Kami naru Kimi to: Narumi’s Route

Sakaki Narumi (CV: Hoshi Souichirou) is Sakuya’s childhood friend and next-in-line to look over the shrine. Though he doesn’t express himself much, he’s always looking out for Sakuya and the rest. I recommend reading Yakumo’s review first ‘cos all the common stuff is explained there; I’m not going into overlapping details for later routes.

The common route is the same – just that the wishes are different, Sakuya takes on someone else’s request instead of Aki’s, and everything else is Narumi-focused. Narumi accompanies Sakuya in order to lure out the person watching her, though she doesn’t think much of it and remarks how she’s enjoying being a god so far. Narumi chuckles at this, thinking how she looks like she’s having fun as always. Though she doesn’t get what he’s referring to, Sakuya does like it when he smiles. He’s often misunderstood as he doesn’t speak often, but he’s really just a normal boy. Narumi admits that he’s happy to be able to support her now, after always being saved by her all this time.

On the day Mikoto suggests Sakuya finding a wish to grant, she decides to try asking Yorihito. But he immediately insists that he’s not worried about anything and even runs away from her. She also learns from Narumi that he’s been sighing a lot, especially after she became a god. This makes her worried since the source is her then, but that’s just Narumi’s guess and he’s willing to cooperate with her to find out the truth. Sakuya spots Mikoto and Yorihito later and watches them from the bushes – only to see that they act like a regular pet dog and owner since Mikoto even plays catch with Yorihito pffft. When she waits for them to return at the shrine, Narumi tells her that they usually don’t return till midnight so Sakuya gives up waiting for that night. After that, she hears from Narumi about Yorihito’s daily schedule and there’s nothing irregular – in fact it’s exactly like how a dog would stay guard at home and have daily walks lol. Thankfully, Sakuya finally gets a clue from Mikoto as he explains that a shrine usually has two komainu but Yorihito’s the only one here. Unfortunately it takes a long time to breathe life into objects so the only thing she can do now is to just stay by his side.

On the night Narumi holds the ceremony between them and later mutters that it’s no longer the same, Sakuya answers that she is herself and so is he. After a long silence, Narumi replies that it would be good if nothing really changed between them.

The first wish Sakuya has to fulfill is to help out at an old man’s takoyaki shop as his waist has been hurting him recently. Yuzuru is reluctant to help out at first, but then Yakumo starts to provoke him by saying that they’ll do something about it without then since he’s bad at cooking lol. Sakuya observes how easily manipulated Yuzuru is. But while Narumi and Yakumo see the old man back home, neither Sakuya nor Yuzuru know how to cook takoyaki. Just then Fuu-san comes along, who claims that a bride needs to know how to make them, and the same goes for job applications lmao. Sakuya manages to pick it up really quickly though Narumi keeps failing even though he’s usually good with his hands – in fact it even exploded. He feels regretful though and tries one last time when they’re done for the day, though it’s still no good. So Narumi promises to definitely make delicious ones next time. On her rest day, Sakuya goes to study at Narumi’s but she keeps slacking off. In the end, she rides out with Narumi on his bicycle to Fuu-san’s store and insists that she’s not slacking off lol. Seeing them together, Fuu-san asks if they’re on a date now but Narumi remarks that he’s more like her guardian. He blushes when Fuu-san teases him though.

While Yorihito appears to be in a better mood, he’s also talking to himself more and Sakuya thinks that he may be possessed. She gathers everyone to discuss the matter, with poor Rei insisting that it isn’t him at the same time. They decide to split up for the investigation and Sakuya tags along with Narumi to question Yorihito himself. He flees at the sight of them though, insisting that he’s not hiding anything – or any children either lol. As they’re walking, Sakuya knows that Narumi has always worried about everyone else since young. She recalls how he’d rushed over when she had a fever in elementary school and was on the verge of tears. Narumi pretends not to remember anything though and walks off. Nobody found any new information, except for Yuzuru who found out that Yorihito was modelled after a role model. When they’re back at Fuu-san’s shop to discuss, Aki tells them that recently there’s been a slightly weird change of energy around Yorihito. Just then, Yorihito himself shows up at the store to ask Fuu-san something and everyone starts chasing after him.

They finally corner him at the shrine and out of the blue, a puppy tells them not to bully his father. Yorihito explains that though they’re not related, they made a vow and the puppy introduces himself as Yorihito Junior. Yorihito found the puppy one day when it fell down from the sky and decided to take him in, but was afraid that he would be asked to abandon Junior since the shrine is so poor lol. Of course they keep Yorihito Junior, though Aki seems to have some reservations. After that, Yorihito trains Yorihito Junior to be a great komainu each day.

