towards you. Well, that being said, it’ll only be for the one who made the wish.

The first wish Sakuya tackles appears to be written by aliens who want to take over Earth, and challenge Sakuya since she’s a god. Everyone thinks it’s too far-fetched but not when a UFO appears before their very eyes! While no one can make out any words, Yakumo shouts towards the UFO, declaring that they’ll have to get through him first. With trembling hands, Narumi finally gets his mobile and they make out the aliens’ words: asking to challenge them tonight to determine Earth’s fate. That night, an alien shows up before them and speaks in very fluent Japanese lol.

Rei: Sakuya-san, please calm down. Aliens are a fantasy existence. They shouldn’t exist in this world. Please don’t……turn your eyes away from reality. No matter how hard it is……we should accept reality as it is.
Sakuya: No no no, the one turning his eyes away from reality is Rei-kun!

Despite how everyone seems to be pushing it onto Sakuya, they obviously won’t let her fight on her own. Yakumo steps forth to fight and starts emitting an aura which certainly surpasses human limits and even causes explosions in the nearby forest. Yakumo wins but Narumi has to explain to the police the next day about the explosions.

On a rest day, Sakuya decides to do a part-time job and ends up at Yakumo’s house, where she helps to dig up sweet potato. As Sakuya gets the hang of it, Yakumo proudly proclaims how she’s his sister after all and can live without him already, before sadly adding that she’ll be alright without him. Yakumo disappears midway and Sakuya finds him having a showdown with a huge wild boar, which would often come and destroy the fields. He ends up beating it, before making peace with it as they’re now “friends” lol.

On another day, they’re having lunch on the rooftop till Aki shows up with a heavy and horrible aura all over her. She’s probably been cursed though she has no idea why. After some discussion after school, Sakuya uses her powers to help blow away the aura from Aki. Just then, Narumi feels the evil aura coming from the shrine but over there, Mikoto tells them that he’s taken care of it. They go check on the jingi, which is still in the box. Eventually, Yuzuru tells them that what’s inside is the sesshoseki. A 1000 years ago, a terrible youkai Taiyou rampaged the lands and eventually attacked this town as the current god’s powers happened to weaken. In the end both the humans and gods defeated it but its corpse which is now this stone still emits evil aura. Even after death, it would still call upon disaster so they sealed it. But it looks like just a seal alone can’t suppress its powers now.

For some reason, Sakuya feels as though this isn’t her first time hearing of this tale. Sakuya wants to help Aki with this case but Aki feels that it’s her own responsibility. Sakuya chases after her and Aki confesses to her that they’re supposed to work as a pair, and if she’d done so maybe they’d have discovered this earlier. But she insisted on working alone as she wanted to prove herself to her family. As the eldest-born in a well-known onmyouji family, she’s supposed to inherit the name but her younger sister is much more talented and Aki feels inferior. So she left home and joined the secret agency to gain experience and up her abilities. If she completed this task alone, she decided that she can finally return home proudly. While Sakuya is supportive of her, she thinks it’s important to rely on others for help too and Aki asks for some time to think about it.

Bothered by this, Sakuya decides to ask for Yakumo’s advice one day at school. Yakumo remarks that both her and himself are simple-minded so they don’t really understand the complicated stuff. But since Sakuya sees Aki as a friend, he remarks that it’s okay to simply act on the want to help a friend in trouble. Personally, he’d just be happy to hear someone wanting to help him. Later, Sakuya receives a message from Aki who says that she’ll look more into the case and will contact her if there’s anything.

On another day, Sakuya is patrolling with Yorihito and they spot Yuzuru in a distance talking to an elderly lady. Yorihito starts thinking that Yuzuru is the one causing trouble and mimics what he thinks is their conversation, the old lady begging Yuzuru not to eat her lol. Well of course it isn’t Yuzuru but they don’t have any luck tracking down the real culprits either. As Sakuya takes a rest in the student council room, Yuzuru harshly remarks how she isn’t using her brains and also adds that he doesn’t only berate her as he despises all humans. Sakuya still thinks he’s a good person though and he suddenly corners her on the wall. While Sakuya gets flustered, the Three Gods show up to stop Yuzuru though it turns out that it was his plan to lure out the real culprits. On the way back home, Yuzuru questions if she really enjoys being a god as there doesn’t seem to be any benefits for her.

