Koi wa Kousoku ni Shibararenai!

In Koi wa Kousoku ni Shibararenai!, Manabe Aya is suddenly made the school chairperson by the former chairperson aka her uncle. Everyone is taken aback but eventually is persuaded to give Aya a one year trial to see if she’s suited for the job or not. The student council decides to look over her progress, since this decision would affect the well-being of the school. The common route of the game differs from person to person, depending on what decisions you make in the game. So I won’t be doing a full-blown review, and will just write down pointers, the basic individual story of each character route, and my overall thoughts.

First off, saving is important ‘cos you can’t load to a previous scene from the backlog, and there’s no quick-save/load function (I think). The number of save slots are more than enough though. There are two parameters in the game: favourability and charisma points. Favourability is quite straightforward. Charisma points can be gathered through a few choice-making decisions, but mostly through passing on certain “rules”. Only favourability determines which ending you get though.

A major part of the game is on is deciding on whether certain “rules” are implemented on not. For the important ones which move on the story, the story will differ based on whether the case is approved of or denied of. A few important ones (which only appear in the individual routes) must be approved if not it is game over. As for the process of deciding, it is easiest to understand if you play the game yourself. Basically, Aya does not say whether she is for/against – but you can choose different reactions to what the student council members say so as to shift the general consensus into the result you want. If you pick many strong reactions, this can fire-up the “heat” level in the discussion and then each representative starts shooting statements and you have to pick the appropriate reaction within a limited time. This is important to take note especially when the initial odds are against your favour, and you need to shift the general consensus. Charisma points are useful for skipping through this decision process, or forcing it to be implemented – it’s like using veto power.

Another part is the map section. Here, besides going to the chosen guy’s location to up his favourability, you can also gather new possible “rules” to pass on and also check out the results of the “rules” you have already passed on. Some of these would give you CGs – a handful have restrictions with regards to the month you pass them. Usually, it is done such that you can other gather those CGs in the next route you do.

Oh yes, you can carry on your save data from a previous route to the next – so that you keep the charisma points and all the possible “rules” you’ve gathered so far. All the characters (except Kengo) have normal and good ends – you can carry on your save data from any one. It is recommended to branch off to either end from October. Normal ends require lower favourability, and good ends high favourability. You can skip scenes you’ve read before – but you won’t gain any favourability/charisma points (if any can be gained within that scene). This feature can be useful sometimes.

Lastly, some CGs need the characters to be in standard uniform (and a few with/without the glasses). This is important to take note when you’ve passed rules that make all students come in different clothes, or to (not) wear glasses. I think I’ve covered all the critical points. It’s recommended to read the in-game tutorial for the first time – reading through all of them earns you charisma points at the end too! Happy rule-making! Oh wait, this isn’t the end of my review. Below is the spoiler section of all the individual routes/ends!

Midou Touya (CV: Toriumi Kousuke)

Touya is in-charge of the general affairs, and classmates with Aya and Satoshi. Despite his flashy disposition and appears like a regular playboy, he isn’t going out with anyone and is constantly on the look-out for his single “fated” one. His home is actually a temple, and so he respects Buddhist teachings and may sometimes sprout them out. One may not realise it at first, but Touya works hard at school, and at his part-time job as he lives alone. He actually left home after an argument with his grandfather, who is the chief priest at the temple back home. Aya learns that it’s ‘cos Touya has different ideals for what the temple should be like. But Touya thinks that it’s also ‘cos his grandfather never approved of his parents’ marriage (his mother was a foreigner, hence his hair colour). Though later it was found out that his grandfather always regretted it but never found the timing to talk to them – and his parents passed away in an accident.

So for his individual route, everyone decides to help Touya reconcile with his grandfather – and his grandfather decides to accept his ideas if Touya can convince 100 temple head monks and gain their signatures in a month. They eventually succeed and so by forming a sort of cooperation with the school, they first start by implementing a festival at the temple. The town council people start to interfere though, thinking that a long-standing temple’s image will be ruined by such an abrupt project. But they resolve things and the festival is a success in the end, even receiving coverage by local news.

In the good end, Aya is approved of as the new school chairperson (this happens in all the good ends) and catches Touya on TV a few years later. Touya eventually took over his grandfather’s position and continues to try and change the temple to a warmer place for the locals, while trying to preserve its long-standing historical importance. In the normal end, Aya isn’t approved of but Hiro suggests giving her another trial year (this happens in all the normal ends). When she goes to visit Touya at his home one day, she gets dragged with him into his training by his grandfather.

