NORN9: Heishi, Akito, Ron


Next, the three guy’s routes for Nanami (CV: Seto Asami). Raised in a family of ninjas, she’s nimble and carries a pair of kunai with her. Nanami is also sensitive to other people’s emotions, however she is poor at expressing herself. When she was young, she was told that her power can erase other people’s sadness and pain and she would use her power as ordered to – to erase people’s memories. But Nanami detests her own ability, and in fact admires Mikoto’s. She, Heishi and Itsuki are often together. Both Nanami and Heishi cannot cook at all, so Akito often has to keep them at bay. You may wanna read Senri’s route first for a basic outline, including common events.

Otomaru Heishi (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki)

Energetic and friendly, Heishi can be considered the mood maker of the team. He is often seen smiling and even if something upsetting happens, he is quick to switch gears. He possesses telepathy and when his emotions run high, he has a tendency to ‘leak’ out his thoughts to other people. Even if it isn’t in words, his feelings more or less pour out so he can hardly hide anything from the rest. Besides being able to ‘talk’ to many people at once, he’s also able to sense the basic emotions from other people. As such, Nanami and the rest often trust Heishi when he’s judging on whether a person is good or not. (Though Nanami suspects that perhaps his standard of “good” is a bit lower than others. ) Even for Nanami who has often been told that no one can tell what she’s thinking, Heishi is more often than not able to sense her moods. Nanami feels comfortable by his side though recently she’s started to feel a bit flustered around him too. As mentioned, they are often together with Itsuki and are playing another round of cards throughout the night – with Heishi constantly losing since his expressions often give himself away. As Koharu and Mikoto help a sleepy Nanami back to her room, she hears them commenting on how close the three of them are as friends. To her though, she is unsure if that’s really the case as they just happen to be together. Later that morning, Heishi goes to wake Nanami up and Mikoto tells him off for intruding into a girl’s room. Nanami doesn’t think that Heishi sees her as a girl though, but more like an animal as shown by how he ruffled her hair like one when he went to wake her up. Not that Nanami is bothered by this though, as she finds it fun to be with Heishi and that’s something she never felt before.

That day, her team is in-charge of cooking though Akito tells the both of them to stay away from the kitchen. He also gives Heishi some cookies he baked. While Nanami is surprised at this, Itsuki remarks that it’s like giving food to a hungry dog standing before you lol. He’s paired up with Mikoto, so Nanami advises him to go join her. When Heishi returns, he appears to have forgotten about the pairing and Nanami can only think that he’s lacking a sense of danger. As Heishi tries to find something fun to pass time, Nanami wonders if being just with her is boring – unlike when Itsuki is with them. Heishi notes that she seems down, and she reassures him that she’s alright as long as he’s happy – though she isn’t sure why. While Nanami is unable to pinpoint this feeling, they spot Koharu in a distance. It turns out that Kakeru saw Senri cursing him, so in return Kakeru started growing plants all over Senri’s room. Masamune went over to stop them and told Koharu to stay away for her own safety. Heishi encourages her to go help out too though – though with Koharu helping Masamune, he decides to help Kakeru and catches butterflies to release in the room. It’s only when Kakeru ‘accidentally’ has a flower grow on Masamune’s head does he stop. Seeing Heishi having fun with Kakeru, Nanami wonders if it’s more fun than being with her since she’s a boring person. Hearing this, Koharu asks if there’s a reason she thinks so. Both of them seem to have the same feeling though – wanting to do something in return for the other person.

Back in the kitchen area, Heishi observes how Koharu and Nanami are similar. They’re not used to people treating them kindly, though Nanami thinks that it’s a bit different. Heishi then comes up with the idea of everyone playing a test of courage for fun. Nanami thinks that it’s too dangerous with a betrayer among them though, and gives the example of her being one. Heishi is pretty insistent since he can sense people’s emotions, and questions if she wants him to suspect her even though he trusts her the most. Even if he does suspect her, his feelings would be conveyed to her and he knows that she’ll be sad. That’s why he’s unable to do so, and would prefer to be deceived instead. This surprises Nanami, who all along had thought of Heishi as having no sense of danger. She feels his anger for the very first time then and tries to come up with the right apology. Heishi quickly tells her to forget it though, and Akito spots them and chases them away. Feeling bad over this, Nanami goes to consult Itsuki and Mikoto. Mikoto still seems to be annoyed over Heishi walking into her changing clothes earlier on though. Heishi interrupts them though so before leaving, Itsuki advices Nanami properly convey what she wants to Heishi until he gets it. As she tries to form her words, Nanami ends up asking if Heishi won’t pat her head again today. Though it wasn’t what she’d intended, Heishi feels relieved to see that she doesn’t hate him and gladly does so. That night, Nanami and Mikoto have a short talk as Mikoto appears frustrated by Itsuki’s seemingly flippant attitude. She remarks how he’s always smiling and never seems to have any moments when he’s sad or in pain. Nanami isn’t sure either. Though she knows that it’s impossible for people to always be happy – she has never seen otherwise for both Heishi and Itsuki.

The next day, Kakeru wants to hold an event for everyone and Heishi jumps at this chance to suggest a test of courage. While some people see no meaning in it, Kakeru manages to frighten the likes of Mikoto, Akito and Senri with a ghost tale. Also for anyone not joining in, they’ll have to eat Heishi and Nanami’s food for a week lol. So at the end, it’s decided that Kakeru, Heishi, Nanami, Sorata and all the Hiyoko will do the preparations. During this period, Nanami continues to find her chance to apologise. If Heishi really threw away all sense of danger or suspicion so as not to let it be conveyed to the other person and would rather be deceived, in a sense he’s kinder and stronger than anyone else. But she’s afraid of saying the wrong words in case she angers him, especially so since he’s the first person she’s met who doesn’t want to make use of her, unlike the people she met in the past. Sensing that she’s bothered by something, Heishi brings her up to the rooftop where the flowers are blooming. He wonders why there are times when you can’t properly convey your feelings, something which Nanami didn’t expect him to experience before. Apparently when he was a kid, he hardly relied on words as he immediately knew how other people felt and would often act quite selfish. He remained like this as he grew up, and eventually was abandoned by his parents. He doesn’t blame them though, and knows that if weren’t for that he’ll probably still be the same. Heishi was then taken in by a performing troupe and he picked up the flute so as to earn his keep with them.

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0025

As Heishi takes out his flute to blow a tune, he also explains that he has a habit of blowing it whenever his emotions run high, and also to hopefully convey his feelings. Feeling encouraged, Nanami tries once again to urge Heishi to be more wary since there’s a betrayer on this ship. Heishi realises that she’s worrying for her and thanks her. He apologises too as he has always been suppressing himself from getting angry or sad. However, Nanami wants him to say those things to her, and she’ll hate it more if he doesn’t tell her why he’s angry or sad instead. She realises that this was what Mikoto was probably feeling. Heishi thanks her again as he gets what she’s trying to say, and starts playing the flute again. Itsuki finds both of them and notes that Nanami looks better now. While Heishi remarks that he won’t play for Itsuki, he gladly agrees when Nanami asks to play for her next time. Nanami breaks into a smile, and Heishi reddens at this and tries to suppress his inner thoughts from ‘leaking’. On another day, Nanami and Heishi try to help Mikoto and Itsuki out. As Heishi attempts to explain what the feeling of “like” Itsuki probably has towards Mikoto, he takes Nanami’s hand and uses his telepathy. Nanami is overwhelmed by the mix of emotions pouring inside of her and wonders how people can live with such emotions. As she asks what one can do to feel better, Heishi replies that it’s probably by becoming lovers or getting married. While Nanami thinks that Mikoto and Itsuki make a nice couple, it’ll probably only hurt when they have to part ways when the World orders them to different countries.

On the day of the test of courage, the rest of them are split into groups of two and should proceed accordingly one team at a time. Kakeru and the rest stand by and we learn that Sorata helped with most of the effects thanks to his scientific knowledge. As Mikoto and Itsuki are a team, Nanami and Heishi do their best to scare Mikoto so that the couple get a chance to get a closer. Heishi tells Nanami that both he and Itsuki have the same dream – to have a family with the woman they love. It’s an ordinary dream, but Heishi is willing to work as much as he needs to for his important one. But for a power user to wish for an ordinary happiness, perhaps it’s not so possible. Still, Nanami sees that he’s strong enough to still continue hoping while on the other hand, she is unsure of her own dream. After the test of courage is over, everyone heads back to their own rooms and Kakeru advises everyone not to wander around as they’ll leaving the clearing up to tomorrow. But back in her room, the more Nanami thinks over it the more she realises that she likes Heishi. She dashes outside in an attempt to calm herself down, only to bump into Heishi. Overwhelmed by feelings, they race each other to the rooftop and looking back Nanami sees that they were both too caught up in each other to realise what was to happen later.