The second wish Sakuya grants is to help a final year student study for his upcoming exams. It turns out to be Yakumo’s acquaintance, Eiichi, and Aki also joins them as she wants to observe how a god studies for her report to her agency. Yakumo is the one helping with the study though and when he later sees that Sakuya’s notes are blank he gets fired up and tells her off. While he can understand if she can’t deal with maths or science, he can’t forgive her for not understanding the writer’s feelings for the literature questions! He even shoots Aki down when she tries to speak up for Sakuya and orders both of them to get down to their books. Eiichi thanks Sakuya at the end though, as he sees now that he’s not the only one who has to work hard.

On a rest day, the Three Gods suddenly barge into Sakuya’s room that morning. As she screams in shock at the sight of them, her parents come rushing in to see nothing and tell their daughter to stop her daydreaming of battling a bear – and if she were to meet one in real life she should run away or play dead pfft. After chasing them out, Sakuya goes online and spots an ad of how wild matsutake cost a fortune. She decides to go and pick them in the forest and gathers the likes of Narumi and Yakumo. Even Fuu-san is interested since it concerns money.

Fuu-san: By the way……Jou-chan being Jou-chan, why are you suddenly speaking in English?
Narumi: Only when it comes to money, does her brain become better……
Sakuya: I love money! We love money! (in English)

In the forest though they bump into the Three Gods, and it looks like they’re out to make a fortune too so they’re rivals now! Fuu-san spots one by accident so everyone starts to scramble too – but at the end of the day it turns out that those mushrooms are actually poisonous ones which look similar to matsutake lol.

Meanwhile, Aki hasn’t contacted Sakuya since that day and Sakuya decides to take the initiative. She finds Aki at Fuu-san’s shop and once again says that she wants to help her, as her friend. When Aki continues to reject, Fuu-san intercepts and says that if she really wants to compensate for her mistake she should make use of everything around her – so she should cooperate. Hearing this, Aki finally decides to accept help and everyone gathers at the shrine. As they’re discussing, the culprit appears behind them and everyone dashes to catch him and ties him up. The youkai tries to explain that he has his reasons and after promising Aki that he won’t run away, they untie him. He’s willing to tell them everything he knows but on a condition and tells Narumi what it is one on side which is: for Aki to become his woman. Aki turns to Sakuya, who thinks that love shouldn’t be forced.

Yakumo: Love is something that consists more than just compassion.
Narumi: Yakumo……do you have a fever?
Yuzuru: Oi……what’s wrong, if you’re feeling unwell you should rest you know?
Yakumo: Ooh!? What’s wrong? D, did I say something that weird?

In the end though, Aki decides to accept the condition and go on a date with him. That night, Aki asks everyone for advice on dating spots but no one really gives a proper answer. When Yorihito tries to give his opinion, everyone doubts him which hurts his feelings a lot lol. On the day itself, everyone stalks the couple and Aki takes the youkai around to mysterious spots around the town lol. At the end, he brings Aki to a river while calling her “Yuki”. He knows that everyone has been following them and decides to tell them everything, first by introducing himself as “Kunugi”. Long ago, he was always on opposite ends with the villagers. One day, a girl from the village, Yuki, wandered into his territory and got lost. She eventually fainted and he ended up saving her. Thankful to him, she came to see him all the time to do everything she can in repayment. Yuki also told him to no longer trouble the villagers, and even named him “Kunugi” since the place they first met had a Kunugi tree. Kunugi got tired of making fun of the villagers, and promised Yuki and she thanked him in return. He even started to help the villagers once in a while.

One day, Kunugi was called out by some villagers in a cave-like place, and gave him a wooden box as a gift to thank him. Delighted, he said that he’ll treasure it for life but suddenly Yuki snatched the box and a bright light emitted from the box entered her. The villagers run away and Yuki begged Kunugi tearfully to forgive them. After that, her health declined and Kunugi did all he could to destroy the box or throw it away – but it would always return by Yuki’s side. Finally, she told him the truth: this is the sesshoseki‘s curse which brings disaster to the village. To avoid this, once a few 100 years they make a live sacrifice. Kunugi was initially the sacrifice but Yuki interfered. Kunugi was enraged but Yuki constantly asked him to forgive them, as they had no choice so as to protect their loved ones.