Asagiri Atsushi (CV: Kaji Yuuki)

Atsushi is in-charge of the accounting, and a year younger than Aya. He is always going on about his “my boom” but he tends to change them frequently. Examples include simply queueing up. During the meetings, he tends to go with his instincts or interests rather than logical reasoning. For example, only the 2nd years go on school trips but Atsushi wanted to go on it too hence he supported the motion for all the school students to go. His individualistic character doesn’t seem to pose any problem in him making friends though. Sometimes he appears to lack common knowledge though and this comes into his individual route, when he doesn’t recognise what love is.

Aya and the student council decide to help him with this, since leaving him alone also means him being distracted at work. Aya plays a bigger role though as she goes on mock dates with him and all. They eventually fall in love and out of the blue – Atsushi has angel wings. It turns out that he was an angel but failed to know what love is – hence he was sent down here to learn but his memories were wiped clean. Now that he achieved what he came down for, he has to go back but promises Aya that if she still remembers him he’ll surely see her again. In the good end, Aya becomes the school chairperson and in fact, everyone including her still remembers Atsushi. One year later when everyone is busy with graduation, Atsushi returns as if he never left. Apparently he angered God and is now back on Earth for good. In the normal end, everyone forgets about Atsushi till one day Aya is saved by an invisible presence from an incoming car. A white feather falls before her and Aya finally remembers Atsushi – though she can’t see him, she now remembers him and so surely she’ll meet him again one day.

Habasaki Satoshi (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)

Satoshi is the secretary and classmates with Aya and Touya. He’s the mood-maker and friends with many people (both online and offline). He’s good with computers and enjoys gaming. When he eats something spicy, Satoshi’s other personality, Kyou, appears. Kyou is a trouble maker and enjoys pulling pranks on people. He has no care for student council work but when he eats something sweet, he turns back to Satoshi – he can also do so on his own free will. However, both of them won’t have memories of what happened when their other personality surfaces. Due to this, both of them regularly leave notes to each other so that they have knowledge of all that took place. Also, it is really obvious that Satoshi has a crush on Aya.

For his individual route, the focus is on his split personality – especially ‘cos Kyou’s pranks gets worse and he constantly targets Aya. When called out for the reason, somehow things turn to him wanting a date with Aya so that she properly understands him. Hearing this later, Satoshi insists on a date too. Through this, Aya discovers surprisingly similarities between them. A problem crops up though, when Kyou pranks both Aya and Satoshi such that Satoshi hears that Aya likes Kyou. This, coupled with saving Aya from a sudden incoming ball and getting knocked out – kinda results in Kyou permanently being the ‘surface’ personality and not being able to ‘change’ back to Atsushi. Everyone brainstorms on how to reverse the problem without much luck – Kyou does pick up on Satoshi’s student council responsibilities for once but this can’t last forever. Satoshi finally returns though, when both Aya and Kyou are caught in a snowstorm on a school field trip and saves the both of them to seek nearby shelter. In both endings, things have settled down between Satoshi and Kyou such that now both of them are aware no matter which personality is ‘active’. Satoshi thinks that it’s thanks to Aya since she saw that both of them are the same person, and Satoshi has accepted Kyou as a part of himself too. There wasn’t much difference between both ends except that in the good end, Satoshi finally makes his move as he gets a hold on his nerves and kisses Aya (well, with a little ‘push’ from Kyou).

Gondou Kengo (CV: Yusa Kouji)

There is only a normal end with Kengo, the adviser of the student council. He has a carefree personality and tends to only sit in on student council meetings that interest him. Kengo seems to have the worst of luck with bad health, losing money and being chased by dogs. He seems to be on the same wavelength on Atsushi though. Kengo’s route is really short and only lasts till September (unlike the others, their individual route is from September – December).  The biggest thing you find out from this route, is that he is actually brothers with Hiro. Despite being the next successor to their family’s company, Kengo wanted to become a teacher and hence their father disinherited him and Hiro is now the successor. At the end, it is hinted that Kengo likes Aya but he wants to keep it a strict secret.

Narukami Hiro (CV: Irino Miyu)

Hiro is the student council president and a year older than Aya. He has excellent grades, a perfectionist and thinks over things rationally. Taking over his father’s company, he is also currently the president of Narukami Hotels Corporation – despite the name the company deals with all sorts of fields, like a travel agency. But despite all this, Hiro is actually really bad at sports. He has known Eiji since elementary school and they understand each other really well, even though they have really opposite characters.

