Arabians Lost ~The Engagement on Desert~

Finally started on Arabians Lost ~The Engagement on Desert~ PSP. Our heroine, Aileen Olazabal, is the only princess of Gilkhatar – which is pretty known as a(n) outlaw/criminal country – and daughter to the bandit king. Everyone in this country is pretty much not “normal” but all Aileen wants is to be normal, and have a normal love life and marriage. Of course, things won’t go that smoothly for her.

It starts off with Aileen undergoing one of Lille Sluman’s lock-cracking lessons – he’s her tutor and though he’s strict, he also showers her with praise when she finally cracks open the lock. Even though he commends her on being talented, Aileen just wants to be normal and when he asks what she aims for then – she gives the answer “farmer”. It takes Lille a minute or two to process this answer since Gilkhatar is a desert country after all and not many would venture into that path. In any case, it’s impossible for Aileen anyway though she has been rejecting all the marriage set-ups all these years. (It’s also mentioned here that Aileen used to have a boyfriend but they long broke up thanks to Lille’s intervention.)

Later, Aileen is called by her parents but there’s someone else in the hearing room before her. She overhears her father, Gardin, telling the person to capture her heart and so without a doubt, it’s one of the potential marriage partners her father wants to set her up with. Aileen’s caught eavesdropping by her mother, Lastier, and so they send the person out before having her come in before them. Her parents’ reasoning is that getting their daughter married = a peace of mind for them. If she inherits the ruling position, not all may be well since she’s a woman. And if Aileen doesn’t inherit the ruling position and another relative does, she’s still a princess and there is no telling if she may befall danger once they’re no longer around. So they want to have her marry someone capable enough and give her 25 days to decide on choosing someone among the candidates her father picked out.

Not wanting to swim with their current, Aileen tries to strike a deal – by proving that she’s self-substantial and able to earn her own keep. Her parents agree to let her not marry any of the candidates if she can earn 10 million gold in 25 days – if not she has to marry the candidate Lastier chooses. Naturally, she can’t sell off anything she currently owns and has to start from scratch – though Gardin does hint that she can steal from others including themselves. After exiting the room, Aileen meets one of the marriage candidates – I’ll briefly cover each short conversation later. Back in Aileen’s room, she converses with her two servants – Cejka Muhammale and Almeida Retief. A list of marriage candidates has arrived and Aileen sees that she does know all of them – but not that she’d want to marry any of them:

Curtis Nile, a genius assassin (hmm, this description lol) and an expert with medicine. The only thing normal about him are his looks. His name is known outside Gilkhatar too but no one outside knows his appearance ‘cos all those who do have already been killed by him. However, he doesn’t care for fame or fortune and is only concerned with his own skills – though working hard to kill people is yet something else. Aileen does respects him though.

Stuart Sink is the son and successor to Joshua Sink, the governor of the Northern District. He’s also a distant relative of Aileen’s and her childhood friend. But he’s on bad terms with Tyrone Bale, Aileen’s other childhood friend and distant relative. He does have the competency though in Aileen’s words, only his looks are good but he’s arrogant and looks down on others. However, the reason for his twisted personality does lie with Joshua too.

Tyrone Bale is the son and successor to Totem Bale, the governor of the Southern District. He’s kind to his own people (including Aileen), but not to everyone else. Generous, reliable but also somewhat boorish and fierce, he commands respect and is said to be the most suitable candidate for the next king.

Shark Brandon is a young and talented trader, who is said to be able to get his hands on anything – though that’s also ‘cos he’s involved with smuggling. Though he only believes in money he also doesn’t put up airs.  He owns the largest Gilkhatar hospital and is actually also an excellent doctor.

Roberto Cromwell came to Gilkhatar, set up a casino, and proved to be highly successful in a few years. He loves gambling and is an excellent gambler himself and can see through any tricks. Unlike his gentleman-like appearance, he has been said to be involved with pretty violent affairs in the shadows. He will resort to any method in order to reach his goal.

She seeks for their opinion on who they’d choose to marry though it doesn’t help her much. After this, she goes to discuss with Lille and asks the same question – he takes this question very literally and his eyebrows furrow at the thought of two guys marrying lol. The next morning, Aileen receives a lunchbox from Gardin and the first day starts!

Tyrone Bale (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki)

Even though Tyrone distanced himself from Aileen after his worsening relationship with Stuart, he’s still very kind towards her and supports her from the start. He doesn’t think that they suit each other, and is just willing to help her out whenever he can. Tyrone also believes that their relationship with Stuart will gradually return to as it was before – which is basically them arguing and fighting a lot (over Aileen). For Aileen though, she sees that since young he treated her and Stuart differently and basically envies their relationship as she feels left out. Tyrone has an older sister whom he complains about, but Aileen knows that he likes her – especially when he states that his sister’s lover would have to beat him first in order to marry her. Tyrone prefers tougher women, unlike his own mother who was sickly and passed away in an epidemic when he was still young. But it’s also ‘cos of that, that when he inherits his father’s position he wants to invest more in the medical area. It soon becomes clear that Tyrone really likes Aileen, just that it takes her a while to notice. For example, when he talks about his ideal woman, he’s clearly talking about Aileen but she misunderstands him as talking about his sister and thinks of him as a siscon. Orwhen Aileen recalls how she and his sister caused an explosion (though it’s actually Tyrone’s fault) in the kitchen and hence were never allowed inside again. So she laments at how she kinda lacks cooking skills for a bride:

Tyrone: ……if you want to marry, when that time comes I will……
Aileen: But nowadays, you don’t necessarily have to get married! Even if you don’t have anyone special, you just have to do it yourself!
Tyrone: …………

Aaaand I need to dump some background information about Tyrone and Stuart’s parents. Joshua was said to have been in love with Elsa, Tyrone’s mother, even after she married Totem and he himself married Camilla. Rumours say that Joshua later had an affair with Elsa – but neither of them really believe it. There were also rumours saying that Camilla actually poisoned Elsa to death, and one year later committed suicide out of guilt. But the truth remains in the dark till now. Stuart was the first one to discover his mother dead and after that he distanced himself from Aileen and Tyrone, focusing on his studies. Tyrone believes that Stuart was merely acting on a whim though and that there isn’t a deep reason for him to stop playing with them.

Speaking of rumours, there are rumours about Aileen being lovers with Lille and this has definitely reached Tyrone’s ears – he thinks that Lille has set his eyes on Aileen, and keeps her shut up in the training room on purpose lol. Since he has a tendency to get carried away and not listen to Aileen, it’s only when she punches him does he start listening to her pfft. During the sandstorm, Tyrone sets up a basic force field as they wait for it to pass. The people in Gilkhatar don’t rely much on magic, unlike the country of Rune Venus (?). Tyrone prefers it this way, and for Gilkhatar to learn more from Reiseschex (?) which focuses more on craftsmanship – though he knows that Stuart has the complete opposite opinion.

Once when they’re taking a break, Tyrone questions Aileen about her ex. Apparently he heard it from Stuart, as he came storming into Tyrone’s place and complaining about it. Aileen doesn’t seem to get that he’s talking about her later on though, as Tyrone remarks how both he and Stuart share a common treasure and really want to go after that “thief”. Since Aileen doesn’t get that he’s referring to her, she says that they should punish that thief then and Tyrone gets excited about chasing after the guy and crafting torture plans lol.

During the festival, Aileen ends up with Tyrone. When she remarks that they probably look like a couple to others (no one knows that she’s the princess since she hardly stepped outside the castle), Tyrone replies that he’s not fit for her. When his men see them together, they warn Aileen that Tyrone’s not kind all the time – she knows this fully well, answering that it’s better that way. By this time, Aileen knows that he’s into her. However, Tyrone still has the impression that she likes Stuart (who was her first love) and distanced himself. But in the end he still can’t give her up and so he roughly pulls her in for a kiss. Aileen has feelings for him too and so she tells him to redo that kiss.

