A small update

Hi, this is just a small update to say that we’re both swamped with real life stuff. That being said, I am still playing in whatever little time I have. But I doubt that I’ll be able to do detailed reviews for every other game – so I did up a poll:

You can pick up till 3 choices. POLL IS CLOSED, THANK YOU! I can’t guarantee that I’ll decide according to the results, but I’ll be using it as a reference. /o\ Also, the list is of the games that are in my immediate backlog, or that I’m likely to pre-order…likely. As you may notice, I didn’t include ones like Kiniro no Corda 3 (which I’m playing now) as they’re less straightforward to review… Sequels and FDs like GHP:P and Jyuuzaengi 2 are not in the list too, as I’ll be reviewing them like how I did for the original games.


9 thoughts on “A small update

  1. thinkerbee says:

    Woot! Thank you Yume for the poll and your steadfast dedication to us ‘stalkers with incompetent JP proficiency’ (read:me me me IDK how many years would it take to understand VN w/o dictionary sobs)

    I picked Ken ga Kimi, SBL, and AAA, but my priority definitely lies on Ken ga Kimi because THEM. WEIRD. TERMINOLOGY. AND. FACTS.

    Between, I don’t mind a shorter review / general impressions on light-hearted or bad games lol since they don’t have much meat and important stuff inside the story? Ahaha…


    • Yume says:

      Asdlkajsd thank you for your kind words /o\

      LOL Ken ga Kimi does prove to be the…”heaviest” game of them all. I played the trial and I was just staring at all the dictionary terms they kept giving us at the start. :’3

      Ohh that’s true, I’ll definitely consider that. Thank you for the suggestion! ❤


  2. Eu says:

    OMFG you planning to play Hanakisou and AkaAka?? LKDFJALSKAL;AFJA; /clings to you for life wwwww

    While I’ll gladly choose all of those games (I just want to read your thoughts on them |D), I picked SBL, Hanakisou, and AkaAka. Although I know that there will be lots of review somewhere about SBL, I still included it lol. Hanakisou and AkaAka because the reviews are rare which is too bad. ^^;; (and yes, I had the urge to explain my choices ahahaha!)

    And why didn’t I read this soonerrrrr? /kicks school


    • Yume says:

      Yes!! :DD You too?? /clings to you too

      Eheheh I think it’s quite likely that I’ll write a detailed review for SBL (since Ishida is Ivan). :3 But yeah I noticed that there’s hardly anything written for Hanakisou and AkaAka so I included them even though they’re not otome games.

      No worries, I’m probably leaving the poll on for a while longer. ww


  3. Sena says:

    I think a poll is a neat idea (even if you might not completely follow it)! I think I only knew half the games on it so I looked up the others and they sound interesting. Now I have more to add to my backlog. Damn it. haha.


  4. yaoigadaisuki says:

    I used to write detalied reviews on my blog, but, like you, I no longer do that 😐
    So I understand you. I prefer to write a simple review, that will allow the person to understand the game a bit and tell about the characters =)


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