Glass Heart Princess: Platinum: Resort, Side, Satsuki

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0037

So we got our FD, Glass Heart Princess: Platinum! Since the FD is divided into several sections, I’ll be doing the same for my posts to keep things neat. In this first post, I’ll be going through the Resort, Side stories and Satsuki’s…umm route? Naturally there will be spoilers for the first game.


It starts off not long after the school festival – in which the boys performed as an idol group (as in the first game). It turns out that their performance was the most popular, and as a reward the director has given them tickets for a 4 night 5 day resort trip. Everyone readily agrees to this. But as Kyouko has the Glass Heart Syndrome, both Shinnosuke and Satsuki has her undergo aggressive training so that her limit is raised to 200 – though Kyouko has no idea, Satsuki remarks that those who’ve played the first game will understand lol. They leave for the school’s private resort, surviving Shinnosuke’s piloting skills on the way there. On the first day, everyone heads for the beach. Tenma doesn’t seem to appear well (he doesn’t deal well with water), and so he gladly lets Shinnosuke take over the warm-up session – 100 push-ups, 100 squats, 100 everything. While Kanata breezes through everything, Yukito is left pretty breathless at the end. At this point, Kyouko will go to find one of the guys.

Shinnosuke: Kyouko and Shinnosuke challenge each other to see who can collect more seashells while scuba-diving. They had this challenge when they were little and Shinnosuke won then. This time though, Kyouko wins. But she notices that he has 2 sunrise shells which are hard to find – apparently he was seeking them out from the start so as to delight her. Hearing this, Kyouko feels as though it’s not really her win but quickly stops Shinnosuke from punishing himself by being shark bait lol. She thanks him, and they each keep a shell.

Yukito: Both of them go parasailing, and enjoy the breeze. Though Kyouko was initially conscious of how close they were. She’s glad as her previous experienced was pretty damaged thanks to Satsuki. However, Yukito later points out that Satsuki is filming them on a boat to her dismay.

Tenma: Kyouko finds Tenma resting at the side, and suggests getting a drink. Though they both each ordered a drink, the waitress seemed to think of them as a couple and took the initiative to make it a couple drink lol. Thanks to her training, Kyouko managed through the experience of drinking together with Tenma.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0028

Kanata: Kyouko goes to join Kanata, as they ride a banana boat. Sitting behind him, Kyouko has little choice but to hug him. She does her best to endure her increasing heartbeat, and sits through the full ride. After their ride, she readily agrees to accompany Kanata in his observation of crabs walking.

After this, Satsuki suggests a harem event–I mean everyone to play a game of beach volleyball. The teams are: Shinnosuke and Tenma vs. Kyouko, Yukito and Kanata. Though the odds seem to be against Kyouko’s team, especially since Kanata has no idea what beach volleyball is – they soon turn the tables around. They use Kyouko’s tactic of using her as a defense against Shinnosuke’s (special) attacks, and Kanata to deal all the decisive blows. They win the game, and Satsuki has the losing team wear Kyouko’s swimsuits as punishment pfft. That night, Kyouko can either visit the adults’ or students’ room. In the adults’ room, she finds Shinnosuke and Tenma heading off to the casino. In the students’ room, Yukito and Kanata are playing Old Maid. She joins them and soon discovers for herself why Kanata keeps losing – he shows everything on his face. If Kyouko decides to remain in the room, she sees Satsuki taking out a dance game to play with. But the noise resounded to other rooms, and Tenma angrily confiscates it.

On the 2nd day, Shinnosuke excitedly wakes Kyouko up as they’re heading to the island’s natural park. Kyouko is quick to make the connection: Natural park + Shinnosuke = Survival. When everyone gathers below, Shinnosuke brings 50kg backpacks for all of them. They soon find out that it’s filled with (useless) stuff such as gadgets to send out SOS signals in the case that they lose reception lol. Kyouko starts removing them leaving Shinnosuke depressed as he pre-ordered a lot of them. When they make their way to the natural park, they decide to split up since everyone wants to see different areas.