Over the course of the route, Aileen would meet Joshua and he constantly tells her to give up on a normal marriage and on being normal. To him, it’s an impossible thing so it’s better to give up from the start – which is kinda ironic when you consider his past. Aileen doesn’t want her life decisions decided by others though, and doesn’t want to go into a loveless marriage. On their last meeting, Tyrone appears alongside Aileen. He knows that Joshua had wanted Aileen to marry someone else all along, and probably didn’t expect them to get together. He knows that Joshua didn’t want his own son to marry Aileen too, and to gain a status higher than himself. Later, Aileen also goes to find Totem and he ends up giving his blessings for her relationship with Tyrone.

Love End: Even though Aileen won her end of the deal, her parents end up running off and leaving her with little choice but to run the country. Tyrone helps her out whenever he can, though he’s hopeless with documentation. He praises her a lot and this makes Aileen want to work harder for him though. ‘Cos he wants to be of use to her, Aileen requests him to say sweet words to her which embarrasses him – but he does it anyway, awkwardly. Almeida stumbles on this scene and can hardly hold back his laughter, and hence the two of them hold back no mercy in punishing him lol. Later, Tyrone reveals that Aileen’s father actually told him to take care of her, and thinks that her parents may not return to the capital. He also proposes to Aileen, but he’s not after the throne and says that she can inherit it. Aileen accepts it and though she knows that she isn’t in a “normal” situation as she’d desired, she’s fine with it since he’s with her.

Elopement End: Aileen didn’t earn enough so on the last night, Tyrone comes to find her and offers to take her away. He still thinks that she likes Stuart but he just wants to help her, and doesn’t want to see her marry someone she doesn’t like. He’s fine with her coming with him, and leaving him when she finds someone she likes. Aileen feels bad since he’s throwing away everything for her, but Tyrone continues to persuade her and has even cut off ties with his father so that he won’t be affected. Aileen eventually agrees, though she can’t seem to get through him that she likes him too. They end up escaping and Tyrone is still reserved when it comes to feelings. In the end, Aileen threatens to leave him if he won’t call her name (he calls her お嬢).

Merchant End: Aileen won her end of the deal so she decides to become a merchant. She’s still a princess, but she doesn’t let her true identity known to the dealers. Tyrone insists on protecting her so he acts as her bodyguard, though he claims that it’s ‘cos he’s her childhood friend. Aileen knows that he feels for her though, and doesn’t force an answer. She may stop being a merchant one day and go back to politics as her parents wish, but for now she’s satisfied with her life.

Adventurer End: Aileen didn’t earn enough but she has become quite strong so if no one is helping her, she’ll just escape by herself. She becomes an adventurer and everyday is fulfilling. But one day, Tyrone pops up before her and asks if she won’t return to Gilkhatar anymore, thinking that she still likes Stuart. Aileen has no such intentions though, and Tyrone gets worked up when he sees a wound on her. He can’t stand the thought of her being in danger, and insists on protecting her from now on. ‘Cos he loudly proclaims that he’ll treat her importantly for life, the rest of the people think that he’s proposing to her and start clapping lol. After that, they start adventuring together and Aileen tells him that she only has him, surprising him with a kiss.

Stuart Sink (CV: Suwabe Junichi)

Stuart wants Aileen to marry him, since he has his eyes on the throne. That’s the last thing Aileen wants though, but it’s not ‘cos she hates him but rather, it’s ‘cos she doesn’t like him. Seeing how Stuart only thinks of marriage as a contract, Aileen compares him to his own father which makes Stuart annoyed – for he hates his own father. Despite Aileen’s firm refusal, Stuart refuses to give up anyway – he hardly gives up. Aileen used to like him when they were young but felt hurt when he suddenly distanced himself from them, and ever since then she despises him though she still treats him as an important friend, just like Tyrone. Stuart seems to have the impression that she likes Tyrone though, and even says that he’ll only accept it if she chooses Tyrone but not other men. Aileen sees that he does see Tyrone as a friend after all, though Stuart denies this.

Naturally, he heard rumours about Aileen and Lille and thinks that they’re lovers at first. He even adds that Aileen should marry him for political reasons, and he won’t pay mind to her continuing their love affair. As much as he hates Lille, Stuart doesn’t take any action thinking that it would sadden Aileen. He speaks harshly towards Aileen, but at the end of the day Aileen admits that he does have his moments of kindness. Stuart also spends a lot on his collection and so his room may also appear like a museum at first glance. Later, he admits that when he’s stressed he tends to spend a lot. Stuart has always thought that both Aileen and Tyrone are too careless (and poor) and don’t act according to their status, while they find him too uptight and particular.

That being said, Stuart does have his amusing weaknesses. For one thing, he can’t swim and so he’s even too afraid to get into the shallow waters in the oasis. He gets embarrassed when Aileen’s clothes get soaked (and semi-transparent) by the water though she continues to tease him. Seeing how she doesn’t have her guard up against him even though she recognises his twisted personality, Stuart approaches her in the waters much to her surprise. It’s only then does Aileen get self-conscious – but then Stuart grabs her tightly as he’s still deathly afraid of the (shallow) water and she has to guide him back to shore lol. Stuart’s vision at night (dark) isn’t good either so in the cave, Aileen forces him to hold hands with her if not he’s practically groping in the dark. Stuart finds this more embarrassing than his inability to swim though, since as a thief one has to work in the dark. Aileen admits that it’s fun on her side ‘cos it’s as if she’s controlling his fate in a sense. While Stuart calls out on her twisted personality at first, he corrects himself later for some reason. Stuart also can’t drink alcohol and gets drunk when Aileen dares him to, even though it hardly contained any alcohol at all. But he also reveals that it’s ‘cos Aileen once said that she doesn’t like those that stink of alcohol, that’s why he never touched it.

Since young, both Stuart and Tyrone constantly argued, even during Aileen’s birthday party. They argued over who should present their gift to her first and ended up destroying the cake by accident – annoyed, Aileen refused to accept any of their presents. Stuart recalls that the him back then used all of his money to buy that present for her. He gives it to her on a later occasion, and the present turns out to be a huge diamond ring – as the young Stuart thought that the bigger the better. Aileen decides to accept it, as a gift from the past Stuart.

During the festival, Stuart tries to ask Aileen out in a rather roundabout way. He then tries to fan her jealously when women approach him and entertains them, even though he usually ignores them. It backfires on him though, as Aileen points out his lack of manners as an escort. After that, Stuart follows her around as he truly feels bad and tries to make up by offering to buy her all sorts of expensive items. Stuart is only generous when spending for his own sake, and apparently that includes when he’s spending on her. Even though he claims that he didn’t enjoy the festival, he’s fine as long as she did. Despite hugging her abruptly, Stuart continues to contradict himself by asking her not to go anywhere but to also not get too close to him.

Similarly, over the course of the route, Aileen would meet Joshua and he constantly tells her to give up on a normal marriage and on being normal. He’s surprised that Aileen is with Stuart, thinking that they’ve long lost contact with each other. Aileen guesses that Joshua doesn’t want his own son to marry Aileen too, and to gain a status higher than himself. Joshua does blame himself for what happened in the past, but Aileen tells him off as he doesn’t seem to feel remorseful towards his own son. Still, she doesn’t think that he should be forgiven either. Aileen expresses that if it’s for Stuart’s sake, she’s willing to forsake the desire to become “normal” and knows that they’ll be happy – though she says all that merely to spite Joshua as he scurries away. Stuart overheard all this and while he’s worried about how she endangered herself by confronting Joshua like that – he also tells Aileen straight front that he never once relied on her and calls her a hindrance instead, earning himself a slap from her. Strangely though, the conversation carries on to both of them confessing their love for each other – though in past tense. As Stuart kisses her, he insists that he hates her.

