Amnesia Crowd: Ukyou’s route

Finally we’ve Ukyou’s route (CV: Miyata Kouki) from Amnesia Crowd for Suspense mode, Love mode (After Story, Communication). Again, ‘cos the heroine has no name, and I decided to name her “Yuu”. Do read the first Amnesia Crowd post for the basic game flow. /lazy


Yuu goes to shop for necessities, and bumps into Sawa and Rika. Sawa heard from Rika that Yuu was attacked by water balloons by Ikki’s FC as they felt a grudge against her for being invited out by Ikki to see the fireworks, even though Yuu didn’t go for it in the end. As much as Sawa would like to find out who the culprit was, Rika advises against agitating the girls and hopes that things settle down after this since Ikki said a word or two too. Rika is slightly disappointed that her plan to go with Ikki to the sea is cancelled too – since Yuu didn’t go see the fireworks with him either – but it can’t be helped. Later, Yuu heads back home only to feel someone watching her when she reaches her place. Just then, Ukyou approaches her and he advises her to be wary at all time, even of himself. The next day at work, a new customer calls for Yuu to his table and starts comparing her to a poor, plain flower with no name – even Orion remarks that he isn’t complimenting Yuu, probably. The blonde man then asks Yuu to be his model as he’s an artist. Seeing him grab her, Ukyou interrupts them and gives the excuse that Yuu’s already his model for his photography and hence asks for the other guy to understand. Hearing this, he proclaims that he does as her eternal muse is his younger sister, though with his current skills he can’t ask her to be his model yet. He gives up on his request and promptly excuses as he leaves the cafe. Rika later enters the cafe, and wonders where her brother went. Apparently her brother came to this area the other day in order to create a creation based on the image of an abandoned building. She even has a photo and Ukyou recognises it, since he was the one who took that very photo. After they confirm with Rika, they realise that the man from before is actually her brother.

When Yuu reaches home that day, she finds a letter with no stamp, warning her not to get close to that guy and that she’s always being watched. Orion wonders if it’s the FC, but then why would they refer to Ikki as “that guy”? They feel someone watching them and Orion advises Yuu to quickly go in. At Ukyou’s side, he’s surprised when Neil suddenly starts talking to him, as recently he has weakened a lot. Neil apologises for getting Ukyou involved in such a cruel fate, and blames himself for not being powerful enough. Ukyou doesn’t blame him though, since he was the one who asked for it, and even if he knew what would happened he still would’ve made the same choice. This is his last chance and he’ll do everything he can to save Yuu, including suppressing his other self. The next day at work, Rika and Ikki are at the cafe – and Rika’s brother suddenly comes in as he claims that he’s worried about Rika’s date. Rika is quick to clarify that she’s merely giving her regular report on the FC to Ikki, and that he merely invited her to lunch at the same time. She also introduces Yuu as her close friend and Ikki. We learn that her brother’s name is Luka, and he soon praises Ikki on his fine features which stirs Rika up, and Orion observes that even Ikki is forcing a smile at this point lol. Ikki invites Luka to join them and though he’s hesitant at first, Rika persuades him too. As much as Ikki would like for Yuu to join them too, she’s at work so he decides to ask her another time.

After work, Yuu is at the pedestrian crossing and someone suddenly pushes her. Thankfully she manages to dodge the oncoming car. Ukyou rushes up towards her, and decides to walk her home and hears from her what happened. He soon notices that someone is following them, and asks Yuu to hold his hand so as to give off the impression that they’re lovers, and hopefully the person would give up. But if he does anything weird, she should also run away from him. Yuu safely makes it back home, but her apartment in a mess. The lights suddenly go off and someone grabs Yuu, threatening her with a knife when she struggles. The next day, Ukyou hears from Sawa that Yuu didn’t turn up for work and that it’s not like her. They can’t contact her so Ukyou decides to go check on her and inform them of anything later. Meanwhile, Yuu gains consciousness and Orion tells her that he saw her bag just outside the room she’s in now. He apologises for not being able to help more, as he blacked out alongside her too. A voice comes on through the speakers, and asks Yuu to repent for her sins if not she won’t be let off.