Shinnosuke: Shinnosuke wants to see the old army base but Kyouko reads the description for it – saying that it’s a famous ghost spot. She has to break this to him which sends him into depression. Kyouko decides to give him another task, as it’s the best way to ‘revive’ him if you will. So Shinnosuke quickly prepares tea for her, and they’re reminded of how they made a secret base when they were young and often played there – she even served him tea then like a wife would to a husband which shocked her father then.

Yukito: Kyouko is drawn by the animal plaza sign, as it states there’s even a lion cub now. She notices Yukito in the same direction, and he hesitantly explains that he’s headed for the ancient ruins which happens to be on the way. So Kyouko asks for his company till then. They stop by the animal plaza (which totally looks like Cattleya lol) and Kyouko invites Yukito to play with the baby animals. He hesitates at first, but loses all resistance once he cuddles up with the lion cub. He thoroughly enjoys his time there, and so does Kyouko as she observes an unexpected side of him. He gets her to promise not to tell anyone about this.

Tenma: Kyouko joins Tenma, as they head to a beautiful flower field. Tenma isn’t quite happy to be called “cute” by Kyouko, as she inserts a flower in his hair, but takes her compliment anyway. Just then, she’s bitten by a poisonous snake and Tenma quickly throws it away and sucks out the poison from her leg. His…instincts gets the better of him though but manages to retreat in time. He has Kyouko rest for a bit, before they return to meet up with the rest.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0076

First that bathroom CG in the first game, now this lol. Oh Kanata.

Kanata: Kyouko accompanies Kanata to the rare plants area. There, they spot a rare butterfly which is half male and half female. Kanata tries to catch it but fails to. Soon it starts to rain, and they take shelter in a nearby shed. Not wanting to catch a cold, they remove their clothes and wrap themselves with a blanket – though Kanata initially offered to help Kyouko remove her clothes too lol. Instead, he hugs her to keep her warm till the rain stops. But Kanata also immediately stands up before Kyouko, and she blacks out at him only wearing his underwear lol.

Shinnosuke has prepared a barbecue for everyone, though he’s depressed when no one thanks him as they all rush to the meat. When having the barbecue, Kyouko can choose what second servings she wants – including a…weird mass of green stuff Kanata is eating, and some unknown meat from a bird Shinnosuke captured. Once more, Kyouko can either visit the adults’ or students’ room at night. In the adults’ room, she finds Shinnosuke and Kanata watching baseball. She joins them, but soon realises that the baseball showing is a life-threatening one with special killer moves etc. so she soon excuses herself. In the students’ room, she finds Tenma tutoring Yukito as that was the condition for Yukito coming onto this trip. Yukito is relieved when Kyouko offers to join, only to regret it later as he finds himself with two ‘teachers’ instead. If Kyouko remains in her room, she talks to Satsuki who soon lectures her on how to be an otome game heroine, for she finds Kyouko lacking the self-conscious as one lol.

On the 3rd day, everyone heads to the shopping area (which has Restaurant Snow Bound Land lol) to buy some souvenirs before meeting later to take a photo together with the sunset.

Shinnosuke: Shinnosuke is immediately drawn to a shooting range, and he guides Kyouko as she tries out a rifle. After they’re done, he is down that he made her accompany him for his interests. But when Kyouko remarks that it was fun, he gets too excited and says that he’ll guide her in handling other types of guns too – so that she can aim to be a professional lol. Kyouko is quick to reject him.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0125

Yukito: They wander the streets, and a precious stone stall attracts Kyouko’s interest. They both decide to buy a bracelet for each other. Kyouko picks out an onyx one, as she recalls that it signifies mental support, and can also ward away evil. Yukito admits that he got her a rose quartz one purely for its appearance, but remarks that it fits her perfectly when she explains that it signifies love, kindness, emotions and is also Aphrodite’s stone. Satsuki interrupts their moment yet again, as she adds that onyx also means to ward away temptation – so she’s preventing him from two-timing lol. Later, Yukito gets Kyouko to promise that they won’t wear it before the others – for if Shinnosuke finds out who knows what will happen to him.

