Princess Arthur review (spoilers)

Princess Arthur_0010

LOL derpy horsey

Hey guys!

So I finally completed Princess Arthur and it was awesome! Though I had a complaint but i’ll tell you why in a bit! Be warned that this is a spoiler-fest review!

Here we gooo!!


You play as Alu, a pretty normal girl who lives with her father, Sir Ector and her brother, Kay who is a knight of the round table. She knows swordfighting which is awesome as Ector trained his children since young. (Sorry but Alu as a name?? A british name???)

So news has been going around that King Uther Pendragon has passed away and they need a new leader for Britain. To chose a new king, someone has to pull out excalibur. Kay goes to try cause he wants to prove that he is a capable knight but not aiming towards royalty. Alu tries to stop him from being so stubborn and they pulled it out. Kay thought it was him who pulled it but the knights were suspicious of Alu so they asked her to pull it instead. She did and she was sent into the castle. Kay was very bitter about it and remained like that for most of the game, so their sibling relationship turned sour.

So Merlin and the knights introduced themselves and they had the first round table meeting where Alu meets Morgause and Merdraut (Uther’s sister and nephew), Percival and Guinevere (Uther’s wife). Along the way she’s intro-ed to non-humans such as Nimue (lady of the lake), Leanan Sidhe (Lia-Nan-see) a nymph (let’s call her nancy lol) and Cait Sith (i’m calling him/her Cat King). Morgause doesn’t like anyone in the castle, and treats her son like an object/trophy. She’s bitter that her son is not the king even though they have the lineage. So she’s always harsh on Alu.

But then people in the castle doubt her because she’s young and a female. She also received threats like snakes in her bed and threat messages to make her step down.

One day, the Elingaul army (sorry i translated directly from japanese translation. I can’t find an english equivalent.) came to rebel againist Britain because of their new king. So Alu goes off to her first battle and kills someone. She becomes distraught and on top of that her best friend’s, Elaine, fiancee was killed in battle too. So this is the realization that Alu had that being a king is real serious shit. She talks to the knights the next day to swear that she will change the world to become war-less and harmonious. The knights also swear to her loyalty (except tristan cos he left the group).

They have some sort of a welcome ball after that and Alu gets to choose her escort which will direct us to each of the guys’ routes. I’m listing them in the recommended playing order.


Princess Arthur_0020

I love this guy. Just sayin’.

He’s the hot-blooded, loud and fitness/training/weapon idiot who loves to spend time working out and training his troops. He blushes alot which is very cute lol.

Merlin gets Lancelot, Gawain and Alu to pick herbs for him in the forest (who even asks a king to do such stuff?? lol). They discover a cave which the knights did not know about until recently. They check it out and finds out that there’s a charm that keeps something sealed. Gawain’s particularly drawn/interested in it for some reason.

Days after, Gawain and Alu go check the cave despite Merlin’s orders not to go close to it. Nancy appears who demanded Gawain’s ‘life energy’ in turn for granting a wish but Alu doesn’t allow it. Anyway, Nancy warns them not to approach the cave as it is dangerous.

So during the first half, he and Alu get along really well and he develops a crush on her. Just before her coronation, she receives a cloak from her personal maid who said it was from Morgause. Just before Alu puts it on, it magically combusts and Gawain saves her by getting rid of it but suffers major burns. But luckily Merlin the medic is here!

love this shot!

love this shot!

So he recovers and trains especially hard for the upcoming knight duelling. The duels just determine who is the strongest, that’s all. This kind of empowerment and test of strength is Gawain’s thing so of course he’s really into it. And I think he’s doing it to protect Alu too.

romantic scene happens somewhere here… i think

He didn’t win the match and felt shitty about himself. He sulks in his training grounds and reveals his past. Before the Elingaul battle, he opposed to Alu’s decision on going to the battlefield with them. He tells her that reason why was because he didn’t want to lose anyone in a war again. He lost his 2 sisters because he wasn’t strong enough to protect them. He was out on the field while his village burnt. All the villagers escaped safely but his sisters went back to save an elderly woman and the 3 of them were the only casualties. So he and his father blamed themselves for it even though it’s not really their fault.