Aaaaand let me dump some information about Stuart, his parents and Tyrone’s. Camilla and Elsa were actually friends, and she never poisoned Elsa. Even though she did despise her at first, Elsa never paid mind and eventually they become close. It appears that only Tyrone believed that nothing happened, and yet Joshua believed that his own wife killed Elsa. After Elsa’s death, Camilla lost her source of support and eventually committed suicide. Stuart believes that his mother wanted Joshua to see her deceased figure, since even after Elsa’s death he ignores her so she wanted to at least leave some other impression on his memory – in this case hate and blame himself for her death. Stuart didn’t clear his mother’s name since she wanted Joshua to believe what the rumours said. Upon seeing his mother die, Stuart came to realise that he’s similar to both of his parents – even though he hates both of them and doesn’t want to end up like them. But similar to Joshua, he yearns after someone regardless of the person’s feelings – he even thought of locking her away. Similar to Camilla, he’s jealous of the friend but can’t bear to hurt him either. In the end, Stuart decided that he can’t involve Aileen or Tyrone with his affairs, since Joshua still has commanding power, and distanced himself from them.

Love End: Even though Aileen won her end of the deal, her parents have pretty much almost retired now and has her next-in-line. Knowing that this current lifestyle is not “normal”, Stuart offers to run away with her and promises to do his best to become “normal”. He admits that he’s worried that she’ll be in danger, since now Joshua knows for sure that he loves her (aka Aileen’s his weakness). However, Aileen can’t give up this country and so Stuart apologises, telling her to forget about it. Though just like she can’t forgive him if he leaves her again, he won’t forgive her if she goes to some other guy again (referring to her ex). Stuart admits that he’s capable of being extremely jealous and warns her not to cheat on him or divorce him, saying that he won’t either – apparently this is part of his marriage proposal to her lol. Of course Aileen accepts, and Stuart claims that he’ll have to satisfy her enough so that she won’t look elsewhere.

Elopement End: Aileen didn’t earn enough so on the last night, Stuart comes to find her and offers to take her away. He’s become greedy for her now, and is afraid that he won’t be able to see her anymore once she marries. And of course, if he runs away with her Joshua would be in trouble. Anyway, they elope and with Stuart’s plentiful savings they live pretty comfortably – in fact he keeps giving her presents. Though he’s doing an art business, Aileen knows that he probably does other work in the shadows too. Though both of them kinda restrain each other in their own way such that she isn’t exactly free or “normal” now, Aileen’s happy and asks Stuart to bring her out on a “normal” date for today.

Merchant End: Aileen won her end of the deal so she decides to become a merchant. She’s still a princess, but she doesn’t let her true identity known to the dealers. Stuart regularly buys stuff off from her, and each time he does so he uses the excuse of inviting her to tea to make her stay longer. He’s worried about Aileen and offers her to become his sole supplier.

Adventurer End: Aileen didn’t earn enough but she has become quite strong so if no one is helping her, she’ll just escape by herself. She becomes an adventurer and everyday is fulfilling. But one day, Stuart pops up before her as he admits that he missed her and just wants to be by her side now. Aileen accepts and he tells her to be only his. After that, Stuart and her settle down in a residence but Aileen can hardly go out and fight ‘cos Stuart keeps worrying over her getting injured, and ends up killing all the monsters first. But since she doesn’t want to lose her touch, Stuart offers to help her out with some exercise – and all Aileen can think is オヤジくさい lol.

Lille Sluman (CV: Katsu Anri)

Lille is Aileen’s tutor though before that, he seemed to work as a bounty hunter with Roberto. To be honest, their personalities clash quite a bit but Aileen thinks that they’ve their similarities too. His leg was injured in their continuous travels so it became hard to continue and so he returned to Gilkhatar. His cane was given by Roberto, though apparently it’s also a sword. Being his student since young, Aileen knows a fair bit about him but a lot of him is still in the dark too. Though he appears to look “normal”, Aileen knows that his personality is far from “normal” (though she thinks of him as more “normal” than the candidates). From the start, Lille doesn’t think well of any of the marriage candidates. As mentioned, he and Roberto used to travel together though he calls Roberto a brat and constantly nags after him – it’s quite clear that Lille is some years older than Roberto despite his looks. Roberto is known to hole up in the casino, but comes out whenever Lille calls him out. Roberto accuses Lille of holing up in the castle too, though Lille ignores him lol. He also hates magic which explains why Aileen’s control of her magic skills are near zero even though she possesses a huge amount of it.

When they first met, Aileen refused to accept him as a tutor, while Lille wasn’t excited about having to tutor a kid either since he hates them. Knowing that his leg isn’t in good condition, Aileen purposely stole his shoe and Lille admits that she has talent. When Aileen answers that she wants to be “normal” instead, she’s taken aback by the fact that Lille supports her since it’s her own intention. Though he wishes for her to act as she wants and thinks of her as important, he admits that he’ll feel lonely too – ‘cos she wants to be “normal” while he’s far from that standard. Lille was recommended to be her tutor by his mother, who was a maid then and often doted on Aileen before. He admits that only their physical features are similar but their personalities are completely different. She passed away more than a year ago though. He only expected to teach her for a while before quitting, but then he ended up enjoying teaching her though Aileen recalls that he gave her spartan training even when she was a kid.

Eventually, Lille admits that he likes Aileen even though he never planned to, and doesn’t want to always remain as her tutor. Aileen finds it weird that he wants to be disliked but Lille says he’s not “normal” and doesn’t want to become “normal”. While he’s being liked, he can’t bear to lay hands on her or hurt her. If he was disliked, he wouldn’t need to worry about being disliked and can act as he likes. Lille’s other side is further revealed when he helps her out with an annoying guy – Lille starts hitting the guy, and tells Aileen to remain as her form of punishment as well for letting such a guy approach her. He hits with such force that Aileen starts to suspect that his leg may have healed altogether already, though he denies it. Lille also points out that a “normal” girl would’ve probably fled from such a violent scene already. Aileen knows this fully well, and that Lille is far from “normal”. But she’s conflicted as to whether she wants to learn more about his other side.

Love End: Aileen won her end of the deal, and Lille congratulates her but also admits that he feels sad at the same time. Naturally this confuses Aileen, as she confesses that she worked this hard for his sake but that only surprises him as a pleasant miscalculation – it turns out that if Aileen had lost the deal the person she was to be married to was Lille. Aileen had thought that it was one of the 5 candidates her father picked out, but apparently Gardin and Lastier both selected separate candidates. Lastier even mentions that Lille was her marriage candidate from the very start (being the son of her close friend), if not she wouldn’t have let her and her tutor be together alone in the same room for hours. Lille promptly drags her away, while saying that he’d supported her thinking that she hated the idea of marrying him and wanted to be “normal” – but now all that she’d worked for is for nothing. Her marrying him is nothing “normal” since he can’t become “normal”, and she’s going along with her parents’ wishes in the end. Annoyed when he calls her stupid and how he’s disappointed in his student, Aileen lets slip that she hates him and well, that only prompts him to have his way with her even more so in his room later.

Afterwards, Aileen learns from Lille that he’d first prepared the most difficult lock for her to pick and told her parents that it was alright to go ahead with her marriage issue. He’d pretty much prepared her such that she would be able to reject if she really hated the idea, and to become free and “normal” as she’d liked – but now she’s ended up with him as the ruler of Gilkhatar (her parents have moved to another city in Gilkhatar). Also, apparently Lille’s other job is that of a senior statesman but he never told her since she’d definitely fire him as a tutor. The courts in Gilkhatar have their day and night “faces” too and so Lille participates “unofficially”. Unlike the courts in the day, all the statesmen on the other side are deeply trusted. The only thing Lille refuses to tell Aileen is his age, as he says that it’s certainly a gap enough to be seen as a crime and that his colleagues still tease him even till today. Lille says that he proves his youth at night though and Aileen calls him an オヤジ in return lol. She still wonders how she fell in love in such a twisted person but even so she wants to be by his side.

Elopement End: Aileen didn’t earn enough so on the last night she decides to run away, but goes to see Lille one last time. Lille treats her coldly, with the idea that she’s leaving him behind after all and confesses that he likes her. Aileen returns his feelings but thinks that she’ll be married to someone else at this rate and it probably won’t be anyone good if he’s chosen by her mother – naturally Lille makes a rather conflicted expression as he hugs her. Even though she knows that he isn’t normal and that he has many secrets, Aileen still wants to be together and satisfied with his answer, Lille says that he’ll take care of everything. The game skips to another scene with them still in Gilkhatar’s castle. Being stubborn, Aileen still hasn’t married Lille ‘cos he hid numerous secrets from her. Lille gets down on his knees and continues to ask for her to forgive him though, while emphasising how much he loves her.