Tenma: Kyouko already had Satsuki buy all the souvenirs, and Tenma has finished buying his too. So they decide to rent a car and go for a drive (lol did they purposely insert this for the “teacher” character). As they enjoy they drive (since it’s nothing like Shinnosuke’s driving), Kyouko notices that Tenma specially changed clothes and that those clothes…make him look like part of the mafia. Tenma panics slightly at her words, but soon recovers himself.

Kanata: As they look around, Kanata is interested in some clothes with interesting patterns as it looks extremely similar to their *beep* plans. His alien remarks that it could be remnants of an ancient alien civilisation so they head into the shop. In the shop, they’re given the chance to change into those clothes and take a photo. Unfortunately for Kyouko, Satsuki doesn’t miss this opportunity to snap a shot too, as she adds that it’s actually wedding clothes. This embarrasses Kyouko a lot, but Kanata has no idea what it means.

Everyone meets up later and drives to the photo spot chosen by Tenma (which has a statue which totally looks like Matheus’ lion form…). Everyone starts fighting over the spot next to Kyouko, only for Satsuki to already claim it and the rest clamour into the photo lol. It’s the last night here and Kyouko has her last event with her guy.

Shinnosuke: Kyouko unfortunately twists her ankle, but she has to go for the important dinner later as the island’s mayor is attending it. Seeing her insistence, Shinnosuke doesn’t force her to stay and helps to treat her foot. However, he also insists on carrying her till the entrance of the dinner party. While she’s embarrassed, she endures it especially when Satsuki offers to carry her instead lol.

Yukito: That night, Yukito invites Kyouko out to the seaside. There, they witness a rare moon rainbow.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0104

Tenma: Tenma invites Kyouko to head to the hotel bar, though of course he doesn’t let her touch any alcohol. They have a little toast that night, as they gaze at the night scenery.

Kanata: Kanata recalls that the night before, he saw the sea sparkling so he wants to observe it closely this time. Kyouko joins him that night after dinner, and they observe the phenomenon for themselves. Before this, Kyouko had asked the locals about this and she shares with Kanata the truth – there are actually noctiluca scintillans in the sea which shine when disturbed by the waves. Kanata is impressed by Kyouko as he’s learning a lot from her. She takes this chance to ask if he’ll travel the world with her one day and he readily agrees. Though she doesn’t know when this promise will be fulfilled, she’s satisfied for now.

The next day, Kyouko leaves the island with happy memories.

Harem end: If Kyouko doesn’t form happy memories with anyone on any of the days, Satsuki tells her on the last night that she’s prepared something special for her – after all an otome game starts from the last choice! It turns out that Satsuki pretty much prepared a harem end for Kyouko at the dinner party (which apparently all 1 million GHP fans wanted lol), with everyone vying for her attention including a drunk Tenma – for Satsuki told them to get as close to Kyouko as possible.

Side Stories

Shinnosuke: It’s a typical day in Shinnosuke’s life – except that today is the day of Kyouko’s first date with Yukito. Though he knows that it’s for her rehabilitation and so should support her decision, somehow it doesn’t quite sit as well with him. Ever since they announced the counter-method, he has been lacking in concentration. For today, he’s been strictly instructed to only watch from the shadows lest anything happens, naturally he decides to bring his rifle with him in the end. Shinnosuke prepares breakfast as he usually does, for Satsuki surprisingly has low blood pressure in the mornings. After that, he heads for his most important task of the day – waking Kyouko up. He heads to her room and judges that it should be alright today while noticing a stack of shoujo manga next to her pillow. It’s always rare to see her sleeping face, moreover today she seems rather tired. Shinnosuke convinces himself that he’s only observing for future reference purposes, and stays silent for 3 more minutes. Once he’s prepared, he takes a deep breath and wakes Kyouko up gently. Once she opens her eyes, Shinnosuke greets her good morning and it’s like his day has truly started. It’s a role he won’t give way to anyone else, not even her chosen partner.

