Amnesia Crowd: Kent’s route

Kent……that’s not smiling lol.

So I started on Amnesia Crowd. As a basic introduction of the game flow, there are 3 modes: Suspense, Working, Love. I believe that only Love mode picks up from the previous games’ contents. There is also a section where you can visit Orion, and another where you can play card games (Poker, Black Jack) with each guy.

There will be spoilers in this post for the previous games. Again, ‘cos the heroine has no name, and I decided to name her “Yuu” for like “you”. I wanted to review all the miscellaneous content first like I did for Amnesia Later, but apparently a certain event is only unlocked at the end of everything so I’ll have to save those for last. Below you’ll find Kent’s route (CV: Ishida Akira) for Suspense mode, Love mode (After Story, Communication).


This world is pretty much the Clover world in the original Amnesia game, but just take it that it’s an alternate Suspense story. Yuu has lost her memories and Orion is with her. She’s going out with Kent and they used to bicker all the time, but now their relationship has improved. The story starts with Yuu running to the park’s public toilet at night, locking herself inside to avoid the person chasing after her. Orion checks the situation outside and sees a scary-looking woman outside and concludes that the story Sawa told everyone this afternoon must be true.

That afternoon, Sawa got the permission of Waka to test the experience of telling horror stories to Kent – since they’re considering holding such a one-day event with customers. It’s quite a typical story of how a guy kept hearing footsteps following him each day he walked back home from the station, and the distance got longer each time but he never saw anyone behind him – up till the day it reached his doorstep. Annoyed, he shouted for the person to show himself/herself. Seeing no response, he went inside his place only to see a long-haired woman and he was never to be seen since then. All the girls are freaked out, though Kent calmly points out that if the guy never told anyone about this incident, then there was no way the story could’ve spread as a rumour.

Back to present time, the door clatters several times till things seem to calm down. Orion sees that the coast is clear outside and Yuu quickly dashes out to the main street before calling Kent. He soon comes to fetch her and sees her back home while hearing what happened from her. Kent thinks that it’s unlikely to be a ghost, as he points out that how Yuu was in a state of panic and may have judged things inaccurate – it’s also more likely to have been the suspicious long-haired guy she encountered before. When they reach her apartment, he goes in first to check that everything’s alright first – but not before asking her if it’s okay in case there’s…any clothes hanging around that he shouldn’t see lol. In any case, Kent decides to see to her more often.

The next day, Yuu shares what happened with Sawa and Sawa thinks of going to investigate the area, but Yuu dissuades her from it. Unfortunately, Kent has an important appointment (and he notes that Yuu doesn’t seem to recall it) so he can’t see her home after work. Sawa can’t either so Yuu has no choice but to go home alone. With a stroke of bad luck, the alternate way back home has construction work and hence can’t be passed through. Back on the same stretch of road, Orion suggests looking at the area more closely and like Kent said, they did see places where the person could’ve hidden etc. They also decide that it’s safer to take the longer route back home, though Yuu arrives home quite late.

Next day, Sawa doesn’t turn up for work and no one can contact her. They start to worry, with Yuu wondering if she went to investigate after all and got caught up. Waka decides to visit her house later. Mine also recalls an extended version of the story: that in the cemetery people have seen a woman hanging around a tree. Kent visits Yuu at work later, and seeing how she’s worried he decides to try and ease her fears and show her that there’s no ghost after her. They meet up the next afternoon and head towards the cemetery together. On the way there, Kent tries to probe the topic of Yuu acting differently from usual – or to be more accurate since a month ago. Before Yuu can answer, they’ve reached their destination and soon after they both hear a scream. Kent decides to check the situation and tells Yuu to wait for him. He takes longer than expected though and Yuu also catches sight of a figure in a distance. Orion suggests checking it, in the case that it might be Sawa. There’s no one though and so they head back, only for someone to suddenly grab Yuu’s arm. Yuu manages to escapes and heads into a nearby building. The lock is broken so Yuu quickly finds something to jam the door first, and locks the windows upon Orion’s observations.