Merchant End: Aileen won her end of the deal so she decides to become a merchant. She’s still a princess, but she doesn’t let her true identity known to the dealers. Lille comes to see her situation one day and when she asks if she’s “normal” now, Lille can’t give an answer since he doesn’t know what the standard is – moreover the moment you want to become “normal” he thinks that you’re no longer “normal” already. He still supports her though it’s clear that Aileen still has that misunderstanding. She also thinks that he’s more “normal” than any of the other candidates, to which Lille answers that she isn’t “normal” then to have chosen such a guy like him on her own free will. Aileen shows one of her products, a magic ring which changes colour according to the light, remarking that she envies whoever receives it. Lille buys it off her and proposes to her with it.

Adventurer End: Aileen didn’t earn enough but she has become quite strong so if no one is helping her, she’ll just escape by herself. She becomes an adventurer and everyday is fulfilling. But she misses Lille and sneaks back into Gilkhatar, only to bump into him at the bar. Aileen thinks that he’s an illusion at first though, as she drank one drop too many. Lille thought that she hated him and escaped, but Aileen answers that it’s ‘cos she likes him that she escaped though. Seeing how she appears to still be in the dark, Lille sighs at how she should’ve just come to see him before escaping since all that she did is wasted. Lille answers her feelings and adds that there’s no need to leave the country – he won’t let anyone hurt her ‘cos only he can do so. He bites on her finger and plans to deal with her later and won’t let her run away again.

Roberto Cromwell (CV: Takahashi Naozumi)

All Aileen could think of Roberto at first is that he’s a shady guy. Roberto aims to be the casino king and so he naturally doesn’t mind marrying Aileen since that’ll help achieve his goal. He doesn’t force on her though, and is of course willing to help her. He enjoys the thrill of gambling (or rather…the thrill in anything), and often bets his entire fortune. The harder a game is to win, the bigger the thrill. As the casino owner, Roberto is bothered by the fact that he’s young since everyone judges him for it. He holes up in the casino and the only places he visits outside is the bar or Lille’s place at night to train.

Roberto: I’m awake. But it feels good to idle around. While idling around, learn about games, read novels, read the reports by subordinates……Idling around like that it soon becomes nighttime you know? At night the casino is crowded so I’ll change and go out to the casino floor. And then it’ll be games till the next morning…… Ahh~~~……, I live such a good life……
Aileen: …………I think I know the reason why you hole up now……

Roberto gets holed up ‘cos he’s caught up in gambling, while he thinks that Lille holes up in the castle ‘cos he’s caught up with something else (with his eyes glanced at Aileen). He takes an interest in Aileen, since she’s enough to make Lille caught up with – so there must be some sort of thrill, or maybe more. From Lille, we learn that rather than gamble at where the rich gather, he’d go to where the poor went as they’ve everything to lose in the casino and he enjoys beating such people. In the casino, it’s the gambler’s shame if his trick is seen through while it’s the dealer’s shame if he can’t see through the tricks. So in his casino, if money is lost and the dealer can’t see through the trick, the dealer’s pay is cut. Roberto spares nothing in dealing with customers who cause a ruckus in his casino and even enjoys the thrill from it. What’s more eye-raising though is that the dealer complains that the table is stained by blood and Roberto apologises by promising to buy a new one. When he sees Aileen, Roberto’s disposition immediately changes as if he was a different person.

Roberto is really the opposite of Aileen. He was born into an easygoing, peasant family and is the 7th out of 12 sons. The agricultural country Grimond was peaceful, and people could go to sleep without locking their doors. He played cards with his brothers for fun since young, and often read books in bed. However, all this eventually got too boring for him and so he left home and never once returned. While Aileen can’t fully comprehend, she thinks that she can relate to his feelings of wanting to leave. He thinks that Aileen is “normal” already though, from the moment she thinks that she wants to be “normal”. However, for Roberto he got tired of acting “normal” and when he travelled together with Lille, he could finally act as he liked. It was tough for Roberto to live in Gilkhatar at first but soon it became a comfortable country for him. His country never had sandstorms so when he settled down in Gilkhatar, Lille forced taught him the basics of setting up a forcefield. But later he reveals that he hardly steps out of the casino so this was actually his first time witnessing one and hence using magic to tackle it…in order words they could’ve died if he’d failed lol. Roberto is fine with such a gamble but Aileen tells him not to drag her in next time.

Roberto also reads adventure novels (of prince, princesses, dragons) and romance novels (a fact he desperately tries to hide). He seems to admire the image of princes and princesses, or rather the setting, and enjoys good endings. He knows that he can’t become a real prince, so at least he aims for that position in the casino world. Aileen finds it strange though Roberto insists that it’s the romance of a man. In an environment he grew up with no thrill or romance, he became engrossed with those in the books. When he gets drunk, his lines become even more cheesy as he sprouts lines like how it must be fate, that Aileen’s an angel, and for her to become drunk in him pfft. He’s also afraid of ghosts and the dark, or rather places that have no sign of human activity. When he was young, his parents drilled ghost stories into him till he was so afraid. When he travelled with Lille, Lille would always knock him unconscious and he’d have a peaceful sleep – and laugh and tease him by telling him ghost stories lol. Roberto blames Lille for the gambling maniac he is today, since he would then stay in casinos all night long. Aileen can’t help but feel that Lille feels guilty and keeps nagging Roberto now. Though Lille reveals that he’s more worried that he’ll be misunderstood as the same type of person as Roberto lol.

When Roberto wears his hat on Aileen, he has an out–I mean he goes all red as he realises how nice it feels to have someone wear your stuff. This ends up with Aileen teasing her though, and that he must like it when his girlfriend wears only his shirt and nothing else. Roberto insists that he’s pure at heart but she only teases him more, adding in more scenarios like having your lover feed you or the standard welcome-home line. He gets the impression that she must’ve done all this with her ex though and gets jealous lol. He doesn’t want her thinking or speaking of other guys, and then goes quiet out of embarrassment. Roberto also insists that he’s the strict type when it comes to relationships, though no one seems to believe him so that’s why his subordinate casually guides Aileen to his room at the casino one morning. Roberto doesn’t want to keep getting teased each time so he passes Aileen a key and tell her to come whenever she wants.

During the festival, Roberto thought that he was only accompanying her to see the festival. When he hears the word “date” from her, he immediately lightens up and escorts her all around – after all a date with a princess is probably a once in a lifetime experience. It’s his first time seeing the fireworks at night too (since he’s always holed up) and he realises that he probably missed out on numerous stuff  outside. In fact, he knew Aileen since a while back ‘cos of Lille but never really got to know her till now. But Roberto doesn’t plan to make the same mistake twice and won’t let this chance slip away now. Roberto thought that Aileen liked Lille at first but when he hears otherwise, he’s surprised that Lille hasn’t made a move on her at all. Towards the end, Roberto is direct with his feelings, saying that he likes Aileen the most and that anything the woman he likes does would surely look cute in his eyes.

Love End: Even though Aileen won her end of the deal, her parents have disappeared though so she has to take charge. Roberto folds the documents as paper airplanes to kill his boredom though which makes things worse for Aileen. In the end, Roberto helps Aileen out and she’s surprised by how efficient he is. Apparently he didn’t learn much at home so once he left he learned all that he can from dictionaries and language books (self-study genius). After they’re done, they go to Aileen’s room and Roberto later proposes to her. Before he hears her answer though he gets so elated by the fact that he didn’t trip up on his words lol. Aileen accepts it and knows that she probably isn’t “normal”, to see this gambler like a prince but she’s happy with him.