Kunugi decided to bring her to an onmyouji in a big city for help but she passed away by the time he’d arrived, with her last words being words of thanks to him. Devasted, Kunugi could only take out his anguish on the wooden box. He questioned if her best smile is when he saves people – and if so does that mean she would’ve smiled since she saved the villagers who tried to kill him, and killed her. But there’s no reply from her. He returned to Mikagurayama with Yuki and the stone, as the onmyouji told him that the stone has to return to its sealed location. Kunugi then kissed Yuki once before burying her. The river was actually where Kunugi first met Yuki, and he assures them that he’ll seal the stone which will also remove the curse from Aki. He apologises to dragging her in just ‘cos she resembles Yuki and bids everyone goodbye before leaving.

One day at school, Sakuya hears that Yakumo has been acting strange – as a Yakumo which isn’t weird is not Yakumo. Also apparently Yakumo left the doujou an hour ago that day and never returned. Sakuya eventually finds him sleeping at the rooftop and she herself also falls asleep beside him. She dreams of the first time they met. She was bullied alongside Narumi but during that period of time, Narumi was busy with his studies at the shrine so she was alone. Her important amulet had been taken away but she didn’t dare oppose. A young Yakumo then returned her her charm, as he insisted that he found it on the ground. Sakuya knew that he was lying as he looked beaten up. Yakumo noticed that she’d been playing by herself lately and offered to become her older brother that day. When Sakuya wakes up, she hears Yakumo wondering for how long can they remain like this. As they converse, Yakumo sees that Sakuya is doing well now and remarks that it shouldn’t be a problem.

The third wish is about something disturbing the forest so they go and investigate. It’s eventually discovered that Yakumo is the culprit though, as he often goes deep into the forest at night and greets people but they always run away screaming lol. The case is solved though it feels like a waste of time and Sakuya comforts herself with the thought that it was a good walk. On a rest day, Sakuya drops by the doujou only to see Yakumo having a showdown with Genpei – but others can’t see Genpei so it looks like Yakumo is wrestling thin air! Sakuya eventually stops them as it looks like they’re going to make the building collapse pfft.

On another day, Aki comes to talk to Sakuya. She’d been keeping in touch with Kunugi all this time (and the slow Sakuya realises that Aki likes Kunugi) but suddenly she can’t contact him anymore. Everyone gathers at Susanoo where Fuu-san reveals that he did his own investigation too. Every 200 years a sacrifice will be made to counter the sesshoseki‘s curse. It’s said that 200 years ago, a blizzard occurred and more than half of the people died. It appears as though a blizzard will be hitting the town tonight and that explains the sudden drop in temperature today. Everyone heads to the shrine to check on the stone but it has disappeared even though the seal is intact. They eventually find Kunugi at the river where it appears that he’s going to sacrifice himself. But Aki says that she’ll offer half of her life too so that he doesn’t have to die. Everyone else also offers the same even though it’s risky. It goes successfully though and the blizzard stops.

They return the stone to its place and now they can pass down the solution to their descendants so that no one has to die as a sacrifice. The next day, they bid farewell to Kunugi. Aki tries to confess her feelings but Kunugi thanks her for letting him take a shard of the wooden box as it’s the only memento he has of Yuki. So Aki holds back and says goodbye and they promise each other to meet again someday. A few days later, Aki tells Sakuya that she reported on the situation to her family and received a letter from her mother, praising her.

One day, Sakuya decides to go take a walk at the old school building and spots Rei taking care of the flower beds. Rei appears to have a lot of fun with her. When she confides her uncertainty about her future, Rei reassures her as seeing how worried she is, it means that she’s thinking seriously about her future. However, he also feels a bit sad that while everyone is moving on, he’ll remain the same. Another day Sakuya arrives at the shrine early that morning and sees Mikoto gazing down at the town. He tells her that it’s his fate to have to return, and neither humans nor gods can go against fate. Before she can pursue further, Mikoto tells her that they can go wake Narumi up and give him a surprise. Later that day, Sakuya wakes up from a sad dream but she can’t remember what it was – Mikoto seemed to be in it though and she wonders if it’s ‘cos of their conversation that morning.

Sakuya decides to go find Yakumo but to her surprise he didn’t come to school ‘cos he’s ill. This never happens and Yakumo doesn’t pick up her calls so she goes to find him. It turns out that he just overslept and decided not to go to school. He’s surprised to see how worried she was, and holds her hand as they take a walk. He wonders when will the day come when he’s no longer able to hold her hand, and hopes for her to be happy in the future.


