Glass Heart Princess Official Fan Book

Just a quick post on my copy of the Glass Heart Princess Official Fan Book. It’s quite standard content, but here’s for the curious people – lots of photos and (visual) spoilers for Glass Heart Princess!

First up, as always, is the gallery section. But first, I must mention that a spread of the fan book cover and completion CG first appears (not photographed) which I thought was a nice touch. For the completion CG, they included the version which appears in the game, and another without all the text. Also, the inner book cover was just hilarious – Satsuki in front and (adult) Gai behind. Okay, back to the gallery section which spans just over 20 pages. It contains 2 new illustrations, the game (tokuten) cover arts, illustrations that have appeared in B’sLOG, Dengenki Girl’s Style, Otomate Mobile etc. Everything was neatly arranged and would certainly be a treat for those who don’t regularly purchase the magazines (like me, lol).

The next section contains the character profiles – besides the usual stuff, they also included little bits about the parodies made in the game, as well as all the free talk answers you could get with the main characters. Going through the character pages made me realise just how many expressions each character had – and in both forms! Shinnosuke, by the way, had the most since he had 4 different outfits.

Following this is the story section – basically recaps of all the event (CGs), date (CGs), and each main guy’s individual route. For those dates without CGs, they still included little text recaps of what happened which I found cute. Oh yes, Kyouko’s character profile kinda comes at the start of the story section with the prologue (as you can see above) which was a bit odd – but other than that all was good.

After the story section was the world section. This section contains many various things including: the walkthrough (which cheekily points out how all the bad endings are Kanata’s and Satsuki’s comment on how you must be a do-M lol), backgrounds, rough sketches, the “GHP party” conversations which appeared in Dengenki Girl’s Style (not photographed), and the interview with director Nakamura and illustrator Kinami (not photographed). As always, the sketch pages are one of my favourite pages to flip through. The interview was fun to read – plus there was a little additional section with Kinami’s comments on all of the different illustrations in the gallery section. It was funny how they mentioned that all the other characters were supposed to be just normal students (Yukito, Tenma, Kanata) but they had to redo everything and somehow everyone ended up having another side to them.

The very last section is the staff blog one, which basically compiles all of the different goodies, I mean illustrations, dialogue and commentary from the GHP staff blog. They included the ones from the day of release and crack countdown illustrations too.

All in all, this contains the standard stuff but it was a delight to flip through all the colourful pages. I thought that everything was generally well-organised and arranged. Nakamura mentioned in the interview how GHP was a nice title for first-time otome-gamers to get into and I can’t help but agree with her! Once again, I recommend GHP to other people, and I won’t say that the GHP Official Fan Book is a must – but it’s a nice addition to have.


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