Kami naru Kimi to: Mikoto’s Route & Concluding Thoughts

The last route is Amatsukunihoshien no Mikoto’s (CV: Sakurai Takahiro), the former god of the Kunihoshi shrine with an easy-going personality and who likes to avoid troublesome stuff. Though he randomly has Sakuya take over his role, there appears to be a deeper reason behind his actions. Mikoto’s route is only unlocked after finishing everyone else’s, so I recommend reading all the previous reviews first; I’m not going into overlapping details.

When Mikoto informs Sakuya that she’ll have two tasks to do (the rumours of the old school building being haunted, and an evil aura from the (new) school building), he also adds that he has a personal request too – for her to go into the future to ask something. He allows her to choose either the two tasks or his personal request, and Sakuya chooses the latter. Basically, Mikoto would like Sakuya to go to the night of the Hoshi Matsuri, and ask his future self if his wish has been granted. It’s forbidden that the past self and future self meet each other so he has to ask Sakuya to do it. As they walk to the sacred tree, Sakuya learns that Narumi and Yorihito have gone to take care of the other two tasks. He tells her to follow two rules: 1) To not talk to anyone else except Mikoto and Yorihito. 2) To return to the sacred tree within 2 hours. If she doesn’t obey these two rules, she may not be able to return.

As Mikoto asks her to close her eyes and touch the tree, he chants a spell and a light envelopes around her. When she next opens her eyes, it’s nighttime already and she can hear the sounds of the festival. Sakuya goes to find Mikoto and spots her future self looking for Mikoto instead. She quickly hides herself and sees her future self crying, while saying that she doesn’t want to part like this. Tempted to ask what happened, Yorihito stops her as doing so is forbidden. He can’t say what happened either, but tells her that this is just one of the possible futures she may encounter. Though what path of fate people walk on is determined, but it’s up to the individual as to how he/she would walk that path. He prays that Sakuya won’t encounter a sad future. He also tells her that Mikoto is at the sacred tree and wishes for her to fulfill his wish. So Sakuya heads back there and Mikoto is waiting there for her. Upon hearing her question, the future Mikoto answers that his wish has been fulfilled, thanks to his beloved god. But he’d like to convey to his past self that things could’ve been done better. He’d made a blunder and she ended up realising everything so he wants his past self to be more careful. Now that her task is done, it’s time for Sakuya to return. Mikoto tells her to forget everything she witnessed here since there’s no need to have memories of the future. As he kisses her on her forehead, Mikoto wishes for her to return back safely. The Mikoto before her looks like he’d disappear anytime and for some reason it feels as though they won’t meet anymore after this night. So Sakuya can’t help but ask if they’d meet again even after the Hoshi Matsuri. Mikoto doesn’t give any reply, and only bids the person who’d saved him farewell.

She wakes up back in her present time, and upon seeing Mikoto she conveys the message. Mikoto remarks that just as expected, he’d slacked off at the end and he’s always making people sad. It’s better for her not to know anything, since she’ll soon forget about what happened. Narumi and Yorihito return from school, exhausted. With them are Yakumo, the student council president and one unfamiliar person, and it’s soon explained that Yuzuru and Rei are the culprits behind the rumours. Even though Yuzuru denies that he’s an ayakashi, he gets so excited that his ears and tail pop out pfft. When Narumi asks Sakuya about her task, she’s unable to recall what happened. That night, she sees Mikoto at the sacred tree and suddenly she recalls what she witnessed in the future. Sakuya recalls this to Mikoto, who is surprised, but later pats her on the head and tells her not to be afraid of a future which hasn’t come yet. It’s best to forget and concentrate on her duty as a god now. On the way home, Sakuya can’t help but feel that Mikoto is hiding something from her and decides to try and find out what it is. The next morning, Sakuya asks him why he made her a god. Mikoto hesitates as he thinks that she may get mad and quit. When she promises that she won’t, he answers that she’s simple-minded and can’t refuse requests. So he thought that if did a bit of flattery to make her feel good, he can push it off to her and hurry back to the onsen in heaven. Of course Sakuya gets mad at his nonsense.

