Amnesia Crowd: Toma’s route

Now we’ve Toma’s route (CV: Hino Satoshi) from Amnesia Crowd and I’ll cover his Suspense mode, Love mode (After Story, Communication). Again, ‘cos the heroine has no name, and I decided to name her “Yuu”. Do read the first Amnesia Crowd post for the basic game flow. /lazy


Orion wakes Yuu up as they find themselves locked in a room. Unfortunately, her mobile can’t pick up any signal so they can’t call for help. They search around the area and decipher that this is an abandoned storage room. Orion then helps Yuu to recall what happened before they got trapped inside here. Earlier today, they were at Toma’s place and after their meal, Toma left. (For timeline reference, this is the day after Yuu’s hair got snipped by Ikki’s FC members.) Even though Toma did ask her not to go out, Orion thinks it’s the only way to try and regain her memories – at least they’ll try to head to areas with large crowds. Outside, Sawa spots them (though Yuu doesn’t remember her) and asks Yuu to rest well and return to work soon. Yuu didn’t recall anything though, so Orion suggests on heading back for now. However, Yuu ends up at the back alley where Toma first found her and unfortunately, Ikki’s FC members spot her there. They think that she’s here to see Ikki and yes as expected, they’re the ones who drag her to the abandoned underground room and lock her up as “punishment”.

At Toma’s side, he soon discovers that Yuu is missing at his place, and is neither at her place too. He starts to search at all possible places. Along the way, he spots Ikki with his FC members and asks Ikki if he saw Yuu. Toma observes that the FC members seem to act as if they know something, but decides not to get Ikki involved as things may worsen. He also spots an odd guy (Luka) who claims to have been watching all sorts of beautiful existences walk by the area since that afternoon. Unfortunately for Toma, he didn’t seem to have seen Yuu around the area. At Meido no Hitsuji, Toma hears from Sawa that she saw Yuu earlier on and that she headed into a back alley afterwards. Toma heads to the same back alley but fails to find any clues. At a loss, he decides to try calling Shin who hasn’t seen Yuu, and is quick to pick up that something’s wrong. When Toma refuses to tell him, Shin says that he’ll just investigate on his own then and won’t even inform Toma if he does find her. In the end, Toma decides to rely on Shin and they both split up to search for Yuu. As much as they’d like to ask the police for help, there’s the risk of agitating the culprit if they do so.

Back at Yuu’s side, Orion goes to take a look at the situation outside and sees that Toma has come to the area. By climbing to the top of the shelves and removing some boxes, Yuu and Orion discover an air vent at the top and try to call for Toma’s attention. As Toma goes further into the alley, he finally spots a staircase covered in dust and leading downwards to an abandoned restaurant. Toma heads down and soon hears Yuu calling for help, and quickly goes to open the door. Unfortunately for them, the door suddenly closes on them and they’re both stuck inside now. Moreover, the lights suddenly come on and the room starts to feel cold – it’s actually a huge frozen storage (refrigerator). When Toma last contacted Shin, he told Shin that he was in the back alley so he believes that Shin would soon come for them. In the meantime, they try and search for something to keep them warm.

Bad End (has CG): Yuu’s consciousness starts to slip away and Toma tries desperately to keep her warm, telling her not to fall asleep. He talks to her, recalling a childhood memory where she often asked him to read stories to her – in particular one of them was her favourite tale of a princess and prince. There’s only the two of them here so he asks if it’s okay for him to be the prince. Toma’s voice is evidently shaking as he kisses Yuu, asking her to open her eyes as there has to be a happy end.

They find cardboard and Styrofoam boxes and try to build an igloo-like structure around themselves to remain warm. As Toma hugs Yuu, he recalls how he did this before when he was half-asleep and hugged her as he recalled how she’d always cry in kindergarten and he had to be by her side to calm her down. Similarly, he feels calm when he feels her warmth too. Soon, Shin comes to find them and they finally manage to get out. Toma asks if Shin saw anyone on the way here but Shin didn’t see anyone, so they can only wonder who exactly switched on the energy sources. After they exit the place, Shin parts ways from them. Toma tells Yuu not to worry her like that again and that he’ll protect her no matter what. But unlike when they were young, he now knows the skills he needs to do so. He’s willing to do anything for her and he tells Yuu not to forget his words today. As Yuu agrees, Toma thinks to himself that he has decided already and that there’s no turning back.

Love: After Story

It’s been half a year since they’ve been engaged and it’s not the spring holidays. They’ve been going back and forth each other’s places, and Toma thinks that perhaps they can now find a place of their own. They head out the next day to find an ideal place though they just happen to bump into that lingerie saleslady from before and she manages to embarrass the heck out of Toma again – she should’ve guessed that they’re serious about each other (and hence engaged) since he always accompanies his girlfriend to select lingerie lol. Toma drags Yuu away and they decide to visit the real estate agent another day. They go buy ingredients for tonight’s dinner and on the way back home, they happen to look at the neighbourhood houses. Yuu remarks how one day she’d like a house with a garden. It’s hard for them to get such a place now but Toma would like to grant her wish one day. He has already asked Waka if he can work at Meido no Hitsuji so as to earn a bit more cash. When Yuu asks him in return if he’d like anything, Toma answers that there’s nothing in particular, admitting that he usually does the opposite as the older brother figure. Yuu asks him to “graduate” from that role soon, and for him to be a bit more selfish. As long as it’s within her means, she’ll try to fulfill them. Toma is slightly taken aback by her words, since she did say “anything is fine” but he dismisses the topic for now.

