Koisentai Love & Peace review (spoiler)


Hey guys, i’m back!

I finally completed Koisentai Love and Peace which I have been playing for a very long time because of a long hiatus.

In actual fact, the length of the game is average. Not too long, not too short. You can skip through the fighting scenes which I did for the last few character routes. I got really impatient by then lol.

I’m not going into details of each character route but just a summary of each and an overall review of the game.

I have to apologise before you continue reading though. Due to playing over a long period of time and a hiatus, I kind of forgot what happened in some of the character routes so some information might be wrong or missing. Please correct me if there’s anything.

All pictures are from the official website. I’m not able to save the CGs in the game unfortunately =__=.


You play as Seigi Aiko (Justice and Love lol). She was approached by 3X, the enemy of the Heart Rangers, when she was out trying to look for a job. In the middle of a battle, they discover that she has a extraordinarily huge source of ‘heart power’, which both sides are interested in using it to their benefit. The heart rangers won the fight and took her to their HQ called J Guardians. The commander of J Guardians, Prof. Chidori is aware that she is unemployed so he hired her under the guise of an office lady while actually working in an organisation that fights crime lol. J Guardians’s arch enemy is the X organisation which consists of the 3X team (Dark, Je t’aime, Wolf), Zeta, X minions and the boss Mr. X. There, she can choose 3 options: Become Heart Pink ranger, support Zero, or become the Prof. Chidori’s assistant.

In the process of being Heart Pink, Aiko is assigned to a ranger as her mentor and the couple is encouraged to grow their ‘love’ because her heart energy can resonate and become super powerful if the couple are in love with each other.

So the whole story originates years ago when the world was hacked up by evil super beings and a superhero named “Superboy” was badly injured in the result of saving the world. Chidori, the genius scientist, saved him and they became the pioneers of J Guardians. Superboy aka Kuraku Kento, is actually a martian and is now a scientist and advisor in the HQ and to Aiko. The third person to join in is Aoyama Reiji, Chidori’s friend and also Heart Blue.

10 years prior to the present, powerful source called Zero energy appeared on Earth and Chidori decided to contained it in Zero, an android he and Kuraku created. Zero is like a son/younger brother to both of them. They know the destructive powers of Zero but by teaching him in a positive environment, they might be able to control and make good use of it.

After the creation of JG, they formed the Heart Rangers and other heroes to fight crime and X organisation, which seem to want to bring destruction to the world. However, the truth is not like that. Mr. X and Zeta comes from an apocalyptic future and the outcome of this future is caused by Zero energy that exploded and destroyed almost everything. So the true intentions of X is actually to revert their future by destroying Zero.

The identity of Mr.X was kept a mystery until Chidori’s route where he is revealed to be James, the second assistant of Chidori from England. LOL I knew it right from the start.

So there are 3 ends to each character: Love End, Hope End and Lost End.



Akagi Fuuta (cv: Hoshi Souichirou)
Heart Red, leader of the heart rangers.
He’s the typical cheerful, lively, hot-blooded type of hero, who strongly believes in justice and saving everyone when he can. But he’s a clueless dumbass and doesn’t pick up subtle things that is obvious to everyone in the HQ. He frequently shouts and yells and get all fired up about small trivial matters which irritates the others.

He loves karaoke and sings anisongs. He’s also the one who came up with the idea of saying their transformation lines. Ya, so he’s like the all brawl but no brains type.

He has a thing for Aiko in all the Rangers’ character routes but doesn’t progress any further as he was afraid of hurting their relationship and his buddies. In his route, his main enemy is Dark, the leader of 3X. Dark also is in love with Aiko, probably becos of the effects of her heart energy. So the story is mostly about them facing off each other and Fuuta trying to win her over Dark. They eventually win and overthrew the evil X organisation.

In the Love End After Story, they found a random egg on an island and it turned out to be a dinosaur egg. The cute brontosaurus hatched and the couple decided to keep it as a pet. lol i don’t know what’s with this ending but it left me thinking WTF.
I did not bother getting his other 2 ends. Not that I hate him but I got tired to playing and wanted to move on the another game lol.