The second wish asks Sakuya, as the new god, to attend an event the gods hold each year. Yorihito explains it as an event to see how much you think of humans. They all go to the park where Mikoto has set up a boundary to hold a quiz. Mikoto has registered all of them and since it’s an individual event, they’ll compete against each other. But Narumi refuses to compete against Sakuya, who is his master, plus he thinks that Sakuya will have pitiful results on her own. So Mikoto allows them to be in the same team. The quiz questions are all about the towns people. They manage to advance smoothly but upon one question asking on how to advice a love between people of different social status, Sakuya doesn’t know the answer since it isn’t that simple. Narumi understands this, and can relate to the problem too. The quiz ended up in a tie as Mikoto ran out of answers, but Narumi thinks that it’s good anyway as the other gods could take this chance to recognise her.

On another rest day, Sakuya spots a notice of the god of love holding a talk at her very shrine, so she decides to go check it out. She sees Aki there, who explains that only gods and people with high spiritual power can see the notice. The god of love, Kushinada-hime appears as Tama’s form as she possessed Tama. Sakuya doesn’t really have much interest in love though, so Kushinada-hime calls her out to teach her all about love and Rei and Yakumo suddenly appear next to them. She asks Sakuya to choose one of them. In either cases, they will both suddenly feel like they love each other but it’s not their real feelings. Still, both Yakumo and Rei will tell Sakuya that they shouldn’t be together anyway. Sakuya’s not sure that she wants to be in love though after this bittersweet experience, but Aki tells her that she can’t control love as it’s something you “fall” into.

One day, Sakuya holds a “kick the can” competition with everyone and Yuzuru is picked out as the oni. He gets really serious and catches almost everyone. In the end Sakuya and Yorihito Junior joins forces to win as she distracts Yuzuru and throws Junior to the can lol. But the fun days don’t last as Aki tells Sakuya that both Yorihito and Yorihito Junior’s powers are fading. Yorihito Junior is more of a spirit and though she isn’t sure yet, he probably needs to return to his rightful world soon. After that, all of them take turns to go to see Yorihito Junior each day without fail. One day, Yorihito Junior is missing and everyone splits up to look for him. Mikoto shows up with Yorihito Junior later, as he’d found him at the forest. Yorihito tells him off for worrying everyone but everyone’s happy that he’s safe and sound. Some days later, Aki gathers everyone at the shrine to tell them what she’d found out. Some hundreds of years ago, a puppy was born with spiritual power and chased by the villagers like an ayakashi, even its owner. Then it disappeared before everyone’s eyes on the night of the Hoshi Matsuri. He probably got warped in time and ended up here, and it’s best for him to return to his own world. If he doesn’t, the worst case scenario is that history will disappear. Yorihito opposes to this since it’s like sending Yorihito Junior back to his death, but Aki adds that Yorihito Junior will disappear sooner or later here, and Yorihito himself is weakening – probably ‘cos he has some link to Yorihito Junior. Sakuya wonders if there’s no way for them to be together, and both Narumi and Rei agree with her – the very least is to wait till the time Yorihito Junior has to return. In the end, Yorihito asks them to wait for a bit longer.

The third wish is from a mangaka who asks for help for his work. It turns out that Narumi is a huge fan of this mangaka, and of his work Kirara Rainbow, so he’ll do everything he can to help – it’ll be history’s greatest loss if the manga is discontinued! Sakuya calls Yuzuru and Rei for help too, and it turns out that Yuzuru has read it too ‘cos Narumi recommended it to him. Fuu-san also turns out to be an acquaintance of the mangaka, and they ask him to ask the mangaka to come to Narumi’s house for a change of location. Everyone can tell that Narumi just wants to see his favourite mangaka in action though lol, especially when he acts all anxious.

