Amnesia Crowd: Working, Orion & Concluding Thoughts

My last post for Amnesia Crowd. There will be spoilers for the previous games – in particular Ukyou and Orion. Again, ‘cos the heroine has no name, and I decided to name her “Yuu”. Do read the first Amnesia Crowd post for the basic game flow. /lazy Below you’ll find an introduction to Working mode and Orion’s room, review of the mini-events from Working mode, and the bonus Orion scenario you get for getting all the quiz questions correct.

The official website covers Working mode quite well already, but let’s just go through it again. It’s another world where Yuu has lost her memories and Orion is with her. The Waka in this world seems to have the ability to see spirits and such. He also often does fortune-telling or predictions, and no one questions his decisions ‘cos they’re always almost correct. There 5 turns in all, where you can choose to either play the mini-game or see the mini-event. After playing a mini-game, you can choose a guy to talk to during the Break Time. At the end of 5 turns, you can view another mini scenario and it differs depending on how you did your turns. By the way, you have to unlock the mini-events from Orion’s room with earned Orion points. Where can you earn Orion points? You can earn them by completing the mini-games with a Good/Excellent score, finishing all 5 turns (I think), winning against the guy in the card games, or completing a Suspense/Love route. I’m not going to explain the mini-games ‘cos I think the official website does it clearly already and I can’t supplement further. I found all of them manageable – Shin’s was like reliving mofu mofu system in Moujuutsukai to Oujisama lol.

Let’s move onto Orion’s room. Here, you can talk to him and he’ll give you hints for the quiz questions. As mentioned, you can unlock Working mini-events here for 5 points for 1. You can also take the quiz for 5 points and if you answer all 20 questions (randomised, questions on all 5 worlds) you get Orion’s bonus scenario which takes place after Orion mode in Amnesia Later. You can also give Orion a new name (this has been explained in Orion mode in Amnesia Later) and the new name would appear in parts of the game I think. I didn’t try this ‘cos I can’t think of Orion as anyone other than “Orion”.

Now let me review all the mini-events that can occur in Working mode. There are both normal and chibi CGs.

Shin: From one of his predictions, Waka sees that if they use up all 200kg of flour as soon as possible, there will be good fortune for the store. The staff decides that the best way to do this is to told a sweets buffet contest – Shin and Yuu team vs. Kent and Sawa team. The rest of the staff will wait on the tables. The CG appears when Shin’s team realise that the blender is broken, so Shin has to do the cream manually and he uses all his might – even though it doesn’t need that much force lol. In the end, Shin’s team wins by just a bit.

Ikki: Everyone notices that Ikki appears to be avoiding only Yuu that day at work for some reason. They find out at the end of work that it’s ‘cos he asked Waka for some way to spend some time alone, and Waka told him not to interact with heroine for that day. True enough, for some reason none of his FC is waiting for him outside and they are able to spend time quietly at the park later.

Kent: That day at work, a spirit keeps playing tricks on them according to Waka – shifting utensils, hiding ingredients etc. Waka says that if they make it pass today successfully though, they’ll have good business for rest of the time so everyone works hard to do so as they divide up all the tasks. Kent and Yuu particularly had to work hard in the kitchen, so after work they fall asleep on the sofa and everyone else who sees this later, decides to leave them be for a bit.

Toma: It was Meido no Hitsuji’s best week of business so Waka asks everyone to do a big cleaning up of the store. Due to the large flow of people, he says that other not-so-good things may have been attracted too. Waka leaves Toma in-charge, who apparently turns out to be really naggy and particular and he wears everyone out. Yuu also seems to keep committing petty errors and when Waka returns, he says that it was all a spirit’s doing. Ticked off, Toma gives it a warning and it disappears, according to Waka. As Yuu got hurt, Toma ends up carrying her back home that day.

Ukyou: Yuu has to close the cafe alone on a rainy day, though Waka does tell her that her lucky item for the day is cocoa. This information comes in handy as a worried Ukyou rushes in to check on her – and he soon turns into his other personality. Yuu manages to pacify him with some cocoa, and with each of his request she manages to get lucky such as getting calls from Mine, Shin of how there’s leftovers in the store. At the end, Ukyou has a banana parfait, something he considers a luxury, before returning to the usual Ukyou.

Waka: At the end of the week, Waka gives out individual awards to everyone. Yuu receives the most hard-working worker reward, and he gives her a necklace which he says will protect and hopefully follow-up and aid the spirit with her. It appears as though he knows of Orion’s presence, but not any further details.

Normal End?: At the end of the week, the staff decides to hold a sukiyaki party, inviting Rika and Ukyou too. They ask Ukyou to take a photo for them, and everyone decides to go buy photo frames the next day for it.

Alice’s Tea Party: The owner of Meido no Hitsuji is thinking of opening an Alice concept cafe, so the staff of Meido no Hitsuji are asked to help conduct a trial run first.Everyone has to randomly pick their role and Yuu gets to play Alice (the customer), and the rest welcome her to the tea party. Rika and Ukyou happen to drop by and join in too.

Maid Service Day: From the reports, there hasn’t been an increase in female customers so Waka wants everyone to learn more about how to please them, and accepts Mine’s suggestion for the guys to dress up as maids for the day. This was the most hilarious mini-event ever as you get to see the guys cross-dress and having to serve the customers for the day. The reception turns out to be really good and when Waka suggests holding it another time, all the guys immediately disappear after work lol.

Let’s Have Nabe: Ukyou drops by with loads of seafood, which he received as thanks for a photo shoot he did out at sea, while Rika drops by with loads of vegetables she received from her family. So everyone decides to have nabe together after work. When a random comment on how it’s like a family meal, Ikki jokes with Kent and calls him the father – Kent immediately responses and the jokes spreads with Rika being the mother, and Ukyou being the (hopeless) eldest son etc.

There Are No Tricks Or Gimmicks: After work, everyone is showcasing the magic tricks they know – though Sawa’s was pretty much seen through and thoroughly explained by Kent lol. When Waka is asked if he knows any, he says that he doesn’t but he can show something – he asks spirits for the locations of the items they lost and immediately recovers it for them.

Store Manager Wanted For The Day!: Waka is busy for the day so they decide to make Kent take over the role of store manager for the day. He gets too obsessed over the details so that they can profit more though, and so the role switches to Ikki…and to Toma…and to Shin…and finally to Yuu. Shin managed to handle everything pretty well though, so Yuu just took over from his end and the cafe runs smoothly for the day.

Pour Chocolate Over Your Favourite Things: Waka rents a chocolate fountain for the day, and so today the customers can enjoy chocolate fondue. Shin doesn’t get why everyone’s so excited about it, though when Yuu gets some on her finger later he doesn’t hesitate to lick it off her, asking if she wants to be eaten by him.

Megane Butler Waiter: It’s megane day for the cafe tomorrow, so Ikki and Yuu go to pick out suitable glasses for each other after work that day. Naturally, the next day is a huge success and Ikki tells Yuu that he doesn’t mind wearing them for her again when they’re alone.

Look Up At The Orion Sign: Meido no Hitsuji gets turned into a mini-planetarium that day, and the staff has to be extra careful since it’s pretty dark. After work, Yuu sits down with Kent as he points out several star signs to her – including Orion, and tells her the tales behind it. Though Kent was dragged into having to work at the cafe at first, he now enjoys coming here as he gets to see her.

Place Inside A Cage And Bring It Home: A couple of cats are brought over to the cafe for today, to make it a cat cafe today. The staff are asked to wear cat ears too, and Yuu notices that Toma seems to be receiving quite a bit of attention from the customers for that. After work, Yuu gets injured while trying to deal with one of the more temperamental cats and Toma treats her wound.

A Professional’s Work: Ukyou recently released a photo book and Waka asks Ukyou if he doesn’t mind holding an exhibition at the cafe in commemoration of it. Touched, Ukyou agrees and he also asks to take photos of the store now so as to display those too. The next day, everyone notices that Yuu’s photos turned out exceptionally well.

A Gorgeous Tea Party: (This can only be unlocked after Ukyou’s Suspense route.) Luka shows up at the cafe and he first keeps complimenting Yuu and asks her to be his model. Toma soon shows up and rejects on her behalf as her older brother figure, since he doesn’t want to show her to anyone else in a sense. The two of them end up having some bonding time as brothers and even agree to exchange diaries lol. When Luka compliments Ikki later too, and Ikki’s slightly bothered when he’s asked to be his model. Luka is then impressed by his food, and calls for the chef (Kent), even offering him his sign. This continues on till Rika appears as their mother was looking for Luka and asks him to go back to help out with the farming back home. She apologises if he gave anyone trouble though Luka persuades her to sit down and drink tea with him too. Ukyou enters the cafe only to see his usual seat taken by Luka and is kinda ignored.

Orion: It’s their first date alone, and for some reason Yuu feels somewhat conscious of him this time as he takes her hand. When she tells this to Orion later, he’s pretty happy to hear this.