One night, the knights discovered Gawain’s missing and they go look for him in the cave and in comes Morgause and Lucius Tiberius, the big bad guy and his big fat lance (a REALLY really fat one lol). He’s a general from scotland who escaped from prison and killed his own king to conquer everything. He reveals that the cave has the “Seed of Destruction” sealed by a mage (the way they hinted was most likely Merlin, who else?). This thing was created during a bloody conflict between 3 countries: Britain, Scotland and Wales long long ago. The mage sealed this power but it has to change from time to time as it’s too powerful to contain. This power grants anyone super powers and so Lucius wants it. He tempts Gawain about the powers it possess but he’s like “Screw it man! I ain’t got time for that.” and he kills lucius. In the bad end though lucius kills him.

Princess Arthur_0041


Princess Arthur_0007

The funny thing about this guy is that in the ‘feelings’ meter, he doesn’t blush or change avatar when his meter is full. On the other hand, Lancelot was blushing as i’m playing Tristan’s. Like WTF???

Haha anyway…

Bascially, the whole story is about Alu chasing after him to get him back into the brotherhood.

He’s always MIA from the round table meetings and in the castle so Alu thinks that he doesn’t accept her as the new king. He’s also very close to Uther so when he died, he’s like I have no reason to be here kinda thing. He’s always been searching the true murderer since then as he didn’t think Uther died of a heart attack.

Alu and Percival goes to play at the festival when they spotted Tristan sneaking around. Percival said that he actually left the castle before Alu entered the castle. He said that Tristan isn’t that gloomy in the first place when he arrived in Camelot as he was pretty popular but something happened, which i can’t remember what, and became this really grim guy. Because of his MIA, the knights kinda gave up on him and didn’t trust him anymore. They bumped into her father and Elaine who overheard that someone is out to assasinate Alu during the festival. They hear a cry and found out that Tristan has already killed off those assasins. Such efficiency bro!

Meanwhile, Morgause announces that she’ll be remarrying to a King in a neighbouring country and all of them are like WTF are you serious?? After that, Tristan begins to go close to her for some reason. Alu’s pretty upset by it and goes to Merlin for help. He brings her to a pub where he has seen Tristan patrons and confronts him to tell the truth. So turns out that he suspects Morgause wants to dethrone Alu by remarrying so he pretended to kiss Morgause’s ass to get information. He needs evidence of that to arrest Morgause and he knows that a certain guy has exactly that.

if her boobs are bigger...

if her boobs are bigger…

So he asks Alu to dress up as some… er, belly dancer to lure that guy out and grab the evidence. I dunno why a King/Queen has to do this??? LOL Well Alu has to do SOMETHING to attract the reluctant eyes of Tristan right? Yeah he was floored when he saw her (PERVERT!). So she manages to grab the evidence from the guy’s room and they dashed back to the castle.

Princess Arthur_0009

They had some confession time at the cemetry (yeah wtf) where Tristan’s all “I don’t know what to see you as. A King or a woman But I guess i already know the answer, it’s both.”. Arl’s like “Yeah you made me wonder whether i like you out of respect or like like you.”

Go Tristan!

Go Tristan!

Had a battle with Lucius, Tristan won.

They arrested Morgause who wasn’t even surprised about this as she already knew what Tristan’s up to. Then she revealed that it was her who killed Uther. Tristan went mad and was about to chop her head off when Merdraut jumped in screaming “MOTHERRRRRR!!”. He broke down in tears despite saying that he didn’t care for that woman and he didn’t acknowledged her as a mother but he still protected her. Argh omg!! This scene was the saddest scene in the whole game seriously. I almost teared up.

In the bad end, Tristan cuts her head off and he permamnently leaves the castle.

In the good end, Alu calms him down and they lock Morgause in prison. Tristan goes back into the brotherhood.

Princess Arthur_0026


Princess Arthur_0028

The Betrayer!! Oh yeah!

He claimed that he came from a noble family and came to Camelot to become a knight and to find a wife. He immediately targets Alu as his future bride and has since been trying to do all sorts of things to trick Alu into falling for him. He keeps persuading her into being his and always confessing his love to her. Wow… your intentions are super obvious man.

