Kamisama (Kari) Rojiura Ryouran Hen Review (non-spoiler)


Here’s the review for the other easy-peasy game, Kamisama (Kari) Rojiura Ryouran Hen. I have already reviewed the other one. This is a R-18 BL game so there is mature content. This will be a non-spoiler review, and only CGs I’ll show are featured on the official website already.

For the second of the two Kamisama (Kari) releases I’m reviewing, the story is just as straightforward. Don’t mind if I copy-paste the introduction: Our protagonist, Azumi, hardly does anything as a god to watch over the humans and only lazes around or goes down to watch movies, collect rare merchandises etc. So he’s told by Nigihaya that he’s given a last chance to redeem himself as a god if not he’ll be banished from the heavens forever. As a god, they’re supposed to guide people’s fates as accordingly. In this Rojiura Ryouran Hen release, the task he gives Azumi is that of punishing those who have committed wrong, for their fates got twisted up as they somehow keep getting away with their wrongdoings. The time given is two weeks, and Azumi is ordered to wander the streets to find his target. Kukuri, who serves Nigihaya, is told to assist Azumi when necessary.

From the start, you can choose whether Azumi heads down as a detective (seinen) or a company president (oyaji). Either way, the first week acts like a common route for both, and the second week individual character routes. Either way, Azumi would eventually start to frequent Bar Kannaduki, which is run by Usaka Shinnosuke. The three possible targets he can approach are: Kamo Wataru, who appears to runs a model company but actually he’s running an illegal business and has grasps on the weaknesses of those in influential positions. Kifune Touma, who was once a passionate and upright policeman but due to a certain event he’s become a corrupted one. Tenma Yukihara, an innocent-looking man who cleans the streets. But due to leading a rather vagrant lifestyle with his father, his morals are a bit skewed. For all of the routes, it’s possible to get good, normal or bad ends.


Azumi, Kifune

My comments for this game are actually pretty similar. Again, once you’ve finished a few routes you can more or less grasp what will happen in the others for the issues Kamo, Kifune, Tenma have remain the same no matter which route. But this was a bit more interesting as you’re not sure at first how Azumi is going to approach them unlike the high school game. Also, all of them are actually linked to a same ongoing event – you can’t figure this out though till you’ve played a few times. Usaka’s background is also touched on, and you get to learn that one of these characters are actually linked to one in Gakuen Souran Hen! Personally, I think that Kamo and Tenma had better routes with seinen Azumi, and Kifune had a better route with oyaji Azumi. Tenma’s route with oyaji Azumi started out nicely but I wasn’t convinced with the end, as was Kifune’s with seinen Azumi. Same for Kamo, but his was less well-done…I didn’t like how they handled his issue, which I considered as the most delicate. as usual, I didn’t really appreciate the bad ends with R-18 CG scenes. Character-wise I liked Tenma but unfortunately they didn’t dwell too much on his background. For that aspect, I thought Kifune’s was the most interesting. But again, my favourites remain Azumi and Kukuri – alongside Usaka too. Similarly, it’s just that it’s hard for me to swallow the fact that the couple can solve everything (aka Azumi fulfills his mission) and end up together in two weeks.

Once again, you are given the option of who tops who for all the couples which is a nice touch. After you finish each route you unlock the standards – CGs, CG scenes. You also have access to the music section and videos. There is a bonus section though and again I aimed for full completion. You unlock each bonus when you fully complete – all the bad ends, all the good ends, everything. Knowing what to expect this time: the first confirmed by expectations, the second shocked me, while the last one was a pleasant surprise.

The art is nice, except for a few awkward CGs. There was questionable poses and angles, and for a few the clothes the characters were wearing would be different from the sprites immediately afterwards. The music is pretty nice though only one track sticks in my mind (the one that plays in the title menu). As for the voice-acting, I think everyone was decent especially Usaka’s.


Azumi, Tenma

The game interface has a nice bar-inspired feel and everything’s pretty well-executed considering that this is their first game. I was a bit surprised by how large the window resolution is. Unlike the other game, this one didn’t freeze on me once when I saved. Hmm. Again, when the choices appear you cannot access the menu to save so you must remember to save before that – somehow. You can easily complete a route in 3-5 hours though so it shouldn’t be too troublesome.

All in all, it’s was an interesting play and a more ‘adult’ one than Gakuen Souran Hen I guess? Azumi has some pretty amusing monologues, and his interactions with all the characters were fun to read – in particular (both) Azumi and Tenma, seinen Azumi and Kamo, and most of the scenes with Usaka or Kukuri. That’s my personal opinion though. As I said, the only thing I didn’t appreciate were those bad ends with R-18 content. I really did prefer those bad ends with no R-18 content since they didn’t force in R-18 scenes for the sake of it – in doing so it made more sense and the flow was better. A nice game to try out if you are in the mood for a shorter game so well, if it interests you feel free to check it out!

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