Concluding Thoughts: While I played through this pretty quickly, Crowd felt more fulfilling than Later. All the routes were decent, and the extra scenarios were cute and enjoyable Unfortunately, I don’t think you can skip Later and move onto Crowd – the Love routes like Ukyou’s and Ikki’s (and Orion) kinda continue from there. The rest don’t do so as much. That’s why to be honest, it would’ve been pretty much perfect if Later and Crowd’s content were just released as one package but anyway. If you were a fan of the original game, I think Crowd is certainly a nice play as it follows up and ties everything up nicely.

104 thoughts on “Amnesia Crowd: Working, Orion & Concluding Thoughts

  1. roiyachan says:

    Aww I was hoping orion gets a longer route of his own. But then again he’s a bit young for the heroine.

    • Yume says:

      I guess they covered most of Orion’s stuff in Amnesia Later so they didn’t do much in Crowd. ;; Actually Glass Heart Princess pretty much has a shota route too, so tbh I think Orion is okay too – once he’s grown up a bit more lol.

      • Sena says:

        I totally wouldn’t have minded a longer route for Orion. I feel like if it were him I wouldn’t have minded. Maybe just a bit more grown up (even though he’s been the same age for like forever) because then the age gap wouldn’t seem so bad.

        He grew on me so much when I played that whenever he would disappear in the first game once she started regaining her memories I’d be so sad. I really liked that he had something separate in Later.

        Also, I totally give you props for doing one person per day. I’ve been playing nearly every day since I got the game and I’m still not done yet. That’s some dedication you got there🙂. And I like that you called the heroine Yuu, haha. I agree that Later and Crowd put together would’ve made more sense because Later on its own just didn’t work (ARGH Shin’s route was so painful to get through because the heroine was SO STUPID)…well, maybe Ikki’s. His made sense considering they closed it with the wedding CG. I’m super hoping for an artbook for Crowd that has all the wedding outfits like how they did that whole section with the yukatas from Later.

        • Yume says:

          I agree, Orion has been with the heroine since the start and as a player, I got really attached to him too. I was really happy with his route in Later, but yes of course if they gave him something more in Crowd I wouldn’t have minded. (:

          Thank you! Ahaha, I’m glad that you didn’t find my naming sense too lame. /o\ (Wow yes, I felt so bad for Shin in Later. He really had the worst route there imo.) Yes, only Ikki’s had a wedding CG in Later so it was a bit odd to then see the reverse in Crowd. Oh yeah, Crowd’s VFB – hopefully they’ll feature them!

          • Sena says:

            It was funny because I didn’t feel like I super duper liked him when he was there, but then he started getting hard to see/invisible and I was like “OH NOES, I CAN’T SEE YOU ANYMORE. WHYYYYYY????” Orion’s route was actually my second favorite to Ikki’s in Later, haha. I was so happy to see him it was ridiculous. It was a nice closing to the game. Since everyone’s all married and stuff now I doubt they’ll make another Amnesia game, but I’m still kinda hoping for one for an Orion route, haha.

            I liked the wordplay with the name. I took forever to choose one and I eventually just went with Alice because of all the card symbolism and essentially going through her life like it’s Wonderland, haha. So if anything, I feel like mine was lame.

            I felt SO BAD for Shin in Later. I almost wanted them to break up so Shin could get a girl more deserving of his affections, haha. I’m not particularly fond of Toma, but his route was even better than Shin’s in Later.

            I think they did a pretty good job in Crowd for Ikki’s end since he was the only one who wouldn’t get the wedding CG since he technically already had one. So between the three games his route wasn’t chronological, but I liked what was filled in. If they feature the wedding dresses, Ikki’s needs to be included or I’ll scream. Her proposal date outfit was nice and all, but the wedding dress…LOL. I want to see them all. You can mostly see them, but some of the angles weren’t the best for dress viewing purposes.

            Annnnnnnnnd I ended up spamming your wall again. I apologize.

            • Yume says:

              Orion’s route in Later was really good!! I was really happy to see him and the heroine reunited after all they’ve been through. Having to see him disappearing and being forgotten was really sad as you mentioned. /o\ Yeah, the only other potential I can see is Orion’s route, but I don’t think it can stand on its own. ;;

              Ohh Alice~ That’s cute, especially with how one of the mini-events was them roleplaying Alice in Wonderland characters too. (:

              Yes, while I don’t think Toma’s route in Later was that good, it was still better than Shin’s. ;;

              Yeah, I was wondering what they were going to do for Ikki’s in Crowd and was pleasantly surprised. Everything was really well-done for Crowd, so much so that I wonder what in the world happened when they were working on Later but oh well. ;; Ahh yes, sketches and full views of the wedding dresses would be awesome.😀

              Haha, no worries.❤

            • Sena says:

              When I got to Ukyo’s route in the original game, I was like…why is this the only route where it’s possible for Orion to be there with the heroine? I like Ukyo, but still…it’s just not the same in the other routes. Ukyo’s route was painted to be the ‘legit’ one because it’s the only one with a normal Waka and everyone you know in the game (except Rika) all work at Meido no Hitsuji, which doesn’t happen in any other world. I get why it was done, but it’s still sad to me that Joker World is like ‘the real world.’

              Unfortunately, you’re right that Orion’s route really can’t stand on its own, as much as I feel like I’d enjoy it…it just seems like such a teaser to have that short thing for him and not give him a proper route…but oh well. I’ll just put all my hopes on the photobook/fanbook with the wedding dresses. That’s more conceivable.

              And I felt better about choosing Alice when I noticed the mini-event with the roleplay.

              Toma’s route in Later really wasn’t that good, to be sure. But god damn, I don’t know what happened with Shin’s route. It was awful. The end didn’t even make up for it. It might have been better if they end had been more satisfying, but it seemed like they thought having them engaged made up for all the crap the heroine put him through…no, scenario writers, it really didn’t. It really, really didn’t. I’m glad the game creators shaped up in Crowd. It was worlds better. Although I have to admit that I was very partial to Ikki’s route in Later, because I loved the idea of them exploring that aspect of living together. That route was the saving grace of the game to me…along with Orion’s one, of course.


            • Yume says:

              As you said, the Joker world comes off as the “true” one since all the answers to the questions are answered in Ukyou’s route. I read this somewhere else though and I find it very valid: the Heart, Spade, Clover, Diamond world are all “legit” in their own way. The heroine and Shin/Ikki/Kent/Toma are the OTPs of each of those world, just like how Ukyou is the OTP with the heroine in his own world – since it was only possible for Ukyou to save the heroine in his original world. (: As for Orion, I think it was his and Neil’s ‘punishment’ for crossing the boundaries in fulfilling Ukyou’s wish? /o\ But yeah, I understand what you mean about how it’s sad that it’s only in Ukyou’s route that Orion can return as human to be with the heroine.

              I agree, when Orion mentioned about how 5 years later he’ll be a proper man in Later – it was SUCH a teaser.

              “Worlds better” lol. For me Kent, Ikki, Ukyou and Orion were the routes that made me enjoy Later. But admittedly, mushing Later and Crowd together is the perfect solution but anyway.😄

            • Sena says:

              Yeah, I felt that made sense. I didn’t actually read what you read, but I had the same thoughts about the different worlds. It just seemed like Ukyo’s one was the OTP of the whole game, haha. Well in the game, I remember Ukyo commenting on how that was their punishment probably so it makes sense. It still felt that way to me though, despite knowing all the other stuff.

              I KNOW! When he said that, I thought it was adorable. And at the same time, I really really wanted a future route for him in the next game.

              …I didn’t even realize that phrasing. HAHAHAHAHA. I think Kent’s and Ukyo’s routes were cute, but for some reason, they weren’t enough. I almost felt like they both had the potential to be really awesome but didn’t quite get there. Ukyo’s one got there in Crowd (I love the other Ukyo when he’s not trying to kill the heroine) but Kent’s still fell a little short. I think it bugged me because there was so much that could’ve been done with his route…or I could just be really picky, haha. I prefered Ikki’s Later route to his Crowd route ironically, but like we already discussed, they did a good job on filling in places since they couldn’t do the wedding again. So in conclusion, after that long discussion, I’m just reiterating what you said ages ago on Later and Crowd being a good package together, haha.

            • Yume says:

              Tbh Kent’s route has always been the most calm route to me – in all the games lol. Hardly any conflict happens compared to the rest, and the relationship is pretty smooth-sailing so I was wondering what else they could come up with in Crowd. Well, it continued to be smooth-sailing as always.😄 Ukyou’s route really kinda came in two stages – the heroine coming face-to-face with the other Ukyou in Later, and then further resolving everything in Crowd. Yup, and I don’t foresee any more Amnesia releases from them since everything seems to be tied up nicely already.

            • Sena says:

              I’ve been replying on here so much that there was no reply button after your comment. Hah.