Princess Arthur_0016

So Alu does fall in love with him but only after that his two face immerged. He was seen with a hooded person several times and turned out that he was hurried to take action. He revealed that he was the one put snakes in her bed but only on the second time. It wasn’t him the first time though.

He wants her to throw excalibur into the lake to dethrone her and take it for himself. Also, he has pointed ears because he came from a lineage of demons or something but he doesn’t have magical powers. He threatens her that he will do nasty things if she doesn’t comply. Alu’s super shocked by his 180 change of attitude. Whereas I… I’ve been anticipating your betrayal! Yay!!

So Kay gets hurt by monster wolves and percival becomes terribly sick. She gives up and throws the sword into the lake to prevent any more casualties. But then, Nimue’s like “Hey you forgot your sword!” and throws it back to her (awesome!!). Mordred’s all WTF and turns out that it will only work if Alu truely wishes to give up. So mission failed for Mordred. Alu belives that there has to be some reason why Mordred’s doing this.

Don't cry!

Don’t cry!

That night, she goes to the church which is the couple’s secret meeting place and she sees Mordred crying at the altar (T_T loved that CG) but he runs away immediately. Aww…

Alu gets abducted and as she was being carried away, she overhears Mordred shouting at the abducter saying he did not give orders to kidnap her and the abductor said that his father ordered it because there isn’t any time left. So Alu lands up in a dungeon of Mordred’s castle and he explains the whole story.

Long ago, there was a princess whom everyone wanted to marry. Countries fought for her and the king was getting really fed up with it. Then a demon king confronted him saying give me your daughter and i’ll end the war. His country flouished from the demon’s magic afterwards but then after many years, the country started to crumble because of the weakened magic. So they came up with a plan of marrying a woman with actual magical powers into the royal family but the kingdom doesn’t have any women (How is that even possible??). So Mordred decides to grab Alu because of excalibur. Well i mean they don’t know if it will work but they try ANYTHING to save their country. They even tried to get Galahad’s blood, which had some connection to the Holy Grail but they couldn’t.

Princess Arthur_0013

So they need Alu as sacrifice for the greater good. Alu’s like ok do whatever you want with me but promise you won’t anyone anymore. Britain’s troops invades and they panic. The servant (hooded figure) hurries Mordred to carrying out the ritual but Mordred hesitates The king appears and tries to kill Alu himself but Mordred suddenly jumps in to shield her.

In the bad end, he dies.

In the good end, Lancelot and co. arrive in time to save the both of them.

While recovering, Mordred confesses his true feelings to Alu while his wounds open eww. I wouldn’t want my romantic time to be sweared all over with blood okay. So his father declares war with Britain and Mordred fights 1-on-1 with him and cuts ties with his country to be with Alu forever.

eww sorry lol

eww sorry lol


Princess Arthur_0017

Other players say he’s an otome-ish guy and i agree, only at the ending though lol. He’s the gentlemanly perfect knight who’s good at everything, even in chugging down ale. He’s like the model knight, always obeying commands kinda guy and the strongest knight as well.

So because he’s so good at everything, Arl wonders whether if he has a weakness.

They fight Lucious and Lancelot beats him and they celebrate by having a drinking contest. One funny part was Alu asked why Galahad’s not joining the guys and he replies saying because they are all idiots LOL. Anyway, Lancelot obviously wins but he’s super drunk and Alu keeps him company and she sees a vulnerable lancelot which is rare.
He’s also very close to Guinevere and Alu becomes jealous of this relationship and suspects they are lovers. Guinevere reveals that Lancelot is her sworn knight and nothing else. She also reveals his secret of why he’s so good at everything. He has a seal on his arm that allows him to be a super knight lol. But then, there is also a second one that prevents him from falling in love or his lover will die or something. I can’t remember where he got those though lol.

So Alu already has feelings for him but he’s all “I swore not to fall for anyone but to serve under the king for life only!!”. His route is pretty angsty but someone else is worse than him lol you’ll find out later.

Then they had the knight duels and this is where Morgause openly revealed her hatred towards Guinevere to Arl. She freaking hates her guts because she ‘stole’ Uther away.

the moment before alu realizes the growth on the seal

the moment before alu realizes the growth on the seal

I can’t remember what happened in between the duels and the last scene. The last scene was when Alu finds herself in a dungeon after being assaulted or something. Morgause captured lancelot and Alu there so that she can make use lancelot’s feelings for Alu to kill her and take excalibur for herself. His second seal reacts to his growing feelings for Alu and it grows in size too. So it takes over his consciousness and he attacks her.