Mikoto: ……well, that was just an American joke.
Sakuya: Joke!? Was it really a joke!? Wasn’t it a really serious tone!? Besides that, what’s with the American joke when you’re a Japanese god!
Mikoto: Ooh, nice tsukkomi. You have the quality for owarai. Isn’t that good, you’ve the certification from a former god.

But before Sakuya can further refute him, Mikoto tells her that she’s running late for school. While she has to rush off now, she definitely won’t give up. At school, Sakuya asks Narumi what he thinks and in a not-so-confident tone, Narumi replies that Mikoto probably has his reasons. Sakuya also learns more about Mikoto from Narumi:

He wanders around in the afternoon. His conversation partner is mostly a dog (Yorihito). Gets bored easily. Favourite phrase: If I get serious I’m actually pretty awesome you know? Favourite phrase 2: I think that if you work than it’s your loss.

Hearing all this, Sakuya can only conclude that Mikoto is a NEET! LOL. Narumi thinks that if he was a human that would be the case but since he’s a god, it’s a close save – probably. After school, Sakuya spots Mikoto and Yorihito on their daily walk, I mean patrol. Sakuya decides to not pursue the question further for today, and asks Mikoto what tips he has as a god. In response, he answers that it’s to not force oneself, don’t pay too much mind to failures, to learn to not listen, and to not grant heavy wishes. Though Sakuya doesn’t understand the last one especially, Mikoto tells her that she’ll understand when the time comes. She spots him again before the sacred tree at night. Mikoto realises her presence, and says that he was recalling something that occurred in the past. Though the way a god lives is slightly different from humans, they’ve lived for a long time so many things have happened to them too, including sad memories. The world is filled with sad things, that’s why their existences were created. In order to escape from the sadness, at least save their feelings by praying. That in turn created gods. One may say that existences like him is the symbol of the world’s sadness.

But Sakuya thinks otherwise, though she can’t express herself well. If so, people like Narumi who worship her are pitiful. She asks Mikoto to guide her in her role as a god, so as to learn what she can do and cannot do. Hearing this, Mikoto agrees if that means that her future will open up. When Narumi hears of this the next day, he wonders if Mikoto’s going to teach her how to slack off work lol. But it turns out that Mikoto wants Sakuya to decide what’s best for Yorihito, and Yorihito Junior. She thinks that it’s best that they make many memories together till the day they’ve to separate. As she sees how close the two of them get, Sakuya can’t help but feel how sad it is for them to have to part ways soon. But Mikoto tells her that with each encounter there will definitely be farewells. But the memories made within that time will certainly be precious. Though no matter how happy the memories are, it will come with some sadness too. While memories can tie people to the past, it can also push people to take a step forward to the future. Hearing this, Sakuya hopes that the memories between Yorihito and Yorihito Junior will be happy ones, to which Mikoto hopes and wishes for too. It’s a bit odd for gods to pray but there are times when they feel like it. That night, Sakuya sees Yorihito Junior at the shrine grounds. He doesn’t want Yorihito to see him sad and wants to remain a son he can be proud of. He admits that he truthfully wants to remain behind forever but since they’ve to part, he just wants to make the most out of the remaining days. In response, Sakuya tells him that Yorihito will surely proud of him.