              When I did the mini event for the Alice in Wonderland concept, it was really funny to me since my heroine was already named Alice so everyone was actually saying “her” name for once. It was like, hey, we can all finally say her name! Kind of. And when Rika was like, “oh I should probably call you Alice for today,” I had this random laughing fit because it was just so strange that she was saying that since from my standpoint, the heroine’s name hadn’t changed at all.

              However, I got over it after a while since I know that it’s a little different for the people with heroines not named Alice. But it was good fun.

            • Yume says:

              I see. It’s the same case for me.😄

              That’s really cute though! I’ve always thought that having characters call the heroine’s default name was a nice touch for an otome game.

            • Sena says:

              Yeah…the only Otome game I know that actually says the heroine’s name is in the Tokimeki games. The second one was the first otome game I ever got into, long before I got into otome gaming as a whole (I only got into otome gaming like…a month or two ago), so I was kinda spoiled. And then i realized most games just have that awkward omitting of the name and/or replacement pronouns being said while the text of the name appears. It would’ve been nice if that could’ve been a template in all otome games, but I imagine it might be hard to pull off. At least I got to enjoy it for a short while.

            • Yume says:

              Oh I see! Yeah, most of the games I played don’t call the heroine’s default name so I was pleasantly surprised whenever I played games that did (Jyuuzaengi, Moujuutsukai to Oujisama FD). Yeah it’s probably more troublesome to programme/record – though Otomate seems to be doing it for their more recent games so I hope they can continue, and that other companies follow suit.😀

            • Sena says:

              I didn’t know they did so on the Moujuutsukai to Oujisama FD. I own it, but haven’t played it yet. I didn’t finish the first game yet. I only did Matheus’s route so far. I was playing it in between Later and Crowd while I waited for Crowd to come in the mail, lol. Looking forward to that when I get to it~

              I also hope Otomate continues this trend. I nearly died in Tokimemo the first time I heard the name come out. Of course, this is probably also because it was the first Japanese game I played ever, so it was also the novelty of the experience, but it was still a squee moment, haha.

            • Yume says:

              Ohh, cool! I really love Moujuutsukai to Oujisama, I hope that you enjoy it too!😀

              I agree – if the heroine’s personality is rather solid I think all the more it would be nicer for them to call her default name~

            • Sena says:

              I’m enjoying it so far. I get really tired from 30 seconds of mofu mofu though, haha. It would be like I’m doing good, I got the hearts and the happy cheeks going on and then at the very end I run out of steam because I’m tired and then it goes down to the green level. Such a waste when that happens!

              I haven’t really gone through older posts in your blog, but what other games would you recommend?…maybe I should ask you that when I run out of games, haha. I have more than I’ve played and I’m trying not to buy more until I finish the ones I have…but the conversion rate is so good right now that it’s hard not to rationalize buying more now…

            • Yume says:

              Ahh mofu mofu~ Yeah I understand! I guess my only advice would be to concentrate on getting to the pink level towards the end? It’s okay to not continuously pet them, as long as it ends off in the pink level. ^^

              Haha I understand the temptation.😄 Besides Moujuutsukai to Oujisama, I listed my other favourites games as Shinigami to Shoujo, Clock Zero, Kami naru Kimi to, Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan, Jyuuzaengi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~. I admit that most of them are pretty heavy though. ^^; If you don’t mind the RPG element, Arabians Lost ~The Engagement on Desert~ is a fun game. All the Lucian Bee’s games are really hilariously amusing too. I recommend Glass Heart Princess too – it’s a light-hearted romantic comedy and some of the staff are the same as Moujuutsukai to Oujisama’s.😀

              I’m personally looking forward to many upcoming games too (Norn9, Shiratsuyu no Kai, TinyxMachine gun, OZMAFIA!!, Dot Kareshi etc.) but since they’re not out yet I can’t comment much lol. Sorry for the rant. x:

            • Sena says:

              That makes sense. I was thinking of trying that next time for mofu mofu. I heard there are these extra CGs you get if you find the ‘best’ spot to mofu mofu though, lol. I don’t know if I have the energy for this. I adore Moujuutsukai to Oujisama. I’m not particularly fond of most of the music (except maybe like one or two songs…as far as BGMs go, I tend to be a sucker for the sad-sounding themes…) but I suppose it matched the setting and everything.

              And I’m kinda bad. I played Matheus’s route and then I was going to continue after I finished Crowd, but then the Snow Bride fandisk called to me (particularly because you mentioned that they actually said Tiana’s name) and I continued Matheus’s route there, haha. I’m trying to play slower so I didn’t finish it up yet, but I was so unbelievably happy to hear the name it was pretty ridiculous.

              Clock Zero is one of the ones I own but haven’t touched yet. It might still be in the wrapping…or I might’ve already opened it to place in the polybags I bought because I’m crazy and seal all my CDs, DVDs, and PSP games in those plastic wrappings so a couple of shelves in my room look like a store…if it wasn’t so much trouble, I’d do the same thing for my books and then I’d like…have a store and a library in my room at the same time…anyway, back to CLock Zero, I think it might actually be the most recent one I bought. Glass Heart Princess and Kami naru Kimi to are actually on the top of my “need to buy list” too, haha. It’s encouraging that ones I’m looking into are ones you’re rec’ing🙂. I’ll look into the other ones like…after I buy those other two, haha. Someone recommended the Storm Lover series to me, but they’re like impossible to find because some of them are out of print T_T

              I don’t mind. I’m kind of happy I don’t have new ones I’m waiting for yet. Waiting sucks. I got into otome gaming so recently that the only thing I really needed to wait for was Crowd, and I only waited like…a month? Not even that long because I’m pretty sure I finished Later the same day that Crowd shipped out. So not fond of waiting, so I feel your pain at least in spirit…

            • Yume says:

              Ahh yeah, I’m actually not sure what you have to do to earn those extra CGs. I think you have to maintain the pink level for as long as you can? It is pretty difficult for a few of them. Ahaha, that’s cute – playing the same character’s route in the original game and FD back to back.😀

              Ohh I totally understand you!! I keep all my CDs, games etc. in their wrappings too, and then in plastic bags too lol. I’m glad to see that you’re interested in the same titles I listed! Yeah about Storm Lover – you may want to buy Storm Lover Kai!! which is like a remake of the original game I believe. It has more content and all. (: You may want to check out Surugaya online store, if you don’t mind 2nd-hand games.

              I see! There are so many otome games out there now, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be able to fill my time playing those till the ones I’m waiting for are released.😄

            • Sena says:

              I’m glad you think it’s cute, haha. I think I’m going to go back to the original game and play everyone else’s route before I go back to Snow Bride because it’s a hassle to change the disc all the time. However, I probably wouldn’t mind playing it back to back that way otherwise…I’m so spoiled now though. Since I just played Snow Bride where everyone says Tiana’s name, I’m like…why is the awkward silence back in the original game? NO LIKEY.

              I didn’t know Storm Lover Kai!! was a remake of Storm Lover. I thought it was a continuation. Good to know because I might’ve bought both by accident and then been sad…it’s also a good thing I didn’t already buy it, haha. I’ll look into that website. I usually don’t mind used games/goods, but only if it’s impossible to find a new version of it or if the only new ones that can be bought are uber expensive.

              I understand when you’re waiting for ones in particular. I really like Moujuutsukai to Oujisama but when I was waiting for Crowd to come in I didn’t really feel like playing it so it wasn’t quite the same. It’s much more fun to play now that I’ve finished up all the Amnesia games.

            • Yume says:

              That’s true, it’s a hassle to keep changing. /o\ LOL, more of the newer games seem to have the guys call the heroine’s default name – I hope they keep that. It always does feel odd when everyone calls each other’s names – except the heroine’s lol.

              Yup! The Storm Lover Natsu koi is the continuation, or fandisk I believe. And Storm Lover 2nd, which basically features a whole new cast, is in the making right now. Yup yup I understand! Better to see what all your options are first before diving in to buy – don’t want to regret any buys.😄

              I see! Well it’s best to enjoy the game so I’m glad that you’re having more fun playing it now.😀

            • Sena says:

              Yeah, they really should keep that trend. I feel like it makes a huuuuuge difference. It just makes more sense because you’re right that it just seems odd to hear everyone else’s name and then awkward silence/replacement pronouns for the heroine.

              This conversion rate will be the end of me…I try not to, but I keep checking my cart to decide whether or not to buy the games currently sitting there or whether I should buy only a few of them or maybe just one, etc. And I’m looking at the price and even though it’s maybe $2-4 cheaper my brain is singing ‘OMG, THAT’S SO CHEAP, MUST BUY NOW’

              I’m glad I’m enjoying it more now too. It really is a fun game. Slightly repetitive, but not in a dragging way. Plus, I pretty much like everyone so it’s even better. It’s always junk when there’s a couple guys you don’t really care for at all but for the sake of finishing the game/unlocking everything you need to play their routes.