Aoyama and Je t'aime

Aoyama and Je t’aime

Aoyama Reiji (cv: Toriumi Kousuke)
Heart Blue.
He is the computer geek/technician who helps Chidori with operations. Serious, matter-of-factly, ‘let’s get down to business’ kinda guy. He seems unapproachable and is always at the computer doing work.

His main enemy is Je t’aime (LOL), a vampire. He manipulates and controls people at will by just looking into their eyes. This happens a few times with Aiko and the rangers had to do some rescuing early in the game. He wants to capture Aiko and become his vampire bride. But Reiji invents and gives her a ring, not to profess his love but to protect her againist the vampire’s mind attacks. It nullifies it and Aiko is able to pretend to be under Je t’aime’s control to infiltrate the X HQ. So because of that, J Guardians win.

Love end: Reiji and Aiko go on a holiday date to Italy/France (i can’t rmb which) where they had some romantic moments. Not that exciting.

Lost End: The rangers lost and the X organisation overthrows the world so everything became like an apocalyptic world. Reiji and Aiko are the only ones alive and they are apparently always running away from X.

I tried to get the Hope end but i can’t seem to get it after many tries so i just gave up and moved on lol.

Kouhei and Kamiya

Kouhei and Kamiya

Sarutobi Kouhei (cv: Miyata Kouki)
Heart Yellow.
A pretty cheerful person and a peacemaker within the team. He owns a bar and his special skill is making curry LOL. His curry is like super famous within the organisation.

He is a legit ninja (LOLWTF) and left his village. He has an issue with the village’s traditional mindset where he doesn’t have any freedom and cannot marry an outsider, only someone within the village. Because he is a ninja, his ranger moves fast as lightning and weapons depend on kunais and shurikens.

His main enemy is Wolf, this cute guy who acts more like a puppy than anything lol. In this route, Wolf is actually not much of a threat but more of a help to the rangers. He was given a special drug to increase his powers but it had side effects that caused him to nearly die during battle. So Wolf is kinda skeptical about his boss’s motives and is not very cooperative after that. He decides to warn Aiko about X’s future attack since he is attracted to her smell, meaning he likes her too. He wishes to be with her but Kouhei was like “No get away dude! She’s mine!”

Love End: they once again go on a holiday date.
Hope end: During a final showdown with Mr.X, Kouhei was unable to protect Aiko and Zero was the one to save her. He felt guilty after that promises to grow stronger to protect her.
Lost End: Rangers lost and the couple go into hiding after the whole world has been overtaken.


Kuromine Shigeru (cv: Nakai Kazuya)
Heart Black.
The sleazy and dirty-minded sunglasses guy who frequently turns up late in battles and refuses to say his transformation line. He LOVES his harley davidson bike to death lol.

He is actually an illegitimate heir to a huge banking corp but left his family as he hated his father and took on his mother’s surname instead. He lives in a small apartment despite coming from a rich family as he inherited nothing and doesn’t need to. From time to time though, he secretly goes out and assumes his socialite role for events held by his friends.

He was suspected as a spy in J Guardians as he seemed to be helping Zeta and X as he knows secrets about Zero which they are actually targetting at. But actually, he was trying to be a double agent to track down the actual spy (James) in the HQ. So all his lateness in battles and always MIA in the HQ is because he was doing his job as a double agent to save JG.

Love end: Aiko was invited to a socialite party to accompany Kuromine.
Hope end: Both couple end up together and open display their affections, much to the team’s dismay.
Lost end: After spending a night, he leaves Aiko in the hotel and disappears lol.

Kuraku and Zero

Kuraku and Zero

Zero (cv: Eguchi Takuya)
The android.
He’s a robot and doesn’t understand alot of things so if you choose him, you’ll be appointed to helped him understand worldly things and human emotions. He grows attached to Aiko and eventually develops a feeling similar to love and it’s a big accomplishment since robots aren’t supposed to feel anything. But because you know, it’s a game anything can happen.

