Amnesia Crowd: Ikki’s route

Same with Ikki’s route (CV: Taniyama Kishou) from Amnesia Crowd, I’ll cover his Suspense mode, Love mode (After Story, Communication). Again, ‘cos the heroine has no name, and I decided to name her “Yuu”. Do read the first Amnesia Crowd post for the basic game flow. /lazy


Ikki gives Yuu a call and asks her if she could come over to his university that day. Orion persuades her to accept, in the case that it may trigger some memories. At Ikki’s side, we learn that Kent managed to borrowed the university’s experiment building for that day. He invited Ikki to participate in his plan, which is like a larger scale of the puzzles he usually exchanges with Ikki. He hopes to be able to gather data for his research at the same time, such as on human psychology etc. Ikki is reluctant at first and Kent guesses that he’s been bothered with his relationship with Yuu, and suggests bringing her along too so as to possibly bring them closer together. So later, Yuu goes to find Ikki and the room door is locked. Kent’s voice obviously comes on through the speakers and Orion observes how the two friends are playing their game again lol. Yuu decides to play along to Ikki’s delight – though Kent first has them head into separate rooms to solve the first puzzle individually so as to see their current capabilities first. Both of them solve their puzzles successfully, though Kent has Ikki solve one more before he lets them be together again. Afterwards, they solve two more puzzles together successfully before Kent agrees to let them leave and thanks them for their cooperation. Outside, Kent goes to return the key and Ikki notices that Yuu’s missing her hat. So Ikki waits for her to return while she goes back to retrieve it.

Unfortunately for Yuu, the door of the room is locked all of the sudden when she goes to get her hat. An alarm suddenly sounds and Kent and Ikki hear it from outside too. They dash inside the building only to see the fire doors shut, probably ‘cos a fire broke out somewhere in the building and the alarms responded. Kent goes to retrieve the key so as to access the control room to open the doors, while Ikki stays behind so as to save Yuu once the doors open. At Yuu’s side, the smoke starts to filter into the room she’s in. Once Kent unlocks all the doors, Ikki quickly rushes in and finds Yuu. For some reason though, when they both head out they find the fire doors shut again. Through the speakers, Kent answers that the controls don’t respond for some reason – moreover the last test he’d put in place which should’ve been removed already, has been turned on. Solving the last test should be able to open the doors, and Ikki sees that it’s a code panel asking for 5 numbers. After reading the instructions, Ikki figures out that it’s the numbers from the puzzles titles Kent gave them before.

But even after he enters the right code, the doors don’t open. He finds another paper which writes that one of them has to continuously push a button to open the door in order for the other to escape, and the button can only be used once. As much as they’d both like to escape together, Ikki knows that there isn’t any exceptions to the rules knowing Kent – but Kent probably planned to come help them afterwards. Right now though, it’s an unexpected situation. Ikki tells Yuu that he loves her, so he’s willing to put his life on the line for her. Against her wishes, he pushes the button and has her escape. Yuu can’t bear to leave Ikki behind though, even though smoke has already filtered through. She keeps searching the walls and manages to feel a button on the wall amidst the smoke. There’s a paper with it, saying that she looked for a way for her partner to escape too and hence found this – so her feelings for the other party is probably real. Yuu quickly pushes the button and Ikki’s surprised to see her still there. They escape the building first and outside, Kent has called for the fire fighters and ambulance already.

Ikki asks for some time alone first, and he asks Yuu why she desperately tried to save someone she doesn’t even like. He thinks that perhaps she would do so regardless of who it was though. As he kisses her and feels her warmth to be reassured of the fact that she’s alive, Ikki tells Yuu that she’s the most important person to him. Kent reluctantly interrupts them, as he points out that the ambulance people are all waiting for them. Hearing how they’ve to go to the hospital to check on their conditions, Orion is worried for Yuu. Seeing her hesitation, Ikki asks if she dislikes the hospitals ‘cos of shots or something and if so, he can check her thoroughly in his room instead. Kent feels ashamed for Ikki to have said such things at a holy place of learning, and Orion strongly agrees with him pffft. In response, Ikki says that he’ll continue in the ambulance then. Though Kent feels slightly sorry for the people who have to sit in the same ambulance, it’s probably better that way lol. Everything goes smoothly at the hospital and as he walks her home, Ikki apologises. Even though Kent was the one who created it, Ikki was the one who got her involved. As much as he’d like for Yuu to get mad at him, he’s angry at himself too for wanting to feel less guilty that way. Though he’s an abject fellow and she may not trust him, he wants to protect her no matter what happens.