Yukito: This is after Kyouko revealed to him her the truth about glass heart syndrome, and after they confessed to each other. At home, his mother and sister start bugging him as they see their photo on his mobile phone. Yukito escapes to his room, where he recalls the previous events, including the confession, and buries his head in embarrassment as he squeezes a plush toy (probably Lucia lol). He himself knows that he’s hiding a huge secret from her. Yukito doesn’t want it to affect their relationship though, if she does find out. Just then, his sister knocks on his door as Kyouko has called over. He quickly drops everything, and grabs the phone. Kyouko explains that she was told that it’s only manners as lovers to give a call or message before sleeping. Both of them awkwardly say good night to each other before hanging up, and Yukito’s face softens at the thought of them being lovers now.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0118

Tenma: This takes place the day after Tenma present Kyouko with the rose bouquet. It’s caused quite a commotion in the school, and Kyouko’s homeroom teacher confronts Tenma the next day. Tenma quite enjoys the moment though, since it’s been a while since someone has dared to scold him. Before the homeroom teacher gets madder, the deputy head shows up and says that he’ll handle things from here on. When they’re alone, we learn that he’s actually one of the few who knows about Tenma’s true identity – he’s known Tenma for over 30 years and is his junior. He remarks that the teacher from before only just transferred here so he’s probably shocked at what happened – when this sort of thing is quite common in this school. He asks Tenma if he’s really fallen in love, and also comments on Tenma’s short temper. And so Tenma recalls that he fell in love with Kyouko from the very start. It was just after the entrance ceremony, 3 years ago. There was a ruckus as the guys were fighting over who was going to confess first to female student who’d just entered school. Tenma rushed over to stop the fight, but to no avail, and was even helped up by one of the female students. Next, the female student got pushed down and just as Tenma was about to snap, the female student shouted for them to stop. She then proceeded to throw down one of the guys – a 3rd year judo club member. Everyone froze at that sight, till the school chime sounded. The girl then excuseed herself, and Tenma quickly thanked her and asked for her name. She introduced herself as Kyouko, and as he praised her she explains that if she’d left things like that the guys would’ve suffered worse. A guy donned in a black and white suit then appeared, and Kyouko left with him. As Tenma watched on, something deep inside of him resurfaced – something he used to feel when he was back with his men. He then muttered the word “cool”.

Kanata: This happens after Kanata saved Kyouko from drowning. Ever since then, whenever he thinks about Kyouko the engine inside of his chest would move 20% faster. Kanata’s body is perfectly fine according to the alien, so the reason could be his AI. His AI is based on humans, so his feelings and even illnesses are all copied after them. So Kanata decides to head to the bookstore to learn more. He doesn’t find much results, till he stumbles upon a book about “love sickness”. He reads the contents, in which a “Mister” has a Q&A corner with people who wrote in their concerns (naturally this has a hilarious spin eg. one question clearly came from Satsuki). Kanata reads on till he discovers someone who wrote in with exactly the same symptoms as him. The answer tells the person to confirm the feelings by kissing – if you like it then it’s love. If not then see a cardiologist lol. Kanata decides to test this out with this method asap once he sees Kyouko (this leads to that kiss scene in the first game).