Narumi: Then, I’ll explain the charm of Sensei’s manga with everything I’ve got. Sensei’s sense of humour is perfect, and it’s filled with gags that is guaranteed to make you laugh aloud once every page.
Sakuya: So, it’s a gag manga?
Narumi: No, its genre is more of mystery. Sometimes it has outbreaks of gunfights and its aggressiveness can be compared to an A-grade war movie.
Sakuya: A mystery but with gunfights……? Plus it’s a manga and comparing to A-grade movies……

At the same time, Sakuya also observes that Yuzuru is secretly a huge fan too pfft. When the mangaka asks for advice, Sakuya suggests adding the romance element, to which Narumi agrees too. He thinks that it’s natural for love to bloom between people who’ve known each other for a long time, and there’ll be tensions between stepping from friendship to romance. The deadline is tomorrow too so everyone chips in to help – except Rei and Fuu-san. They finish it successfully and at the end, Narumi also gets to ask for an autograph, which he hugs to his chest and remarks how he’s glad to be alive~ On Sakuya’s rest day, she goes to visit Narumi at the shrine and he makes her do some cleaning up instead. He’s surprised that she did it obediently in the end, since whenever she offered to clean in exchange for him helping her out with her homework she would give excuses like stomachaches lol. He then remarks that it would be nice to remain like this for a while longer. Mikoto and Yorihito show up later and they all reminiscence the past together. Narumi praises Sakuya as only someone as kind as her could be god, which makes her embarrassed since he hardly praises her.

As the preparations to send Yorihito Junior back are being made, Yorihito continues to teach him till there’s nothing left to be taught. Yuzuru then informs them that everything is ready and return Yorihito Junior tomorrow. That night, Sakuya can’t fall asleep and ends up walking to the shrine where she sees Yorihito. Yorihito remarks that Junior can now return and will surely be alright. But he admits that he wished that these days could continue on forever and he recalls all of his memories of Junior to Sakuya. The next day, Sakuya calls Narumi out and as they walk to the shrine together, Narumi finally breaks the silence: the world is a really cruel place. Separations are so sudden, and dreams aren’t fulfilled no matter how much you long for the opposite. Yet the world ignores all these which results in sadness and precious things being destroyed. But even so, there are still kind encounters and little things you gain in so as long as you believe in that, the world is still a kind place after all. Narumi apologises for not being able to convey himself well but Sakuya knows that he’s comforting her and thanks him.

But at the shrine, Yorihito is missing so everyone else who isn’t required for the procedure splits up to look for him. After searching everywhere, Yorihito finally shows up before Sakuya, having kept himself hidden all this time. Yorihito doesn’t want to be present as he’s sure that he’ll cave into his own weakness and stop Junior from leaving. But Sakuya tells him that even so, he’s Yorihito Junior’s father and has to see him off as a proper dad. Hearing this, Yorihito is finally convinced and they rush back to the shrine. Seeing how they can’t make it back in time, Sakuya wishes on her charm as a last resort and a blinding light surrounds them. As she’s filled with Yorihito’s thoughts towards Yorihito Junior, they transport back to the shrine and Yorihito sees Junior off, guaranteeing his son that he’ll be happy. Some days later, Aki comes to tell them what she has found out. Following the disappearance, Yorihito Junior returned the next day and said that his name was Yorihito. After that, Yorihito saved many lives when a big disaster hit the town and a sculptor who heard of this tale created a komainu for the shrine, modelled after the dog. He poured in so much effort into the komainu that he’d forgotten to make another one, and named it Sakagami Shouzaemon (after the name of the store and sculptor’s name) Yorihito. In other words, Yorihito was modelled after Yorihito Junior. Yorihito is happy to know that Junior continues to live in his name and blood, and asks Sakuya to accompany him on a walk.

One day after school, Sakuya and Narumi head to Susanoo on the way home. Sakuya remarks how once her role as god ends, so will her relationship with all the other gods and spirits. But Narumi smiles and replies that he’ll always be with her just like before. At Susanoo, Fuu-san asks them to tend to the store while he’s going out to take care of something at the old school building (see Rei’s route for more!) and allows them to eat anything within 100yen. He also warns them not to flirt with each other in his store which creates a very awkward tension between the two later on lol. As they sit down to eat later, Sakuya comments on how they’ll be going separate ways soon. Out of the blue, Narumi asks how she’d react if he said he’d liked her all this time which makes Sakuya speechless. Narumi then says that it was just a joke. But to go back to the question, Sakuya answers that she isn’t sure since they’ve been childhood friends for so long. Hearing this, Narumi replies that he didn’t mean to bother her – plus they definitely won’t go out anyway.


Sakuya is the only one in class who has yet to submit her future career choices. It’s ironic how she’s a god who grants other people’s wishes yet she doesn’t know her own wish. Narumi enters the classroom as he’d forgotten something and asks about her submission. Flustered, Sakuya lies that she’s probably going to university so Narumi answers that they’ll go separate ways after a year then. He’s going to study a Shinto-related course so as to succeed the shrine from his grandfather. As they walk back home together, Sakuya is still unsure about how she’ll be like in the future as she can’t really imagine leaving this town. After a long silence, Narumi offers to treat her as Susanoo’s. As Fuu-san teases them on being on a date and Sakuya denies this, Narumi is thinking too seriously over which sweets to buy and ignores them lol. As they walk back later, Narumi is trying out a new flavour but Sakuya doesn’t understand why he has to when it’s bound to taste awful from its name. He seriously answers that one can’t help but tread on paths which haven’t been walked on before pfft.