The next day at work, Mine and Sawa hear from Yuu about them finding a new place to stay in. Ikki happens to overhear this and when they ask if he can help, Ikki decides to try asking Kent instead on that matter. Later that day, Ikki and Kent pop by Toma’s place as Kent was hoping to ask for a little more information on their desired home. He also passes them a blueprint of an apartment he picked out for now, which he thought fits their requirements. Yuu adds that a balcony would be nice and seeing how Toma’s place has one, the two of them decide to check it out to compare measurements. Toma desperately tries to stop them but it’s too late and…they spot the cage outside. As Kent wonders if this mansion allows pets inside, Ikki tells him that it’s for that sort of play lol. Though Toma and Yuu try to come up with an excuse, the two friends decide to forget what they saw since it’s their own privacy and immediately leave pfffft.

Afterwards, Yuu sees that Toma still blames himself for before. She tells him that she knows that that period of time was just as hard on him and wishes for him to treat himself better too instead of always thinking for her. Hearing this, Toma admits that he can’t make any promises since when she’s in danger he naturally places himself as the 2nd priority so he apologises beforehand. Yuu remains stubborn though, and says that she wants to protect him just as much, and for him to be more selfish. After a short silence, Toma brings up the topic of her wanting to grant his wish too and gives his answer to her: a future with her. In return, Yuu answers that the current and future her are already his so she’s fine if she takes him – and I’m pretty sure they do it seeing how awkward they act the next morning. Ikki seems to pick up on this when they both head to work, and teases them by asking if they used the cage last night lol. While Kent tells Ikki to stop teasing Yuu in front of Toma, Toma pretends that it’s alright but Yuu chases after him. He admits that he didn’t think that he would act like that, but it appears as though he has really little self-confidence and even though she has forgiven him – he hasn’t forgiven himself. Even though when Shin punched him before it felt as though he was convicted somehow, Toma thinks that he has to resolve it by himself.

Back at Toma’s place, he takes the cage back in and decides to take care of it. But before that, he asks Yuu to shut him up in it. Even if it was to save her, he still robbed her of her freedom and thinking about it rationally there were other solutions. He knows that he did something cruel to her but doesn’t think that he fully understands how tough it was on her – so he wants her to make him know by doing the same thing to him. Yuu sees that he’s trying to move forward so as to have a happy future with her so after a slight deliberation, she agrees. And yes, this includes using the handcuffs too when he goes to shower later. Toma admits that back then this moment was the most torturing for him and even Yuu goes silent at this lol.

Afterwards, they play Destiny Kingdom together and Yuu kept winning the first several times ‘cos she faintly remembered someone teaching her a fatal skill command (Orion…). When it’s time for bed, Yuu decides to stuff the stuffed toys from before in the cage to hopefully make it more comfortable to sleep in. But she feels odd sleeping on the bed alone, so she goes inside to join Toma instead much to his surprise. Yuu remarks that if something were to occur next time, she hopes for them to be together instead since that way they’d be able to protect each other – even if that meant being together in a cage. Toma is convinced by her words, after all she chose to remain with him in the end. THey both fall asleep in the cage and get woken up by Shin – who has no words for them as to why they’re in the cage together lol. He called multiple times last night but no one picked up so he was worried about them and came over. Seeing how they smile instead when he calls them “idiots”, he remarks how it must too be late already and heads back since he’s confirmed that they’re alright. Toma knows that he can’t go back to fix things, but thanks to her words last night he feels as though they can move forward together. He promises to create a warm home for her and tells Yuu to wait for him.

4 years later in the epilogue, the couple have already moved into their new home. Toma has passed the bar examination though he has to undergo training first to finally be able to become a lawyer. He thanks Yuu for supporting him all this time and proposes to her. They decide to hold their wedding after Toma finish his training. Toma gets busier though and the couple has less and less time with each other. That is till one day, Yuu feels feverish and collapses one day even though she insisted that she was fine. Toma apologises for only thinking of their future, instead of their time now. He asks her to no longer hold back and to say what she wants. After that, the couple confide more in each other and a week later, it’s their wedding day. Yuu spots Toma wearing a pair of cuff links and he explains that he promised to borrow it from Shin. He also borrowed a pearl necklace and has Yuu wear it. The cuff links he has are made of mother of pearl, which kinda protect the pearls. As he kisses her, Toma promises to protect Yuu from now on too.

Love: Communication

Here, you can choose either one of the four locations for a date and then choose conversation topics with Toma. Depending on the choices you make, the Love meter can go up or down. If it fills up, you will earn a CG scenario. It’s basically a really lovey-dovey scene – they’re outside and Toma promises to do all he can to make her happy, especially since she has chosen him.


I wonder if the writer for these After Story scenarios are different from Later, ‘cos I felt as though Toma’s route was better handled here. Also, Shin continues to be awesome, while Ikki and Kent continue to add comedy too. I was just a little disappointed to see no sign of Orion but yeah. Other than that, I think Crowd is going quite well so far. I won’t really complain of the short length since this is the third game in the series, and there are not a lot of conflicts to be solved. Next post will be Ikki’s.

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    • Yume says:

      You’re welcome! Yes. As mentioned, this is the third game in the series so there are not a lot of conflicts to be solved unlike the original Amnesia game.


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