Hiro’s individual route first starts with school debt problems. Though the problem isn’t permanent, it is a short-term problem. Aya comes up with the solution of having Hiro’s company become their partner and sponsor for the school trips. In return, the students can act as an important sample group and help them in their venture into this new field. Aya manages to win over the board in her presentation (of course with everyone else’s help in the preparations).

The second part of Hiro’s route involves Hiro’s company getting into trouble instead. This leads back to Aya meeting someone called Jack by coincidence, and Jack constantly wooing her. It turns out that he’s Hiro’s business partner but things get ugly when Hiro’s emotions get the better of him and he throws water onto Jack to cool down his advances onto Aya. This leads to Jack backing out of their business agreement and choosing another, even though Narukami Hotels Corporation is clearly the better partner. ‘Cos Hiro’s company invested a lot into this project collaboration, Jack’s move could send them into bankruptcy. Hiro reassures everyone that he can handle it but they’re obviously worried. Everything gets settled in the end when they bring in Jack’s father (whom Kengo contacted) and he witnesses his son’s atrocious behaviour before Ayai and Hiro. The father apologises and will be in-charge of this project now, which pretty much says that they’ll be back to cooperating with Hiro’s company.

In the good end, Aya becomes the school chairperson but Hiro decides to go study overseas for 3-4 years. Aya is willing to wait for him though and promises to visit him regularly. 3 years later, Hiro is back as both the school’s partner and as her lover (sorry, did I phrase it too cheesily lol). In the normal end, Hiro is tutoring in Aya’s studies since he believes that she should set an example while Aya strives hard to be someone who matches him.

Sakaki Eiji (CV: Terashima Takuma)

Eiji is the student council vice-president and a year older than Aya. Stoic and rumoured to be a strong fighter (and raised by wolves lol), Eiji is misunderstood by the students at school. However, he’s actually kind and doesn’t really care what others think of him so he just says what’s on his mind directly. Eiji was involved with fights in middle school though it was to help someone being bullied. He made a promise with Aya’s uncle to not fight anymore in high school though, if not he would have to leave school.

In his individual route, the other members catch sight of people banding on an online forum to take revenge against Eiji. They secretly investigate this case, as Hiro points out that if Eiji knew about this he would directly confront the problem and probably end up in a fight. The members think that Eiji’s younger sister, Mayu, is being targeted such that they kidnap her and threaten Eiji – but later it turns out that she’s being stalked by some other guy whom they take care of anyway. The true target is actually Aya, and so she gets kidnapped one day after school and Eiji gets called over. Not wanting to see Eiji get beaten up by a mob, Aya decides to jump off the ship they’re on and into the sea so that they can no longer threaten Eiji. He dives in after her, and after getting a ‘heart attack’ by her actions he asks her not to act so rashly anymore. The other members arrive on the scene and quickly take care of the culprits – or rather, Hiro’s private SP force did.

In the good end, Aya becomes the school chairperson while Eiji suddenly changes his future career plan – to be a teacher so that he can always be with Aya in this school. He’s not good with studies but once he’s set his heart on something he’ll work for it and in the end he does achieve his goal. In the normal end, their date is interrupted by the main culprits of Eiji’s revenge plan, but now they’re fans of Aya for some reason. Not wanting their alone time to be interrupted, Eiji and Aya run away from the scene.

Friendship End

This end takes place when the favourability parameter is zero, or near zero for all the guys. It ends in July when Aya is up to her neck with work and Rin, Shizuka and Yousuke (Aya’s friends and classmates) help her with what they can so that she can enjoy her school holidays too.


I apologise for well, cutting edges with my review since I didn’t go into the common route at all nor did I really describe the relationships. Koishiba is an enjoyable game but most of it comes from the new rules and the fun common scenarios. There isn’t much romance, I must say, in that it gets developed very late in the game except for routes such as Satoshi. Satoshi’s problem was pretty expected though, while Atsushi’s was out of the blue. I did like how Atsushi said some awesome lines here and there though – like how he blurted out that Hiro likes Aya in Hiro’s route. Speaking of Hiro’s route, the plot was there but the romance was developed the slowest since Hiro isn’t the most outspoken in that department. (The way he says the title call on the main menu is hilarious though.)