Elopement End: Aileen didn’t earn enough so on the last night, Roberto asks her to elope with him. She thought that she would be in the way of his dream, but apparently Roberto already owns numerous casinos across different countries and there’s no need to worry about finances. He also knew the way to her room ‘cos he had to bow before Lille to ask for it. In addition, he had to promise multiple conditions such as only gamble for 3 hours a day, don’t make Aileen sad or cry, sleep when the sun is down, only drink up to 3 cups of alcohol, brush teeth before he sleeps etc. pfffft. After that, he listened to Aileen’s request to remain in Gilkhatar so they end up hiding from pursuers from casino to casino. Roberto guesses that Lille is also helping them out that’s why the pursuing isn’t as aggressive.

Merchant End: Aileen won her end of the deal so she decides to become a merchant. She’s still a princess, but she doesn’t let her true identity known to the dealers. Roberto is her regular customer and Aileen shows him a magic book that day, which has the book images appear like holograms. He then offers to pay 10 times the amount if she wins in a game of darts against him. Aileen can’t resist though she ends up losing. Roberto then asks her to come visit him more often, and to even go out on a date. When she states how she’s busy, he tells her to switch occupations then – as his wife pfft. While getting embarrassed, he recalls that he hadn’t stated the condition if he won the bet – and well the one thing he desires most now is of course Aileen.

Adventurer End: Aileen didn’t earn enough but she has become quite strong so if no one is helping her, she’ll just escape by herself. She becomes an adventurer and everyday is fulfilling. But one day, Roberto shows up before her and they’re playing a game of cards. Meissen and Michael happen to happen to be there too. Roberto told everyone that they were lovers torn apart though when they’re alone later, it becomes obvious to Aileen that he’s mad that she left him alone. He’d wanted to see her though Aileen replies that when she’s with him she’s no good and hence also ran away from him. Roberto isn’t letting her go now though, and is having her return to his side.

Shark Brandon (CV: Oohata Shintarou)

To Shark, just becoming one of the marriage candidates ups his reputation a lot so he’s satisfied with his business picking up. He can’t figure out what Aileen means by wanting a marriage out of love though, but will cooperate with her since he was ordered to protect her. However, Shark is quick to admit that he’s the least fit among the five candidates since his job involves more of his brain rather than body. Out in the desert when they’re fighting, he insists on sitting down to take a break. Moreover, Aileen is quick to make fun of Shark, especially his gaudy clothes and hairstyle (even comparing him to a cockroach). Naturally Shark does protest though he can barely do anything to make her stop laughing. In hospital, he simply wears a white coat over his clothes since that makes it easier for him to switch between work locations – again, not that it stops Aileen from laughing. The first few times he accompanies her to the bar though, Shark keeps falling fast asleep since his work hours are hectic and Aileen can’t bear to wake him up. Even when he tries to stay awake, Shark still ends up sleeping lol.

As a doctor, Shark constantly fusses over Aileen’s well-being such as making her drink lotsa water at the oasis to avoid dehydration, and advising against staying up late at night. As a trader, during the festival he keenly eyes a decent pair of earrings and gives them to Aileen. Though he also has a habit of always thinking of the cost price, such as the festival fireworks, which he always saw as a waste. Aileen thinks that it’s like paying for memories though, and Shark admits that he doesn’t mind thinking that way either and that he had fun. Of course, Shark does have his other side. He sells all sorts of weapons and such (meant to kill and torture) to Curtis with a straight face. And he admits that it’s fun to be able to control people’s lives (as a doctor) – no matter whether they’re rich or poor. That being said, his skills as a doctor are renowned and even people from other countries come to see him.

Shark has a younger brother, Maze, who has been hospitalised since young though Aileen later finds out that they’re not blood-related. He did have a blood-related younger brother who was also sickly since young but their mother abandoned them. Shark begged a hospital to heal his brother and that he’ll pay them back later, but they refused and in the end his brother passed away. To be honest, it was a burden off Shark’s shoulders since now he could pursue what he wanted. He wanted the power to heal his brother, and to destroy those that rejected and abandoned them etc. In the end, he studied his way to the top, bought over that same hospital, and it implies that he got rid of those doctors – but he couldn’t heal his(dead) brother. Shark found Maze abandoned at the hospital entrance and seeing the overlapping similarities, he took Maze in. He saw Maze like a replacement at first only though, and does want him to recover. Shark praises Maze a lot, thinking that he’ll grow into a fine man – but he also gets worried that Aileen will be attracted to Maze. But at the same time, he’s worried that she’ll steal his younger brother from him (since Maze already acknowledges her as an older sister) lol. Even though being a trader earns him more than enough, he can’t rest easy not being at the hospital since Maze is there.  Maze has his fear of being abandoned once he recovers though, as he’ll lose the single common point with Shark’s actual brother. But at the same time, he feels that he’s a burden on Shark. Throughout the game, Aileen talks it out with Maze and eventually makes him see the sense.

Maze lets Aileen in that Shark admires her, and of course Aileen teases Shark about it. Shark explains that he used to despise those who were born rich but Aileen acted differently despite her status, and he found her odd. Though in the first place, her wanting to be “normal” isn’t “normal” to him lol. And if he wasn’t the guy he is now (aka a “normal” guy), he wouldn’t have been chosen as one of her marriage candidates nor have been able to save Maze.

Love End: Even though Aileen won her end of the deal, her parents disappeared to go travelling (and shows no sign of returning) so she has to take charge. Shark helps her out, while Maze is learning the ropes. Both Aileen and Shark argue over what Maze should pursue though – she wants Maze to work in the court while Shark wants Maze to work as a trader. Seeing how they’re bickering, Maze laughs and starts referring to them as his mother and father – even asking for a younger brother pfft. Later, Shark proposes to Aileen (asking her to be his family) but he gets disappointed when she answers casually. Seeing this, Aileen eventually proposes back to him instead lol. Despite her not-so-normal situation, she’s happy with the person she loves.

Elopement End: Aileen didn’t earn enough so on the last night, Shark comes and asks to elope together. He doesn’t plan on giving up anything he has right now nor her, and assures her that everything will be fine. In the end, he brings her to his hospital with the excuse that she’s ill. People have been sent to pursue her, but Shark dismisses them each time even though it’s clearly all a lie. But they can’t create a scene either if not it’ll create gossip among the people that the princess doesn’t want a marriage to the extent of faking illness, and the king and queen have their pride. Also, Shark reveals that he’s a doctor for the royal family too. Aileen just never saw him ‘cos his specialisation is surgery and she never needed it. But even without the connections or money, he probably would’ve still taken her away – it’s just that with these it makes things easier for him. Shark proposes to her, telling her that she’s fulfilled his dream of gaining all that he wanted. Aileen answers that he fulfilled hers too, since even though he may not be “normal”, at least it was close to her dream of having a “normal” love, and marriage.

Merchant End: Aileen won her end of the deal so she decides to become a merchant. She’s still a princess, but she doesn’t let her true identity known to the dealers. She sometimes sells her stuff to Shark, and calls him “senpai” which doesn’t sit well with him. Aileen then mentions how if she stops being with Shark she may become “normal” – which causes him to drop the precious stone he’s inspecting lol. She starts to tease him about how she likes someone in the same field and does his job well etc. which only makes Shark more nervous and drops the stone again. It’s only later when she keeps looking at him while repeating the words does he get the message while turning red – and drops the product again pfft.

Adventurer End: Aileen didn’t earn enough but she has become quite strong so if no one is helping her, she’ll just escape by herself. She becomes an adventurer and everyday is fulfilling. But one day, Shark shows up before her as he states that he’s here for her as he couldn’t forget about her. Aileen admits the same and Shark brings her back to the hospital, with the excuse that she caught an unknown illness outside and has to be isolated. It’ll probably be very fishy if he did this right when the deadline was, but it would be less so now. He and Maze can probably also leave with the country if they wanted to. Well no matter the case, Shark’s not letting go of her again.