On the rooftop, Heishi asks Nanami to see the same dream as him and remarks that the feelings from this afternoon were directed towards Nanami. As Heishi confesses to her, Nanami agrees to help fulfill his dream. But just then, Heishi senses someone and is knocked unconscious. Ron and another man shows up before Nanami and it turns out that they’d planned to meet here. The man recognises Nanami as the daughter of the family who tried to use her powers and revitalise its landowner position. Nanami had thought that the betrayer was someone else but it turns out to be Ron instead. As the man draws his gun (Nanami doesn’t recognise a “gun” though), Ron remarks that just like how he wants the girl who can control forcefields, he wants Nanami. When Nanami tries to use her powers, Ron stops her and they both notice that she needs direct contact with the person before she can use it. So the man asks her to erase Heishi’s memories of what happened on the rooftop, in order to see her power for himself. Unable to resist in any other way, Nanami can only do as told. She sees herself as undeserving of loving someone, as she just robbed him of his important memories. She sees this as her punishment for all that she has done before and cries.

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0031

The next day, Heishi struggles to recall what happened after he bumped into Nanami last night. When Kakeru and the rest suggest him asking Nanami directly, he tells them that Nanami has been avoiding him and he worries over whether he did something to anger her. On the other hand, Nanami worries over who she should tell about Ron’s true identity. Akito approaches her as he guesses that she erased Heishi’s memories, and warns her not to do anything further. The same events leading up to everyone having the same dream occurs. As Red Riding-hood, Nanami picks up a basket filled with Heishi’s favourite cookies, as well as a map. Before Nanami heads out, Mikoto approaches her as she appears worried for her and Heishi. She thinks that even if you’re separated, at least the happy memories you had together can support you. After Mikoto leaves, Nanami tells herself that though she can no longer reverse her actions it isn’t over yet. She goes to find Heishi to apologise and just then Akito calls out to her. After he confirms her intentions towards Heishi, he then clarifies that Itsuki and Heishi combined their powers to create this dream – Itsuki only has the power to see a certain dream, and Heishi is the one transmitting it to everyone. It’s an experiment to see if it works or not, and if the World orders them to they could very well be forced to use it to brainwash people. And what if Nanami and Heishi combine their powers? As much as Nanami detests her own power, it’s something many countries desire. Hearing this, Nanami wonders how she’ll react if she’s ordered to do so – she’ll probably obey.

Just then, Akito is shot by Ron. Though Nanami knows that this is a dream, she’s shocked by the blood flowing out. When Ron offers to bring her to Heishi, as according to the fairytale, Nanami refuses not knowing what he’ll do. If he desires her power, she’d rather be stuck in the dream forever. But then Ron reveals that he has no important one, so he can actually leave the dream any time and kill everyone in their sleep. Ron tells her that she has no choice but to use her power, if she’s being ordered by the World to do so. She’s a coward, it’s like when she did to Heishi. She’s afraid to hurt others for her own sake – but she can erase their memories in order to remove that fear. While Nanami denies this, Ron says that his initial goal was to kill everyone. But things have changed and he has to get off now – but he can still kill everyone and he asks Nanami to come with him if she doesn’t want that. Nanami continues to refuse and just then Heishi comes over as he sensed Nanami’s emotions and Akito’s presence gone. Heishi disconnects Akito from the dream and says that he won’t forgive Ron. Ron merely laughs and disappears from the dream, as time is up since Akito has woken up already. He tells Heishi that Nanami is scared of him, rather than himself. Nanami quickly tells Heishi to let everyone wake up as Ron is the betrayer and needs to be caught. Alarmed, he quickly does so and tells everyone about the matter. But as they search the ship, they find no signs of Ron. As they stop their search for the night, Nanami and Heishi come to the rooftop.

Nanami confirms with Heishi that he combined his powers with Itsuki. She goes on to explain the implications of what Ron told her earlier on. Heishi insists that he won’t do such deeds even if ordered by the World though, but Nanami doesn’t want that for him since he still has his dream to fulfill. She also has no confidence of resisting, moreover she has already erased his memories. Nanami doesn’t think that such a cruel person like her should still be by his side. In response, Heishi hugs her tightly as he can no longer leave her. When Nanami goes on to say that she thinks nothing of him and that fellow power users can’t possibly be happy together, Heishi kisses her. He confesses his feelings for her, saying that she accepted all of him – even his negative feelings. While Nanami learnt that it was important to properly convey your feelings, she also knows that lying can protect him too. She thinks that she can still do so since his memories from that night have been erased. Nanami tells Heishi that she no longer wants to be with him, and that she’ll hate being with someone who further emphasises her powers. She pulls away from a hurt-looking Heishi, and runs back to her room. The next day, a meeting is held though Heishi is clearly mad and leaves the room when Nanami apologises for not saying anything.

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0033

Following that, the distance between Nanami and Heishi grew. Mikoto and Koharu often accompany Nanami instead, and on that day they head to the dining area. Something has cropped up with the air conditioning and only that place’s air conditioning is still working. On the way there though, they spot some of the guys swimming in the waters – wearing swimming wear which Sorata had the Hiyoko make lol. Feeling annoyed by Heishi’s harsh words, Mikoto hits him before leaving with the other girls – and even sets up a barrier to prevent any of them from coming in lol. As they try to cheer Nanami up by baking some cookies, a blackout occurs. Masamune uses Heishi’s ability to tell them that it’s ‘cos the ship has entered a cumulonimbus cloud and they’re working on getting the electricity back up asap. Heishi approaches the shut door asks to speak to Nanami only just for a bit through his telepathy. Even though Kakeru mentioned that it was good that no one was hurt, he doesn’t think so as Nanami had to go through such a scary experience. He can’t forgive Ron, or himself for not noticing anything. He apologises for not being able to protect her. Though he was a bit surprised by the fact that she erased his memories, that’s all. He still likes her after all. While they may have to separate ways upon reaching their destination, he doesn’t think that he can be away from her. Nanami recalls Mikoto’s words, and doesn’t think she can live on happy memories alone.

The electricity comes back on and as the door opens, Heishi asks Nanami if she’ll see the same dream as him. Nanami is surprised as it’s the exact same words from that night. Heishi promises to make her happy and to protect her. He asks her to escape with him but Nanami doesn’t want him to oppose the World and wants him to choose someone else. Heishi insists that there isn’t anyone else, and that he’s fully confident of rejecting Mikoto if she jumps at him naked – earning him a punch from both Mikoto and Itsuki lol. After that, the four of them discuss in private. Mikoto supports them but Itsuki is worried as to whether they can truly escape. He hints that using Nanami’s power is the best way, but Heishi is insistent that she doesn’t. Later, Heishi tries to discuss their escape plan with Nanami in private as the day after tomorrow is the last time the ship is landing in town so it’s their last chance. Nanami still wants to think over things, especially since both Mikoto and Itsuki will help them out. Heishi admits that he knows what Itsuki is getting at in his head, but he can’t accept it. He doesn’t want to let her go through that experience again of having to use her power, and asks Nanami to believe in him and to escape with him.

Tragic Love End: Nanami agrees, and so Heishi promises to protect her all the way through and asks her to no longer use her power. But rather than relief and happiness, she feels more pain for some reason. But she tells herself to believe in him since that’s what it means to love. On the promised day, Nanami goes to meet Heishi in town. Sakuya seems to sense something, but doesn’t stop Nanami and only asks Mikoto later if Itsuki left too – who apparently is remaining on the ship. After that, the couple boarded a train and alighted at the largest town. Heishi rented a small house in the nearby woods and they settled down. One day when Heishi returns home, Nanami notices that he’s carrying a gun on him. Shaken, she tells him to throw it away immediately but Heishi reassures her that he has to have it in order to protect her. He begs Nanami to not be afraid as he hugs her from behind, and to not reject him. Nanami blames herself for causing Heishi to become like this, for not saying it back then. When she asks him to let her protect him too, Heishi raises his voice and asks her to believe in him – once he’s earned a bit more they’ll escape somewhere further. There’s nothing to be worried about, and she won’t need to use her power. He hugs her too tightly, and quickly lets go when he realises that he’s choking her. As he apologises, he asks to sleep together as he can’t do so without her. Nanami agrees, and pats his head as they sleep.

The next morning, Itsuki and Akito knock on their door and Heishi draws his gun out to go meet them. In an attempt to stop him, Nanami erases all of his memories of her. Heishi collapses and Nanami begs for Itsuki to let Heishi return as per normal, as it’s all her fault. Now that he’s forgotten her, this won’t happen again. Back on the ship, Heishi has woken up but he no longer remembers who Nanami is.

Happy End: Nanami refuses Heishi, and says that they’re seeing different dreams now – she doesn’t want to escape with Heishi so as not to have any painful memories, but to be happy with him. She wants to protect him too since she has that power. When Heishi insists otherwise, she calls him by his first name and he goes quiet. She doesn’t want anything to happen to him since there’s no meaning in just her being safe. Heishi gives in, saying that he’d thought that she looked sad ‘cos she didn’t believe in him. He’d forgotten that what’s important was her smile. Apologising again, he asks if it’s okay to borrow her strength if the time comes and kisses her when Nanami agrees. While nothing has been solved or ended, Nanami feels as though a pathway has opened before them and thinks they should be alright.