Afterwards, she calls Kent but before she can speak further the window glass crashes and the person enters. Yuu drops her phone but there’s no time to get it as she escapes (though twisting her ankle in the process). Hearing all the commotion, Kent calms himself down as he deciphers where she could be and rushes over. Thankfully, they meet each other soon after and the person chasing Yuu seems to have given up. As Kent confirms that she’s alright, he also apologises for leaving her alone and making her uneasy instead. Kent also clarifies that while he stated that it probably wasn’t a ghost, if she told him otherwise and there was things that support it, he’ll believe her. This leads Orion to say that perhaps they can tell Kent the truth, before he leaves next month. They then hear another scream and it turns out to be Mine. Mine explains that the person who chased Yuu the first night to the toilet was actually her. That day she was turned down by Waka to go out on a date and ended up crying so much. She then saw Yuu walking back home and wanted to talk to her even though her voice was pretty dead by then. Orion thought that she look like a ghost ‘cos of the fact that all her make-up was ruined from the crying. She felt embarrassed to confess the truth the next day, but she was worried about Sawa later and decided to come investigate only for her hair to be caught in a nest.

The next day, they also hear from Sawa who actually fell ill but her mobile died and her charger broke too. She apologises to everyone for making them worried and also gives Yuu and Kent some cake she bought. There are no customers now so Waka has also given permission to them to eat it now. Sawa also tells Kent to feed each other as it’s one of the rites of passage lovers have to go through – and Kent takes this seriously pfft. Awkwardly, he feeds Yuu a bite but tells her to not do the same for him in return now, but when they’re alone next time. Yuu gets cream on her face and Kent licks it off, only to get embarrassed of himself later pfft.

Love: After Story

It’s been 2 weeks since Kent’s proposal and in a week’s time they’ve decided to go see Yuu’s parents to talk about it, as well as about the London trip. Kent really wants to prepare for this first-time meeting and so he seeks Yuu’s help on this, who points out that smiling is important for a first impression. Kent isn’t used to this though he admits that when he thinks of her somehow he smiles more easily. He decides to try this out the next day when he goes to visit her at her part-time job – only for Sawa and Mine, who happen to be there too, wonder if he’s in a bad mood or something lol. After work, Kent decides to ask Waka for some advice. Sawa and Mine also chip in and Kent dutifully jots down everything – including Sawa’s comment on cooking up a full-course dinner. In any case, Kent decides to work on his cooking skills – as Yuu pointed out, he’d been working at it for a while already. The day before they go see her parents, Yuu spots Kent compiling a set of documents with the title “contract” on it. He refuses to let her see it, and says that he’s planning to give it to her father. They also decide to do a simulation with Yuu playing the father role and though Kent was too stiff at first, he got better with some reference from a novel Yuu got from Sawa that has a similar scene.

The next day, Kent seeks Yuu’s father’s permission on living together when they’re in London. Though her father is reluctant at first, Kent proceeds to hand him the contract he’d drawn up. He promises not to lay hands on Yuu till they’re married and if he does so, her father can even bring him to court with that material as proof. Naturally Yuu’s father is shocked and then Kent, thinking that he’s still not convinced, asks to borrow the kitchen for a bit as he’ll cook them a full-course dinner. Yuu’s father didn’t expect all this at all and seeing how serious Kent is, he gives them his approval later. Kent even stayed over for the next 2 days.

4 months later, they’re in London as Yuu helps Kent to move his stuff into his new place. She’ll only be coming over properly in August but for now, she’ll stay in London for a week. She could only manage to book a hotel for the next 6 days though so Kent has her stay over at his place for that night. He’d wanted to sleep on the floor but Yuu remains stubborn and so they share the bed together – with Kent being unable to sleep that whole night lol. That day, he has to head to the university and so Yuu helps him to organise the rest of his stuff. When he returns, Kent explains that ‘cos the thesis he submitted was highly praised by the professor he has an option of continuing to stay on in London even after 1 year. Kent would like to since that gives him the chance to research more, but he also admits that he’s reluctant to be apart from Yuu (she can only stay for 1 year on exchange). However, he doesn’t want to tie her down either and wants to respect her opinion. Yuu asks for some time to sort her thoughts out.

A few days later, Kent asks Yuu out as he thinks that perhaps a change of pace is needed. He takes her out to the sightseeing places she’d wanted to see and while they’re on the bus, they spot an ongoing wedding at a church. Seeing the bride’s crown, Yuu remarks how she’d wanted one as a child when she saw one in a picture book she had. She’d asked for father for one as a present but it wasn’t a real one. The next day, Kent calls Yuu over as he gives her a load of cupcakes he’d baked. However, she’s more adept with the decoration and they’d promised to make them together too. There’s lots of them though so the next day they pass some over to Kent’s acquaintances at the university. Yuu has also made up her mind and back at Kent’s apartment, she tells him that she’d wanted to become a teacher and that’s why she majored in educational psychology. So now she’s thinking of becoming a teacher at a Japanese school here. They’ll have to be apart for some time but they promise each other to return to this same place again.

