Kami naru Kimi to: Rei’s Route

Mizuniwa Rei (CV: Iguchi Yuuichi) is the ghost haunting the old school building but he has no ill intentions and eventually befriends Sakuya (by becoming her 背後霊 lol). I recommend reading Yakumo’s review first ‘cos all the common stuff is explained there; I’m not going into overlapping details for the following routes.

The common route is the same – just that the wishes are different, Sakuya takes on someone else’s request instead of Aki’s, and everything else is Rei-focused. When they first meet Rei and the case is solved, Sakuya decides to walk a bit more with Rei. It’s the first time Rei has talked with so many people and he really enjoyed today. Back at the school entrance, Sakuya asks if he wants to be friends from now on and he agrees cheerfully. As he holds her hand, Sakuya can’t help but feel the contrast between his warm smile and his cold hands – and somehow at the same time, his existence feels so transient to the point where he would break easily.

When Rei accompanies Sakuya in order to lure out the person watching her, he’s on his best guard even though Sakuya thinks that it’s just Yorihito’s imagination lol. When she asks him why he chose her (to haunt lol), Rei describes that he feels that the wavelengths just feel compatible, or something like that. He’s glad that it’s her since she never thought of exorcising him, to which Sakuya replies that she’d welcomed such a cute ghost as himself.

On the day Mikoto suggests Sakuya finding a wish to grant, she decides to try asking Fuu-san and overhears Rei talking to him at Susanoo. Rei wants Fuu-san to help clear his name, as spirits have appeared in the old school building and he’s being mistaken as the culprit.

Sakuya; It’s no good. If you consult Fuu-san, it’s a given that nothing will be solved.
Fuu-san: Alright, I’ll ask you once. What do you mean by that?
Sakuya: To me, you are the grand number one in the category “Unreliable Adult”!
Fuu-san: It would’ve been better to not ask at all!!
Sakuya: By the way, you’re also number one for the categories “Adult Who Is Greedy About Money”, “Person Whose Heart Is Always That Of A Young Boy’s (In A Bad Way)”, “Person Who Looks Like He’ll Never Have A Successful Career For Some Reason”!
Fuu-san: They’re all category awards which I’m not thankful for, oi.

Fuu-san helps Rei in the end, when Rei offers a record he found in school, which has the location of Tokugawa’s hidden treasure right in this town. Sakuya calls Narumi, Yuzuru too, though Yakumo and the Three Gods show up too as it seems interesting to them lol. They split up to patrol and in one group, Rei, Sakuya and the Three Gods are so frightened that they scream at every little noise – only to put the blame on a clueless Narumi and wonder why he’s crying like a baby lol. Eventually Fuu-san discovers the source – someone actually pasted a talisman on the locker and though it looks similar to one to ward off evil spirits, looks like someone accidentally pasted it wrongly to attract evil spirits. Fuu-san sticks a real one and assures everyone that everything should be alright.

The first wish is about a young boy who keeps dreaming of his deceased older brother, probably trying to convey something. Sakuya seems to hear a kid’s voice and finds the young boy in the park. However he cannot remember much, not even where they used to play together. They decide to walk around first and later Fuu-san comes to tell them that he remembers the brothers – they used to play a lot together at the park, but on a rainy summer’s day the younger brother slipped into the river and his older brother jumped in to save him. They head to the river and the boy’s head starts to ache. Rei gently asks what he remembers, and knows that the fact that his brother died saving him must’ve hurt so much that he wanted to forget everything. But if he doesn’t accept reality, he can’t move forward either – the young boy passed away too on that rainy day. The brother’s spirit appears before his younger brother, he’d probably waited for him here all this time, and they disappear as a light surrounds them.

On her rest day, Sakuya decides to study at the school’s library – her intention must’ve been so surprising that Narumi replied her text asking if her grades are that bad, and Yakumo advising her that it’s good to not stay back a year lol. But the library is closed so she goes to a classroom but falls asleep after 30 minutes. When she wakes up, she sees what looks like a spirit and using her charm, she exorcises it – but it turns out to be Rei! As he fades away, he thanks her for all this time and Sakuya has to use all of her strength to pull him back to earth. He didn’t want to disturb her sleep so he’d erased his presence. They study together afterwards, and Rei enjoys sitting in on the classes but he could never ask the teacher any questions. Sakuya ends up having a fruitful session, probably thanks to Rei, and they agree to study again another time.