Ukyou arrives at Yuu’s apartment and realises that it’s unlocked. He finds her place in a mess and quickly searches for any clues. Her belongings and valuables are left untouched, so it’s likely to be an act of grudge rather than a robbery or stalker case. He also spots signs of struggles and finds a receipt dating back 3 days ago. It’s for a store at the highway but Yuu was at Meido no Hitsuji 3 days ago and shouldn’t have been able to travel that far – meaning this belongs to the culprit and he probably had driven a car. Ukyou gives Sawa a call and is suggested to check the security cameras. He goes to find the manager and from the camera footage, Yuu is indeed recorded being dragged away to a car parked at the entrance. Ukyou asks the manager to call the police while he takes a photo to Meido no Hitsuji. Over there, Mine recognises the car as Luka’s and Waka confirms that it’s a rare type so the chances are high. Ukyou decides not to stop Mine from contacting Rika on the case. Fortunately too as at Yuu’s side, the culprit threatens to have his knife ready for her but he’s interrupted by a call from his sister. Orion advises Yuu to quickly search for any possible weapon, and they also see a calendar on the wall from 3 years ago – so it’s likely to be an abandoned building. They keep banging at the walls and doors and irritated, the culprit hangs up and hurries over. With Orion’s guide, Yuu waits for the right timing to hit Luka and run away, while grabbing her bag.

Meanwhile, Ukyou continues to search the area the whole day but fails to spot Luka’s car anywhere. Just then, his other self attempts to persuade him to leave Yuu be and let her die. Annoyed, Ukyou splashes cold water on himself (as he’s in the park). He has no time to argue and even if there’s no future with Yuu and himself, he’d at least like to protect Yuu’s future. Hearing this, Ukyou decides to retreat for now. At Yuu’s side, she quickly gets her mobile out and calls Ukyou. Though the reception’s pretty bad, she manages to convey that she’s at a place that seems to be an abandoned underground carpark before the call is cut short. At the same time, Luka calmly searches for her, saying that this is an abandoned carpark with only one entrance so she has no escape. Meanwhile, Ukyou thinks through her words and the word “abandoned” clicks with what Rika told him before – if that’s the same place he shot, then it should be near the park. He also decides to contact Rika, who agrees to meet there and that she may be able to stop Luka.

Before Luka can attack Yuu, Ukyou manages to reach them in time. When he questions Luka’s motives, Luka answers that Yuu got in the way of his sister’s happiness. The day he called Yuu out to be his model, he actually was planning to make her reflect on that day. But after hearing Ukyou’s words that day, he decided to give her a mere warning but she didn’t change – and Orion realises that Luka was the one who sent that letter. Rika arrives at the scene as well, and Luka explains that Yuu tried to snatch Rika’s lover, and wasn’t able to go to the sea with Ikki as promised ‘cos of Yuu. Both Rika and Ukyou insist otherwise, and when Luka questions why Rika’s room is filled with Ikki’s photos, she explains that they’re meant to be sold to the FC members (though she has her own too). Realising that it’s his misunderstanding, Luka can only apologise. While he only intended to threaten her a bit, before he realised it he was brandishing a knife. He promises never to do this again and when asked as to how he should be dealt with, Yuu lets Rika handle it. Hearing this, Ukyou sees that Yuu’s life is constantly facing the fate of death so in a way, Luka was dragged into it too – just like how Ukyou himself was.

After Luka and Rika leave, Ukyou hugs Yuu out of relief. Yuu’s legs give way too, and so Ukyou carries her. Later, he’s seen carrying her back home. It’s been a long day with explaining to the police and the rest of the people at Meido no Hitsuji, so he tells Yuu to sleep if she’s tired. After she falls asleep, Ukyou remarks that he first desired for a future with her but after this incident, he feels that he should prioritise her own future first. Even if he is no longer in this world, it’s fine as long as she’s living happily.

Love: After Story

Ukyou asks Yuu to be his model for a few pages for his photobook. Though he generally does not take photos of people, he would like to for her. It’s also the spring holidays for her now, and spring is a memorable time for him – it’s the first time he met her, took her photo, fell for her. Yuu agrees to his request and at the photo studio, they happen to bump into Rika who’s here to be a model for a magazine. As their own photo shoot continues, people start to gather around – probably ‘cos Ukyou also happened to introduce Yuu as his lover. The next day, Ukyou asks Yuu if she’d like to try wearing other clothes for his photos too, instead of always being in her own clothes. Truth be told, he was just satisfied with taking her various expressions but when Orion learnt of this, Orion pointed it out to him. Since Yuu seems to show some interest, Ukyou decides to ask the staff to prepare some clothes tomorrow. But for now, he’d like to take some photos of her outside. Ukyou brings her to a place where the sky can be seen clearly. His first photo was that of the sky, but he never took any since then and he hopes for some proof that the sky he used to gaze at back then is different now. However, his hands start to shake and he’s unable to press down on the shutter. Seeing this, Yuu suggests taking a breather and resting for today instead. Even though Ukyou reassures her that he’s alright, Yuu recalls how he once sadly told her that he could never leave behind anything, or gain anything – but the summer sky would always remain the sky wherever he went and he felt a bit better looking at it. Yuu wonders what meaning the sky holds for Ukyou now.

