OZMAFIA!!, Shigure hen

2013-07-09 21.37.23

Another order came! I’m going broke this year. I ordered OZMAFIA!! from comicomi studio as I wanted to get some other stuff too, including the Taisho Mebiusline drama CD for Shigure. So I got the extras from comicomi studio too.

I don’t plan of posting about Shigure’s drama CD, as all you’ll get is probably me squealing lol. I’ll see when I’ll get to OZMAFIA!!. I’m playing Getsuei no Kusari now (just announced that it’s getting a FD by the way). It’ll take me a while to get the first post up as the game is pretty long…I think. If I end up finding it depressing (as I keep hearing from everyone) I may pick up a light-hearted game and alternate routes with it. Don’t mind the “quietness” of the blog till then~

14 thoughts on “OZMAFIA!!, Shigure hen

  1. Eu says:

    Yume~~ randomly found your site while searching Google. 😀
    Eh~? Didn’t know you played Ozmafia?? :O
    That’s not the reason why I commented though www. I’d like to ask how much is the shipping fee of Comicomi? It’s EMS right? I’d just like to have an idea how much will it cost me to buy a book plus the shipping. 🙂


    • Yume says:

      I bought the game, but haven’t touched it yet. XD

      Yup Comicomi only provides EMS. Hmm when I bought this (OZMAFIA!!, drama CD, book) the shipping fee was 1520 yen. So if you’re just buying a book it will definitely be cheaper for you. But just keep in mind that Comicomi doesn’t deduct the 7% tax for overseas customers unlike sites like CDJapan. But if the tax amount isn’t significant it’s okay I guess. Hope that helps! (:


  2. kurorisa says:

    yay ozmafia! could I ask you something related to shopping btw? sorry if it bothered you orz
    I was wondering since you’re buying from comi comi, if you use a forwarding/proxy service. thanks in advance!


    • Yume says:

      Sure thing, it’s no problem!

      Nope, when I buy from comicomi there’s no forwarding/proxy service involved. (: They ship to overseas countries, but the only shipping option available is EMS. Other than that, the site is entirely in Japanese so if you ask them questions it has to be in Japanese too. Oh, and they’re primarily a BL shopping site (that also offers otome goods) so when navigating their website you’ll see BL-related stuff. ^^; Hope that helps!


  3. Haruna says:

    Ozmafia looks great and I heard it’s pretty funny. 😀 But since I can’t spend that much money this year I’m sticking to Drama CD’s. xDD Have fun playing Ozmafia! after you’re done with Getsuei no Kusari.


    • Yume says:

      That’s great to hear! So far I’ve been hearing positive stuff about the game too. Ahh we all have our own ways of restraining ourselves. /o\ Thanks! I think it’ll take me a while but I’m looking forward to enjoying OZMAFIA!! 😀


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