Amnesia Crowd: Shin’s route

Next is Shin’s route (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya) from Amnesia Crowd for Suspense mode, Love mode (After Story, Communication). Again, ‘cos the heroine has no name, and I decided to name her “Yuu”. Do read the first Amnesia Crowd post for the basic game flow. /lazy


Orion wakes Yuu up and she finds herself in an abandoned building, and its exit has been sealed off. Orion explains that she’s been sleeping for a whole day ‘cos part of the building collapsed and she was knocked unconscious. Her leg has also been injured and her belongings are nowhere to be seen, probably somewhere under all the rubble. He asks if she remember what happened earlier on, when she suddenly started dashing on her way home from work. Orion guesses that Yuu probably recalled an important memory. Time skip to before and we learn that it’s been 3 days since Shin has been taken by the police. Yuu had also just asked for a few days off from work so as to try and help in investigating the incident.

At Shin’s side, Toma wakes him up as he finds him sleeping outside. Shin had just been released from the police’s questionings and felt tired. Toma persuades Shin to contact Yuu as she’s been worried, but Shin plans on clearing everything up first before doing so. Out of the blue, Toma apologises for not being to help and later reveals that he’s thinking of switching universities, to one in Kansai. After they part ways, Shin can’t help but remain suspicious of Toma. Back at Yuu’s side, it’s daytime now so they search the area a bit. They spot clues that suggest that this building used to be a store, before it went under construction work since there are construction tools lying around too.

Meanwhile, Shin continues his investigations and that night he decides to go see Yuu after all. On the way to her place, he meets Ukyou who is worried about Yuu as no one answered the door at her place. Plus, it seems that she took a break off work. Shin can’t help but suspect Ukyou of being shady since he shouldn’t know Yuu that well, but Ukyou says that Yuu’s well-being is more important as of now – especially since she’s usually in a precarious position in this world. The other Ukyou suddenly surfaces as he guesses that Yuu is probably missing and he asks Shin to compete with him to see who reaches her first. Shin decides to ignore Ukyou, who soon goes his own way, and contact Yuu instead. Orion wakes Yuu up and they try to find the source of her mobile. Unfortunately, they can’t reach for it and so they first try to search for something to remove the rubble.

Shin continues to ask around and later finds his way to Toma as he decides to trust him, and confides in him that Yuu has gone missing. He’s a bit relieved to see Toma shocked at the news, and they decide to split up to contact the police and hospital respectively for any news of Yuu. They also agree to try calling Yuu each hour. Later that day, they meet up to discuss their findings but unfortunately, there was no sign of any person admitted to hospital, or found in an accident. But first, they take a rest and decide to continue their investigation tomorrow. They can’t rely directly on the police as Shin may be under suspicion. At Yuu’s side, they’ve finally reclaimed her mobile and she quickly calls Shin who immediately picks up. As he learns whatever details she can provide him, Shin tells her to look around for whatever possible supplies she can but to not force herself either. He hangs up quickly as they can’t let the mobile battery die.

However, Shin and Toma still can’t find her the next day and as Shin calls Yuu again, he tries to comfort her by recalling one of their past memories. They got lost one day ‘cos they went on an “exploration”. Yuu suddenly drops her phone though, as she hears a familiar tune playing just outside – asking for all kids to go home soon. Yuu recalls the same memory Shin told her about, but the other kids were blaming Shin for what happened and Yuu defends him. Just then, all of them hear a melody playing that would play in the area around the park and elementary school, and all of them manage to find their way back by following it. At Shin’s side, he recalls the rest of the same memory and rushes to the park. The same melody is still playing and he remembers that the sweet shop they used to visit got turned into a store, before getting knocked down. He makes his way there and manages to finally find Yuu.

They go back out to the park and Shin apologises for only coming this late and making her uneasy. He should’ve known that even without her memories, Yuu would’ve believed in him but he thought that his feelings may have been too much for her. She’ll always be the most important person to him.

Love: After Story

Yuu wakes up that morning, from a dream of the time she fell from the cliff and was found by Toma, though she’d initially mistaken for Shin. Half a year has passed since then and Toma still hasn’t returned. Shin has finished his entry examinations and today is the day the results are announced. Usually she wouldn’t worry so much but due to Shin’s financial circumstances, he has to get into the top 30 so as to obtain a scholarship. As she waits outside her place for Shin to return, Yuu decides to practice her singing in the meantime. Shin arrives later and after they head back in, he discovers that she’d prepared a feast for him. He has successfully made it to the top 30, has settled all the entry procedures and has about a week free. Though there’s uncertainties, they both plan to be together from now on. After all, Shin has proposed to Yuu already and though it’s a little early now he’s working towards it.

Shin goes back to work the next day and (Heart world) Waka welcomes his chef back very warmly. After work, he offers them to go on a trip as his means of congratulating Shin – all costs covered. He was invited by the owner to go drink together but Waka’s too busy to go this time. However, the trip is at Shinano, where all those incidents happened to them in July/August. Shin is hesitant at first but Yuu persuades him to accept it, as even though the place holds sad memories it holds many happy memories at the same time. If they go Shinano again, perhaps they can somewhat overwrite those sad memories too. So they accept Waka’s offer and head to Shinano a week later. That day, they go hiking in the mountains and even though it’s March lots of fruits and flowers are growing for some reason – looks like the cold weather last August kinda messed things up. Shin wonders if the next summer is going to be awfully hot and frowns at the thought of it since he dislikes the heat. Yuu can’t help but giggle at him since he’s like a child, which makes Shin sulk a bit as he walks ahead of it. He didn’t mean to leave her behind though, thinking that she was following him. Meanwhile, Yuu keeps feeling someone else’s presence – whether she was out in the mountains before or at the onsen area later.