After Yorihito Junior has returned to the past, Sakuya finds Mikoto by the sacred tree. Mikoto was just informing the start of the Hoshi Matsuri. The festival starts earlier for the people at the shrine. By right it should be her job as the current god but an old friend of his resides in this sacred tree so he thought that he should do it. He asks Sakuya to greet with him as they both touch the tree, it starts to glow. For some reason, Sakuya feels a sense of familiarity with the tree. And unknowingly, she starts tearing up. Mikoto sees her home and on the way, he tells her that the tree is his sin. After that, they help the Three Gods to protect their important place. When both Sakuya and Mikoto go to visit the place after the issue has been solved, Sakuya recalls being told by the Three Gods that a lot of humans would blame him whenever he couldn’t grant their wishes. She asks him if he hates humans and he redirects the question back at her. She thinks that there are many types of people which she both likes and dislikes and Mikoto agrees with her. Rather than seeing them as “humans” and “gods”, he sees them as himself, herself, Narumi, Yorihito etc. He doesn’t think that one should easily judge like that. As a god, he’s glad to have seen many people’s smiles but on the flipside he has seen many sad faces too. Even as a god, he can’t change people’s fate much and he watched them die in a sense. Mikoto feels that that’s his sin but Sakuya thinks otherwise as it’s not like he did anything bad. He thanks her as he’s been saved a bit by her kindness.

Following this, they help to resolve Kunugi’s issue and after the day he said goodbye to Aki, Aki comes to find Sakuya. She couldn’t confess her feelings in the end but she thinks that it may have been for the better. There have been many tragic romances between humans and ayakashi/gods, such as the one between a miko and an ayakashi 1000 years ago. It’s been said that many tragedies came about ‘cos of that romance. That night, Sakuya goes to find Mikoto and asks if he’d been in love before. He answers that he has, in fact he’s in love with her, Narumi, Yorihito etc. A god’s love is fair to all. But he admits that there are a few that he truly thinks of as important and wishes for their happiness – which includes her. After this, they help out with Fuu-san’s case and while he’s clearing things up, Sakuya goes to the rooftop. She wonders if there’s any way to lessen Fuu-san’s pain and Mikoto can only think of erasing his memories – but Fuu-san has rejected that. He himself wants to carry on the burden and pain. And it’s not just Fuu-san, many others continue struggling for forgiveness, and never receive it. While it pains them, they can only continue to compromise.

Mikoto: This world isn’t only made up of happy, fun and bright things. Sad things, cruel things, unrequited things. Things which will never come true no matter how hard you work for it. It’s not just your sins. The amount of sadness will also increase for as long as you live. But……that’s what it also means to live. (……) That’s right, it’s full of sad things. That’s why everyone clings to god. But……at the same time, there’s happy and blissful things too, that’s why everyone is trying to live.

After Fuu-san is done, he happily treats everyone but upon seeing his lonely expression for a split second, Sakuya can’t help but feel helpless. She can’t help but wonder how she should react when she personally comes face-to-face with sadness or pain. As the days pass, Sakuya manages to fulfill wishes with the help of everyone. But there were wishes she couldn’t help with either, such as Yorihito’s parting with Junior, Fuu-san’s sad past etc. But Mikoto comforts her each time, saying that there’s nothing can be helped about it. One day, Mikoto brings Sakuya out on a date to reward her hard work. He brings her to go fishing at a bridge and while they’re there, Sakuya looks back and feels as though she hasn’t been very helpful as a god. When he tries to comfort her, Sakuya wonders whose role is it then to save him. Could she save him with her powers as a god? Mikoto replies that she has saved him countless times with her kindness. To be honest, he thinks that her saying that she wants to save him is wasted on him. But if she still thinks that way, then his only wish is for her to be happy. Even though Sakuya should feel happy from his kind words, somehow she feels sad too and she knows that it’s probably ‘cos when he returns to heaven during Hoshi Matsuri – it may be an eternal farewell. For the first time, Sakuya realises that Mikoto has come to be a very important existence to her. When they return to the shrine, Sakuya asks if they could walk around together on the day of the festival, and Mikoto answers that he’ll think about it.