Love: After Story

It’s been half a year since last August, and it’s Ikki’s last day of working at Meido no Hitsuji. Waka (Spade world) has everyone say a word to him that morning, including himself. He tells Ikki not to forget their motto, customers are the enemy, and as long as he remembers it all should be successful. After that they even sing the store’s anthem – and Waka sings a few lines, like he actually sings a few lines in the game omg. After work, Yuu and Ikki head back home. He’ll graduate from university in a few days and start his internship training next week. Ikki asks to make a detour and they walk towards the apartment Yuu used to stay at. He recalls how he was just as nervous when they began to go out, and hence he couldn’t bring himself to be in her apartment for a long time. It was only at the beginning of last September that Yuu finally invited him to come in and have tea. Though Ikki tried to seduce her, he got nervous in the end and gave up. After that time, Ikki always dropped by her place whenever he saw her home.

Next week, Ikki leaves for his first day of work and Yuu heads for her part-time work too. We learn that Shin took up Ikki’s previous work role as the shift leader, and he complains of how Waka and Ikki had too much fun with the previous organisation of teams – ace pilots, mercenaries etc. lol. He tells Yuu to worry more about Ikki anyway, and very timely Yuu receives Ikki’s call. Shin excuses himself and as Yuu passes his message to Ikki, the couple continue to talk on the phone as they both walk back home after work. Back at home, Yuu welcomes Ikki home but when he removes his sunglasses, her heartbeat suddenly speeds up and she’s caught in a trance for a split second. Though taken aback, she seems to recover soon and Yuu tells herself that it’s nothing. After that first day, Ikki keeps coming back home later and later. Ikki returns home that Friday night and wakes up Yuu, who fell asleep waiting for him. Yuu is once again affected when he removes his sunglasses. He tells her that he has to work tomorrow (Saturday) and Yuu asks if it has something happened at work, and has to do with his eyes. Though he doesn’t answer directly, Ikki can’t say that things are going well.

Ikki starts to ask if it’s alright to sleep together, and for her to help relieve him of his weariness by touching him. Even to Yuu’s own surprise, she agrees to it all. She even abruptly pushes him down on bed, saying that she’ll do anything. In response, Ikki says that he generally welcomes a woman’s advances so he won’t back down – in fact he asks her to kiss him while at it. As Yuu closes her eyes to do so, she snaps back to herself and realises that Ikki’s eyes must be working on her for some reason. She quickly gives an excuse that she was half-asleep and gets off him, while avoiding eye contact. In the end, she sleeps with her back faced to him and starts listing the reasons why she likes him, as Ikki asks her for them.

The next day, Yuu decides to drop by Meido no Hitsuji and sees Kent and Rika together. She can’t help but overhear their conversation about Ikki and so Rika tells her about Ikki’s current dilemma. Apparently even at his new work place, Ikki’s power is affecting his colleagues excessively – in fact, it’s the first time that everyone is avoiding Ikki. So it’s quite hard for me to explain too, but basically there are girls who act like the FC, and others who don’t and keep a distance (though still feeling something for Ikki). It just so happens that everyone at the workplace are well, are calmer and more logical – so these prudent people now captivated, and keep their distances away from Ikki. Rika observes that Ikki’s power seems to have increased and it now works on people it didn’t used to have effect on before (like his colleagues, and even Yuu now). Kent questions how she knows all this and Rika answers that she works at the same work place so as to support Ikki, claiming that she got his permission. Kent just sees many problems with the way she’s living but putting that aside first, Rika asks him to help Ikki. Within this week, 6 people involved with Ikki’s work quit work. So while they’re finding replacements, Ikki and Rika are the only ones working. Moreover, Ikki is up to his neck as he doesn’t want to burden Rika. She doesn’t want Ikki to be put at risk of getting fired, and asks for Kent to help with Ikki’s work. Of course Yuu wants to get involved too. Rika doesn’t want to let Ikki know about this, lest it puts him in a difficult situation. Thankfully, he’s currently rotating around branch offices so they should be able to work at the main office without being found out.

