Important note about DMMd posts

You may or may not have seen it coming but – I am tired now. Of certain comments, people copy-pasting like nobody’s business, whatever. I don’t really want to go through it all.

I have locked all my DMMd (including Re:connect) spoilers posts. They’ll require unique passwords now to be read.

I didn’t want to do this ‘cos it is tedious. I made my posts due to my enjoyment of the game, and to share it with people. But if this is causing me to start to dislike that experience – in the end I thought that this decision is probably better than getting upset every other week. If you want the passwords, leave a comment and I can email them to you. Please don’t think that I’ll automatically email you though as the whole purpose of me locking my posts, is so that I don’t have to deal with upsetting business anymore. ): So I have to exercise discretion, it’s not that I mean to offend people. And please don’t entertain the thought of sharing it in public.

Lastly, for the nth time my posts are not walkthroughs. Thank you for reading, and especially to those who’ve always left kind comments.

As for the regular schedule, I’m working on my second GHP:P post. No worries.

EDIT: Thank you for the kind comments! There’s no need to follow + ask me on twitter. Just a comment here will do, as you’d need to enter your email when you comment. Feel free to add enter your URL too.

250 thoughts on “Important note about DMMd posts

  1. Es Tran says:

    Sorry I haven’t checked your blog around a year. So I don’t know that you review BL game too (Hide my face). They done really horrible to you. Stay strong.

    Can you share password with me too, if you don’t mind about it

  2. Setsuna says:

    I know how you feel about people copying. ;; It happens a lot when I used to post translations. Please keep up your good work though, I appreciate it!
    May I have the password for dmmd re:connect though?🙂

  3. Vanilla says:

    Thanks for the hard work. Can I have the password for DMMD re:connect?
    And don’t mind those people (they always do whatever they want). You’re really great🙂
    Thank you~

  4. Trang says:

    i love this blog and your review dmmd in this. Can i have a password Dramatical murder and dramatical reconnect, pls. I will always support you❤ (sorry if my english not good)

  5. Deborah Yang says:

    Ahhh that makes me so sad that people are so rude and have no manners and consideration towards amazing people like you that work hard to make reviews and the game enjoyabke for others to play and to read! Ive seen your reviews on the routes before it was password locked and i thoroughly enjoyed reading them!♥ if you dont mind could you please send me the password(s) to your dmmd and dmmd:reconnect??? If not thats totally fine and if so, please take your time!!! I enjoy reading all your reviews on games! especially your amnesia one ahaha!

    • Yume says:

      Thank you for your kind words, I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed my posts! Especially back when DMMd was not that well-known yet. And sure thing, I’ll email you soon! Luckily I’m off work today haha. Wow my Amnesia one was one of my first reviews, glad to hear that you enjoyed reading them too! I’m really slow in updating now, hope I can get something out soon since I’m finally making progress in gaming. orz

  6. Neoia says:

    Hi Yume!! I want to go through the common route on dmmd, but no matter where I look, I can’t find a straight forward post to help me. I plan on starting the game in a few hours and i’d really appreciate having a walkthrough so I don’t get lost or get an ending I didn’t want!

    • Yume says:

      Hi! Tbh my posts merely write out everything that happens in the game and doesn’t really tell you what choices to make to go into whose route so I’m not sure how much it will help you. But I’ll drop you an email, have fun with the game!

  7. kyouchan says:

    hello >.< I have just finished DMMd
    and on the way with DMMd reconnect.
    I really enjoy reading your review, so
    please send me the password for both
    DMMd and DMMd reconnect.
    Thank you very much ^^

  8. Yuki says:

    Hullo Yume! I hope I’m not bothering you for asking, but may I have the password to DMMD Noiz’s Route? Thanks and have a nice day! ^^

  9. Zerra says:

    Its really annoying when people copy your works without any guilt at all😦 I think putting password on them was the best, really =)
    May I have the password for Dramatical murder? And its reconnect too… Thanks ^^

  10. beckii says:

    Hi! Sorry to hear about what some people have been doing with your walkthroughs and everything… I really enjoyed reading your posts when I just started getting into the game around a couple of years ago ^^ Hope you can email me the password please~ Thanks.