Gai: Some days after the burglar incident with Shinnosuke and Kyouko, Gai arrives in China. He visits a mountain where there’s said to be an immortal living and meets Yousen (L.G.S). He didn’t really think that there would be an immortal, but thought that it would be a good place to train to surpass Shinnosuke. At first she refused to take him in as a disciple, but he managed to succeed after paying three visits (similar strategy Liu Bei used to recruit Zhuge Liang). After a few years, Gai managed to improve rapidly even to Yousen’s surprise. 3 years later, Gai travels to Cattleya (Moujuutsukai to Oujisama) and fights in the fighting arena to earn money. There, he attracts the attention of, Alfred, the 2nd prince of Fasan and he’s hired as Alfred’s subordinate. As a result, Gai gets to learn sword skills from him. 5 years later, Gai continues his journey and encounters Alvaro (Wand of Fortune) who is apparently travelling to the school he’s going to enter. They end up being travelling companions for a bit, though Gai sensed that Alvaro was of a different world. After that Gai continued to travel the world as he learnt from different professionals and experts using his connections, and gaining knowledge – to surpass Shinnosuke, and become a suitable man for Kyouko. And in the year he became 18 years old, he was surprised to see the news of TV in a hotel – that Kyouko had taken over her father’s company and is still single. He’d thought they were lovers, but perhaps Shinnosuke was too slow to realise and take action. As Gai gazes out of the window, he remarks that he’s going to fetch Kyouko, as her engagement partner.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0169


It was supposed to be a happy day. Kyouko, Manaka and co. are preparing to celebrate Satsuki’s 20th birthday. Shinnosuke is preparing the food in the kitchen. Kyouko insists that Satsuki rest, and has her return to her room. Not long after though, a gun shot is heard from the kitchen. Satsuki soon rushes in, and she and Kyouko go to check the kitchen. But Shinnosuke is nowhere to be seen with his empty gun on the floor, and the kitchen is in a mess with a messily-written message: You are next. They guess that a burglar has entered and decide to head outside. But Satsuki stops them, as she throws a pen at the door and an explosion occurs. She explains that it’s a security feature which Shinnosuke designed and can only be activated from his phone, so as to not let any intruders escape unscathed. Thanks to this, none of their mobile phones can get a signal and the house phone’s wire appears to be cut. They’re stuck inside, and unable to call for help. The main controls for the security system are in Shinnosuke’s room, which unfortunately is pretty much a landmine of traps. They head upstairs though, and wait outside as Satsuki goes inside to tackle it. She asks for them not to talk to her so that she can concentrate. Just then, Saki recalls that she has an SOS transmitter in her bag which she got from the mountain-climbing people. Before they can stop her, Saki heads downstairs reassuring them for she knows self-defense. However, she fails to return. And Satsuki exits the room with a bit of injury, as she explains that she couldn’t decipher the last password. They head downstairs, and find Saki missing – even her belongings. Satsuki tells Kyouko not to blame herself, and that there’s still hope, and Kyouko thanks Satsuki as she recalls their first meeting.

Flashback: Kyouko was being bullied by a classmate in elementary school, as he refused to return the hairpin which she got as a present from Monji. Kyouko tripped while chasing after him. Just then, Satsuki hit and told the boy off for even if he liked Kyouko that’s no way to treat her. When the boy refused, Satsuki forced him to return the hairpin. But instead, he threw it at her and flipped Kyouko’s skirt before running off. Kyouko thanked Satsuki, as they introduced themselves and Satsuki noted the lion design of her hairpin. That was their first meeting.

In the end, they decide to hold things out in the living-room, hoping that Monji will notice something’s off soon. Before they start blocking out the entrance door though, Miu wants to head to the washroom. Satsuki accompanies her there, and Manaka starts voicing her suspicions to Kyouko: the strong Shinnosuke was defeated that easily, plus a password should be needed to initialise the security feature. Plus the culprit doesn’t seem to be indoors now, which means he somehow temporarily shut off the security feature before going out – which must mean that he should know this house very well. Just then, Satsuki returns as she says that Miu disappeared from the washroom. Manaka is about to mention that she’s the only one who always doesn’t have an alibi when people disappear – but then smoke starts filling up the room. They try to escape but Kyouko passes out.

