Getsuei no Kusari, NORN9

2013-06-10 14.26.08

My order of Getsuei no Kusari and NORN9 Limited Edition actually arrived two weeks ago but I’m only posting this now…lol. I even started playing NORN9. Anyway! Getsuei no Kusari just came by itself and below I’ll briefly touch on NORN9’s contents.

It comes with the game, limited edition drama CD, and booklet. As a preorder, I also got the preorder drama CD and the portrait tokuten from NeoWing. The booklet contains game illustrations, character profiles, background images, roughs, short story, creator comments etc. So I already expected half of the pages to be greyscale (based on Jyuuzaengi’s LE booklet) – luckily for this it was mainly the text,  roughs and part of the background images.


There was a cute section where they shuffled the couples up and showed why none of them would work out, as well as a horoscope section with Sakuya’s (slightly biased) descriptions lol – nice to note that each of the 12 characters are each of the 12 signs. And yeah, that’s it for this post! As mentioned, I already started on NORN9 so I’ll see later how I can arrange my posts since there are 9 routes in all. ;;


8 thoughts on “Getsuei no Kusari, NORN9

  1. lenaleemelodee says:

    I’ve been aniticpating Getsuei no Kusari but once I started playing the game myinitial reaction was :WHUT LANGUAGE IS DAT THING. Despite awesome art, music, presumably scenario, I get only like 60% of everything’s that written there. Reminds me how much I need to learn more Japanese.
    As for Norn 0, my package also arrived yesterday (I did a post as well). I order it from Animate. What site you ordered your copy from? Are youi going to post info about all the routes?


    • Yume says:

      LOL I remember reading the seiyuu comments and quite a few of them remarked about the language so… :’D Well, I’ll definitely be having my dictionary app with me when I play.

      Ohh cool! I ordered mine from CDJapan, it’s the site I usually frequent. ^^ Yup I probably will! I’m on my second route already. It’s just that I don’t want to spam 9 posts for all 9 guys and will probably compile them by heroine. (:


  2. kurorisa says:

    glad you got those two! good luck with them! specially getsuei no kusari. I heard it has many MANY stuffs that’s hard for me to understand aka hardcore kanji XD really want to read a detailed review of it.


    • Yume says:

      Thanks! Yup, I’ve heard a lot about its language lol. I did just play a BL game set in Taisho with harder language so hopefully that’ll help prep me? XD

      I’m not sure if I’ll do a detailed review – if it’s a really long game like Shinigami to Shoujo I may give up on a detailed review lol.


      • kurorisa says:

        simple is ok then XD as long as I understand pretty much what happens. language barrier is one of the reason I don’t play this game orz. japanese past eras games are hard 😐


        • Yume says:

          Haha, I’ll see how it is when I start on the game. Yeah, I can understand the language difficulty. It was a reason why I avoided those games up till last year. ;;


  3. yaoidaisuki says:

    Cool!! =D
    I never bought a Psp game before, they’re so expensive >.<
    But the price worth, doesn't it?
    Can't wait to play this game!! *^*


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