On the day they land in town, both Mikoto and Itsuki help the couple by buying them the basic necessities, and a change of clothes. Heishi and Itsuki are still not talking to each other ever since that disagreement. When persuaded by the girls to do so, Itsuki tells Heishi not to contact them via telepathy lest he makes his presence known to everyone by mistake – and well Heishi can barely say much lest he starts crying lol. After Mikoto and Itsuki are gone, Masamune sees them and confronts them. Seeing that they won’t answer him, Masamune removes his glove and uses his power instead to see Heishi’s past. Realising that they’re escaping, he tells them that they can’t escape from the World, and that they’re misunderstood about it. Still, Heishi refuses to be trapped anymore by his power and asks Masamune if he’s alright with letting the one he loves be used. Nanami erases Masamune’s memory of them meeting, and Heishi uses his telepathy to tell Itsuki about Masamune.

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0040

After that they boarded a train and got off at the furthest station. Not long after that, they started travelling and met a wealthy man. As they conversed, the man eventually said that he has the money but doesn’t have the freedom to travel the world – so he asks them to do so for him, while giving them money and a camera. Ever since then, they would take photographs and send it back to him in exchange for cash. Heishi would also play the flute to earn some cash. While Heishi seems to lack some necessities for travelling, Nanami thinks that she makes up for that and he also possesses the optimism to move forward. Though it hasn’t been smooth-running, they’ve come this far and have been living as they like. In town, they develop the recent photos and one of them was an impromptu one Heishi took of both of them. Though photo negatives are expensive, he promises to work hard so that they can occasionally take such photos so as to leave behind proof of their important memories.

Shukuri Akito (CV: Sugiyama Noriaki)

Akito gets angry easily, and always looks like he’s in a bad mood. He’s hostile and dislikes being made fun of. He’s good at cooking and the rest praise his food as having a nostalgic taste. Akito is actually also afraid of birds, and always runs away from the Hiyoko. The first day they met 6 years ago, and when they met each other again when Akito was brought onto the ship, it wasn’t snowing. But every time Nanami thinks about him, it seems to be snowing in her heart. Being paired up, Akito’s hostile attitude towards Nanami is clearly shown while Nanami appears to be unaffected. She chose to pair up with him as she knows about him, and Akito questions if that’s a threat since she can easily chase him out of the ship. It’ll be convenient to name him as the betrayer, moreover she can be rewarded if she reports this to the World. Akito tells her to do as she wishes, however he doesn’t want to be around her. When Nanami tries to hold him back, he slaps her hand away before disappearing. Nanami knows that she’s at fault so his reaction is only to be expected. Every word of his falls and accumulates in her heart like cold snow, like a punishment and proof of her sin. If Akito is really the betrayer, then she would be at fault for driving him to do that as she robbed Akito of something important.

Nanami starts to tail Akito everyday, from 5am till 9pm as Akito keeps strictly to his schedule. Early in the morning, he goes to the kitchen where he does pickles, and helps Koharu with breakfast. Observing all this, Sorata remarks that he’s slowly unable to comprehend what a delinquent is lol. After that if he has time, he’ll exercise to train his body though Nanami doesn’t see the point when he get so frightened of Hiyoko – though when it’s the penguin-like one he has trouble distinguishing it as one or not. Midway, Sakuya spots Nanami much to her surprise, as he wonders what she’s doing. Afterwards, Akito confirms what ingredients need to be stocked up with Masamune and Sakuya. He soon excuses himself as he heads to bed early. Sakuya spots Nanami again and wonders why she’s observing him from the shadows. When Nanami replies that she’ll only burden Akito if she’s by his side, Sakuya remarks that Akito is truly bad, and is just awkward. He can guess what’s going on between them, but adds that it was also Kakeru’s way of concern when he let the girls choose the partners first. Nanami comments on how Sakuya observes people well, and the latter answers that it’s ‘cos he spend his whole life being concerned with how other people felt. He doesn’t think he’s kind as she said. Nanami then says that she’s finding what she can do, before excusing herself. After she leaves, Sakuya wonders if he should tell this to Kakeru.

The likes of Mikoto and Heishi soon start to notice something off with Nanami, but she refuses to say anything. As they head for breakfast, Nanami spots Akito heading upstairs and chases after him. She sees him with an unfamiliar man in white who soon disappears. Akito refuses to reveal anything, and tells her to go ahead and tell the rest. Nanami won’t do as he desires, and questions why he’d betray everyone to put the ship i danger – especially since “that person” is on board too. If his goal is to kill her, he can do so right now. Initially, she’d paired up with him since if not Heishi or Ron may discover the fact that he isn’t a power user. But in any case, it’s right for him to blame her for what she did. She was thinking of what she could do to make up to him and hence chose to be his partner so that his secret won’t be leaked out. Just then, Nanami feels faint due to a lack of sleep and proceeds to lean on the wall – except it’s the place where the hole is and she falls outside. To her surprise, Akito quickly catches her and he fails to understand why she keeps telling him to kill her. At this rate, Akito will fall outside too and very timely, Kakeru shows up to save both of them. He gets annoyed when the two of them continue arguing though, and ties them together with his vines. He wonders when they’ll start to get along. At that time, Nanami should’ve wondered why Kakeru was at the scene, and why he later easily released them – as he then proceeds to handcuffs the both of them together. It’s a specially-made handcuff by Sorata and the Hiyoko, and if they press a button they’ll be temporarily free for 30 minutes. By forcing them to be together, hopefully they’ll start to get along.

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0100

In a flashback, a girl tells a boy to escape with a horse she brought. The boy demands to know if she was the one who erased the memories upon their orders, and for her to return it. Nanami doesn’t want to ask for forgiveness, and what has been lost can’t be retrieved. So all she can do now is to give whatever she can. At first, Akito tries to chase Kakeru but they clearly can’t with their restricted movements. He then presses the button and the chain between them is released. Akito doesn’t plan to return anyway, and disappears. Nanami has a bad feeling though, as she heads to bathe with the other two girls. After 30 minutes, a loud shout by Akito is heard, alongside an alarm. Nanami exits the bath area to see Akito collapsed on the ground. Senri and Sakuya are present too as they notice that static electricity is running through Akito’s body. Nanami attaches their handcuffs together and it stops. After this, Akito relies on his last resort as he goes to find Sorata – but Sorata is living with the Hiyoko so it takes a long while for Akito to pluck up his courage before entering. He screams and starts trembling at the sight of them though, and also at Sorata whose dressed in a chick costume too lol. When asked if there’s any way to remove the handcuffs, Sorata replies that Kakeru has the only key to unlock it. He also tells them about the static electricity – and that it only affect one party as Kakeru didn’t want himself to be affected (clearly he has plans to use it on Senri).

When they go and find Kakeru, they learn from Koharu and Senri that he’s fallen ill. Akito demands to see him, as he’s suspicious as to whether Kakeru is faking it or not. Koharu soon gets mad and chases Akito away. Nanami sees that it’s past 8pm and asks if he needs to rest. They go to the dining area and soon Itsuki comes to find Akito, while misunderstanding their situation at first lol. Apparently, Akito wanted to ask him about the exchange of powers – in fact, Itsuki got his from someone else. While Nanami can’t understand why, Itsuki replies that it was to earn a living plus it’s not like he hates his power like she does. Akito is surprised to hear this, and Itsuki adds that everyone has their own circumstances. There was a wealthy man who was interested in Itsuki’s power, and offered to buy it. Knowing the method, Itsuki agreed but the man died in the process of exchange – he probably wasn’t compatible enough. Itsuki received his power from his (dead) twin sister. After Itsuki leaves, Sakuya and Masamune find the couple still awake. Akito decides to separate himself, saying that he’ll spend the night awake or something. When Nanami protests and offers to sleep on the floor in his room together, Akito remarks that he’d rather bear the static electricity than be with her as there’s no telling what she’ll do. Sakuya throws a cup of water at Akito, and Masamune tells Akito off for going too far with his words. Still, Akito presses the button anyway and walks away. Masamune thinks that it’s better if they stop being a pair. He observes that despite the harsh words, Akito looks like he’s in pain too. Though Kakeru initially did this to help them get along, both he and Sakuya think that it’s overboard.

Nanami returns to her room and after 30 minutes the alarm starts sounding. She decides to go and find Akito and when she does, she connects their handcuffs back together. When he questions why she came despite what he said, Nanami tells him that she wanted to do something for him hence she became his pair – but in the end she couldn’t do anything. Akito asks if she hates her own power, and constantly blamed herself. He originally thought that she was a cold person who could rob others of what’s important to them for money, and didn’t feel guilty at all and forgot all about him. And he’d rather not get to know her any better, so it’s alright if she doesn’t repay him. They decide to stop being a pair, and remain outside till the next morning. As they go to tell the rest about this, they learn that Mikoto and Ron have disappeared. Everyone splits up to find them but to no avail, and noticing that Nanami appears down Akito attempts to reassure her that they’re alright – after all, Mikoto’s power is forcefields. Just then, Senri also appears with the key to unlock their handcuffs, while keeping it since he doesn’t want Kakeru (who’s still recovering) to use it on him. Being reminded of Mikoto’s forcefields, Nanami goes to the broken wall to check if the forcefield is still protecting the ship. They also call Kakeru later to confirm properly with his vines. It’s discovered that it’s still intact, though the further Mikoto is away from the ship the harder it is for her. Nanami notices that even though they’re no longer handcuffed together, Akito still walks slower to match her pace. It’s decided later that they’ll land at the area they flew by this morning, and to search for Mikoto and Ron tomorrow.