Assistant End: Aileen won her end of the deal and decides to become Shark’s assistant at the hospital, with the hopes that it’s a “normal” job. He can’t get used to her calling him “sensei“, and asks her to call his name at least in private. He also gets worried about the patients and other colleagues setting their eyes on her, quoting that a woman in a white coat is like an angel to them pfft. When Aileen tries to tease him about it, Shark answers that he feels it no matter what she’s wearing – even if it’s nothing. Of course this only prompts her to call him オヤジくさい lol. He promises not to do anything within work hours anyway. Though she’s working in a “normal” workplace, somehow Aileen feels as though her situation isn’t “normal” at all.

Curtis Nile (CV: Ishida Akira)

Curtis was the only one Aileen never expected to accept the deal since he has no interest in status or fortune, but he merely says that he has his own situation. Both of them agree that they prefer each other not having any interest in the other party though. So while Curtis says that he’s merely a marriage candidate in name, he is interested to see how her deal with her parents go and is willing to help her out when necessary. Curtis hates the heat and admits that a huge reason why he chose his job, is ‘cos he mostly only operates at night when it’s cooler. He purposely lets this reason be known to his rivals and those after his position, just to humiliate them. While out in the desert, Aileen thinks that the heat has gotten to Curtis so much when he starts biting her on the face and licking too, asking her to heal him pfft. When they’re taking a break and eating the apples he brought along (in his secret pocket lol), Aileen blurts out that he looks sexy which he takes as a compliment, though he’s pretty sure that she’s the only one who thinks like that. As thanks, he offers to lick her hand too, while adding that he’s only willing to “try” all this on her and not other people.

Curtis runs an assassin guild and spends more of his time organising everything rather than going out to assassinate now. Everyone in the guild sees each other as family, though in Curtis’ words, they’re on such good terms they sometimes fight and end up killing each other…okay, lol. When he first started out though, Curtis admits that he made a lot of blunders. He never let his target go away, but he ended up often overdoing things such as setting off an explosion when he was only supposed to set a fire etc. Curtis only does what he feels like and only kills for the money. But he admits that there was once time in the past where he had no choice but to kill. There was once a boy in training under the guild’s care and everyone saw him as a younger brother. But he was taken as a hostage on one occasion and Curtis killed the boy then. If he hadn’t, Curtis believed that other people would follow suit and take his men hostage again. Curtis gets embarrassed by his past, not that Aileen can see why lol. Aileen learns from his men that one of Curtis’ former subordinate made a fatal error (his task was to assassinate another country’s royalty member), and as a result they had to rely on the King to follow up. ‘Cos of this, Curtis couldn’t reject the King and became one of the marriage candidates. His men speculate that Curtis must like Aileen then, ‘cos if he didn’t want he could’ve just killed off the King.

Despite being loaded, Curtis still stays in the slums as he feels comfortable there. And when he passes away, he doesn’t plan on leaving anything behind to anyone, and just letting his assets rot away. He’s rather curt with his words, though Curtis isn’t conscious of this at first. Being raised in the slums, he often says that he’s more crude compared to the other candidates. He doesn’t think that he’s suitable for Aileen since she wants to be “normal”. Curtis despises those of high status but he finds Aileen a special exception. He likes her flaws and in fact, feels the urge to destroy if a human being is too perfect. Curtis says that she’s just his type, not that it may exactly sound like praise. He’s also curious about her since she wants to become “normal”, a conception he has no idea about. When he saw how everyone else in the guild felt sad over the boy’s death, except him, he started to gain interest in what’s “normal”. His men see it as his feelings being somewhat numbed, but he feels as though he’s lacking something as he has no attachment to anything. It’s as if even among his men who aren’t “normal”, he’s not “normal”.

Curtis is used to waiting since he often does it for his job, and even finds it exciting – not that Aileen enjoys him waiting for her to be compared to that. He also has a strong tolerance for alcohol, and is usually seen drinking the strongest alcohol in the bar. When Aileen has a taste of it, she gets pretty drunk and she starts accusing him of having ulterior motives when he takes her out – not that it makes him feel bad at all lol. But he prefers it when she isn’t drunk so he promises not to do anything to her. Curtis points out that she’s just as guilty too since she could’ve run away from him if she wanted to. One day, Aileen stumbles upon Curtis with Meissen and Michael. Meissen points Curtis out as the assassin sent to kill the princess of Rune Venus though Curtis doesn’t answer. Aileen interferes when the atmosphere seems to get tense and when she’s left alone with Curtis, he thanks her as things could’ve gotten dangerous for him as he senses that Michael’s pretty darn powerful. Later, Curtis tries to recruit Michael into his assassin guild though of course, he gets rejected.

During the festival, Aileen gets hit on by a guy and Curtis is quick to stop him. He’s even thrilled when the guy challenges him, since it’s been a while since someone has done so fearlessly. The guy runs off when Curtis draws his weapon of course. He then accompanies Aileen during the festival, and informs her that he’s thinking of retiring soon since both his name and face are getting too well-known. As he’s settling whatever there is to settle, he’s started to think about his future. Curtis never expected to live this long, as he compares his livelihood to the fireworks that night – such a risky job would often mean one dying young. When they part later, Curtis kisses her as admits that he already likes her and won’t let her escape him.

Love End: Even though Aileen won her end of the deal, her parents have disappeared though so she has to take charge. Curtis has retired from his job but ‘cos he disappeared so suddenly and didn’t name any successor, his men have been searching for him and so Curtis has gone into hiding by Aileen’s side. Just yesterday, his men came looking for Aileen and it appears as though they know that Curtis is with her now. Aileen worries that he no longer has any reason to stay with her now, but Curtis doesn’t intend to change his mind as he merely says that it’s ‘cos he loves her. He even offers to kill all those in opposition to her, just like what the King did when people opposed to the Queen before. Curtis proposes the same solution too if Aileen feels like quitting – of course she has no intention of becoming the tyrant like he suggests. Curtis asks to become family with her, and even wants kids much to Aileen’s surprise. Cejka suddenly interrupts them, as she threatens to kill Curtis as she just learnt that he’s together with Aileen. She gets even more furious when he says that he’s not planning to marry Aileen, as he doesn’t want to become the king. While Almeida holds Cejka back, Curtis ignores the two of them and goes back to proposing to Aileen lol. Though she knows that Cejka is probably right, Aileen can’t refuse Curtis and agrees.

Elopement End: Aileen didn’t earn enough so on the last night, Curtis offers to elope together with her. Though he threatens to kill her if she refuses him, Aileen sees through him and he admits that he’s afraid of being rejected. If she’d refused, he was planning to take her away still. Aileen agrees and Curtis is in no hurry at all, in fact he brings her back in and says that they’ll only leave the next morning lol. After that, they elope together though they keep being attacked and Aileen notices that Curtis is clearly the target. He did retire his job and she guesses that he purposely leaked his location so that people came after his head for fame (since killing him = certain capabilities) and his skills won’t get rusty – and well, to entertain himself. Aileen knows that Curtis is doing what he can to become “normal” for her though she admits to herself that she admires his figure when he’s fighting like this. Apparently, Curtis knows this fully well and though it’s far from a “normal” lifestyle, Aileen’s happy as it is.

Kidnapping End: Same as the Elopment End, except that Aileen rejects him and Curtis knocks her unconscious, bringing her away anyway. Aileen ends up being confined to the bed and Curtis constantly asks her to marry him (while calling her his wife). He feeds her each day, though when she refuses he thinks that she wants to eat from his hand and does so, and even makes her drink from his mouth lol. Curtis promises to let her free only if she accepts his proposal, but won’t let her return to Gilkhatar since she’d have to get married to someone else. While Aileen does like Curtis, she can’t bear to leave her country behind. Curtis decides to bear with it a little longer and promises to work hard to become “normal” for her. As he kisses her, Aileen’s pretty sure that she’ll end up accepting him sooner or later.

Merchant End: Aileen won her end of the deal so she decides to become a merchant. She’s still a princess, but she doesn’t let her true identity known to the dealers. Still, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t in a dangerous position and as Curtis happens to save her from an attack, he offers to protect her in exchange for being by his side. He’s thinking of retiring and while Aileen protests, saying that she can’t afford to hire him (even though he’s willing to do so for free), he tells her to become a merchant capable of hiring him then.