            • Yume says:

              Huge difference indeed! Especially in those emotional scenes where they call out the heroine’s name – it’s waaaay better than silence/pronouns which renders the scene awkward instead.

              Ahaha I understand.😄 It’s like omg it’s much cheaper to buy it now – for most sites the shipping etc. is calculated in yen too so it’s not just the games which are cheaper but everything else too. It’s a very tempting feeling…lol.

              Yup, I agree that the main story is a bit repetitive but all the characters add their own colour to each route.😀 Yup yup – I used to always play my favourite guy first and had a hard time finishing the whole game as a result. Now I torture myself by doing it in the opposite order or mix the order with guys I like, then those I dislike, like, dislike etc. So naturally everything feels great when you like everyone. \o/

            • Sena says:

              It does come out pretty awkward during those scenes, huh? It’s like…uh…that scene was good up until awkward lack of name…uh…I don’t think I can get back into the mood of what was going on now?

              My birthday’s coming up too. It’s like…birthday present to self? Hmmmm, games. Games as in plural as well. Not just one game. No, to make shipping worth it, gotta get at least two or three at a time >.<

              That was how I felt about Toma. He creeped me out when I was going through the first game because I was like "you, sir, are a crazy mofo. A CRAAAAAZY MOFO. If I have nightmares about you I will be very upset." But by the time I hit Later I was like…"eh, it's Toma. Whatever." I still don't like him, but at least he no longer freaks me out. It's actually kinda funny now when he gets all yandere crazy with Ikki's FC. It's like…oh you bitches are gonna get it NOW.

              I actually eat like that, saving the best for last and eating what I don't like as much first…but I guess with the games I get too impatient? I haven't played that many, but I was always playing my favs first and then going in a backwards order. I suppose knowing I'm more of the saving the best for last type of person, it would make more sense to torture myself and do it that way like you. It's so hard though. I have pretty much zero self-control, haha.

            • Yume says:

              Hahaha yes.😄

              Ohh sweet! Indeed, it’s more worth it to get a few at one go instead of just one game. Getting just one is kinda lonely too – though getting more makes your wallet lonely. /o\

              Ahh yes, Toma and Ikki’s FC. Even though you don’t see his yandere expression anymore in most of Amnesia Crowd – the one time he does have it is when he spots Ikki’s FC.

              Wow now that you mention it, I do like in that order too. But yeah, it can be pretty hard to control yourself. The other order I play sometimes is the order people recommend me, which is really more relevant to those with a heavy story + heavy spoilers in one/two routes.

            • Sena says:

              My wallet is so lonely. The conversion rate was just too much. I couldn’t resist. I bought a few games just now >.>;

              When his yandere eyes appeared again in the Suspense mode I was like ああ、久しぶり.

              I should look up recommended game orders. I haven’t really tried that yet. Then again, I haven’t really played many games yet so I can start, haha. Amnesia’s really the only one I’ve finished. I haven’t been able to play in days. I’ve been so busy and then so tired. So I’m determined to play at least a little bit today, haha.

            • Yume says:

              Ahaha, I hope you don’t regret your buy and enjoy those games! ^^

              I see! Not all of the games always have recommended game orders – as in an order almost everyone agrees upon so yeah. No worries.😄 Hope that you aren’t burnt out, and can have some time to play too!

            • Sena says:

              Well, I’ll regret it for a while, like I always do, but then I’ll get over it after a couple of months when the depletion to my bank account doesn’t feel quite as fresh. That’s usually how it goes for me, haha.

              I did end up playing yesterday and the day before but man, did I not do anything productive once I got home from work like I was supposed to…I might slightly suffer for it today. At least I managed to finish another route (finally).

              That’s probably true about most games. I don’t feel like the game creators specifically made the games to be that way or they would have a set order you could approach the guys in, most likely. Then again, all games I’ve played or read about seem to have one or two characters who help clear up any mysteries in everyone else’s routes so I can see why it would be recommended to play those routes last. In the case of Amnesia (the original), Ukyo’s route did that and they specifically structured the game so you didn’t even have his route available until you did everyone else’s.

            • Yume says:

              Ahaha I see.😄 We all need to keep telling ourselves that it was worth the buy. ww

              Ohh, congrats on finishing a route! \o/

              Yup! Usually there can routes like Ukyou’s which are best left for last since they’re very plot-centric and linked to the “truth” in a sense. But yeah, there isn’t usually a set order since part of the joy of playing an otome game is to choose which character to go after in your current mood. ^^ Tbh the only one which I’ve played that has a strongly recommended set order by the game makers is Shinigami to Shoujo, mostly thanks to how they structured the game routes. The first guy you do ends his route at Chapter 4, and the next at Chapter 5 and so on – so it really made sense.

            • Sena says:

              I got a notification that my games shipped yesterday so I’m happy🙂

              Thanks! I finished three so I have three more to go, haha. Then I can go back to the fandisk. Where they speak her name. YEEEEEEES. Speaking of Moujuutsukai, I seem to be missing one CG from every route I’ve played so far…is there another ending that I’m not getting? I think I’m getting all the good endings but didn’t do further research on whether there were multiple route endings…

              Shinigami to Shoujo sounds interesting. I read about it briefly since you mentioned it once before and now again. God damn it. I said I wasn’t going to look up the games you listed that I didn’t know about until later because I knew this would happen…at least I’m not rich enough to buy it now so I can’t get it just yet…but damn. Too many games I want T_T

            • Yume says:

              Ohh that’s great! Hope your package arrives soon! What did you order, if you don’t mind me asking? (:

              Hmm oh! Have you played the extra Side Story which they added in for the PSP port? You can access it from the main menu. You get a CG for each guy and I believe that should be the last CG in each guy’s gallery. ^^

              Ahhh Shinigami to Shoujo is really one of my favourites! But well, it is more of a story rather than a romance visual novel so I usually recommend playing it when you’re in the mood for it. No hurry, you still have your other games😀

            • Sena says:

              Pretty much the ones we talked about plus 1: Glass Heart Princess, Kami naru Kimi to and Norn 9. Like I said, crying wallet.

              Ohhhhhh. That makes sense. That’s probably what happened. Haha. I obviously didn’t explore the game too much. I think I saw that side story in passing but didn’t look into it.

              For sure. I have soooooo maaaaaany other games now.

            • Yume says:

              Ohh I see! I should be starting on Norn9 soon, I received my copy already too. ^^

              Well, the side story is pretty much standalone so it’s just fine to play them later too.😀

              Haha, yup.😄 I often always joke that it’s a never-ending blackhole of a backlog.

            • Sena says:

              Lucky! I didn’t receive my package yet. Not that there’s a rush or anything. I’m still trying to finish up Moujuutsukai. I did everyone’s route except Silvio’s and then I’ll be back to the FD. I’m so excited to get back to the verbalization of “Tiana” haha.

              And the side story was funny. I enjoyed it. I wish that we actually knew what animal she would’ve turned into versus just becoming a cat…not that I didn’t like the cat. She was adorable as a cat and it was cute because everyone else thought she was adorable as a cat. It’s just it would’ve been fun to know.

              You got it spot on. I tell you. I was planning on being good and saving money to do productive things like go on a trip to Japan to visit my friends there/reacquaint myself with the country but do I save? Noooooo. I go and buy a million otome games and start this huge collection and then they still come out with more. And I work my way through them ever so slowly. It’s not even like I’m playing them slow because they’re not fun, it’s just that after bulldozering through the three Amnesia games, I think I burned out so I’m playing significantly slower now.

            • Yume says:

              Ohh, that’s nice to hear! I’m sure you’ll enjoy Silvio’s route.😀

              Yeah the side story was a cute addition! I really enjoyed Lucia’s reaction lol. But yeah, it would’ve been interesting to know what kind of animal she would’ve been.

              Ahh I understand that feeling.😄 You feel burned out and can’t play through the game that quickly. On a ‘good’ day you can play for hours, but on a ‘bad’ day maybe you can only go through it for an hour lol. But I do encourage you to visit Japan! I’m sure it’ll be a fun experience. (: Umm, aside from the fact that you may spend even more on the merchandises there…haha.

            • Sena says:

              I’m sure I will. I like him based on what little interaction the heroine has had with him so far. I got a little glimpse of it in the side story.

              I pretty much liked everyone’s reaction xD. I really liked that cumulative CG where they all crowd around her and you can see all their expressions.

              I’ve been to Japan before. Semi-recently. I studied abroad there last Spring. I can’t believe this time last year I was there. It seems so far away. I feel like I didn’t experience culture shock quite as much as most people do and when I got back home, I didn’t have reverse culture shock, really either. I think I developed a slightly different mentality from being there because it was just adapting. Like when I came back, I transitioned into my old life really easily. It was a bit strange, actually. But goddamn did money go fast in Japan. The conversion rate was terrible when I was there, so it was even worse. Have you been to Japan?