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0106

That night in her dream, Nanami sees Itsuki and Heishi – apparently they’re doing the experiment now but there were a few slip-ups. In any case, Nanami continues walking on and spots Koharu and Senri in a distance. She also spots Akito later, with animal ears. Thinking that she doesn’t need to hold back in a dream, she reaches out to touch them despite Akito’s protests – until he manages to run away lol. Akito shows up again before her – but he’s in his usual clothes. He asks if Nanami really thought he’d forgiven her. When Nanami denies this, Akito proceeds to strangle her and she doesn’t resist. She faintly recalls this happening before, and her father telling her not to forget that only he can use her power meaningfully. The Akito from before returns and saves Nanami, while chasing the fake Akito away. Nanami can’t believe that she’s seeing such a convenient dream, for Akito to save her. In response, he tells her that it isn’t a dream and Nanami wakes up.  Soon after, Akito comes to find Nanami as he hugs her, telling her that that person wasn’t him. He doesn’t think that she’s completely at fault, and questions why she didn’t struggle at all. In return, Nanami asks why he looks like he’s in pain, and what can she do. Akito doesn’t say anything though, and soon leaves the room. The next morning, Akito tries to stop Nanami once again from adding odd medicine into the food. When asked if she has any complaints with his food, she replies that she isn’t used to such good food that she can’t return to her usual. Embarrassed, Akito tells her there’s no need to return to her usual anyway. Heishi notices that the atmosphere around Akito has changed, and asks Nanami if they’ll continue being a pair – truth be told she doesn’t mind, as long as Akito is agreeable.

Later, everyone searches the streets for Mikoto and Ron while Masamune goes to bring the World’s envoys over. Nanami notices that Akito is matching her walking pace again, and wonders why he’s being kind to her, even shielding her from the crowd. While she’s happy, she’s afraid of being rejected as she doesn’t know how long this can last. Though Akito decides to call it a day, Nanami runs off as she says that she’ll search a bit longer. She bumps into someone and starts getting hit on. Normally, she can easily deal with this but right now she’s confused. Akito helps her out and brings her to an alley. Nanami confesses that she’s scared, but he doesn’t understand why – all this while he treated her harshly she was unmoved. All Nanami can answer is that she’s scared, and doesn’t know what to do with him suddenly treating her kindly. She never thought that she’d be this afraid of losing his kindness, and in that case perhaps it’s better not to know this kindness at all. Nanami dashes off and back to the ship, where Heishi and Itsuki spot her. Akito catches up with her but sensing something off, Heishi comforts Nanami and tells Akito not to confuse Nanami without saying the crucial point – he won’t hand Nanami over if Akito’s going to chose hatred as a path to escape. Later, Heishi puts her to sleep before going down to where Itsuki is. The latter is surprised to see Heishi react like that, and asks Heishi what he thinks of Nanami when Heishi decides for the couple to stop being a pair. Heishi answers that he sees Nanami as his sister, which makes Itsuki sigh out of relief. He advices Heishi not to be overprotective, since one can learn when one falls down and cries too. While Heishi leaves temporarily, Itsuki goes up to ask Nanami if it’s okay to leave things in the hands of Heishi.

Nanami confesses that she’d always thought it was fine if Akito hated her – but now she’s afraid. Itsuki observes that they’re similar. If you look at someone from afar, and don’t think you should approach that person as he/she appears too bright an existence. You think that you’ve seen everything of that person from afar but actually it’s only a small fraction, in fact you don’t know what the person’s thinking, or feeling. He advises going closer. While the other person would also look at you that way and you may see things you don’t want too, it’s better that way. Truth be told though, those words can be directed at himself too. Just then, Akito asks to see Nanami. Itsuki claims that she’s sleeping, and first questions what Akito wishes to do. Akito admits that the Nanami he thought he knew and the real Nanami are totally different – the real Nanami is weak, small, and almost looks like she’ll crumble like snow if touched. She’s flustered when treated kindly and he finds her cute. After that, Akito leaves to settle things with Heishi. Itsuki tells Nanami that if she doesn’t know what she truly wants, then she can’t move forward. Koharu soon comes in to tell them that the two are fighting. Itsuki holds Nanami back from interfering, as he thinks that it’s best to leave them be. The next morning, neither Heishi nor Akito are present for breakfast as they’re too hurt to eat anything. Later that afternoon, Nanami spots the doctor Hiyoko hesitating before Akito’s door. She asks it to see to Heishi, and to leave Akito to her.

Inside, Akito tells Nanami that he thought that she wouldn’t come see him. As Heishi said, even though he hated her he treated her kindly too. Heishi told him to stop being together with Nanami and hating each other. Akito wonders what it means to forgive – to forget, pretend nothing happened, or don’t mind it at all? He doesn’t think he can do any of the above. If he didn’t get to know her, he would’ve never felt this way and would continue hating and blaming her. Nanami is confused as he should hate her for what she did, but Akito strongly denies this. He can’t go back to how it was before, but he also doesn’t want Nanami to keep apologising and blaming herself. Nanami points out that he’d always hated her and wanted to kill her though, and so she doesn’t mind letting him do what he wants. Provoked, Akito grabs her but also tells her to resist him – if not he’ll make her his at this rate. Nanami doesn’t mind it, but she’ll be sad if she can no longer be with him. That’s why she afraid to be treated kindly. At first she just wanted to make it up to him but now she no longer knows – except that she can no longer return to how it was before too. Akito hugs her tightly, saying that he doesn’t want to kill her and he doesn’t just want her body. He hesitates at his next words though, before telling her to wait a while longer till he settles everything – and to not go to Heishi’s side. Nanami leaves the room, and sees Heishi outside. She tells him that she wants to remain by Akito’s side. Heishi admits that he got annoyed seeing Akito’s changing attitude towards her, and neither of them said the crucial things to each other. While she thinks that she can’t do anything, Heishi points out that it was her who changed Akito. Kakeru interfered while Sakuya worried about them, so Heishi did so too – but it looks like he has nothing to worry about now. Akito comes out and gets jealous as he sees Heishi patting Nanami, which makes Heishi start to understand why Itsuki purposely does such things lol.

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0108

Minutes later, Heishi senses Mikoto on the rooftop and everyone rushes there to find her together with Natsuhiko and Ron. Mikoto tries to persuade everyone to come with her as it won’t do them good if they go to their destination. She’d always thought that her power was meant to protect people but that’s not truly the case. Her conversation is cut short though, as an army of robots come marching in and the rest mistake them for the forces Masamune called for. Natsuhiko decides to retreat and Mikoto leaves them once again. Left confused, a man enters claiming to be the World’s envoy sent to help them. Kakeru is shocked to see his father, Yuiga Shirou, and collapses on the spot. Shirou calls for his men to take Kakeru back and proceeds to explain that he came in place of Masamune, who has things to settle to. He asks them to come to his ship to reach their destination faster. Shirou promises to save Mikoto and bring her to the World’s origin too. He gives them two days to prepare their things and will return then. Everyone holds a meeting the next day, and soon Kakeru returns to persuade them to shift to Shirou’s ship. When Heishi’s voices his concern, Kakeru replies that it’s alright and directs his question to Koharu instead – he heard that Shirou named her and gave her the uniform, it’s almost as if they’re siblings. The rest observe that Kakeru looks off, but he denies this saying that he’s never felt better – he can see things clearly now and isn’t hesitate.

That night, Nanami apologises to Akito for suspecting him as Ron is actually the betrayer. When she asks who the person in white was, Akito only answers that he isn’t an enemy. Nanami thinks that Koharu would probably go over as she’s worried about Kakeru, and learns that Sakuya is planning to do so too in order to save Mikoto. Heishi and Itsuki apparently plan to remain behind to wait for Masamune, probably ‘cos they suspect Shirou’s words. Akito says that he’s remaining behind too, and so Nanami decides to stay with him too. She also learns that Senri is planning to go over too, which Nanami finds odd considering his personality. Just then, Akito asks her to make a deal with him and if she follows his words he’ll forgive her for everything. The next day, Shirou hears everyone’s decision and Akito is seen talking to Sakuya at one side. Akito then brings Nanami to town and asks her what she wants. Nanami exhibits no interests in clothes or accessories though. Akito points out her necktie, which actually belongs to Heishi. Apparently after boarding, Heishi didn’t want his anymore and bought a new one. When asked why she’s wearing a guy’s tie, Nanami remarks that the red one doesn’t suit her unlike Koharu and Mikoto. Akito doesn’t think so, and when she keeps denying Akito remarks that she’s better than the other two. Surprised, Nanami advises him to go see an optician lol. She then asks for Akito’s necktie then, saying that she’ll return Heishi’s if so. She wonders if Akito prefers girls who wears these things, and he remarks that it’s not the case – but it’s not that it doesn’t suit her either, basically he’s saying that she’s cute. Taken aback, Nanami goes red in the face and passes out from shock pfft. Akito carries her to one side, and waits for her to wake up. When she does Akito goes to get a drink for her, but returns with none as apparently there’s a shortage of water in this town as the well has dried up. He brings her to check the source, and sees that the water isn’t running properly at one section. It should be alright if he forces it to flow smoothly, but Nanami quickly stops him from using his power and starts blaming herself. Akito tells her that he’s already forgiven her, but she thinks that he’s the one who can’t forgive himself.

