Oujisama (Warai) Series Official Fan Book, miko Artbook TOIRO×Stripes!


I don’t know when I can get to my next review, and didn’t want my last game review to remain on top so I made this post lol. Also, it’s been a while since I posted about fanbooks and/or artbooks. AND today happens to be Ishida’s birthday so I wanted to listen to something with him too~ So I’ll just introduce briefly the contents of the Oujisama (Warai) Series Official Fan Book (yes in case you haven’t heard, it got one) and the drama CD which accompanies it. After that I’ll show the contents of miko’s gorgeous artbook, TOIROxStripes! \o/ I don’t think her illustrations give away game spoilers, but if you’d like to stay on the safe side then don’t look past this line I guess.

First up, the Oujisama (Warai) Series Official Fan Book. I LOVE this drama CD series and it’s been 1-2 years since I started thinking “gosh I wish a fanbook or artbook came out for this” and look, they did! Even the book slip writes “OFB? It’s a joke right?? ……eh, it’s really coming out!?” and then it writes “yes we’re always serious” – I love this series’ humour. So being priced at almost 3000 yen, I thought that it was a bit on the expensive side since it spans just over 60 pages. However, they did include an accompanying drama CD which features the whole cast (lasts about 30 minutes) so…I overlooked that, especially after listening to the drama CD. But I’ll get to that later. First off, we have the character profiles. I love the clean page designs and they made full use of Urumanatsuko’s lovely art. ;w; There was just a typo on Ibara-hime’s profile: “little bliar Rose”. Other than that, you can tell that they poured in a lot of love and effort with all the details of the prince, from a typical day in the prince’s life to a Q&A with him.

Following the 10 princes’ profiles, they also included a section for Takemoto’s characters which I found really cute. He appears in every drama CD filling up misc. roles. After that, there’s a character relationship chart as well as brief profiles of their AU school student profiles. \o/ The last to come in this section, are the characters’ answers to the troubles/questions readers could send it beforehand. (Ibara-hime’s prince’s answer lmao.)

owfb-1 owfb-2

The next section includes interviews and reports. The interviews aren’t the previous ones, but especially for this OFB. Everyone’s answer to “what prince would you be?” were amusing to read lol. After this, they added reports for the event they held for the radio show, as well as a look into the last radio session with Takemoto (he’s the host). Following this, are the interviews for the illustrator, writer and BGM creators for this drama CD series. I haven’t had time to read through closely yet, but the interviewer (staff) and writer…seem really free-spirited lol. No wonder this drama CD carries the same spirit.

Also, I’d just like to show how gorgeous the last page is!! It’s probably the most beautiful credits page I’ve ever seen. In fact, all the section separator pages have these motifs too which clearly signify each prince’s story. Aasdlkajsdasd so glad they got Urumanatsuko on board for this drama CD series. I think her art really brings out the uniqueness of each prince. ;w; Speaking of her art, let’s move on to the last section of this OFB – the gallery section aka the section I was looking forward to the most!!

They pretty much included all the drama CD covers, the illustrations for the tokuten CDs, mobile game, as well as their site’s banner which they often change according to whatever special occasion there is. I don’t always check their website so a big part of me was really happy that they included all the banner illustrations here – LOOK AT THEM PRINCESSWWW. Right at the end are the sketches. I do kinda wished they blew up all the illustrations like they did for the drama CD cover illustrations, but I guess there was page constraints to work within.


Now let me briefly describe the accompanying drama CD. It’s aptly described as a digest version, for both acquainted listeners to look back and laugh at the drama CDs as well as new listeners to…get to know more about the characters. Basically it’s like them making a commentary of their own stories. Since 10 princes are a lot to handle at one go, they split them up as accordingly: Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel (my favourite trio); Aladdin, Mikado, Genji; Ibara-hime, Kaeru, Little Mermaid and Swan Lake. You’d think that it would be a mundane listen since it’s a digest version – but no. It’s terribly amusing, as I’ve come to expect from this series. Probably due to each prince’s individualistic personality, their commentaries don’t always go as planned. For example, instead of showing the expected short flashback snippet, they showed a top secret recording of Cinderella’s, or a home video of Rapunzel’s. ❤ Basically, a very entertaining listen which reminded me of why I loved this series.

miko-1 miko-2

Now let’s move onto miko’s artbook TOIROxStripes! \o/ Her artbook is very cleanly divided according to the games she’s worked on: Toki no Kizuna, Moujuutsukai to Oujisama, Arcobaleno! and Petit Four. At the start, are the new illustrations she drew for each game, as well as an original steam punk illustration. The first section features her most recent Toki no Kizuna (and its FD). I haven’t played it at all so I can’t really comment – except that her art is gorgeous. They included a lot of illustrations, character sketches, as well as the drawings/comics she did for the staff blog and LE booklets.