Love end: They save the day and promise to stay together.
Hope end: They save the day but Zero had to be rebooted because of the damage. If not he will ‘die’. So he lost all his memories and starts from square one with Aiko.
Lost end: The mission failed and Zero gets severely broken and dies.


Chidori Hiroshi (cv: Fujiwara Keiji)
Founder of JG
He seems like a lazy bum and is a very laid back person but he is serious about his work and cares for his team. He is obsessive in his experiments where he goes on all-nighters for days and sleeps under the desk or where ever lol.

He goes under the guise of Sherlock but he insisted that Sherlock is another person and a friend of his. Everybody knows this fact except for dumbass Fuuta. He travels around the world to solve mysteries requested by various clients. So Aiko works 2 jobs as Watson, Sherlock’s assistant but technically she’s still Chidori’s assistant.

You’ll find that everyone highly respects him even though he looks like some lazy homeless geezer. He earned my respect as well and is my fav in the game (ok due to my bias Fujiwara as well).

Love end: They are openly a couple and are off to solve another mystery. Chidori prepares a new set of clothes for Watson/Aiko and tells her to change in his room lolwth.
Hope end: They are not a couple but Aiko continues to be his assistant.
Lost end: In the last battle, JG is destroyed but the two of them survive.

Sub chara:

Kuraku Kento
A martian who goes under the name “Superboy” in hero mode. He acts like an advisor and ‘daddy’ in the team.

Kamiya Momoko
He is a crossdresser and an ex-Heart pink. Because he was found out to be a guy, he had to quit being Heart pink and become a solo instead which he appears as “Butterfly Kamen”.

Play order

I recommend playing in the order of how the characters are listed in the official website, meaning:

1) Akagi Fuuta
2) Aoyama Reiji
3) Sarutobi Kouhei
4) Kuromine Shigeru
5) Zero
6) Chidori Hiroshi

This way, the story and truth about the whole rangers and fighting thing unfolds naturally.


Now, the game isn’t fully voiced which sucks cos the script is pretty wacky and lively. It would be a much better game if it was. All they do were just “EH?” “NANI?” “NO THAT’S JUST…!” and all that crap and you are forced to read every damn thing. The only time they say their full lines were during the important scenes and some romantic scenes. You’d expect it to be full voiced when they ported it to PSP but NOOO~. Stingy bastards!

I noticed the background art is also reused in other mobile games. Considering this is originally a mobile game, they wouldn’t have much money i guess.

Other than that big disadvantage, I think it was a fun game. Light-hearted and wacky. I mean it’s a Power Ranger otome game man! How cool is that?! lol The game is told in a tv series kinda way. There will be CMs in the middle of an episode where each character promotes a certain product. Eg. Kuromine and Harley Davidson, Kamiya and ladies perfume (LOL), Kouhei and ready-made curry set. LOL it’s
pretty hilarious. There is also a narrator who is mostly full voiced too. The funny part about the narrator is that he even has the ability to scold the heroine for doing nothing in her situation and the characters even reacted to the narrator lolol. They even have short transformation’animations’. I found that pretty lame but funny lol.

In the special section, there’s a shop where you can use points to buy extra voice clips from all characters including the villians, and conceptual sketches of the game (woot!). These points are earned from the fighting sequences during the game. It’s like a mini-game where you have to press the buttons indicated in a very short amount of time.

The general plot is interesting but very predictable. The romance is also very typical otoge/shoujo-ish, so it’s pretty average to me. It didn’t make me go OMGGG *BLUSH*!! at all. The hilarious moments were the only things that made it interesting.

I’d recommend it if you want a break from serious games and laugh at the ridiculousness of the whole game concept. But I think it’s a game where even if you don’t play, it doesn’t matter.

2 thoughts on “Koisentai Love & Peace review (spoiler)

  1. yaoidaisuki says:

    Toriumi Kousuke and Fujiwara Keiji *–*
    Isn’t fully voiced? That really sucks!! =/
    I’ll try playing it!! =D
    Thanks for this!!!


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