Princess Arthur_0019

In the bad, she kills him and he dies.

In the good end, she pierces his heart but Merlin comes and saves everybody. His bad seal is now gone, but i dunno about the other one. So he can freely and openly love her as he wishes.

Princess Arthur_0044


heh heh so cute!

heh heh so cute!

The little pretty boy too pretty for his own good.

He shows little emotions or interest in anything or anyone. He doesn’t even care if he dies as he doesn’t care about anything. However, he’s rather close to Bors and Percival (reference to the actual legend in which all 3 acquired the holy grail). Alu’s always thinking of ways to become good friends with him like with the others but he makes it very difficult for her as he pushes her away.

But because she’s constantly approaching him, he starts to fall for her and his confession is so silly, i literally laughed.

Princess Arthur_0031

He goes “You belonged to everyone. I don’t know how to make you mine only. So be mine only.”

What a kid.

The he continues: I don’t like you.

Alu: Say you like me!

Galahad: I don’t like you! I—I—I LIKE YOU!

Oh god Galahad…

So our little boy’s world becomes broader and he becomes interested in more things because of her.

But then their happy moments are short-lived when he discovers some rust that cannot be taken off on his sword when he went off to kill some monster wolves. She tells Merlin about this and he forbids the couple from seeing each other for Alu’s safety because the rust might be a curse.

The both of them can’t stand not seeing each other and secretly meets at their secret place: a freaking dungeon in an old tower. Whut?

Anyway, he tells Alu to get inside a cell and locks her inside for a short while before getting in himself.

lol Touma no.2!

lol Touma no.2!

Sorry Galahad, I thought you were a tsundere? Why are you giving me Touma vibes from Amnesia now? Are you both Tsun And Yan???

So he angsts in the cell that they can’t be together but Alu comforts him.

Princess Arthur_0032

Days after, Morgause approaches the couple and insists on Galahad touching excalibur. He touches it and some spark or weird stuff happened in that second. She leaves leaving the couple confused.

Then, Alu goes to the cemetry where Galahad knocked her out.

She ends up the dungeon where Morgause does her crazy stuff in most endings. Then she sees 2 Galahads: one unconscious, the other perfectly fine. Turns out that the imposter is actually Mordred’s servant who placed a curse on him. Actually she tried several times but failed. Morgause poisons the servant, who i think is truly serving Morgause rather than Mordred. That was such a stupid move to me. Your servant can easily restrain any one of them and you plans can be carried out. Sigh.

So Morgause wants to create a new world where her brother loved only her and Merdraut is king. The only way to do it is to use excalibur and holy grail together. She sends in skeleton soldiers and monster wolves to kill them off. Morgause reveals that Galahad is the world’s Observer and is connected to the holy grail. This explains why he lacks emotions so as to not judge i guess? But then Galahad’s like i’m not gonna do all this shit and obey you. I like this world that the girl has shown me so get lost! He gets ready to strike Morgause when her poor son once again jumps in “MOTHERRRR!!”.

Merdraut: I have never loved her as my mother and i know that doing this won’t make her love me. I don’t know what kind of things she did to you but i know that she used to me and had done some bad stuff to the kingdom to get power. But i cannot stand it if she is killed in front of me.

If you want to kill her, you have to get through me first.

My god Merdraut, so broken yet so kind. I nearly teared again here.

So Galahad stops and everything’s good.

Princess Arthur_0033


Princess Arthur_0035

I love this guy too. Just sayin’.

The wizard whom everybody/normal citizens think that he would look more like Gandalf but no. He’s a handsome younger man who is immortal because he is half-demon/whatever magic being. He’s very cheeky and laidback but he takes his job pretty seriously and helps Alu out whenever she’s in trouble. Very reliable and a good advisor, like a bro.

Princess Arthur_0034

But because Alu tends to trust him too much that he decides to give her a lesson. He invites her to his room to give her a beauty potion to drink daily. He gives her tea and then suddenly drives her up againist the wall saying she shouldn’t trust others so easily. She begins to feels wobbly and he breaks the spell and lets her go.