            • Yume says:

              Yeah, that cumulative CG was adorable.😄

              Ohh I see! Well it’s nice to hear that you could adapt pretty well.😀 Yes I’ve been to Japan! In fact I went last year with my fellow blogger and posted some videos we took last year on this blog too haha. It was fun!

            • Sena says:

              I finally finished the first game. It was so funny because when I jumped back to Snow Bride, I completely forgot about the whole verbally saying Tiana’s name thing. When I was playing the first game, the whole time I was like…want to hear the name, I know you guys can do it…and then I forgot about it when I got back to the FD. So typical. But at least it was a nice surprise.

              That sounds like fun. How long were you guys there for?

            • Yume says:

              Ohh congrats! \o/ Haha, yup at least it was a nice surprise again~

              It was! We were there for about 10 days, half of them time spend in Hokkaido and the other half in Tokyo. (:

            • Sena says:

              Thanks! I’m really excited about the FD. Again. I guess in a way it’s good I did this weird order thing, haha. And unlike most people, I actually have the luxury of doing that since I’m joining this community when some games already have FDs.

              Did you review Moujuutsukai and Snow Bride? I never checked and I felt that might be strange to do mid-reply.

              Wow, Hokkaido and Tokyo? Did you fly from one place to the other? They’re so far apart.

            • Yume says:

              Yes that’s true. (: And yes, I reviewed the FD in detail, feel free to check them out if you want. ^^

              We initially planned for Hokkaido but the flights there and back would stop-over in Tokyo – so we decided, might as well spend time in Tokyo too.

            • Sena says:

              I shall🙂

              I have a bad habit of reading all these detailed reviews with spoilers before playing the game because I can, but I’m trying to curb that habit and read the reviews after I play the game so I can be surprised. I haven’t been surprised yet because of this method. Maybe I should try and read spoiler free reviews first and then read the detailed ones after to see if I missed, overlooked, or was confused by anything.

              That makes sense. I was more in the Yokohama area when I was there so I didn’t go to Hokkaido. I did spend some time in the Hyogo prefecture though, and went sightseeing at all the places around it like Osaka and Kyoto. It’s interesting how similar but different Japan is in the different regions.

            • Yume says:

              Ahh that’s a good idea. Reading the spoiler free reviews can hopefully still pique your interest and motivate you to play the game, and as you said the detailed ones can help you to see if you missed anything out. ;3

              I see, that’s nice! I can’t say I’ve ever explored that area. ^^ I agree, it’s nice to explore the different parts of Japan and see how similar yet different they are.

            • Sena says:

              And….I started playing Hakuouki. That game is so damn depressing T_T. I liked it a lot, but it was…I can’t even. I was so sad playing it. Since I studied Japanese history in college, I knew more about it than the average otome gamer would, but I didn’t know about it in super detail since the Shinsengumi was talked about briefly and the main focus was more on the end of the shogunate and the push for modernization.

              This game I played without looking at a review, which I guess worked out. It really made a difference to play having read no spoilers, so I should probably stick to this method…unfortunately, a lot of the games I bought I already read spoilers for, haha.

              It was so funny because depending on where you are, you stand on either the right or left side of escalators. Kansai was the first time I was in Japan so I got used to standing or walking on the respective sides there and then when I went to Kantou, I had to like chant in my head which side to stand/walk on since it was the opposite -_-;

              Do you have any plans on taking another trip there any time soon?

            • Yume says:

              Oh I see. To be honest I never got far into the game to comment enough about it, but I’ve heard that it is depressing. I’m playing a supposedly depressing game (Getsuei no Kusari) at the moment too ahaha. What peculiar timing ^^;

              Yeah I think that it does make a difference. (: Well, unless you manage to forget about the spoilers after a period of time lol.

              Oh yeah, they do stand on different sides of the escalator.😄 Over here we weren’t that strict about it at first, though after visiting Japan I kind of got conditioned myself. Unfortunately no, I don’t have any plans at the moment (as much as I’d love to).

            • Sena says:

              Haha, you must’ve stopped before the depressing then. Every time I restarted to do a different guy’s route, sometimes I would watch the beginning even though I knew what was happening just to see everyone interact in their happy atmosphere before everyone started dying…I suppose they made it this way to have more emotional impact and to emphasize the loss and such, but they even killed off one of the characters who totally didn’t die in real life until much later.

              That game does sound rather depressing. I feel like pretty much all games somewhat historically related are sad.

              I have a pretty good memory so it’d have to be years before I forget things, haha. I wish my memory was good for other things though, like remembering where I put my phone and keys…I would lose them less frequently. But song lyrics, spoilers, books, movies, games….nope, that stuff sticks in my head forever. That’s probably why I don’t have room in my head for important things like keys and my phone…

              Whenever I see an escalator now, I always want to stand on one side, but I usually don’t because no one else does it. I just think it’s funny that it always crosses my mind anyway.

              I’d really like to go back, but I probably won’t be able to for a while either.

            • Yume says:

              I must’ve done so.😄 But I agree, the happy atmosphere during the first half makes the more depressing second half have a bigger emotional impact. (That was totally what I experienced with Kami naru Kimi to /cough. Just a warning in advance.)

              I haven’t quite reached the depressing part of Getsuei no Kusari it, but I’m certainly preparing myself for it. It’s curious as I believe it isn’t (loosely) based on any real historical event like the other historical games I’ve played. Yet all the issues it’s talking about are so relevant even in today’s context, it’s almost scary lol.

              I see, that’s a pity. /o\ I have a bit of a wishy-washy memory so unless I tell myself to absolutely remember something, I’ll most likely forget it oops lol.

              It is isn’t it. You’re like triggered by the sight of an escalator. I kind of still do it anyway, unless there’s so many people and both sides are packed so there really isn’t any point in doing so.

              Sobs, reality. Hopefully we’ll both be able to travel to Japan someday again in the future~

            • Sena says:

              I think I realized this earlier but I really realize it now just how much I’ve been spamming your post, haha.

              Thanks for the warning. I was planning on playing Clock Zero next and then Kami naru Kimi to after. I’ve only heard good things about both those games so I’m excited.

              I’m actually not so sure if saying I have “good memory” is accurate. I think I’m actually a really forgetful person but there are selective things that I have good memory for. I touched on that a bit earlier. I just lost my phone for a whole three days because I couldn’t remember something. I thought it was gone for good but I was luckily able to locate it before I had to buy a new one. For story-related things like games or anime, it literally takes me years to forget things. I was just thinking about an anime I watched around 3 years ago and I’ve noticed that I finally started to forget enough stuff that I could probably watch it again and be able to enjoy it.

              You’re probably right about the association of seeing an escalator with the standing/walking sides. It’s like looking at Japanese money vs. my own currency. When I see my regular currency I’m super frugal. When I see Japanese money, I’m slightly less frugal because I’ve associated the country’s cost of living with the money itself.

              Yes….real life. *sigh*

            • Yume says:

              Lol! If you want to comment specifically on any of the games you’re going to play (Clock Zero, Kami naru Kimi to) feel free to comment on those related posts instead.😄 I reviewed both (with spoilers).

              And that’s great to hear! I absolutely loved both games and hope you do too! Clock Zero has a lot of nice bonus content for its PSP release too.

              Oh dear, glad you managed to find your phone! I see I see. Selective memory…if only we could consciously choose what exactly we want to remember and to forget. ;;

              That’s true! I do that with my money too lol. It’s also like how when you order the games online (usually listed in yen), and only when you convert it into your own currency later do you feel the burden…lol.

            • Sena says:

              I shall do that! Once I get to playing them, that is. The weather has been so hot and humid lately that it’s been draining my energy so I don’t play that much in one day. I’m still working on Hakuouki Zuisouroku…I’m really close to being done because I’m really only going through the omake now, but I just didn’t have the energy to finish last night.

              Gotta love that bonus content. Good to know!

              I’m glad I managed to find my phone too. That was a nightmare, haha.

              That’s definitely true with orders. Even though I still see how much it costs in yen, it makes a difference because of the conversion rate. The majority of the time, I see the yen and I’m like, “well, that’s not suuuuper bad.” And then it gets converted and I’m like….”why did I lose so much in the conversion rate? T_T” It’s not even the conversion rate either. It just looks like more somehow.

            • Yume says:

              The weather has been crazy here too so I feel you on that. /o\ Ohh you’re almost done with it, that’s nice~

              I agree, somehow it doesn’t seem all that bad in yen. Like okay, it’s still reasonable. But then when it’s charged and you see how much it is in your own currency…wait, was it really that much? Lol. orz

            • Sena says:

              Crazy hot or crazy cold/rainy? It’s so hot that elevators are totally the worst. It’s like being in a sauna without consent.

              Speaking of money and conversions, I just started making my first physical list of games I want to buy. It’s divided into ones that are already out and I just need to buy and ones that didn’t come out yet but look interesting. There are like 15 games on it. I’m so doomed. The other thing is that I’m buying/planning on buying FDs or second games from ones I didn’t even play the originals yet because they’re coming out…goodbye, money. It was nice knowing you T_T

            • Yume says:

              Both.😄 Depends on whether it’s raining that day or not, ack.