  11. Tenko says:

    Hello Yume,
    I’ve just finish DMMd and I’m crazy about this game now, so I really want to read more about the characters. Could you please email me the password to get through your DMMd post? Thank you very much❤

  12. Calix says:

    Hi Yume! I don’t know if you still provide passwords of your dmmd posts, if so, can I ask you for them? I want to read a nice review explaining the story, characters and everything related to the game in detail and I think your posts might help me with this. Thanks!

    • Yume says:

      Hi, I just wanted to say first that it’s okay not to comment multiple times. Comments usually get through WordPress just fine but I was just too busy with work to approve them immediately…also, my posts are not walkthroughs. They don’t guide you on which choices to make all the time for which routes, but describe what happen in the routes themselves. If you’re fine with that in any case, I’m emailing you the passwords.

      • angeelliinn says:

        uhh, i’m soorrryyy , because i thought if i don’t make my wordpress acc , the comment won’t go through ;_;
        anw , thank you so much for emailing me , i really appreciate it m(_ _)m

  13. ceresxina says:

    Hello. I always want to read more reviews of DMMD, so is it okay if I can read them? Don’t worry. I have no intention to copy/paste. I just want to read it. :3

  14. akitabrilia says:

    Hi Yume🙂 may I have the password for dramatical murder & reconnect? I’m planning to play the game since the anime is coming out soon, and I stumbled upon your blog. I’m sorry for what happened😦 people could be inconsiderate sometimes.

  15. nicole tan says:

    hi! i just finished the game and really enjoyed reading your posts! i sorry that you had to lock it😦 do you think it is possible that i can have the passwords?

  16. tachibanaren67 says:

    Hi Yume-san! I just wanna say that I’ve always loved you reviews and they really encouraged me to play the games that you played too. Otsukaresama deshita! May I also have the password for DMMD and reconnect? Thank you in advance! Oh, and where can I follow you on twitter?

  17. Kaze says:

    Hey there! I was hoping I could get the password for the DMMD post on this blog. Sorry you have been forced to password protect stuff now, some people! Thanks in advance btw! ^^

  18. Rosie says:

    Hi, doll. I adored your reviews when I first started playing the game, and now that I’ve come back to finish it up, I am shocked that people have abused them in such a way to require passwords… o.o

    Regardless, may I kindly request the password? Thanks dearly.

  19. yume says:

    Hello, could you please send me the password if you’re not too busy? Thanks in advance and have a lovely day!🙂

  20. newty333 says:

    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had to lock the posts! I don’t get people sometimes… I love to read your reviews and I was kinda surprised to see the dmmd ones locked! I wanted to reread a few of them, so do you mind sending me the password? Thank you so much, and I really appreciate what you do; its so fun to read about these games!

    • Yume says:

      Thanks for the comment! I’d like to email you the passwords but I don’t think the email you have listed in the comment is the one you use (it ends with…? ;;

  21. superllama says:

    May i please have the password ? i swear not to steal and paste any posts .I just really enjoy reading your post and comments ^_^

  22. xantoon says:

    *sigh* well internet will be internet >.>
    Setting a password is bit to drastic but if you fell that it was necessary then I have no say in this

  23. Manoli says:

    Hi! It’s a shame somebody is stealing your work. I were using your posts but suddenly i found I cannot longer enter. I’ll be glad to have the pass.

    Thank you very much!

  24. Afurain says:

    Thank you soso much for your hardwork! I hate it when people stick their noses into someone’s business; just live and let live! I’ve read a few of your reviews and posts in this blog and very interested in what you have to say for DMMD <33 Too bad I can't view them! So that's why I commented for the first time ^ ^

  25. hakai says:

    it’s a shame that people just copied and pasted your posts without even asking. i liked reading your thoughts about the endings and events when i first played dmmd, and now that i’m playing it again, it’d be nice to re-read your thoughts and compare them to mine and etc. may i have the passwords please? thank you for all that you’ve done with your blog here ^^

    • Yume says:

      Thanks for the comment, I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed reading my posts! I’ll email you soon. I’m not as active as before but thank you for following. (:

  26. lucreean says:

    Hi, thank you for making posts about dmmd, i enjoyed reading it🙂
    if you don’t mind can i please have the passwords for the rest of dmmd and reconnect posts? thanks ^^

  27. Stray_Cat says:

    I love all of your Dmmd posts, it’s a shame that ppl do that ‘copy, paste’ thing😦 Keep working hard on your reviews, neh ^^ and could I have a password, plz, I really want to read it >.<

  28. keli says:

    Hey sorry to hear about the copying (ah people these days have no respect >.<'); love your game reviews, and, though I know they're not walkthroughs, they're still reallllly helpful!!! If it isn't too much trouble, could I please have the password?
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  29. Jane Doe says:

    I really enjoyed reading your posts and was really surprise that the dramatical murder needs a password .May i please have it ? i swear not to steal and paste any posts .I just really enjoy reading your post and comments ^_^

  30. zeynep says:

    hi there!! i would like to first of say im terribly sorry for all that has happened with your posts ;; i really loved them though and they are extremely helpful. youre like the only one that did a really good walkthrough because you included a summary,, and i would love it if you may email me the password? thank you so much!

    • Yume says:

      Hi, thanks for your comment and I’m glad you enjoyed reading them. But I really never intended for them to be walkthroughs. Like I mentioned in my post, I wouldn’t call them that. I do not know why people think so. So really, it’s best not to depend on my posts as a guide on how to play the game – more like on what’s going on. In any case, I’ll email you soon.

  31. mii says:

    I found your blog just for the route and it requires password and I’m sorry for what happend to you > <
    Not to be rude but could you please email me the password? Also, thank you for your hardwork!

  32. KinoKahn says:

    Hi ~ I was using your posts to kinda find out about the plot of the routes I couldn’t get myself to play since even though there were routes I didn’t want to play, I still wanted to find out what happened in the end. Is there any possibility I could get a password for the posts too?

  33. Fae says:

    I’m sorry for what happened to you, that sounds horrible. I love reading all the things you post, even if I’m not currently playing the game. I hope everything calms down for you soon!

    Sorry to ask, but would you mind emailing me the passwords? It would be much appreciated! uwu

  34. amy says:

    hey!! i’m sorry to hear about what happened to you, people taking credit for work they didn’t do is honestly the worst thing ever. i really enjoyed reading both your dmmd + re:connect posts though, and i would love it if i could keep reading them. if you don’t mind, could you also email me the passwords? thank you, and sorry about what happened again. ):

  35. Michelle5433 says:

    First off thank you for your wonderful posts, you’ve help me out so much. I only started playing DMMd a story time ago (still not done with it🙂 ), and at first, because I hadn’t played anything like this. I was really confused, but your posts really helped me out. It’s so sad to hear that you were having so much trouble that you had to resort to password protecting your work. Sucks. I would love to continue reading you posts! Again, thanks🙂

  36. Sena says:

    Sorry to hear this happened to you. I haven’t gotten into DMMd myself (yet…) but it’s really unfortunate that you were getting so upset to the point that you felt like you needed to lock the posts to feel less bothered. It’s a good decision, though. It’s the worst when something meant for fun becomes so troublesome and upsetting, so I hope things are looking up, especially since you’ve been busy lately and this must leave a bad taste in your mouth. Speaking of that, I hope you’re doing well. I saw you posted about Glass Heart Princess Platinum but I didn’t even play the original game yet so I didn’t read it. I’ll go back to it once I actually play the game🙂

    • Yume says:

      Hi, thank you for your comment! I do feel less upset now that they’re locked so I fret less over them. Yes, I am doing well – just busy with RL as you’d observed haha. I hope you’re doing fine too! And yup, in fact I just published the other post for GHP:P! No problem at all, feel free to go back and read them once you play the game~ It’s a fun title!❤

  37. pinnkygurlx3 says:

    wow some people are just jerks -.-
    i understand your reasons for doing this and i support you🙂 and Keep up the good work!😀
    May i have the password? i loove your posts❤

  38. Jul says:

    I really love reading your posts and they really helped me get through the games! Could you send me the password to your dmmd posts? Thank you so much🙂

  39. Yuukichi says:

    Hi, i like your review it help me for choose the good games .
    And you are so right to block this post
    The people steal or don’t leave any comment , they have
    no respect anymore

    • Yume says:

      Hi, thanks for your comment. Tbh I do feel that the majority are not that bad. But the actions of the selected few were enough to cheese me off, hence I did what I did. In the meantime, if you ever want to read the posts just let me know and I’ll email you.