In the epilogue, it’s 3 years later and Kent and Yuu are celebrating Yuu’s successful employment here. It’ll be Easter soon and they decide to make some at home too. Kent also mentions that there’s something he prepared which she was envious of 3 years ago, and gives her 3 days to answer him (that day happens to be Easter). They’ve been drinking for a bit though and Yuu gets pretty drunk as she starts getting clingy and proclaiming that they’ll always be together from now on. Kent gets flustered as he doesn’t want to break the promise he made to her father but thankfully for him, Yuu soon falls fast asleep. 3 days later, Ikki visits them and even now, they still play their games with each other as Ikki pretends to take Yuu hostage lol. As Yuu gives the correct answer to Kent’s question from 3 days ago, it’s revealed that Ikki had brought over the crown for her. Kent had asked her father for the reference and after Ikki saw the photo, apparently his sister had an exact one. Kent didn’t have any time to prepare one from scratch and seeing how confused Yuu is, Ikki tells him to explain everything to her. Though Kent had wanted to keep it a surprise just like how Yuu surprised him on his birthday, he tells her that he’s been planning for their wedding in a week’s time. Yuu’s already more than happy with this pleasant surprise though.

And so a week later, it’s their wedding day. Orion spots their bouquet and adds something to it before disappearing. As they get the bouquet later, Kent sees that daffodils were added to it. The meaning of daffodils is a new beginning and though he wasn’t sure who added them or if the person knew its meaning, the person probably meant to give his/her blessings.

Love: Communication

Here, you can choose either one of the four locations for a date and then choose conversation topics with Kent. Depending on the choices you make, the Love meter can go up or down. If it fills up, you will earn a CG scenario. It’s basically a really lovey-dovey scene – Kent being unable to resist hugging and kissing Yuu, as he mentions how he gets all anxious when it comes to her and that she’s the most important existence to him.


Does this mean that Orion became human (somehow) and secretly gave them his blessings? ‘Cos if he was still in spirit form he wouldn’t have been able to touch anything. Ahh, at least that’s what I’d like to interpret – Orion is such a dear! Okay, wait, Kent’s route. Everything was pretty much lovey-dovey, smooth-sailing, and just so cute. Even in the Suspense route, you could still see how much Kent values the heroine. In the After Story, you can see how much they’ve come to understand each other and well…everything just felt nicely wrapped-up. I hope that this is the last installment ‘cos, at least for Kent’s, everything looks nicely resolved. The next review should be Shin’s.


18 thoughts on “Amnesia Crowd: Kent’s route

    • Yume says:

      Sorry but it’s been so long since I played this I don’t remember…also I played the PSP version but this may be CG from the Vita release which I never played.


  1. 0xrenx0 says:

    Nicely written. It doesn’t go too much in detail, so I’m sure that if there were an English patch or version (or if I actually managed to have more time for Japanese studies) I’d enjoy playing this even though I read how it goes. 🙂 Thanks!


  2. lilgamergal says:

    What happened in Kents suspense bad end? I thought that every route had one o-o?
    And thanks for the review, it was cute~


    • Yume says:

      Yup there are bad ends but I only wrote Toma’s since only his had a CG. And it wasn’t necessarily to get all the ends to unlock the bonus content in CROWD. If I remember correctly, in Kent’s on the way home she met with an accident and it was a dead end. And another one was that Ukyou broke in and it was a dead end again.

      And you’re welcome! (:


    • Yume says:

      ??? The endings for all the routes are already written. If you’re asking for a walkthrough on how to get the endings I can only provide you a Japanese one, since that’s what I used.


    • Yume says:

      Thanks! Their sprites in the epilogue all take some time to get used to tbh, but looking at them again their hairstyles etc. is the same as the bonus CG you get in Later. ^^ I’ve finished Shin’s route already so it should be up soon~


  3. ellenmeow says:

    So excited for this review! I want to play this game so badly but I know I will have to wait a bit….
    For now I will read this and um, pretend I’m playing along..? lol


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