That night, they go to see Senri and he reveals that he’s going over to follow Koharu. Akito then uses his power, and gives Senri some water to drink. Senri recognises it as the water from the river he went to play at when his father travelled to a town, and Akito adds that the both of them wished for that river to flow in their village too. Senri is confused at his words, and Akito tells him that he’ll take the rest of Senri’s powers so take Senri can be free. When Akito reveals that he’s Senri’s older brother, Senri doesn’t recall this but finds himself crying for some reason. Akito hugs him and apologises for leaving him alone. Senri recognises his warmth, and confesses that he’d always thought he was alone. He saw Koharu as similar to himself, but she never appeared to be in pain from loneliness perhaps ‘cos she was always alone – but he initially had someone with him from the start. Senri starts to feel lighter and sleepy, as a light engulfs the both of them. He asks if they can still talk tomorrow, and after Akito agrees Senri falls asleep. While Nanami worries about Akito, he reveals that he’s built up some tolerance for it after taking some of Senri’s powers in the past. Plus he trained his body everyday for this day. Nanami is surprised to hear that he boarded this ship for this purpose, and Akito confirms that it wasn’t to kill her. He then brings up the deal, and tells Nanami to erase Senri’s memories of the earlier conversation. There’s nothing else he can do for Senri, so he doesn’t need to remember. Senri has decided to leave for Koharu, and Akito thinks that this memory will only hinder him. Akito initially didn’t want to reveal the fact that they were brothers, but did so as Nanami was present. Once this is over, he can treat her importantly and so he asks Nanami to set him free. Even though it means deceiving him, Nanami doesn’t want to split the brothers apart anymore and so she pretends to erase Senri’s memories.

The next day, Akito goes to the source of the well and makes it flow smoothly again with his power. Seeing him in pain, Nanami starts tearing up as she recalls Itsuki’s words. He reassures her as he mentions that Itsuki is alright despite the same situation. He’d always thought that Nanami was expressionless but he’s seeing many of her expressions now. Nanami blames it all on him and so Akito remarks that her tears are his then. As he wipes her tears, Akito tells her not to worry as he’s merely not used to it yet. Akito proceeds to kiss her, much to her surprise. He gets mildly annoyed at her resistance since the previous time she said that she was okay with him making her his. Akito then asks Nanami to call his first name instead, kissing her continuously till she does so. He brings up the time when she attacked him in that dream, and refuses to stop. When Nanami finally does so, Akito appears satisfied and says that he likes her. Nanami goes quiet when asked for how she feels in return, and so Akito doesn’t force her. They return to the ship, and on the way Nanami learns from Akito that he’d told Kakeru that they were brothers at the start, and asked Kakeru to look after Senri in his place. Though Kakeru can go overboard, it was thanks to him that Senri started coming out of his room. He’s thankful to both Kakeru and Koharu. Nanami recalls Sakuya saying that Kakeru is easily misunderstood, and Akito agrees but it’s probably all part of Kakeru’s calculations in that no one can see his true self. Nanami realises that she hardly knows Akito and randomly asks Akito if he often talks to Kakeru and Sakuya. As Akito wonders why she’s asking all this, Nanami answers that she’s a conversation partner in place of the two guys. Akito remarks that he doesn’t see her as a replacement for the two girls, but gets embarrassed when Nanami replies that he’ll be just as cute if he has animal ears lol. Akito tells her that he can only embrace her, and that probably no one else can replace her now.

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0119

Masamune soon returns to their delight, and he’s been updated on the situation by Itsuki. The rest actually went to the enemy of the World, so they’ve been deceived – except Kakeru as he was trapped by Shirou since young . He was set free by the World and managed to live normally but he’s probably been brainwashed again. When asked by Itsuki why Kakeru was allowed on the ship, Masamune replies that it’s part of a test power users have to undertake. The ship takes off and heads for their destination with just them, and Nanami keeps watch over Akito to make sure he doesn’t overwork himself. The two of them talk on the rooftop that night, and Nanami learns that Masamune was captured by Shirou all this time but Sakuya helped him to escape. Before they left, Sakuya said that everything will be alright and Akito feels that he can trust those words, as Sakuya always seems to be looking into the future. Just then, sharp vines attack them from above and it’s unsure if the enemy is Kakeru or not. Akito decides to take him on and Nanami desperately tries to stop him from using his powers. Akito tells her to believe in him, and reassures her that he won’t die. As he kisses her, he manages to chase away the enemy too with his powers. He’s helped back to his room by Nanami, and she goes to get him some water. While in the kitchen, she decides to make him some porridge too, and ponders on whether to add her usual medicine or not. Akito is suspicious of her cooking when she returns, but Nanami tells him that she didn’t add anything since he told her before that it’s better that way. As he happily eats it, he tells Nanami not to tell anyone about what happened earlier on as it isn’t certain whether that was Kakeru or not. Nanami notes how he’s kind to everyone else, except himself.

Soon they arrive at their destination and Heishi tells Nanami that they’ll go ahead first, since Akito still feeling tired. Back in Akito’s room, the man in white suddenly appears before them. Akito explains that the man taught him how to take Senri’s powers, and also saved him numerous times when he was on the run. Though Akito doesn’t know his identity, he isn’t a bad guy. The man uses telepathy to converse with them, and observes that Akito has finally taken all of Senri’s powers despite his protests. He introduces himself as Aion, the World, and the same explanation is given. Nanami asks if Akito can be free of his power if Reset is done. Though Akito tells her that they can’t decide with such personal feelings, Nanami remarks that Akito’s the most important to her. Aion constantly told Akito that Senri would be free once he fulfills his duty, and questions why Akito didn’t wait and sacrificed himself instead. Akito replies that he wanted to free Senri from that duty – he couldn’t protect or save Senri so this was all he could do. Soon, Aion states that the explanation at the other side is over too and has the two of them teleported to where the rest is. Though they can’t do Reset since members are missing, they can still return their powers to Aion. Akito says that now isn’t the time though, since they’re the only ones who can stop Kakeru and co.. Nanami doesn’t want to see Akito risk his life fighting though, and asks Masamune to let them them see the past. Before they walk into the door showing the past, Aion warns them not to be trapped in the past.

Inside, Nanami tells Akito that she was ordered by her father to erase many people’s memories. Each time she does so, she would first ask them what memory they want to erase. Everyone would be crying sadly and each time she listens, it would snow in her heart just like it is now. But after she erases they would stop crying and look happy. That’s why she never resisted erasing memories, until she met them. As they observed the village, Nanami was told by her father that Akito keep protecting Senri as each time he uses his power Senri would have fits. But a drought was occurring so the villagers constantly wanted to use Senri’s powers.Akito was in the way, and so Nanami’s task was to erase Senri’s memories of Akito. Her father was always right, but as she observed them she started to question. And when she did, her father strangled her to teach her her place. Akito saw this and saved her. As Nanami overheard the villagers discussing that this is the best for Senri, Nanami remained confused. Before she erased his memories, Nanami asked Senri about his brother. Senri excitedly praised his brother, and hoped to be like him. Every time he did his duty, Akito would make him his favourite sweet, always using a fruit to sweeten them instead of sugar. Slowly, Senri got sleepier as he recalled his brother seeing a girl in the forest the same age as him. He said that next time they could play together. At the end, Senri forgot what he was talking about, and fell asleep. Later, Nanami heard from her father that the villagers are planning to rid of Akito still as they don’t want to take chances. She quickly went to find Akito and gave him a horse to escape with. He realised that it was all her doing, but before he can say anymore the villagers heard them and so he escaped.

Nanami knew what she was doing was wrong, and thinks that she can’t be forgiven after all. She asks Akito to blame her instead, of himself. If he hadn’t run away, he would’ve been killed. If she hadn’t erased Senri’s memories, that probably wouldn’t have occurred. Akito asks if she’s trying to make him hate her again. He’d hated her and his people before, but that was all excuses. All he could think of was protecting Senri, he should’ve thought of the village too. If he really wanted to, he could’ve escaped with Senri but he didn’t. Akito just didn’t want to admit that he was wrong, and escaped from it all. It was easier to blame her, and to think that he would be forgiven if he took all of Senri’s powers. She doesn’t need to be with him ‘cos she feels guilty, and Nanami tries to deny this. Akito recalls that when Senri first collapsed after using his power, he prayed to god – begging for him to take Senri’s power and if so he can save both Senri and the village. And then, Aion appeared before him and taught him how. But he wasn’t strong enough to take all of Senri’s power, and so Aion stopped midway. In the end he couldn’t do anything. To Nanami’s surprise, Akito changes to his younger self. He remarks that he should’ve accepted all of Senri’s powers. Akito returns to where Aion and Senri is, to fully accept Senri’s powers this time.

Tragic Love End: After it’s over, Akito uses his powers to help the village and he remarks that this was the best way after all – Senri no longer has to suffer and he won’t hate anyone. Aion asks if this is what he’d desired for, and Akito agrees. He apologises to Nanami for making her accompany him, and tells her to return. Nanami refuses to, but she observes how Akito appears truly happy in this fake past – to be able to save his fake brother, and village. Nanami hugs the young Akito as they fall into the waters, as she decides to stay with him all the way through. He’s worked hard and no one will blame him. So she’ll wait by his side till the day he can finally forgive himself.