On another day, Sakuya hears a voice from the sacred tree asking her to save Mikoto and for some reason she tears up. Mikoto appears and she asks him once more to tell her the truth as she explains what she’d just heard. He decides to tell her the truth – that he’s a woman lmao. Of course that’s just a joke and since it appears like she’ll know the truth sooner or later, it’s better for him to tell her himself then. 1000 years ago, a strong youkai was born, even more so thanks to human hatred. It was known as Taiyou, and its natural instinct was to destroy everything hence many were killed. But after a harsh battle, it escaped to Mikagurayama with heavy injuries. Mikagurayama was governed by the Sakaki family then, and was strongly guarded the the gods there so Taiyou collapsed just outside. The youngest daughter of the Sakaki family took pity and saved him. While touched by her kindness, Taiyou was also afraid of harming her once his powers return. He wanted to escape before his true nature explodes but his location was found out and men were sent after him. Taiyou ended up going rampant but the girl remained by his side to calm him down and when he did, he could only cry after learning what he’d done. They eventually fell in love with each other but the gods cursed the daughter upon learning this, and also gave a role to kill Taiyou. She was to marry Taiyou and kill him when she had the chance – if she refused someone else would do it and it’s clear that that someone would end up getting killed by Taiyou. So the girl accepted the role, not wanting someone else to die in her place. She was given a fragment of the Moon Stone, which was Mikoto’s true nature in a sense. The stone was to absorb all of Taiyou’s powers and purify the evil energy. But at the same time, it would eat away at Taiyou’s soul too. Hearing this, the daughter asked for her life to be taken instead – but Taiyou had always been tortured by his powers so she didn’t mind if the former were to still happen. Wanting to let Taiyou escape and fake his death later, the girl started to live with Taiyou. Taiyou eventually realised the truth and she told him while people hate him, he was born out of their hatred so whose sin is all of this. She just knows that he can’t remain here any longer and wants him to escape to somewhere where no one’s hatred can reach him. But Taiyou only wanted to save her, moreover as he’s been weakened he couldn’t escape from the attacks.

In the end, Taiyou appeared before Mikoto and asked for two things: for the stone to stop eating away at the girl’s life, and for her memories of him to be erased so that the curse no longer tortures her. After that Taiyou disappeared and even though the daughter protested, Mikoto erased her memories. After that, Taiyou was killed and his corpse, alongside with the stone, were buried where the scared tree is. The stone came to be known as sesshoseki, Taiyou’s remains, probably ‘cos they didn’t want to let it be known that they themselves had created this cursed stone. Hoshi Matsuri isn’t really a festival to pray for good harvest, but to repose Taiyou’s spirit. Even though Taiyou was born from hatred, Mikoto doesn’t believe that he was so when he died. Taiyou died for the girl’s sake. Mikoto could’ve stood up to fight for Taiyou, but he didn’t as he was afraid. It’s like he just watched Taiyou die and so he doesn’t think that Taiyou wants him to be saved. There’s no necessity to do so, and he doesn’t deserve it.

Following that night, Sakuya keeps feeling tired even though she had proper rest and she seems to keep hearing a small voice whispering to her. Later, she has a dream and she feels pain. She then hears Mikoto’s voice, saying that he can’t do anything about these injuries now and he couldn’t do anything in the end. That’s why he promises to definitely fulfill the promise 1000 years later. It’s a dream of her on the verge of dying and someone at her side. Sakuya has another dream too, of leaving behind a girl as she dies first. Yakumo is at her side on the school rooftop when she wakes up then, and to her surprise he recognises the dream – it’s probably Taiyou’s dream and it’s a curse. He brings her to find Yuzuru, who uses a bit of his powers and eventually understands everything – why she was made a god, what Mikoto plans to do. But he thinks that it’s better for Sakuya not to know anything. Later, Sakuya asks Yakumo about his situation since he has the same dream, but he reassures her that it’s nothing major. Sakuya knows that Mikoto won’t tell her anything, so she decides to try asking the person in her dreams. She receives a charm from Fuu-san, to let her see the dream she wants.

