Kamisama (Kari) Gakuen Souran Hen Review (non-spoiler)


I managed to play through Kamisama (Kari) Gakuen Souran Hen by easy-peasy pretty fast so I thought I might as well do up a review for it while I still remember the details. This is a R-18 BL game so there is mature content. This will be a non-spoiler review, and only CGs I’ll show are featured on the official website already.

This is one of the two Kamisama (Kari) releases. For both, the story is quite straightforward. Our protagonist, Azumi, hardly does anything as a god to watch over the humans and only lazes around or goes down to watch movies, collect rare merchandises etc. So he’s told by Nigihaya that he’s given a last chance to redeem himself as a god if not he’ll be banished from the heavens forever. As a god, they’re supposed to guide people’s fates as accordingly. In this Gakuen Souran Hen release, the task he gives Azumi is that of making the unfortunate people happy, as their fates have gotten twisted up unfairly when they should deserve happiness. The time given is two weeks, and Azumi is ordered to infiltrate a high school to find his target. Kukuri, who serves Nigihaya, is told to assist Azumi when necessary.

From the start, you can choose whether Azumi infiltrates the school as a transfer student or a trainee teacher. The former’s story would focus on the school examinations, while the latter’s story would focus on the school cultural festival. Either way, the first week acts like a common route for both, and the second week individual character routes. And either way, Azumi can interact with any of the three possible targets: Nomiya Seigo, a yankee student feared by everyone due to his stern looks and scary rumours even though he’s actually a nice guy. Yaegaki Shouji, the popular classical literature and homeroom teacher who’s hot-blooded and friendly, but especially particular about morals. Ikuta Shuuichi, the excellent temporary physics teacher, but has a weak presence and is often made to do all the miscellaneous work by others. For all of the routes, it’s possible to get good, normal or bad ends.


Nigihaya, Kukuri, Azumi

To be honest, once you’ve finished a few routes you can more or less grasp what will happen in the others. The issues Nomiya, Yaegaki and Ikuta have remain the same no matter which route. However, if I were to compare I think that Yaegaki had a better route with adult Azumi, Ikuta had a better route with student Azumi – for Nomiya both routes were pretty even. I didn’t really appreciate the two bad ends with CG scenes though (Nomiya, Yaegaki)…… And again in my personal opinion, Nomiya’s character is the best (aka cute/gap moe) but I think Ikuta’s issue was the most unfortunate so I can’t help but emphathise with him. His situation mirrored the otome game I’m playing now so that kind of bettered my understanding I guess. But actually, my favourite characters ended up being Azumi and Kukuri! Azumi’s personality is really amusing. (Visual and audio-wise, my preferences lean towards the adult version. /cough) It’s just that it’s hard for me to swallow the fact that the couple can solve everything (aka Azumi fulfills his mission) and end up together in two weeks. As for Kukuri, I loved the fact that he has what appears to be a spiteful personality, but he always ends up looking out for Azumi anyway.

I usually never comment on the sex scenes for R-18 games but…I felt that I should just say that they are over quite fast (well, just saying). That being said, you are given the option of who tops who for all the couples which is a nice touch. After you finish each route you unlock the standards – CGs, CG scenes. You also have access to the music section and videos. There is a bonus section though and being really curious as to what it was (the website hinted that it’s related to Nigihaya, Kukuri) I aimed for full completion. You unlock each bonus when you fully complete – all the bad ends, all the good ends, everything. I won’t spoil anything but I’ll just say that I was a bit disappointed…not that I didn’t mind the extra screen time for Kukuri. /o\

The art is nice, except for a few awkward CGs. A little more (pose) variation to the sprites would have been nice. The music is pretty nice though only one track sticks in my mind. As for the voice-acting, I think everyone did great. It may take you a while to get used to Azumi (‘cos he sounds like someone else~) and Ikuto’s soft-spoken voice though.


Azumi, Nomiya

The game interface has a cute, classroom feel and everything’s pretty well-executed considering that this is their first game. I was a bit surprised by how large the window resolution is. Just a quick note that the game froze a few times when I saved – the save file safely went through but the game would freeze anyway. So after that I stopped being so compulsive on my saving lol. Thing is, when the choices appear you cannot access the menu to save so you must remember to save before that – somehow. You can easily complete a route in 3-5 hours though so it shouldn’t be too troublesome.

All in all, it’s a light-hearted game which drew out some laughs from me. I think what I really enjoyed was some of the amusing dialogue between the characters – such as between Azumi and Kukuri, Azumi and Nomiya. I think that it’s a pretty nice game to cheer yourself up with. As I said, the only thing I didn’t appreciate were those two bad ends (with CG scenes). I guess I’d rather if they didn’t always try to stuff in R-18 scenes in bad ends for R-18 games since they can turn out to be jarring and inconsistent. So well, don’t expect too much as it’s a very straightforward game and enjoy the moments!

11 thoughts on “Kamisama (Kari) Gakuen Souran Hen Review (non-spoiler)

  1. Eu says:

    Eeeeeh? 3-5 hours? That quick? And to think you are multi-tasking this with Getsuei. ww I was expecting it to be quite longer (or maybe I was thinking of Taisho?)
    And yes adult!Azumi is <333 ahaha.


    • Yume says:

      Or maybe I think I play faster ‘cos when compared to Getsuei…it’s a lot shorter lol. I kinda expected it to be around this length since they released two games at one go. Though it’s three characters, you play 2x (student, adult) so I guess that makes it 6 routes? Thinking that way I guess it’s a decent playtime of 20~ hours. (If you’re talking about Taisho Mebiusline, yes that game is longer than this! …but still shorter than Getsuei I think. XD)

      Hoho, pretty much the reason I was first interested in this. ^q^


  2. yaoidaisuki says:

    I have this game but I didn’t play yet.
    Really? Is that easy?! XD
    Thanks for this review 😉 I’ll try playing it soon!!!


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