Sakuya can’t help but feel that something’s still amiss with the case and goes to the old school building again – only to see another figure other than Rei. Terrified, she grabs Rei and dashes for her life, before gathering everyone together. Narumi points out that the person who pasted the talisman in the first place must’ve been warding off something in the first place, so Yakumo suggests finding that person. They all sit down to design posters and when Sakuya asks for Rei to show his – it’s so abstract they can’t figure out anything, though Yorihito seems to appreciate his art lol. (If you see Narumi’s, you can hardly figure out anything and Sakuya recalls that he always got 1 mark for his art with the teacher commending on his passion. Yuzuru’s is so cute and girly that no one knows what to comment till Yakumo says that probably no one would’ve guessed he did it and Yuzuru takes it positively. Yakumo’s is good but it’s a poster asking for aikido members lmao.)

That night, Sakuya spots Fuu-san and realises that she hardly knows him even though it’s been 2 years since he took over his grandmother’s shop. When she questions why he became an exorcist, he wonders why himself too. The next day, Yakumo brings the person – Aki. Her organisation would always paste talismans at places that look like will invite trouble, and she apologises for messing up this time. The school actually had a strange case 10 years ago, where a student, Kawashino Yuuya, was found unconscious in an underground room. He never woke up and passed away just 4 years ago. After he was found, many strange incidents occurred and her organisation believes the cause to be a curse. Yakumo shifts away the locker and they discover a stairway to an underground room. Moreover on the wall, they find the names “Kawashino Yuuya” and “Fukihara Hinojou” written. Yuzuru decides to investigate further and prevents everyone from telling Fuu-san for now.

The second wish is from a girl who wants to meet a spirit. Mikoto tells Sakuya that spirits roaming this world sway between life and death. And with this girl being interested in them, she would also come to stand in between the two boundaries too. They go to find the girl and when she sees Rei, she gets excited and asks him all sorts of questions. But they can sense that she has another wish and after a long pause, she says that she would like for the spirits to not have any pain and wants Rei to go the heaven. Fuu-san responds immediately and Rei soon sees the light lol. Thankfully Sakuya holds him back. The girl finally admits that she wants to know what afterlife is like, as her mother passed away last year. She’d like to at least know that her mother is happy there. Rei assures her so, and that she must be looking down at her with a smile now so she should live happily too. The rest say the same too and the girl cries as she thanks them. Mikoto tells Sakuya that she has saved a live. If she was left like that, she would’ve gone over to see her mother on the other side sooner or later. But now she can continue living on.

On another rest day, Sakuya goes to see Rei and chances upon him with Mikoto. Rei found a kitty spirit but it doesn’t know that it’s dead yet and they’re discussing what to do. Sakuya advises letting it remain a little longer, since it probably never got to live long after its birth and asks Rei to pamper it lots for now. Mikoto believes that it the kitty is happy enough, it will surely go to heaven satisfied. While the kitty is used to Rei and Mikoto, it doesn’t seem to take a liking to Sakuya at all – it’s no surprise to her as it’s like this with all small animals (except the gods) though she didn’t seem to have this problem when she was little.

Sakuya: Hmm……as expected, the reason is ‘cos I’ve grown up to be an adult and forgot my pure heart……
Rei: There’s, there’s no such thing! You’re still pure as you were when you were young and haven’t grown up at all!
Mikoto: Yes yes, I’ll guarantee this too! You haven’t grown up at all!
Sakuya: ……what is this. I don’t feel happy at all……

On another day, Sakuya is late and her homeroom teacher, Suzuki-sensei makes her shift the tables at the old school building with him. He hasn’t been in a good mood recently as his grandfather’s land was deceived from him (read Yuzuru’s route for more!) but she can’t do anything about issues concerning the law. She also recalls that he made the wish about investigating the building and when she asks if he’s scared, he answers very shakily lol. They come to the classroom with the underground room and the teacher admits that he’s bad with this place ever since an incident back then, when he was still a student here. He decides to share what happened 10 years ago with Sakuya: there were two students who were always fooling around and Sakuya guesses that it must be Fuu-san and Kawashina. They hid in te air-raid shelter room below to classroom to avoid the teachers, as no one no longer remembered that there was such a room. Then Kawashino went missing for 2 days, and he was found by Fuu-san in the underground room in a coma. The cause couldn’t be found and he remained hospitalised. Fuu-san blamed himself and started holing himself up at home. Half a year later, Fuu-san disappeared.