She goes to clarify about this with the owner, and indeed they should be the only guests here. The owner brings up the topic of a rumour of a girl who died here before though, and tells Yuu to be careful. Hearing this, Yuu heads to Shin’s room and he’s first flustered by how she looks like, telling her to be more conscious of him as a guy. Yuu reassures him otherwise and to be quite honest, she doesn’t mind if he does what he wants since she likes him after all – and Shin goes red in the face with her killers lines. But Yuu also adds that she came to him so that she wouldn’t be scared, at just at that moment both of them hear someone laughing. Shin gets her to explain things to him and he decides to go find the source, as he already has his guess on the true identity. They go down to the first floor, and he switches off the lights in the corridor, pointing out that only one room’s lights remain switched on. And as he’d expected, inside they find Ikki, Kent and Rika – drinking. Kent explains that they came here to drink with the owner and Waka, and so it was pure coincidence (though Rika came with them on her own accord ‘cos…of her “extensive” information network). It was Ikki’s suggestion to have the owner tell Yuu about the ghost story so as to give them reason to get “closer” lol.

Though Shin wants to leave them already, Ikki points out that he can’t do what he wants above since they can hear everything below. So both Shin and Yuu join them in playing a life simulation game they rented out from this place. As they play: Ikki keeps getting confessed to and he keeps going out and breaking up with them, Rika keeps getting questioned by the police, Kent keeps earning money and buying all sorts of odd items, Yuu keeps dying (whether it’s by accident, getting stalked or locked up by her boyfriend), while Shin has the most “normal” and fulfilling route so far. Soon after, Shin sees that all of them are quite drunk with Rika switching off the game when a proposal comes her way etc. Yuu gets drunk just by the heavy smell of alcohol so Shin tells everyone to stop and drink some water. In a way, he’s the caretaker role this time. Yuu falls asleep and later wakes up to find herself in Shin’s arms. As they converse, they start to reminiscence over a childhood memory where both her and Toma insisted on playing with Shin, as well as when Yuu was alone one night and couldn’t sleep ‘cos of storm but then Shin came over.

The next morning, all of them start calling each other by the game titles they were given last night when they finished the game lol. ‘Cos Yuu fell asleep midway, Shin had to play on her part too. Ikki’s title was Don Juan, Kent’s was Rarity Collector, Rika’s was Powerful Mother, Shin’s was Hero and Yuu’s was femme fatale pfffft. Afterwards, they part ways and Yuu admits that she wasn’t able to rewrite the memories at Shinano but they created a lot of new, fun ones. She’s alright ‘cos she has Shin, but she knows that Shin does feel lonely without Toma. Back at home, Yuu suddenly receives a call from Toma who asks if she’s alright and how her injuries are. It’s quickly revealed that Shin lied to him but this also gives them a chance to ask about each other. Toma learns about her marriage proposal and congratulates them. He knows that he can rely on Shin to take care of her, but still doesn’t know why he reacted like that back then. After the call, Yuu rushes over to Shin’s place and to his surprise, she suddenly kisses him. While Yuu admits that she was happy to finally hear from Toma, she was also happy to have him give them his blessings. It feels as though they can move forward bit by bit now and she feels thankful to Shin.

It’s 4 years later in the epilogue, Yuu wakes up from a dream of the time she and Shin went to Shinano. It’s probably cos similar to the last time, Shin’s results national exams are going to be announced today. Shin soon visits her place and informs her that he passed the bar exams so now he can pursue his job as a prosecutor. Yuu can’t help but want to inform Toma of the news too, moreover he and Toma are in the same field so they may meet each other at work (Toma is aiming to be a lawyer). The next day, Yuu accompanies Shin to the university as he thanks the professor and informs him of his results. Outside the university, Yuu seems to catch a glimpse of someone familiar (Orion in his spirit form) and follows his direction – only for them to see Toma. The first thing Shin does is punch Toma, and he tells Toma to at least contact them and inform them of how he’s doing. Toma is clearly surprised by Shin’s words. While Shin can’t forgive him for what he did to Yuu, forgiving Toma’s existence itself is another thing plus, he has vented all of his feelings with that punch. The three of them start to converse as they did in the past, as they plan to have dinner together.

Some months later, it’s their wedding day and the couple is taking a short rest after the wedding, and before the after-party. Apparently, Yuu’s father let Toma walk her midway down the virgin road and he was visibly delighted by it. Shin promises Yuu that they’ll always be together and Yuu does the same too, as they hook their little fingers together.

Love: Communication

Here, you can choose either one of the four locations for a date and then choose conversation topics with Shin. Depending on the choices you make, the Love meter can go up or down. If it fills up, you will earn a CG scenario. It’s basically a really lovey-dovey scene – they’re at the park and Shin kisses Yuu’s hand, saying that he’ll bear with things with just this for now. The heroine is more proactive this time too so she doesn’t really mind if he continues further, and so Shin decides to leave the rest for when they’re alone. I may be making up stuff by this time now.


This route was so much better than the one in Amnesia Later! Though to be honest, the moments that made me laugh were all the ones with Ikki, Kent and Rika ‘cos well…they can be such an amusing, childish bunch. In any case, it was nice to see the three childhood friends come together at the end and settle their issues. Also, we see Orion in his spirit form here which makes me wonder if Orion was still a spirit in Kent’s route too…just that he could materialise in a sense for that one moment? Hmm. In any case, so far so good I guess? Toma’s route will be next.


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