Everyone in class has already submitted their career choice form, except Sakuya. Her teacher gave her time till the Hoshi Matsuri to submit but she has no idea what to write. She goes to find Yakumo and as she sees him practice alone in the doujou, she can’t help but feel as though he’s getting better while she remains unchanged. On the way home, she learns that he got recommended into a university on scholarship as an aikido competitor. They stop by Susanoo and Fuu-san congratulates him too. Later, Yakumo guesses that Sakuya probably hasn’t written anything for her career choices. He recalls how she used to always change her dream career when she was young – but one gets confused as one gets older as you realise your capabilities and reality makes your dreams and hopes disappear. But seeing her this worried, it means that’s she’s seriously thinking about it and it’ll help her prepare for her walk in life. People walk differently in life and he’s sure that Sakuya will have a good start dash.

Sakuya wants to stay with Yakumo a bit longer though so she invites him into her house to greet her parents. Afterwards, she walks with him to his house where she eats at his place and he asks her to stay over since it’s late. When they sit up talking that night, Sakuya realises that the only topic they don’t touch on is love. She decides to muster up the courage to ask if he has a girlfriend or someone he likes and suddenly feels Yakumo’s weight on her – only to find out that he has fallen asleep! Yakumo takes the next few days off which worries Sakuya. She goes to visit him as his homeroom teacher asks her to pass the handouts to him. But she gets the shock of her life when she sees Yakumo lying down with his face covered. Yakumo’s father sighs sadly at this – but everything turns out to be his father’s prank lol. Yakumo reassures Sakuya, saying that he’s been staying up late at night and can’t really wake up in the mornings.

But Sakuya still can’t shake away her worries. That day, Yakumo even retired early from school. Aki accidentally lets slip that Yakumo is going to move away soon after the Hoshi Matsuri, and the university coach already came to talk to him about a training camp. Apparently he retired early today with the school’s permission to go take a look at the university club’s activities. Sakuya is shocked, especially when it appears as though she was the last to know. She decides to stop by Susanoo but overhears Yakumo and Fuu-san talking, with Fuu-san apologising that it’s up to fate already and out of his hands. Sakuya goes inside and tells Yakumo that she knows everything already even though he tries to make that excuse that he forgot. She questions if he’s really moving away and he sadly remarks that he’d have like to tell her himself, to which Sakuya agrees that she’d have like to have heard from him too.

They go out for a walk, and Yakumo informs her that he’ll be leaving within a month. Sakuya can’t help but feel that her important ones are leaving her one by one and Yakumo apologises as he couldn’t bear the thought of hurting her. But he felt as though his resolution would’ve weakened if she held him back. But Sakuya doesn’t want to interfere with his choice, even though he was someone who’d always looked after her. As Yakumo hugs a crying Sakuya, he promises to keep in touch as Sakuya says that she doesn’t want for them to become mere memories.

The next day, Narumi tells Sakuya that Yakumo probably couldn’t bring himself to tell her ‘cos she’s special. She then goes to find Yakumo, who was spotted by his junior napping on the rooftop during lunch break. Yakumo’s still sleeping there and Sakuya starts to talk to him anyway: she knows that he’ll be the most lonely, leaving everyone he knows behind. But she feels afraid at the thought of being left alone while he moves forward. Yakumo was awake all this time though, and he says that she’s a good kid, moreover he’s not as fine as she thinks he is. Sakuya then decides to study for the same university as him, but Yakumo sadly answers that it might be impossible. But before she can question why, Yuzuru asks to talk to Yakumo for a bit. Sakuya waits outside the school gate for Yakumo but he doesn’t show up so she goes home alone.

Days later, Yakumo continues to take days off from school and Sakuya finds this weird. She goes to visit him one day and apparently he had been asleep since yesterday. She finally learns the truth from his parents: Yakumo had this condition since young where he would suddenly fall asleep for long periods, but the doctors could never find the cause. Recently it has worsened and on the day he’d left school early, he actually went to the hospital for a check-up. The next time, he’ll be going for a more proper check-up. Yakumo rejected the scholarship ‘cos he’ll probably end up hospitalised for a long time, and in the worst case remain asleep forever. Perhaps he decided to go to the hospital anyway so that Sakuya doesn’t see his frail side, and to always remain her fine and reliable brother. Yakumo has woken up already and overheard their conversation.