Later, Sakuya sees Yuzuru and tells him what she heard. He’d found out the same thing and they go back to the underground room as he wants to confirm if the cause is a curse. There, he tells her that the school director has always taken an interest in fortune-telling, magic spells, legends and the like. As the only shelter in this building, this room had many spells cast on it, plus many books related to the topic were collected. After the war and with the change of directors and reconstruction of the school, they got rid of the books but a few still remained. Yuzuru guesses that Kawashino probably found one and thought it would be interesting to cast a spell on himself – one which transfers Taiyou’s powers to himself. Taiyou was a youkai which raged the lands a 1000 years ago. He confirms that there’s an evil spirit here, cursed by Taiyou’s powers. Kawashino probably died hating Fuu-san, and it’s only when Fuu-san recently came to this building that its powers grew. They decide to tell Fuu-san and everyone else about this, and they gather at Susanoo. After they do so, Fuu-san finally admits that he’d been trying to catch Kawashina, he became an exorcist for him after all. But  he never had the courage to meet him, and doesn’t know what to say to him either. Fuu-san finally tells everyone what happened.

They knew each other since elementary school and often did stupid things together, including skipping school often. Kawashina found the room first, and they soon moved all of their stuff in to make it like their secret, comfortable hideout. While everyone was studying above, they were slacking below. It was fun, till Fuu-san found the book. Kawashina, who’d claimed to have spiritual power since before,  sensed something bad about it. But Fuu-san found it fun and wanted to try a spell inside. The method was simple: in a room with no sunlight, draw a simple figure on the wall, and place the box with the sesshoseki on your forehead, and chant the curse. It’s also written that you can be released from the monstrous power only once, by getting someone else to accept it from you. While Kawashina threatened to break it off with him, Fuu-san went to uncover the stone and performed the spell in the underground room. He fainted after that, and woke up to see an unconscious Kawashina, the box gone, and the book turned to the page about getting someone else to accept the power from you. Fuu-san realised what went on immediately – Kawashina saved him by accepting the power himself.

Not able to wake him up, Fuu-san called the adults but not even the doctors could do anything. And no one believed him when he tried to explain the situation. He searched for a solution for months, and decided to ask a well-known exorcise he’d seen on TV for help. But the cost was high so 6 months after Kawashina had fallen into coma, Fuu-san decided to become the exorcist’s disciple to help Kawashina himself. He earned money and gained power, and finally returned – only to learn that Kawashina had passed away already. Fuu-san could only laugh wryly before his grave, before crying a bit. People who die from curses can’t go to the after world directly, and their spirits are forever lost in between. But if they can’t stay on this world for too long either, for they won’t be able to reincarnate. Fuu-san doesn’t want his friend to face such a fate and he promises everyone that he’ll do something about it now and will inform them when everything’s ready. Sakuya goes to talk to Rei afterwards and he says that he doesn’t feel any hatred from the spirit. Kawashina didn’t hesitate to save Fuu-san so they must’ve been close friends. He hopes that Kawashina will forgive Fuu-san and that they can part ways happily, and Sakuya feels the same way too.

The third wish is about someone worried over suspicious noises from the school. Mikoto and Yorihito decide to tag along too as they sense that this may be something big. They go at night, when spiritual activity should be higher and Sakuya senses something off from the new school building. They soon realise that no matter how much they climb, they appear to be stuck on the 2nd level. Mikoto explains that it’s nothing really dangerous. Right now, Sakuya’s walking around with people with high spiritual energy. So this mass of spiritual energy is throwing this area into confusion, plus this school easily accumulates yin energy. As a result, bad impacts can occur. But at least no evil spirits will come close. Simply put by Yorihito, the school’s spiritual balance is thrown off-balance.