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0129

Happy End: Hugging the young Akito from behind, Nanami tells him to stop doing more cruel things. He won’t save anyone by doing this, no one would be happy with him sacrificing himself – including Senri. Unlike what Akito says, Senri doesn’t hate him. Even if he lost his memories, he could still remember Akito’s warmth. Nanami begs for Akito to stop blaming himself and to listen to them – everyone loves him but why is he covering his ears to their voices? Her feelings for him aren’t that of guilt, and she’s with him ‘cos she truly loves him. Akito is back to his present self, and he asks why Nanami loves him. She replies that there are no reasons, she just fell in love with him. She realises that both Akito and herself were trapped in their pasts, hating and blaming themselves – she couldn’t forgive herself for not being able to resist her father’s orders. But she’s started to like herself, after Akito told her that he liked her. Perhaps the way to forgive oneself is for the person you love to tell you they love you. Nanami apologises for only being able to confess that she loves him now. Rather than words of forgiveness, she feels saved by those words.  As Nanami says that she loves him the most in this world, she asks Akito to forgive himself. In response, Akito says that he loves her too.

The next scene shows Nanami bringing porridge to Akito in his room. When Nanami remarks that it’s about time for her to cook something else, Akito interrupts her by saying that it’s about time he starts cooking. He tells her not to worry, and to help him out by just being by his side lol. As Nanami sulks, she outs him on not calling her first name. She threatens to kiss him if he doesn’t, though it really isn’t much of a threat as Akito welcomes it. They’re interrupted though, and it turns out that Koharu and Senri have returned. Nanami learns from them that Sakuya is with Mikoto now and safely on their way back, though there was a bit of a blood bath between him and Natsuhiko. Kakeru escaped with them, and is with Itsuki now. Nanami goes back in to persuade Akito to go outside, as she reveals that she actually didn’t erase Senri’s memories. He can get mad at her later, but for now he should go outside. Akito thanks her, and the brothers reunite outside as Senri wants to talk about many things with Akito.

Normal End: Here, Nanami erases Senri’s memories. The same events occur up till Nanami telling him to call her by her first name. It’s been a week since Heishi last contacted them, though they’re sure he and Itsuki would bring everyone back. Nanami admits that she regretted erasing Senri’s memories, and Akito reassures her that it was his wish – he’s alright now with just her by his side. Nanami wonders if he thinks that she’s with him just for forgiveness. And so she repeatedly tells Akito that she loves him, making him redden. She hopes that she conveyed it properly, as she likes him regardless of the past. Akito feels that he’s constantly being attacked by her for some reason, and pulls her under the blanket with him. He knows that she’s not with him out of sympathy, and he feels saved ‘cos she truly thinks for him. Both he and Senri will be living separate lives now, and he chose her just like she chose him too. Embarrassingly, he tells her that with this flow they’re going to do it, but Nanami is clueless and thinks that they’re just going to sleep lol. Very timely, Heishi’s telepathy comes in as he announces that they’ve returned. Thinking that perhaps everyone is back, Nanami goes down to welcome them and Akito sighs, telling her to be prepared for tonight. Nanami still can’t help thinking that she shouldn’t have erased Senri’s memories, and that Senri wouldn’t have hated Akito even if he knew the truth. Nanami thinks that it would be nice if one day, Akito can return to his real name (Ichinose).

Muroboshi Ron (CV: Sugita Tomokazu)

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0176

A suspicious-looking guy, Ron appears friendly and kind. He’s the oldest among the members and has been on the ship longer than Nanami was, but he can never seem to remember anyone’s names. He doesn’t talk about himself at all, so no one knows much about him. Heishi says that he isn’t a bad guy, and Nanami knows that she should respect people older than herself – but she feels uncomfortable with him and often gets irritated when talking to him. At the start, Nanami paired up with him thinking that he won’t bother her since all he does is sleep the whole day. That was the case at first, but he soon got curious about why Nanami and Akito are on such bad terms, and what relation it may have to her power. Nanami warns him to stop poking his nose in, if not she’ll take away what’s important to him. This only intrigues Ron more, as he wonders what exactly is important to him. He grabs Nanami’s wrist, and wonders if she knew Akito before they both boarded the ship. He admits that he wants to try having what’s important to him taken away, since it’s often said that people only realise what it is after it’s been taken. Nanami is confused by his contradictory words, and decides not to involve herself further with him even though he plans to get along with her in future. One day, her team is in-charge of cleaning though Ron is eating cookies at one side. Heishi cleans up after him, admitting that Ron reminds him of a 7 year old younger brother figure he had lol. Heishi starts to ask if the rest have family members, remarking that Akito seems like an older brother. Akito quietly denies this, and as his eyes meet Nanami’s the atmosphere gets tense. All of a sudden, Ron steps in between them to both of their surprise. Mikoto’s team shows up soon after, as it’s their turn to cook. They seek Akito’s advice as to what they can make due to the limited ingredients.

Later, Ron offers a cookie to Nanami. She eats it up, thinking that once it’s all gone he’ll start cleaning up and instead he picks the crumbs around her mouth. Nanami can’t tell what he’s thinking at all, and questions why he stepped in between her and Akito earlier on. It takes him some time to recall who she’s referring to, before he replies that it was ‘cos she looked like she was in pain – and he wants to get along with her. Since Nanami said that everyone has something important to them, Ron remains curious and asks her if she’d rob anyone of it if ordered by the World. Nanami is clearly shaken, and Ron notes this. He sees that she’s originally an obedient girl who can’t disobey orders and can’t run away even if she can’t take it. This annoys Nanami, and she demands to stop being a pair. She is inches away from seriously stabbing him with her kunai, but Ron remains amused. As she goes to inform Heishi of this, Ron catches up with him and asks her to be his lover out of the blue. He sees her as opposite of him, and someone who can conveniently be made use of. While this irritates Nanami, she thinks that making him be a pair with Akito would only tire him further, and if it’s Heishi he’ll definitely be manipulated. Nanami decides to remain as a pair for now in order not to trouble the rest. She tells him to return to cleaning as Ron mutters that if she won’t listen, he’ll just have to use force. Later, Nanami hears from Koharu that everything’s going well with Kakeru. When asked how she’s doing with Ron, Nanami lies that everything’s okay so as not to worry Koharu. Heishi overhears this, and is relieved. He and Akito are actually set to go out to buy stuff, and he invites Nanami to come with Ron too. The next day, the pairs split up and Heishi tells them to return within the day even though the ship would be in town for 2 days.

Nanami soon gets further and further away from Ron and she’s dragged behind by the crowd. Someone also bumps into her (Setsu) and spills what appears to be alcohol on her. Feeling strange, Nanami stares in a distance as she wonders if she can disappear like this and be free – never to erase other people’s memories again. She dashes off all of a sudden, and soon finds herself in an unfamiliar forest as the rain pours down on her. She passes out and when she next wakes up, she finds herself on the bed of a small house. Ron tells her that he carried her to a nearby house, and to her dismay she’s stripped to her underwear as he’s drying her clothes. As Nanami dives into the blankets, Ron reassures her that he didn’t do anything though she remains suspicious at first. It’s still pouring so Ron remarks that they’ll have to spend the night here – something she hates, but Ron only laughs at this. He returns with some hot sake for her to drink, which she refuses flat-out since she’s underage. Ron mutters that he’ll have to make do with just words, and asks if she wants to escape with him. He doesn’t really care much for the World, and he also doesn’t think she can win against him. Ron then proceeds to ask Nanami a few questions, firstly: does she not want to live, or die? Nanami replies that while it’s a bit different from not wanting to live, she doesn’t mind being killed. The next question is whether she thinks those who kill people are wrong. When Nanami gives a straight answer that it’s wrong, Ron asks what she’ll do if he kills her right now – whether she wants to live or die. He encourages her to use her power, but Nanami refuses and chooses to escape instead.

Ron pins her down though, and a burning smell stings Nanami’s nose. Nanami thought that with her training she would’ve been able to escape without relying on her power, but Ron presses down on her harder and forces a kiss. When Nanami finally manages to push him aside, she sees his usual smile and realises that he let her escape. Annoyed, Nanami punches him and his sunglasses fall off. She sees that his right eye is purple in colour, just like hers. But unlike hers it doesn’t seem human and shines brightly. Ron tells her that the reason she can’t win him, is ‘cos she won’t kill people under any circumstances – unlike him. Nanami remarks that she’s decided not to use her power anymore, especially not for her own use. Ron questions why she boarded the ship then, since she’ll be made to use it anyway. Nanami thought that her power could be used for something good, something which only the World knows. However, Ron points out that she tried to run away earlier and so she actually suspects the World. While Nanami doesn’t deny this, she states that she believes in the World more than herself anyway. Ron tells her that there’s no good or bad lives, the same reasoning applies to weapons. No matter what ability she has or how cruel she is, she isn’t the worst person. Her power doesn’t equal to Nanami herself. Hearing his words, it feels as though a lock on Nanami’s heart has been unlocked. For some reason, Nanami starts crying and Ron gently wipes her tears. Just when Nanami starts to think differently of Ron, he carries her back to bed to continue from before thinking that they’re on good terms now. Nanami quickly denies this and chases him out of the room. In the end, she hardly sleeps that night and they return to the ship the next day. Masamune, Itsuki and Heishi were out looking for them and as they return together, Masamune wonders why the communicator didn’t activate when they were wearing their uniforms. Nanami also overhears the people in town saying that a dead body was found in the river – the man lived in the woods but was found dead with a fatal injury to his head.