  40. A Clear fan first, Noiz fan second says:

    Lengthy whining/pleading coming up, please bare with me

    Discretion. Got that, I am under the impression you might see me as some jerk who will ruin your day somewhat by copy pasting your work and posting it somewhere or something along those lines, but I would like for you to believe I am just a guy who got interested in the story behind Dramatical Murder, who learned part of the story on blogs, and through the power of google, found a better detailed online journal that took the time to write down the common route, all the characters and choices, the bad endings, the good endings, keeping accessible for easily offended eyes (not too squeamish, but after trying to find cool fan art of Resident Evil’s H.U.N.K. (The searching of the character tag gas mask lead me to Clear, which led to DRAMAtical Murder), and receiving some… “Interesting” results, even pixelated male anatomies are a bit much right now), and including the reconnect endings, which I found to all be a tremendous read. I am being completely sincere, I enjoyed reading your entries, the pictures you included at key points helped bring the story to life.

    I would like very much to read these again, please let me. I can guarantee I am not Internet social enough to have a blog or twitter feed, and my Facebook posts are few at best. I swear I am not someone who would steal your work and claim credit.

    Sorry for that annoying comment, just want to plead my case. Little sad, but I consider your work to be the one true DRAMAtical Murder story read through to go to.

    • Yume says:

      Umm…tbh I don’t know why you commented like this. So far I’ve sent emails to everyone who has commented, unless it’s those asking for help (which I’m tired of and said that I’ll no longer answer them) or WP filtered stuff out as spam. I am always happy to hear that my posts help others to enjoy DMMd so it’s cool. My words can be biased though (like the amount of details I put into my favourites) so just take note of that. I’ll send an email soon.

      • A Clear fan first, Noiz fan second says:

        Sorry, I was just worried as I hadn’t received a reply to an earlier comment, and couldn’t see it here (guess it was lost or labelled spam), so I panicked somewhat, and sent that explicitly long and unnecessary detailed comment. Any who, thanks a bunch.

  41. Keitorin says:

    I had no idea people were doing this to you and your work! That’s so unfair of them! I love reading your thoughts about each route and it’s a shame to see its come to this😦 may I also have the password please? Also, keep up the great work!

  42. Koda says:

    Aw man people are so trouble-some copying and pasting and stealing -3-. They just take the enjoyment from everyone! I had been using your posts to help a bit with the routes. I’m gone for a bit from the game to see you’ve had to lock your posts because of others! Aw I was really enjoying them too. I’d very much appreciate it if you could send me an email of the password for the posts!

  43. Alexander Ross says:

    Goodness, how absolutely awful do you have to be to just blatantly steal somebody else’s hard work? I’ve read a good chunk of your DRAMAtical Murder posts in lieu of actually playing the game (sadly, some of the CGs and themes were, ah, let’s say, particularly unpleasant…) so I found that your posts were a very nice alternative to help avoid some of the more upsetting content. (Plus, I really enjoyed your commentary at the end of each one, it helped put things into perspective and I got to see what your thoughts were after playing each route.) I finally came back to see if I couldn’t find your re:connect posts only to stumble on some very troubling news :c But I don’t blame you in the least, it must have been a difficult decision for you. I’d like it if whenever you get the chance, you could possibly send off an email so I might access your lovely posts once again? Thank you so much, I truly appreciate all your hard work, and I hope you have a happy holiday season uwu

    • Yume says:

      Hi, thank you for your comment! I’m happy to hear that my posts helped you to tide over some of the…more extreme stuff that happens in DMMd. Looking back I wonder how I sat through all that lol. And it’s no problem at all, I’ll send you an email asap. (: Thank you, have a wonderful holiday season too!