The next day at the photo studio, the couple seem to keep receiving even more attention. They later learn from Rika that the rumours of them have grown out of control, saying that they’re engaged and the photos they’re taking now are for the wedding. Word of this even reaches Meido no Hitsuji, as the guys ask Yuu about this the following day at work. When Ukyou arrives at the cafe later, he also ends up being questioned by Waka himself. Waka noticed that Ukyou has been taking up more photo shooting jobs at dangerous spots, probably to save up for Yuu’s sake. After work, Yuu and Ukyou are supposed to have another photo shoot  but Ukyou gets a sudden job for the day. Yuu’s work schedule will also start to get busier, and she asks if it’s alright to drop by his place after work tomorrow. Though Ukyou worries about his other self, Yuu reassures him otherwise and asks if he hates him. Ukyou answers that he doesn’t, but he’s unable to give a clear answer. Yuu goes over to Ukyou’s place the next day and sees Ukyou, who wonders why she keeps interacting with him normally even though he‘s like an extra to the original Ukyou. To be honest, he doesn’t know how much longer he can remain since he was only one person origianlly. Yuu doesn’t wish for this though, and Ukyou quickly apologises, saying that it’s only a possibility. Moreover if he disappeared, Ukyou’s daily life would be a mess. He lets Yuu in, but only after 10 minutes after he clears the mess Ukyou left behind lol. Yuu learns that Ukyou’s work yesterday was pretty hectic and he knocked out once he reached home. As much as Ukyou‘s tired too, he can’t stand leaving the house in a mess and having Ukyou only eat junk food the whole time. He remarks that Yuu must feel tired with Ukyou too but she replies that she doesn’t since she enjoys being together – even now.

The next morning, Yuu can’t help but worry about Ukyou’s side and heads over. Ukyou greets her and since he was going to clean the place today, he asks her to help him out. Being so fussy over the cleaning, Yuu can’t help but compare him to Cinderella’s step-mother lol. As he helps her with the cleaning of higher areas, Ukyou admits that it doesn’t feel bad to be relied on too. Yuu ends up helping with the cleaning a bit more, before she leaves for her part-time work. The following morning, Yuu decides to check on Ukyou’s side again and Ukyou invites her to have lunch before her part-time work. It’s the first time that Ukyou has remained as himself for 2 continuous mornings and Yuu questions about this. Ukyou answers that the more he interacts with her, the more he wants her to see him and it just so happens that Ukyou fell asleep out of fatigue. And now such feelings keep accumulating within him, and he‘s unable to stop himself. Apologising, Ukyou says that Yuu must want to see Ukyou instead and will rid of these feelings immediately. Yuu doesn’t want him to do so though and Ukyou remarks that she may never be able to see Ukyou at this rate. He then shows her the photos Ukyou took and remarks that he can’t replicate the same photos and laughs at how different they are despite being the same being. In response, Yuu says that it’s alright to be different – both of them make up “Ukyou” and he‘s just as important to her. Ukyou was born ‘cos Ukyou was in pain as he kept desiring her – so in a way, Ukyou was born out of Ukyou’s love towards her. Also, she thinks that they’re both kind in their own ways too. Touched, Ukyou holds back his tears and admits that he doesn’t hate Ukyou. If it’s allowed, he wants to continue to be with Yuu and to make her happy.

Ukyou says that it’s his turn to sleep for a bit now, and Ukyou returns. He questions if Yuu noticed that in this half a year, Ukyou did his best not to touch her at all. Yuu did, adding that while it was lonely she knew that he needed some time. Ukyou then decides to show her the notes Ukyou exchanged with him the past half year. Ukyou writes of how he touched Yuu for the first time but without any intention of murder when she hugged him; how she isn’t afraid of him at all; how it doesn’t feel bad to be forgiven; how she gave him a present on Christmas too; how he‘s still hesitant to touch her as the memories from before are still so vivid; how the past 6 months has been both blissful and painful as he‘s afraid that he‘ll hurt her if he desires more. Even though he warns Ukyou that he may not be able to control himself, Ukyou sees that if that were true he wouldn’t be writing it down at all. Ukyou tells Yuu that both of them love her just as much. After that, Ukyou manages to smile more naturally before Yuu and to be less reserved. While Ukyou manages to talk about his other self more easily, as if they were old friends.

The next month, Ukyou calls Yuu out for his last photo shoot. He brings her to her to the rooftop of her university. Though he kept avoiding it, he has already settled his feelings and would like to take a photo of the sky here. As Ukyou takes her photo, he recalls how it’s like the first time he met her. They experienced more pain than others, but it’s ‘cos of that they can be together now. Yuu agrees with him that it’s a precious memory – no matter how painful it was, she doesn’t want to forget how Ukyou never gave up. The sky he used to always see in August isn’t anywhere anymore, and the current him is looking at a different one now. Ukyou has changed too, and they’re now together under the same sky. Ukyou thanks Yuu, and says that now he can finally move forward to the future with her.