Flashback: One day, Kyouko sought Satsuki out as she had to write a book review and wanted some help. It’s related to the shinsengumi. Satsuki admitted that she doesn’t know the original, but has seen its animation and offered to let Kyouko watch it. Since that day, they often played together. That was till the day Satsuki’s father’s company collapsed and they were in loads of debt. In the end, their parents decided to divorce to lessen the burden – even she had to admit that the Satsuki family’s adaptability was incredibly high. But before she realised it, she was running out of the house in the rain. It was not long before Kyouko came looking for it, as it was the day they’d promise to watch the animation. However, she wasn’t home. In the end, Satsuki confided in Kyouko and Kyouko gave a ring to Monji using her lifetime’s wish. After that, she told Satsuki everything was alright. Satsuki’s father’s employment is solved thanks to a huge corporation president, who also became his guarantor.

She wakes up in her room next to Satsuki, who explains that her room has the best security so it’s the only room which the smoke won’t filter into. Unfortunately, she couldn’t save Manaka. Satsuki promises to protect her, and just then she leaps in to cover Kyouko as a gun shot is heard. Kyouko sees that it hit through the window.

Satsuki says that with this, she’s returned the favour from the last time in which Kyouko used up her lifetime’s wish for her. Satsuki tells Kyouko to escape through the window since it’s been cracked, but Kyouko refuses to leave her behind and will do anything to make her better. So Satsuki asks for her to say that she likes her, and Kyouko willingly does so. At the same time, Satsuki asks for her to forgive for everything that she’s done till now. Again, Kyouko willingly agrees. Upon hearing this, Satsuki gets up as if nothing’s happened much to Kyouko’s surprise. Manaka and co. also appear safe and sound. Unfortunately for Kyouko, everything was Satsuki’s plan – which explains why Shinnosuke let down his guard, and how that whenever someone disappeared Satsuki had no alibi. She persuaded Manaka and co. to follow her plan as they disappeared, though Saki acted on self-defence first which explains Satsuki’s injury. Kyouko is exasperated that Satsuki did all this just to hear her say those words, but Satsuki points out that she wouldn’t have honestly said them anyway if she asked upfront. Unfortunately, Kyouko can’t deny this as she recalls never saying those words to Satsuki before. She decides to keep her word to forgive Satsuki, especially since it’s her birthday.

Glass Heart Princess:PLATINUM_0164

They celebrate Satsuki’s birthday – but not without Kyouko and the rest inserting more candles onto Satsuki’s cake. There are 25 candles so Kyouko remarks that they’ll only celebrate her birthday again 6 years later lol. She has forgiven Satsuki, but who knows about Monji. Satsuki begs for otherwise, and so Kyouko counts it as “doing anything” for her aka she’s given her present to Satsuki already. After blowing out the candles, Miu suddenly wonders where Shinnosuke is – they’ve forgotten about him.

Flashback: It was 5 years ago. Kyouko questioned Satsuki if she really doesn’t plan on going onto high school and taking over the maid position as the existing one was retiring – after all, her dream was to become a high school student and an otome game heroine. But Satsuki reassured Kyouko, moreover she can help out her father’s financial situation. She spotted Kyouko’s old hairpin, and decided to take it as a congratulatory gift on her employment. She dashed off when Kyouko demanded it back – but in the end Kyouko had Shinnosuke stop Satsuki by force.

6 thoughts on “Glass Heart Princess: Platinum: Resort, Side, Satsuki

  1. kurorisa says:

    wow glad you posted this! I’ll definitely get in touch with this later but how are you playing it so far? is it enjoyable?
    yes Yukito so moe moe XD I’m expecting the new dude route (the one voiced by Kishio), is it actually a route? anyway enjoy your beach GHP lol


    • Yume says:

      Yeah it’s a fun FD! No he doesn’t have a route, I learnt that when NakaD wrote it explicitly in one of the blog entries lol. What you get in the FD is what I wrote above for this post, the after stories for the 5 guys, and the 6 triangle dates.


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