There, she spots herself at the shrine grounds. The young Sakuya had left home after having a fight with her parents. She then hears a voice and heads to the sacred tree. Sakuya follows her younger self, but she has disappeared already. Then, a voice from the sacred tree calls out to her, saying that he’s a part of her as his cursed powers are in her and the dreams she has been seeing are his memories. For the last 10 years, his powers have been growing inside her and eventually she’ll die. It’s ‘cos she was a sacrifice of the 1000-year promise. But Mikoto is going to erase the curse in her and will disappear in her place. If Sakuya wants to learn the truth, then she can go to the sacred tree and reveal the possession that has been with her the longest. It would call upon her sealed memories then. Sakuya realises that the possession is referring to the amulet she had on her since young. So the next day, Sakuya goes to do as told and as a light shines, she sees Mikoto hugging her younger self. Mikoto promises the small girl that he’ll protect her in exchange for her protecting him. This time, he’ll take the one last step he couldn’t take before, and die for her sake. He then gives her an amulet which will make her feel better whenever she feels down. After recalling her very first meeting with Mikoto, Sakuya goes to find him to learn the whole truth. Seeing the situation now, he has little choice but to reveal everything.

10 years ago on the night of the Hoshi Matsuri, he was supposed to fulfill his promise to Taiyou from 1000 years ago. For 1000 years, Mikoto had watched over Taiyou’s corpse to make sure that its powers remain within – as even if Taiyou is dead it can still attract disaster. But he was reaching his limit so he promised that he would absorb all of Taiyou’s cursed power and disappear from this world. It’s his form of atonement for not being able to do anything 1000 years ago, and having to ignore all those wishes in these 1000 years. But Mikoto hesitated out of fear and when he finally conducted the ritual at the last minute, he was both happy at being able to escape from his years of sins and also crying at the fact that he’s going to disappear. As the cursed power slowly ate him, a young Sakuya appeared before him – she was told by her mother that someone needs to stay at the side of someone who’s crying. Before he’d realised it, Mikoto was hugging her and it was all too late – the cursed power is now in her too. As a god, he could at least bear half of Taiyou’s curse but as a human the most she could live on was 10 years. In that one moment she comforted him, her fate had been decided. Thanks to Sakuya, Mikoto was saved. But ‘cos of his moment of weakness, she was going to die. Mikoto could only apologise and promised her that he’d definitely save her. (Sakuya could see him then ‘cos he focused all of his powers during the ritual, so even a normal human could see him then.) And after all this time he finally thought of a solution – to make her a god so that she could accumulate her power from granting people’s wishes and then with that power, transfer the curse in her back to him. In other words, Mikoto will finally continue the ritual from 10 years ago and all that talk from before about returning to heaven was a lie.

Even though Sakuya doesn’t want him to disappear, and doesn’t want to give up, Mikoto tells her that that’s how fate is. He thanks her for her kindness and knew that she would be in such pain, that’s why he was reluctant to tell her. The next day, Sakuya goes to find Rei to ask him if she’d become a spirit if she dies. To be honest he isn’t sure, since he has no memories of his past but generally if one has attachments then one would become a spirit. But Rei himself knows that it’s almost time for him to be reincarnated and with that you’ll forget everything that happened. He personally doesn’t recommend becoming a spirit but when he asks her what’s wrong, Sakuya just shakes her head. Later that day, Yorihito comes to find her and Sakuya confides in him. After going back to think over things, she admits that she doesn’t want to die, even though she also doesn’t want someone important to her dying in her place. Yorihito tells her that it’s only natural, and Mikoto was probably afraid that of the situation where Sakuya would have to make a choice – and both choices would end up hurting someone. He would like her to consider both her and Mikoto’s feelings. After that day, Sakuya took a few days off school but is still left at a loss. But she prefers being in pain and knowing the full truth, rather than not knowing anything.