Narumi sees her home and before he leaves, he tells her that everyone else is feeling uneasy about the future too, so there’s no need to think that she’s the only one. For some reason, Sakuya realises that she’s been feeling nervous about him lately and wants to be with a little longer. So she offers to help him out at the shrine tomorrow, and also lies that she was supposed to meet Mikoto today, and she walks back with him to the shrine. But Narumi is also glad as he wants to be together a little longer too.

The next morning, Sakuya heads to the shrine and the rest of them think that she’s feeling sick from how she looks. Sakuya insists that she’s fine and Narumi gets her to promise him to not push herself. Mikoto informs her that they’re preparing for the Hoshi Matsuri (a festival which worships the stars) and also an important ritual for Narumi to succeed the shrine. The sacred tree behind is to worship something else. As for Mikoto himself, people saw the stars falling from the sky as messengers from heaven and started to pray to it. With the accumulation of these wishes, Mikoto was born just like that. But since he’s retiring soon, this shrine will worship something else then. The Hoshi Matsuri has many prayers surrounding it and one of them is a sad love story. But before he can get into it, Narumi is ready and they head to the next location for the purification ritual. On the way, Sakuya asks if Narumi knows of the story. He does, and simply put it’s that of a forbidden love.

A 1000 years ago, the Sakaki family governed the land here and maintained the protective barrier cast by the gods. As a result Mikagurayama enjoyed peace. Sakaki’s Shinto priest then had a daughter, who fell in love with a youkai that later came to be known as Taiyou. Taiyou raged the lands and was later chased by people, so he escaped to Mikagurayama where the kind-hearted daughter took pity and opened the barrier for him. But as a result, many humans and gods suffered. Furious, the gods took away the Sakaki’s family governing position and put a curse on the daughter, such that she can’t fall in love with youkai or gods again. However she and Taiyou still loved each other. But the gods made use of her love so that they could rob Taiyou of his powers and kill him when he’s weakened. But even though the girl was devastated that she’d brought tragedy to this land and assisted in killing her lover, and even with the curse consuming her, she continued to love Taiyou. One god took pity on her, and erased her memories of Taiyou and hence she was saved from the curse. While not knowing what she’d lost, the girl continued to moan and refused to marry. In the end, she kept searching the forest for someone till she fell ill and passed away.

While Sakuya remarks that it’s an rewarded love, Narumi thinks that the girl’s strong feelings overcame the curse in the end. It’s said that she regained her memories in that world and was reunited with Taiyou. That’s why it’s said that if couples exchange vows during the Hoshi Matsuri, their bond will never be broken, not even by death. Somehow the tale sounds familiar to Sakuya and unknowingly, she starts to cry. They soon arrive at the river, where Mikoto and Yorihito inform them that they’ll be here till tomorrow afternoon, inside a special barrier. Moreover once the barrier has been cast, they can’t get out till the ritual is over, except for certain people. After Mikoto leaves behind the rucksack containing their necessities  he and Yorihito leaves them alone. While Sakuya panics at first, Narumi tries to calm her down by saying that nothing will happen. Still, Sakuya can’t help but feel self-conscious and tries to calm herself down by stating how Narumi is a childhood friend, mature, bad with romance so it’s fine – plus they’re out of each other’s target zone! Overhearing this, Narumi replies that there’s no such thing and that he’s still a guy after all. Things get awkward and they pretend that they didn’t have the conversation as they prepare dinner. They have fun, though Sakuya knows that this won’t last so she remarks that it would be nice to spend more time like this together – just the two of them – to which Narumi agrees.

He then recalls when he’d first transferred here. He was thought of as weird and abnormal by others, and he couldn’t open up to anyone and was bullied. In the end she stepped in for him, wanting to be his friend. But at that time he kept rejected her and said mean stuff, and he’d always wanted to apologise for it, and also thank her at the same time. Even though she’s happy, somehow he sounds like he’s saying goodbye. Later when they go to sleep, Sakuya feels Narumi’s presence close to her and she starts to panic. But he merely touches her cheek, as he thanks her for everything. She then feels what appears like tears drop down and when she opens her eyes, she spots Narumi going into the river as part of the ritual. As she watches his beautiful figure, she recalls how she’s been nervous around him and always thinking of him recently – and realises that she’s fallen in love with Narumi.