He walks Sakuya home and tells her not to worry about him, for his sake too. Yakumo knows that the hospital probably won’t be able to find out the cause, and he probably won’t leave the hospital afterwards. He wonders if this is more like fate, rather than a mere illness. Sakuya tells him that he doesn’t have to act in front of her, and he finally admits that it scares him that he may never wake up the next time he sleeps. Sakuya replies that if this is his fate, she’ll do everything she can to change it and to grant his wish. Surprised, Yakumo says that she has matured and is now the one protecting him. He reaches out for her, before abruptly pulling his hand back and apologising. Before they part, he tells her that he’s counting on her.

After consulting Narumi, Sakuya makes an amulet for Yakumo’s health and gives it to Yakumo. Yakumo has a check-up the next day and everything is dependent on it. While Sakuya waits to hear from him the next day, Yuzuru comes to find her. He tells her that it’s not an illness, but a curse. He knows of a solution, but there’s a risk that Yakumo will never wake up again too and to find him if they’re still willing. Later, Sakuya receives a call from Yakumo’s father as Yakumo fell asleep after the check-up. The hospital wants him to be hospitalised for further check-ups, and it’ll be after the Hoshi Matsuri. Yakumo continues sleeping and Sakuya feels helpless at not being able to do anything. He finally wakes up after a few days, and says that he’s a happy person to be able to see her first when he wakes up. Sakuya also learns from Yakumo that Yuzuru told him the same thing, on the day he called him out on the rooftop. But he decides to go with her to see Yuzuru, so that she knows everything too.

There, Yuzuru tells them of an old tale: It’s about the sesshoseki. Sacrifices were made to absorb its evil aura and prevent disaster. Yakumo’s ancestor was chosen as a sacrifice, but Yuzuru revived him so Yakumo’s ancestor continued living and had a family even after the sacrifice ritual. But a “death” which should’ve taken place can’t be erased just like that. This may be what one calls fate, as the youkai‘s powers continue to be present within the descendants’ blood and that slowly eats away at their souls. It’s eating away at the time Yakumo lives, and the youkai‘s powers is also the reason behind Yakumo’s incredible physical powers. Yuzuru approached Yakumo ‘cos of the curse and observed his condition all this time, and feels responsible. But Yakumo casually points out that if it weren’t for Yuzuru, he wouldn’t be here today anyway. The rare medicine Yuzuru had used to save his ancestor no longer exists and there’s only one solution left: for Yakumo to use all of his mental strength to confront the youkai‘s power inside his body. Even if he succeeds, Yakumo won’t wake up until a few years later – if not he will never wake up. Of course Yakumo can choose to accept the curse, and he’ll sleep for longer periods but will definitely wake up as long as his life doesn’t end. It’s a cruel choice no matter what but Yuzuru can only wait till the night of the Hoshi Matsuri for their answer. Yakumo can’t decide yet and will give his answer of that night.

On the way back, Yakumo tries to remain cheerful as he admits that he never thought much of his condition before. He thought that he’d recover, have a normal life, and doing everything he wants to do within his reach. He remarks that humans are optimistic beings, or maybe he’s just overly-optimistic, and jokes that if fate really exists it should read the atmosphere better. But Yakumo finally reaches his breaking point and wonders if he’d done something bad to deserve this, while turning his back to Sakuya. Sakuya hugs him from behind and promises to be with him, and to greet him “good morning” when he wakes up. Yakumo asks to rely on her just this once before hugging her tightly, and Sakuya also realises how he’s her most important person.

Yakumo falls asleep for one week after that, and when he wakes up Sakuya tells him everything that had happened then. Seeing how she’s reluctant to part ways, Yakumo offers to walk with her a bit more. Sakuya recalls their first meeting, and how he had been her hero since then. Yakumo confesses that he’s not that cool, and wasn’t confident. But she was always crying back then so he thought that this is the time for a hero to appear so he tried desperately to be one. Sakuya thanks him, and confesses her feelings, saying that she always wants to be with him. Yakumo thinks of her as important too but her future would be wasted with him. He’s thinking of accepting Yuzuru’s solution so even though he should be elated, her words are painful for him. It’s probably their fate to part ways here and he asks her to forget him and live happily. Yakumo’s glad to have met her and Sakuya can’t bring herself to hold him back as he walks away, and questions herself if that’s all her feelings amount to.