When she returns to school, she appreciates how normal and relaxed it is – here’s an excerpt of one amusing conversation:

Yakumo: Thinking about it, we don’t really talk about that topic. What’s your type?
Sakuya: Eh!? Umm……that is……
Narumi: Probably……someone who doesn’t talk much, but is really kind, someone like that.
Sakuya: Nn—……not really, I’m not really attracted to the side where he doesn’t talk much……
Yakumo: Someone strong, reliable and loves muscle training!
Sakuya: Is someone who loves muscle training a likeable trait!?
Rei: If you had to choose, is your type a guy who’s already dead!?
Sakuya: Someone who likes that type is probably really weird right!?
Narumi: You like silver hair.
Sakuya: I think the hair colour doesn’t matter—?
Yakumo: His name has 八 in it!
Sakuya: I don’t like people by their names! Also isn’t that too restricting!? Why 八!?
Yakumo: ‘Cos it spreads out like an open fan!
Sakuya: I don’t understand your meaning!
Rei: I see that you like guys whose feet aren’t on the ground!
Sakuya: On the other hand, isn’t that a negative trait!?
Yuzuru: ……as always, it’s a conversation lacking in IQ.

On the day of the Hoshi Matsuri, Sakuya goes to find Yorihito for a way to not sacrifice Mikoto. She doesn’t want to give up after all, even if that isn’t what Mikoto wished for. She’s now his master so Yorihito has to answer her: she just needs to call out Mikoto’s full name, hand over the role of god back to him and kiss him. That way, Mikoto will become god again and all of the cursed power in Mikoto will be transferred to her – which would mean death for her. But Sakuya is prepared for this and goes to find Mikoto. They enjoy the festival and first, Mikoto brings her to the place where all the gods gather and the night sky is filled with the gods’ spirits which appear to be shining in the sky. After showing her the gods’ starry sky, he brings her to see the humans’ starry sky. It’s a view of the town from above and all the bright lights look like a sea of stars. He’s a god born to fulfill people’s wishes, but in reality he couldn’t fulfill many of them. Not even god can change fate. He’s weak, powerless, and has committed many sins but if he’s allowed to say this – he loves this land and everyone here. He’d like for someone to know and accept this thought of his, as proof that he’d existed.

On the way back, Sakuya says that she can’t let him die in her place after all. But Mikoto says that she’s important to him, and he’s more than willing to sacrifice himself for her own bright future. It’s his own answer for the promise from a 1000 years ago, his promise to her, the many wishes he couldn’t grant, and the many fates he couldn’t salvage. Before Sakuya can say anymore, she blacks out and wakes up later in the shrine. Mikoto is nowhere to be found and so Narumi offers to help her find him too with the rest. As Sakuya rushes off to find Mikoto, she realises that this is when her past self came to the future as she catches a glimpse of a shadow in the bushes. She hurries back to the sacred tree, where Mikoto says that he’d just seen her past self off. She calls him by his full name, and Mikoto realises that she must’ve heard this from Yorihito. He can’t defy her so he tells her his feelings: he’d been waiting for the day to fulfill his promise – with both Taiyou and her. There’s no need for her to die for him, but Sakuya doesn’t want this. She thoroughly enjoyed all of her time with him, and wants to save him. She admits that she hated herself for being afraid and wanting to live, but she also wants him to live too as she doesn’t want a world without him ‘cos she loves him. She refuses to grant his wish and thinks that Taiyou is thankful to him that’s why he wanted her to save Mikoto. Sakuya returns the amulet to Mikoto.

Mikoto: You can’t, either one of us has to die. This is a fate we can’t escape. ……fate can’t be subverted. Please understand, Sakuya.
Sakuya: What is fate?
Mikoto: Please, listen to what I’m saying.
Sakuya: There’s no such thing as that, Mikoto-san.
Mikoto: Sakuya, I don’t want you to die.
Sakuya: I’m not thinking of dying. There must be a way both of us can continue living on.
Mikoto: No……there’s no such convenient future like that. Fate won’t forgive any exceptions.
Sakuya: I don’t want to give up before trying. That’s why, you can’t give up either Mikoto-san.
Mikoto: Please……listen to me……! Stop this already. We can still make it in time if it’s now……! Any further than this, and we won’t be able to turn back!!