As they wonder why it’s only happening now, they finally realise it’s ‘cos Yorihito and Mikoto are with them now! Since the rest of them have come to school without any problems all this time. They try to find a way out but one by one, each of them are caught in some trap and only Sakuya and Rei are left together. Rei assures Sakuya that everyone is alright and they’ll be too, and this reliable side of him makes her feel safe. But suddenly, they’re chased by a train and Rei quickly carries Sakuya and flies as quickly as he can. They see a light in a distance and finally find themselves at the school entrance where everyone else is – though Yakumo and Yuzuru seem to be stuck in a bad dream. Mikoto says that such huge power can’t last for long, at most only a few hours. Instead of slowly waiting for the spiritual unbalance to materialise, they basically forced it to explode so it should be okay now.

On a rest day, Sakuya goes to visit Rei, who welcomes her with open arms and even prepares tea for her. She admires how he prepares everything as if he were a magician, and is pleasantly surprised by how delicious it tastes. But later Rei tells her that it was all an illusion, but he’s happy that she enjoyed everything.

Some days later, Sakuya is still concerned over Fuu-san’s case and she drops by Susanoo with Yakumo. Fuu-san has just prepared everything, and shows them a crystallisation of spiritual power which should rid of Kawashina’s curse. Rei comes dashing in soon after as he informs everyone that the youkai‘s power has spread throughout the old school building. At this rate, evil spirits and ayakashi will soon gather. For the moment Narumi and Yuzuru are suppressing it but it won’t last long. As they gather the preparations with Fuu-san, Rei goes to inform Mikoto, Yorihito and Aki too. When they arrive at the scene, they’ve managed to suppress the situation with Mikoto, Yorihito and Aki’s help. Aki also called her organisation for help just in case, and evacuated everyone with the lie that a bomb is in the school building. Fuu-san asks Sakuya to go in with him, as he’s like to at least see his friend off with god’s blessing. Inside, Fuu-san questions “what if” to himself, with the last wondering if his friend would still be alive if they hadn’t met. Sakuya sees that even if Kawashina forgives Fuu-san, perhaps Fuu-san still can’t forgive himself. She also witnesses their past, seeing Kawashina leading Fuu-san to the new room he’d found, but Fuu-san doesn’t seem to see it. When they reach the room, Fuu-san apologises for being late and asks if he’s angry – which isn’t impossible. As Fuu-san does the preparations, Sakuya prays for Kawashina to forgive his friend.

Suddenly, she hears a voice saying that he never hated Fuu-san from the beginning, and this was what he wanted to convey all this time. Sakuya then conveys to Fuu-san Kawashina’s last words: “I did that on my own will. I was happy to be able to save my friend. So don’t cry……don’t blame yourself. If you’re in such pain, then there’s no point in me saving you isn’t there? Don’t say that this place only has bad memories. There were plenty of happy ones too, don’t forget all about them. Please. At least smile for our last goodbye.” Though taken aback at first, Fuu-san manages to smile and says that if they meet in their next life, he hopes they can do stupid things together again and graduate together this time. Fuu-san says goodbye and with the help of the crystal, Kawashina disappears.

After that, Aki’s organisation found the book with the spells and took care of it. Narumi is worried about Sakuya, who hasn’t been to Susanoo since that day. So is Fuu-san too and Sakuya explains that she’s worried that he’ll close the shop and disappear now that his aim has been fulfilled. When she visits him that day, Fuu-san regretfully says that he’s planning to quit – but it’s his exorcist job and not Susanoo. He laughs at her and reassures her that her beloved Susanoo will continue business as usual. But then Yakumo shows up with the rest as they’re here to claim their end of his promise – to eat as many sweets as they want. They ignore Fuu-san’s protests and everyone helps themselves to the sweets. (Yuzuru even stuffed his mouth like a hamster pfffft.) Rei keeps up his end of the promise too and gives Fuu-san the records he found. But it turns out that it’s something he and Kawashina made when they were students, hoping to prank the adults lol so he was tricked by his own joke.