She spends more time with Merlin and falls for him because she just trusts him more than anyone else. During the festival, she invites Merlin to accompany her and meets Elaine. Merlin intros himself as a wizard who can do anything and Elain caught on that. Merlin knows about her and Darius, her dead fiancee, and told her he can’t resurrect people to her disappointment. Merlin suggests that he can create an illusion of him but warns that she can’t touch him and is only an illusion. Elaine agrees and finds a closure to her loss. Merlin also gives her a consoling present of falling marguerite petals, which Darius used to propose to her. So sweet… i think it’s a really good ‘ending’ for Elaine. Hope she finds a better man who doesn’t die fast!

Anyway, Alu continues to pursue Merlin but he doesn’t want her to get too close to him. She always says that she will become a better leader so that Merlin can also trust her.

During her coronation, Marie, Alu’s personal servant, sends in the combusting cloak. Merlin extinguishes the fire and Marie runs away. They capture Marie shortly after but she denies that it was her doing.

Alu receives a marriage proposal from an old king in Wales as a peace treaty, she goes to Merlin for advice. He tells her to not be so impatient to settle peace for her country and she can reject the proposal and be with someone else she really likes. But she feels the need to protect her country. So she confesses again that she likes him but he’s like “No that’s not love kid. You just trust me alot that’s all.”

Princess Arthur_0046

Merlin pushes her on bed and kisses her but stops and says this will be really bad for her future boyfriends and she hits him and runs away.

Sigh Merlin, stop denying your feelings for her because you are causing me confusion as well!!

She seeked Nimue for advice and she told her to get ready to sacrfice everything if she wants to be with him and adds that why of all men she chose Merlin LOL. Nimue bad mouthed him to no end haha.

Yeah so anyway, the next day he tells her his past. His father, an incubus, seduced a queen in her sleep, got pregnant and within a month she gave birth to him. She saw him as some evil being and abandoned him at a monastery far away. He grew up not knowing about his birthplace and doesn’t have a connection to anywhere. She confesses one more time to him but he’s like nooo.

Serious shit starts happening from here.

A cat approaches Alu but Merlin catches it and it turns out to be Mordred’s servant who reveals that she was the one who enchanted the cloak, shapeshifts into different people and did all the other bad things happening to Alu by Morgause’s commands and they put her in prison.

Marie poisons Alu’s tea and she was breaking down as Alu’s knocked out. Alu doesn’t die because of Merlin’s beauty potion that was meant to prevent sudden poisoning. Turns out Marie is forced to comply to Morgause to kill Aluand steal excalibur because her village will be burnt down. Alu finds Marie in the cemetery where she tried to commit suicide but Alu gives her the antidote and being forgiving as she is, she still wants Marie to serve her after she fixes up Morgause’s mess.

that's uther's cape if you're wondering...

that’s uther’s cape if you’re wondering…

She goes to confront Morgause who has already given up on everything and says that all she wanted was the love of her brother (reference to the legend where she commited incest). Of course, he’s already dead so she commits suicide to join him. She’s like “Maybe this was the right thing to do all this time. Now i can finally join him.” No kidding! Took you a whole game to realise this?!

Weird things are happening in the forest where Merlin’s at, so she goes to get him but finds him stuck in a tree. Nimue tells her that because excalibur was taken away from her that the sealing powers of that cave in Gawain’s route was weakening so Merlin had to stop it by sealing himself instead. He’s alive but he will never wake up. She says that her sister, Vivianne, once trapped him in the lake because she wanted to keep him for herself but Nimue rescued him. So whenever he falls in love and people falls in love with him, he runs away.

Nimue tells her the only way to save Merlin is to chop the branches but she will lose her sword in return and lose her status. Alu chops it off, believing that as a king, she cannot leave Merlin behind and even without the sword she can lead the country to peace. Nimue’s obviously impressed by her words.

Merlin’s free but he’s not waking up. Nimue’s like “Wake up you bastard and don’t run away again.” and leaves the two alone. So ya he wakes up, stops running away and accepts his feelings for her.

Princess Arthur_0038

Secret Chapter

Arthurrr you troll!