              Omg that is quite a lot. ;; But hmm, wouldn’t there be twinpack offers in most cases? Basically you buy both the original game + FD together. Well I think those wouldn’t have any bonus extras though, so that’s if you don’t mind not getting them. Back then I bought all three Lucian Bee’s games together as a set. ^^

            • Sena says:

              Ah, good luck to you with that weather. My sister’s sick and I was feeling a little not so good on Saturday so I’m trying my hardest not to get sick too.

              I bought twin packs for some games, like Starry Sky (which isn’t that good either since there are 4 damn seasons), but for some other series I looked up either a twin pack didn’t come out yet or I had a hard time finding it because they went out of print or something. I recently bought the triple pack of the __Ji no Kane to Cinderella series, so I hope I like that, or otherwise it’ll be a sucky buy. I think most of the games I wanted were stand-alones, though, so I think my list only decreases by maybe 3 or 4 if you include FDs.

            • Yume says:

              Oh dear, I hope you don’t fall ill too. ><;

              Oh yeah, it's a headache when it goes out of print and they never restock it or anything. I haven't touched any of the Cinderella games before, but from what I heard a lot of what happens in the previous two games are explained in the third? Or something like that, it's all parallel to each other. I hope you enjoy them too! Not many people play QR games as compared to the others due to the art, so I'm happy to see you trying them out.

            • Sena says:

              I seem to be doing pretty decently. I’ve been taking vitamin C like mad, haha. I got a little less sleep last night than was probably good because I can feel a bit of a head heaviness that’s either a result of getting less sleep or getting sick…so I hope it’s the former.

              I recently tried semi-reorganizing my room so I moved all my otome games to this one really narrow shelf I’ve had for years. It’s kind of funny because it looks like less games than I expected but it still looks like a lot in a way. That sounds like a contradiction though.

              Personally, I think the art in a lot of Otomate games are usually really nice, but I thought the art I could see in the Cinderella series was pretty decent-looking. I kind of wanted to try out the Alice series, but the art is a little more off-putting in that one and some of the guys’ routes sound O_O. I actually bought the set because I wanted to play the third game. A lot of seiyuu I know/like are in that one. Plus, it looks more supernatural-themed than the first two, but I can’t just get the third game, so if I wanted to get the third one, I have to play them in order. And CdJapan had the nice triple set so I pounced. It actually just shipped out yesterday so I should get it relatively soon.

            • Yume says:

              Oops, I hope it’s the former too! ><;

              LOL well your volume of otome games will surely expand with your upcoming orders! I didn't think that I'd owned so many at first but then when I piled them together I realised it was quite a lot…;;

              Yeah Otomate's strong point is certainly is art. Plus they're expanding (so much) they have various artists and hence art styles now. Well for Alice QR is remaking the very first game, and most likely Clover + Joker too, with their new artist (Fujimaru Mamenosuke) and a pure choice system. Maybe you'd want to wait for those instead? If the art is to your liking, I personally like Fujimaru's art. That's nice to hear about the Cinderella series! Hope you receive them soon~

            • Sena says:

              I’m feeling a little worse today than other days this week, but at least it’s Friday and I can rest up over the weekend, so hopefully it doesn’t escalate into anything terrible.

              It will definitely be expanding, haha. I actually ordered them a while ago with stuff that didn’t release yet so I paid like…1 month ago? But I actually didn’t remember what I ordered so I completely forgot that I also ordered Death Connection. I remembered Storm Lover 2nd because it was a preorder though.

              Yeah, their art for sure. I had seen that they were remaking the first Alice one. I wasn’t aware they were going to remake the second and third ones as well. I didn’t read too much about the Alice systems, so when you say it changed to a pure choice one, that makes me wonder what it was like previously. Even though I don’t feel like buying them now, I’ve been interested in them so maybe the re-make will be better enough to tempt me to buy them. We shall see~

              I hope I receive them soon too. It doesn’t make a super huge difference, though, since I doubt it’ll be the next series I play. I have so many games lined up. Even if I finish them fast (which I might not, I haven’t been playing much lately. I think it’s been at least a week since I touched my PSP), if I really like it, I need to have some time to ‘obsess’ over it, haha.

            • Yume says:

              Yup, do get some rest over the weekend!

              Ahaha, I tend to do that when I order too – combining releases together when possible. It’s a longer wait but I’d rather pay for just one shipping fee than multiple ones. ;;

              Oh well QR hasn’t clearly announced if they’re going to remake Clover and Joker yet. But my guess is that they will if they can lol. Maybe even do those remakes before working on Spade (which should be the last Alice game since it’s the last card suit). Oh, previously the Alice system was like a turn-based system – you’d visit the characters each day in the morning/afternoon/evening times and have short conversations. And depending on the time and affection levels, you’d trigger events too. Naturally compared to a pure choice system it’s more tedious. Yup! In that case you might wanna see how the remake turns out~

              Haha I can understand that.😄 Especially if it’s a game you really grow to love, you don’t want it to end too fast either. So sometimes I play slower towards the end for those games lol.

            • Sena says:

              I did! I feel exponentially better.

              I don’t mind the wait. I’m not usually a patient person, but in some situations. If it saves money in terms of shipping, my threshold for patience tends to expand. If it’s a really huge order, though, there are times where the shipping comes out cheaper if divided into two smaller orders. I was going to place this one rather large order but I didn’t once I saw the shipping and the need for registered mail. It’s usually hard for me to coordinate a good time to be home to make sure I can sign, which is why I tend to dislike registered mail. When I played around with the shopping cart, I found shipping was almost half less when I divided the order in a specific way.

              I think they might remake those two if the remake of the first game is received well. The old Alice system does a bit of a hassle. Probably a good thing that I didn’t try it out earlier. I’ll definitely look out for it, though.

              I’m working on Hakuouki Yuugiroku still. I’ve been on it for a while but I just have one route left and then the one that unlocks after you finish all of them. The chibis are so funny and cute. And I’m super bad at some of the mini games even though I know they aren’t hard.

              I’m actually kind of the opposite, though. When I like a game, I tend to play it faster unconsciously, so if I want to slow down,I have to make a concerted effort to do so. When I start to drag through a game, then I know it’s either time to take a break or change it up by playing a different one and going back to it. I say this like I played a lot of games already, but I really haven’t yet, haha.

            • Yume says:

              That’s great to hear!

              Ohh that’s true! I guess a lot depends on the weight of the individual items too. Always good to doubly check your orders.😀

              Yup, that’s my feeling too. I think the Alice series is rather popular too so perhaps it’s something to look forward to. ^^/

              Ohh I see! Looks like you’re making progress still~

              I see.😄 That’s true, if it gets too draggy it may be better to switch to another game instead of forcing yourself to finish the same one. And aww not at all, I think that it’s good that you understand your own playing style. (:

            • Sena says:

              Sometimes it takes so long, though. But I suppose in the long run it’s worth it. At least worth it to my wallet. Not so much to my body which got sleep deprived from staying up to calculate it all.

              I actually started playing the first Cinderella game. It came the end of last week. I like the style of putting the heroine in the bottom left corner, actually. In terms of the art, I feel like I like the way the girls are drawn but not so much the guys. The sprites didn’t appeal to me so much. Sometimes I liked some of the CG versions, but it’s hard to say so early on. I only did the best end for the main guy so far.

              But OMG, the game is so looooong. I miss my skip option. It would help things go by so much more smoothly and make it less draggy and time-consuming. It was mostly interesting and I liked the characters from what I could see, but I got so sleepy. I didn’t realize how much I relied on that skipping option.

              I was going through it without a guide and kept thinking I should probably use one, but I was too lazy to look it up. I probably will for the other routes and other endings for this route, though. It’s kind of exhausting going through so much only to not get the end you want. I’m surprised I even chanced it for the first run-through. I almost wished I didn’t get it in the 3-pack because thinking about playing more of the same style game after makes me more exhausted. And it’s not like I don’t like the game, there are certain elements I like. If all QR heroines are like this, they’re so much less doormatty and more awesome. But yeah, I’ll save my judgement until it’s all over, I guess…if I ever finish it, haha.

            • Yume says:

              Oh yeah, I remember when I first played QR’s games I found their games pretty long too – at least compared most I’ve played. Their prologues are known to be lengthy. Oh, the skip option.😄 QR has one, but you’ve to hold down the R button the whole time it can be quite troublesome. I think they changed this for their more recent games though. Yeah it may be better to use a guide! Hmm, you don’t have to play all three games one after another. You’re always free to mix in other titles as you like ^^/

            • Sena says:

              I think it might be worth it to hold down the R button so I can skip, haha. Perhaps I should use a rubberband or something. What kind of skip option does their more recent games have?