But Sakuya refuses to listen and returns the role of god to him before kissing him. They’ll try their best together and live to the fullest  – so that even if she dies she’ll have no regrets.

3 months later, the two of them are praying before the sacred tree on that snowy day but Sakuya is near her limit as she collapses. They’ve been trying to find a solution all this time but to no avail. Mikoto knows that he’s going to lose his beloved now, and it’s ‘cos of him. But Sakuya is fine with this as she tried her best and was happy. She’s glad to be with him in his last moments, and apologises for making him go with her selfishness. Sakuya hopes that he won’t blame himself and after a short silence, Mikoto promises her so. And with that, Sakuya disappears in his embrace. Mikoto can only cry as he he couldn’t do anything at all in the end. It’s been one year and Mikoto had informed everyone about what had happened, including Sakuya’s parents through their dreams. No one blamed him, but he keeps blaming himself each day. Yuzuru can already return to heaven, but he is remaining for a bit longer ‘cos of Yakumo’s case, who has a possibility of breaking free of the curse thanks to his strong mental spirit. Rei has returned to his body and initially couldn’t recall his memories as a spirit, but Aki followed up on her investigations on him and after meeting her he recalled everything. Mikoto goes to the sacred tree that night, as he recalls all his memories of Sakuya. Even though he said that he would try to move forward, it’s too hard. God is actually quite powerless. He couldn’t grant so many wishes, and could only listen to them. And he couldn’t even fulfill his own wish to save her. Just why is he here then. Just then, the amulet Sakuya returned to him starts to glow. It’s filled with the power she’d received from granting wishes – perhaps he can do it. He just wants to save her and this one time, Mikoto will confront fate.

The next day, he gathers everyone to ask for their permission as he’s going to make everything go back to the past except his memories, using Sakuya’s amulet, the mirror she’d used to go to the future, and the power of everyone’s prayers and wishes during the Hoshi Matsuri. With all of this, he’ll use the mirror for the opposite effect. Everyone is willing to bet on this, even with a slim chance of success – except Yakumo who remains silent. That night, Yakumo comes to find Mikoto. To be honest, he’s happy if Sakuya returns in exchange for Mikoto’s sacrifice. But that would be disregarding Sakuya’s feelings when she’d did her best till the end. But Mikoto says that no one can be saved without any sacrifice, someone will have to pay the price. In return, Yakumo asks Mikoto to not give up and to not use the word “fate” conveniently to push his weakness onto  – has he truly put up a fight even once. In response to Yakumo’s outburst, Mikoto snaps back too. He has tried countless times to resist fate and to save people. But he couldn’t save anyone at all and that only made things sadder. Mikoto weakly tells Yakumo not to say “don’t give up” so easily and after a long silence, Yakumo softly begs that Mikoto will fight one last time.

During the festival, Mikoto drinks with Yorihito (in his human form) just before he’s going to do the ritual. He thanks Yorihito for all this time. After that, he conducts the ritual and time goes back to as it were 11 years ago, on the day he was going to fulfill his promise from a 1000 years ago. Mikoto sees a young Sakuya in the shrine grounds and tells her to go home, while giving her the amulet. After a short conversation with her, he sees her off before going to the sacred tree to make the preparations. He hopes that Sakuya won’t blame him as someone needs to accept this death. The same monologue we see at the very start of the game is repeated here by Mikoto. Mikoto then starts to ritual, but the young Sakuya shows up before him again, to his shock. She says the same words as before, that someone has to be by the side of someone who’s crying, and returns the amulet to him. She’d thought about his words from before, and says that the individual has to grant his/her own wish, not god. God only listens to you.