After that, Sakuya can’t bring herself to look at Yakumo in the eye, and it appears as though Yakumo’s curse has settled down and he’s been going to school everyday. One day in school, Rei comes to bid farewell to Sakuya as it’s his time to reincarnate – he will be here until the Hoshi Matsuri. Seeing her feeling down, Rei says that if he were in love with her, and he’s the reason for her sadness he would distance himself from her. But that’s not his true feelings, and he truly feels sad at separating ways. But Rei questions where is her happiness, and that she should go look for it herself, adding that Yakumo is in the doujou now. Sakuya thanks him and goes to find Yakumo. She tells him that if he thinks distancing himself is wishing for her happiness, then he’s wrong – ‘cos her happiness is to be by his side. Yakumo begs for her to stop saying all this, and doesn’t want to show his weak side to her anymore ‘cos he wanted to remain a hero till the end. But Sakuya replies that he doesn’t need to be a hero. She doesn’t know how much pain she may go through in the later years but right now she wants to be with him.

Hearing this, Yakumo laughs and admits that he always resisted when she said she’ll be with her. But knowing that she’ll be waiting for her, he’s sure that he’ll return and there’s nothing happier than to wake up to his most important person saying “good morning” to him. Yakumo confesses to her and gently kisses her. Sakuya knows that this kiss is like a prerequisite to their farewell but she doesn’t want to forget the feelings she has now.

On the day of the Hoshi Matsuri, the couple walk around school as they look back at their memories. They both remark on how popular the other party is, even though they themselves aren’t aware of it. Yakumo even admits to lying to the pesky ones that they’re going out so that they don’t hit on her. He also recalls meeting Yuzuru on the school grounds for the first time on a snowy day when he was in his 1st year, where Yuzuru asked if his sin will disappear if he saves Yakumo. On the rooftop, Sakuya gives Yakumo a handmade graduation certificate she made with Yuzuru, since he won’t be awake next spring. He thanks her and says that he has no regrets now. They go to enjoy the festival later before gathering with everyone else at the shrine to enjoy the fireworks.

At the end, only Sakuya, Yakumo and Yuzuru are left. Once again, Yuzuru states that the success rate is 40%, and that Sakuya should give up if Yakumo doesn’t wake up after 5 years. Sakuya goes inside to wait and according to Yuzuru, Yakumo’s time will stop while he’s asleep. After Yuzuru is done, Yakumo goes to find Sakuya where he sits by her side. He looks forward to seeing her future self as he’s sure that she’ll be prettier. As much as he wants to talk more, he starts to feel sleepy and though she can’t hold back her tears any longer, Sakuya manages to wish him “good night” with a smile on her face. Before Yakumo falls asleep, he tells her that he really loves her.

1 year later, Sakuya wakes up from a nostalgic dream of the night she said goodbye to Yakumo. After school, Narumi invites her to drop by Susanoo but Sakuya declines as she’s going to visit Yakumo as she does so everyday. Narumi has work to do at the shrine though and says that he’ll go visit together another day. Rei no longer appears and Yuzuru has also disappeared after graduation, though she’s sure he’s still lively and berating people somewhere. Though Yakumo was admitted to the hospital at first, there were no signs of recovery plus Yakumo himself wanted to rest at home. Sakuya goes to see him and tells him that at the flower shop she always visits to buy his flowers, the owner gave her a work offer. She’s thinking of working there even after she graduates and it looks like she has finally found what she wants to do. She also heard from Yakumo’s parents that the Takekiyo family had passed down the same story she’d heard from Yuzuru. Yakumo told his parents about his decision the night before and though they were confused at first, they decided to believe in their son. That night, Sakuya also informs Narumi of her decision to work in the flower shop – though at first he thought that she was being held back one year in school lol. Sakuya can no longer see Yorihito or the Three Gods, and she wonders if Mikoto is relaxing in the heavens now. Narumi will leave next year to study and Aki also returns to her agency after graduation.

3 years later, Yuzuru shows up at the flower shop where Sakuya works at. He praises at how pretty she has become, which causes her to question if his personality has become too twisted that it’s now straight pffft. He leaves his number with her and they meet up later. Yuzuru has been working at the secret agency Aki is at, and from today on he’s in-charge of this area. Yuzuru asks Sakuya what she’ll do if Yakumo doesn’t wake up after 5 years, and that if it’s too hard she doesn’t need to wait. Even when she later visits Yakumo’s place that night, Yakumo’s father tells her that if she finds someone else she doesn’t need to come anymore. Sakuya answers that it’s alright and while everyone else seems to be moving on with time, it’s as if only her and Yakumo are left behind. The hope that Yakumo will wake up within 5 years is slowly changing but that’s what keeps her going everyday.