              I could switch it around, but I notice that I tend to like playing the same games in succession. It could just be because I like following the whole story all the way through for games that I happen to start when they’re done. It’s odd for me to say that considering I didn’t feel like finishing Moujuutsukai’s FD after I finished the original game, which is a shame. I really like the characters and settings. It’s a good game series. I guess I just played it during a time when I was tired a lot so I associated the game with being tired? I really haven’t been able to wrap my mind around why I don’t feel like playing it.

            • Yume says:

              Oh yeah, I read from a Japanese reviewer that a rubberband would do the trick lol. I haven’t really played their more recent games but I think it’s the same as Otomate’s – you just press the button once and it skips automatically, instead of having to hold down the button. I can’t recall if they implemented a “skip to the next choice” option too.

              Ohh I see, that’s unfortunate. Moujuutsukai’s FD still remains my favourite FD till today (hmm not that I’ve played a lot I guess). Unlike others, I’ve always felt as though it had the most satisfying quality + quantity of FD content.

            • Sena says:

              That’s great to hear! Although the rubberband thing works well, I feel like the R button on my PSP is going to become unbalanced and die if this keeps up, haha. Thanks for introducing it to me, though. It made things a lot less long. I was literally sitting through the same scenes and dying slowly inside. This “skip to the next choice” option sounds incredible.

              It’s very tragic for sure. Besides the sleepy thing I mentioned before, one of the reasons I don’t feel the strong desire to play through it now could also be because around that time was when I was going to try and play through in a backwards order, where I play from my least favorite to my most favorite. It was a bit belatedly implemented though, because I had already played Matheus and Silvio, who were both in my top 3 so that was a bit unmotivating. Plus, this meant that I was playing Klaus next. I have nothing against him, but I don’t hold high expectations of his route so that could be another reason…

              I just need to get on it. I’m sure it’ll be great once I actually get to playing it. Matheus and Silvio’s routes were satisfying to me. Ironically, since I played both of those right after their routes in the original game, my brain is a little fuzzy on where the break is between the FD and the original, haha.

            • Yume says:

              Lool, I hope your PSP stays well!😄

              Ohh I see. Yeah I can understand how you feel about Klaus. He’s a nice character but I’ve always felt that his route loses out to the others. I’m sure you’ll enjoy playing the others though! …like Lucia and Erik’s haha. /biased

            • Sena says:

              I’m sure it’ll be fine. I was just being dramatic and letting my OCD show, haha.

              No offense to Klaus, but if they weren’t going to put a lot of effort into his route, I feel like he would’ve been better off without him. I would’ve liked him more instead of feeling like I need to play his route out of obligation. They could’ve given a route to Kurt or Dirk or something, even though Dirk was a little piece of poop in everyone’s routes.

              I’m sure I’ll enjoy the other routes as well. The characters are all so great. Alfred was probably my least favorite playable guy (after Klaus) in the first game, but he’s pretty adorable, so it’s not like I don’t like him either. I’m not super fond of Lucia’s voice, but it matches his character and he’s amusing. But yeah, Erik. I feel like I’ll like him much more in the FD now that his secret’s out…I really don’t like shota characters, but he’s an exception for obvious reasons, haha.

            • Yume says:

              I think Kurt is a nice character, but he’ll probably receive similar treatment like Klaus did. Idk, it feels as though there isn’t as much plot to them as compared to the rest. ;; As for Dirk, he mainly appears in Alfred’s route and like you said it’s the only route you see him repent – I felt kinda guilty doing Dirk’s events in the FD since Tiana is already together with Alfred there so…it was awkward lol.

              Yeah, Erik’s a delicious exception.❤

            • Sena says:

              That’s true. Maybe it’s better that Kurt didn’t have a route then, haha. I’d rather him not have a route than a junky one. It would be filled with disappointment. I didn’t know Tiana’s already with Alfred when you do his events…that is pretty awkward. Puts a damper on the whole thing because it’s like she’s cheating on him…

              Yeah, Erik. I liked his short “another story” the best.

            • Yume says:

              Yup. ><; Yes, that's exactly how I felt! So rather than see the events in a romantic manner, I made myself see them as…brother and sister-in-laws lol.

              Oh gosh I loved Erik's.❤ Then again my bias will make me go "I loved Erik's" for everything haha.

            • Sena says:

              I always find it really depressing when interesting side characters exist but no real route exists for them, or when you feel like a decent route can’t be made for them unless game companies up their quality. I’ve been finding with a lot of games that premises are interesting, but the execution is poor. There’s just so much lost potential all over.

              I wouldn’t be able to get into thinking about Dirk’s events as dates, haha. It might be easier if I did it using your mindset of the brother-in-law/sister-in-law relationship.

              Biases are alright. I think it helps you enjoy it more. I usually have biases so I feel like it would be an experience to not be particularly drawn to any one (or two) character(s). There are some characters where I do like them a lot, but they just don’t call out to me in the way that stamps them with the bias. Kent from Amnesia is one such example. He’s cute and I liked him, but I wasn’t biased towards him so I feel like I didn’t get as much enjoyment out of doing his routes as I should have. It made me feel a bit sad.

            • Yume says:

              Yeah I agree on the lost potential, especially on recent releases – which is why I’m thinking of going back to check out some older releases instead once I clear my immediate backlog. Sometimes it also feels like they’re purposely doing so, so that they may cash in on a FD if it’s received well enough.

              Don’t be sad. ^^ Biases sometimes can’t really be explained, as it just so happens that the character calls out to you. For example, I love everyone in Kami naru Kimi to but if I were asked as to who is my bias, I don’t really have an answer. Still, it remains one of my favourite otome games. As for Kent, I think many would agree that his route is cute (especially when you consider the heroine’s ordeals in the other routes)! But personally the reason why he’s my bias is 90% ‘cos of his voice…lol. Of course having an enjoyable route and personality helps but sometimes…you know, people will have difference preferences and reactions.

            • Sena says:

              That sounds like a plan. Since I came so late into this, I have more on the backlog anyway. Especially since I don’t play consistently and need to hop around with different games when I get bored, haha. If certain future releases would stop looking so good, I wouldn’t have as much of a problem holding back. I’m trying to only buy games that I heard good things about but sometimes I get impatient and then I find out later the game didn’t turn out so well. My tragic example was preordering Storm Lover 2nd. I haven’t even played Storm Lover Kai!! yet, but I was planning to sometime so at the time it seemed like a brilliant idea to preorder before it sold out and I’d have a hard time finding it. Games that I can’t find on amiami or CdJapan I tend to buy later because I have to search around for them. So I guess because Kai!! was like that, I wanted to avoid it for 2nd…that obviously turned out well.

              But yeah, I’ve been seeing so many games that didn’t come out yet that I want to get, but I really feel like I should wait and let the faster players check them out first to give me a better idea if this is the type of game for me. This is probably why I have such a hard time staying away from spoiler reviews…it’s hard to assess whether I’d like a game or not without some of that information.

              I suppose so. That’s probably one of the reasons they’re called ‘bias’ to begin with. I hope I like everyone in Kami naru Kimi to. I really think it would be great if I had a game where I truly couldn’t point out a favorite. I realize I kind of contradicted myself when I said biases make the games more fun in a way, because while that’s true, I also believe a game where I have no biases would be awesome since I like everyone and don’t have to trudge through certain routes for characters I don’t really care for.

            • Yume says:

              Yup! I can understand your sentiments. I preorder some otome games before but it’s not always a guarantee that I enjoy them so ;; Similarly, I prefer it (and definitely feel more assured) when I know that it’s a good title and then buy it. I realised that I enjoyed most of my earlier buys too as they were PSP ports from PS2, and so I bought them knowing that people enjoyed the PS2 versions.

              Yeah, it’s hard to know how it’s like without spoiling yourself! Unless you ask people you know online directly what they think about it, knowing that they’ve finished the game. And sometimes reading reviews (whether spoiler-free or not) don’t always work out since you can’t tell if you’d (not) enjoy the game for the same reasons.

              Everyone is really kind in Kami naru Kimi to! That’s probably a big reason why I loved everyone, same goes for Shinigami to Shoujo and Clock Zero. Yeah biases can work for/against you. They can motivate you to play through the game but if you’re finished with that route you…no longer have that same motivation lol.

            • Sena says:

              That’s a good way of approaching it. Maybe I should look into those more. I never really considered searching for games that were on the PS2 first and then got ported to the PSP. I’ve noticed that the majority of the ones I liked were PS2 games before. I just didn’t realize it and came across that info by chance.

              Spoiler-free reviews are somewhat helpful, but since they don’t really tell you anything, it really is hard to judge a game…I guess it’s a good thing I talk to you now so I can gauge at least a few of the games I have.

              That’s exactly it. You phrased it so much better than I did, though, haha.

            • Yume says:

              Yup! Oh, well of course there are also /those/ titles that get ported everywhere (eg. Hakuouki, Starry☆Sky) so umm just take note yup…;;

              Haha I’m glad to talk to you too! Always nice to have a good chat😀

            • Sena says:

              Yeah, and they’re porting Hakuouki and Amnesia to the Vita too. I don’t know how I feel about that, haha.