On the way home after Sakuya helped Rei water the flower bed, she apologises for what she said earlier. But Rei reassures her, he’s happy with the current situation and he gets to enjoy all this now ‘cos he’s a spirit. One day after school, Sakuya wakes up from a sad dream but she can’t remember what it was – Mikoto seemed to be in it though and she wonders if it’s ‘cos of their conversation that morning (see Yakumo’s route). Sakuya decides to go find Rei and spots him saying farewell to the kitty spirit. He thanks his friend for all this time and hopes that it’ll have a bright future, they’ll surely meet again. After it disappears, Sakuya learns from him that this isn’t the first time as for some reason, many small animal spirits gather here. But of course, he can’t get used to farewells and Sakuya takes his hand, wanting to convey that she’s by his side. Afterwards, Sakuya hears Rei’s many stories of his times with the kitty. On the way home, Rei thanks her for today. He hopes for her not to forget about him when they have to separate ways, ‘cos he won’t forget her either. That night, Sakuya dreams of a sad dream though she can’t recall what it is the next morning.


When Sakuya goes to find Rei after school, he senses that something’s bothering her and knows that it’s to do with her future career – even though he jokes at first that it must be love! So he offers to help her think over it.

Sakuya: Well then, let’s think over it again. Are there are jobs which look like they suit me? For example, policewomen, doctor, civil servant, entertainer……
Rei: Monk, priestess, undertaker, gravekeeper……
Sakuya: ……Rei-kun. Is it just my imagination that the line-up is deviating to one side?

But that’s just Rei joking and he thinks that she might be suited as a florist. Seeing her tend to them the other day, he recalls that she had a kind look in her eye. As they discuss further, they come up with other options such as a shrine maiden, a sweets store owner (like Fuu-san) and a teacher. Though Sakuya thinks that she’ll be laughed at by the likes of Narumi and Yakumo, Rei thinks that she has the kindness for it. As a god, she guides people in trouble with a helping hand, and teachers need to guide people with that same kindness too. Hearing this, Sakuya can’t help but think that Rei is a killer with his praises lol. They decide to try out all these four jobs and the next day, they go to find Narumi for Sakuya to try being a shrine maiden for the day.

Narumi: Shrine maiden……the god being worshipped here, even if temporarily, is you……
Rei: Worshipping yourself by yourself……you’re a self-sufficient person!
Sakuya: That’s right that’s right, congrats to myself! Please profit, myself!

So Sakuya works for the day, though they had to drag Rei back to earth when he was about to go to heaven when helping out with the shrine’s amulets. But at the end of the day, Sakuya realises that she isn’t cut out for this. The next day, Sakuya and Rei go to Fuu-san’s store and sit at the counter after his long lecture. Fuu-san disappears to play shogi and there’s no customers at all, till Narumi and co. show up. They heard of what she’s up to, though Aki seemed to misunderstand that she’s in financial trouble and is willing to help her as much as she can lol. Seeing the lively atmosphere, both Sakuya and Rei can understand the reason why Fuu-san continues to run this store. Fuu-san returns having lost the match and gives them some sweets as thanks. On the way home, Sakuya thanks Rei for accompanying her and he replies that he had fun too – he was able to watch her the whole day. Sakuya is glad to have consulted him and he falls silent, blushing.

The next day after school, Sakuya tries out being a teacher and Rei is excited to be a student. But he turns out to be more knowledgeable than her. Still, Rei insists that he thinks that she’s suited for it. Afterwards, Sakuya helps to tend to the flowerbed with Rei. Rei enjoys this as even when a flower withers, it’ll leave behind its seeds which will grow into new flowers even when he’s gone. He never gets tired of looking at them. Sakuya wants to talk a bit more but Rei has been feeling tired lately and needs to rest for today. He thinks that if it’s Sakuya, she’ll surely help to make all the flowers bloom in the flowerbed. When Sakuya replies that they’ll both do so, he only smiles sadly while seeing her off. The next day, Narumi notices that she’s been going to visit Rei almost everyday and says that it’ll only hurt for her later on. But he decides to not say anymore. That day, Sakuya brings her homemade ohagi to share with Rei. He suggests going outside to eat and along the way, he introduces her to all sorts of spiritual spots in town. When Sakuya admits that she’s bad with them, he sadly asks if he’s the same. Upon hearing Sakuya answer that he’s special for he’s Rei, he blushes and breaks out into a smile.