She falls ill the next morning and Narumi takes care of her. To their surprise, when he reaches into the rucksack to get something cold for her – the 500yen ice-cream she’d wanted appears in his hand lol. As Narumi conducts the ritual later, Sakuya soon falls asleep and dreams of their past. They’d confessed to each other, and even held a marriage ceremony thinking that they’ll really grow up to marry and live together in the future. She then said that if he were to work at the shrine, she wouldn’t mind becoming the shrine’s god. But Narumi kept insisting that she can’t become one, but refused to say the reason why. She wonders if this has some link to why he’d look rather sad after she became god. Thinking that he’s going away somewhere far, she reaches out to hug Narumi but he disappears. Sakuya then wakes up to find herself being carried by Narumi. When she apologises, Narumi says that he doesn’t think of it as a bother, and asks her to take better care of herself. Sakuya then recalls the dream and asks him not to go anywhere. Even though Narumi answers that he’ll always be with her, somehow Sakuya senses that he’s lying but she doesn’t mind being lied to at the moment. At the shrine, the Three Gods are with Mikoto and Yorihito, here to vow again on the Hoshi Matsuri that they’ll protect the land from disaster.

Sakuya suddenly passes out though and wakes up later at night. She goes out and finds Narumi talking to Yorihito, and overhears Narumi saying that it’s okay already – he and Sakuya are just friends and he doesn’t think of her any more than that. Just then, their eyes meet and Sakuya tries to laugh off what she heard, and rejects his offer to stay over for the night. She apologises and dashes off. She didn’t think that Narumi didn’t see her as less important than she’d expected, and thinks that it would’ve been better to not have fallen in love after all. The next day, Sakuya avoids talking to Narumi only to see Narumi looking worriedly at her after school. He has something to say to hear but she avoids him and goes to the rooftop instead. There she meets Yakumo, and learns from him that he’s leaving soon after the Hoshi Matsuri into his new university. He apologises for telling her only now, and Sakuya feels down at how everything’s changing. To her surprise, Narumi had been waiting for her and he insists on them going home together. Though Sakuya is uncomfortable at first, she can see that he’s looking out for her as he keeps talking on the way back. He’d just heard about Yakumo moving out yesterday and thinks that it’s a given that they’ll all go separate ways. Everyone has different goals so they can’t stay together forever just ‘cos they’ve been together for a long time before. Sakuya will go to university, find a lover, and probably live happily – and so will he.

When he questions if she already has a lover or someone whom she likes, and Sakuya calls him cruel as he needn’t say it out like that. But Narumi sadly says that he merely wants her to be happy. But Sakuya feels troubled and she goes back home first. She ends up wandering in Susanoo and seeing her down, Fuu-san offers to treat her to anything within 200yen. When Sakuya asks him if love is always this painful, Fuu-san remarks that one can only wait for the pain to subside. There’s nothing in this world which is all good or all bad, so romance won’t be all pain either. As she walks home, Sakuya recognises that she likes Narumi and feeling more encouraged, she decides to first convey her feelings to him before hearing his answer. But each time she tries to confess to Narumi, Yakumo interrupts them to the point Sakuya wishes that he would just receive heaven’s punishment lmao. No matter where she changes the location etc. Yakumo keeps popping up and insists that it’s pure coincidence. And when he doesn’t appear she can’t sum up the courage. So Sakuya decides to write a love letter instead and after one week of of gruelling practise she finishes it.

She goes to school early the next day to slot it into Narumi’s shoe locker, only for Narumi to misunderstand that she likes someone else ‘cos she almost put it in the wrong one! Sakuya decides to hand it to them directly and will wait for his answer after school at the rooftop. He shows up then, and points out to her a fatal mistake she’d made: instead of “Please be my lover” she wrote “Please be my weirdo” pfffft. But he understood her meaning, though he points out another mistake: though she wrote that they thought of each other as siblings since young, he’d actually always liked her since young. However, it’s better for them not to be together as they’re not compatible. Narumi only apologises and refuses to say the reason, just that he thinks of it as unreasonable. Seeing her tear up, Narumi hugs her and asks what he can do to stop her tears. But Sakuya doesn’t know either and they walk home later holding hands. Even though Sakuya tries to probe for the reason, Narumi still refuses to say anything.