  44. Kira Kaitozuki says:

    People these days really like to snag information and copy-paste as their own. I’m really sick of that happening to anybody.
    (P.S. I’ve keep coming back to here check on your DMMD/DMMD:RE routes as my brain tends get its memory chipped off and confused.XP Btw, is it possible if you could send me through Gmail?)

  45. Kay El says:

    Whoa . . ! That’s insane and I’m really sorry that has been happening to you. I admit, I generally saw links to your posts via RP resources but always as nothing more than a link over here.

    I did, however, really enjoy reading your comments and takes on the different routes. Especially Mink’s! Thank you for all of your hard work, plus all the time and effort you put into writing these all up!

    If you’re comfortable with it, I’d still like to see them.

    • Yume says:

      Hi, thanks for your comment! I’ve seen it too, but like you said it’s always been just a link so the RP posts didn’t really bother me.

      I’m happy you hear that you enjoyed reading my comments too (albeit me being overly-bias towards Clear). I’ll drop you an email soon!

  46. NQS says:

    Ive never commented before (I tend to stay fairly quiet), but I do have a lot of friends who don’t have the patience to sit through a whole VN so I use your posts to help me walk them through the parts that they might not find so interesting (usually posting a link to the page I’m reading from for their reference[this is usually done via video chat]). That and I just really love your break downs of the story and your observations about certain aspects of the game. I’d really like to be able to access your posts again. I’m really grateful for all the hard work you’ve put into this, and even though you didn’t intend for it to be a walkthrough, it was actually more useful to me than most other walkthroughs were, and at the very least it helped fill in the gaps left by other (actual) walkthroughs.

    My e-mail is (edited out) if you wouldn’t mind granting me access to your posts again.

    Thanks so much for all you do.


  47. shouyaas says:

    wow people just blatantly copy off you😡 i only started playing dmmd about five days ago and looked at the koujaku route you wrote about to finish it. when i returned to check out the other routes, i saw this news… it sucks to know that people take credit of what they didn’t create… do hope that this won’t occur again! though i have figured some of the routes out, but i sort of want to see your comments heheh c:

  48. Jupiter says:

    I literally just found this site 3 days ago and was planning on reading your posts on this game. I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this. Sadly intellectual theft is rampant, especially on the internet. Hopefully one day you can make these posts public again!

  49. kerrykerry says:

    noo…noooo!!! it’s so horrible to see that people do this to you, so that you had to lock the posts QAQ I love reading them, because i think they are very awesomely written, and i almost got a heartattack when i didn’t see them but..!! gah!!! I hope i could the passwords emailed to me as well? Q_Q

  50. Ginny says:

    I come her pretty often, I love seeing your posts and reading them. They are so detailed and magical it is just amazing. I was sad to see the passwords and even sadder to see that people have been copying your reviews. I, uh, don’t know quite what to do anymore, should I just ask for the password? Is it multiple passwords? One password? I am so confused…. Q^Q

    • Yume says:

      Hi, thank you for your kind comment! I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed reading my posts! And yes, I’ll send you an email with the details now. No worries. ^^

  51. Jessamine says:

    O: I’m sorry that people haven’t respected your hard work! I know that quite a bit of effort goes into actually sharing your experiences, as you’re not obliged to; I hope that the unpleasantness going on right now doesn’t totally ruin your enjoyment of the game or the desire to share your experiences in the future. A-Anyway, I just recently got into DMMD, so your posts have been very helpful! So thank you for that~ And may I please have the passwords? /o/ Thank you in advance!

  52. Shaelyx says:

    Hello. I have been casually playing through both DMMd and Re:connect for the past two weeks. I found out about the game on YouTube oddly enough and decided I just had to play it. At first I had absolutely no idea what to do. However, with the help of your posts, I was able to make the right decisions for every path. I am so sorry that people actually have the audacity to copy and paste your work and call it their own. I appreciate all that you have written and would like to continue to read you posts if you would please send me the passwords when convenient.

  53. Tabi says:

    It really sucks to see that kind people like you have to experience so much drama.
    //sigh …Well, I truly love and appreciate what you do here! I hope that this doesn’t continue to be a probem in the future!