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0177

Thanks to Heishi telling everyone how Nanami and Ron are getting along now, everyone keeps asking Nanami to help get Ron to do his duties properly etc. Nanami goes to find Ron as she’s annoyed at how she has to act like his caretaker. As Ron wonders how he can be on better terms with her, Nanami immediately replies that it’s impossible since he’s only interested in her power. When he points out that she thought of herself and her power as one and the same, Nanami recalls his words from before. Ron appears happy that she remembered his words, as he agrees with her. In any case, there’s no need to be on better terms if he only wants to make use of her power. In the first place, it’s too weird for lovers to do that. Ron remarks that he made a mistake in accidentally saying the truth, as he should’ve said that he liked her instead. This ticks Nanami off further, but in a distance Heishi (and Akito) spot them and remark on how rare it is for Nanami to get emotional – and concludes that they’re getting along just fine. That really isn’t the case, as it’s more like whatever she says doesn’t get through Ron so she gets frustrated. Nanami dashes off and spots Mikoto training at one side. Nanami feels that unlike Mikoto, her power can’t be used to preserve peace at all. After hearing her out, Mikoto tells her that there are many countries out there with all sorts of problems – so while she doesn’t know what Nanami’s power is, surely there’ll be a proper use for it which the World knows of. As Nanami agrees with her, she finds herself still bothered by Ron’s words and remains confused. For some reason, she wants to see Ron as if to confirm something and ends up before her door. But Nanami decides to back away and spots Masamune and Itsuki in a distance, talking about alcohol. She learns from them that they usually drink with Ron and ask her to keep this a secret from Mikoto. Nanami then asks for their impressions of Ron. They all agree that he’s the worst but as Heishi says, he doesn’t seem to have any ill intentions. Nanami agrees that he doesn’t have any common knowledge at all, but she doesn’t think that all of him is bad. After Nanami leaves, Masamune can’t help but worry about her. While Itsuki is worried too, he points out that it’ll be short-lived since they’ll go their separate ways once they arrive at their destination.

The next morning, Nanami is pretty much made to go wake Ron up. To her surprise, he actually remembers Itsuki and Masamune’s names as he explains that they’ve been drinking together more often now. She remarks that he’s only interested in her ability after all, but Ron denies this as he calls her name. Caught by surprise, Nanami has little time to react as Ron pulls her into bed and hugs her. Nanami tries to struggle free as she kicks him, but Ron doesn’t budge at all. As Nanami says that she won’t do as told, Ron suggests betting on who lasts longer then and easily agrees with her that she’ll win. He explains that he gives up easily and so asks Nanami to become his soon. Of course, Nanami refuses. Ron tells her that it’s meaningless to abide to the World, but she still believes that her power can be used for peace. He doesn’t say anymore after that, and almost appears to look regretful for her. When she asks why his eye colours are different, Ron explains that his right eye is an artificial one, which his friend made for him. Nanami is surprised by the fact that he’s answering her question honestly for the first time. Ron goes on to add that his vision is deteriorating and he can hardly see with his left eye now. He has to first finish off a tricky task before his friend will make his another artificial eye. While Nanami thinks that it’s too much, Ron reasons that his friend worked hard and put his life on the line to gain all the technology after all.

Nanami wakes up later and sees that Ron is missing. Heishi’s telepathic voice suddenly informs everyone that an accident occurred on the 3rd floor, but tells the girls not to come to the scene. Nanami can’t hold back her curiousity though, and when she goes out she sees Ron knocking Mikoto unconscious. Nanami realises that he’s the betrayer and is after Mikoto. Ron observes that she’s crying again, and Nanami remarks that by doing this he’ll be seen as a rebel by the World. Ron notes that no matter what Nanami doesn’t act according to how he wishes, so he suggests a deal: Mikoto’s life in exchange for Nanami’s power. In the end, Nanami agrees and erases Mikoto’s memories of what happened and Koharu finds her later. When Mikoto wakes up later, everyone holds a meeting to recount the details but Mikoto fails to remember what happened before she passed out. While Nanami doesn’t think that her decision was right, she still would’ve done the same if given another chance as she hopes that Ron can give himself up. Later, Nanami tells Ron everything about her power so as to keep the end of her deal. Apparently she has to know to a certain degree what exactly the memory she’s erasing is about, and so Ron points out that she can’t erase his motive for coming onto the ship then. He also wonders why she didn’t just erase his memories back then, but instead agreed to his offer. Nanami explains that if she erases all of his memories, he’s likely to just become a vegetable. Also, she wants him to give himself up but Ron has no intentions of doing so unless she gives him in. Though there’s no point then as she wants him to give himself up so as to hopefully lessen his penalty. She quickly denies that she’s worried about him, and Ron merely smiles at this – which she notes is different from his usual smile. As Nanami observes him diligently cleaning his guns, she can’t help but feel annoyed. She remarks how it’s weird for him to have something he likes, when he can’t remember anyone’s names. In response, Ron answers that he does since he’s human too and gently touches her face.

Next is the dream event, and Koharu first passes Nanami her basket which Itsuki forgot to give her. Nanami easily guesses that Koharu is going to find Kakeru later, and when Koharu asks her if she has anyone important she’s unable to give an answer. She can’t trust that person, and doesn’t know what’s on his mind and he probably doesn’t think much of her. Koharu points out that still, he’s the one that comes to her mind. Afterwards, Akito appears before her (in uniform) and suddenly starts strangling her. Nanami doesn’t resist but the illusion of Akito disappears when Ron shots him. Ron wonders why she didn’t resist at all and when she’ll start to protect herself. Nanami is shocked to hear the anger in his voice, as she thought he thought nothing of her. Ron doesn’t respond to her, and walks off as he disappears. Nanami soon wakes up from the dream after he does and goes to find him. She apologises for before though Ron denies that he was angry – he didn’t want Itsuki overhearing their conversation in the dream. Once again, Ron tries to persuade Nanami to erase his memories as it’s the best way to protect everyone. But again, Nanami refuses since a person will be longer be the same without memories as they are key to a person. Ron notes that she’s gotten used to being used as a tool and so if she doesn’t discover her own value she’ll just be like a doll – not that he doesn’t understand her position. He tells her not to hesitate using her power for the right use and to continue onto the path she’d decided on.

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0192

When Nanami questions why he’s so insistent on her erasing his memories, Ron answers that he’s interested in how it’s like – once she does so he can be hers. Nanami denies that she wants him to that extent, she merely doesn’t want his crimes to worsen. Nanami cries and Ron hugs her in return. She begs him not to hurt anyone anymore, and not to dirty his kind gently hands anymore. Ron doesn’t say anything and only kisses her. He brings her to his bed but an alarm suddenly sounds. Ron casually explains that it’s a Hiyoko as he sleeps with them, and Nanami dashes out of his room. He then responds to the contact from Natsuhiko as he confirms that preparations are underway. Meanwhile, Nanami comes to terms with her feelings but the next day she sees Ron confronting Mikoto and Sakuya. To everyone else’s surprise, Ron lowers his guns when Nanami appears and disappears. An explosion is heard and Nanami quickly dashes to find Ron, and sees him leaving with Natsuhiko.

Bad End: Nanami asks Ron to take her with him, even though he remarks that nothing good will happen. He tells her that he’ll only treat her as a tool. But Nanami doesn’t think much of it, as it’s only returning to how she was in the past. It’s better than being alone, and so Ron agrees to take her with him. He reassures Natsuhiko that she won’t defy him, and even orders her to kiss Natsuhiko. Natsuhiko refuses to go along with this and leaves Ron be. Ron tells Nanami that she can still pull out, but Nanami doesn’t. The only way she can escape is if she erases Ron’s memories, but Nanami refuses to. And so Ron tells her that she can only fall further down. Time skip and Ron orders Nanami to erase someone’s memories. She’s blindfolded, as Ron tells her that she only need to follow his instructions. She’s like a real doll now and hardly talks, and so Ron contemplates selling her to someone else. Nanami begs him not to abandon her and so Ron soothes her by saying that he won’t do it as long as she doesn’t erase his memories – though he doubts that she has that option left in her.