              Yup yup, good chats we do have. If I had the energy, dedication, and faith in my Japanese ability, I would totally start up my own gaming blog, but I don’t really have any of those things so I won’t. At least not now.

            • Yume says:

              Yup! They just announced that Diabolik Lovers is going to get ported to Vita too. I guess Otomate is testing the Vita waters with their most popular titles.

              Haha, it’s alright to just continue enjoying gaming (for now). (: Sometimes you can enjoy it more without having to worry about writing the reviews later.

            • Sena says:

              That makes sense. I hope they don’t jump to the Vita just yet though. I only just bought my PSP. Although I suppose there’s so many games on the backlog that it doesn’t matter if they ported to the Vita. I’d still have a lot of PSP games to buy and play.

              Diabolik Lovers….I know they just released the first episode of the anime a few days ago. It’s been getting a lot of negative attention. Considering the game, I don’t know how the anime will turn out, but that game was on my list of games I probably wouldn’t play. Reading the detailed review that Ilinox wrote was enough for me, haha.

              I do enjoy the gaming on its own. I’ve always been a person who likes telling people about things (like me probably boring my poor friends to death with my adventures in the otome world) and sometimes when I’m playing and some event happens, I get this strange urge to write down my reactions. So I don’t know. I think I’m just a little strange like that. Even now, while I work on the games I’m currently playing, sometimes I write down things I plan on talking to you about after since you already played them, haha.

            • Yume says:

              Yup, there’s still a lot of upcoming releases meant for PSP! Well, Otomate isn’t the first company to be porting to Vita – for example, Koei has too yet their upcoming Geten no Hana FD is still for PSP hmm.

              Yeah I’m one of those who won’t play Diabolik Lovers too. Not that I have anything against it, it’s simply not my cup of tea. ;;

              Awww it’s not strange. I understand that urge to want to share your thoughts with someone! Sometimes I end up explaining everything that happens to my friend, since she didn’t play it lol. orz

            • Sena says:

              That’s interesting. So they changed consoles between the original game and FD? That would really irk me if I were following the series, haha.

              That’s how I feel too. It just didn’t sound like something I’d enjoy. I’m glad I got to read about it so I knew what it was and was able to settle my curiosity, but other than that it just has a lot of messed up stuff in it. Which is okay, it just seemed like it was messed up for the sake of it rather than having any real meaning to it.

              I suppose it’s not a bad thing. Not just for games, but I always share things I get into with my friends. I think they’re used to it by now. Sometimes I get them to watch it if it’s an anime or drama or read it if it’s a story, etc. So it’s not like it’s something new. I guess the only difference is that I don’t see any of them getting into otome gaming, so perhaps that’s what changes things.

            • Yume says:

              Oh no no.😄 Both Geten no Hana and its FD are for PSP. But I believe their successful HaruToki/Corda games have been ported to Vita…I think.

              That’s right, it doesn’t just applies to games. ^^ It is harder to get new people into otome gaming though as you said, due to several reasons.

            • Yume says:

              Ahaha I see.😄 Hmm I first knew about otome games quite a while back (Corda, Heart no Kuni no Alice) but couldn’t play since I didn’t know Japanese back then. Then some time later I started learning the language. And my friend (aka the co-author of this blog) told me about Starry☆Sky which had both our favourite voice actors in it, so I guess you can say she got me into otome gaming. Or maybe we both got each other into it ‘cos it was her first encounter with it too, and we both played our first few otome games together.😄

            • Sena says:

              It’s nice that you were able to get into it together. A friend and I got into Tokimemo on the DS around the same time because one of our Japanese senseis let us borrow it. She said it was fun and good practice xD. I love that sensei. If it wasn’t so hard to go visit my Japanese senseis, I’d go visit most of them. There are three that I really like. Then I’d have to work myself back into speaking Japanese, though. I haven’t spoken it in ages…it would be so embarrassing to go visit them and then have a hard time speaking to them in Japanese when I was a pretty decent student in their classes, haha.

              That friend I mentioned earlier doesn’t really play any otome games, but she’s watched a few anime adaptations of a few so I can generally talk to her about it once and a while. It’s not really the same though. A different friend of mine plays otome games sometimes, but she’s into games in general so ironically a lot of the games I feel are popular in the otome game community she hasn’t played yet. She’s in Japan right now too. I’m so jealous.

            • Yume says:

              Ohh that’s so neat! I really enjoyed my Japanese classes myself thanks to the teachers. The class hours were demanding but fun! I can understand what you mean about speaking Japanese. Right now it’s probably my weakest aspect since I don’t practice it as much as say reading or listening. ^^;

              Ohh wow I’m sure your friend in Japan must be getting a good practice of Japanese now. Hope she’s doing well though, you know, with the wonky weather nowadays.

            • Sena says:

              I was always better at reading/writing over speaking/listening. I’m not very good with thinking of things on the spot in general, so doing so in Japanese was ever harder for me. It was interesting because I recall this one time we needed to watch a movie in Japanese and had a few assignments related to that movie. We were allowed to watch the movie with Japanese subtitles (but obviously not English ones). It was funny because since I was more reading-oriented, I was reading the subtitles and another of my friends who preferred speaking/listening to reading/writing was kind of ignoring the subtitles in favor of listening to the characters speak. It worked out pretty well overall since we could compare what we understood. It’s unfortunate though because I’m still not exceptionally proficient with speaking and listening, which you need to get by in Japan possibly more than reading and writing.

              She seems like she’s having fun. Last time she went to Japan was when I was there studying so it was nice because we met up for one day. Luckily for her too, she had a good relationship with her host family. I didn’t have the best relationship with mine so I feel pretty sad about that. I wonder if I should visit them the next time I go to Japan or not…

            • Yume says:

              That’s interesting.😄 But yeah if you want to be better at conversations, speaking and listening are the more important ones. Still, reading/writing can be important to when you want to check out important information haha.

              That’s good to hear! I never really had that sort of experience so I don’t really know what to suggest. ;;

            • Sena says:

              The sad thing is that I’m not exceptionally good at reading or writing either, I’m just better at it than speaking and listening. I almost feel like because I’m better at them that I don’t practice them as much as I could. Although right now, I’m not really practicing anything beyond using what I know in otome games, haha. It’s not to discredit myself because when I actually was going to school and learning, I always tried my best in everything, but I guess because when I was still learning it in school, there was a flag in my mind that I knew I was worse at speaking and listening so I needed to try harder. I didn’t get that feeling as much with writing and reading because it was easier to get over the obstacles for those I suppose.

              No worries. It was just something I was thinking about recently. Out of all my friends who studied abroad, I was the only one who didn’t have a good relationship with my host family. Some of them just had normal relationships but the majority vastly had a super close relationship so I just felt like something must’ve been bad on my end, like I wasn’t as open-minded as I wanted to be or I was lacking something. I guess I shouldn’t think about it too much right now since going to Japan isn’t something that’s going to happen any time soon.

            • Yume says:

              Ahh well, we’re always learning. ^^ It’s not the end even if we’ve stopped taking classes in school, and we’re continuing with it ‘cos we enjoy it, no matter how little it may be.

            • Sena says:

              I just realized I never replied to this in ages xD

              I actually had a pretty depressing experience recently where these two Japanese girls approached me at a bus stop asking how to get to a certain place. I could tell they were Japanese because their map was in Japanese, but I’m bad at directions and maps and stuff like that and I never heard of the place they wanted to go to. I felt kind of bad since I couldn’t help them. And then I was planning on making so small talk in Japanese, and they asked the typical 日本語が話せますか question and I just froze. I understood them, but I just couldn’t form things in my head in Japanese. It was a rude awakening by just how much I couldn’t produce anymore. I was so depressed after that.

            • Yume says:

              Don’t be depressed! Back then I could hardly reply in full sentences too. I knew what I wanted to reply in my head but couldn’t form the sentences. With more practice though it got better so /o\

            • Sena says:

              That was like…2 weeks ago though, so it was really recent. That just really drove home how much it makes a difference to not really speak it. I mean, my listening and reading is still being put to use from anime and otome games, but speaking is harder to practice because I have no one to practice with nor any real reason to speak the language. This is another reason why I need to get back to Japan, haha.

            • Yume says:

              Going back to Japan is like an expensive practice session though haha. Though I do understand that speaking is a different dimension from the rest.

            • Sena says:

              This is true. It’s not like I’d be going to Japan just to practice my speaking, though. I can think of a lot of things I could do there, haha. Although it’s definitely a plus that I’d be able to utilize the speaking more…because I’d really have to.

            • Sena says:

              As an add-on to that last comment completely not related to this post at all, I’m actually going to Japan in January for a nice long vacation. So I guess I better brush up on that speaking I was lamenting about earlier =P

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