Accomplished Adventurer End: Aileen won her end of the deal and has become quite strong, so she decides to lead a life of adventure. For some reason, Curtis followed her and he enjoys watching her even though she restricts him from interfering too much. But he admits that he doesn’t just want to look and reaches his hand out to her.

Adventurer End: Aileen didn’t earn enough but she has become quite strong so if no one is helping her, she’ll just escape by herself. She becomes an adventurer and everyday is fulfilling. But one day, Curtis shows up before her and he’s clearly angry and it shows in his attitude when he talks to her. Aileen reveals that she used to like him which causes him to break the bottle in his hand lmao, and he abruptly asks if she’s seeing anyone now. Aileen hesitantly answers that she has someone now (though they’re not in a relationship) and Curtis quickly tells her to break it off if not he’ll kill the guy, and to marry him. He still loves her now and says that he did his best to become “normal” for her, thinking that she’d only accept “normal” guys. He’s retired, taken care of everything, and is now here to marry her. Annoyed that he only showed up now, Aileen punches him and he willingly takes it. When she’s tending to his wound later, Curtis admits that he wasn’t lonely as he regularly gathered information about her but she probably was lonely. He then says that he’s willing to forgive her violence and unfaithfulness as marriage is all about cooperating (lol), and kisses her. Aileen asks to take the time to learn about each other again since there was a one year gap, and Curtis accepts on the condition that she is his only.

Lover End: Aileen loses her end of the deal and ends up getting married as her parents wanted her to. Curtis continues to remain by her side as a (secret) lover. He pretty much seduces her on bed and continues on even though there’s someone knocking on the door. Though Aileen feels guilty, she can’t resist Curtis and later, Curtis casually says that has may have his kid at this rate. He reassures Aileen though, saying that by that time he would’ve killed her husband.

Meissen Hildegarde (CV: Shimono Hiro), Michael Faust (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru)

Both of them stay in the castle as “guests” but no one seems to find them suspicious except Aileen, as if everyone else was put under a hypnosis. Neither Meissen nor Michael knows why she isn’t affected. Their claim to be staying here is that they’re moneylenders – so in the game it is possible to borrow gold from them (with interest). Due to Aileen’s persistence, they give in and introduce themselves as: a prince roaming around for truth and love, and a devil whom he’s contracted with. Aileen doesn’t believe them at first, till Michael later shows his true form before her, and adds that he’s feeding off Meissen’s magic. She still has her suspicions and later Meissen tells her not to take it seriously either. He sees Aileen as similar to his own sister, Alicia, who was assassinated by a Gilkhatar assassin. He’s here to find out who ordered for it, as well as a few other objectives. It is through them that Aileen also meets Yuu, a friend and (very) distant relative of Meissen’s. Yuu loves rare things and so later he buys random stuff off you for crazy prices – you can only sell one item at a time though, and only one of each kind to him.

Meanwhile, Aileen keeps seeing dreams of what appears to be her past life – Simone, one of the 25 goddesses and the one who created Gilkhatar. Beside her is someone called Rolei (?), who used to be a god too but reincarnated so he’s kind like a semi-god now. He’s also the creator of Rune Venus. He persuades Simone to do as he did, as at this rate their strong powers will destroy the countries they created. Simone shows disgust at first, but Rolei tells her that if she does so, she’ll learn more about humans and love etc. Simone eventually gives in and in another dream, Simone’s image changed to Aileen and Roli’s image changes to Alicia (though Aileen doesn’t know this for sure).

Though she can’t recall the dream, she tells Meissen and Michael that she dreamed of someone like Meissen. Michael then checks and says that she is indeed Simone, but she’d sealed her own powers. Yuu appears to be in the know of this too, as Aileen stumbles upon the three of them discussing about it. There appears to be a stipulated restriction on her (which is to become “normal”), unlike Alicia. It appears that finding Aileen was part of Meissen’s objectives, but with this restriction it doesn’t really help him for whatever reason (implied that it’s to rid of Meissen’s own restriction).

Love End: Aileen fails to earn enough money and Meissen and Michael show up, taking her along with them since their time here is about done too. Michael flies off carrying the two of them despite Aileen’s protest.

Debt End: Aileen fails to earn enough money, plus she borrowed from Meissen but can’t return it. So before her parents, they come taking her away on a chain as they’re planning to make her work in return as they continue travelling. Her parents show no objections (clearly under Michael’s hypnotism) and see Aileen off.

Other Endings

Childhood Friend End: This occurs when there’s about equal affection from both Tyrone and Stuart. Aileen achieves her end of the deal, and becomes a merchant. Stuart still comes to find her, as a customer, while Tyrone insists on being her bodyguard. They keep arguing with each other, but it reminds Aileen of the past days and she feels that they’ve kinda closed the gap. That is, till the two of them start pulling out their swords at each other and she has to stop them, and threatens them by saying that she may leave Gilkhatar. Tyrone quickly advises her against it as it’s too dangerous, while Stuart worries over how she’ll attract weird men. Aileen passes it off as a joke and though her current situation may not be “normal”, she feels comfortable with it.

Lille & Roberto End: This occurs when there’s about equal affection from both Tyrone and Stuart. Aileen achieves her end of the deal, and becomes a free woman for now. Receiving Roberto’s invitation, she’s playing at his casino now. He remarks that to be able to earn that much in 25 days isn’t “normal” at all though Aileen still aims for it. He doesn’t mind if she remains the way she is now anyway and Lille hits him with his cane, accusing him of seducing Aileen. Lille insisted on tagging along and soon a tense atmosphere between them arises as they bicker more. Though Aileen can’t figure out that they’re fighting over her, she wants them to settle the issue quickly and they tell her that it’s dependent on her.

Study Abroad With Guardians End: Aileen helps Cejka and Almeida get together and when she fails to meet the money target, they help her to escape the castle. They decide to study abroad together but while everything is rosy, Aileen can’t stand it when they get lovey-dovey in front of her. She doesn’t know how long this lifestyle will last, but for now she still won’t return home.

Merchant End, Yuu: Aileen wins her end of the deal and becomes a merchant – same line of job as Yuu so they often meet each other. Yuu says that he likes her, but since what he likes are rare things, he concludes that she’s a rare thing too and hence hardly “normal”. Yuu is the type to mix hobby with work so he often collects all the items he likes, and never sells them – which Aileen can’t understand. But well, despite their differences it’s fun as long as they don’t get to close in her opinion. In fact, she wishes to quickly become the type Yuu doesn’t like.

Bad End: Aileen basically loses her end of the deal and is forced to marry the candidate Lastier has in mind.


That was a long ride, no wait it wasn’t such a long ride compared to their other games but looking back on the review it looks pretty long lol. Okay, so this game was fun. As always, the most attractive thing about QuinRose games are its lively characters. Sure, the events get predictable and repetitive – but the characters each have their own unique (twisted) personality and Aileen deals with all of them brilliantly. The sub-characters have their own quirks too and it was nice to see them given background too – if you trigger the events. Admittedly, Meissen and Michael were just okay for me but the route had its interesting points though I’m pretty confused about the whole “restriction” thing etc. and I was making my own assumptions in the review too.

It’s a given for me that Curtis would be my favourite – he’s such a twisted guy but I couldn’t dislike him at all, even in the Kidnapping End. The way he thinks and says his thoughts just makes me love him more. When he introduced Aileen as his wife to Cejka, he was like “You’re envious right, right? I’m not giving her up (to you).” and that just made me laugh. Moreover, he’s the only one that desperately tries to become “normal” for Aileen. I think that Curtis probably doesn’t sound as captivating if you just read the review – ‘cos he kinda grows on you in the process of playing the game. The same can be said for Roberto, who I didn’t expect to like at all – since I didn’t like his voice at first. But his childishness, contrast with Aileen and (weird) relationship with Lille really got to me. He’s also genius in a sense, but such a dork too. As a result, one of my favourite sub-scenes was Curtis, Tyrone and Roberto being drunk and fighting over Aileen – Roberto referred to himself as the hero saving her, and started making up memories (or rather fantasies) they had like them chasing each other on the beach and going “ufufuahaha” pfffft.