Kakeru tries to hold them back with his vines, but Natsuhiko easily shoots it down as he recognises Kakeru as Shirou’s son. Natsuhiko and Ron make their escape. Masamune then uses Heishi’s telepathic ability to inform everyone that the motor of the ship has been destroyed. They’ve tried repairing it but to no avail and he tells everyone to grab onto something. Mikoto uses her power to protect everyone as the ship crashes and so everyone is safe (except for Akito who passed out as all the Hiyoko grabbed onto him lol). Kakeru and Masamune asks Nanami about Ron, but don’t tell the rest about it. Sakuya remains behind to look after Mikoto who’s resting, while the rest are led outside as they landed near their destination. There, they meet Aion and are given the same explanation. As everyone return to the ship, Koharu and Nanami are left behind. Nanami doesn’t think that she deserves to judge on whether to Reset or not as she hid the identity of the betrayer from everyone etc. Koharu tries to comfort her, as she says that like Nanami she was bothered by her power but if there’s a meaning to it she’d like to try fulfilling that. She’s sure everyone is the same, and so they can all decide together. Just then, Ron appears and promptly knocks Koharu out as he takes her power for himself. He then quickly makes his escape with the fire power, and pretty much gives everyone a headache since now they can’t do Reset if they want to. At a meeting, Masamune comes clean with everyone that he was born and raised on this island, and his role is to keep in contact with the World. There also appears to be an enemy ship nearby, who is opposed to Reset. The only way to counter Ron is for the person who controls water to step up though Senri remains quiet. At Ron’s side, Natsuhiko gets mad when he hears that he went down to the island without orders. Ron merely says that he’s working his share to fulfill Natsuhiko’s wish, and Natsuhiko reminds him once more that he’ll only get his other artificial eye if he kills all the power users and stops the Reset.

The next day, everyone except Sakuya, Mikoto and Sorata (who apparently went to talk to Aion the night before) go to see Aion again. By right there should be a barrier over this island but both Aion and the island are at its limits. But the current technology can’t destroy Aion now so they basically only need to worry about themselves. Inside, they’re confronted by Natsuhiko and co.. Natsuhiko decides to finish them off now, since it’ll be a problem if they get in the hands of Shirou too. Ron stops Natsuhiko though, as he remarks that there’s no longer a need for that if he destroys Aion. Using his fire, he burns her down and so they can no longer do Reset. But he couldn’t kill the power users so the contract is forfeited and so Ron removes his right artificial eye and burns it too. Senri tries to put out the fire but Akito knows that it’s too much for him. Kakeru calls for everyone to escape and Masamune, Heishi and Itsuki go to evacuate the other island people. As Senri blames himself for being weak, Kakeru commends on him instead while he later asks Akito if just those words were alright. Nanami proceeds to go find Ron despite Koharu stopping her. She knows that Ron is waiting for her as she’s the only one who can end things for him. When she finds Ron, she confirms with him once again – for if she erases his memories he’ll lose them forever since she doesn’t know anything about him. Ron says that he has no need for his past, and even adds that he’ll kill everyone with his power at this rate so as push her to erase his memories. And so for the first time, Nanami used her power for her own self. Nanami asks if his wish will really be fulfilled, and Ron agrees.

NORN9 ノルン+ノネット_0188

Tragic Love End: Ron wonders if he’ll choose her again, even after forgetting everything. He then asks her to fulfill another wish: he doesn’t know if this hunger of his will disappear too, so he wants her to run away if he’s still the same even after she erased his memories. Nanami remarks that his wish should be different, and Ron corrects himself by asking her to kill him if possible. Nanami agrees and Ron kisses her, hoping that this won’t be their last one. Time skip and Itsuki goes to visit Nanami. Everyone is setting out to travel together soon but Nanami refuse to go with them as Ron hasn’t woken up yet. Itsuki tells her that it isn’t love between them, but dependency – and Ron has eaten up her future with that promise. Itsuki continues to persuade her and Nanami understands where he’s coming from, but she wants to see through her decision till the end. After Itsuki leaves, Ron soon wakes up and points a gun at her. Nanami promptly takes her gun too, and she observes that the hunger in Ron hasn’t disappeared. Ron then waits for her to shoot him, and Nanami acts on the resolution she’d long decided upon. She’ll be going after him soon, and in a distance Itsuki hears a gunshot.

Happy End: With this, he can finally only choose Nanami. As they kiss, Nanami erases his memories. To his first question on whether she doesn’t want to live, or die – Nanami can answer now that she doesn’t want either. She wants to live together with him and they can start over again now. Time skip and Senri goes to visit the couple as ordered by the rest. Everyone else except him and Heishi are still mad at her, though they are concerned about her especially Itsuki. Norn has recently been fixed, and since none of them returned their powers to Aion they want to carry on her dying wish – to bring peace to everyone with their powers. Nanami refuses to join them, and she and Ron are planning to leave on their own trip too – to try and find his friend to make Ron a pair of artificial eyes even if the odds are low. Senri remarks that Masamune is trying to find the same person too, and will let her know if there’ anything. Before Senri leaves, he asks Nanami is she’s happy and she answers positively. After Ron woke up he has a habit of constantly calling Nanami’s name which was the first thing he remembered. He also always asks Nanami to remind him what love is and since it concerns his own life, he also picks up cooking quickly though of course Nanami won’t let him use the knife etc.


Akito Nanami Akito Nanami, can you see the bias in the length? Lol. Akito’s route really came at a good time for me (5th route) as the couple turned out to be my favourite. His tragic love end is my favourite too. His happy/normal endings were kind of random but as mentioned in the previous post – 90% of the route focus in this game are like not on the main plot so…if I see things that way, yeah. I really like Heishi as a character – you always see how he and Itsuki support everyone else in most of the routes. As a result, that tragic love end was really weird since it felt as though they didn’t know which road to take to reach the end (erasing his memories). So I joke that Heishi turned out like that ‘cos he had too much of Nanami’s poisonous cooking lol. But no to be serious, I wish they could’ve delved more into Heishi’s background since I imagine that his power…is actually quite toturing for him. Also, his was the only route in the whole game in which I cried at one scene (should be easy to guess which one). Once again, like Kakeru I felt that they hardly explained anything about Ron. But unlike Kakeru, Ron’s background isn’t tied closely to the main plot so it didn’t feel as lacking – but still, I kinda failed to see how he fell for Nanami. The interesting thing is that unlike the rest, some choices would raise another meter of his (black in colour) – but not that I understand him enough to know what it may be!

I guessed that Nanami would be my favourite heroine from the start and indeed, she is. Thanks to Akito’s route, her character and background comes through very solidly. And well, I don’t have more to add. As you may expect, the next post will be Mikoto’s routes.

7 thoughts on “NORN9: Heishi, Akito, Ron

  1. lenaleemelodee says:

    Oh, and I also have this short-story booklet from Animate which contains 3 short stories about Ron, Itsuki and Akito hiding from the rain with their female character. Ron’s story was the sweetest. If you haven’t seen it (And would like to) I could translate it. It’s veeeeery sweet.


    • Yume says:

      Oh short stories! Yeah I haven’t seen it, it would be interesting to read seeing how you commented that Ron’s was the sweetest. Thanks for the offer! Only if it’s not too much trouble for you though, whenever it’s convenient for you!


  2. lenaleemelodee says:

    I kinda liked everyone but Akito, Ron, Itsuki, and Natsuhiko (and sometimes Masamune, at least appearance-wise) are my faves. Out of girls Nanami’s my fave as well, I got kinda tired of Koharu’s kindness and Mikoto’s tsundere-ness.
    I really enjoyed Heishi as a side chara but his bad end was a wtf to me, they ruined everything with it. I HIGHLY doubt he’d end up like that, that’s too much, lol.
    I’ve played Ron’s route 3 times, trying to understand the reasons behind his behavior, and his motive for being on the ship (which apparently wasn’t just another artificial eye but it was something more) but didn’t really get it.

    Apparently it’s presumed that all characters love their chosen female right from the beginning, it’s not something they develop throughout the game, they simply realize that it’s love. I wonder why Ron fell in love with Nanami. Maybe because she was innocent and pure, opposite to him?
    And why did he wish so much for her to erase his memories? Because he’s a murderer and couldn’t stop killing people? Or wanted to erase his past? Why did he have to take Nanami to that house and tell her all those things? I really don’t understand him. But that’s probably why I liked him so much. I mean, what’s the foundation of his personality? Thirst to kill? To love? Or what.

    I’m really looking forward to playing Last Era now, because there’s going to be 1) a trouble that comes from the male charas’ past (what could possibly come for Ron if he’s so stupid now he doesn’t know the basics of life?); 2) Some scenes told from the male chara’s perspective (omg, Ron’s thinking, lol).
    I wonder if Otomate’s even going to really release it this year… I bet Norn’s gonna look gorgeous on PS Vita screen :3


    • Yume says:

      Lmao Heishi’s bad end was like a bad dream…no idea why things turned out like that. As for Ron, it’s hard to understand him since what he doesn’t always say/act what he means. I thought that they could have done it better…

      I wouldn’t say that all the characters love the heroines at the beginning – definitely not for Koharu since they just met her at the start, nor for Natsuhiko. I would also say that isn’t the case for Akito as they basically had a very bad start with their past and all. That’s also part of the reason why I enjoyed their route the most though. Heishi, Itsuki, Sakuya – yes. Again as for Ron it’s really hard to say since we know near to nothing about his past and all.

      There’s a lot of upcoming Vita games for Otomate so I think it’ll take a lot for them to not delay any releases given their past record. /oops


  3. Hinano says:

    I also agree that I think Akito and Nanami are the best out of the 3 lol. And yea why did Ron fall in love with her…just another dose of Otomate’s quality writing!


    • Yume says:

      Yeah, I’m quite pleased that the one I was looking the most forward to ended up being the most enjoyable. ❤ Lool I think the Ron x Nanami pairing had potential but yeah, they ended up taking the shortcut or something.


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