As they sit down to eat by the river, Sakuya learns that Rei eats the “existence” of the food. So he’s like eating a copy of the food and the food itself will just have a weaker taste. As a result, though Rei enjoys the food Sakuya also has to eat all of it. After they’re done, Sakuya spots two classmates who appear to be going out. She starts to get self-conscious and wonders if she and Rei can act the same. As she works up the courage to take his hand, her hand goes through instead. Rei explains that it’s ‘cos he’s a spirit he can’t be touched, but if he puts his mind to it he can, and takes Sakuya’s hand. But Sakuya thinks to herself that it’s only one-sided, and that she can’t touch him when he’s sleeping for example. That night, she recalls Narumi’s words and wonders what he was trying to tell her. She probably will get it if she thinks deeper, but she falls asleep before she can do so. Every time she meets Rei and talks to him, a warm feeling grows in her chest and she wonders what this feeling is.

Sakuya goes to visit Rei as per usual and seeing him gazing out of the window, she can’t help but feel that he looks more mature. She learns that he’s imagining the kind of life he had before. Though he has fun with everyone each day and didn’t mind it too much, he’s still a bit curious after all. Just like how he helped her find her future career, Sakuya decides to help find out about his past in return. They approach Aki for help, who takes down all of Rei’s details to compare against her organisation’s database of deceased people. As they walk back, Rei says that he’s thinking of seeing his family once after the results, and he’ll let her know how they are. He’s thankful to Sakuya for including him in her circle of friends, as he was alone all along before. Rei feels warm inside to be able to walk with her, and to see her face. It’s all thanks to her that he’s here and Sakuya feels the same way too. But he also thinks that they shouldn’t…only to break off his sentence and dismiss it.

The next day, Aki calls Sakuya to say that Rei can’t be found and she’s going try and check the missing people list. Sakuya goes to find Rei but he’s not around, so she leaves a note behind instead. Narumi appears to be waiting for her and on their way home, he advises her not to meet Rei anymore. They’ll have to part someday and unlike them, she’s special ‘cos she likes Rei. He then apologises for saying too much, but he doesn’t want them to have sad memories. That night, what Narumi said finally sinks into Sakuya and she finally realises that she likes Rei. The next day, Aki calls to say that Rei still can’t be found. The first possibility is that Rei has no close ones and passed away without anyone knowing, there’s another possibility but she doesn’t want to give Sakuya false hope and promises to continue searching. Sakuya has to tell Rei this, and can only apologise to him. Rei forces a smile, and tells her there’s no need to apologise as these things happen. Sakuya then takes his hand, and says that even if they can’t find his family she’ll always be by his side. She definitely won’t make him feel lonely. Rei can’t see her home that day as he’s not feeling well, so Sakuya promises to come by tomorrow again.

On another day, Sakuya is doing her homework while Rei is tending to the flowerbed.

Sakuya: Even, even if I don’t do my homework no one will die, but these children will die if no one gives them water! Isn’t it obvious as to which one is more important!?
Rei: No no, both are important. Leave the flowers to me……please go ahead first. It’s alright, I’ll definitely catch up with you later.
Sakuya: Isn’t that a death flag Rei-kun!?

Sakuya also learns from Rei that he enjoys tending to the flowers as he can leave a mark that he was here before, and with her too. Sakuya almost asks him until how long does Rei have, but stops herself as she knows that no matter what the answer is it’ll be painful. The next day after school, Sakuya finds a note by Rei saying that he’s gone to Narumi’s. Worried that Narumi will say something to him, Sakuya rushes over and soon finds Rei. He has something to tell her and he brings her to the park. Rei confesses that he can’t stay here for long, as the power required to continue existing is almost at its limit for him. He went to consult Narumi about this. Their time to part is near and Rei thinks that it’ll be around the Hoshi Matsuri. He was a dead person to begin with, and it’s already a miracle to be able to talk and touch her like this. And the miracle has come to an end, not even a god can undo this. So he thinks that it’s better for them to no longer be together, for he won’t be able to leave properly if he has lingering feelings. When Sakuya questions why, Rei confesses that it’s ‘cos he liked her. Even though it’s the words she wanted to hear, Sakuya can’t stop crying and Rei can’t wipe her tears away as his hands pass through her. He pulls back his hands and sadly bids her farewell. After that, Sakuya skipped 2 days of school.