Upon hearing this, Mikoto suddenly realises everything – the meaning of praying to god, why Sakuya said that he had no sins, what fate means, why he’s here. It’s the courage, trust and hope of the people who pray which can change fate. God is merely there to listen and accept these thoughts of people. With this renewed hope, Mikoto decides to resist fate not as a god, but as an individual with all of these thoughts. He’s going to assimilate his spirit into the sacred tree, suppress Taiyou’s powers and purify it without anyone having to sacrifice themselves. Mikoto decides to return the amulet back to Sakuya after all, and tells her that he’s going to sleep for a short while. It’s farewell for now but they’ll definitely meet again. He hopes for her to listen to his last wish – to live happily till the day they meet again.

10 years later, the prologue’s events take place again. But when Sakuya is wondering what god’s role is, she thinks that it’s just enough if god listens to your wishes – isn’t having someone there to listen to your feelings enough? Then at Susanoo, Sakuya keeps missing the prizes when she tries the lucky draw. And when she tries Fuu-san’s special one, Sakuya draws a lot which says that she’ll be having a fateful encounter today. At the shrine later, Sakuya still remembers meeting someone here 11 years ago and the fact that she still has the amulet must mean that it wasn’t a dream. Just then, she hears a voice calling out to her and goes to the sacred tree. And Mikoto, the person she’d met in her past, appears before her. He’s glad to have been able to fulfill both the 1000-year-old promise and his promise to her. He’d been waiting for this day. When Sakuya asks who he is, he answers that he’s the person who’d promised to meet her again, the person who will tell her the truth, and the person who was saved by her and wishes for her happiness from the bottom of his heart. He returned here in order to fulfill his promise with her. Though Sakuya doesn’t really understand, she feels as though she’d been wanting to meet this person all along as she starts to tear up. Mikoto hugs her and is willing to tell her of the past which is now gone, and his story with her in which she became a god.


As expected, Mikoto’s route cleared up all the critical questions. While I didn’t cry as much as some of the other routes, I grew to empathise with Mikoto and I liked how the game showed his weaker side to the player. I also really liked the monologue right at the beginning of the game, and I should’ve guessed that it was Mikoto’s but they made it like it was Sakuya’s at the start so yeah – pleasant surprise. I especially loved two scenes in his route: his conversation with Sakuya just before she kisses him and passes the position of god back to him, and his conversation with Yakumo later on. Those were the scenes where Mikoto was really pushed to the edge of desperation and I love those kind of scenes; especially when Mikoto usually puts on a cheerful act. That said, I appreciated the everyday conversations the characters had too – especially after getting one sad scene after another. I so glad to see how everyone else kinda solved their own issue too, it makes me less depressed lol. Mikoto’s route was a bit dragged on to be honest but I still enjoyed it – including the bittersweet taste of everything. I think that this is the first time I cried over a heroine’s death wow. All in all I think it made me like Mikoto and everyone else more!

Concluding Thoughts

Omg I thoroughly enjoyed this game! The story, the stories within the game, the characters, the humour, the bittersweet moments…I could go on forever. It’s not often that I like all the characters in a game (at least the main characters) but I really loved all of them, including the heroine Sakuya! Their conversations are always so amusing and all of them are so kind-hearted, some even to the point which makes me cry. I was pleasantly surprised by how the sub-characters had their own developed stories too. The music was absolutely lovely and while I think some of the CGs may have been drawn a bit more differently – it was still pretty. I won’t say that it’s perfect, but they certainly got a lot of elements right –  at least for me.

I am kinda disappointed that there is no VFB or FD for this game yet. Hopefully it will still receive more love in the future. For play order, I recommend playing Narumi just before Mikoto; and playing Yakumo before Yuzuru. If you ask what I think of the tear factor, it increased in this order for me: Yuzuru, Mikoto, Rei, Yakumo, Narumi. That’s just my random input lol. All in all, I do recommend this game so feel free to check it out if it looks like your cup of tea~


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