So hmm if you ask me which routes I enjoyed the most, I would answer Eiji – no surprise there, ‘cos gap moe – and Touya – big surprise there for me but I liked how fun yet sure-footed he is. Both of them had decent plot and the relationship with Aya was developed better, I think. In addition, Touya is usually the comic relief (for example, he keenly observed how Aya was affected by Eiji’s gap moe from the change in her facial expression lol). But the biggest comic relief is actually Yousuke, ‘cos his presence is so thin many people often do not realise he’s with them at first lol. On the whole, Aya is a cool heroine though she is slow in that department.

I thought that all the seiyuu did decent jobs, but well a few thoughts: I was reminded of Chou Hi by Okamoto’s performance at first, till his voice changed drastically for Kyou’s. I’ve heard Terashima voice characters in his lower register before but this time, I thought that he sounded more natural. And Toriumi…sounded really natural, you’ve to hear him for yourself to understand haha.

Anyway, I really did many playthroughs to fully complete this game but I can say for sure that it wasn’t anything tedious like Custom Drive. They made replaying the individual routes for the other end more fun in that you can play the alternate scenes. All the characters have their fun points and I liked the bonus CGs and sketches that unlocked each time. I do NOT recommend playing this without a walkthrough. I used Momokan’s walkthrough and it’s 99% correct – she just forgot to add a note for Eiji’s CG07 that you can’t have them wearing glasses. It isn’t as tedious to go back and play for a missing CG in the common/individual routes as you should be able to get them through the scene replay section. It’s just those that appear in the map events.

So I guess if you’re looking for a more interactive otome game in a school setting, and don’t mind the lack of romantic developments, you may wanna try Koishiba! Happy rule-making!

16 thoughts on “Koi wa Kousoku ni Shibararenai!

  1. Euryx says:

    Anyway, I really did many playthroughs to fully complete this game but I can say for sure that it wasn’t anything tedious like Custom Drive.
    — Even if you say so…my trauma for Custom Drive just won’t go away. ;A;
    It’s just nice to see Noburin in an otome game! \o/ Makes me curious about the game but nope, I don’t think I’m going to touch this. ^^;;;
    Thanks for the review! ❤


    • Yume says:

      Lool, the Custom Drive scar is hard to erase. /o\

      You’re welcome, and no problem! ❤ Noburin is in Jyuuzaengi too by the way. Remember adorable Ryuu Bi too? ;3 /nudgenudge


        • Yume says:

          Yes yes! He plays the other catboy. ❤ Tatsun and Namidai's characters in Jyuuzaengi are so good too. Yay, can't wait till you play the game~ \o/


            • Yume says:

              (Yes! XD)
              I played in the order Hitsuji recommended me: Chou Hi, Ryuu Bi, Chou Ryou, Chou Un, Kakou Ton, Sou Sou. 😀 The special routes you unlock for the 3 sub-characters (Ba Chou, En Chou, Kakou En) can be played whenever you feel like it. Kakou En holds a special place for me so I recommend playing his last to leave a lasting impression on you. ;3 /kicked


            • Euryx says:

              Sudden realization hit me: historical stuff = heavy kanji = me: @_@
              But Mysteria is already giving me so much of it so screw kanji and just play the game. wwww
              Thanks! I’ll take note of that. 😀
              I assume this is longer than CZ? The games that I’ll be playing depends on their length so Jyuuzaengi will probably go after CZ (or Storm Lovers, depends XD;;).


            • Yume says:

              Y-yes, just play the game! You can refer to my reviews anytime too! \o/ /kicked for being desperate.
              No problem! Hmm I can’t really remember how long CZ was. ^^; CZ unlocks many extra stuff (short stories, after stories) but I think that in terms of the main route Jyuuzaengi is longer so yes. 😀


  2. Hinano says:

    It still bothers me that it seems like if you “make the wrong rules” you miss out on the CGs (like in custom drive.) At least that’s what I understood from reading yours & Koori’s reviews. I think I’m still traumatized by CD to touch this game for a long time. Thanks for the review!


    • Yume says:

      Hmm that hardly happened for me and I only missed out on 1 CG ‘cos of that (but I could go back and get it in the scene replay). ^^; You can get the map event CGs (which you can’t get in scene replay) regardless of the uniform rules, and the handful that have conditions are only which month you pass the rule. I do think it’s way better programmed than CD, but I remember how frustrated CD made you so I understand. XD You’re welcome!


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