After that, Sakuya started to avoid Narumi as she knows that she’ll just trouble him by asking for the real reason. That is till one day when she finally decides to confront him at the shrine and Narumi finally gives in. He doesn’t want to put her in danger as the curse he told her about before, affects the whole Sakaki family – so he can’t fall in love with her, a god, or it will end up in tragedy. Even if Sakuya is a temporary one, once she’s been a god she’ll be considered as one from then on. Mikoto witnessed the tragedy a 1000 years ago but this is the first time another one may happen, and it is worth trying to see if the curse still exists. Even though he knew of this, Mikoto says that it was still necessary to make her a god though he won’t explain any further. Sakuya isn’t deterred by the curse and Mikoto says that even if the curse is true, once they break up it will no longer be in effect. So he suggests a trial period, till the Hoshi Matsuri, as if the curse is true Sakuya will need to use her god powers to dispel it. Moreover, only those of the Sakaki bloodline will be cursed so Sakuya will be safe. Upon hearing this, Narumi suddenly changes his attitude and remarks that their love can conquer this curse. As Sakuya worries over whether the curse is taking place already, Mikoto reassures her that Narumi’s just happy and relieved.

Narumi: Our love can drive away all difficulties so it’s alright.
Sakuya: Narumi, are you really okay!? Has Yuri-kun possessed you!?
Narumi: Love……that’s life’s flower. The ray of light that shines on your heart when trapped in darkness. A single rose blooming in the wilderness……
Sakuya: Poem!! You made, a poem!? That’s scary Narumi!!
Narumi: My love won’t falter a second time.
Sakuya: But my love looks like it’s about to falter! Narumi, return to your normal self!!

Narumi snaps back and apologises as he got too happy. Though she’s worried about the curse, he reassures her and asks her to believe in him. Mikoto mutters something about these two facing the same fate again and wonders if Taiyou can be tied to this time. He then asks the two of them to sleep together tonight, as he wants Sakuya to watch over Narumi’s condition. That night, Narumi thanks Sakuya for liking him and promises to make her happy. As he takes her hand, he promises not to let her go. The next morning, Mikoto and Yorihito drop by to check on Narumi and so far he’s fine. Yorihito appears to be in a bad mood but he has actually already thought up of names for their children pfffft. Mikoto asks Sakuya to be at Narumi’s side from now on so that she can deal with the curse whenever it appears. As they head to school together, they meet Yakumo, Yuzuru and Rei on the way. They were dragged to play games at Yakumo’s place last night and things turned into a real fight between Yakumo and Yuzuru midway lol. It’s been a while since they’ve been together like this so when asked if anything has changed, Narumi comes out about their relationship. Everyone is happy for them, and Rei has even thought up of names for their kids when it’s mentioned that they spent the night together – except for Yuzuru who questions if they’re feeling okay. Anyway, thanks to Yakumo announcing about their relationship to everyone, everyone at school and in town misunderstands how “far” they’ve gone and even start talking about their marriage and kids. While Sakuya is embarrassed to death, Narumi doesn’t mind the attention too much as everyone now knows that Sakuya is his~

They go to ask Sakuya’s parents for permission as Narumi will be busy with the festival preparations and Sakuya wants to continue watching over his condition. Her parents approve of their relationship swiftly, and even ask Narumi if he’s okay with their daughter lol. They take Sakuya’s belongings over to his place and that night, Mikoto asks to talk to Narumi concerning his curse. Narumi doesn’t return even till late so Sakuya goes out to find him and spots him sitting at the stairs. He thanks her for worrying, and reassures her that he’s alright and later kisses her. Narumi refuses to say anything and Sakuya can’t help but feel that something’s off about him.

And after that night, Narumi appears to have his head in the clouds more often and would sometimes wear a sad expression on his face. Still, he continues to reassure Sakuya that he’s alright. Then one day, Sakuya overhears Narumi asking Fuu-san if there’s any solution. But Fuu-san doesn’t have anything concrete and it’s not that he doubts Narumi’s feelings, but there’s a huge risk which involves death. Sakuya asks what’s going on but Narumi remains tight-lipped and leaves Susanoo. Fuu-san can’t say anything either, but just tells Sakuya that Narumi thinks of her as more important than anything else. That night, Sakuya waits for Narumi to return at the shrine and Mikoto shows up. When she asks him for the truth, Mikoto questions the depth of her resolution first: Is her love her Narumi the most important in the world? Would she sacrifice everything to protect it, even if that means sacrificing Narumi himself? Mikoto then finally explains that Narumi is already cursed and the details of the curse are way crueler than Sakuya had expected: the cursed person’s ability to feel is sealed away. Therefore, all the happiness you feel from seeing your loved one, hearing your loved one’s voice, touching your loved one will be sealed away too. In other words, Narumi’s five senses will slowly but surely be robbed away from him.