Narumi comes to visit her, and as they take a walk Sakuya tells him everything. He thought that it’ll be better to separate and let time resolve everything. But perhaps he was wrong and if she’s in such pain now, maybe she should be together with Rei till the last moment so that they don’t regret anything. After hearing this, Sakuya decides to go find Rei the next day. Rei admits that even though he’d prepared not to see her again, he’s so happy to the point of tears to see her again. Sakuya confesses that she wants to spend time with him till the end, and that she likes him, even now. Hearing this, Rei can’t hold back after hearing those words, and tells her that he likes her even now too. As he presses his forehead against hers, he asks for them to be together till the very end, and for him to continue liking her till he disappears. After that, Narumi held a ceremony for Rei such that his condition should be okay at least until the Hoshi Matsuri. Everyone also visits Rei as much as they can so that he won’t be lonely.

They go acorn-picking in the forest after hearing Fuu-san talk of a tree which grows silver acorn – though it turns out to be Fuu-san’s misreading of gingko and acorn lol. But they still had fun, even with the intrusion of the Three Gods. They also went fishing with Yakumo and Yuzuru – though Yuzuru ended up catching nothing and sulking for a bit pfft. Yakumo also comments on how Sakuya and Rei look like siblings, but insists that he’s not giving up his older brother position. Even when Rei tries to clarify their relationship, Yakumo still challenges him to a duel lol. And at the shrine, Fuu-san brings some fireworks for them to play though Narumi is sure that he’s just clearing his stock. On another day, Rei asks if Sakuya has decided on her future career. She thinks that she’ll find it very soon and Rei is relieved to hear this, as that was his only worry. As he sees her off, he remarks that he’s thankful to have met her and everyone and he’s really blessed. Sakuya remarks that she’s happy too, but she lies that she’s happy enough to forget any pain as she knows that the bigger the happiness, the bigger the pain.

On the day before the festival, everyone decides to hold a school day for Rei. Everyone takes turns to be the teacher and everyone has fun. At the end of the day, Sakuya presents Rei a large coloured paper with everyone’s message for him. As for herself, she gives him a letter. Even though Rei was lonely all along and didn’t know what his previous life was like, he’s thankful to have met everyone and it was a short, but meaningful time. Everyone slowly leaves and it’s just the two of them left. She wonders if they’ll walk pass each other as strangers in their next lives, or be lovers like now. Though Rei agrees to this at first, he admits in the end that he doesn’t want to wait till then. He wants to be with her in this life, as Mizuniwa Rei. Sakuya hugs him closely, and tells him not to cry but to smile, including when it’s their last time together. But on the way home, Sakuya admits to herself that Rei stole the words right out of her mouth. She wants it to be this life, as Kamiki Sakuya too. Though she tells herself not to cry, she can’t stop her tears. In the end though, Sakuya couldn’t prepare herself at all and didn’t go to see Rei off on the night of the Hoshi Matsuri. After Sakuya wakes up from a sad dream of Rei, she heads to school. It’s been one week since then and everything is slowly changing. Yakumo has left town on scholarship to a university, Mikoto has left for heaven and she can no longer see Yorihito or the gods.

But Sakuya still visits the old school building regularly and converses as if Rei were still there, admitting that she wanted him to always be with her. Then in the recent few days, acorns keep falling on the floor. Sakuya follows its trail to spot a note written by Rei: “I’m by your side. Keep it a secret from everyone else.” Both touched and delighted that Rei is still here, Sakuya starts to converse with him by writing on the notepad.

Sakuya: It’s a fine weather today.
Rei: I think so too. The sunlight feels good.
Sakuya: Shall we plant new flowers in the flowerbed next time?
Rei: Of course. Let’s plant lots of flowers.
Sakuya: Today Susanoo had a 1% off sale.
Rei: The price setting is just like Hinojou-san.
Sakuya: Do you know the answer to this question?
Rei: You have to do your own homework by yourself.
Sakuya: I have lots more I want to convey.
Rei: Me too. I want to talk more with you.
Sakuya: Just words alone is frustrating.
Rei: That’s……right.
Sakuya: ……I want to hear Rei’s voice.
Rei: ……I think that it’s possible. Could you bring a radio?