Arthurrr you troll!

So after completing Merlin, a new chapter opens and you will know the real truth about the whole game.

Arthur narrates the whole chapter and converses with Merlin at the end.

He tells us his story from a boy to being a king. He fought many wars and because of this the world is in disaster. He didn’t wish for all this to happen and during his last breath on the battlefield, he questions excalibur why it chose him as its master. He asks his sword to change the world, to have a world without wars and whatsoever.

So lo and behold, excalibur and his buddy the holy grail created another timeline where Alu and the rest exists and where Arthur does not exist. This is why Alu is chosen as the new king so as to ensure a happier world.

I know… WTF right? This game made King Arthur seem so pathetic, as Yume pointed out that he’s dead and non-existant. Haha!


Princess Arthur_0039

i’m sorry but the food. LOOK AT THE FOOD!

Wow… i’m finally done….

It’s been a while since i completed a fully satisfying game like this! The art and character designs are absolutely amazing. There were a few scenes that looked awkward though. The music fits the game as well but it’s not enough to make me want the OST. Story wise, it exceeded my expectations, or rather i didn’t really have high expectations of this game? Lol I was just excited because it was based on the Arthurian legends. The plots are quite well-paced and interesting enough for me to go on.

Oh and after completing everything, there’s an extras sections where they contain sketches and extra drawings with voices too. It’s pretty cool.

Another good thing about this game is that it was hard for me to chose a favourite guy. I really liked Gawain, Tristan and Merlin as a character. Storywise, i’d have to say Mordred and Tristan. So i guess Tristan’s the answer? Haha there you go, solved it as i type.

However, i preferred the sub characters over the guys lol. I LOVED Nimue, Merdraut and Morgause. Nimue was such an awesome lady, i wanted her to be my sister. XDD She and Merlin are always there when Arl is down or in trouble but i think Nimue helps her out the most in more dire times. And her sassy personality is just hilarious. I dunno why but i just pitied Morgause at the end and i actually liked her from the start even though i knew she was the villian. Oh and how can i forget Merdraut??? Even though he doesn’t appear much, he makes such an impact when he’s on. Though the mother and son, or the son at least, don’t appear to love each other, they actually do. Merdraut…. omg, such a pitiful character.

Anyway my only complaint was that the setting was kinda historically incorrect. They had a background CG of an extravagant ballroom and some other room. This isn’t the renaissance otomate, it’s the freaking middle ages with stonewalls and dark rooms! And they had sandwiches and cakes for food. Sandwiches, really?? I don’t know the exact food during that time but bread and cheese sounds more legit. Yume pointed out it would prob have been more of pies than cakes.

Lol whatever it’s an otoge.

Oh and the costumes! I don’t know why but they love to show off their collarbone for some weird reason. At least when in battle armour, they are covered up except for Percival, who still remains half bare-skinned while managing to not get killed. Toast to you bro!

Anyway, play the game people! It’s really good!

I’ll be reading Game of Thrones for now and i might just finish off Atelier Elkrone (which i put off for almost a year??) or something… i don’t know depends on my mood lol. Till then!

9 thoughts on “Princess Arthur review (spoilers)

  1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

    Haha I enjoyed this game too! It seems the Japanese wasn’t too difficult from your screenshots? They released this in English under Solmare so that’s how I got to experience it. I have to say I wasn’t a fan of Medraut or Tristan but I adored Gallahad, Gawain, and Merlin. I wish that Medraut had gotten a route since it would’ve built some really good tension and character.


    • chromite says:

      If i remember correctly, there is a chapter in the chapter page in the menu where you can find it. It’s been a while since i played it so i don’t remember exactly but i’m pretty sure it’s found somewhere in the chapter/cg/playback sections.


  2. lenaleemelodee says:

    Who’s the scriptwriter? Sounds like it’s similar to Musketeer, right? I actually also had low expectations of this game, so it’s really nice to read that it’s in fact very interesting! I think I’ll play it next :3 Thank you very much for the review!


    • chromite says:

      Hmm i don’t really know who the scriptwriter is and i’m not familiar with the musketeer game either, haha sorry.

      No problem! Have fun playing! Let me know what are your thoughts about it when you finish too!


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