Later, Yuu approaches Rika to ask her on how she manages to keep her cool before Ikki(‘s eyes). Rika says that there’s no trick or anything. Even if people lose their cool they act differently: she does stalking investigation, the FC members usually go in a frenzy, and others avoid and run away. Hearing this, Yuu realises that her pushing Ikki down was in a sense, her own way of acting then. After that, Rika gathered more people (FC members, Sawa) and got them hired successfully as part-timers for the misc. work – which only speaks of how short-handed the company must be. They work the whole day and by the time Yuu returns home, Ikki is already home as he explains that his work ended early today ‘cos some new part-timers came. Feeling guilty for lying to him, Yuu decides to try and tell him the truth – only to realise that he fell asleep while standing lol. She tries to wake him up, but he heads to the kitchen instead and accidentally touches the hot pot surface and snaps awake. While Yuu is affected by his eyes at the close distance, she sees that his face is a bit red and insists on treating it. Ikki remarks that he sometimes rather have his face injured though – in that case, even if people are attracted to him ‘cos of his eyes, surely they’ll snap back to reality seeing his face. Yuu asks for him to stop thinking that way, as he’s important to her. Ikki apologises in return, saying that he must be still half-asleep. After Yuu finishes her shower, she sees that Ikki has fallen asleep and asks to remain by his side, even if she starts to be affected by his eyes.

Some days later, Yuu has to stay behind to finish up some work but after she’s done, it starts to rain so she waits for it to let up. Toma happens to call her then, and she thanks him for helping her out by starting part-time at Meido no Hitsuji. (From the conversation, it’s evident that Shin and Toma didn’t know each other beforehand.) Just then, Ikki interrupts them and so Yuu hangs up and tries to explain herself. But Ikki apparently already heard from his superior that all the part-timers are people he knows. He heard that one of them looks like her so he rushed over to confirm. As Ikki pushes Yuu against the wall, he tells her of how jealous he was – to be having fun and smiling with others but when with him, all he does is sadden and hurt her. He wonders if she would be happier without him and while Yuu denies this, Ikki insists on her looking at his eyes. He sensed something odd, and asks her to tell him to let her go. If his eyes affect her, then she’d rather have him not let go and make a mess out of her now. Yuu apologises for keeping quiet, and asks for him not to let go – but it’s ‘cos she loves him, and it doesn’t matter if she’s affected by his eyes or not. Though it’s true her reasoning may weaken, her feelings remain the same. Ikki thought that she no longer wanted to be with him, but Yuu continually asks to remain by his side. Relieved, Ikki apologises for being so reliant on her in the end – he may break down without her. He was afraid that she’d run away but he won’t suspect her feelings anymore, and says that he loves her for herself too.

Days pass and it’s the last day of Yuu’s part-time work at Ikki’s place (as for everyone else). Ikki’s internship also ends today and he tells Yuu that at the end of today’s work there may be a bit of a ruckus but he asks for her not to see it. But later at work, the superior asks for all the part-timers to drop their work and to see the presentations of the interns. Ikki is called first to present and he asks to address something before his presentation – even though no one blamed him, he feels responsibility for the colleagues quitting work. Ikki attempts to explain about his power, and then puts on a mask if they’re no longer affected – if so he doesn’t mind looking a bit silly. After asking them to consider it, the room goes silent till Kent starts laughing and commends Ikki, saying that he’ll definitely pass this story on. The other colleagues can’t help but laugh too and take it as Ikki’s joke. Though Ikki can’t convince them otherwise, at least they’ve accepted it. After work, Ikki thanks everyone (and Rika faints at this lol). When they’re alone, Ikki tries to get Yuu to agree to his advances as he removes his sunglasses but for some reason it no longer works. Yuu guesses that it only increased temporarily as his wish was to be popular, but recently that wasn’t the case so perhaps it increased so as to further grant his wish – and hence it worked on people it didn’t work on before. Ikki seems to recall periods of times this would occur, which means that after things were settled at work today things are back to as they were before. Ikki admits that he was actually looking forward to it, since his eyes started to work on the one person he wanted.

3 years later in the epilogue, Ikki rented the whole Meido no Hitsuji so that they can enjoy a meal alone together. Ikki congratulates Yuu on graduating from university. As promised, he waited for her to see if her feelings change. But he can’t wait any longer and proposes to Yuu, who agrees on-the-spot. Throughout, they can evidently hear Shin and Toma talking behind their back in the kitchen. They wonder why he called them over to witness all this and Ikki decides to go and clarify things with them. He invited them over for the party later, to celebrate Yuu’s graduation and their engagement. Just then, Kent, Sawa and Rika enter the store and Ikki and Kent start playing their game lol. Time passes and everyone leaves after the party except for the couple. Yuu’s still asleep and Orion’s voice can be heard. He congratulates them and it took him a lot to come here – in the end he came in the body of a bird so all he can give her is a ribbon fastener for her wedding dress. Orion wishes for Yuu to be happy and will always be watching over her. Yuu wakes up soon after he leaves, and Ikki sees that she’s holding something in the shape of a spade her hand. Yuu still feels drunk, and to Ikki’s surprise she suddenly kisses him while saying that she likes him. He wonders if she drank so much just for that, and says that he’ll have to return the favour a 100 times more.