3 years later in the epilogue, we learn that both Ukyous agreed to not monopolise her so they regularly switch places. Today though, Ukyou says that his other self has given way and brings her to the place where he tried to first take a photo of the sky with her 3 years ago. Both of them agreed on this place, where the cherry blossoms are blooming now. Ukyou gets down on his knees and asks for Yuu’s hand. He’d been earning to buy the most suitable ring for her, and midway Ukyou started to cooperate in his own way – saving all he can like a housewife lol. Both of them want to make her happy, and Ukyou says that his feelings for her won’t lose to anyone else – in fact it’s twice the amount! Yuu remarks how only Ukyou can say such a line, and agrees to his proposal. Ukyou is almost in disbelief, and Yuu has to stop him from jumping off to believe that this isn’t a dream or illusion.As he starts crying, Shin, Toma, Ikki, Kent and Waka just so happen to be witnessing all of this…lol. Before their wedding, Ukyou checks to make sure everything is alright and the wedding itself goes smoothly. Though apparently the four guys grief-stricken and Orion goes to hand them flowers pfft.

The wedding is over that day, but the couple remain in the church at night. Ukyou says that he was prepared for all sorts of verbal abuses and scoldings, and in the end all four guys gave their blessings though they said that they’ll rip him up if he makes Yuu cry…it was only when Ukyou said even though he’s cried many times he hasn’t made her cry once and somehow they were convinced lol. Even now he feels like crying, and Ukyou appears at this moment as it’s his turn for the wedding. He slips on her ring and proposes to her in his own way – asking her to take responsibility for these feelings he has now, and that both of them will make her happy.
Note: If the choice “why must you compare yourselves” is chosen instead of “it’s alright to be different”, Ukyou doesn’t appear at the end of the wedding. Ukyou says that he‘s actually easily embarrassed so he’ll propose to her on his behalf. As he slips on the ring, Ukyou thanks her for forgiving both of them and loving them, and swears to make her happy.

Love: Communication

Here, you can choose either one of the four locations for a date and then choose conversation topics with Ukyou. Depending on the choices you make, the Love meter can go up or down. If it fills up, you will earn a CG scenario. There is also the possibility of going on a date with Ukyou so his CGs are slightly different. It’s basically a really lovey-dovey scene – they’re in Ukyou’s room and when Yuu goes to make some tea, he hugs her from behind, unable to hold back further. While he kisses her and asks if it’s alright for him to take her now, the water ends up boiling already so Ukyou decides to continue this later. For Ukyou, the scenario is similar except that he feels happy to be recognised as Yuu’s lover too and he leaves behind a kiss mark on her neck. He asks to continue hugging her for a bit longer till the water boils.


Wow, everything just ended perfectly. Seriously, Crowd put a nice finality to all the routes. I found myself the other Ukyou a lot with this route. Though I did have to replay to get the CG differences for the Love epilogue and Communication, the locations and responses for the Communication mode were all different so it was pretty worth it. The next post would be the last one, and I’ll be covering all the Working mode events as well as Orion’s scenario.


8 thoughts on “Amnesia Crowd: Ukyou’s route

  1. midoriha says:

    The love:after story was simply so adorable—!and i felt really touched, as Ukyou(both) confided in her and talked to her, and i just…-sniffs- awww— thank you very much!


  2. Ai says:

    I really love the story in Ukyou’s route. It’s really perfect and beautiful~ヽ(;▽;)ノ
    But, I still stuck in communication mode, I don’t know why but the CG still missing. Can you help me? ( ;´Д`)


    • Yume says:

      You need to completely fill up the love meter that you see in the top right-hand corner of the game screen. I think that maybe your meter keeps going up and down so that’s why you’re stuck in Communication mode…? Try and pick the choices which you think will up Ukyou’s love meter and once it’s filled up it will switch to the CG scene – hope that helps!


      • Ai says:

        In this post say that we can we can possibility of going on a date with another Ukyou. And when I played it, I just can going on date with Ukyou not the another Ukyou…


        • Yume says:

          Sorry but you didn’t mention about Ukyou’s other personality so I presumed otherwise. You have to keep restarting from the Communication menu and hope he appears, there is no other way as it is random.


  3. Dellz says:

    Ukyou *A* sorry a biased girl here xDD I feel like his wedding CG is the most beautiful one and their story is so sweet ((o-ω-)♡(-ω-o)). I really need to play this one only for Ikki and Ukyou lols


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