5 years later, Sakuya visits Yakumo on the night of the Hoshi Matsuri. 5 years have been much longer than she’d expected, and as the fireworks end Yakumo remains sleeping. Sakuya cries out that she wants to at least hear his voice once more to keep her going, and to see his smile. She cries herself to sleep and wakes up the next morning with a blanket on her – but Yakumo’s mother was the one, he’s still sleeping. His mother says that it’s okay to not push herself any further, but after a short silence Sakuya answers that it’s okay. It’s as if she woke up with renewed hope, and the despair went to sleep – that one day Yakumo will only become her past.

7 years later, Sakuya is confessed to but she can’t answer his feelings. She bursts out in anger too when her mother advises her to go for him, but she herself knows that deep inside a part of her agrees with her mother. Her father comes to talk to her, and says that her mother is now crying and regretting her cruel words. He tells her that running away isn’t wrong, but continuing to fight isn’t wrong either. No one can tell what is happiness, and what isn’t. So he asks Sakuya to walk on the path she thinks is right. Yuzuru also contacts her, and offers to erase her memories of Yakumo. She can think of it as his own selfishness and think of him as cruel but he doesn’t want to see her in pain anymore. He’ll wait for her at the shrine the next night and whether she comes or not, he’ll erase her memories. Sakuya sees that he’s blaming himself, and that night she’s filled with memories of Yakumo, as if he’s asking her not to forget him. She’ll have to continue living with this pain if she rejects Yuzuru’s offer, but the next night she tells him that she’ll continue waiting after all.

10 years later, Sakuya is by Yakumo’s side on the night of the Hoshi Matsuri. She assures him that she’s alright and falls asleep. The next morning, she feels someone waking her up and she thinks that it’s Yakumo’s parents – till she hears a familiar voice. Sakuya wakes up to see Yakumo up and greeting her. Despite having rehearsed so many times what she’d say to him when he wakes up, Sakuya barely manages a “good morning” in return as she starts to tear up. Yakumo comments on how beautiful she has become, and thanks her for keeping her promise. She tells him off for taking so long and Yakumo apologises, saying that they’ll live together from now on and he won’t leave her a second time.

In the epilogue, the couple is with their baby, who is fast asleep. Yakumo tries to hold him, hoping that he won’t cry as always. Though the baby wakes up crying at first, he’s soon laughing. Yakumo is touched by this and calls their child the cutest one in the world. Sakuya thinks to herself that when their child grows up and learns about love, she’ll tell him about her and Yakumo’s long, love story.


I apologise for the lengthy post, but I really enjoyed my play! I didn’t expect such a drastic contrast of a humorous common route vs. Yakumo’s tear-inducing individual route. Moreover Yakumo is such a happy character and had all those ridiculous moments; it was just the irony of the health-obsessed character being plagued with this curse. I think I was quite a mess of tears doing his route; the scene where he asks if he’d done something bad to deserve this was such a killer for me. I went for him first ‘cos of Hatano Wataru and I guess you could say I was pleasantly surprised – even though after I’ve finished his route I would still tear up just thinking of those sad scenes. I love all the other characters too: Narumi appears cold sometimes but he thinks for Sakuya so much; Yuzuru with his harsh tongue but at the end of the day he blames himself so much; Rei with his hilariously paradoxical statements but kind heart; and of course Sakuya was such an enjoyable heroine. I can’t comment on Mikoto too much ‘cos he doesn’t have as much screen time. And all the other sub-characters, yes.

For some reason, I found myself relating a lot to certain lines in the game and that just made the tear factor worse. Yakumo’s route doesn’t have many romantic moments, but I didn’t mind it ‘cos everything came naturally and I don’t want the romance to be forced. I am glad to have gone back to my backlog, and will be doing Yuzuru’s route next!


2 thoughts on “Kami naru Kimi to: Yakumo’s Route

  1. Hinano says:

    oh I’m glad you’re playing this game :DDD
    and omg I cried in Rei and Narumi’s routes so much while the others left a huge lump in my throat but I also really loved Yuzuru’s route and it made me almost cry HAPPY tears lol


    • Yume says:

      I’m glad to have started on it too! I wonder why it isn’t as loved as some of Otomate’s other titles.
      Oh noes, okays, I’ll brace myself for those routes. For now I’ll look forward to Yuzuru’s haha.


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