  54. Syr says:

    I became sad when I read this post, because it’s an actual proof that in the most of the cases someone’s work isn’t usually respected. I’ve been reading your posts about DRAMAtical Murder for a week and I enjoyed them as much as playing the game.
    Could you please send me the password? I loved how you described the scenes, I think it is an excellent analysis.

  55. mayupie says:

    I really love your reviews. I was actually pretty surprised myself that I couldn’t see the DMMd ones since i used to visit your blog when I finish a route. Anyways,may I request the password of the true route😀 (Ren’s route). I messaged you in twitter (misaki_mayu). Thanks so much in advance🙂 (( i literally had to make a wordpress account just to comment🙂 it took me long enough, I guess. But it was so worth it))

  56. svvimint says:

    Hello, I only recently found this site when I started playing DMMD (the first version, not re:connect) and really enjoyed your posts about the game because I found your posts were well written and gave me more insight to the game. However, I came back here today to find the article to Mink’s route locked after I just finished it.😦 I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a hard time with copy-pasting and such and would really like to continue reading your posts on DMMD. Could you please give me the password? Thank you and I really appreciate your hard work ^^

  57. littlecat (@kleinekat) says:

    I only recently started playing Dramatical Murder, after seeing people mention it on Tumblr. It is my first game ever of this type and I went in with no pre-existing knowledge of the genre. At first I felt pretty lost clicking through as I didn’t understand which part was the actual game play, since it appeared both choices would still lead me to the same outcome? But then I found your reviews and the personal insights and commentaries in them helped me a great deal to enjoy the game and the characters more🙂 I feel sorry that people after me won’t get to enjoy your thoughts the way I did, as I haven’t been able to find a resource quite as good, but I do applaud that you’re taking care of yourself. Thank you for sharing as long as you did.

    • Yume says:

      Thank you for your kind comment, I’m really glad to hear that my posts helped you to enjoy the game better – and to hear from a fellow fan of DMMd! If you ever want to view them again, just let me know and I’ll email you the passwords. (:

  58. anitatran618 says:

    Ugh, that sounds horrible. Writing should be FUN, and not like a job (especially when you get ride commenters )

    Just know that there are people put there who appreciate your work! So keep it up?

  59. Hinano says:

    I think I’ve seen people doing that to my posts on like random forums in languages I can’t read but eh whatever honestly ^^;… didn’t happen too often so I guess I didn’t really care as much? A shame it got to you though, hopefully people will calm down about it now!

    • Yume says:

      Random forums w Yeah I’ve seen my more popular posts being translated, used for RP references, um used for walkthroughs (??) and all…but there was always a link back (which explains how I found out) so I didn’t bother too. But just yesterday I saw a site which paraphrased chunks of these specific posts in English with no link back. I thought I was being paranoid but after asking a few others they felt the same way so… yup I hope I won’t have to see this occur again!

  60. thinkerbee says:

    I’m sorry to hear that. It is disappointing to see people dismissing moral etiquette and courtesy on Internet. But cheer up, you did the right thing and hopefully the situation will improve over time. ^^

    I’ll be anticipating your GHP: P posts, then. (>:3)
    Otome pulse! I am suddenly curious with Twitter’s hidden society namely otome in there. I guess I should be starting one, haha.

    • Yume says:

      Thank you for your kind comment. ^^

      I hope I can get it up next week! I only have a bit left to play, but it’s the writing that takes time haha. Oh gosh, if you ever start a twitter account do let me know! As far as I know, the people here are all awesome. :3

    • Yume says:

      I doubt so, been happening for a while. I have seen people do that even in (not my posts but others) and amazingly people think they’re the “original” writers.

  61. yaoigadaisuki says:

    Omg o.o’ copy-pasting your posts?
    Wth these people think? Can’t they see that’s troublesome? ><
    I understand you and I support you.
    I think I follow you on Twitter too. I'll send you a message there later ^^

  62. HM02 says:

    aah im so sorry for you!! ;o; it’s such a horrible thing, i see it happen everywhere. ;~;
    i really dont get why people would steal anything…

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