The second section is none other than Moujuutsukai to Oujisama. I forgot to add that at the start of each game section, there would a miko’s brief comment on it. MtO’s stuck out to me  as she wrote that she basically wanted to draw mice, and then they came back to her asking her to create sexy men LOL. The story of how cute animals and sexy men came about. Once again, they probably included every other illustration she did for the game (and FD), as well as character sketches and all other extra staff blog illustrations and comics.

miko-3 miko-4

Gosh, the 4-koma comics were so adorable. Erik bunny cosplaying was just… Reminded me of why I loved this game so much. I didn’t photograph it, but they also included animal sketches lol. I think Klaus doesn’t get enough love, so just saying that her sketches of him in his mouse form were adorable. ❤ I noticed that Otomate has put up a Vita trial for MtO, so maybe it’s getting a port? Who knows.

As you’d expect, the next sections are Arcobaleno! and Petit Four. Again, I’ve never played them so I can’t really comment much. I think you can really see the difference in miko’s style though, and how she’s polished herself through the years. Since these titles were only single releases (aka no FD), their sections were smaller than the first two. That being said, as miko herself said these were important titles to her since they gave her the chance to develop. I find it interesting too, as to how varied her works are: Arcobaleno! and Petit Four are cooking-related, MtO is fantasy (and mofumofu) while Toki no Kizuna is historical.

miko-5 miko-6

The very last section includes her misc. illustrations (eg. for Otomate Magazine, for other Otomate titles), her interview, comments on the new illustrations she drew for this artbook and a look into the making of one of them. Again, I haven’t had the time to read closely but it’s a pretty lengthy interview. Maybe it’s just me, but you can really feel how miko loves all the titles she’s worked on. As for her comments on the new illustrations she drew, they were fun to read! For MtO’s, she was contemplating doing an Alice theme (I wouldn’t have minded) but ended up choosing a 19th century feel. As for the original one, she mentioned that she wanted to do a steam punk themed game next – and after 3 years she finally came up with this lol. I really hope that they can continue on with this idea, ‘cos the steam punk theme seems really cool to me! Plus, it would feature miko diving into yet another genre.

Overall I’m really satisfied with miko’s artbook! Most of her illustrations are blown up to the max. of each page, and everything is very cleanly designed. miko has certainly drawn quite a bit in these past few years having worked on 4 games, so the artbook fills up to 160 pages. I’m sure fellow fans of her art would enjoy this artbook, especially if you’re a fan of the games she’s worked on too!

14 thoughts on “Oujisama (Warai) Series Official Fan Book, miko Artbook TOIRO×Stripes!

  1. lenaleemelodee says:

    I’ve just stumbled upon this post while looking for info on Ouji-sama Warai fanbook. I think the contents are potentially interesting but do you think it’s worth its 3,000 yen? I’ve been thinking about it (and while I was at it, I bought a Kuroshitsuji artbook and ordered Eikoku Tantei Mysteria artbook while ignoring this). I’m always rather picky about artbooks, I do enjoy illustrations, but I like it the most when there’s a lot of info/extra info in the book. Do you think there is enough?

    And about miko’s artbook. I’m a big fan of Mojuutsukai’s Matheus (insanely huge fan), and I enjoyed Toki no Kizuna’s Chitose’s route but I haven’t played the other games, do you think the artbook’s worth it?
    But your review and those photos looks so tempting X3


    • Yume says:

      Like I mentioned, it was 60 pages for the book only so it’s pricey – but I considered that they did add in a drama CD. And well, drama CDs of that similar length can easily be at least 1500 yen. In any case, I’m a huge fan of this drama CD series and have been waiting for a long time for a fanbook to come out so I’d probably get it no matter the price. I think you’d just have to ask yourself how much you’d want it, not just for the book but for the CD too. ‘Cos the information in a drama CD fanbook can probably never compare to a game fanbook.

      And I myself have only played Moujuutsukai and didn’t touch the other games miko illustrated but I still got it ‘cos I find all of her art gorgeous. They added in every possible illustration they could in her artbook so I was happy that I got this rather than…well multiple fanbooks of the games she illustrated for.


  2. kurorisa says:

    ok now I know the artist for both moujutsukai and toki no kizuna. I don’t really remember most of otoge artist except the one who drew Amnesia (I barely remember her name) and Sarachi Yomi. also that Oujisama fanbook! I barely listen to it but I have to tell that Oujisama (warai) series is the best drama CD I’ve ever listened to coz of their crazy talks which make me laugh really hard. I wish I have more money ;v;


    • Yume says:

      Ahh but surely you’ll know the more well-known ones like Kazuki Yone (Hakuouki) and Kazuaki (Starry☆Sky)…? Oh and Hanamura Mai is the artist for Amnesia. Ahh yes seriously, it’s one of the most hilarious drama CD series I’ve ever listened to. And it’s still ongoing, for more than 3 years too. O:


      • kurorisa says:

        oh yes of course I know them XD they’re mostly known I guess.

        I’ve only listened to a few since my lack of japanese. then again I’m not really the type to listen to drama CDs guys whispering to my ears talking sweet stuffs. that’s why I like kakko warai oujisama XD


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