Sakuya goes to find at the riverside he always goes to when he’s feeling down, and when she calls out to him he doesn’t seem to be looking directly at her. When she confronts him about the truth, Narumi continues to reassure her but Sakuya would like him to rely on her more. After a brief silence, Narumi recalls their first meeting and says that he knew that she was bullied ‘cos of him but pretended that everything was okay. He always wanted to do something for her in return and to make her smile – yet even now he still can’t do anything and can only make her sad. Sakuya answers that just being with him is her happiness though, and that they’ll work hard together from now on. He agrees in return and they return back together. But at that time, neither of them had any idea of how in this world there are fates which can’t be resisted. No matter how hard to try or pray, not even god can do anything about it. After that day, the cursed worsened and Sakuya can only helplessly watch Narumi be consumed by the curse. They also explained to his grandfather about the situation and he could only ask Sakuya to take care of Narumi.

Narumi would have brief periods when all of his five senses are gone, before it returns to normal. From what he describes to Sakuya, it’s like being trapped in the dark. He knows that slowly, he’s not able to do things he could do before. One day, he tells Sakuya that he plans to take a break off school so as to focus on searching for a solution to the curse. When Sakuya waits for Narumi to return that night, she learns that his sense of taste is completely gone, while the rest of his senses still remain, ever so slightly. It’s like the world is getting further away from him. In response, Sakuya says that she’s with him and would also like to search for a solution with him. Sakuya asks around the likes of Aki, the Three Gods etc. for possible clues but there’s none at all. When she returns that night, she finds Narumi collapsed on the floor, wincing in pain. Unable to bear seeing him suffer further, Sakuya goes to find Mikoto to end everything. Yuzuru steps in though as he says that Sakuya should know the full truth and implications. Yuzuru reveals that Mikoto was the god who erased the girl’s memories of Taiyou 1000 years ago, as Taiyou had asked him to do so. Even though the girl refused, Mikoto still went ahead as he believed that it was for her own happiness. All along he was bothered by whether he’d made the right decision, and he’s about to commit the same error again. So he asks Mikoto to explain what it really means to cut off a bond before a god.

Doing so basically means forgetting about each other, even their memories from before, and going on separate paths forever. He’d thought that deepening their bonds till the Hoshi Matsuri, and then separating without knowing anything would’ve been happiness for her. But Yuzuru thinks that they themselves should decide what is happiness for them. Narumi then appears, and while he thanks Mikoto for worrying and not wanting to give them the painful decision, he doesn’t want to give up. To Narumi, losing their memories of each other is more painful than losing his five senses. He tells Sakuya not to blame herself, as this was his decision. Hearing this, Mikoto decides not to interfere anymore and will just watch over them.

3 days before the Hoshi Matsuri, Sakuya also takes a break off school so as to be by Narumi’s side. Narumi can hardly see, hear or touch anything now, and his sense of taste and smell are completely gone. Even so, he would want to take walks outside and Sakuya has to guide him. Even though she knows that he can’t hear, Sakuya still wonders aloud what will happen from now on. Narumi then starts to make his own conversation, as he recalls how Sakuya has hardly changed since they first met – such as how she’s a kind person that would take on other people’s pain as if it were her own. Even though he can’t see or hear her, he can still tell what she’s feeling. He tells her not to worry and that they’ll definitely make it through this. Hearing his words, Sakuya can only think how it’s fortunate that he can’t see her crying face now. That night, Sakuya spots Mikoto at the shrine grounds and though she didn’t mean it, she can’t help but let out all of her frustration on him. If only she hadn’t been made a god, then none of this would’ve happened. Mikoto can only apologise as he refuses to say the reason, but it was necessary for her to become a god. When Sakuya returns to Narumi’s place, she sees him standing outside alone – crying. Even though he’d always reassured her that everything is okay, does he always cry like this when alone? Sakuya hugs him and tells him that they’ll definitely be happy even though she doesn’t know if he can feel her. After a while, Narumi hugs her back but there’s a small sense of hopelessness too, that they’ll lose each other’s touch in 2 days.