Curtis makes little sense. ❤

I enjoyed all the other routes too, with Shark’s and Lille’s edging out over Tyrone’s and Stuart’s for me. Aileen teased Shark so much in his route, it was so amusing. I enjoyed Lille for similar reasons to Roberto’s – plus he was really the hidden secret of the game, I didn’t see it coming. Tyrone is a sweet guy, it’s just that his route was more predictable than the rest I guess so it was slightly bland compared to the rest. Stuart was an interesting playthrough as it explains the past between their parents and the overlaps with him. The relationship between Tyrone and Stuart is amusing too, but I find the combination of Lille and Roberto pretty hard to beat lol.

The system is easy to tackle once you get used to it – plus with a walkthrough. I used Peche’s one and it was pretty much spot-on. Just keep in mind that your playthrough won’t necessarily be 100% same as hers so just adjust as accordingly. Her advice for the roulette game in the casino is really useful. Once you get the hang of it and know when to stop the roulette, you can earn money pretty easily. For me, I would stop about the 7-6-4 area to make the ball drop at either 3/4. Placing your bets on 3, and 3/4 would then mean getting 8x and 4x the returns.

I don’t have a recommended route order…but I think that the order I played in is okay. Feel free to shift it around for your own convenience though. Other than that, I really wish QuinRose would start working on Arabians Doubt.

26 thoughts on “Arabians Lost ~The Engagement on Desert~

  1. midoriha says:

    Waaaah! Thank you so much for this! I have been looking for a summary of this game! This was really cool, and i love what a proactive heroine Aileen is! The marriage candidates are very interesting too, lol!


  2. Azu says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for your review! I played the game and hardly understand what’s happening since my japanese is really bad orz
    Your review make things easier XD

    And Curtis is my favorite too ヽ( *´ ▽ `* )ノ He’s such a cutie when he act as tsundere (the scene where he covered Aileen’s eyes because he’s blushing is really cute XD)
    Though, I won’t mind when he act as yandere too lol. But I guess you were right about Curtis is the one who desperately becoming normal (the adv ending freak me out lol you’re not normal when you say you’re normal Curtis XDD)

    Talking about Curtis adv ending, I don’t really understand why there is CG of Curtis in the dawn of desert. Can you explain what’s happening?

    Are you planning to review Arabians Doubt too? :3


    • Yume says:

      You’re welcome! Thank you for your nice comment too! ❤

      Yeah I really love how Curtis acts around Aileen, his feelings becomes so obvious especially towards the end!

      Which CG are you referring to, the first CG of Curtis I posted in this review…? I think that was when they were out fighting monsters in the desert when a sand storm approached them, so they were hiding out to avoid a direct hit. …if my memory serves me correct ahaha.

      And yes! I got it for Curtis after all, eheh. X3 It's just…a matter of when I have time to play and review it haha.


      • Azu says:

        No, no! Thank you for replying! XDD

        Yeah, indeed. He’s so straight-forward especially when he said he hates the heat lol.

        I mean this CG :
        It appears at the end of adventure ending. I can’t catch what’s truly happening DX

        Then… then… may I ask what’s truly happening here *___* :

        Oh! If you already get it then I’m glad. Since there’s no info or any spoiler of what’s happening inside the game >_< If you are going to do it, then I will wait patiently for your review! Thank you so much! ❤ XD
        and I'm sorry for asking too much. I love Curtis so much and it drives me crazy for not fully understanding what he was saying lol.


        • Yume says:

          I totally didn’t recall those scenes so I had to go back to the game…only for the game to not load for me atm lol omg nooooo. /o\ If you don’t mind, you can try taking screenshots of the backlog (QR’s in-game screenshot system can do that) and let me see the dialogue. Then I can tell you what he’s saying. Sorry for the trouble lool. (Damnit why isn’t my game loading /o\)

          And thank you for your patience. ;; No worries, you’re not asking for too much! I’m definitely going to play Doubt and review it haha…though I’ll probably leave Curtis for last as I tend to leave my favourites for last. :3


            • Azu says:

              Oh? Somehow my comment was cut off…
              But well, just adding, I won’t mind if Curtis would be the last since we must save the best for the last lol x3
              I also kinda curious with Aileen’s ex-boyfriend!


            • Yume says:


              It looks like this was their meeting after the 1 year gap. I’m not quite sure how they went to the desert since I thought they reunited in an inn. ;; Curtis says that he’s here to marry her as he’s normal now. It should be noted that he usually calls her “princess”, but here he corrected himself by calling her name. Aileen tells him that there’s no need to change his way of calling her. She wants to start as friends first due to the 1 year gap. Unlike last time, there’s no 25 day deadline so they have all the time they need. Probably continuing from the previous topic, Aileen asks if he cheated on her and Curtis welcomes her to check all she wants. He’ll do the same to her too. For some reason it sounds like he’s threatening her lol. They’re now a former-princess and a former-assassin, and in a way they have become more plain than before. But Aileen adds that Curtis only looks plain in terms of his looks. He insists that he’s normal now, and that she likes normal men. Aileen agrees, and recalls the last time she saw him, when he told her that he’ll see her again some time. His words continued to make her wait to see him again each day. And now he finally has. Curtis says that he’s happy to see her again.

              I hope that was clear! /o\ And oh, I think the comment will cut off when you use “>” or “<" ;; Eheh, thanks! Yeah I am curious about her ex too – guess he can't be "normal" either…lol.


            • Azu says:

              Oh! Thank you for your explanation! It’s really clear! x3
              I think the reason why the CG desert appears is because of the flashback. But…wait. So the last time they met before the inn is in the desert and Curtis said that he will see her again some time. Does that means Curtis know she will escape on her own or what…?

              Wow, I didn’t know about that. Thank you though, I’ll be more careful using that symbol.
              But if he managed to become Aileen’s boyfriend–does that mean he’s closer to ‘normal’? lol


            • Yume says:

              You’re welcome! (:

              Ah, perhaps that’s it – that the desert CG is when they last saw each other before their reunion. Perhaps, I don’t think it’s very clear from Curtis’ words. Or maybe he said he will see her again when he’s “normal” lol. ^^;

              No problem! Haha, even the person that seemed the most “normal” (Lille) was not so it’s hard to say.


          • Sera says:

            OMG you will review Arabians Doubt? I’ve been waiting for someone to review them since this is such a great game *(&*(&)^ thank you!!!


  3. Sena says:

    You know, this was actually one of the other QR games that looked interesting to me that I wanted to try (adding onto our QR game conversation from the gigantic comment wall of neverendingness). I didn’t read the route review (yet) but I read your ending thoughts just to get a gist of it. It sounds pretty good so when I have money to spare, I’ll probably give it a try ^^


  4. Hinano says:

    I admit Curtis was my favorite too lol and I don’t have Ishida bias but let’s face it QR gave him the most endings. I think he is their favorite too! Still though I really liked Shark as well lol. I kinda miss these kinds of QR games where there’s so many charming characters. Lately I’m just ( ´_ゝ`). When I played it though Peche didn’t have her PSP walkthrough up so I used her PS2 one combined with the ending requirements from B’s Log lol, it was quite frustrating but I ended up buying the limited edition when it was like 40% off anyway XD


    • Yume says:

      Yeah, when you look at the amount of endings for Curtis…QR is so obvious. XD I haven’t played any of the newer games yet so I can’t compare. I do imagine that at the speed they’re announcing and producing new games, the production may not be as well thought-out as their older games. Ack, I can imagine how frustrating it must’ve been – but then it also shows how charming the characters were for you to have still enjoyed it! The comics in the LE edition were cute too. (:


  5. Freya says:

    I laughed at all the quotes “Normal”. XD

    O.O i doesn’t know that Curtis is an expert with medicine. I always only thought he is a assassin. Most probably i don’t remember he uses any medicine


    • Yume says:

      Lol, they put “normal” in quotes in the game too so I ended up using quotes every time in my review. XD

      Yeah, though I guess rather than all types of medicine it’s more of poison (and so he uses them for his job).


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