Shiratsuyu no Kai, monochrome

Shiratsuyu no Kai, monochrome

Whew, this should be the last in my chain orders for now. I got Shiratsuyu no Kai Limited Edition version as well as nero project, monochrome (official website). I’ve only listened to it a few times but I think it’s crazy good a great selection of songs! My favourite tracks so far are Ai no Uta, Monochrome, Suisou, Cantarella ~grace edition~, Yakusoku no Sora, Jougen no Tsuki, Risky Game ~Kurousa-P piano edition~, okay all the tracks.

Shiratsuyu no Kai Limited Edition version consists of the game, limited edition drama CD, booklet and illustration board. As a preorder, I also got the preorder drama CD and the portrait tokuten from NeoWing. The first half of the booklet are all coloured illustrations, including chibi ones which were all adorable! I think I’m becoming a fan of teracco’s. The second half of the booklet is in greyscale, and contains the character profiles (comments) and a little dialogue at the very end with the characters. I guess this 1/2 coloured, 1/2 greyscale is becoming a standard for Otomate – but at least in this case they dealt with the page arrangements well. And I don’t know if you can see clearly, but the illustration board has some silver tinges.

Shiratsuyu no Kai monochrome

Allow me to rant a little about nero project! I was really excited for this release since it was announced since nero was the main vocalist! Moreover the line-up looked gorgeous and 12 tracks (49 minutes) + DVD (~15 minutes) for 2500 yen? Wow, I’m not used to this – at least if we’re talking about their pricing. The album has a nice mix of songs, and tracks like Renai Philosophia, Risky Game really suit nero’s voice so it was a perfect match in my opinion. The DVD contains the PVs for 4 tracks, as well as a short “making of” track. They uploaded 3 PVs on NND for promotional purposes already but…naturally the DVD one is HQ. Also, the CD booklet can be opened up into a poster (as shown above). I thought it was a neat touch. Really satisfied with monochrome! nero has really improved so much, ahhh but so has amu asdlkajsd (Sorry, I’m too lazy to go on in detail like I did for amu’s albums lol. Speaking of amu, I never got to post about amuTen’s W.H.Y. but it’s just as awesome!)

I’m still playing Getsuei no Kusari, so you probably shouldn’t expect me to touch OZMAFIA!! or Shiratsuyu no Kai for a while…/o\

Please do not ask me for download links or request me to share my copy here.


8 thoughts on “Shiratsuyu no Kai, monochrome

  1. Hinano says:

    thanks for the unboxing. I thought I’d be playing koibana days forever so I ordered mine via airmail so god knows when it’ll arrive. amazon japan gave shiratsuyu 2 stars so I guess uh I’m not too impatient to get started on it:(;゙゚’ω゚’):


    • Yume says:

      You’re welcome! Hopefully your copy will arrive soon. ><; Yeah I've heard all sorts of negative things about Shiratsuyu too…it's kinda sad that recently it's playing the game to see if it's really as bad as they say, rather than to see if it's really as good as they say. :\


  2. kurorisa says:

    shiratsuyu! and nero project omg you’re trying to kill me.
    I’m a fan of nero and kurousaP and then your post asdjljkfj
    as for shiratsuyu, hope you finish that tl;dr getsuei and play it!


  3. yaoidaisuki says:

    You bought the game =D awesome!!
    I wanted to buy too but I don’t have extra money this month ><
    Too many otome games to play right? XD


    • Yume says:

      I did (:
      Aww that’s too bad. But maybe you could always get it later (and hopefully there’ll be a discount or something).
      Yup! They’re just as many upcoming otome games as ever. x__o


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