If you look closely, Narumi’s eyes are now vacant…

1 day before the festival, Narumi returns from meeting an old god and he confides in Sakuya about something he’d been concerned with. The Hoshi Matsuri is a festival to create ties yet there’s the story of two lovers unable to be together. If the story is a true one, then it should be looked upon as a sad love story. Moreover, the festival was meant to pray for good harvest and people’s good relationship with nature in the first place. Narumi thinks that perhaps this story was mixed in by the Sakaki family to ask for forgiveness. So Narumi thinks that there’s a way to be forgiven and he’s been trying to meet a god who’d witnessed the event 1000 years ago. And he was told that if the two of them hold a strong enough bond, the curse will be undone on the night of the Hoshi Matsuri. But it’s a risky bet as if they don’t succeed, it means that Narumi loses his five senses for good.

On the day of the festival, Narumi performs his ritual role and later they’re told to go enjoy the festival. Having used much of his energy for the ritual, Narumi can hardly talk now. He still goes with Sakuya though, and they try to enjoy themselves to the fullest. After the festival, Sakuya brings Narumi before the shrine’s sacred tree. Even though he can’t hear, Sakuya says that she’d been thinking of what was the best way for both of them to be happy. She’s afraid after all, of the fact that he may remain this way forever. So even though they may be part ways, at least they’ll each be happy on their own. Sakuya learnt from Mikoto that you just need to say farewell before the sacred tree and it’ll end. But when she says so, Narumi tells her not to in a weak voice and wants her to believe in him. As much as she’d like to, Sakuya doesn’t want him to remain this way forever if the worst case scenario occurs. So he kisses her to stop her from saying anything further, and it’s as if he’s conveying to her to believe in him that they’ll definitely be happier. Sakuya decides to believe in him. As she prays from the bottom of her heart and with the remaining powers in her, for a miracle to occur such that both of them can be happy, the sacred tree starts to shine.

In the epilogue, a year has passed since then and there has been numerous farewells. Mikoto has returned to heaven, both Yuzuru and Yakumo have moved away, Rei has gone to heaven and is surely leading a new life now. Sakuya’s no longer a god so she can no longer see the other gods, and Aki has returned to her family. But she believes that she’ll meet them again one day. Today, Sakuya has changed into her shrine maiden attire as she’s helping out with the shrine preparations for the festival. Sakuya has decided to work there and will be going with Narumi next year to attend further studies in Shinto. They’ll continue to be together from now on and Narumi gives no reply as she stole the words out of his mouth. He takes this chance anyway and slips on a ring on her left hand. It’s a promise to continue walking together, and he thanks her for being by his side all this time and for believing in him 1 year ago. With a small smile, Narumi says that he loves her. Happy and touched by this, Sakuya asks how it fits her and Narumi replies that it suits her the best in this world.


Just when I thought that things couldn’t get ‘worse’, it did in Narumi’s route and omg some of those scenes were just so sad. It didn’t help that Sakuya’s narration made things 10x sadder and how in all the previous routes, you could observe how much Narumi always cares for Sakuya. He probably always thought that they couldn’t be together and hence would want her to be happy with the other person in the other routes. But in this route you can also see Yuzuru’s concern (though it’s not as obvious) and towards the end on the day of the festival, both Yakumo and Rei are gone already……wow I’m making myself depressed here. Anyway, I love Narumi. I relate a lot to his 無口 trait and he’s such a kind, silent and strong figure.

The writing was good, but I don’t think the story development was as strong as Yuzuru’s. I really do think that Narumi and Sakuya deserved that miracle. But the miracle (?) wasn’t explained too clearly. I can understand why all the routes bring in Hoshi Matsuri – a god’s powers is at its highest then so the crucial rituals etc. are held then. But I’m not so sure about two points: were the Sakaki family really forgiven in the end and so the curse is gone forever, what link did the sacred tree play in undoing the curse, if any, since it started to shine. Hopefully all the crucial details will be revealed in Mikoto’s route, which is the last one!


4 thoughts on “Kami naru Kimi to: Narumi’s Route

  1. Teruru says:

    Well, I think the sacred tree plays a huge part because it’s also where Mikoto turns Sakuya into a god. A great feeling (love) is needed to undo the curse, so the mutual trust between Narumi and Sakuya erases the curse Narumi’s ancestor and Taiyou weren’t able to (because Mikoto erased the daughter’s memories about Taiyou). So I want to believe that it’s a good happy ending and everything is resolved well. FD PLS OTOMATE.


    • Yume says:

      I don’t doubt that it’s a happy ending (if not, damnit writers lol!), but I think I found the answer I wanted in Mikoto’s route (about the sacred tree glowing). ^^/ Seriously, WHERE IS THE FD.


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