Sakuya brings one the next day and she’s finally able to hear Rei’s voice through it. As they continue to converse like this each day, Sakuya tells him one day that she’s going to aim to be a teacher. Just like how he talked of flowers leaving behind their seeds to bloom and hence leaving behind his proof of existence, she wants to leave behind her knowledge to the children. Plus if she returns as a teacher here, she can continue to look after the flowerbed. But of course happy things don’t last for long and one day Narumi finds out the truth. By right Rei should no longer be here, he and Yuzuru properly saw him off on the night of the festival. But if he’s still here, it means that Sakuya is binding him and stopping him from moving on. If this goes on, Rei won’t be able to go to either worlds and will be stuck in between in eternal loneliness. Just for a few more days, a few more hours to be with her, Rei has chosen to be alone forever. Sakuya has to say goodbye to Rei to avoid this, not just words alone but from her heart.

Even though she knows that she has to do it, Sakuya hesitates each time. Rei is also at his limit as his voice no longer comes through clearly and they go back to writing to each other. As she flips through their notes one day, she looks at Rei’s many kind words and realises how selfish she’s being. She finally heads to the old school building and starts writing a long letter to him in the notepad. As she recollects all of their memories, Sakuya finally the last word to him: “goodbye” – filled with their joyful memories, gratitude, and love for him. Sakuya then has a dream, of them tending to the flowerbed but for some reason she can’t hear their voices. As Rei tries to tell her something, Sakuya can’t make out anything and with a troubled smile, he hugs her and gently kisses her. His body feels warm for some reason, and all of their feelings for each other are conveyed through that one kiss. Sakuya knows that this is really goodbye now and Rei slowly fades away. When she wakes up, she sees Rei’s last word to her written on the last page: “do your best”.

In the epilogue, Sakuya has become a teacher at her old school 10 years later. It’s also been decided recently that the old school building will be knocked down soon. She receives a call from Aki who reports that the 10-year investigation has finally bore fruit. She found it odd that he wasn’t found on both the deceased and missing people list, in other words he’s still liv— —the call cuts off abruptly though, and Sakuya guesses that Aki probably tripped on something. Sakuya goes to visit the old school building later, which holds many memories for her and Rei. Even after 10 years, it feels as though she hasn’t moved on from that day. She then goes to see to the flowerbed, thinking that she should move them to another place soon. She wonders how Rei will react upon knowing that she’s now a teacher. Just then, a familiar voice tells her that she shouldn’t water the flowers too much. As Sakuya looks up, she instantly recognises the man as Rei, who smiles back saying that he’s not a spirit this time. Tears start to flow down and Sakuya welcomes him back, to which he replies that he’s home.


Rei…what did you do to my eyes, I mean, I kinda expected the sad scenes but still I ended up crying sobs. His route was pretty straightforward but I found the first half of his individual route really cute – and then the sad moments hit. While I was delighted with the happy ending, I really wanted to know more about Rei’s background. Please let me hear your report Aki! I think that there’s no doubt that he was alive all this time but in a coma – which would explain why Aki didn’t want to give false hope at first, and at the end her sentence was cut off at 生き— —. Anyway, Rei is a really kind character and I laughed a lot at his jokes too, which would sound as though he was serious due to his tone. Oh yes, and his voice lol. You really have to hear him for yourself to get what I’m referring to. While I enjoyed his route, I don’t think his character was developed as much as Yuzuru or Yakumo in their own routes. But that doesn’t change the fact that I love him, I really want more of adult Rei.

My want for a FD grows with each route. Anyway, I’ll be doing Narumi’s route next!


2 thoughts on “Kami naru Kimi to: Rei’s Route

  1. Teruru says:

    The ending made me cryyyyy. ;;;;;;w;;;;;; I really love the kind of gentle eyes Rei have too. There’s so much unexplained in his route that I was hoping for an FD but… I’M STILL WAITING OTOMATE.

    Have fun in Narumi’s because your heart will be crushed once more…. _(:3」∠)_


    • Yume says:

      Teruru, you comment so quickly! www

      Omg I know right, his gentle eyes. While doing his route I couldn’t help but think what pretty eyes he had. /o\ I’LL WAIT WITH YOU FOR AN FD.

      T-thank you…I-I’m looking forward to it…? (´;ω;`)


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