Love: Communication

Here, you can choose either one of the four locations for a date and then choose conversation topics with Ikki. Depending on the choices you make, the Love meter can go up or down. If it fills up, you will earn a CG scenario. It’s basically a really lovey-dovey scene – they’re in Ikki’s room and he tries to seduce Yuu, a lot. While having her sit in his arms, he starts comparing her to a poisonous apple as the more he kisses her to more he feels drawn to her. Following that, Ikki asks Yuu to say that he’s her only prince, in the case where he’d have to kiss her awake.


Nothing much to say, except that once again everything felt nicely wrapped up and I’m glad to see an explanation as to how come Orion could come and see the heroine. The one-review-per-day routine is draining more energy more than you imagine lol. In case you’re wondering about Ikki’s wedding CG, there wasn’t one in Crowd probably ‘cos they already featured it in Later. And yes, naturally Ukyou’s review would be next.


30 thoughts on “Amnesia Crowd: Ikki’s route

  1. marisa says:

    Hi!! I read the comment that says I can find the game at CDJapan amnesia crowd, but I’m from Portugal and how do I know what is safe to buy the game online, to help me appreciate


  2. Hinano says:

    I just finished Ikki’s route last night and WHAT THE FUCK THOSE PUZZLE GAMES (;ಠ益ಠ;)
    I was raging so hard at the dumb scale one that after I have no idea how I solved it, I ended up like ( ´_ゝ`) the rest of the route lmao. RUINED MAN. Well it’s good at least you enjoyed it but I’m judging otomate so hard right now >_>_>_>


    • Yume says:

      Lol oh noes. XD Well, I can understand how not everyone wants to walk into a game and have to solve puzzles, even if it’s the Suspense mode. The Love routes are really better than Later on the whole though, I hope you are healed somewhat by them.


  3. Sena says:

    I was wondering about something for Ikki’s route and wanted to see if you could help me with it. I can’t seem to get this one CG and was wondering if you were able to get it (and if you did, how). I’m just going to freely post a description of it here because I’m guessing people reading this won’t bash me for spoilers. It looks like it takes place in the Love Afterstory route after Ikki’s proposal because it’s dark and the heroine like…jump attack kisses Ikki. I’ve played the route at least two times but haven’t been able to figure out how to get it and it’s bugging me.


      • Sena says:

        I also noticed there weren’t that many choices in the Love route, which is why I was so confused as to why I didn’t get that one CG (which I’m pretty sure is the last CG of the epilogue). I could’ve sworn that was the choice I picked, but who knows. I’ll just try again. Thanks for sharing the walkthrough!

        I was actually going insane when I had to do Suspense mode because I did all those logic problems on my own…I temporarily hated the game for a day for making me do those problems, haha. If I had found this walkthrough earlier it would’ve saved me so much grief.


        • Yume says:

          Oh yeah, Ikki’s Suspense mode was the only one with those problems haha. I actually had fun solving those but then again, it may be ‘cos I enjoy puzzle games from time to time. /o\


          • Sena says:

            After I did it, I felt kinda proud of myself though, so in a way, it was indirectly fun? It was funny because I was sitting there getting frustrated not because I didn’t understand the questions but because I didn’t know how to solve some of them off the bat. Therefore my Japanese ability > logic ability. I probably still can’t do the coin one, haha. I was getting so crazy that I eventually just picked one and it was right somehow. Lucky guess.


            • Yume says:

              Yeah, I can understand your sentiment. Lol for the coin one, I narrowed it down to two possibilities and then picked the right one with a lucky guess too. Then I saw the walkthrough and received enlightenment hahaha.


            • Sena says:

              Oh, no. When I said a lucky guess, I meant I didn’t even bother doing anything productive with the two weighing possibilities and then picked a coin from all 8 of them, haha. At least you narrowed it down to 2.


      • Sena says:

        So…my guess is that I originally chose the answers I thought I did and then I went back to see what Ikki’s reactions were with the other answer and since they generally turned out the same way, I ended up just playing on. It was so easy to get that CG that I feel stupid now, haha. But really, thanks for sharing. I was going crazy.


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